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This dungeon looks to be an easy-going dungeon when you look at the map. Not 
so fast! This dungeon is very confusing and hard to beat because there are 
absolutely no recovery hearts anywhere! The yeti's Yeto and Yeta have had the 
love suck out of their house and themselves. This guide will help you beat the 
dungeon and its very hard mid-boss!


When you enter, go straight ahead and transform into a wolf. Start off the 
dungeon by defeating a Poe for a POE SOUL. Now go through the northern door. 
In here is Yeto's wife, Yeta. Speek to her to receive the MAP OF THE MANSION. 
She also gives you the location of the key that opens the door to where the 
Mirror Shard is at. Now go to the eastern door. In here, go to the southern 
part of the room and lift up the moving pot to reunite with OOCCOO. Now go 
over to Yeto and try some of his soup. Scoop it with a bottle to get the 
SIMPLE SOUP. This recovers two hearts when you drink it. Now go north. In here 
is an icy floor with a switch and many blocks. The point is to of course press 
the switch. Start off by moving the southwest block to the southeast. Now push 
the crate in the northeast west, south, east, then south to press the switch 
which opens the western door. In this hallway, turn into a wolf and dig in the 
small indention to the west. You now will be in a large courtyard. In here go 
to the north to see the top half of a treasure chest sticking out of the snow. 
Dig here to reveal the rest of it. Now open it for a SMALL KEY. Now unlock the 
door to the east. You are back in the hallway, but in the northern part. 
Defeat the Mini-Freezards, then continue north. In this room, defeat the three 
Mini-Freezards to open the northeast door. You are now in a square-shaped 
chamber. Try to go south, but two Chilfos will stop you. Defeat them with Bomb 
Arrows or the Back Slice. Now go through the southern door. Open the chest for 
the ... ORDON PUMPKIN!? Not exactly what we wanted, so lets go back and check 
in with Yeta. Enter the southern door to be back in the room with the crates. 
Now go south again into the kitchen and talk to Yeto. He smashes the Ordon 
Pumpkin out of you and puts it in his soup. Try some for the GOOD SOUP. This 
restores four hearts. Now go west back to Yeta's room. Talk to her and she 
will give you a different location for the key. She also unlocks the northern 
door. Enter it to be back in the courtyard, but on the western side. Defeat 
the Wolfos and then go through the small opening on the northwestern wall. In 
here, open the door. This is a room filled with many Mini-Freezards. Pick up 
the cannonball, and follow the path until you reach a cannon in the north. 
Insert the cannonball into the cannon, then push the cannon so it faces south. 
Now enter a bomb in the same place you entered the cannonball to lauch it 
across the room breaking ice walls revealing the southern door. In this room, 
shoot the Mini-Freezards with arrows to knock them into the precipice. Now go 
over to the right and walk carefully along the path avoiding the Ice Keese. 
Slide down the icy patch and look to your left to see two beams sticking out. 
Jump onto them then walk north and to the left. Now jump across to where the 
chest holding the COMPASS is. Now use you Clawshot on the medallion near the 
door to get back to the door. Now head back to the courtyard and dig where the 
treasure chest in the north is. Dig twice to reveal the whole chest. Open it 
for a SMALL KEY. Now unlock the door to on the western wall to enter another 
hallway. To the left of the door is a small contraption. Pull on the handle 
with A to make the cup go down. Now go over and pick up a cannonball. Insert 
in the cup then go back into the courtyard. To the right of the door is the 
same contraption. Pull on the handle to make the cannonball slide down to 
where your at. Grab it then run over to the middle of the room where there is 
a cannon. Around the cannon is thick snow that will drown you if you don't 
move fast enough. Insert the cannonball and then turn the cannon to the north. 
Now fire the cannon at the Freezard to kill him and reveal a door. Defeat the 
several Mini-Freezards, then enter the door.
When in the room, walk north to the door when a large monster tries to throw 
his Ball and Chain at you. This starts the hardest mid-boss fight you have 
ever done. Here is how to defeat him. Clawshot the roof above and behind the 
monster to get behind him. Now dodge the attack then run to his back and chop 
up his tail. Repeat this until "Finish" appears on the screen. Finish off the 
Darkhammer to beat him. Now go over and pick up the BALL AND CHAIN he dropped. 
Now go through the northern door. 
In here, use the Ball and Chain on the ice walls to reveal a chest. Open it 
for the ... ORDON GOAT CHEESE!? Oh well, lets go back again to Yeta. Exit 
south to the courtyard, then south again back to Yeta's room. Talk to her 
again for her to give you another location. She also opens the western door. 
First, go back south to the first room. At the very beginning of the room are 
several statues. On one of the right side statues lies a Poe. Defeat him for a 
POE SOUL. Now go back to the kitchen and talk to Yeto. He will put the Goat 
Cheese in the soup. Sample it for the SUPERB SOUP. This restores eight hearts. 
Stock up on this as needed. Now we can enter the western door. In here is a 
wall of ice. Smash it to continue. Before you continue though, go through the 
north door and push the block down. Now go straight and pick up one of the 
cannonballs and move it to the previous room using the contraption to the 
south. Now set the cannonball down and defeat the Freezards using the Ball and 
Chain. There are two and you can only strike them in the opening. Hit them 
twice. Now go over and pick up the cannonball. Go all the way up the ramp.
When you get up, smash all of the ice from the west side to reveal a cannon. 
Insert the cannonball, but don't fire it. Now go over to the right to find 
some loose floorboards. Place a bomb on them to reveal an opening. Drop down 
and open the chest for a PIECE OF HEART. To get back up, Clawshot the 
medallion on the wall. Now the eastern door is locked,so go to the northern 
door. In here is a Chilfos. Defeat him as usual, or use the Ball and Chain. 
Now to the north is a small chandelier, but first smash the ice on the wall to 
reveal a Clawshot medallion. Now go over and hit the chandelier with the Ball 
and Chain to make it rock back and forth. Jump on it when it is near, then 
jump back across to where a treasure chest is at. Open it for a SMALL KEY. Now 
use the Clawshot to go back to the door. Enter back into the room where you 
defeated the Freezards and now go through the eastern door. You are now in the 
first room but on the second floor. On the left is some ice. Smash it to 
reveal a Clawshot medallion. Defeat the Chilfos on the other side of the room 
to make your job easier. Now use the Ball and Chain to jump on the first 
platform. Wait until it completely stops, then use the Ball and Chain on the 
southern platforms. If timed correctly, you will make it over to a chest 
holding a PIECE OF HEART. Now jump down to the first floor. Use the Clawshot 
on the medallion, then jump across to the other side and enter the eastern 
door. This room is all ice and has many Mini-Freezards. Defeat them with the 
Ball and Chain, then smash the ice wall to the east to reveal a Poe. Defeat it 
for a POE SOUL. Now continue north. You are now back in the crate room. Push 
the giant block down, then drop down to the first floor. Use the Ball and 
Chain on the ice in the middle to reveal a switch, then use it again on the 
northwest ice to make another crate accesible. Here's how to press down the 
middle switch: Push the newly revealed crate south, now push the southern 
middle block to the north which should pass over the middle switch. Now push 
the first crate east, then north. Now go to the north and push the block 
counter-clockwise until it stops on the the block you haven't moved. Then push 
it north to have it press the switch. This opens the western door on the 
second floor. Climb back up to the second floor then enter the door. You will 
be back in the courtyard. Defeat the three Chilfos to the north with Bomb 
Arrows, then walk on the narrow path where a Chilfos was to the very north. 
Now look to the north through an opening to spot a Clawshot medallion. Hit it 
then drop down. Now enter the eastern door. Smash the ice on the wall with the 
Ball and Chain to reveal a Clawshot medallion. Now make your way over to the 
south using the Ball and Chain as well as the chandeliers. When you get over, 
open the chest for a SMALL KEY. Now backtrack all the way to where you 
defeated a Poe and several Mini-Freezards. Enter this locked door to the west. 
In here are two Freezards. Defeat them both, then push the two blocks to the 
east. Now remember that cannon we loaded but never shot? It is due east. Now 
shoot it to where you just where. It will launch into the room you were just 
in. Now use it on the contraption to bring it to the courtyard. Now go over to 
the cannon in the middle of the courtyard. Turn it towards the Freezard to the 
northwest and fire it at him to defeat it. Now jump down to the first floor 
courtyard and enter the door to the west. In this hallway, climb up the ladder 
to the north and then enter the western door. In here, shoot Bomb Arrows one 
at a time at the icicles on the roof to reveal a Chilfos. NOTE: Don't move 
from where you are standing. Defeat the Chilfos with Bomb Arrows. Repeat with 
the rest of the icicles. When all are defeated, this opens the northern door. 
Open it to find a chest with the ... BEDROOM KEY. Yes! We finally got it. Now 
exit back outside to meet Yeta. She will come with you to the bedroom.
Walk up and open the door to enter the bedroom. Yeta will walk over to the 
Mirror Shard when suddenly she is transformed by its power. She and the whole 
bedroom is transformed into a large ice rink. This starts the Boss Battle!
Bring out the Ball and Chain and smash the huge ice mass a bunch of times 
until you reveal her second form. This is a bit harder. She will have several 
ice blocks form around her. Run around the room using the reflective ice floor 
as an advantage to see when she drops the ice blocks on you. When she stops, 
smash as many of the blocks as you can. She will summon the ones you didn't 
defeat up and in a circle. She will try to drop them in a circle around you. 
The ones you defeated will leave a gap in the circle. Use the gap to get to 
Blizzeta with the Ball and Chain. Repeat three times to defeat the ice mass! 
You will be rewarded with the second MIRROR SHARD! Suddenly Yeto bursts 
through the doors and hugs his wife. A billion hearts fly everywhere and 
finally a HEART CONTAINER! Pick it up and warp out.


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