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By: Tyler(T) Smith
Version: 1
Last Modified: 1/1/04

Okay this faq is my first so bear with me. Mainly my faq is going to descrobe 
winning strategies for arena and mission mode. It will give you some killer AC 
designs and might just give you a cheat or two...
OKay now down to buisness. THe first thing you want to do is take a look at your AC. 
DOes it look cool, no, does it kick but in arena, no, can it make you a succesfull 
raven, no. That's what were going to concentrate on first. THe quick way to do this 
is to sell your legs that you start out with and buy the tank-tread legs that cost 
15000 credits. (don't worry you'll have enough credits) This will give you some 
extra cash to buy a new weapon. BUt not yet. Sell your left and right arm weapons ( 
you wont be neading them right now). You should have enough credits to purchase the 
double rack of vertical missiles. (if you don't sell your back weapons too)(if you 
still don't just beat a couple of the first arena fight's they're pretty easy). Now 
challenge every one in the arena at the level "ETAL BASE" Fly up to one of those 
tower thingies and blast your opponet with your missiles. THis works for everyone in 
the arena even Ares.
Good now you have some credits. Let's customize that AC! First you should decide 
what kind of AC you want to develop. There are three types in my eyes.
1. Fast lightwieght snipers
2. Slow heaviliy armored and armed tankers
3. A mix of steady upright legs and powerful weapons
(i prefer to make one of each)
Now I'm going to teach you the best way to make each of these models. I won't tell 
you the exact parts to buy, that would be boring for you wouldn't it? The first one 
is mainly for missions that require you to destroy parts of a facility or too 
eliminate a certain object such as the early mission "Eliminate Informer" 

First your going to need to buy your core. The core you choose should be lightweight 
and should have a low energy drain. Don't worry about AP i'll give you a soulution 
for that later. Now you should buy the arms. My recomendation is to buy arms that 
and weapons in themselves. These should also be light and have a low energy 
consumption. Your best bet is to get the dual machine-gun arms or the dual blade 
arms. Buying these weapon arms saves weight so you don't have to bear the wieght of 
arms AND weapons. Now lets go and get a head. You can prettymuch pick any head out 
there. Just don't buy the Dome or the Turret head. They are to heavy. I used the 
Long rectangular shaped head. The legs are the most important part of this AC. You 
only really have 3 choices. You can get the legs "Light bipedial Unstabe but 
popular" or a speedy lightwieght reverse joint leg. But if you want to sacrifice 
some speed try getting the quadruped legs called "Most mobile of all Quadrupeds"
You're back weapons are up to you. I chose the rocket launcher with 3100 attack 
powere that is arounf 27000 credits, crude but effective. O the inside stuff do not 
attach any inside or extension parts. Your generator again should be lightweight but 
should have a very high output for your boosters. Buy the way buy the 44000 credit 
boosters. You can buy any FSC but your radiato has to be good and light. To elude 
the low AP prob just you have such a fast AC you can easily dodge any attck.

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