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The currency in Animal Crossing is Bells, which you learn at the very start of the 
game. You can only hold 99,999 Bells in your wallet at one time, but you can make 
some Bells into moneybags which you hold in your inventory but are counted towards 
your funds. You can use Bells for buying things (obviously), ordering things from 
your catalog, paying off your house, buying things from villagers, and storing into 
your bank account once you progress in the game far enough.


The best ways of moneymaking survival in Animal Crossing is have a shovel and 
fishing rod ready. The shovel is good for digging up fossils, and if you already 
have that fossil in the museum you can throw it in your house for HRA points or 
sell it for thousands. Since this is a moneymaking FAQ, we're going to go with the 
selling for thousands. Now, I'm not exactly RICH, but I have some cash on me. So, 
that's the first thing to acquire.

The second thing to acquire is a fishing rod and patience. When you see the shadow 
of a fish in the river, ocean or pond, cast out your line and the fish, if looking 
at the line, will follow. When your bobber makes a slight jump and there is a 
splash, press A and your character will reel the fish in. Sell these for big money. 
Also, you if you wait for rainy days and go out by the ocean you can catch Red 
Snappers which sell for 3,000 Bells apiece or Barred Knifejaws which sell for 5,000 
Bells apiece.

The third thing to acquire is a GBA and a GBA-GCN link cable. Go out by the dock 
with your GBA on and Kapp'n will be there. Go to the island and drop some fruit, 
shake some coconuts. Then, download the island to your GBA and draw the fruit in 
front of your islander. If he/she likes it, there will be a heart on the top of 
it's head. If so, keep feeding this fruit. If he/she doesn't like it, there will be 
a skull. If your islander is happy he/she will begin to drop moneybags, which can 
be acquired by traveling back to the island and picking them up, provided that your 
islander in the GBA doesn't get them before you do. The best way to prevent this 
from happening is when the island is clear of fruit, direct them to their door 
which they will enter and will stay in there until you tap it again.


Another way to get money in Animal Crossing is to dig deep. If you find a shining 
spot on the ground you can dig up 1,000 bells, one spot per player each day. If you 
bury this money in the shining spot hopefully a tree will grow and will drop three 
times the money buried. You can also dig randomly and find bags of 100 Bells in the 
ground. Other ways are doing errands for villagers.

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