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                           Starsiege Tribes Easy Kill Tips



 2:The Tips


 4:Legal Stuff


 Hey everyone! This is my second FAQ and I'm proud to be writing it! Of course this 
FAQ is for Starsiege Tribes for those of you visually impared. My first was Sonic 
Adventure 2 Battle. Well, enjoy yourselves! 

                                 EASY KILL TIPS

   What are you waiting for? Scroll down!!!

      The plasma gun you have to have. Its spash effect can wipe an enemy out in 5 
seconds. Use it when there are a lot of Heavy Armors on the server. Light Armors 
become tasty morsals.

     Get the Laser Rifle if you like Light Armors and sniping. It does heavy damage 
to those pesky Heavy Armors. Become the Necromancer! Dominate!

     Use the Heavy Mortar often. Its destructive power is well.... pretty darn 
destructive! Allow a Light Armor to target stuff with its Targeting Laser and you're 


       Here's what everyone wants! CODES!!! Doesnt it make you drool?

      Enter $testcheats=1; as a code by bringing up the game promp (~). Then enter 
giveall(); as a code. You should have all weapons with 200 ammo.

      Enter exec(editor); as a code. You'll see nothing. Press 6 and hold E and 
you'll see the map. Edit it!


                              LEGAL STUFF 

          This FAQ is for www.cheatcodes.com ONLY! If you want this on your site, e-
mail me at [email protected] and I might let you. Any illegal use of this 
will result in swift legal action. I am in no relationship with Dynamix, Sierra, or 
anything like that. Those are copyrights. I WILL NOT ACCEPT STUPID E-MAILS! Yes, 
people e-mail me saying stuff that is in this FAQ. I WILL NOT ACCEPT HATE MAIL!!!!! 
Your prob if you dont like it.

            Well, its been fun writing this FAQ! Until next time!

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