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Ghosts N' Goblins: Dzzy Strategies # 1
For the NES by Capcom
This Guide is © 2000 James Dziezynski ([email protected])
My site:
	a-Our Hero
	b-The Weapons
	c-Why it might be better to let the Princess become a bride of 
2-The enemies
3-The Walkthrough
	a-Stage 1
	b-Stage 2
	c-Stage 3
	d-Stage 4
	e-Stage 5
	f-Stage 6
	g-The Big Ugly Creep
1-Overview-I'm not sure if I love or hate Ghosts N' Goblins; on one 
hand it has bad play control, is rather difficult, and often 
frustrating. On the other hand, for some reason this game is absurdly 
fun and a real challenge. I was in 7th grade when my Mom was nice enough 
to get me Ghosts N' Goblins (1988 I believe). So I dedicate this guide 
to my Mom, who has been awakened in the wee hours of the morning to my 
less-than-gentlemanly comments on where the Red Demon may stick it.  
	a-Our Hero--In Ghosts N' Goblins, you play the part of a brave 
knight (who is not actually named in the instruction manual.) It seems 
he took his girlfriend, the lovely blue haired Princess, on a night- 
time date to a graveyard. I know what you are thinking, what kind of 
loony takes his girlfriend on a date to the graveyard, but judging from 
the fact our knight was already stripped down to his underwear, he must 
have been doing something right. 
	As our demure lady and red-tighty clad hero lounge amongst the 
tombstones, a big scary demon appears from the sky and grabs the 
princess. Not to sound cynical, but getting busy in a graveyard seems 
like an invitation for Satan to mess with you. He was probably just 
wandering, collecting the souls of the damned, when he sees these two 
getting' it on. It would have been a lot funnier if Lucifer had opted 
to steal the knight's armor instead of the Princess (how would the 
brave knight have explained that one?!!) but since he spends a majority 
of the game in his underwear anyway, we can assume our hero is 
accustomed to running around in his skivvies. He might actually like 
it! Maybe he's just a swinger. In any case, Mr. Knight realizes he 
needs to get off his skinny butt, throw on his suit of armor and rescue 
the princess, though given how hard this game is, he might be better 
off letting his girlfriend become a shape-shifting bride of Satan.  
	Javelin-This is the weapon you start out with. It is actually one 
of the better weapons in the game, mainly because when you can wail 
away at your enemies without waiting for it to clear the screen like 
the axe, or flare up like the flame. 
	Dagger (or sword as the manual calls it)-In my opinion, the best 
weapon to have. It's fast and you can fire it off quicker than any 
other weapon. Since most enemies only take one hit to kill, it is the 
tool of choice for me. 
	Flame-I hate getting the flame! It's slow and if you miss your 
target you have to wait for it to flare up on the ground before you can 
launch another one. Try to avoid this one if possible.
	Axe-The Axe does essentially the same thing as the flame (it 
flies in an arcing pattern) except it does not flare up. The problem 
with this weapon is the fact it continues off the screen even after you 
have hit an enemy. This makes it hard to fire off more than two axes in 
a row. I generally avoid the axe as well.
	The Cross (or, as it actually looks like, the shield)- There are 
two good things about the cross: it can destroy enemy bullets and it is 
the only weapon you can beat the final boss with. Unfortunately the 
cross has a very limited range and is ineffective against the 
Unicorn/Cyclops thing (who is ALSO wearing red underwear.) Thanks 
Capcom! We love getting new weapons every time we have to fight a new 
boss on level 6!! 
c-Why it might be better to let the Princess become a shape-shifting 
bride of Satan—
This game is often hard for the wrong reasons. One of the key 
strategies to beating this game involves actually running away from the 
harder enemies, such as the pouty red demon (who looks like he is all 
ready to be part of a sit in of some sort HELL NO HE WON'T GO!!) It 
takes a mere two hits to turn your hero into a pile of bones. Much like 
my van, it doesn't take much to knock this guy out of commission. When 
the video game enemies were signing up to be in games, they must have 
laughed when they saw pathetic, skinny Mr. Knight prancing about in his 
red underwear. "Ha ha," they probably said, " this is easy! Shoot, we 
should let the B Squad take care of this wimp!" This is truly an 
enemy's type of game. I might actually believe this game was MADE by 
Satan himself.
2-The Enemies
	Zombie-Outside of looking like George Clooney and occasionally 
being impregnated with a pot, there is nothing too great about these 
guys. They simply rise from their graves in red pajamas, go for a short 
walk, and sink back into the ground. 
	Fire Spitting Plant-The name says it all. A big mouth on a stem 
that spits fire at you. 
	Purple Bird-This guy took his lessons in timing from the birds in 
Ninja Gaiden. Normally he just drifts across the screen minding his own 
business, but occasionally he'll appear at just the right time to make 
your life a pain. It makes me wonder about the strength of our hero 
when a bird can turn him into a pile of bones.
	Red Bird- A homing missile-type bird. There are not too many of 
these peckers in the game ( haha, I can say that!). Not a real big 
deal; he's kind of like an extra. 
	Flying Knights-These guys appear in threesomes at the middle of 
level 1. The best way to avoid them is to watch for the one who has a 
lower arc than the others. Normally you can just duck and they'll fly 
right over you. If you are feeling spiteful, you can kill them by 
hitting them in the back after they fly by. 
	Red Devil-The biggest pain in the butt in the whole game. He fits 
into the category of "Enemies who look like they are severely 
constipated." I still think he looks like he is ready for sit-in, with 
that snide pout on his face. Maybe he is so mean because he doesn't 
even want to be in the game. Sometimes when playing "Gargoyle's Quest" 
(where you control the Red Demon named firebrand) I'll kill him out of 
spite. The best way to "defeat" him is to line your screen up so only 
his elbow is showing. Hit him and quickly run away; wait for a few 
seconds. He should be gone when you get back. There are two good things 
to be said for this fellow however:
1-If you leave him alone, he tends to leave you alone.
2-He does a cool dance when he walks on the ground. 
If you do have to engage this fiend, try to hit him first. Generally he 
takes 4 hits to vaporize. Since he will normally fly right up after 
being activated, you can sometimes jump and get in a precious second 
hit before he even attacks. Sometimes he just goes right for you. When 
he dives, you can sometimes jump over his attack. The key word here is 
"sometimes" because he does something new every time you encounter him. 
As a side note, my friend Darin called this guy "Dan Rather" for some 
reason. I don't really see it. 
	Flying Burrito (at least that's what most people call him)-The 
NES Strategy Guide says, "he attacks with a spear make out of green 
onion." I'm not sure how one can fashion an onion to resemble a spear, 
but then again I didn't make Ghosts N' Goblins. This guys attacks with 
a squeal and will occasionally appear at a very bad spot, such as when 
you are on a ladder. Not too tough.
	Screaming Mimi-A little demon that looks like the spirit of a 
deceased squirrel. Perhaps it is road-kill seeking revenge?
	Blue Demons-Not the beloved Central Connecticut State University 
mascot, but a big headed, cherub like fiend who pops out of windows and 
moneybags. He is the same color as the unlicensed "Bible Adventures" 
cartridge for the NES.
	Big Man- Along with the Red Demon, the Big Man fits into the 
"severely constipated enemy" category. He is the result of a genetic 
union between the guys from River City Ransom and Mr. Clean. He 
features one of the most vile attacks in video game history; when he is 
a floor above you, he will squat and with a look of steely 
determination will proceed to poop on you at an alarming rate!! A good 
thing about Big Men is they really look like they are hurting when you 
hit them.
	Bat-He flies! He's purple!! He's a bat!!!
	Tower Monster-I like to call this guy "The Leaning Tower of 
Brunswick", a name given due to the fact he spits 16-pound bowling 
balls at you. Whack him in the face when he turns red.
	Skull Poppers-Cross the undead with a jumping bean, and you get 
these guys. Boing! Sproing!! Most of the time you can kill them before 
they even emerge. 
	Non-boss enemies I forgot—I think I got em' all, but if there are 
any I neglected it's because my brain is not bringing them to mind—
Email me if you realize I forgot one before I do!
UNICORN aka CYCLOPS-This fiend fits into the category (along with 
Mr. Knight) of "characters wearing red underwear." From the waist down 
this guy looks like a River City Ransom dude. He would probably be 
somewhat cute if he would only smile! An easy kill, simply duck and wax 
him with any weapon but the cross. Unlike most enemies in video games, 
he is impervious to the power of the cross. Perhaps Unicorn is a 
Snake-There's nothing too funny about this reptile. Knock off his 
body sections one at a time. For some reason the javelin does not hurt 
the snake on level 6. Maybe he took anti-javelin hormones. 
Lucifer-The actual guy who started the whole mess. He is actually 
very respectful of Arthur's (ok, there are you happy I finally called 
Mr. Knight "Arthur"!!) personal space, inasmuch as you can always duck 
his attacks. He looks mean but he is really a big softie. Run away from 
his bullets and try not to jump a lot, other than to attack him.
Satan-The last boss is actually really easy. Make sure you have 
the cross weapon when you face him or you will have to play through the 
game from the beginning again (yeahhhh!!) Satan was first a big burly 
guy in fancy clothes, but since he ate a leaning tower of Brunswick he 
now features a bowling ball launcher in his stomach. He is yet another 
boss who is very respectful of Arthur's personal space, and will not 
actually touch you as long as you don't run into him. He should teach 
his good manners to that Mr. Grumpypants red demon.
	a-Level 1-
	After Arthur puts on his armor, he finds the swanky graveyard 
where he took his date has become animated with the undead. One thing 
you should try to do is get a dagger from one of the pot carrying 
Zombies. If you want to get turned into a frog, whack a tombstone a 
bunch of times until a magician comes out and you can get the amphibian 
experience up close and personal! There is nothing too hard until you 
get to the red demon. Use the ELBOW TRICK to dispose of him; get it so 
just his elbow is on the screen. Hit him with a weapon and run back to 
the left. Wait for the undead to start popping up again and the red 
demon will be gone when you get back to the right. Once you get past 
the moving platform on the water, you have reached the halfway point of 
the stage, and you can continue from that point should you die. 
	The Flying Knights are easily avoided, simply duck! Look out for 
the one who has a lower arc than the others, he is your only real 
threat, since you cannot duck his swooping attack. Make sure to dodge 
him. After that a few flying burritos will appear out of nowhere, but 
they shouldn't be too big of a problem. Just watch out for their 
spears. The boss, Unicorn, is easily disposed off if you have the 
javelin or dagger. Duck and pound the B button; in ten hits he'll 
crumble and you'll have the key to area 2.
b-Level 2- 
	"That was easy," you are saying to yourself, "Level 1 was a 
breeze, how hard can this game be?" Just wait! Level two isn't 
impossible but it is considerably harder than level one. Your initial 
goal is to make it to the continue point.
	You start off on a bunch of blue platforms with screaming mimi's 
attacking you at random. Just keep moving on up' till you get to that 
deluxe apartment in the skyyyy!! Oh wait that's the Jeffersons! What 
YOU have to do is keep jumping and moving to the right. This area 
really isn't hard, so you should get to the continue area once you 
finally reach level ground. Here's where the fun begins. 
	Run past the little house and kill any blue demons you can; 
sometimes you can just outrun them but if one is coming up on you from 
behind, you're best off to kill him. Now you are in the house of Mr. 
Clean. The best way to kill these guys is to just hammer them with all 
you've got. If you are fast enough, they will not be able to get a shot 
off in time to hurt you. Now, you may not be able to walk through walls 
but your weapon sure can—As you dispose of each big man, go to the wall 
to the right and do yourself a favor and kill the big men on the other 
side of the wall. Watch out for those stupid purple birds as well. If 
you get hit, you can find a new suit of armor in the upper left hand 
corner of the house. Just jump around like an idiot in your red 
underwear until it appears. 
	After clearing the house and coming down the other side (which is 
easy if you killed the big men like I suggested) go to the platforms. 
The moving platforms are easy to get by, just watch out for the 2 red 
birds that will aim right at you. Shoot them before they get close. 
It's a good idea to jump when the elevators are at their highest point 
so blue demons will not surprise you. The boss at the end of this level 
is UNICORN, who brought along his doppelganger to increase his chances 
of success. The two unicorns are nothing special, though the first one 
will usually leap over you and attack you from behind. Expect to take a 
hit in this battle. Use you duck and fire method and it's on to level 
c-Level 3-
	When the going gets tough, the tough usually turn of their NES 
and watch TV. This is level I expect most people to get to. It takes a 
little patience to figure out the patterns. You start off in a cave 
filled with bats and the occasional Zombie. The Yellow section of this 
stage is easy, and you even get a chance to encounter the great leaning 
towers of Brunswick for the 1st time. If for some reason you have picked 
up the stupid flame weapon, here's a good chance to kill the zombies 
and replace it with a dagger or javelin. 
	Once you get into the blue room, things get a bit trickier. In 
mountaineering, entering the "Blue Room" means you have just fallen 
into a crevasse; not a good thing. Likewise, this level may contribute 
to a certain amount of unhappiness. One little bat greets you as you 
enter this level and it's all downhill (well it's actually uphill, but 
you get my point!) When you get to the first red demon use, the ELBOW 
trick to hit him and then run away (look at level one for details). I 
like to let 5 seconds go down on the clock before going back to the 
right. Watch out for the flying burritos on this level, as they appear 
at very inconvenient places (usually every other step, right it your 
face.) After clobbering a tower or two, you'll come to a second red 
demon just after a moneybag. Use the same strategy here. A good idea is 
to jump to the left and fire off a few shots as you fall—that way your 
momentum will carry you away from the demon. Again, wait a few seconds 
before going back.
	When you get to the top, you will see a ladder to your left. DO 
NOT GO UP THIS unless you want to have a one-on-one with a red demon. 
Instead go to the right and go up the ladder right before the little 
cave with a red demon in it. You'll know you have the right ladder 
because a Frog King statue will fall down when you climb halfway up. 
Get it if you want. Climb up and go to the right. Before getting to the 
moneybag, jump up to prompt the two blue demons hiding in the bag. 
Dispose of them and move on up to the right. At the top is yet another 
cursed Red Demon. To beat him go as far right as you can on the step 
below him. Jump to the left and hit him as you fall. Run away and wait 
(I like to use the ladder as an indication of being far enough for the 
demon to be gone). When he's all vanished, make a super jump down to 
the right. You'll pass a red demon doing the hoe down jamboree dance on 
your left. Ignore him; he just likes a good jig once in a while.
	When you get to the bottom, you have to learn to live with your 
problems. A red demon awaits you and you cannot do anything tricky 
here, you just have to beat him. The stupid game doesn't help because 
it puts a frog king statue (which will turn you into a frog) and an 
annoying flame right in your path. Jump over these both; a good way to 
beat the demon is to get two quick hits on him when you first see him, 
jump over his swooping attack, then finish him off before he can swoop 
again. Watch out not to run too far to the right because that will 
activate the sleeping dragon. 
	To beat the dragon just wail away at him and run around a lot. 
It's mostly trial and error, but if you can survive the red demon, this 
guy shouldn't be too hard. Grab your lucky key and onto stage four!!
d-Level 4
	"Thine eyes are like a raft,
	 "Drifting too and fro,
	"I stand on them and I am safe,
	"From the depths below"
	Yup, you start off riding rafts made of eyeballs. This is 
actually a pretty easy level overall. Much like level two, your first 
goal is simply to make is to the continue point. Ride the rafts to the 
right. A free guy icon falls down, but there is no real reason to get 
it since you have unlimited continues. At the end of the eyeball 
journey, you have to face a red demon. Don't worry if he kills you, 
just try to get to the beginning of the bridge (that is your continue 
point.) You will probably get trashed by the red demon, no big deal; 
just as long as you made it to the bridge you are OK. Run across the 
bridge, avoiding the flames and screaming mimis. Use your tried and 
true ELBOW method on the red demon to rid your self of him (a frog 
statue falls before you reach him, I use this as a point of return. You 
can even turn into a frog if you want!) When you return he will be gone 
and you have to defeat another snake. Try to hold onto the dagger if 
possible. Use the same tactics to beat the dragon as you did on level 3 
and its on to level 5!!
e-Level 5
	This level is short but tough! It also helps to go through the 
level the correct way. When you first go to the right, go up the 2nd 
ladder after defeating some skeleton heads and flying burritos. At this 
point, go up the ladder to the far right on the next level and beat the 
bat and any other fiend in your way. Do this to avoid climbing up the 
ladder on the left and getting whomped by the leaping skeleton. Jump 
the gap and continue to the ladder on the left. There will be some big 
men to deal with; you should know how to take them out from level 2. 
Jump over the axe the game gives you and climb up the ladder. A red 
demon sits in the middle; leave him alone and he'll leave you alone. 
Maybe he's meditating; maybe he's taking a dump; in either case leave 
him be! Climb to the left and battle the big men. Wait until they are 
to the far side before climbing up so you have enough room to clobber 
them. Watch out for the falling poops from above. 
	After climbing up another 2 ladders and beating two more big men, 
jump on the eyeball platform to the right. If you got hit on the way 
up, a new suit of armor will appear at the end of the eyeball ride. 
This is the only modicum of mercy the game shows you! Continue up to 
fight Lucifer, who is actually pretty easy (check out the boss section 
for a good strategy) – At the end of this short but challenging stage, 
grab the key and prepare for the toughest of the tough!!!
f-Level 6
	Ouch! This stage hurts! The game manipulates you into getting 
certain weapons to beat various characters and though it's not hard to 
get them, it is a bit of a pain. The stage starts off with a few 
skeleton heads in a row; pop them and move to the right. A javelin will 
fall if you jump around a bit; if you have the axe or flame, now is a 
good time to pick up the javelin. Climb up the ladder and fight your 
old pal, Unicorn. If he gets close, move to the right away from the 
ladder. Most of the time you can beat him without getting hit. The 
cross is useless against him, so keep that in mind. Ten hits sends him 
	Occasionally those stupid burritos will appear at very bad 
places; you just have to deal with them. Climb up and face the dragon 
next. This guy is a royal pain. You can just run away from him if you 
are quick, but you normally get hit in the process. Just to annoy you, 
Capcom made this fellow invincible against the javelin; KIND OF. You 
can destroy his body segments with the javelin then pick up the cross 
weapon to finish off the head, which is impervious to the javelin. If 
you stand to the left of the ladder below the level where the dragon 
appears, he will become animated after a second or two. He will veer to 
the right; as he turns to face you jump up and fire your javelins at 
him. Your goal is to knock out two body segments on the first pass. 
Duck and let him pass over you; when he does stand up and try to take 
out another 3-4 segments of his body. When he returns to the right jump 
and hit b like crazy to polish off the last of his segments, leaving 
only the head. Move to the right and duck the dragon as he passes over 
you. If he fires a bullet, you're most likely going to hit. Sorry. 
Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. That's life.
	Run to the left and pick up the cross weapon. 5 hits to the 
noggin will finish off the vile head of the serpent. This is easier 
said than done. I will usually pick up the cross and get in two quick 
hits as the dragon chases me to the right; then duck and hope you don't 
get clipped. If you stand still, the dragon will probably line himself 
up for the kill. Even if he fires a bullet, the cross will demolish it. 
	After besting the snake, go up and to the left. When you level 
out, you have to beat a big man and skull popper. You will also see the 
room decorated with red demons. You should just leave them alone; they 
clearly don't want to be disturbed!! When you go up the ladder to the 
right, make sure the big man above you is way to the right. Stand still 
when you get to the top of the ladder and unload on the big man. BE 
on the b button, you may hit the red demon, and after all your hard 
work that is the LAST thing you want. As long as you stand on the 
ladder you came up on, the skull popper to your left won't jump around. 
Pound him after you kill the big man. Here comes the hard part of the 
level, the crux of the problem if you will. Above you, a big man, a red 
demon, and a skull popper await. There is no way you can beat them all 
on that level, so here's what to do. Wait for the big man to walk away 
a little bit so you can climb up the ladder and prompt the red demon. 
Quickly climb down and fight the demon on the lower level. Be careful 
not to prompt any other red demons in the area, as they are everywhere. 
If you can finish off this guy, be patient and wait for a clearing to 
get at the big man above. 
	Climb up to face the 2 lucifers. It's tough, but you can handle 
it, just run and duck a lot. Grab the key. Congratulations! You just 
beat one of the hardest levels on the NES!!! Onto the final demon!!!
g-The Big Ugly Creep
	After all you have been through, this guy should be a breeze. 
He'll never actually touch you if you stay to the left, so dodge his 
attacks and smack him about 20 times. I pray you have the cross or else 
After you wax him and, you finally save your girlfriend and you both 
make a pact to never go on a date in the cemetery again. Also, Arthur 
may have to change his red undies at this point.
	Anything you would like to add to this walkthrough is welcome; my 
email is [email protected] Check out my maps (should be up by 1/20/00) 
on my web site: 
	Comments and what not are welcome too. If you beat this game you 
deserve some kind of medal. If you are a NES purist like myself, do not 
use level select or game genie; you'll be a better player for it!!! 
Enjoy!!!-- ?

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