Easy hints and unlockables - Guide for Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

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1.  Leons special outfits:  to unlock the two special outfits you must beat the 
game on normal difficulty.

2.  Separate ways:  To unlock separate ways you must beat the game on normal 
difficulty to play as ada in the secret game mode only playable on the wii and 

3.  Mercenaries mode:  To unlock mercenaries mode you must beat the game on 
normal difficulty.  Mercenaries mode is a mode where you play as Leon, Ada, 
Hunk, Krouser, and Wesker in which you must kill Ganados to gain pooints in a 
certain time limit on four different levels.

4.  Unlimited launcher:  to unlock the gun the infinite launcher you must beat 
the game on normal mode.  the infinite launcher is a rocket launcher that 
shoots infinit rockets.  The downside is it costs 1,000,000 Ptas.

5.  Handcannon:  to unlock the handcannon you must beat mercenaries mode with 
all characters with five stars on all levels.  On the upside it is free to buy 
and  really really strong weapon.  the downside is you must upgrade it to its 
full potential to bring out the strength of it.  the other upside is when you 
do fully upgrade it it holds unlimited ammo and the strength goes up to 50.0.

6.  Chicago typewriter:  Beat separate ways to unlock the Chicago typewriter.  
The Chicago typewriter is an unlimited ammo machine gun with a damage ratio of 
50.0.  downside is it costs 1,000,000.

7.  Easy money:  To get some easy money you must combine different treasures 
together.  like the beerstien: red catseye, green catseye and a red catseye 
will go together with it for 15,000 ptas.  Elegant mask:  Orange jewel, purple 
jewel and green jewel will combine with it for 15,000 ptas.  cat statue on 
island:  Red eye jewel, green eye jewel and blue head jewel will combine with it 
for 30,000 ptas.  King salazars crown:  the emblem you get from his right hand 
man will go with it. and the thing you get at the end of the caves will go with 
it for a total of 50,000ptas.  it is a good thing if you take the time to kill 
all the enemys then look around every where cause you might just find something 
really nice that will sell for something really high.

8.  Professional difficulty:  Beat the game on normal difficulty.

9.  Laser cannon:  Beat the game on professional difficulty to unlock this 
unbeatable laser.

10.  double broken butterfly and shotgun ammo:  first buy the shotgun from  
merchant.  NOTE: DO NOT PICK UP THE SHOTGUN FROM THE HOUSE YET.  go back around 
to the village after the merchant and the house with the chainsaw, and then you 
can pick up the other shotgun for double ammo.  With the broken butter fly you 
ust first buy it then go back around to that door that's locked and ask ashly to 
unlock it from the other side.  go in and you will see three chests.  open all 
three and you will find another broken butterfly.

11.  Special launcher for keeps:  To get the special launcher on the second 
round or game or whatever you want to call it.  first get to the end of the 
game where you fist fright saddler.  when ada throws you the special launcher 
do not use it.  keep on fighting saddler till u kill him.  NOTE: DO NOT USE THE 
start a new game with it and you can either sell it or keep it and wait till 
the end of this round and get another one.

12.  stronger knife:  beat the game on normal difficulty to unlock the two 
costumes.  use his new second one with the weird suit.  start a new game on 
professional difficulty and take a look at your knife.  its like a cross.  it is 
a lot stronger than the other one and will kill in about 5 to6 hits in the head.

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