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NHL 2004 Walkthrough for Dynasty mode!!
BY: Steve Basaraba THIS IS COPYRIGHTED!!!! Steve-o inc.

1- Whats new
2- Create a team or pick one
3- When do you want to win
4- Intro to the dynasty
5- Deep into the dynasty
6- Stanley cup contenders
7- Hints and tips!
Note: This will also work for PS2, XBOX, Gamecube ect.

Chapter 1
Whats new!? Well theres a lot that's new like better gameplay, Way better sound, 
new fight engine that lets you fight when you want to,of course the dynsaty mode 
and the plain old season mode,better graphics (well at least they think so),The 
international leagues and quick play sratigies.

Chapter 2
If you want Create your own team and get all pretty average players.(80s or so)
Look at every team and just a few find some average players like sean hill, martin 
gerber,Gary roberts ect.You should get 5 of every position ex. 5 RW, 5LW or even 
six. Then after that then get some players that are about 85-90 and get about 2 or 
3 of them (2 forwards and 1 defense, well you should) then Get goalies. For your 
starter get some goalie thats about 85-88 averege such as David aebischer. After 88 
they get expensive.For a backup get someone like markkenen or Steve shields (80-
85).By the end you should only have at the max 25 players and 3 goalies (28)
   If you want to choose a team the choose a averege team like 82-86 overall like 
maybe the oilers,columbus,nashville or the flames. 
Note: If you are creating a team you can create a player for the team and add him 
to the team.

Chapter 3
 So now you decide if you wanna win right a way or win later. If you wanna win soon 
then trade your draft picks for players. Round 1 pick= 85-94 overall player
Round 2 pick=78-85 overall player Round 3 pick= 74-78 overall player
round 4 pick= 68-74 player Round 5 pick=50-65. Now this can vary from team to team 
some managers are harder to deal with then others and maybe will only take a 85 
overall player for a first rounder. This is just a estimate.

Chapter 4
If you want to you can go explore the dynasty mode before you do anything. Theres 
thing called Gm experience points. You get them if you make good trades, Make a big 
profit for the owners  and just doing good things. If you go to coach options then 
select manage rosters and you can check out your players in the minors ( right 
side) and whose playing for you. If you click on a player it has the morale just 
below the left screen. If you go to GM options theres many things you can do you 
can check out your office. Check the rankings of GM's in the NHL. upgrade your 
facilities and your staff, Check your finances trade players, check contracts and 
sign free agents.Tip: If you sign free agents sign them for a few hundred thou less 
then they ask. And always sign them for six years!!

In the dynasty mode they make it as realistic as possible. The players average can 
go up or down. When you start all the players averages go down by like 5 or so.Ok 
Now i suggest you go to contracts ( 'Your' office then Contracts).Click on years 
and go to the bottom,like I said before sign them for a few hundred thou less
then they ask and for 6 years. Then play a few games check your lines if you want 
to change them then go ahead. If your team is playing bad right now then chages the 
lines or call someone up from the farm team (coach options then manage rosters, 
select a player on the right screen and click call up then choose someone on the 
left screen and click call down) or even sign a free agent thats over 80 overall 
cause otherwise he will suck cause the overall goes down.After if you want to go to 
the coachs options and check out the scouting report the team report or the 
progress report. Ok now i suggest you don't sim any games or atleast only a few 
cause you usually lose. Now check your finances ('Your' office then finances), 
check how much money your making ( bottom right corner) if it says zero then your 
in the hole and you must try to upgrade your marketing or get rid of some players.
So to finish off your season just play the games and if you have to sign some free 
agents trade some players for other players and then if you want get some draft 
picks or even upgrade your staff and facilities. Note: The ticker will say when you 
have upgrade points ( red strip near bottom)

Chapter 5

Ok now that your in the off-season the rookie draft is coming up. Now you should 
give practices to your team (double click on the day you want a practice) and lots 
of them make sure they get some days off though like every secon day set up a long 
practice then your teams overall will go up. Now here is the rookie draft draft 
plaers that you think are good.Note: if you have good scouting you won't have to 
guess. Now i suggest if you don't have good scouting and can't see there overall 
then you should click on speed and get someone fast. If that doesnt work try 
endurance. Now after you are done go to contracts and check the overall of the 
rookies you drafted. Check their potental if its high and there overall is above 65 
then sign them.Note: if you don't know what potental is then it means if they are 
able to get better then they are now.

Chapter 6

Keep repeating chapter 5 and 4 until you think you have a stanley cup contending 
team.note: Now it is ok if you only make a few million for the owners cause you are 
gonna win the stanley cup, the owners would rather see you win the stanley cup then 
make them money. If you are losing money thats ok cause you'll win the stanley cup 
unless you're in debt by 5 mill. or more. Ok now since you want to win the stanley 
cup now you can trade some of your 
draft picks for good players. Hopefully by now your draft picks are good players. 
Ok now go through your season and finish it off if you make the playoffs then DO 
NOT SIM ANY PLAYOFF GAMES!!!! play them all and then if you get to the final play 
them all and there you go you won the stanley cup!!!!!

Chapter 7
Hint: If you are losing badly in a important game then just quit and it doesnt sim 
the game so just replay it or if its in the season then you can sim it.
Hint: I suggest you use a controller ( if you play PS2 or xbox or whatever) then it 
will be easier for you.

If I missed something can you please email me and tell me. Tell me your cheatcodes 
name and i will credit you my email is [email protected]

P.S I will be writing a faq on NHL 2005 once I am familiar with it's Dynasty mode( 
NHL 2005 is AWESOME PPL so if i were u i would get it soon!!!!!!) and the game 

BY: Steve B. or Steveo_1092(used to be stevieyzerman)

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