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Enemy Name        Hurt by water   Appears
Swoopin' Stu         Yes          Delfino Plaza,Bianco Hills,Noki Bay,Pianta Village
Strollin' Stu        Yes          Delfino Airstrip,Bianco Hills,Sirena Beach,Pia Vil
Winged Strollin' Stu    No        Pinna Park
Swipin' Stu          Yes          Pinna Park
Smoliderin' Stu      Yes          Pinna Park
Pokey                Yes          Bianco Hills
Pokey(Tall)          No           Bianco Hills,Pinna Park,Pianta Village
Seedy Pod            Yes          Bianco Hills
Piranha Plant        Yes          Bianco Hills
Piranhabon           Yes          Bianco Hills
Glorpedo             Yes          Noki Bay
Wind Spirit          No           Bianco Hills,Ricco Harbor,Pianta Village
Popo                 Yes          Bianco Hills
Coo Coo              Yes          Bianco Hills,Pianta Village
Pondskater           No           Bianco Hills
Klamber              No           Ricco Harber,Pianta Village
Cheep Cheep          No           Delfino Airstrip,Ricco Harber,Noki Bay,Gelato Beac
Wire Trap            No           Bianco Hills,Noki Bay
Blooper              Yes          Ricco Harbor,Noki Bay
Jumping Blooper      No           Ricco Harbor
Pihana               Yes          Gelato Beach
Red Cataquack        Yes          Gelato Beach
Bullet Bill          Yes          Pinna Park,Corana Mountain
Bomb-omb             Yes          Pinna Park,Noki Bay
Elecktorkoopa        Yes          Pinna Park
Snooza Koopa         No           Pinna Park
Boo                  No           Sirena Beach
Pink Boo             Yes          Sirena Beach
Sleepy Boo           No           Sirena Beach
Chain Chomplet       Yes          Pianta Village

There are 30 enemies in this game.

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