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It is pretty easy to become a Dragon/Flying master of Kanto. 

1.The first step is to get the starter pokemon Charmander. (When it evolves 
into Charizard, it is really strong). 

2.After you deliver the parcel and get a map, you go to Viridian City and get 
poke balls. Then you walk around and you can either get Pidgey or Spearow. I 
prefer Pidgey because it is easier to train and is a LOT stronger. 

3.Then, after you beat Brock, in front of Mt. Moon, there is a guy in the 
corner of the pokemon center that sells you a Magikarp @ lv. 5 for 500 

4.The next dragon you get is Dratini. That is pretty easy to get, you can 
either go to the Celadon game corner, and after you have 4,600 coins, trade 
those in for a Dratini @ lv.18. Or, you could go to the safari zone and catch 
it at lv.15+ if you have the Super rod. 

5.The next one that you get is the easiest to obtain. This is Aerodactyl. On 
Cinnabar island, there is a pokemon research lab that in the third room, there 
is a scientist that will resurrect a fossil for you. Give him the old amber 
and go to the pokemon mansion for a while, maybe a minute, tops. You go back 
in and get Aerodactyl from him. 

6.The last one is one of the legendary birds. Articuno is in Seafoam islands. 
Zapdos is in the Power Plant, just past Cerulean. And finally, Moltres. He is 
on one island. 

You are now a Dragon/Flying pokemon master.
Have fun!!!

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