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Hey everybody im making a dynasty warriors quiz just for the heck of it.
Here is the info. The questions are marked 1. 2. and so on... When you are finished 
you can check your answers at the lowest part of this page. OK heres question 1.

1. Who is, by legend, the strongest guy in the game?
a.Lu Bu
b.Diao Chan
c.Zhou Yu
d.Sima Yi

Woohoo number 2!

2.Who is the leader of the Namman army?
a.Lu Xun
b.Sun Ce
c.Zhang He
d.Meng Huo

Yay aint this fun??? cheatcodes should do this more often. Heres 3

3.Who is Liu Bei married too?
a.Zhen Ji
b.Diao Chan
d.Guan Yu

It should get harder zzzzz. ill make it easy foy ya this time...

4.What are the 3 kingdoms?

a.Shi,Wu and Hei

Wasnt that easy? This one will be hard as you can imagine!!!

5.At the battle of Guan Yu's Escape who was trying to escape?

a.Guan Yu
b.gUan Yu
c.guAn Yu
d.guaN Yu

Holy crap your a freak'ng genious!!! onward to the next!

6.What company made Dynasty warriors?


Your almost there only one more to go {relax man this aint a real quiz like in 
school}I Betcha your all sweatin and stuff

7.What are the 4 Sun family members?
a.Sun Ji,Sun King,Sun Fore, Sun Meng
b.Sun Hei, Sun Jae, Sun Jen, Sun Shang
c.Sun Jian, Sun ce, Sun Shang Xiang,Sun Quan
d.Sun Pin, Sun Kharg, Sun Yun, Sun Yu

Ok thats my quiz here are the answers look all the way down.Haha wasnt this quiz 

1 Answer is a.Lu Bu

2.Answer is d. Meng Huo

3.Answer is c.Sun Shang Xiang{look at the character guide in the data base for 

4.Answer is Wu,Shu and Wei

5.Answer is well, dang, do you need my help for this?

6.Answer is Koei

7. Answer is c.Sun Jian,Sun Ce, Sun Shang Xiang, Sun Quan 

Grading Key: 7 Correct is F
             6 Correct is F 
Haha im kidding here is the real key

Ok im serious when i say we should do quizes more often {cheatcodes.com please put 
this on the website}

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