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                                 The Gameboy Fighter's
                          E - X - T - R - E - M - E Megaguide
Progress Report: 10106.12: A little bit more info. Cleaned up the format
                           considerably, at the cost of the file being a
                           little longer. May be the final version...
                 9705.31: Megaguide 1, v. 1 created
v. 18    By: Shin Starmie ([email protected] or 
                           [email protected])

    Ninja's Note: Okay, let's get things cleared up off the top: this
thing is NOT for profit, and it can only be reproduced electronically. If
you wish to use this on your own website or to use any part of it in a FAQ
of your own, go right ahead...but you'd BETTER give me credit!
  Also, this thing is the companion file to the HTML version, in the event
you had a hard time tryin' to print it for just the moves and not the
pics. This Megaguide is (c)1995 - 2001 by me, John Evans, jr. All other
copyrights are acknowledged(Midway, Capcom, Nintendo, Tiger Electronics,
etc.). Let's do this!!!

    Ninja's Note #2: Okay...stop whatever you're doing. If you can afford
to do so, get yourself a Gameboy Advance!!!

    Ninja's Note #3: Remember, the main addy to email me for any info or
questions on this thing is [email protected]!!!

    Ninja's Note #4: The best setting to see this is in Courier New font at
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ADVISED SETTINGS!!! Works like a charm on a lot of text documents. Gomen ne 
da, ja ne?

    Ninja's Note #5: Okay, this is where I go batty: I may not get to 
update this thing very often anymore, because I don't get to leave home
as often as I like! But any info I receive will be noted for the next 
update. Assuming it doesn't get lost. If there's anymore info, then the
next update will be the last one for this thing. Otherwise, this is it.

    Ninja's Note #6: A note that was in here previously, which has returned

    The latest version, no matter how long it takes me to get'em done, can
always be found at the following URLs:
 (my very own website, Ken n' Chun Li's SMACKDOWN SHACK!!!)
 (the ever-expanding GameFAQs)
 (The World of Nintendo)
There were a few others, but I have to dig up my email to recall who.

---Controls to the Games---
P = Punch(B)  K = Kick(A)  Bl = Block(B+A->MK1; start->MK2 on) + = same time
Rn = Run(B+A->MK3 and 4 only) Lp/Lk = Light P/K(b/a; not applicable to MK)
fw = forward  dn = down  ba = back  up = up  qcf= dn-df-fw
qcb = dn-db-ba  hcf/b = fw-df-dn-db-ba/ba-db-dn-df-fw
ac = ba-db-dn  rac = fw-df-dn  dp = fw-dn-df  rdp = ba-dn-db
. = hold 3-5 sec.



                        ---MORTAL KOMBAT---
((((The Original Warriors...minus one)))

....Kano....              ....Rayden....           ....Liu Kang....
knife: ba-fwd-P           shock: fwd-fwd-P         fireball: ba-ba-P
roll: hcba-P or K         torpedo: ba-ba-ba-fwd    flying kick: fw-fw-K
fatality: dn-fwd-fwd-K    teleport: qcf            fatality: fwd-fwd-ba-P
                          fatality: ba-fwd-dn-Bl

....Scorpion....          ....Subzero....         ....Sonya....
spear: ba-ba - P          freeze: ba-fwd + K      rings: ba-ba + P
teleport: rac - P         slide: rac - P          teleport: fwd-ba-ba-fwd
fatality: fwd-fwd-fwd-Bl  fatality: fwd-dn-fwd-P  leg grab: dn-Bl(hard)
(never made it work)      (dp + P won't work)     fatality: ba-ba-fwd-Bl

                           fireball: hcf + Bl(hard to do)
                           stomp: jump on victim
                           "invisibility": dn + Bl

,,,The Only Real Things to Do,,,
-Play as Goro: Beat the game, hold up + left + A + select until the Enter
Your Initials prompt. Put'em in, press A, hit start. Hard to do.

-Sonya 2 hit: Toss her rings and hit B the instant it connects. Hard to do.

-Game Genie Codes: 002 - 96D - B31: Infinite Continues
                   005 - 94C - B31: Player 1 invincible
                   00C - B5E - 3BE: Infinite Time

-Gameshark Codes: Shang Tsung playable: 01071DD6
                  Goro playable: 01061DD6
Note that Shang Tsung won't have any moves if you use him.
Ninja's note: I have seen other GG codes(which were also sent to me), but I
had only posted these as I felt that these were the most useful ones IMO. If
you ask me, the GS codes are pretty useful, too!


                  ---MORTAL KOMBAT II---
    Ninja's Note: Except for Reptile's fatality, which has to be done from
afar, all finishers can be done anywhere, and even with holding Block! Oh,
Specific: 1. = Fatality  2. = Stage Fatality  3. = Babality

~~~~~MKII Dudes~~~--<>

--Liu Kang--              --Sub-Zero--             --Kitana--
fireball: fw-fw-P         freeze: qcf-P            fan: fw-fw + P + K
low shot: qcf-P           slide: ba + P + K        lift: ba-ba-ba-P
fly kick: fw-fw-K         ground ice: qcb-K        swipe: ba + P
1.: dn-fw-ba-ba-K         1.: fw-fw-dn-K /         teleport: qcb-P
2.: Bl(ba-fw-fw)K            dp-fw-P               1.: Bl-Bl-Bl-K
3.: ba-fw-dn-K            2.: dn-fw-fw-Bl          2.: dp-K
                          3.: dn-ba-ba-K           3.: dn-dn-dn-K

--Reptile--               --Shang Tsung--          --Mileena--
acid: fw-fw-P             fireball: ba-ba-P        sai shot: .P
bubble: ba-ba-P + K       twin shot: ba-ba-fw-P    roll: ba-ba-dn + K
slide: ba + P + K         3 shot: ba-ba-fw-fw-P    teleport: fw-fw-K
invis.: Bl(up-up- dn)P    1.: Bl(up-dn)P           1.: .K
1.: ba-ba-dn-P            2.: Bl(dn-dn-up)P        2.: dp-P
2.: dn-fw-fw-Bl           3.: ba-fw-dn-K           3.: dn-dn-dn-K
3.: dn-ba-ba-K

           ----Scorpion----          ----Jax----
           spear: ba-ba-P            sonic boom: rac-K
           teleport: qcb-P           gotcha: fw-fw-tap P...
           air throw: Bl in air      backbreaker: Bl in air
           1.: Bl(up-up)P            ground smash: .P
           2.: dn-fw-fw-Bl           slams: throw, tap P...
           3.: dn-ba-ba-K            1.: K(fw-fw-fw)
                                     2.: Bl(up-up-dn)K
                                     3.: Bl(dn-up-dn-up)K

Kombat Kraziness!!!
-Shang Tsung's Morphs: Liu Kang...ba-fw-fw-Bl  Sub-Zero: dp-K
Kitana: Bl-Bl-Bl  Reptile: Bl(up-dn-up) Mileena: .P
Scorpion: Bl(up-up) Jax: dn-fw-ba-P

-vs. Smoke: At any odd-numbered match(The Pit II), get the toasty man
out with uppercuts. The SECOND you see him, press dn + start.

-vs. Jade: At the match below the [?], your winning round must be won with
kick button only. Unlike the big screens, you CAN block.

-vs. Smoke AND Jade: The match below the [?] is your seventh match AND
a The Pit II stage. Do the code to fight Smoke. In your winning round vs.
him, use you kick button only (five well-timed roundhouses should do it).

-Shang Tsung as Megaman?: Play with him like this: start by not morphing
period. Once you beat your first opponent(you HAVE to fatality),
use that person's powers on the next victim and so on...like Megaman!

-Shang glitch: Do the regular fatality. During the aniamtion, do the stage
fatality as fast and as repeatedly as you can. It'll crash the game. >)

-Scorpion glitch: After it says Finish Him/Her, time a jump so you can do
his fatality motion in midair. If you time it right, he'll land behind
the victim, burning thin air, but the victim burns anyway!

-Scorpion kombo: jump punch, teleport, spear, kick, spear, teleport, spear,
kick, spear, uppercut. Total damage if you can get it all to connect!

-Jax glitch: k(fw-fw-fw)p, k to hit opponent and STILL connect the finisher!

-Jax glitch 2: k(fw-fw-fw-up) will supposedly do TWO heads!

-Liu Kang glitch: perform fatality, hold kick to do the bicycle kick. Keep
holding it while far from opponent, then release kick and press again. Liu
Kang will fly to his opponent. Just when he's about to hit him, (you'll have
to time this well when you press the kick again) he will do his fatality.

-Jax glitch 3: Do the fatality move but do not release the kick button.
Instead, jump on your enemy and release the button in mid-air. What
can happen is:
        i) Jax will crush thin air above the opponent's head, which will
still explode;
        ii) The same thing as above but when he comes down, Jax will explode
the opponent's head again;
        iii) He can fall behind the opponent and then do the trick but is more
likely to do it facing the same way as before he jumped. (he will crush
empty air while his opponent's body will go erect behind him, losing his head

-Jax Glitch 4: Do the fatality, but hold the kick button and (you must be
near your opponent) grab your enemy. (if you like take risks you can try to
punch him 5 times) After one punch release kick. Effectively, both players
will perform their fatalities and this is what will happen:
        i) with Liu Kang, Jax will crush his head just while the latter was
transforming into a dragon to burn him.
        ii) with Kitana, he will crush her head just as she was trying to cut
off your head too. (be careful, sometimes she can get you before you get her)
        iii) with Sub-Zero, you won't have the time to crush him because he'll
freeze you first.
        iv) with Reptile, Jax will crush his head just as it transformed.
        v) with Scorpion, Jax will crush his head just as he removes his mask.
        vi) with Mileena, she will get you before you do and the game will
        vii) with Shang Tsung, he too will get you first and the game freezes.
        viii) with himself, it's a "roulette ruse"; either you get him or he
gets you but more often you will get him.
-Jax Glitch 5: The gotcha grab won't grab Shao Kahn!!! You can just reach for
him until Kahn's dead. And he usually can't retaliate if you keep it going.

INVISIBILITY: As you may already know...Jade is still invisible from all 
projectiles while playing as her.
SUPER JUMP KICK: If both you and your opponent jump kick...no matter 
what, you'll always hit your opponent.  Basically, Jade has the best JUMP 
Kick in the game.

FASTER: Whenever you move forward with Smoke, he will go fast.  He's the 
fastest character in the game. Oh and...Smoke does SMOKE while playing 
as him.

Kombat Strategies
How to Beat Shao Kahn
- Liu Kang: Low fireballs with an occasional flying kick.

- Jax: (see Jax glitch 5)

- Kitana: same as the big screens, (fan lift) but he'll block it often.

- Sub-Zero: Freeze'im and slide like there's no tomorrow!

- Shang Tsung: Triple Fireballs, 'nuff said.

- Mileena: Yeah, right.

- Scorpion: Try to combo.

- Reptile: Bubble-acid, bubble-jumpkick, bubble-slide...

Beat Smoke: Don't be fooled. The CPU's pretty weak here, even on hard.
            Just pick someone with a good range on their roundhouse, like
            Liu Kang, Shang Tsung, and the ninjas, and just stand there.
            As SOON as Smoke sails within range, smack him. Repeat four
            more times.

Beat Jade: Your best bet here is Scorpion. Sweep her until she jumps back,
           then teleport when she does to smack her. Lather, rinse, repeat.

-Game Genie codes:(Ninja's Note: these are the best ones, IMHO)
003 - 249 - 19E + 003 - 279 - 19E: computer can't jump!
009 - 48B - 91D: infinite energy
00C - 55B - E6E: timer disabled
00D - ABF - 3BE: infinite continues

-Gameshark Codes
010901DD: Use Shao Kahn (but as with the MK1 joint, he'll have no moves)
010B01DD: Play as Jade (ditto for her, too)
010A01DD: Play as Smoke (yep, I gets no moves...)


                    ---MORTAL KOMBAT 3---
Specific Controls : 1. = fatality, & 2. = babality. No stage fatalities. >(
Ninja's Note: If you wanna do Babalities this time around, DON'T TOUCH THE
Ninja's Note 2: Oh yeah, just so you know: Stay away from MK1, 3, and 4!
If you have to have handheld Kombat, MKII is the way to go, the only one as
of now that I can honestly say is worth your money!!! MK3 is pretty good, but
the AI will not be merciful to the novice MK3 player.

*****MK3's Kombat Kouriers*****

==Sindel==               ==Sektor==                  ==Kabal=
fireball: fw-fw + P      missile: fw-fw + P          fireball: ba-ba + P
scream: fw-fw-fw + P     tracer: hcb + P             spin: ba-ba-fw + K
fly: ba-ba-fw + K        teleport: fw-fw-fw + K      razor: ba-ba-ba + K
1.: ba-fw-fw-fw-P        1.: fw-fw-fw-ba-Bl          1.: fw-fw-Bl-Bl-Bl-K
2.: fw-fw-fw-up          2.: ba-dn-dn-dn-K           2.: fw-fw-fw-fw-K

==Sheeva==               ==Smoke==                   ==Sub-Zero=
stomp: rdp + K           teleport: fw-fw + K         freeze: qcf + P
teleport: dn-up          invis.: up-up + P           shower: dn-fw-ba + P
fireball: qcf + P        1.: up-up-fw-dn             slide: ba + P + K(hard)
1.: fw-dn-dn-fw-P        2.: dn-dn-ba-ba-K           1.: ba-rdp-fw
2.: dn-dn-dn-ba-K                                    2.: dn-ba-ba-K

==Kano==                 ==Sonya==                   ==Cyrax=
roll: .K                 rings: qcf + P              net: ba-ba-ba + K
knife toss: qcb + P      teleport: fw-fw-ba + P      close b.: ba-ba-ba + P
knife upper: qcf + P     leg grab: dn + P + K(hard)  far b.: fw-fw-fw + P
1.: fw-fw-fw-K           bike kick: ba-ba-ba-dn + K  teleport: fw-fw-fw + Bl
2.: fw-fw-dn-dn-K        1.: dn-dn-dn-fw-K           1.: dn-dn-up-dn-P
                         2.: dn-dn-fw + K            2.: fw-ba-ba-P

                         ==Shao Kahn=
                         knee: .k
                         gotcha: qcf + p
                         fireball: qcb + p
                         dash: jump on opponent
- Ninja's Note: It has come to my attention that not everything in MK3 is
direction + button. However, I want to make it known to everyone that up to
this point, the way I have the moves listed is the ONLY way I've been able
to get'em to work. This even applies to some finishers.

cHeAtS -n- GlItChEs
-Cyrax glitch: When it says finish him, drop a close bomb from close range
 and IMMEDIATELY fatality. You'll shred'em, but you can do whatever as
 long as you don't hit the shreds! You can do a babality and it counts as a
 FATALITY! Very hard to do.

-Cyrax glitch (that was oddly left out. It was in my old MK3 FAQ): The net
 will NEVER catch Kabal. Ever.

-Sub-Zero/Sonya glitch: You've gotta ram on the motion for the slide/leg grab
 repeatedly, as they almost never come out the first time.

-Shao Kahn glitch: He can combo ALL his moves! I once lost to him with Kabal
 when he hit me with his entire arsenal! This too was in my old MK3 FAQ...

-Another Shao Kahn glitch: When playing as him, don't let the CPU throw you!
 The game will freeze if you do...

-Strategies for...
 ...Sektor/Smoke: Teleport a LOT. Missiles/Invisibility are okay, but
 teleporting should be THE most used weapon.

 ...Kabal/Cyrax: Get used to the ol' FB Trap. Spin and roundhouse constant
 for Kabal, roundhouse, close bomb, net, push'em to the blast, roundhouse
 for Cyrax. Whatever you do, don't uppercut unless it'll kill Kahn!!!

 ...Sheeva: Sweeps, roundhouses, and stomps are the way to go! Just bear in
 mind that unlike the big screens, you CAN be hit out of the stomp. Note,
 though, it's usually a trade in Sheeva's favor when this happens.

 ...Sub-Zero: Aggression as always. But vs. Shao Kahn, do the old MKII
 cheese: freeze him and slide like there's no tomorrow!(this DOES NOT work
 on the SNES/Genesis, only on the Gameboy version!)

 ...Sonya: Mix in everything in a blaze of aggression, especially sweeps
 and leg grabs. But against Kahn, stick to this: sweep to push him away,
 ring to greet him as he lands. Duck his FBs and repeat.

 ...Sindel: A Sonya-style strategy (fireball, duck, sweep, repeat) works.
 So does this: scream, roundhouse, repeat. Probably the toughest fight.

 ...Kano: None known. besides, who plays Kano ANYWAY?!

-Extra Continues: At the Choose Your Destiny Screen, press up twice to get
 five kredits instead of the normal three!!

-Kombat Kodes: 192/234: Smoke UKK  100/100: no throws  020/020: no block
               460/460: switch'em  466/466: inf. run   033/000: p1 1/2 en.
               000/033: p2 1/2 en. 707/000: p1 1/4 en. 000/707: p2 1/4 en.
               205/205: vs. Smoke  987/123: no bars    688/422: dark
               985/125: psycho     987/666: message 1  123/926: message 2
                                   282/282: message 3
-Gameshark Codes
Use Shao Kahn: 0109CED4(moves are above; now HERE'S something you CAN'T do on
                        the psx version of MK3 or the saturn version of UMK3)


                 ---MORTAL KOMBAT TRILOGY---
         (Note that MKT is for Tiger Electronics' Game.Com)
Specific Controls:
P=Punch(A)  Hk=High Kick(B)    all fatalities: fw-fw-fw-dn+P
Bl=Block(C) Lk=Low Kick(D)     all bablities: fw-ba-ba-P
all brutalities: fw-fw-fwdn-p  all frienships: ba-fw-fw-P+Bl
           other than that, same as before

===The MKT Gang==(Ninja's note: As I've so learned, moves are like in MK4: 
scarce. Well, at
least everyone has FOUR finishers, heeheeheehee!!! However, this isn't all
the EXACT, bottom line moves listing. Just so you know.)

=-=-=Reptile=-=-=        =-=-=Mileena=-==-       =-=-=Nightwolf=-=-
fastball: fw-fw-P+Bl     sais: .P                ax: qcb+Bl
rush: ba-fw-fw+Lk        teleport: fw-fw+Lk      arrow: qcf+P+Bl

=-=-=Kitana=-=-=          =-=-=Rayden=-=-=       =-=-=Jade=-=-
fan toss: fw-fw-P+Bl      shock: qcf+P+Bl        high: ba-fw-fw+P
teleport: qcb+P+Bl        torpedo: ba-ba-fw      s. kick: qcf+k
                                                 stick: ba-fw+p (WTF?!)

=-=-=Ermac=-=-=          =-=Noob Saibot=-=       =-=-=Rain=-=-
fireball: qcf+Bl         disabler: qcf+Bl        controller: qcf+P+Bl
slam: rdp+Hk             toss'em: fw-fw+P        pop'em: ba-fw-fw+P
                         teleport: dp+p

=-=-=Sektor=-=-=         =-=Shao Kahn=-=         =-=-=Motaro=-=-
tracer: hcb+P            charge: qcf+P           gotcha: fw-fw-P+Bl
teleport: fw-fw+Lk       tiger knee: qcf+Bl      tail whip: ba-ba-dn+Lk

                         bomb: fw-fw-Hk+Lk
                         teleport: ba-ba-Hk+Lk

=-=-=Tricks of Kombat=-=-=
Ermac: At select Screen, press B, C, B, B, D. Ermac's slot is the lighter
       of the two dragon logos.
Noob Saibot: At select screen, press D, D, C, D, B.
Cheat Menu: In Options, press Up, C, D, B. (1-button finishers, instant
            Aggressor, Low Damage)
One-Button Finishers: P = brutal, Hk = fatal, Bl = babal, Lk = friendship
Invincibility: At the title screen press D, B, C, A, D, C, A, B, A, A, B.


                 ---MORTAL KOMBAT 4---
-The controls are EXACTLY the same as MK3's, except there are NO
Babalities...and as always, only ONE Fatality. What is this...Super MK1
Turbo?! Also, it's been brought to my attention that moves have to be done
slowly in order for them to work properly. Thanks to Paul ([email protected])!

 ---The MK4 Krew---
(Ninja's note: Gripe, actually...WHAT is wrong with the FMV?! You can barely
make heads or tails of it!!!)

Raiden                Quan Chi            Fujin
------                --------            -----
torpedo: ba-ba-fw     slide: fw-fw-k      "tiger crush": dn-fw-k
bolt: dn-ba-p         stomp: fw-dn-k      "jaguar tooth": up-up-k
1.: fw-ba-up-up       1.: dp              1.: fw-fw-ba

Liu Kang              Reptile             Sub-Zero
--------              -------             --------
fireball: fw-fw-p     acid: dn-fw-p       freeze: dn-fw-p
bike kick: fw-fw-k    dash: dn-ba-p       slide: ba+p+k
1.: fw-fw-fw-dn       1.: up+p+k          1.: fw-ba-fw-dn

Reiko                 Tanya               Scorpion
-----                 -----               --------
stars: dn-fw-p        fireball: dn-fw-p   spear: ba-ba-p
flip: dn-fw-k         "c.drill": dn-fw-k  teleport: dn-ba-p
1.: dn-dn-ba          1.: dn-dn-up-dn     1.: ba-fw-fw-ba

                      spear: dn-fw-p
                      dash: dn-fw-k
                      1.: dn-fw-p

Tricks of the Trade...the Next Cheater's Nation
Not very much to post about that version. The KKs from MK3 all
work, even the old Smoke UKK and Vs KK(they now are for Reptile).
Here are some glitches, along with another one that I was just sent! They
sound pretty vicious, and they also sound harder to pull consistently than
MK3's! So, here ya go. Have fun!!!

-Free Finisher: After you beat Shinnok in the winning round where you're
supposed to finish your opponent off when you win, it doesn't say finish
him...but when he falls to the ground, and it says (character) wins, press
the motions for that character's finishing move and it will work!

-Free Finisher II: the One-Button Fatality: When you're Scorpion in the
winning round(just like the first glitch), before you kill your opponent,
punch him and keep "B" held down. When it says finish him/her, don't do
anything! Only keep "B" held down. When your opponent falls, it should do
Scorpion's Fatality.

-Free Finisher 3: Similar in concept to the first two, defeat your foe with
Scorpion's spear. You'll automatically throw the opponent upon bringing'em in,
and still get to see the finisher. (And this is the hardest of all. If the one
who sent it to me is reading this, what's the timing?! I only got it to work

As I said, they seem pretty tough to do. But I bet it works with anyone. So,
if the people who sent me these glitches is reading this, could you confirm
whether or not they work for any character?

Gameshark Codes
0109F0C0 = Play as Shinnok!!!


                   ---STREET FIGHTER II'---
-Oddly, some animation looks the SAME(Ken/Ryu/Chun's d.Short/d.Roundhouse)in
certain attacks.

/////World Warriors/////

/////Ryu/////              ////Blanka////         ////Guile////
hadou-ken: qcf + p         shocker: tap p...      sonic boom: .ba-fw + p
shouryuu-ken: dp + p       roll: .ba-fw + p       flash kick: .dn-up + k
tatsempuu-kyaku: qcb + k   vert. roll: .dn-up + k
red hadou-ken: hcf + p     bite: fw + p(his throw)
                           slide: df + p(from SSF2X!)

/////Ken/////             //M.Bison(Vega)//       ///Chun Li///
hadou-ken: qcf + p        torpedo: .ba-fw + p     kikou-ken: hcf + p
shouryuu-ken: dp + p      knee whip: .ba-fw + k   spin kick: .dn-up + k
tatsempuu-kyaku: qcb + k  stomp: .dn-up + k       hyakuretsu-kyaku: tap k...
                          slide: dn+K             stomp: jump, dn+K(hard)
                                                  wall hop: jump to wall, fw

///Zangief///             /Balrog(M.Bison)/       ////Sagat////
Spin Piledriver: 360 + p  slidepunch: .ba-fwd + p tiger hi: qcf + p
german suplex: 360 + k    slideupper: .ba-fwd + k tiger lo: qcf + k
lariat: p + k             turnaround: p + k       tiger knee: qcf-uf + k
                          headbutt: .dn-up + p    tiger upper: dp + p

Too bad...I can't get anything to work!!! But, here's what I've seen the
CPU pull off time after time:
Ken/Ryu: j.K, d.k, fireball      Blanka: j.P, shocker
         j.K, d.k, qcba + K      Guile: j.K, s. or d. p, dn-up + K
         j.K, d.K
Ken:     j.K, s.P, dp + p or P

/////Tricks of the Trade/////
(YES!!! I've made a Gameshark Code!!! And yes, I'm still hyped about it. :))
0170C0C0 = infinite energy for player 1!!!
A note about the already existing inf. energy for p2: It'll show the life bar
for p2 at only 33%. My code shows your life bar at full power.

-Glitch: Multi-hit moves, except Chun's Lightning Leg and Ken's Hurricane
Kick, only hit once now. Note that Bison can very rarely get both hits of his
knee press.

-Glitch 2: CPU Ryu can DP his way out of EVERYTHING, whether it hits or is

-Glitch 3: Despite the SF2' moniker, the game takes from SSF2X. Sure, most of
it seems very Super-ish, except for CPU Guile (straight Classic), but it's
from SSF2X. Blanka's slide wasn't in Super. Ken's got his standing Roundhouse
(Heavy Kick, or HKk) animation for his standing kicks, as well as his jumping
Forward (Medium Kick, or Mk), all of which are from SSF2X, or SSF2T, as it's
known here. I'm surprised they didn't give Chun her Tenshou-kyaku. Go fig.

-Glitch 4: Blanka's slide. On lower levels, you can just slide, slide, slide
all day. Almost like Wolverine, eh? Just don't try it vs. Blanka.

-Glitch 5: Chun Li's stomp and wall jump aren't the easiest things in the
world to do, probably because of the game's poor controller response.


>>>>>Tricks of the Trade<<<<<
Fight Akuma: When you select your character and choose between Manual/Auto,
             choose by holding A+B until the match starts.
Fight Bison: Same as Akuma, only hold A+B+select.
      -Conversely, you can fight them at any time by holding the buttons after
       your winning round in a match.
Gameshark Codes
Player 1 Infinite Health = 0190B5C4
Player 2 1 Hit to K.O. = 0101B5C6
Infinite Round Time = 016309CF
Player 1 Mid Air Moves = 01002EC4
Player 1 power bar at MAX!!!! = 019566C4
Player 2 power bar empty = 010066C6
Player 1 XX = character select = 01XX51C4
Player 2 XX = character select = 01XX51C6
00 Ryu
01 Ken
02 Akuma (secret)
03 Charlie
04 Chun-Li
05 Adon
06 Sodom
07 Guy
08 Birdie
09 Rose
0A M.Bison (secret)
0B Sagat
0C Dan (secret)
Always start on last stage = 010712CF

Keep in mind that these are for the European release of the game. They
ALL work on the on the US version, too. As if you didn't know this already.


                     --KILLER INSTINCT--
specifics: qcdb = df-dn-db(can be done from fw, ALMOST like a half circle)

-Cinder and Riptor caught the wrath of the EX axe.
(It's all good, IMO, I hated those two cheap bastards anyway!)

-Fulgore and Jago are typically compared to Ken and Ryu of SF, since they
both have fireballs and Dragon Punches. Well, let it be known that
Fulgore's has the diagonal reach like Ken's, and Jago's has the vertical
climb and damage like Ryu's. So there. And yes, I made up a name for Jago's
Wind Kick. Find it yourself...you might like it. Jago fans, email me and
tell me what you think of it!!!

-Surprisingly, no moves were lost! Of course, KI, SFII', BAT, KoF, RBS, and
whatever else uses the tap/press method for weak/strong hits anyway...

-Many combos, however, were lost. According to the info I have, there were
two combos(glitches, actually)ADDED! Natch...I miss that old combo I do
w/Orchid on the Snes...which is there after all, heeheehee!

-As always, you can only do Ultras during your enemy's flashing bar.

-Linkers will have a * beside them!!!

-This is a pretty good game. Only thing that hurts it(and BADLY!)is what I
call the Super Mario Allstars syndrome: in porting the game, the backgrounds
are still sized the same(pretty big), but the sprites are WAY too small,
making combos you're used to doing on Snes or in the arcade a PITA to do.

-Oh...did I mention you shouldn't bother trying to play this on a Gameboy
Color? The controls aren't very responsive on the GBC. MK1 and MK3 have this
problem, too.

--//The Cross-Country Killas\\--

Glacius                   Combo                        Thunder
-------                   -----                        -------
bouncer: qcf+p            *powerline: .ba-fw+p         sammamish: hcb+p
*ice spear: qcdb+p        knee ko: .ba-fw+k            *triplax: .ba-fw+p
bum rush: .ba-fw+p        windup: .p                   phoenix: qcf+k
teleport: qcf+k           retaliation: .ba-fw+k        tomahawk: qcb+p
retaliation: qcf+k        c. breaker: ba-fw+k          retaliation: hcb+p
c. breaker: ba-fw+p       finisher: ba-ba-fw-fw+p(cl)  c. breaker: hcb+p
finisher: hcf+p(sw)       ultra: .ba-fw+p              finisher: hcf+p
ultra: .ba-fw+p           humiliation: dn-dn-dn+p      ultra: .ba-fw+p
humiliation: fw-fw-ba+k                                humiliation: qcf-fw+k

Spinal                    Fulgore                     Jago
------                    -------                     ----
boneshaker: fw-fw+p       laser: qcf+p                endououken: qcf+p
skeleport fw.: dn-dn+p    laserx2: ba-ba-qcf+p        shindououken: dp+p
skeleport ba.: dn-dn+k    laserx3: fw-ba-ba-qcf+p     *shippugakyaku: qcdb+k
*soul sword: .ba-fw+p     plasma slice: dp+p          laserblade: qcdb+p
absorb: .ba+k             teleport fw.: rdp+p         retaliation: dp+p
fireball: qcf+p           teleport ba.: rdp+k         c. breaker: dp+p
(need skulls)             reflect: qcb+p              finish: ba-fw-fw+p(cl)
retaliation: dn-dn+any    jax punch: .ba-fw+k         ultra: qcdb+k
c. breaker: fw-fw+p       *eyebeam: qcdb+k            humiliation: hcb+k
finisher: ba-ba-ba+k(sw)  retaliation: dp+p
ultra: hcf+p              c. breaker: dp+p
humiliation: hcf+k        finisher: hcf+k(sw)
morph: combo, dn-dn+any   ultra: dp+p
                          humiliation: hcf+k

Orchid                    Sabrewulf                   (Eyedol)
------                    ---------                   --------
lasaken: qcf+p            s.cut: .ba-fw+p             bum rush: ba-fw+k
ichinisan: qcdb+p         s.pounce: .ba-fw+k          batter up: ba-fw+p
niguu giri: qcdb+P        *s.spin: .fw-ba+p           fireball: qcf+p
flikflak: .ba-fw+k        s.roll: .fw-ba+k            stomp: ba+p
*tiger: .ba-fw+p          firebat: qcb+p              retaliation: ba-fw+p
retaliation: .ba-fw+k     howl: qcdb+k                c. breaker: ba-fw+p
c. breaker: ba-fw+k       retaliation: .ba-fw+p
finisher: qcf-ba+k, k(cl) c. breaker: ba-fw+p
ultra: .ba-fw+p           finisher: ba-ba+k(cl)
humiliation: hcb+p        ultra: .ba-fw+k
                          humiliation: fw-fw+p

????Tricks of the trade????
-Thunder's infinite: .fw-ba+p, .fw+k, ba+p...
-Eyedol's infinite: ba-fw+k, ba+p, fw+k...
-Use Eyedol: At vs. screen, hold right and press select, start, B, A.

#####Conclusion and Thanks#######
That's it. Here's the wrecking crew:

-Brian from back in Central HS: MK1=Let me use MK and eventually traded
for Power Rangers. Thanks, man!!!

-Sub-Zero([email protected]): Wanted a FAQ for MK1, you got it!

-PAUL([email protected]): MK1=SONYA'S 2 HITTER; MK3=Corrected moves for Sonya,
Sub-Zero, Sindel, Sektor, Cyrax; message 3 KK; the Cyrax trick/glitch; more
info (If you ever read this, man, just so you know, you're obviously THE top
contributor to this thing!)

-MR TOOD BRANTLEY([email protected]): MK1=How to make Sonya's fatality
work properly...

-Gabriel Forbes from CHS: Let me use MK2 back when all I had was MK
and Tetris...

-Robert Stafford([email protected]): MK2 glithces!!!

-Mad love goes to my finer than fine fianceé, Julie, aka Angel_Starr 
([email protected]): all=Countless hours of whoopin'
her at UMK3(arcade), MK1-UMK3(Snes/Gen), Super SF2 and SFA2(Snes),
SFA3(arc/psx), XMvsSF(arc/psx), etc., just so I could get good...luv ya, boo!
I may've whooped you, and you've had your fair share of brutally defeating me
as well, but you're the best competition I've had! (seeing as you learned from
me) You can guess she's my second largest contributor/motivator. ;)

-Irene Auman aka Sailor Earth([email protected]): Helpin' a brotha!

-Steven Demannett...: MK3=posting Smoke fatality and extra kontinues trick on

-C. Christina Partington([email protected]): MK3=Kano's fatality

-Kees Janssen([email protected]): MK3=Kabal's fatality

[email protected]: MK3=Smoke's invisibility
(Ninja's Note: I know there are others who sent things I said I already
had. These listed here are the ones who sent those things to me first. But
you still get mad props!)

-Justin([email protected]): MK4=Them two glitches!!! Also, THE info and
Kahn/Jade/Smoke GS code provider for MK2, (and MK3, as far as info and all)
as well as seemingly complete info on MKT. Third largest
contributor to this thing!!! Peeps his website at http://zap.to/mkgb

-Scott Lowry([email protected]): Yet another MK4 glitch!

-Andrew Vander Heyden([email protected]): SF2'=Blanka's slide

-Nintendo(www.nintendo.com): SFA=Confirming in the Pak Watch listing that
SFA's really coming to the Gameboy Color!!!

-JxT([email protected]): His own SFA FAQ. Until Prima does the book, THIS is THE
prime SFA resource.

-Capcom(www.capcom.com; www.capcom.co.jp): FINALLY bringing SFA to the
Gb after all these years!!! YEAH, WHAT!!!! So what if it wasn't that hot?
It's SFZ on GBC! *cue NBA on NBC theme* Oh yeah, and SFZ3's coming to the

-Datel/Interact: all=The Gameshark, fwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

-Alistair Bloomer([email protected]): First source for SFA!

-KI: [email protected]: Whoever you are, you gets mad props for the KI
moves and tricks!!!

-Sega(www.sega.com, I think): For even having the Saturn exist so I
could practice at SFA; also for being the superior 32-bit system. May the
mighty Dreamcast fill the void where the Saturn's legacy couldn't fill in
the US market...okay, so that didn't happen. May Sega be the baddest of the
bada$$ third party developers!!! Long live the Hedgehog...

-Wizards of the Coast: Them Team Rocket Pokémon cards ROCK!!! My Dark Raichu
layeth the Shun Goku Satsu smacketh down on any who oppose!!! And them Neo
cards rock as well!!! My Espeon also layeth the smacketh down!!!

No Thanks To...

                      SAME WAY!!! YOU LOSERS THERE AT CRACKHEAD 
                      OUT-OF-ACTION SHOULD BE SHOT!!!

Williams Ent./Digital Eclipse/Midway: DOING SUCH CRAPPY WORK ON MK3 AND MK4
                      R2R AND R2R-R2! AND WHAT'S WITH NBA SHOWTIME AND NBA
                      HOOPZ ON GBC?! THEY ARE PATHETIC!!!
(Ninja's Note to these jabronis: Look, people, if Acclaim can make MK1, MKII,
and even MK1&2 all have two-player modes, and if Nintendo can make SF2' have
not only two-player mode via Link cable, but via Snes/Super Gameboy, and if
SNK/Takara can do the same as Nintendo with Toshinden, Samurai Spirits 1 & 3,
King of Fighters 95 & 96, and every other SNK/Takara Gameboy offering, WHY

(Ninja's Note: You didn't actually think I'd let them off altogether, did ya

Taito: Okay, I know you guys made Lufia 1 on Snes, and I don't know about 2,
       but with 3 coming out for Gameboy Color, I only ask WHAT'S TAKING SO


Capcom: Not porting any Street Fighter or Vs. Series titles to Nintendo 64.
        Also, for taking WAY too long to give N64 a Megaman game. And another
        thing: WHAT is with those dismal graphics on Megaman Xtreme?! Com'on,
        if Nintendo can put Snes-style visuals on the GBC, (Super Mario Land 
        2, Donkey Kong Land 1-3, Donkey Kong Country, etc.) why can't you?!

\\\\\Things Needed/////
Unless there's any more info or glitches, this thing is FINISHED. Also, I
may hold out on the MG2 until SFZ3 and SSF2X come out for GBA.

 (c) 1995-2001 [email protected] / [email protected]

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