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This dungeon has several floors, but one goal. That is to find the missing 
mechanical statue and take it down to the first floor back where it belongs. 
This dungeon will make you go crazy without the walkthrough.


When you enter walk straight ahead. Midna will stop and tell you that she 
thinks a statue is missing. Turn on your senses to see that she is right. Now 
we must find it! Facing where you came in, climb up on the small square ledge 
and place a pot on the switch. This makes a platform to your right rise up. Go 
over there and climb up on it.
Walk up the stairs and to the south is OOCCOO. What she is looking for is in 
this dungeon so lets continue on. Instead of going south up the steps, walk 
around to the east to find two unlit torches. Light them with the Lantern to 
mak a chest appear. Open it for a SMALL KEY. Now you can walk up the stairs to 
the south and unlock the door. In this next room, defeat the Young Gohma then 
grab a pot off of one of the ledges and set it on the switch in the middle of 
the room to open the gates to the east and south. To the south are some Arrows. 
Continue east and defeat the Young Gohma, then you will be at a dead end. So 
get out your bow and fire an arrow at the pot you placed on the switch to 
unlock the gate for you to continue. 
On your way up you will be stopped by a Lizalfos. Defeat him, then continue up. 
In this small room are three Lizalfos. Defeat them all, then go over to the 
small mechanical statue called an Armos to bring him to life. To defeat him, 
use the Back Slice twice and he will start to bounce around and then he will 
explode. When he is defeated, a chest to the south will appear. Open it for the 
DUNGEON MAP. Now take a small statue or a pot and set them on the pressure 
switches next to the closed gate to the north to open it. Now follow the path 
to a door to the west. Open it.
This room is very large with many different enemies. When you enter, go to the 
left and take care of all the Lizalfos. Then climb the stairs to the south. You 
will come to a gap in the stairs, so use the Spinner on the grate to continue 
up. The door to the north is locked so we need to find a Small Key. So go south 
to see a circular ledge. On here are two enemy spinners going in different 
directions, so dodge them and on the east side of the room is a small statue. 
Pick it up and take it to the south where there are two pressure switches. 
Place it on one. Now there is a small elevator type thing in the very middle of 
the circle the enemy spinner are riding. Enter on it from the north side then 
move the handle counter-clockwise to lower yourself. When you are down, there 
is another small statue right in front of you. Take it with you to the fourth 
floor using the elevator. Now go over to the pressure switches and stand on 
half of the ledge and the regular floor. Place the statue on the switch and if 
you are positioned right, you will rise up. Now enter the door. In here are two 
Armos. Defeat them to make a chest appear to the west. Open it for a SMALL KEY. 
Now exit back into the elevator room. Now you can run over to the north and 
unlock the door. Head north in this room to a white statue. When you get near 
it will turn on. It is a Beamos! So take out your bow and defeat it. Now go 
over to the diamond switch and hit it. This makes the large walls move. 
Continue past the Beamos until you are at a dead end. Stand on the circle in 
the middle of this area and shoot an arrow at the diamond switch through small 
circle opening. This makes the walls move again. There is another Beamos to the 
north so defeat it then go to the left to find another cirlce. Shoot the 
diamond switch again to make the walls move. If there is a wall to the west, 
stop and shoot the diamond switch again to make it open revealing a chest with 
your COMPASS. Now continue to the west and defeat the Lizalfos along the way 
until you enter another large room. In here, stand on the circle and shoot an 
arrow at the diamond switch to the west and up. This makes the stone doors move 
allowing you to continue. Here you will find a Lizalfos and an even stonger 
Dynalfos. Defeat the Dynalfos with the Helmsplitter. Now stand on another 
circle and shoot the diamond switch to make the walls move again. Here there 
will be another Dynalfos. Take it down then shoot the diamond switch once more 
to continue east.
In here are several Baby Gohmas and Young Gohams. Defeat them if you want, but 
for now go to the right to see a small statue on a ledge. There is a Clawshot 
medallion above it so use that to get up there to it. Pick it up then jump down 
and go up the stairs to the north. Follow the path until you get to a huge 
balance scale. While holding the small statue, go on the first scale. It will 
lower while the other one rises. Throw the one you got onto the higher scale as 
well as the one already on the scale you are at to make your side the higher 
one. From here, Clawshot the medallion on the roof in the middle of the room. 
Now drop and walk along the narrow path and then turn and face the north. Use 
the Spinner to ride all the way up to above the scales. When you get up here, 
defeat that floating lantern for a POE SOUL. Now enter the eastern door. In 
here are two Helmasuars. Defeat them and the Armos then, use the Clawshot to 
the east to propell yourself on the ledge. Up here, use the two small statues 
to hold down two of the four switches. Now from up there, Clawshot the 
Helmasaur's helmet and place it on a switch. Do the same for the other to make 
the gates below open. In there is the chest holding the BIG KEY. Now exit back 
into the room with the scales. Now jump on the platform to the north. Grab some 
of the statues and throw over to the southern scale so they are even. Then run 
over to the southern scale to make it rise. Now enter the door to the south. In 
here is a Beamos with several enemy spinners. Defeat the Beamos then dodge your 
way around the room and continue to the east. In here are a few Lizalfos. 
Defeat them then make your way dodging the rolling spikes. Go over to the south 
where there is a huge knife pendulum. Dodge it and open the chest which is a 
SMALL KEY. Now make your way to the northeast corner of this room where there 
is a statue. Pick it up then take it past the rolling spikes to a switch. Put 
it on the switch to make the electric gate go away. Now continue north.
In here are many Baby Gohmas and two Armos. Defeat the Baby Gohmas first then 
take care of the Armos. Smash pots for arrows and hearts. Now continue west and 
open the locked door for the Mid-boss Battle!
In here you will notice the mechanical statue you are looking for as well as a 
fully armed Darknut. Use the Back Slice and the Helmsplitter to throw him off 
then strike him with your sword to make bits and pieces of armor fly off. 
Repeat this until all the armor is gone. You will know you have done it when a 
gong sounds and he launches his big sword at you. Don't worry, you will dodge 
the sword throw automatically the first time. Now he will pull out a smaller 
sword. Just use the Back Slice on him a couple of times to defeat him. This 
opens the way to a chest holding the DOMINION ROD!
The Dominion Rod allows you to take control of certain statues and you can 
control them. Hince the name "Dominion Rod". Now use the Rod on the mechanical 
statue to the west to bring him to life. Bring him down, move him over to those 
large mechanical bells and it will make him disappear. Now exit this room. The 
statue has been transported from its original room to this room. Now, get a pot 
and place it on the pressure switch to make the platform to the south lower. 
Bring your statue and place it as well as you on the platform. Now shoot an 
arrow at it to make it rise.
Now continue south back into the rolling spike room. Use the statue and move it 
ahead of you allowing it to stand on the pressure switch. Now put the Rod away 
and pass away from the electircal fence. Now regain control of the staute and 
use it to smash the rolling spikes. Continue on back to the west with the 
statue into the Beamos and enemy spinners room. Defeat the enemy spinners with 
the statue as well as smash the Beamos to reveal a switch. Go over toward the 
next transporter and place the statue as far as it can go. Now get a small 
statue of one of the pillars to the south and place it on the switch. This will 
rise the platform the statue is on. Now move the statue into the transporter. 
Now continue on north. Back in the scales room, the statue will appear to your 
right. Get it and move it down onto the southernmost scale. Now you jump down 
to where are of the Gohmas are running around. Now go up the stairs to the 
north and look on the wall to the east. Here there are three small statues. 
Bring them to life with the Rod and put all three of them on the northernmost 
scale. Now from where you are at, bring the big statue to life and move it on 
the northernmost scale. This will move that scale down, so you jump down there 
as well and move all of the small statues to the southernmost scale this will 
cause the northern scale to rise allowing you to move the big statue down the 
steps. You can optionally kill all of the Gohmas withe the big statue, but move 
it to the transporter in the middle of the room. Now exit the door to the south.
You are now back in the diamond switch room. Bring the mechanical statue to 
life behind the fence and maneuver it to a pressure switch in front of the 
diamond switch. This will make the electric fence go away. Now put the Rod away 
with the statue on the switch, and go to the north some to find a chest with a 
PIECE OF HEART. Now bring the statue back to life and use him to bash any stone 
walls blocking your way then continue north. Now smash the Beamos if you want 
then smash all of the stone walls that block your path and move the statue to 
another teleportation device. Now use the diamond switch if you need to move 
any stone walls. Now exit out the southern door.
In here the statue is on the fifth floor, so go over to the elevator thing and 
move it up. The statue is on the east side. Get it and move it on the elevator. 
Move it down to the fourth floor. Smash the enemy spinners with the statue, 
then place the statue on one of the two pressure switches. Now go over to the 
east and grab the small statue. Place it on the other switch to go up. Enter 
this room. In here, defeat all of the enemies then go north on the ramp between 
the stairs. To the right is a small statue in a narrow alley. Use the Dominion 
Rod to bring it to life and move it north until it sits on a pressure switch. 
Now grab one of the two small statues in the front of the ramp. Throw it on the 
opposite side alley then do the same as before until it also lands on a 
pressure switch. This will make a chest appear. Go over and get it for a PIECE 
OF HEART. Now exit out of this room and get the big statue and take it all the 
way down to the third floor. Defeat all of the Baby Gohmas running around to 
deactivate the electric fence. Now bring the statue to the north and smash the 
Beamos. Many Baby Gohmas will appear from the rubble, defeat them then go to 
the west to see a floating lantern and a closed gate. Use the big statue to 
destroy the gate, then defeat the Poe inside the alcove for a POE SOUL. Now 
move the statue over to the north where the teleportation device is locked with 
a gate. Smash the gate with the statue then move the statue into the device to 
teleport it. Now you can exit this room to the east. Follow the path until it 
comes to a stop. Use the Clawshot on the ceiling to get over the closed gate. 
Get the statue from the small alcove and continue the descend.
Now move the statue along the path to the next transportation device. Exit this 
room using the door to the north. Go down the stairs in here.
Get the mechanical statue now and move it to the spot where it belongs to have 
the northern door open! Alright! Now continue on. In here are a couple of 
Beamos. Defeat them then make your way past the rolling spikes and jump the 
gap. Defeat the remaining Beamos unless you have already beat them both, then 
jump across another gap to a closed gate past the swinging knife pendulum. Now 
bring to life one of the small statues and put it on the pressure switch to 
open the gate. Go behind where the gate is at and bring the same statue back to 
life. Move it off the switch to have the next gate open leading the way to the 
boss door! Defeat the Young Gohma then continue through the boss door!
To beat this giant metal spider, when the Armagohma stops moving and opens the 
eye on its back, shoot an arrow at it quickly before it shoots you with a 
laser. This will make the spider fall from the ceiling. Run over to where a 
giant statue is at and bring it to life. Swing the Dominion Rod to have the 
giant hand of the statue smash Armagohma! This time several Baby Gohmas will 
come out so defeat them and repeat the process. This will defeat ... what the? 
She is still going!? Several Baby Gohmas are running around the main eye. Shoot 
the eye twice with an arrow to defeat her for good! You will get the third 
MIRROR SHARD and a HEART CONTAINER. Use Midna to warp out.


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