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Easy Rings
     by Chaolover
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Easy Rings(Sonic)

Emerald Coast
Twinkle Park
Windy Valley
Red Mountain

Emerald Coast
You can get more than 400 rings in this stage.The most I got was 800.No 
lie.Avoid and destroy all enemies before getting the rings in that area.I will 
only explain this through emails.Get every single ring in path.Look around for 
ring boxes.Go through the stage smoothly and you may get lot's of rings.

Twinkle Park
The most rings I've gotten here were 400.No more.Avoid bombs and pass 
through.I'ts very easy to bowl.That can get you a nice amount of rings.Be 
careful.There are many obstacles here.Get the ring boxes and try your best.

Windy Valley
It gets smaller and smaller.200.There are many ring boxes here.Enough to keep 
you balanced.It's not that hard.Try to grab every ring to increse the number 
of rings.It's a pretty fast stage,though.

Red Mountain
I can't garantee anything.The ring number here is between 100 and 200.Email me 
about this and I will figure it out.There are many enemies here.Avoid 
all.Notice I didn't say destroy.Destroy only the ones in your path.Get the 
little bit of ring boxes,collect all the single rings,and Good Luck!

I prefer doing Emerald Coast.I will continue this writing how to get easy 
rings with other characters.
                                         Be rich,

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