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I made this FAQ for personal use only,
witch means no puting it on your own
website and taking credit for it, got
that? Thanx.

  note: This FAQ isn't supposed to tell you how to get specific items, just how to 
get rare items in general.

     Here are some ways that I know of to get rare items.

  method 1)go to certain days throughout the year when you can meet up with the 
mayer. about 85% of the time he will give you a gift, most you can only get from him.

  method 2)every other Sunday, go to the beach and search for a sea gull amed 
Gullver. you may have to talk to him several times before he gets up, or he may get 
up right away. every time you will get an item that you can only get from him.

  method 3)shake trees a lot, not looking for money (wich isn't exactly a down point 
anyway), instead your ooking for rare items, like an NES platform, or like I found a 
Jingle Dresser once.

  method 4)this isn't really a "method", but here it goes anyway. very very 
ocasionally, the lost and found(police station) has a rare item. i have found that
when it does, the item usually sells for a lot of money(at least 5000 bells).

  method 5)make a snow man by rolling two snowballs together in the winter. he will 
give you an item you can only get from him.

  method 6)again, not really a method, but it works. check Cheatcodes.com for cheats 
to tell to Tom Nook.

      special thanks to:

  1. my friend Dustin for letting me this game.
  2. my parents for getting me this computer and my Gamecube.
  3. Cheatcodes.com for coming up with this program.
  4. most of all, you for reading it!!!

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