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This is the hardest dungeon in the game. Get ready for this by maxing out your 
Bomb Bags and your Quiver to finish this hard dungeon. It may not be very long, 
but it is very very tricky. So get ready and lets go!


When you land from the cannon blast you will land in a puddle of water. Then a 
huge dragon named Argorok will come flying around. All of the Oocca will be 
running about. After the cutscene, start off by going east. Equip your Iron 
Boots if the wind gusts you around. Enter the door to be in the Oocca Store. 
Buy what you might need then to the right is Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. Talk to them 
to reunite with OOCCOO for the last time in the game. Now exit out the same 
way, but this time go north. You will be met by some Babas. Defeat them, then 
when the wind is not gusting, shoot an arrow at the diamond switch above the 
door to open it. Now enter the door. This next room is filled with Oocca and 
platforms. The blue platforms will slowly fall if you touch them, so avoid 
those as much as possible. Now grab a Oocca like a Cucco and fly to the middle 
part of the room. Defeat the Helmasaur then Clawshot the vines to the west on 
the pillar. Drop down to the west where there is land, then aim the Clawshot at 
one of the Oocca on the wall. Bring him to ya and fly to the northern platform. 
Defeat the two Helmasaurs here. Then climb up and exit this room through the 
northern door. This chamber as three doors: one to the west, east, and north. 
In the middle of this room is a Helmasaurus. Defeat it with the Back Slice or 
have it fall off of one of the blue blocks. Now look to the southwest to see 
some grate with a small opening. Clawshot up there, then enter through the 
small opening. In here, drop down and use your Spinner on the ground and press 
A repeatedly to make a bridge expand. Now to the north on a small ledge is a 
vine wall. Clawshot it then climb up. Now cross the bridge using the Iron Boots 
when the wind gets real strong and enter the door to the west. In this room, go 
along the southwest wall then look up when you can't go any farther. In the 
southwest corner of the room is a Clawshot medallion. Clawshot up then drop 
down right in front of a chest. Open it for a SMALL KEY. Now exit here using 
the Clawshot medallion on the north wall, then dropping and using it on the 
vines to climb up and exit back to the bridge. Go across the bridge, and when 
you get to the other side there will be a small cutscene of Argorok breaking 
parts of the bridge off. Now continue back into the room with three doors. Now 
go through the eastern door. You are now back outside, so go to the right to 
find another Spinner groove. Use the Spinner to make the eastern bridge extend. 
Now go across into this next room. Defeat the Helmasaur and then using the Iron 
Boots, walk through the huge wind gust to the other side. Now Clawshot the 
vines and drop down onto the floor. Defeat the Helmasaur then go through the 
door on the east. Go around to the right and open the chest for the DUNGEON 
MAP. Now go back into the previous room and go back to the western door, but 
don't leave. Go to the left and look toward the first fan. There is a diamond 
switch. Hit it with a arrow or the Clawshot to make the easternmost fan stop. 
Now retrace your steps over to the stopped fan then enter the door to the 
south. This next room is a maze so first jump across on to the ledge in front 
of you, now go to the left and there are a few Tile Worms in the ground where 
you jump so use the Gale Boomerang to dispose of them. Now continue on avoiding 
the gusts of wind from the ground until you make your way to the door to the 
south. Enter it. In this room are two Dynalfos. Stop right where you are at and 
shoot them with an arrow. This will make them run toward you, making them fall 
of the ledge. Now the door will reopen and to the south a small gate will open. 
Now Clawshot the small vines and climb up. Now Clawshot the giant ball and put 
on your Iron Boots to pull it down. This makes a gust of wind come up from the 
floor. Grab an Oocca in the room and ride the gust up to the second floor.
When you land on the ledge, open the door. In here, grab an Oocca and use the 
updraft to well go up and land on the middle ledge. Now use the Oocca and use 
another updraft to go to the right through an opening in the wall. Now you will 
have to Clawshot one of the gold balls to make one of the updrafts to work, 
then use it to fly all the way to the door to the northeast. Open it.
This is a multilevel room that we have been in before to get the Dungeon Map. 
We must make our way all the way to the Basement Three level. Here is how you 
do it: Grab an Oocca and fly down to the right side. Defeat the Deku Baba here. 
Now fly over to the west where there is a very small ledge with some pots on 
it. Fly over there avoiding gusts of wind. Now fly back towards the east where 
there is another ledge with a Deku Baba. Fly over there being very conscious of 
the gusts. Now look over the edge of the ledge on the left of where you land to 
see a Clawshot medallion. Clawshot it, then jump over the gap to be on the 
ledge to the east with a door. Exit the room here!
In here is another ornate ball. Clawshot it then lower yourself down after the 
fan stops. This starts the mid-boss battle!
When the Arealfos raises his shield, Clawshot it to bring him to you. Slice him 
up as much as possible. After doing that once or twice, he will start to fly 
through the openings in the walls. Look for where he is at because as soon as 
he stops, he is charging! Repeat the first step then repeat the second step 
until he is defeated!
This will open a gate to the west. Use the Clawshot on the medallion to get up 
there and open the chest for another Clawshot, which with the first one makes 
the DOUBLE CLAWSHOT! This is the coolest and best item in the game, so don't be 
disappointed to find another one! Now Clawshot the ceiling medallion, then 
lower yourself down a bit, then clawshot another one. Make your way around 
until you see some vines on the fan where you entered. Clawshot them, then 
climb up ane exit through the door back into the very large room.
This room is 100% easier now that you have the Double Clawshot. So start off by 
Clawshotting to the right, then make your way around the room until you can 
Clawshot the ornate ball. When you Clawshot the ball, this will make a gate 
open. Now lower youself down until you get level with the door, and Clawshot 
one of the medallions next to the door. The gate will quickly close behind you, 
but you should make it. Now enter the door. 
In this room, L-Target one of the pillars, an never let go of the L button. Now 
Clawshot the pillar. It will fall, so if you listened to me and never let go of 
the L button, then it will automatically L-Target the next pillar. Clawshot 
back and forth until you get to the last one. Drop down when you get to the 
end. To the left of the door is chest with the COMPASS. Now exit through the 
door. Now you are underneath the western bridge. Use the Clawshot to defeat any 
Deku Babas, the Clawshot the grate to move along the bridge. Now when you come 
to a stop, look to the left to see a vine-covered wall. Clawshot it then climb 
up. Now enter the door to be back in the main room.
Now enter the west door. Now the bridge here is knocked out, but L-Target a 
Peahat and continuously L-Target the next Peahat to make it to the other side. 
Now open the door.
We have been in this room before, but look over the edge of the ledge to see 
Clawshot pillars. L-Target one of them, then continuouly L-Target to get over 
to the east ledge. Drop down here, then look through the hole in the wall to 
north to see a Clawshot medallion. Clawshot it, then look south to find another 
medallion. Clawshot it, now on the left is some grated wall. Clawshot that, now 
there is a gap in the wall. Look to the right and Clawshot this medallion. Now 
look up to see two hungry Baba Serpents. Clawshot them, then use the Clawshot 
medallion where they were at. Now lower yourself and look north to find a 
diamond switch. Hit it with the Clawshot to make a gate open. There is a 
Clawshot medallion to use, then look north for more medallions. Clawshot one to 
get yourself to a door. Open it and in here is a Big Baba like the one from the 
Forest Temple. Defeat it like usual, then look up to the right from the door to 
see a Clawshot pillar. Use it, then quickly Clawshot a vine pillar before you 
plummet down. Now there is a very narrow ledge here. Clawshot the Deku Baba 
then grab onto the path, but don't get up just hold onto the side. Now shimmy 
over as far as you can go, then there is a small little ledge with a treasure 
chest and two Keese. Hit the Keese with the Clawshot, then open the chest for a 
PIECE OF HEART. Now from this island where you got the Piece of Heart, look 
behind the chest to see another Clawshot pillar. Clawshot it, then quickly 
Clawshot the vine-covered pillar. Now climb up on top of the pillar then 
Clawshot the medallion on the ceiling. Lower your self, then battle the 
Dynalfos. Defeat it, then continue north. Out here there are several Peahats. 
Clawshot the first one, then to the next one. Now ride it until you see a 
stationary one near a small island. Clawshot that one then drop down onto the 
small island. Here is a Poe. Defeat it for a POE SOUL. Now Clawshot back onto 
the previous Peahat and ride it until you come to a wall with a crack in it. 
Lower yourself down to make it through the crack. Then Clawshot the next Peahat 
and do the same thing with another crack. Ride it over to a small ledge with a 
door to the east. Open it and out here, use the Peahats to move around, but at 
the last one, turn west and Clawshot another set of Peahats. Drop down when you 
are on the ledge and open the door. Open the chest here for a PIECE OF HEART. 
Now exit back out and use the Peahats once again and stop at the far east one. 
Drop down here and open the door. In this area are two Dynalfos. Defeat them 
both, then look atop the pillars. There are some Guays here. Shoot them down 
with arrows, then around near where you entered this room is a vine-covered 
wall. Climb up to the ledge where there are many ropes. Take the one straight 
ahead. Now kill the Walltulas on the vines, then climb on them until you get to 
a small ledge with another rope. Walk along it to a small island with a Poe on 
it. Defeat it for a POE SOUL. Now go back to the vine-covered wall at the 
entrance of this room and this time use the rope to the left. Follow the path 
until you come to a door. Open it to find a room with a large updraft and two 
Helmasaurus. Defeat them both with the Iron Boots on, then pull the huge ornate 
ball to make the wind stop. Now open the chest for the BIG KEY. Now drop down 
the small hole in the ground in this room. Defeat the two Helmasaurs and then, 
Clawshot the grate on the ceiling, then lower yourself and look north to see 
another ornate ball. Clawshot it to make the large turn on. Now you can access 
the northern door in the main room. Drop down and enter the northern door. Use 
the Clawshot on the fans that are turning here. Time it right to Clawshot the 
grate on the correct side. You will then make it over to the next door. Open 
it, and in here are two Aeralfos. Take your time and defeat them both, now 
Clawshot the grate where there is a fan, then carefully Clawshot the moving 
propeller. Time it right and Clawshot each of them. You will eventually come to 
one that is immobile. There is a diamond switch to hit that will make it move. 
Make your way up to the boss door!
Look to the left to see some grate. Clawshot it then Clawshot the vines and 
climb up to start the battle! Immeadiately put on your Iron Boots as the battle 
starts. Clawshot one of the pillars, then Clawshot the next closest one. About 
half way up on one of the pillars, look for Argorok. He will fly in and stop. L-
Target his tail and Clawshot it. If you kept the Iron Boots on, this weight 
will pull him down breaking off some of his armor. Repeat this once more to 
reveal an eye on Argorok's back. Now it will start to rain and Peahats will 
rise from the ground. Now use the Clawshot on the pillars and go back and forth 
until you get to the top of one of the pillars. Avoid Argorok's fire breath 
while you are on the pillars. Now L-Target one of the Peahats and go around in 
a circle while Argorok blows fire at you. He will stop and lower his head. Now 
make your way to his back and Clawshot his eye. Now unsheath your sword and 
stab his eye as many times as possible until he plummets to the ground. Repeat 
this twice more, but on the last time he will not stop after the first fire 
breath round. He will continue forcing you to change directions of your 
movement on the Peahats. Clawshot his back and deliver the Final Blow to defeat 
this dragon! You will be rewarded with the last MIRROR SHARD and a HEART 
CONTAINER. It is time to battle Zant! Now use Midna to exit. 


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