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The three hidden legendary Pokemon of Emerald:
1. Regirock
2. Regice        All are on Lv. 40
3. Registeel
          Please excuse all grammar mistakes

I) Part one:
     Ketch the Pokemon Wailord and Relicanth
	A) To get Relicanth go to Sootoplis city. Next, swim to the dark water part 
and use dive. Now you will be in a cave. Swim out of it. You should see what looks 
like seaweed or some kind of underwater grass, go and swim around in it. I suggest 
staying in one area. Clampril and Chinchous will constantly show up, but keep 
swimming in it and you will find a Relicanth. 
	B) To get a Wailord you can ketch it on route 129 with a super rod. !!A 
very rare occurrence!! I highly Recommend that you just evolve a Wailmer. It will 
evolve on level 40. Wailmer can be caught virtually anywhere. Most commonly on 
route 122 with a good/super rod.

II) Part two:
       Find the “Cave”
	First off, go to Pacificlog town. Have Relicanth and Wailord in your party 
as well as Pokemon that know surf, dive, and dig. Now you should be in front of the 
Pokemon Center. Walk straight down to and head to the house on the left. Don’t go 
up the stairs! Just face the water to the left and use surf. Swim directly West, 
left. You should now be on an Island. Walk down until you reach a rock/boulder 
thing. Now turn left and when you reach the water use surf again. You should now be 
on another Island. Go down and run left until you see an old lady. (There should be 
a blonde boy running up and down in front of her) Now, from her back move down two 
steps and surf to the left. You should be next to a ring of rocks and two swimmers. 
Now swim to the left and AVOID THE RAPIDS! At least until you get to the farthest 
tip of the calm water and go in the rapids. Now you should be on another island 
with many rocks. Go the west coast of the Island. Now use surf. You should be taken 
to an Island with nothing but shallow water now from the bottom of the island walk 
up three spaces or five from the top it does not matter. You should see a dark spot 
on the water in front of you. Go in it and use dive. You should now be under water. 
Keep heading south until you see a big rock with dots on it, that’s Braille. 

III) Part three:
         Within the “Cave”
	It says “Go up here” Now use dive in front of the Braille. You will now be 
in a chamber. All of the braille on the small walls are just telling you the 
alphabet. So go up until you see the back wall with the braille. It says “Use dig 
here” so do just that. It will say you will be going out but as long as you are in 
front of the Braille then you won’t. A hole will appear in the wall. Now go in and 
go to the back wall again. In case you are wondering what the other things say in 
this wall then here’ s the answer: (There was six but I combined them to make a 
	A) “In this cave we have lived. We owe all to the Pokemon, but we sealed it
 	away. We feared it. Those with courage, those with hope open a door. 
An                eternal Pokemon waits.”

Anyway the back wall’s Braille says “First comes Wailord. Last comes Relicanth.” So 
put Wailord as your first Pokemon and Relicanth as your last one in your party. Now 
read the braille one more time and an earthquake should occur. It will then say 
that a door opened somewhere far away. Now all of the Regis have been released so 
now it is time to go out and find them.

IV) Part four:
         Finding the Regis
Now all you have to do is go to the three Ruin sites and I will further tell you 
how to get there. Remember that the ruins are formations of rocks. Like so: the 
cave is the Q

                                    O    O
                                  O    Q    O
                                    O    O
	A) Regirock
		First off, be sure to have a whole bunch a Ultra balls. I suggest 
at least thirty or more because the Regis are very stubborn. Now go to Mauville 
city and have Pokemon with the move rock smash. Now that you are ready go out of 
the city to the north. Keep going until you get to the desert. Now go to the left 
until you can go down. There is no path, but just walk south in the sand and you 
will find the ruins in no time. Go into the cave and read the braille in the back 
of the room. It says: “Left, left down, down then use rock smash” So do just that 
go left twice and down twice then use rock smash. A hole will appear and all you 
will find Regirock. Be sure that you save before you battle! There you go!
	B) Regice
		Restock on Ultra balls if needed. Now go to Petalburg city and be 
sure to have a Pokemon with the move surf. Now go left to the beach. Use surf and 
go south. Keep close to the left so you can see your boundary, the rocks. When you 
see an Island with some trees then get on it and walk to the left side of the 
trees. Now use surf and head to the north. You should soon see the ruins. Go inside 
the cave and read the braille on the back wall. It says: “Stay close to the wall! 
Run around one lap” So go around the outer edge of the cave on the inside and when 
you complete a lap an opening will appear. If you don’t get it the first time then 
try it again. Go inside and there is Regice. Save before you battle and whoop there 
it is.
	C) Registeel
		Restock on Ultra balls if needed. Go to Lillycove and have a 
Pokemon with the move flash. Now head to the Safari Zone, left. Don’t go in it, but 
keep heading west until you see stairs. There will be a dirt/berry patch bellow 
them and puddles all around. Go up the stairs and head north through the tall grass 
and up another flight of stairs. Keep heading up and you will reach the ruins. Now 
go into the cave and read the braille on the back wall. It says: “Those who inherit 
our will, shine in the middle” So go to the center of the cave and use flash. A 
hole will appear and within it Registeel. Remember to save before you battle. 
That’s it! You’ve caught all of the Regis! Congrats!

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