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Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare - Enemy Intel Location Guide

(Ferrum Absconsum Achievement / Trophy)

by SLickyGame             Ver. 1.00

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Welcome to another installment of Intel Locations Guide of the Call of 
Duty series! In case you didn't realise, this is a text & video hybrid 
guide; video link support from my Youtube channel are provided to clear 
up possible complicating parts. I've decided to group 3 missions of 
intels into each video, as I believe this is the perfect balance of 
making it easy on you guys to search a particular intel.

May contain tiny spoilers, so I recommend you attempt the mission first
(if you care), then come back to this guide when you're stuck. 

If You Have Any Question Regarding the Walkthroughs in This Guide, 
the Best Way is to Leave a Comment on the Corresponding Youtube Video 
Link. Therefore Every Reader can Help You Out Besides Myself.

I Prefer my GameFAQs inbox to be used to report errors or technical 
difficulties in this guide, you can also do the same on my Youtube channel
too. Please Don't Ask Anything That's Not Covered in This Guide, Because 
it Will be Beyond My Knowledge.

Please be Advised: I Plan to Keep the Videos for a Year, So After 1 Year 
From Videos' Post Date(s), its existence is NOT GUARANTEED. 


Version History:

Nov / 4 / 2014  :  Ver. 0.9 Posted, Video Links are Coming Soon.

Nov / 5 / 2014  :  Ver. 1.00 Posted. Guide's Complete, All Videos
                   are NOW ONLINE!


                            TABLE of CONTENTS

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Table of Contents (Back to Here)     {TBCT}

Video Playlist Link:

1.  Induction     {IDTN}

2.  Atlas     {ATLS}

3.  Traffic     {TRFC}

4.  Fission     {FISN}

5.  Aftermath     {AFMH}

6.  Manhunt     {MHNT}

7.  Utopia     {UTOP}

8.  Sentinel     {STNL}

9.  Crash     {CRSH}

10.  Bio Lab     {BILB}

11.  Collapse     {CLPE}

12.  Armada     {ARMD}

13.  Throttle     {THTL}

14.  Captured     {CPTU}

15.  Terminus     {TMNS}

Credits & Legal Claim     {LECM}


45 Intels in Total, 3 Intels in Each Mission.

Mission 1-3 Video:

1.  Induction     {IDTN}

#1 0:00
Do not jump when you're asked to use land assist for the 2nd time, 
turn around and walk down the stairs one level, go into that small
restaurant on your left to find it sitting among tables with food.

#2 0:28
In the restaurant called "Sakura" beside a Nom Cafe. Climb all the way 
up to the 3rd floor. You'll find the intel at the end of this balcony.

#3 1:06
After where you grabbed the charge, there will be a waterfall (below the
HAVOC). Enter the room behind that waterfall to find the intel on a crate.

2.  Atlas     {ATLS}

#1 1:44
When you secure POTUS, exit that room but enter the bedroom immediately
to your right, the intel is in the bathroom.

#2 2:03
When the Jeep tour is done, instead of following Gideon, turn right and
go into that empty trailer to find it.

#3 2:39
Enter the building after the grenade range, and then go into the big room
on your right to find it beside a hologram.

3.  Traffic     {TRFC}

#1 3:13
Before you plant harmonics into that wall, look at the direction to the 
wall and enter the office to your left, the intel is sitting beside the

#2 3:28
After you dodge the Technical and dropped down from that balcony, hook
left and climb up the stairs. You'll find the intel at the feet of those
vending machines straight ahead.

#3 4:02
After you disarm the Technical, before you climb up that wall, look
behind you on the ground.

Mission 4-6 Video:

4.  Fission     {FISN}

#1 0:00
In the room "Vekron Lab 1" (where there's no enemies), enter the little
messy room on your right and find a toppled intel on the ground.

#2 0:30
As you enter the turbine room, flank and search the right edge while 
staying on ground level, you'll find it on top of an engine box.

#3 0:54
When you're able to get fresh air at last, don't go down yet, because
the intel is waiting for you on the right end of the catwalk.

5.  Aftermath     {AFMH}

#1 1:16
From where you dropped through ceilings (and lost all your weapons),
just turn left when you first encounter some steam pipes and you'll 
see it.

#2 1:35
In the area where you encounter dogs for first time, go into the trailers
on your left to find it in between monitors.

#3 1:55
On the 2nd floor of the hospital, look for a glass that says 
"Detroit Metropolitan" on left side. The intel's in the room behind 
that glass on a file cabinet.

6.  Manhunt     {MHNT}

#1 2:17
In the room you're supposed to put Exo Suit back on, before you suit up,
look for the intel on a bench in the balcony first.

#2 2:36
From where the "Santorini Farmers Market" banner is, turn left to 
8 o'clock position and climb up that stairs with blue railings. You'll
find an ammo refill station and an intel beside the bed.

#3 3:06
From the spot where you pick up the Stinger, there's a jewelry store 
right across it. The intel's on the cashier desk.

Mission 7-9 Video:

7.  Utopia     {UTOP}

#1 0:00
At beginning of this mission, don't follow Gideon yet. Investigate the
reception desk behind you first.

#2 0:34
After you saw the big Jonathon Irons billboard and dropped down into the
street. Go past the first set of scraffolding and go into a door among 
left side with a fugitive alert LCD on top, the intel is resting in the 
middle of the room.

#3 1:16
After you dodged those spinning containers there will be an empty glass
display cabinet on 11 o'clock direction, the intel's sitting on a corner.

8.  Sentinel     {STNL}

#1 1:40
After you plant the EMP charge, before you're about to touch the console,
look on your left to grab it.

#2 2:11
Same deal as #1. When you're in Jonathon's room, look left when you're
about to touch his computer.

#3 2:33
When you got out of the Jeep, instead of following Cormack, crouch and
look into the bottom opened square of that frame.

9.  Crash     {CRSH}

#1 2:55
As you begin the mission, you'll come across 2 cargo piles with MDL on it.
The intel is hiding in the middle of the 2nd pile.

#2 3:29
You won't miss this one. As you're asked to shoot the top 2 guards on a
ice ledge, you'll see there's an intel with them. Booster jump to get it.

#3 4:00
Hiding below a wing of that blown up cargo plane beside where you pick
up the Stinger.

Mission 10-12 Video:

10.  Bio Lab     {BILB}

#1 0:00
When you begin the mission, you take cover in a hut momentarily, grab it
on your left before you move out.

#2 0:11
After you lost stealth ability, there's an "Emergency Shutdown" warning
light. Look into the right half of this area to see it on a white cabinet.

#3 0:36
Right before where your "ride" is, you'll come across a locked room. The
intel is residing in that room unfortunately, melee a glass to break in.

11.  Collapse     {CLPE}

#1 1:24
From the trailer trucks where you're required to booster jump over, 
there's a black van with open doors nearby, the intel is in it.

#2 1:42
About midway of the mission, there's long white trailer truck with a
traffic estimate board next to it. The intel is behind that traffic info
board, booster jump from top of the trailer truck to get there.

#3 2:23
Before a helicopter parked on the ground, there's a small white truck
beside a line of police cars, the intel is on the trailer attached to
the truck.

12.  Armada     {ARMD}

#1 2:48
After you finished taking out the radio towers and jump inside, you'll
go through a command room, the intel's on top of the console desk here.

#2 3:17
2nd level from the hangar (after you fought an ATS), starting from the
catwalks and keep hugging right side to find a small room with intel 
hiding in it.

#3 3:51
Before you operate the cruiser's terminal, look at the briefing desk
behind to find it sitting on a corner.

Mission 13-15 Video:

13.  Throttle     {THTL}

#1 0:00
After you got out of the jet, do not follow Gideon up to 2nd floor and
continue straight through the "Iraqi Financial" to a deadend, you get to
see the intel resting on a bench.

#2 0:26
This one is hard to find, because it's near the top of a green building 
on the rightmost side of where the turrets are, it is above an ammo refill
station. Wire grapple among the right balconies to get to the top.

#3 1:00
Get to the top overpass on left side of where the Stinger is. The intel's
on a bench among the middle of the left railing.

14.  Captured     {CPTU}

#1 1:32
After your first gun fight, in the room beside the 2 doctors who put 
their hands up, on top of a cabinet.

#2 2:08
In the same room of a doctor who is trying to shoot, on a cabinet on
your left.

#3 2:39
Before you get in the ATS suit, look behind and you'll see it.

15.  Terminus     {TMNS}

#1 2:55
After you resurfaced from water, before you enter a room with blue
lightings. Continue straight on into a darkened room, the intel's is 
on a bench.

#2 3:55
Not far from #1 you'll see a rocket head. Descend to the bottom floor
through the left stairs and hug left, you'll eventually find a server
room with the intel planting among monitors.

#3 4:33
After you killed every enemy and Gideon broke through the door, instead
of following him to the tunnel, enter the room beside to collect the 
final piece of the puzzle!


**********   Credits & Legal Claim     {LECM}   **********

All the Video Provided in This Guide are My Own Playthrough.

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You May Repost Text or Video Contents from This Guide ONLY IF I'M CLEARLY
Permission Before Using My Contents for a Purpose that Potentially 
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Not Even as a Joke.

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SLickyGame             (watch the capitalization when crediting me)



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