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         Does it frustrate you when you don't know how many hits you need for a 
kill? You'll know every enemy's strength after you read this guide for Enemy HP.

                          Enemy HP Guide 
                     By: Corona Mountaineer
 Peach's Castle:
 Junior Shrooboid: 13HP
 Hollijolli Village:
 Shrooblet: 7HP
 Shroobs: 6HP
 Shroobs (Rematch): 8HP

 Bowser's Castle:
 Goomba: 9HP
 Boo: 15HP
 Boom Guy: 16HP
 Toadwood Forest:
 Koopeleon: 18HP
 Boo Guy: 17HP
 Elasto-Piranha: 27HP
 Vim Factory:
 Hammer Bros.: 100HP
 Spiny Shroopa: 18HP
 Dr. Shroob: 29HP
 Lakitufo: 26HP

 Yoshi's Island:
 Pidgit: 24HP
 Gnarantula: 30HP
 Coconutter: 43HP

 Yoob's Belly:
 Bully: 46HP
 RC Shroober: 58HP
 Dry Bones: 53HP

 Gritzy Desert:
 Shrooba Diver: 70HP
 Pokey: 55HP
 Bob-omb: 35HP

 Gritzy Caves:
 Dark Boo: 63HP
 Snifaro: 66HP
 Elite Boom Guy: 50HP

 Thwomp Volcano (Outside):
 Thwack: 54HP
 Tanoomba: 69HP
 Red Coconutter: 85HP

 Thwomp Volcano (Inside):
 Gold Koopeleon: 8HP
 Thwack Totem: 152HP
 Blazing Shroob: 90HP

 Shroob Mother Ship:
 Guardian Shroob: 81HP

 Toad Town:
 Shroid: 110HP
 Skellokey: 96HP
 Love Bubble: 95HP

 Star Hill:
 Handfake: 117HP
 Fly Guy: 80HP

 Star Temple:
 Wonder Thwack: 60HP
 Piranha Planet: 120HP

 Peach's Castle (Taken Over by Shroobs)
 Tashrooba: 125HP
 Snoozorb: 110HP
 Soul Bubble: 100HP
 Shroob Rex: 119HP
 Shroobsworth: 150HP
 Intern Shroob: 110HP
 Ghoul Guy: 112HP
 Lethal Bob-omb: 60HP

 Swiggler: 250HP
 Kamek: 450HP
 Sunnycide: 300HP
 Shrooboid Brat: 900HP
 Petey Piranha: 960HP
 Mrs. Thwomp: 600HP  Fake Mrs. Thwomp: 50HP
 Bowser and Baby Bowser: Baby Bowser: 1000HP Bowser: 200HP
 Commander Shroob: 1300HP  Support Shroob: 88HP
 Elder Shrooboid: 1750HP  Second Phase: 1200HP
 Princess Shroob: 2500HP
 Elder Princess Shroob: 3000HP  
 Elder Princess Shroob Transformed: 3000HP  Foot Tentacle: 496HP Arm Tentacle: 
248HP  Crown: 350HP
 Shrowser: ---

 For bosses like Commander Shroob and Elder Princess Shroob Transformed, There are 
more than one HPs. This means there are multiple parts in that boss fight.

 For the boss Shrowser, there are ten Shroob heads on the top screen. You cannot 
attack in this boss fight. You can only reflect attacks from Shrowser back at 
Shrowser. The ten Shroob heads are Shrowser's health bar. When all the heads are 
gone, you win.

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