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A Specialized FAQ for Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times

This is version A, created by Liquefy on November 10, 2009.  If you have any 
questions, corrections, additions, suggestions, or comments, please contact me 
at [email protected]

In Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times, released as Enchanted Folk and the 
School of Wizardry in Europe, you can talk to working creatures to learn more 
about their lives during these dates:

January 4 to 14 - Post Office - 3 parts
January 17 to 27 - Dorm - 3 parts
January 30 to February 6 - Limelight - 6 parts
February 12 to 22 - Staff Room - 4 parts
February 26 to March 4 - Vivian's Boutique & Mon Paris - 4 parts
March 11 to 19 - Mon Paris - 2 parts
March 24 to April 1 - Vivian's Boutique - 2 parts
April 5 to 13 - Daisy's Flowers - 2 parts
April 15 to 22 - Limelight - 6 parts
April 28 to May 8 - School's Attic - 3 parts
May 11 to 19 - Charlie's Noodles - 2 parts
May 21 to 31 - Limelight & Charlie's Noodles - 6 parts
June 3 to 12 - Limelight - 4 parts
June 16 to 26 - Bank - 3 parts
June 29 to July 9 - Post Office - 3 parts
July 12 to 20 - Harrows - 2 parts
July 22 to 30 - Harrows - 2 parts
August 1 to 11 - Limelight - 3 parts
August 14 to 22 - Limelight - 2 parts
August 24 to September 1 - Limelight - 2 parts
September 3 to 11 - Limelight - 2 parts
September 13 to 23 - Tower & Staff Room - 6 parts
September 26 to October 6 - Tower - 3 parts
October 9 to 19 - Staff Room - 3 parts
October 22 to November 1 - Tower & The Emporium - 6 parts
November 4 to 12 - The Emporium - 2 parts
November 14 to 24 - Staff Room & Vivian's Boutique - 6 parts
November 27 to December 7 - Staff Room - 3 parts
December 10 to 18 - Limelight - 2 parts

If a particular creature has more than one part during an episode, the parts 
will occur on separate days.

You must complete the School Principal's introductory classes before you can 
hear his part of an episode.

The following is a transcript of these characters' "soap opera."

January 4 to 14
The post office's busy from morning till [sic] night.
After all, we're responsible for making sure all the mail in this town gets
But you know what?  Those mail cats who work for me ain't worth a drop in the
The second I take my eyes off 'em, they're either taking a nap or playing games.
They're a bunch of lazy good-for-nothings!  Every single one of 'em!
And who do you think is left to clean up their mess?  That's right!  ME!!!
Well, somebody's gotta make sure things get done around here...
Who else is gonna get the mail delivered on time?
Those bums are always on a break.  Well, I say they got a break when I gave 'em
   a job!
They'll get what's coming to 'em someday!  And then they'll be sorry!  You just
   wait and see!

I can't take my eyes off those mail cats for even a second!
The moment they think I ain't watching, they're curled up on some sunny window
or napping in the grass outside.
Not only do I have to do all the work, but I have to constantly be on the
   lookout as well!
Problem is, if I work 'em to hard, they can in sick the next day...
and if one of 'em is sick, the others have to work twice as hard to pick up the
and then THEY all call in sick the day after that!  It never ends, I tell you!
I'd rather have their lazy hides at work!  At least SOMETHING gets done.
It's a delicate balance of work and rest for 'em, one I must be careful not to
And you thought I just sorted the mail...

Yep, my underlings are slackers.  There's no doubt about that.
They work when they want, and they sleep when they want, but one thing's for
They've never made a mistake delivering the mail!  Ever!
Pretty surprising, huh?  You'd think that with all their laziness...
mistakes would be a given.  But not in THIS town!  We don't make mistakes here.
That's the reason why I take so much pride in my work.
Laziness or not, you can't ask for more perfection than we give our customers
If mistakes were ever made, you woulda heard about it.
And I don't plan on making any mistakes in the future either!  That's a
Wow.  Never have I given so much for getting so little...

January 17 to 27
What do you want now?!  Stop wasting your time and get back to your homework!
Do you kids even realize just how lucky you are?  For crying out loud...
When I was your age, I had dreams of becoming a wizard, too.
But I didn't apply myself and couldn't make it on talent alone...
Then I failed the school entrance exams and that was that.
Now you...  I can see you have some talent, so buckle down and don't waste it
   like I did!

What's going on here?!  Dillydallying again, are we?  Get back to study!
Why would you want to go and waste a clever mind like yours?  Some of us have
   no choice...
I couldn't have learned half of what you already know even if I tried!
Just look at all my exam scores if you don't believe me.
In the end, I decided that school just wasn't the thing for me...
Magic means nothing without the brains to use it!
With that said though, I may not be a brainiac, but I'm not stupid!  Now back
   to your books!
I'm not about to let you end up like me!

You better have a good reason for loitering around here!
Now out of my way and get back to your room!  There's studying to be done!
You won't learn anything through pointless idling!
You got yourself into a fine school here...
Don't blow it now by neglecting your studies!  You wanna become a wizard,
   don't you?
Unless, of course, you just don't have what it takes...  Is that it?  You
   can't do it?
I'm beginning to think that maybe it's too tough for you...  Care to prove me

January 30 to February 6
[Speak to Miss Strawe to trigger the conversation.]
Miss Strawe:
Say, Marcy, you know it's been ten years already?

Huh?  What are you talking about?

Miss Strawe:
Ten years ago, we said we'd wait for our very own princes, right?

Uh, maybe we talked about something like that.

Miss Strawe:
I can't believe it.  You really forgot?
Ever since then, I've been waiting all along.
I was sure that, one day, my prince charming would come for me.
But, now, it's already been ten years.  It would be pretty silly for me to
   wait any more, right?

Hehehe.  What if he's just lost his way?  Why don't you try waiting a little

Miss Strawe:
Just a little longer?  But what if another ten years pass by...

[Speak to Reginald to trigger the conversation.]
*gulp gulp gulp*  Ahhh!
Nothing beats a nice glass of iced tea at Marcy's place right after work!

Why, thank you, darling.  I was wondering though...  You always come here alone
   after work.

What's it to you, Marcy?  So I like to be by myself.  So what?
I'm a carefree bachelor!  I can do whatever I want!
Yep, nothin' beats bein' single!  I don't know what those other fools are

But don't you find yourself lonely sometimes?

Hmmm...  Well, I suppose so.  I'm usually fine though!
When I hear families chatting happily around dinner time...
it kinda gets me thinking...  Only sometimes, mind.

[Speak to Miss Strawe to trigger the continuation.]
Miss Strawe:
So, he appears out of nowhere and brings me flowers.
And then he says that he loves me.
Well, the only prince that would do something like that is found in a book,
But what if...there really is a prince charming who would do those things for
No, nothing like that exists in real life, isn't that so?
Though, even if he's not a prince, and even if he isn't so dashing...
if there's someone out there who loves only me, I think I would be so happy.
Wow, I really long for that kind of true love.

[Speak to Reginald to trigger the continuation.]
Now, Reginald, isn't there someone you fancy?

Hey!  Cut out that mushy talk!  I'm not in love with nobody!

Really?  Well, what do you think about Miss Strawe?

Wh-what?!  What's with all the questions?!

I just thought you two would make quite a nice couple, that's all, dear.

C-cut that out!
We come from two completely different backgrounds!
She deserves someone much better than me.  It would never work out...

Oh, really?  Are you so sure?

O-of course, I'm sure!

[Speak to Miss Strawe to trigger the continuation.]
Hey, Miss Strawe, so what do you think of Reginald?

Miss Strawe:
Uh, Reginald?  Well, he's a bit quiet, but he works very hard and he's a really
   nice person.
But why are you asking me about him?

It's just that I was thinking you and him [sic] would make a good match.

Miss Strawe:
Marcy!  What makes you say something like that all of a sudden!?

Oh?  You mean you don't like Reginald?

Miss Strawe:
No, it's nothing like that at all, but...

So, then you like him, right?  Hehehe.

Miss Strawe:
No, that's not what I just said!  I've actually never even thought of him in
   that way.

Well, when you think of it, you still have a lot of years left, don't you?

[Speak to Reginald to trigger the continuation.]
Even girls that seem to be far out of reach...
will melt in your hands if you bring them some flowers and profess your love.
That's especially true of girls my age.

Flowers, huh?  Some guys really lack imagination if you ask me!
And talk about embarrassing!
Anyhow, to completely change the subject...
You wouldn't happen to know if Daisy's Flowers is still open at this time,
   would you?

I'm not sure, it might be...

I see...  Well, boy oh boy, am I ever tired.  I guess I'll head on home and
   get some shuteye...

Oh hohoho...!  Men are all so predictable!

February 12 to 22
[Speak to Mr. Vlad while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Vlad:
It's time for a pop quiz!  What is a red flower called when using magic
...  ......  Time is up!
Oh, this is not good.  But aren't you studying magic linguistics on a regular
You could not answer quickly, so maybe you are not using magic linguistics
   often enough.
But that is just not your problem, all young people these days are the same.
Words do not become a part of you until you use them regularly.
Then, if you continue to use them naturally, these words will be kept alive.
But, the way things are going, one day, there will be nobody left who uses
   magic linguistics.
Magic will then disappear completely.
And the world will be filled with regret...

[Speak to Miss Strawe while she is not standing outside the classroom.]
Miss Strawe:
Oh, [name]?  What in the world do you want with me?
Don't tell me you're just wandering around aimlessly instead of studying?
I really wish you would take after Mr. Vlad.
Even though he's already a teacher, he continues to study all the time.
He has such strong beliefs and, as a teacher, he really is all kinds of
You know, I just have oodles of respect for Mr. Vlad.

[select "Are you sure that's all?"]
Aw, what do you mean by that?  Why, of course, that's all!
The nerve of you trying to make fun of an adult!
But I guess...he is kind of charming in way... [sic]
Eek!  Oh, my dear!  That wasn't me!  No, I didn't say anything!

[select "Hmm..."]
Okay, so if you can understand what I'm saying, I hope you then follow in Mr.
   Vlad's example.

[Speak to Mr. Vlad while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Vlad:
Miss Strawe is a wonderful woman who is really on the ball.
She is one of the few teachers I can talk with about the future of the world
   of magic.
And, the same as me, it seems she is not very well-liked by the students.
But, in fact, that is actually a good thing!
Teachers are not supposed to be the students' friends!
Miss Strawe understands the responsibility we have when we stand in front of
   the class.
I think all teachers should be like her.
I am going to have to try hard to keep up with her.

[Speak to Miss Strawe while she is not standing outside the classroom.]
Miss Strawe:
Phew, I'm a little short on sleep.
I stayed up late last night.  And I hardly ever do that.
I was having a really exciting conversation with Mr. Vlad about the future of
We sometimes have talks like that-just the two of us.
Mr. Vlad is such a deep thinker.  I've been an admirer of his for such a really
   long time.
But the thing is...since we're alone together...
maybe it's okay to talk about something a little more romantic...
Eek!  Oh, my soul!  Just what am I saying?!
Awww!  Never mind any of this!

[select "Must be tough."]
Yes, it certainly is a difficult situation.  So, don't bother me so much about

[select "But, Mr. Vlad?"]
Yeah, I know what you mean.  He is a little square, right?
He only ever talks about teaching.  And he never discusses anything else.
Every once in a while, I'd love to just have a normal conversation.

February 26 to March 4
Welcome!  Come on in and take a look around!
Hi there, [name]!  Wow!  You have some tot'lly awesome fashion sense!
What do you think of the people in this town's fashion sense?  Now, be honest!
Just between you and me, it's like total cheese, you know?
Don't ya think it's time for the fashion police to save them with stuff from
   Vivian's Boutique?
We ESPECIALLY have to do something about those teachers!
They're like, tot'lly screaming, "Come save us, Vivian!"
And now that we're on the topic, my brother's fashion is like...the lousiest
   around!  Yuck!
He has no fashion sense WHAT-SO-EVERRR...!
I'm so embarrassed to be his little sister!

Well well well, if it isn't little ol' [name]!
I have something I've just been dying to ask you!
Which do you think is worse, this town's fashion sense or their hairstyles?
I don't think I can take it any longer!  Oh!  Oh...!  Somebody get me some
   mineral water!
Even my own little sister Vivian has an atrocious hairdo!
Talk about embarrassing!
I just wish she would pay more attention to how she looks!  I mean, we're
   family after all!

[select "You don't like her?"]
It's not that I don't like her, honey.  It's just that we're like rivals,
   that's all.
She's just so sassy sometimes!
Like when she makes fun of the way I dress!  Hellooo...!

[select "I know what you mean."]
You see it, too?
[Name], I knew you would understand!

Welcome!  Come on in and take a look around!
*sigh*  My brother is STILL wearing those tacky clothes!
No matter how many times I mention it, he never seems to listen!  What a dweeb!
He might as well throw his fancy hairstyle right out the window!
I mean, like...am I wrong here?
He works so hard every day to come up with these tot'lly cool hairstyles...!
I mean, he can be so inspiring sometimes, if only...!
Someday, I'd really like to hold a fashion show in this town...
and then I'm all like, "Nuh-uh, that'll never happen in THIS town!"
But when I look at my brother though, I think that maybe I could just pull it

[select "You two seem close!"]
Yeah, right!  Like, NOT!
His fashion though...  Barf!
He tot'lly needs some serious help!

[select "Is that so?"]
Now if I could just like...do something about his rancid clothes!

Vivian just doesn't have a clue when it comes to her hair!
But don't you think her taste in clothing is just fabulous?
That girl is thinking of producing a fashion show in this town someday!
That's why I've been practicing my skills as a hair designer and makeup artist!
So when she puts on that show, baby, I'll be ready!  Meeeooow!
I have noticed that she's been working like a banshee recently, designing and
   sewing clothes...
I just hope she doesn't push herself too hard.

[select "You two seem close!"]
Y-you think so?
Well, she is my little sister after all.  I worry about her.
But I still think her hair is just frizzy to the max!!!

[select "I see..."]
So you see?
Now be a good little munchkin and keep this just between us!

March 11 to 19
Ewww...!  Ickee...!  Things are just NOT going my way!
Oh, it's you, [name]!  I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for you to hear my
It's just that the beauty contest that's held every four years is coming up!
So of course, yours truly will be participating.
I'm trying to think of a new hairstyle for the contest...
but nothing is going right!  I need a new hairstyle that says "Wow!"
Something that will rocket me right to the top of the fashion world!
But I have to admit, dear, things are not looking up at the moment.
No!  No!  No!  I must only think positively!  I'm a visionary...  I'm a
   visionary...  I'm a...
Don't you worry, darling.  You're looking at the new fashion royalty!

[Name]?  Is that you, sweetie?  Have I got some good news for you!
Remember that beauty contest I was getting all frazzled about?
Well, I finally came up with a FABULOUS new hairstyle...
And guess what happened?  Ta-dahhh...!
That's right!  I got first place!  Can you believe it?!  Meeooow...!
Thanks for listening to my whining and putting so much faith in me!
How can I ever thank you?
The winning hairstyle has now been added to the "menu" at Mon Paris...
so do come in sometime and have yourself a nibble.  Meeooow...!
Trust me.  I'll make you look even MORE fabulous than you already do!

March 24 to April 1
Welcome!  Come on in and take a look around!
You prolly think Daisy is like a tot'lly beautiful, innocent girl, but you'd
   be so wrong!
I was once like, I had to ride on her broom with her...
The moment we took off, she was like, completely diff'rent...like that Jekyll
   and Hyde guy.
I don't know what her hurry was, but she sped around like it was the 50
   percent-off sales!
She was like, out of her mind!  I was tot'lly freaked out!
And some of the stuff she says...  Those other drivers so didn't deserve that
Then she'd get super close to other brooms and blow right by them!  It was
   total road rage!
If anybody passed her, she wouldn't slow down until she got back ahead of
She was way out of it!  I was like, tot'lly afraid of being thrown off the
You know what I'm saying?  I guess you can't judge a book by its cover or

Welcome!  Come on in and take a look around!
*sigh*  I feel tot'lly down today for some reason...  Oh, is that you, [name]?
   What's up?
Uh-huh, uh-huh. So you like, want to know why I'm so bummed out, right?  Of
   course you do!
I promised Daisy that I'd like, go out with her next weekend.
Not that I mind that or anything.  She's like, a total blast to be around.
The problem is...she said she'd give me a ride on her broom...!
When that girl grabs a broom, she TOT'LLY changes character!
I told her that I can like, ride my own broom...
but she was like, "If I let you ride your broom, it'll be dark by the time we
   get anywhere!"
So I couldn't find a way to turn down her offer...  Now I gotta ride with her
I am so tot'lly hoping that she learns to use the brakes on that thing...

April 5 to 13
My, how I do like the men of this town.
Why, just the other day, I was carrying a big bouquet of flowers for
when all of these thoughtful young gentlemen rushed over to give their help.
Sometimes they offer to carry buckets of water to the flower shop for me...
and sometimes they come in to see if I need help with anything else they can
   think of...
and when there's nothing to be done, they just buy some flowers and return the
   following day.
I wish I could return the favors once in a while, but they never seem to need
   my help.
They say it's enough for them to know that they're helping out a neighbor in
I wouldn't have myself a flower shop in any other town!  The people here are
   truly lovely!

Have I told you about how nice the men are in this town are? [sic]
I just can't talk more highly of them!
How did I get so lucky?
I get so much from everyone, and nobody ever asks for anything in return.
But some of them, I realized, don't treat everyone the same.
I've heard stories from other people...
The truly good people are genuinely nice to everyone they meet...
but those who change depending on who they're dealing with...  It seems fake
   to me...
Why be nice to one person and not to other?  Hmmm...
Do you think they want something from me?  But who would want to be friends
   with such people?

April 15 to 22
[Speak to Daisy to trigger the conversation.]
I've just realized...  You don't have a boyfriend, do you, Daisy?

Well, no...  I guess I don't.

Now why is that?  You seem to be quite popular with the boys!

It's not that I don't want one.  It's just that, you know, things haven't
   worked out in the past.
I'm just not ready to deal with those kinds of relationships again...  That's

I see...
But you'll never find happiness by brooding over the past, dear.

I know you're right, Marcy, but I just need...  I don't know...
Hey...!  I think I'm starting to feel better already!

Oh hohoho...!  Now that's the spirit, honey!

[Speak to Thom to trigger the conversation.]
Grrr...  What was I thinking?!

Oh, Thom, dear!  What's wrong?  You seem troubled...
Could it be...love...?

Oh boy...  Marcy, I've got a secret...
I...I've fallen in love with Daisy from Daisy's Flowers!!!

Oh my!  Is that so...?
I must say though, she's such a nice girl.  You sure know how to pick them,
   that's for sure!

But just look at me...  I ain't handsome or nothing...
so she won't give me the time of day!
To make things worse, I'm too embarrassed to even look her in the eye!

[Speak to Daisy to trigger the continuation.]
Oh, Marcy!  Something odd happened to me the other day.

Do tell, dearie!  Do tell!

Well, Thom delivered a bouquet of flowers to me...

How wonderful!  So...who was it from?

Well...  I don't know.  He ran away before I could ask.

But weren't the flowers bought from your shop?

Well...no.  We don't sell those kinds of flowers...
If I had to guess, I'd say they were wild flowers, handpicked from somewhere.
I know this sounds strange, but I felt that someone had put a lot of thought
   into it.
I wonder who it could've been...

[Speak to Thom to trigger the continuation.]
Thom, dear, are you sure you've actually told Daisy how you feel?

Well, sort of...  Just the other day, I tried to ask her out by giving her
   some flowers.

Oh, Thom, you're so sweet!

But she didn't look too happy about it...
I guess I should've bought the bouquet at her shop instead of picking them from
   the woods...
Second thoughts...  It was probably just because of my looks!

Well...  I wouldn't exactly say that THAT was the problem.

Marcy, I appreciate your advice, but you don't gotta cheer me up!
In the end, I just couldn't bring myself to say anything, so I ran away...
Doh...!  What was I THINKING?!

[Speak to Daisy to trigger the continuation.]
So have you found out who sent that bouquet of flowers?

No, not yet.
Thom seems to be avoiding me...
so it's kind of hard to ask.

I see...  Well, I think it's about time you corner him and make him start

You think so?  I feel the same way, but...

Well then, get your buns over there right now!  It's time to put an end to
   this mystery!

But Marcy...

Hohoho...  Sugar, happiness does not come knockin' at your door.
It's up to YOU to seek it out yourself!

[Speak to Thom to trigger the continuation.]
Thom, I'm sure things will work out between you and Daisy.
Don't worry.  You're a nice guy.  She'll understand how you feel.  Don't give
   up so easily.

But you know what happened last time.  It's hopeless...

Come now, dear.  You know that's not true.
Maybe she didn't realize those flowers really were for her...

Y-you think so?

Yes, that must be it, dear!  You should try talking to her again.

But what if...  I mean...maybe she's...  She might be...
Oh man...   Love is so difficult.
And pouring my heart out to a kid sure ain't gonna make things any better...

April 28 to May 8
Organ Man:
Mr. Graves, eh?  Why he's always just sleeping right here.  He keeps me good
You know, he became a teacher to pay back Principal Sol for doing him a huge
The story starts a long time ago in the days before Mr. Graves started working
A dog took some of his bones and he really fell to pieces.  Naturally, he
   wasn't able...
to move around at all, so he couldn't chase after the dog or go search for his
Well, the person that saved his skin, so to speak, was none other than
   Principal Sol.
Sol took after the dog and found all the bones even though they were buried all
   over the place.
He then put them all together and Mr. Graves was as good as new.
Mr. Graves became a teacher after that to return the favor.
Well, I hope that story wasn't too boring for you.

Organ Man:
Oh, you're back again, huh?
Well, if it strikes your fancy, how about another story about Mr. Graves?
Ever since that stroke of destiny when the dog ran off with his bones...
he props himself up in the school's attic-this room here-when he wants to go
   to sleep.
That way, he can make sure no dog takes away his bones while he's catching
   some shuteye.
Oh, so why does he prop himself up when there's no way any dogs can come in
He says that's the easiest way for him to fall asleep.
But I'm just an organ, so I've no idea if that's really true or not.

Organ Man:
Ah, nice to see you again.
No one ever comes here besides Mr. Graves, so visitors are always welcome!
Well, they set me down in a place like this, so I can't help feeling pretty
   bored up here.
Before Mr. Graves arrived, every day was like a test of my patience.
No one played me.  No one took care of me.  And no one even talked to me.
So, compared to those days, I'm as happy as a kid on Christmas.
Even though Mr. Graves only comes here at nighttime, I now have someone to
   chat with.
Well, I've never told him any of this.  It just wouldn't be right.
But you can keep this a secret from him, too, right?

May 11 to 19
I run my own noodle shop now, but I wasn't always like this.
I'm not proud of it, but I used to be quite the troublemaker when I was younger.
I used to run with the Cat Sith at the haunted house back in those days.
Together we did many shady "jobs"...
You want to know what we did?  Well, I cant' tell you everything...
Let's just say we took various prohibited items in and out of town...
And that's all I can say.  It's for your own good!
At any rate, we were just young and stupid...
Man, that seems like ages ago.
Where has all the time gone?

Hey, what's up?  The "jobs", you say?  What's your interest in that?
As you can see, I walked away from that life a long time ago.  It's only 
   noodles for me now.
I'm not sure I could tell you anything about it anymore...
If you're really interested, I hear the Cat Sith is still in that line of
He hasn't changed a bit.  Every time I see him, it brings back memories...
If you need anything, anything at all, he's the one to talk to.
And with enough money, there's nothing he can't get you...
Just remember not to ask where anything comes from.  Some things are better
   left unsaid.
It's an old rule of the brotherhood.
Oh, and don't go telling any teachers where you heard this information!

May 21 to 31
Hello!  Come on in.
Oh, [name]!  Nice to see you!  You're always so active and lively!
Speaking of active, I wonder how you-know-who has been doing...
Who's that, you say?  Why, you know, Charlie!
So he hasn't been opening his noodle shop much, huh?  Hmmm...  I had a
That man sure can cook, but his work ethic leaves something to be desired,
   that's for sure!
He's always been like that.
I thought that opening Charlie's Noodles would change all that, but I guess I
   was wrong...
It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.
And he's an old dog if ever I've seen one!

You're such a good student, never missing a day of school.
Just don't overdo it, okay?
Life isn't all about working hard!  Knowing when to sit back and relax...
will lead to a nice, long, slow-paced life!
In life, taking it easy is best.  Having fun is second best!  Work is down at
   number five!
Anyway, that's how I see it!
Am I right, or am I right?

[select "Erm, you're wrong!"]
Really?  You think so?
I remember when that woman said the same thing to me...
Maybe I should try to work a little harder...

[select "You're right!"]
Heh heh!  Now that's what I'm talking about!
Kick back and enjoy the slow ride of a long life!

Hello!  Come on in.
Hello, [name]!  Welcome!
Just the kid I wanted to see.  You know our little talk about you-know-who the
   other day?
Well, please don't think bad of him, okay?  He's actually quite a lovely man,
   you know?
It's just that he sure could polish up his rough spots if you know what I
We actually lived together at one time in the past.
And I'm sure I don't have to tell you now about why we parted ways.
I would love for us to get back together...
but if he doesn't change his ways...
I know that things will turn out the same way they did before.

A looong time ago...
I used to live together with Marcy from the Limelight, but...
I kind of ruined things between us as I rarely worked, and when I did, it was
   never hard enough.
We got in a huge fight one day, and when it was over, I said to her...
"I never wanna see you again!"
And I haven't seen her since.
When I think about it now, I realize how much trouble I caused her...
I bet she's never forgiven me.

[select "I don't think so!"]
*sniff sniff*  Eh heh heh heh...!  I know you're just trying to cheer me up!
But it's appreciated, [name]!
I can sometimes feel the love for her so much that it hurts!

[select "Yeah, probably..."]
Yeah, that's kind of what I figured...
After all, I'm just a lowly little pest...

Hello!  Come on in.
You know, I've been talking to George a lot lately.
And I must say, with him being so serious and all, it is quite the unusual
Oh, hohoho...  There I go again, comparing him to you-know-who!
Anyway, if I didn't know better, I'd say George was interested in me...
Hmmm...  Well if that's true, I couldn't possibly start a relationship with him
I'd be forever comparing him to you-know-who!
And that just wouldn't be fair to poor ol' George.
Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off just leaving it all behind and
   starting fresh.
I don't know what I'm waiting for...

Sometimes when I got nothin' to do and I'm starin' off into space, that woman
   comes to mind.
Even now, even though we were together for such a short time, I think...
"Wow, that was the best time in my life!"
She was really much too good for a guy like me.
Just the thought of living together with her again...
I don't think I could bring myself to do it.
Even if we both agreed and all our friends supported us, I'd never do it.
She definitely deserves someone better than a lazy loser like me.

[select "That's not true!"]
You really don't think so, huh?
Then you think I deserve someone like her?
Oh, oh, I see!  Say no more!
You're just trying to be nice again...
But you know, maybe I'll try working a little harder from now on.
Then maybe, just maybe, she'll start to look at me in a different way.

[select "Yeah, probably..."]
I know...
And I don't think you're alone in that opinion.
I'm coming to the realization that that's probably true...

June 3 to 12
Hello!  Come on in.
[Name], do you want to become a wizard someday?
There was a time I wanted to become a jazz singer.  I even stood up on stage
But alas, it just didn't work out as planned.
Anyway, through it all, there was one man who always stood by my side.
No matter how many times things didn't work out, he never failed to be there
   for me.
Oh, hohoho...  I sure do have a lot of good memories...
but they're only memories...

[You must sit on the middle stool for George to appear.]

Oh, welcome, George!
What can I get for you?

Ahem...  Y-you have the most beautiful fingers...

Oh, so you like my finger sandwiches?  I should make some more then.

W-well...  Wh-what I meant was, y-your eyes are as deep and m-mysterious as the

Hohoho...!  How flattering!  So what can I get for you?

W-would there happen to be someone special in your life at the moment...?

Oh my!  Hohoho...!

Hello!  Come on in.
If you haven't figured it out yet, the one who supported me and always stood by
   my side...
was Charlie of Charlie's Noodles.
He can be quite a slob, but I never would have made it through those times
   without him.
I'm sure it was his carefree attitude that saved me.
Such a nice, gentle, friendly man...  Or so I thought.
We started living together soon after I gave up my dreams of singing on the
That man though, is hopeless.
It was quite heartbreaking.
He spent all of his time loafing around, without a care for me or his home.
[Name], promise me you won't turn out to be like him, okay?

[Speak to George to trigger the continuation:]
Someone special...?

Yes.  Is there someone...?


You mean...there isn't...anyone else?  No one at all?

Well, not exactly...

Huh?  What do you mean?
You're not dating anyone...  Perhaps there's someone you're interested in...?

Well, George, I'll leave the rest to your imagination...

Huh?  Wh-what...?
Was I just rejected in a very clever, roundabout way...?

Hello!  Come on in.
Some say memories won't get you through life...
but I don't know about that.  My memories are pretty important to me.
They are my strength.
That man gave me a flower every time I stood on that stage.
Because he was always broke, it was usually handpicked.
It just made me happy to know that he cared enough about me to go through the
I've never received a better gift since.
Good memories can make you strong, dear...
Oh my!  What am I doing?
Oh hohoho...  Why, you're just a fledging [sic]!  What could you possibly know
   about all this?

[You must sit on the middle stool for George to appear.]
Marcy, I'm back again.

Welcome!  So nice to see you.

You are more beautiful than the stars in the sky!

Hohoho...  Thank you, dear.  Would you like your usual glass of hot milk?

Yes, please...

Here you are!

Marcy...  I wish I could drink hot milk with you every day!

Hohoho...  You can, dear...  Except, of course, for the days we're closed.

Oh, y-yes...o-of course...

June 16 to 26
You know, many people consider me a perfectionist...
but I'd have to disagree with them.
Yes, I like to keep things nice and tidy.
Take my books, for example.  I like to keep them in order by volume and
and I like to arrange them by size and height.  Sure, it takes some work and
but does that really mean I'm a perfectionist?  Or as some like to say...a
   neat freak?
I will have you know that I am merely keeping the universe in its rightful

I do admire Principal Sol.
His magic, intelligence, and character are all without equal.
But that aside, there is one thing in particular that I find especially...
He is quite incapable of putting his library books back in their proper place!
The books of the library are like the brains of the school!  Order is
   imperative to survival!
Could the human body function without its brain in proper working order?!
Besides, how could anyone find what they need if the books are randomly
Whenever I visit the library, I have to constantly fight the urge to start re-
If only you understood the will power employed to refrain from doing someone
   else's job...

Why don't I just go ahead and organize the library books, you ask?
I certainly have thought about it enough times.  And I've come pretty close to
   just doing it...
but then I think, "Who am I to intrude on another person's work?"
What if Principal Sol were leaving the books scattered about for a reason?
He certainly is an outstanding individual...
and he deserves all the respect that he receives.
I just can't imagine him NOT having a reason for his ways.
If it were me, I certainly wouldn't want someone butting their nose in MY work.
I guess that's your answer.  That's why I fight the urge to organize the
   library books.
There's no better attitude for friendship than one of patience.

June 29 to July 9
I don't like that Piquard!  I don't like him one bit!
He thinks he's so high and mighty...
"How may I help you, sir?"  "Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya, nya?"  Who does he think
   he is?!
Like he's the only one who knows about customer service?
And he always has that smug look on his face...
I'll have him know, I run a pretty tight ship, too!
I just don't feel the need to lick everyone's boots!
He thinks he can look down on me just 'cause I'm shorter than him!
I'll show him someday!  He'll be begging for my forgiveness!

That Piquard just rubs me the wrong way!
What don't I like about him?  What don't I NOT like about him!
Um...  Let's see...  Oh!  That's right!  HE'S A SNOB!!!
And what about those "royal" gestures he's always making?
"Look at me bow, everyone!  I'm Piquard and I'm royalty!  Nya, nya, nya, nya,
Oh, here's one for you...  "Courtesy is the best policy!"  Ha!  gimme a break!
If he thinks I'm so crude, why doesn't he just come out and say it?!
I admit, I'm certainly not a model of etiquette, but come on...
at least I'm not as annoying as that snob!  You're with me on this one, right?

That Piquard guy really has some nerve!
The other day, I went to Harrows to get this electric blanket, but it was out
   of stock.
So what do you think he does?  He called ALL over town for me trying to find
Can you believe it?  Talk about being a snob!
Piquard, don't you even try to woo me with that "customer is always right"
He can't fool me!  Did he really think I'd change my mind about him because of
I could see the snootiness all over his snooty face!
Nice try, mister!  He won't be seeing an ounce of thanks from me!

July 12 to 20
Welcome.  And thank you for shopping at Harrows today!
Do pray tell me your dream, [name].
The younger generation hold on to their dreams so tightly...
I, too, once had a dream...
What was my dream, you say?
It's a trifle embarrassing, but...I wanted to be a musician!
Big dreams die hard though, and as you must know, I now work at Harrows.
Even so, I still like to play a little ditty on the guitar every now and
Ahhh...the good old days...

Welcome.  And thank you for shopping at Harrows today!
Back in the day, when my dream was still very much alive...
I actually ran away from home to pursue the life of a musician.
Of course, as you may or may not be aware, becoming a musician is no easy task.
With my dream quickly fading before my eyes, I abandoned all hope and gave in
   to despair.
I wandered the world without care or direction.
What's that?  You want to know why?
I suppose that's a fair question, but I'm not sure I can answer sufficiently...
Perhaps I was in search of something new, something to replace my lost

July 22 to 30
Welcome.  And thank you for shopping at Harrows today!
As I was traveling the world in search of something new to replace my vanished
what do you imagine I found?  Can you guess?
Passing through town, I ran into the love of my life, a woman who would later
   become my wife!
The music of her heart was more beautiful than anything I could ever have
We soon married and lived a most happy life together.  Her parents helped us
   get started...
Harrows is actually a family business run by her parents...
which is how I came to be employed there.

Welcome.  And thank you for shopping at Harrows today!
My wife and I worked together at this store ever since we tied the knot on
   that blessed day.
What's that?  You'd like to know more about my wife?
Well, I would have loved for you to have met her, but she passed away not so
   long ago.
I've never felt such sorrow in my life, and hence wished to run away again to
   escape my misery.
But then I realized something...
Running away from this store would be like running away from my past...
and my past is full of all the joy I shared with my beautiful wife.
Everything I've ever truly loved is right here, especially the memories of my
   remarkable wife.
[Name], I hope you too, can find that special someone to share your life with.

August 1 to 11
[Speak to Miss Strawe to trigger the conversation.]
Miss Strawe:
You know what, Marcy, I'm just completely worn out.
All these young boys just love making mischief so much.  It's really gotten
   out of hand.
They seem to live only to cause people trouble.
They go from one prank to another.  It just makes the eyes spin around in my
Uh?  My eyes do that anyway?  You're not supposed to point that out, okay?
Oh, my...  Wouldn't it be so refreshing if all the men just disappeared from
   this world?
Couldn't someone somewhere think up such a spell?
Huh?!  Mr. Vlad, too?!  No, of course, he's different!  Oh, my word!

[Speak to Miss Strawe to trigger the continuation.]
Miss Strawe:
So, someone doodled something on the blackboard a few days ago.
Oh?  What was it?
It was...my name and Mr. Vlad's name...written inside of a heart...
You know, writing such a thing could cause great trouble for me!
If Mr. Vlad knew about it, how could I ever face him?
What?  I shouldn't take children's pranks so seriously?
But even so, it's really embarrassing either way!
My face turned so red, it was like I was burning with shame.
And you must know, if a real fire starts, I would burst into flames in no time.
Oh, but that wouldn't be so bad!  I'd then get to be burned by the flames of

[Speak to Miss Strawe to trigger the continuation.]
Miss Strawe:
I'll keep being at the mercy of those mischief makers and just get older and
Then, the love I have inside of me will fade away without ever getting to
Oh, my life is just so lonely...
But wait a second!  [Name], you're still here?!
Eek!  Oh, my heavens!  A child isn't supposed to be at a place like this at
   this hour!
On top of that, I'm very disappointed at you for eavesdropping like that!
Eek!  Oh, my nerves!  I don't want to hear it!  There's no excuse!
Just hurry on home, brush you teeth, and go to bed!
And you better not tell a soul about the things you just heard!  Okay?!  Do
   you understand me?!

August 14 to 22
[Speak to Piquard to trigger the conversation.]
Hello there, [name]!
So you come here, too.
I frequent this establishment every once in a while to see Marcy.
Marcy and I have the same taste in music.
Sometimes we get together for a little practice session.
Oh, how I do enjoy playing with Marcy!
It's a part of me that I don't get to express so often!  It's such a pleasant

[Speak to Piquard to trigger the continuation.]
[Name], have you ever heard Marcy sing?
Her voice is out of this world, like nothing you've heard before!

Now darling, surely you exaggerate.

Oh no!  I certainly do not!
Don't you remember your days on the stage?  Surely your fans would agree with

Oh, Piquard, that was ages ago!

Come now, dear.  There's no reason to be bashful.
What's done is done.  There's no reason to deny it.  You should be proud of
   your past.
And a bit of reminiscing never hurt anyone.  I rather think it's healthy from
   time to time.
[Name], I hope that you too have the pleasure of recalling fond memories in
   your old age.

August 24 to September 1
[Speak to Roley to trigger the conversation.]
Oh, Marcy darling!  Listen to this!  I saw the most FABULOUS person!

Oh my!  Do tell!

I went to Lovers Point the other day, and who should I see...?
None other than the love of my life!  The man of my dreams!  Destiny!  And oh
   so handsome!
You should've been there!  He looked so perfect...
He was like a gift from the gods!

Oh my!  Tell me more!

Well, I couldn't see much.  The sun was setting behind him and he was in
but I just KNOW he had to be the most handsome man alive!  Meeooow...!
Oh no...I feel sad now.  What if we never meet again?  I just have to go back
   there, like ASAP!

[Speak to Roley to trigger the continuation.]
Oh, Marcy dear!  Listen to this!  I saw that dreamboat again!  It must be
I went back to Lovers Point and saw him there looking off into the horizon.
   He is SO mine!

Did you at least try speaking to him this time?

Did I ever!  But just as I was approaching him, he hopped on his broom and
   flew away...
Just thinking about him...  I know we are meant to be...
Oh, Marcy!  Who could it be?!  You have to help me!

I wouldn't know where to start looking.  Everyone in this town has a broom...

Awww okay...
I guess I'm just going to have to find my Mr. Right on my own!

All right then...  Good luck, dear.

September 3 to 11
[Speak to Mah to trigger the conversation.]
Is there someone that you love...?
When I was racing...I had a girlfriend...
She was elegant and refined...a real lady...too good for me...
but despite all that...she loved me...truly loved me...
But unfortunately, the world of racing has its dangers...
You never know what may happen to you...
That's why I let her go...to protect her from...that life...
I can still feel her tears...upon my cheek...
I wonder what she's doing now...  I hope she's happy...  I really do...

[Speak to Mah to trigger the continuation.]
Now that I think about it...she really was much too good for me...
She always came to watch me race...  She was always looking out for my best
I still remember the good luck charm she gave me...before the big race...
At the time...I was young and naive...too sure of myself to be
her fingers were calloused...from the needle she used...the needle for that
Now she's lost to me forever...gone...
I do hope that she's happy...
[Name]...if there's someone special in your life...
be sure to treat them right...to appreciate the time and care they give you...
Don't wait till [sic] it's too late...  Too late means never...

September 13 to 23
School Principal:
Master [name]...  I see you are hard at work again today.
Granted, it is good to devote yourself to your studies, but there is still
   more to life.
While study and hard work are important to becoming a great wizard...
you also need to experience life to become a wizard with heart.
There are many important things in this world that can't be learnt [sic]
   through study alone.
Do you understand what I am saying?
Heh heh...  No, I suppose it's a bit early for you to understand such
   difficult things.

[Speak to Mr. Oakley while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Oakley:
Ah, [name], you're always up and about, aren't you?
Ho ho ho!  You sure are, eh?
Children certainly are the biggest rascals of them all.
Well, while you still have time to play, you might as well go all out.
There's something to be said for acting a little crazy every now and then.
If I could do it all over again, I'd love to go back to being your age again.
But, even now, I still feel plenty young!
Ho ho ho!  Ho ho ho!

School Principal:
Ah, Master [name]...  Have you thought about what we talked about last time?
Just between you and me, I had a rather mischievous phase when I was younger.
I would stay up all night using mischief magic in town, causing all kinds of
Many people might say such antics were a waste of time.
However, looking back now, I would have to disagree.
You see, I experienced many different things, learned to tell good from bad,
   and met...
many different people.  All these things helped make me the person I am today.
Of course, I'm not telling you to go out and get in trouble on purpose, Master
I just think you should get out more often.  You know, take more advantage of
   your freedom.
I'm sure you will understand what I am saying someday.

[Speak to Mr. Oakley while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Oakley:
Well, it looks like you're playing with bundles of energy again today.
Though, when I was younger, I'm sure I was just as active as you.
And boy do I have heroic tales to tell about what I got up to back in the day!
Why, when it came to mischief magic, there was no one who could keep up with me.
Though, I used to compete a lot with Principal Sol's father who also a
   youngster at the time. [sic]
We'd have contests to see who could cast mischief magic the fastest on a
   hundred people.
Yeah, back then, he was just like my partner in crime.  Those sure were the
Oh, gee whiz!  I really said way too much, didn't I?
So, you'll forget all about it, right?  Ho ho ho!  Ho ho ho!

School Principal:
Ah, Master [name]...
You didn't mention that little conversation we had to anyone else, did you?
Let's keep that little mischievous phase I had between you and me.
I especially wouldn't want Mr. Oakley to find out.
Mr. Oakley has always been so kind to me.  I would never be able to look him in
   the face...
if he found out I was so mischievous in my youth.
While it is true I believe that all experiences have value...
I don't want to disappoint those whom I respect.
So there you have it.  I have had my say and you may take it as you will.
I only hope you will take my message to heart, and most importantly, not tell
   Mr. Oakley!

[Speak to Mr. Oakley while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Oakley:
Ah, [name], so you haven't told anyone about what I said to you a little while
   ago, right?
I mean about those heroic tales featuring Principal Sol's father and yours
Make sure you keep that information to yourself, okay?
The thing is, I actually promised Sol's father I'd never tell anyone about it.
He wanted Sol to think we were always so good and squeaky clean, so he asked
to keep a lid on it.
But, Sol's father, who I made that promise to, actually passed on quite some
   time ago.
And I guess I feel pretty embarrassed for saying how we were such big shots...
back in the day.  Ho ho ho!  Ho ho ho!
So, no matter what, you have to keep all this a secret, okay?

September 26 to October 6
School Principal:
Oh, hello, [name].  Would you like to hear a bit of history about our school?
After all, learning about the past is crucial to understanding the present
   and future.
Now then, my distant ancestors founded this town and school.
Since then, members of my family have been principals for generation after
They wanted to train exceptional wizards who could to out and make the world
   a better place.
But that, of course, doesn't mean the more powerful the magic the better,
It is the human heart that controls magic power.
You can't make the world a better place without a heart, no matter how
   powerful you are.
Don't ever forget that, young [name].  I want you and your fellow students to
   study hard...
but at the same time, you should play with lots of friends to foster a warm

School Principal:
Our world has prospered thanks to our belief in magic.
It is our ability to imagine and believe in mysterious powers and things we
   cannot see...
that makes magic real and in turn underpins the very foundation of our world.
It's a bit like that question, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"
But in any case, magic is real, but if people stopped believing in it...
the consequences would be quite frightening indeed.
One role of our school is to have you youngsters experience the world in many
That includes seeing just how close magic and other wondrous occurrences are
   to our lives.
We have plenty of students from distant countries where magic is almost
   nonexistent, and...
I believe it is important for us to study magic and experience its mysteries
   alongside them.

School Principal:
What would happen if everyone stopped believing in magic?
Why, the entire world would become a dreary place...a pale image of what it is
Long ago before this town and school were founded, the world was just that
   sort of place.
There was neither the joy of spring nor the dazzle of summer.
Day after day was as dreary as autumn and people's hearts were colder than
I fear that if such an age were to come again, people would lose all hope and
there would be nothing left worth living for.  It would be a bleak, empty world.
My ancestors worked hard to nurture the power of magic and stoke the warmth of
   the heart.
They turned the world from the brink of emptiness, creating the wonderful
   place we know today.
It is our duty to ensure that the world never again becomes such a dreary place.

October 9 to 19
[Speak to Mr. Oakley while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Oakley:
Huh?  I can't hear you.  Can't you speak a little louder?
What's that?  You want to know who the best wizard in town is?
I see...  Well, right now, that would have to be Principal Sol.
But, in the old days, Malila at the Emporium was easily the most powerful
   magic-user around.
Yeah, back then, she was the real cat's meow.
But, you know that Malila, when I was still a youngster, boy did she have it in
   for me.
Oh, what did I do?
Gee, it's been so long ago.  I can't really remember so well...

[Speak to Mr. Oakley while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Oakley:
Huh?  Speak louder.  I can't hear you.  Gorilla?  What gorilla, child?  You're
   speaking nonsense.
Hmm?  Oh, Malila?  You want to hear the story of how we fell out?
Why didn't you say so?
Well then, these days I'm very easy-going.  But, back in the day, I was a real
One day, with my friends, I cast some mischief magic on Malila to play a little
   joke on her.
It was just a harmless prank, but she went absolutely bonkers.
She knocked the  stuffing right out of me with just one wave of her staff.
   What a woman!
Looking back, I have to admit that it's one of my fondest childhood memories.
   Ho ho ho!

[Speak to Mr. Oakley while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Oakley:
"Smell me more"?  What?!  You want me to smell you more?!  I've never heard
   such rudeness!
Oh?!  You said "tell me more"?  More about Malila?  Do try to speak more
   clearly, child.
Well, anyway, Malila might be getting on in years, but she's still a top
   class wizard.
And, even now, there's more than a few people who are really in awe of her.
So, you kids better not get any ideas about playing some silly prank on her,
She may be older and a bit softer, but, if she snaps, no telling what might
Ho ho ho!  Ho ho ho!

October 22 to November 1
School Principal:
Hmmm...  I hope everything's going to be all right...
Oh, no, it's just I'm worried about Malila over at The Emporium.
You see, despite her advanced age, Malila lives all by herself.  I hope she's
   doing okay...
I never told you this, but Malila used to work at my house as a housekeeper.
She always treated me so kindly when I was a child and my mother was too busy
   with other things.
Now it is my chance to return the kindness that Malila showed me.
But I don't know exactly what to do...

*sigh*  Well, it's a good thing he's healthy and strong now...
Oh, never mind me, I was just reminiscing of days long past.
You see, I used to help out Principal Sol's mother...
I used to baby-sit for her when he was just a child.
He was rather frail and indisposed and caused us quite a bit of worry.
Well, that's all in the past now.  He's not like that anymore.
However...  *sigh*
Oh, never mind.  It's nothing, really...
Sighing is just a habit of the elderly.  You needn't worry much about it.

As I told you before, Principal Sol used to be rather weak as a child.
So every time I see him, it makes me think...
that poor sickly boy turned into such a magnificent man.
You see, I cherish the time I spent looking after him more than anything.
The fact of the matter is, I have always thought of him as my own son.
There's just one thing that still bugs me...
Even at his age, he still hasn't found himself a wife!
I can only hope that he finds one soon so that he has a child before I depart.
Oh my...!  It seems as though I've had a little slip of the tongue...
You can forget about what I just said.  It's merely the idle chatter of an old

School Principal:
I was once a rather sickly child and would often stay in bed for days.
Malila would prepare remedies and nurse me back to health.
That's why even to this day I feel I owe her a great debt.
And she's not getting any younger, you know.
Now it is my chance to return the favor by caring for her.
I wonder if there's anything troubling dear old Malila these days...

[select "Actually, there is."]
Really?  What's troubling Malila?  This will not do...
I must go check in on her the first chance I get.

[select "Nothing I know of..."]
Oh, I see.  I guess I'm just a worrywart.  At least, I hope that's all it is.

School Principal:
Oh, hello, Master [name].
I went to see Malila after what you said about her.
Suffice to say, I've encountered a problem more difficult than running the
Oh, uh...never mind me.  This matter doesn't concern you
Ha ha ha...  What a fix...
I'm so thankful for your concern, but really, I have no idea what to do...

Hello there, [name]!  How are you?  I feel great today!
I always feel great when good things happen!
Principal Sol was concerned about me and came by to visit.
While he was here, I showed him pictures of some nice available ladies I know.
He'll be okay.  Just you wait and see!  I'll find him a wife if it's the last
   thing I do!
I don't know why he can't find a nice woman on his own though.
I tell you, I've been looking after him ever since he was a little rugrat...
Truly a troublesome little boy.

November 4 to 12
Vivian of Vivian's Boutique?  Oh, she is such a nice girl.
These old eyes don't work like they used to.  I often have trouble stocking
   the shelves...
but that Vivian is always coming by to check on me.
She's always helping me with stock and inventory and anything else I can no
   longer handle.
How rare for a girl of her age to care for those going on a bit in years like
I hear she also takes care of her older brother, too...
and is always looking out for anyone who might need a little bit of extra help.
Between her brother, me and everyone else, it's a wonder she can keep it up.
If only I had a grandson...
I bet she'd make a lovely wife.

There are a lot of rumors going around about Vivian...
from the way she dresses to how she talks and acts...
Some people just don't understand.  It's the heart that matters most...
I may be losing my eyesight, but my heart can always pick out a good person.
And the heart does not lie.
What does it matter what clothes you wear or what words you choose to express
You try to find one other person with the same tenderness and compassion as
   that young lady.
I have never met another who truly cares about me as much as her.
And for that, she will always hold a place in my heart.  I am forever indebted
   to her.
I could never bear to see any harm or discomfort come to that beautiful young

November 14 to 24
[Speak to Mr. Vlad while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Vlad:
Hmm...  Hmm...
Thinking about this town's future really makes me [sic] stomach act up.
And what bothers me more than anything is that young people today cannot speak
Especially, Vivian from Vivian's Boutique.  Her way of talking is just plain
I can't even remember how many times I have lectured her about it.
I know the students will dislike me if I am strict.
But, as a teacher, I can't leave these kinds of things alone.
I have to be strict and firm!
It's for the good of the students, after all!

Welcome!  Come on in and take a look around!
Hey there, [name]!  How've you been?
I see you've been like, real busy with school.  How tot'lly good of you!
Of course, I was a schoolgirl once too, you know.
The teachers were so tot'lly annoying!  I mean, like really!
Especially that Mr. Vlad!  Tot'lly icky to the max!
He was always like tot'lly blowing his top!  Yuck...!
What a Bavarian...or barbarian?  Whatever.  Either way, he's like tot'lly
Whenever I see him around town, I feel like crawling in a hole.
You know what I mean, [name]?

[select "Yes"]
I knew it!  I'm not the only one who runs at the sight of him!

[select "No"]
Oh...  Well, yeah, I mean, it IS his job and all, I suppose...

[Speak to Mr. Vlad while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Vlad:
I cannot bear to listen to the way that Vivian from Vivian's Boutique speaks.
I can still admit she has her good points.
She is a kind person who treats everyone fairly and is very helpful and
However, she has an absolutely atrocious way of talking.  It is downright
If I could just fix her speech, then she would have everything going for her.
But, unfortunately, she does not seem to be willing to listen to me.

Welcome!  Come on in and take a look around!
Hey there!  Having fun at school, are you?
Don't skip class just 'cause it's like, so boring, okay?
Teachers can say some tot'lly helpful stuff sometimes...
like stuff that might come in handy when you grow up and become an adult like
Actually, now I think I kinda get what Mr. Vlad meant back then.
Wanna know why?
I guess it's 'cause when I like...see little kids today...and the way they
   carry on...
I sometimes think that I'm on the same level as Mr. Vlad.
Ewww...!  Like, tot'lly yuck!  What am I saying?
Gross!  I can't believe I said that out loud!

[Speak to Mr. Vlad while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Vlad:
Oh, it's [name]?
Now don't try to run away.  I am not planning on giving you a lecture today.
I get the feeling that you, too, do not really like me very much.
I think I understand.  Maybe you have a problem with the way I do things.
But, even so, don't you know it is necessary for some adults to act like this?
I always hope that students will one day understand that-oh, never mind...
I am not looking for anyone's thanks, anyway.
At least, that is how a teacher should be, if you ask me.

Welcome!  Come on in and take a look around!
So, like...what's wrong with you, [name]?
You wanna know if I could get along with Mr. Vlad?
Hardy har har!  You're a riot, [name]!  Where did you get such a sense of
We're tot'lly so unalike!
Now that I think about it though, I guess all those times he got on my case...
could've made me like, a better person.
So, like...I kinda respect him just like...a tiny bit...
But even so, it doesn't mean I like him or anything!  Ew...!

November 27 to December 7
[Speak to Mr. Oakley while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Oakley:
Oh, who knows the most about this school?
Well, that would have to be the most senior member of the staff here.  And
   that's me, of course!
Principal Sol, you say?  Compared to me, he's a pup.  A mere pup, I say.
Malila?  Well, she is older than me and she certainly knows a whole lot of
But if you're talking about the school here, that's a different story.
There can't be many things at all that I don't know about the place.

[Speak to Mr. Oakley while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Oakley:
What's that?  You don't believe that I know more about the school than
   anybody else?
Very well, I suppose I should offer some sort of proof.
for example, how about the scores you've been getting on your tests
Hm?  I could have learned that by looking at your report card, you say?
All right.  Try this on for size.
You must know Mr. Vlad, the magic linguistics teacher.
But did you know about his...softer side?
Ho ho ho!  By the look on your face, I can tell that comes as quite a shock.
Have you ever seen the mail cats that deliver letters from the post office?
Well, Mr. Vlad just adores them.  You'd be amazed at the fuss that he makes
   over those little cats!
It's really true!  Ho ho ho!  Ho ho ho!

[Speak to Mr. Oakley while he is not standing outside the classroom.]
Mr. Oakley:
Ho ho ho!  My knowledge is so great, I know what you want to ask before you
   even say it.
You want to hear the rest of the story about Mr. Vlad and the mail cats, right?
Well, Mr. Vlad always leaves milk out because he wants to be ready for them at
   all times.
Just imagine!  Serious Mr. Vlad, leaving milk out for his kitty-cat friends!
It's certainly a change from the way he behaves around everyone else.
They say looks can be deceiving.  Well, there's a perfect example of that.
You'd think a man who complains that much would be really mean, but he's not
   like that at all.
Oh, what am I really like?  Well, just as it seems, I'm one super nice old guy!
Ho ho ho!  Ho ho ho!

December 10 to 18
[Speak to Mah to trigger the conversation.]
This season...many bad memories...
I used to be a broom racer...
I was good...and kind of famous...
I had some fans...  They...probably remember me still...
But in my last race...the championship race...
I got too confident...  I got careless and crashed...  Just before the finish
The doctor said I'd never...race again...  I was forced to retire...
Remember that the closer you come to greatness...the more you expose yourself
   to risk...
If you forget that...you can kiss your dreams goodbye...
Just like me...kissing my dreams goodbye...

[Speak to Mah to trigger the continuation.]
I am now no more than...a simple taxi driver...but I have no regrets...
Driving a taxi and racing are much the same...  Every day holds something new
   and exciting...
The people who ride my broom...always adventure...speed and discovery...
My dreams of being a champion racer...are still here...
I think I may be closer now to reaching them...closer than ever before...
I may even be happier than ever before in my life...
Like racing...life can take unexpected turns at unexpected times...
I first thought...my life had taken a turn for the worse...
But now I'm thankful for the change...thankful for the new direction in life...
Keep your eyes open...  You never know when your race track will suddenly
   change course...

Tongari Boushi to Mahou no 365nichi Gakkou Seikatsu Bukku, Konami, 2008
Tongari Boushi to Mahou no 365nichi Atsumeru Bukku, Konami, 2009

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