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YES!!! i finally beat this game.. and now its ur turn! this is a really simple
version how to beat these bosses 


midboss #1Ook The Baboon now ook is the monkey that breaks the bridge in the
beginning once u go through the door straight a head once u make it inside once
u get to him he will have the Gale Boomerang and he will throw this at u .. i
reccomend to just stay in one spot and watch him until he stops on one of the
platforms .. roll into the platform making him fall off and give him a few good
slices with your sword .. repeat this a couple more times then he drops the Gale
Boomerang for u to pick up.

boss #1Twilit Parasite Diababa he looks kind weird with his one eye i know this
(hehe) now u see only the 2 heads of baba serpants use ur boomerang and throw it
at a bomb ling lock target and then face your boomerang to 1 of the heads then
lock it again if u do it right it should swallow it and go into the water again
do it to the other one too and then diababa shows up all of the bomblings
disappear ..OH NO!! next thing u see is ook the baboon coming with a bombling do
the same thing and kill the serpants then do the same thing to diababa u should
be able to make him fall ONLY if u hit him in the face with the bombling and it
explodes he falls on the ground and then is ur chance to hit him do this 1 or 2
more times then hes dead.


midboss #2 Dangoro the Goron Guard put on ur iron boots and sumo wrestle him get
kind of close to an edge so u can throw him in lava its as simple as that lol
he will tell u to go get the bow now since u are the hero

boss #2 Twilight Igniter Fyrus hes a REALLY huge goron but he is really easy get
ur bow and arrows out and hit him with it in the crystal on his forehead then
run behind him and grab the chain from his feet and then put on ur iron boots
and walk back he will trip u drop the chain and take off ur iron boots and u hit
him 4 times do this  a couple more times and u kill the twilight NOT the goron


midboss #3 Deku Toad u might not see him but if u look up u will he drops babies
on u and u got to kill these then u get bomb arrows set talk to midna when her
icon comes and then u look around the toad drops she shakes off her babies and
now is ur time to run look for her shadow and run away from it she misses u
shoot a bomb arrow in her mouth or throw a bomb in it it will explode u got to
hit her do this one more time and u get the clawshot

boss #3 Twilit Aquatic Morpheel go into the water and put on ur zora armor and
iron boots ur going underwater u see tentacles theres an eyeball in it hook shot
it out and hit it  2 - 4 times u only get to hit it once each time tho then the
big monster comes out take off ur iron boots and swim to it hook shot on its eye
and hit it a couple times do this a few more times and u kill it


midboss #4 Death Sword hit one rope the sword is held down by it gets mad and
breaks the other ropes u turn into a wolf and ur sences are on u see a ghost
holding it wait for him to strike at u and he is solid u bite him keep on
hitting a til ur off of him go into human form and shoot ur bow at him when he
stops use the same thing again then he dies he forms into bats and flies away u
get the spinner

boss #4 Twilit Fossil Stallord hes a giant dead dragon get ur spinner and in the
sand u can see a wall where u get back up on land that u can use ur spinner
there are spikey spinners after u too jump off when one is near u  there are
alot of soldiers in ur way but watch out for them if u make it to the dragons
spine do this 3 times and he seems dead but hes not, the sand goes way down and
u got to spin the platform up drop all the way down there ull see the head first
tho and u got to use the spinner and try to get up the platform oh no u see the
dragon he shoots fire balls at u jump from wall to platform when he does this u
will soon catch up to him then u got to jump on him take off the spinner then u
have to hit him now there are spikey spinners do this a couple more times and u
should kill him.


midboss #5 Darkhammer use ur claw shot and reach behind him and hit him in the
back a few times he will spin his ball and chain at u too do this 2 times and he
drops his ball and chain

boss #5 Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta use ur ball and chain to make her ice block
smaller but watch out when ever u make her smaller she gets alot of ice if u
want to u can break it and u can get hearts hit her more then likely 2 times and
ur done


midboss #6 Dark Nut u must know how to use mortal draw to knock off all of his
armor if u want u can use a shield attack but then he  takes a lil sword out and
u use back slice u hit him a couple of times and  he dies u get the dominion rod

boss #6 Twilit Arachnid Armagohma she is the spider off the ocarina of time u
use the bow and shoot her in her eye b4 she shoots out that beam it takes 8
hearts in one hit OUCH if u get it then u posess the statue its closest to and u
hit B repeat this a couple of times but she sends out babies u gotta look out
for too the eye pops out and u got to shoot it with ur bow 2 or 3 times then ur done


midboss #7Aeralfoes hes a little dragon but when he is about to come after uhe
puts up his shield it looks like a clawshot medallion now u clawshot him down
there and u hit him 4 times repeat his 1 more time and hes dead

boss #7 Twilit Dragon Argarok u got ur double claw shot use these to climb up a
tower then once ur up there the dragon will be looking at u close up and  put on
ur iron boots claw shot on his tail it pulls him down do this 1 more time then
it starts raining the peahats come out u gotta climb up the towers again then u
got to hold z and target the peahat then u keep on going he shoots fire at u
keep on going and then once ur perfectly behind him u claw shot to him then hit him


midboss #8 Phantom zant (2 parts) #1he makes a ball and bats come out and u kill
these then he appears alot of places run to him when he makes a ball hit him 4
times then repeat this one time and get the ball out of the hand by slicing it
then u gotta look out for the hands shadow. #2 hes kind of the same way but now
he drops the baba serpants on u kill about half of them then u got to wait in
the middle (easiest way) then u hit him 4 times do this again then u are done
with the phantoms but u gotta do the same thing as last time and u get the
master sword of light

boss #8 Usurper king Zant now he takes u alot of places hehe first he takes u to
the first boss's place diababa then u have to hit him with ur gale boomerang
then hit him a few times repeat this 1 time then u go to the mid boss in goron
mines he starts rocking the platform so put on iron boots until he stops for air
 then take them off roll to him (fastest  way) hit him a few times do this 1
more time then u go to zora's temple put on ur zora suit and iron boots a huge
zant helmet/head pops up out of the ground hes inside of it use ur clawshot to
pull him to u but u gotta wait til he shoots his fireballs at u but after that u
gotta find which one hes in if u find him close to u wait til he shoots his fire
balls then u can clawshot him to u and hit him again next u go to ooks room take
off the iron boots use the same way to knock out zant as u did ook but roll 2
times into it then hit him 4 slashes then do it again now it is where u fought
blizzeta inside the snowpeak he is huge and u gotta wait til he comes down but
hes gotta miss u have to have ur ball and chain out and then u got t o swing and
hit his foot he gos really small i know it looks like u cant hit him but u can
do this 2 times now last place is there at hyrule castle he turns his hands into
blades then so now u got to hit him with ur sword until he starts spinning then
u can spin with ur spin attack then he slows down and u hit him 4 times do this
2 more times then u appear back into the throne room this is where midna gets
the shadow pieces and kills zant.


midboss #9 #1 Ganon's Puppet Zelda ganandorf possessed zelda and now u have to
slash on her if u played ocarina of time and beat ganondorf there then u know
how to beat her she shoots a sort of fire ball at u dont run just slash ur sword
at it then it will go back at her she falls do this a couple more times then
shes dead look out for the triforce and her sword swipe move.

midboss #9 #2 Dark Beast Ganon this is his beast form shoot an arrow at the
crystal on his head then look out hes going to slide accross the ground and slam
u then u gotta hit the hole in his stomach do that 2 more times then turn into a
wolf when ganon charges at u hold down a and then press either left or right on
the control stick then turn into a human a gain and hit him one last time.

midboss #9 #3 Dark Rider Ganondorf he rides his REALLY evil horse he can only
call up phantom riders they only run into u and u are riding epona zelda has to
fire arrows at ganondorf only makes him stunned u got to run up to him and hit
him with a spin attack this hit is 3 -4  times if u fall off ur horse epona then
   quick ly get back on her.

boss #9 LAST BOSS Dark Lord Ganondorf this is the last boss and ur fighting
ganondorf in combat if u have boughten the magic armor now is the best time to
put it on he  is really strong if u get far enough then ganon dorf will charge
at u press a to lock swords keep on pressing a til he lets go then hit him with
ur sword a couple of times then repeat this 2 times then he falls then u hit him
with a finisher ACT FAST he will get up fast too if u miss u have to do this all
over again but if u make it U BEAT THE GAME !!!!!

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