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                            Escape from Monkey Island

                      This FAQ/Walkthrough by Evil Sponge
                          Version 1.0 August 5, 2001

Table of Contents:
  I. Introduction
  II. Version History
  III. Characters
  IV. Walkthrough
  V. Insult List
  VI. Secret Stuff
  VII. Legal Stuff


        "Aw c'mon, let me take a plunge down a river of molten lava."

     Not bad, not bad. Outstanding graphics, stupendous sound, awesome voice acting (Dominc Armato is back!), but just not bad. Why? The controls, they annoy me. That and it seems to be missing something, but I just don't know what.
     So why write a walkthrough on a game scored as "not bad"? Cause I wrote ones for the first three, and this was still a fun game. I'm keeping with the style of only getting items relevant to the current objective. Well, not much else to say, so enjoy!


Version 1.0: first version, added everything.


Coming Soon!



           "Well...the union does allow for liberal snack breaks..."

                        ****Save the Mansion!****

     Watch the short scene and faithful Timmy (who???) shows up and Guybrush rushes off to the mansion. Elaine leaves you in charge of stopping the catapult guy and getting her lawyers to declare her alive and restore her mansion. Well since (see quote) you need some sort of snack. Leave the mansion grounds and head into town. The house with the torches is the obligatory International House of Mojo with the Voodoo Lady. If you want to talk to her now, just pull the finger on the hand shaped table, you can but you don't need to at this point.
     What you need to do is head to the SCUMM Bar. Go to the back section and try and grab the bowl of Kudo Jerky Pretzels. The old drunk won't let you, so you need some sort of alternate plan. Talk to the dart players, and ask them about all the holes in the wall. They insist that those are from other dart players, but you need to play the guy from Missouri. Start betting that they can't hit certain parts of the bar, until you get to the balloon. After they hit it, the old geezer passes out. Now go and grab the pretzels. 
      You're job isn't quite done, though. Head to the overhead view of the island, and go to the harbor. Pick up the Deflated Innertube from the ground by the Grog Machine. Now head back to the Mansion. Walk up to the Funny Shaped Cactus by the Mansion, and use the Deflated Innertube with it. Now go to the catapult guy and offer him the Kudo Jerky Pretzels. He leaves to go eat. Walk up to the catapult and fiddle with the controls. The guy now has to recalibrate it and uses his aiming catapult, which you just turned into a big slingshot.        
                           ****Getting a Crew****

                         **Recruiting Carla and Otis**

     Talk to the Familiar Looking Pirates standing by the Town Hall, and you soon discover that they're Carla and Otis from Secret of Monkey Island. Talk about them joining your crew, then offer them "Cushy government jobs." Now, head back to the Mansion. Find the desk in the back and then pick up the government paper from it. Look at it to discover that it's the cushy edition, then have Elaine sign it. Give the newly signed paper to Carla and Otis and they'll join.

                        **Recruiting Ignatius Cheese**

     Head to the SCUMM Bar and talk to the dude in the back table. Ask him to join your crew, and tell him the real reason that you're going. Talk to him about the Australian and challenge him to some insult arm wrestling. See The Insult List if you're stuck. After you win, he joins!
Acquire a Ship
     Go to the Harbor and talk to the Harbor Mistress. Keep asking about the ship, but she won't let you have one cause you don't have the authority. Go talk to Elaine at the Mansion and tell her that you can't get a ship because you don't have the authority. She hands you the Mêlée Island Gubernatorial Symbol. Give that to the Harbor Mistress and you've got a ship.

                          ****On Lucre Island****

     Head into the town and find and enter the law office. Guybrush automatically convinces the lawyers to help, and they give him a letter. Read it, then head to the bank to pick up the heirlooms. Talk to Brittany the teller and ask about retrieving items from the safety deposit box. You'll get taken into the vault and begin looking through the stuff. Unfortunately, a Guybrush Threepwood imposter comes in and robs you/the bank.
     After you regain control, you need to start collecting some items. Pick up the handkerchief, the three sponges, and the sword. Now look in the safe and get the music box. Take another look and get a bottle of fine Grog while you're at it. Now head up to the door and use the sword with the bottom hinge. Shove the sword into the crack to widen it. Next, shove all the sponges in your inventory into the crack, and use the Grog with the giant sponge conglomerate. 
     You regain control in jail while wearing a voodoo anklet of extreme discomfort to prevent you from leaving the island. Talk to Inspector Canard and tell him that you were framed by a no-nosed pirate. He says that it sounds like Pegnose Pete, but there's no real proof. Ask him how to prove your innocence.
                         ***Capture the Perpetrator***

     Rumor has it that Pegnose Pete lives deep within the Mysts o' Tyme Swamp. Rumor also has it that his nose was bitten off by a duck. If you enter the Palace of Prostheses and talk to Dead Eye Dave, you find out that he recognizes people by scent. He also has directions to the homes of all his clients. All you need is a name and you're all set. To get a name, you need a scent. To get that, first pull out the handkerchief from the ol' inventory and use it. Yes, that was a hint.
     Head over another part of the island and find the guy spraying perfume. Pick up one of the empty bottles from the pile. You can talk to Hugo if you want, but that's just for amusement. While you're here, enter the House of Sticks. After Ozzie Mandrill storms back out, pick up the Wood Shavings from the floor, then use them with the Empty Spritzer Bottle. Exit there and find the bait shop. Enter and pick up some of the free bait and use it with the Bottle. Walk outside and pick up the Duck. Now head to the overview and go to the Swamp. Once there, use the Home-Made Perfume with the puddle that you can see by the raft. Now head back to the overview and head to Ozzie's. Don't go inside just yet, just pick up the Yellow Flower and use it with the Perfume. Now if you use the perfume, you will notice that it smells like the hanky. 
     Head back to the Palace of Prostheses and talk to Dave. Use the perfume and Dave will recognize it and give the name. Now all you have to do is find the address. What you need to do is work the file retrieval system in accordance with what the name was. The key to the system is:
          Bunny: A-D
          Tree: E-H
          Pumpkin: I-M
          Monkey: N-S
          Banana: T-Z 
     You need to spin the dials around until the correct character is showing, then push the button. Here's an example. If the name is Oliver C. Deuderonimy, then the order would be: Monkey, Bunny, Bunny. Got it? By the way, the name is random so I can't tell you what it'll be for you. Once you have that head to the jail and pick up the tin of chicken grease from in front of the Iron Maiden (excellent!).
     Now you need to hunt around the dock area until you find the two chess players. You need that clock, so you need to get them to end their game. Talk to the Portly Chess Player and "notice" that his partner is very focused. He tells you about his partner's only weakness: Brittany. Keep the portly distraction option highlighted until he holds his piece in mid-air. Then distract him to make him drop the piece. Now talk to the Skinny Chess Player and use the Brittany distraction option when he has his piece in the air. Once they start fighting, grab the clock and head to the Mysts o' Tyme Marsh.
     Use the clock with the raft, then climb aboard. This goes a little quicker if you write down the directions. The time on the clock is corresponds to a time on the directions, and the letters after those are what direction you need to go in. W=West, and so on. For instance if the directions say "12:05 S" then when the clock says 12:05 you need to go south. At some point, you meet a future version of yourself. Remember the exact order things happen in and the responses given. Or else, when you meet you're past self, you open a rift in the time-space continuum and have to start over in the swamp.
     Eventually you end up at Pete's. As you approach the house, you here some conversation inside and choose to listen. seems that Pete and Mandrill are in cahoots. After Ozzie leaves, break out the chicken grease and use it with the door mat. Now use the Duck with the window. Pegnose Pete has been captured!

                  ***Prove Pegnose was at the Crime Scene***

     First, head to the Bank. Around the side is a manhole. Use the Broken Sword with the Manhole cover, and it'll pop off. Pick up the Manhole Cover and look at it, and remember the names that are on it. Now head into the Palace of Protheses and talk to Dave. Ask about getting a false limb, and say you want a free one. Use the names from the Manhole cover as the names in the story and you'll get some prosthetic skin. Now head outside and use the skin with the Manhole. Use that to bounce into the open window of the bank. Once inside, climb down the ladder and pull the chain to turn on the lights.
     Once the lights are on, you should notice an odd, nose shaped shadow on the upper wall. Climb up the ladder again and look at the shadow. Guybrush will grab the nose, and Inspector Canard will show up and take it from you. You've just proven that Pegnose Pete was in the bank.
                        ***Find the Stolen Heirlooms***

     While you're in the bank (if you aren't, you might as well get there), pick up the Scupperware Container from the table. Leave the Bank and head to Hugo. Pick up a bottle of Eau de LeChuck cologne from the cart. Now head to Ozzie's Mansion. Enter and you'll automatically talk to him. Back out of the conversation when you're able and spray the Cologne on the Kangaroo. Ozzie gets mad and breaks his stick, then leaves to get it repaired. Leave the mansion and head to the Palace of Prostheses. Enter, and use the Music Box with Dave. While he's distracted, look at the Basket of Prostheses and pick up the Wooden Hand.
Head to the Bait Shoppe and grab some bait. Use the bait with the Scupperware. Now use the wooden hand with the Termite Circus. Now visit the House of Sticks. Use the Termite Infested Hand with Ozzie's stick. 
     When you regain control, head to Ozzie's Mansion. Enter and talk to Ozzie. Talk about how you were framed, then tell him a little bit about what the Booty Showcase looks like (any response works). He'll leave to go check on it. Follow! Track the sawdust pile as far as you can, and Guybrush will automatically do the rest.
     Once you regain control, wander around the trees until Guybrush finds a hidden passage. Climb down there, then push the button on the table. Guybrush notices the missing booty behind some glass. Exit, then dive into the Deep Water at the top of the screen. Once you get to the bottom, pull out the Scupperware. When the glowing fish get close enough, open it and then you'll have a glowing container. Enter the passage to the left. Once inside, grab the heirlooms and the Itty Bitty Brass Screw. Leave and enter the Jail and give the Screw to Inspector Canard. Ta-dah!!

                     |ACT II: ENTER THE MANATEE|

    "What Marco doesn't know is that we've secretly replaced his regular baby seal oil with Starrbuchaneers' brand Smear Whiz. Let's watch."

     First, talk to Elaine. Then, do as she suggests and visit the Voodoo Lady. Pull on that Finger and summon the enigmatic mistress. Talk to her about the Ultimate Insult, then ask what the Marley heirlooms have to do with it. She'll use her power to summon something old, something new, something borrowed...but the something blue isn't in the chest. Interesting.
     Leave the International House of Voodoo and head up to Meethook's. Once there, talk to him. Ask him about the candles and he'll eventually show you his old paintbrushes. Stop talking to him when you've heard enough, then grab a Paintbrush and leave. Now head to the Docks. Look at the change return slot on the Grog machine, then grab the coin and use it with the machine. It won't give you the Grog right away so you need to kick, punch, shake, and yell at the machine until it spits out a plethora of Grog. Excellent. Now head to the SCUMM...
     What?! The LUA Bar? Ah, bloody hell. At any rate, enter and seat yourself at one of the stools by the conveyor belt thingy. Call the waitress over and ask for some food, then order whatever's cooked. After she leaves, break out the paintbrush and be ready to jamb it into the belt. Wait until the flaming boat moves down the belt and is almost under the painting, then jamb the brush in. You get up as the cook rushes out of the kitchen, and when you regain control, go into the aforementioned kitchen. Use your can of Grog with the steam generator, and you've got something blue.
     Now you need to go back to the Docks and go to your ship. You now need to use the heirlooms with the figurehead, and listen to the dialog in between. First, use the Earrings, then the Necklace, then the Pen on a Chain, and finally the Map That Was A Painting. Elaine shows up for some quick dialog, then Guybrush and his crew set sail.
                     ****Assemble The Ultimate Insult****

                           **Obtain the Golden Man**

     Right off the bat, head to the overview and head to the Cliffdiving area. Talk to the diver and find out that he is the champion, Marco de Pollo. Talk to him about the Ultimate Insult to find out that the diving trophy is a Golden Man. End that conversation and head to the left to talk to the diving judges. Pester them into certifying you, and they eventually do. Afterwards, go back and challenge Marco to a diving competition. After he accepts, Guybrush changes and heads up to the diving plank. No matter what you do here you can't win, so just walk until Guybrush automatically dives.
     Those are some lousy scores. You need to talk to each judge to find out what you are doing wrong. I'll take you through each one before moving on to the next one. Why? Beats me, just deal.

Grouchy Judge:
     He is being paid by Ozzie to keep Marco in the winner's seat. What we need is some good old-fashioned blackmail. Head to Stan's and grab one of the brochures. Talk to him if you want, but you need to have Guybrush look at the pamphlet. He notices that the Grouchy Judge is standing with a blond lady, who is quite definitely not his wife. Head back to the Cliffdiving area and show the incriminating evidence to the judge. His 10 is yours!

Wise Old Judge:
     He tells you that you need to make a smaller splash. The only way to do that is to get a streamlined head. So, head back to Town and head to the docks. Use the community rowboat by your ship to sail out to the Knuttin Atoll. On the way, you're stopped by Admiral Cassaba. Just talk to him, then move on. Once you dock at the Pirate Shanty Town, head to the white building in the upper right area. This is the Pirate Transmogrification Center. Talk to Miss Rivers (the lady on the porch) and tell her that you want to reform. You now get treated to an amusing sequence when you and two other pirates are re-ejunacated. Choose the most gruesome and violent responses to the questions, and you fail miserably. The Dunce Cap that you get will enable you to produce smaller splashes.

Hippie Judge:
     He tells you that you need to match Marco Pollo's moves. They are:
            Keelhaul: Up
            Rum Barrel: Down
            Alpha Monkey: Left
            Spinning Swordsman: Right
     All you need to do is duplicate what Pollo does, as per the announcement as he dives, and you get a 10 from that judge.
     Before you dive, though, head to Town. Find and enter the Starbuccaneers store. On far end of the counter is a tray of mini-bagels. Pick one up and eat it. Guybrush is disgusted with the Shmear-whiz and spits it back out. Now, head back to Pollo and use that partially eaten bagel with the Baby Seal Oil on the table. Now, challenge Marco to dive!
     Remember what moves he uses. Once Guybrush gets to the top, put on the Dunce Cap. Now slowly walk until Guybrush takes over and begins to run. Now enter in the Move combo and the victory will be yours. Well, almost. It's a tie, so on to the tiebreaker! You dive first, and you can pick whatever combo you want. When Marco dives, the seagulls will be attracted to the Smear-whiz in the oil and he'll lose. The Golden Man is yours!

                     **Obtain the Silver Monkey Head**

     The monkey head is actually the Monkey Mug from the Planet Threepwood restaurant. To get it, you need a meal ticket. There are actually 2 ways to get said ticket.
Method 1:
     Head to Stan's Time Share and pick up the glue. For those of you who can't see it, it's on a tiny ledge on the front of the building. Take the glue back to Town and enter the Micro-Groggery. Use the glue with the Strange Contraption, then talk to the Bartender. Ask about the weird machine, and you find out that it's a Manatee. Take the Manatee Challenge and you win, since you're glued to the seat. You get a Meal Ticket as your prize!

Method 2:
     Head to the StarbuccaneersTM and look in the window from outside. Guybrush spots an empty cup. Now walk inside and pick up that very cup from the window. Hand it to the Clerk to get a free refill of Groggacino. Now go to Stan's. Drink the highly caffinated beverage, then have Stan give you his full sales pitch. As a reward for listening, you get a Meal Ticket.

     Now, before you head into Planet Threepwood, you need to go back to Starbuccaneers. Enter, and look inside the bag that belongs to the tourist lady. Grab the mug that's inside of it and then leave. If you haven't grabbed the glue yet, do so. Now, onto Planet Threepwood. You can talk to Murray if you want (and why wouldn't you?), but head inside. Read the menu, then find and talk to the waitress. Tell her that you're ready to order, and pick whatever entrees and drinks you want. Tell her that you're paying with the Meal Ticket and you get seated and are given the mug. Now, talk to the Jolly Pirate that's walking around (from your seat!) and ask for a caricature. Pick whichever responses you deem the funniest, and collect the drawing. Use the glue on the drawing, and use that on the Plastic Monkey Mug. Use the fake mug on the real one, then leave.

                        **Obtain the Bronze Hat**

     While you're in Town, walk to the big statue in the middle of it. Look at it, then talk to the tourist. Ask him about the Ultimate Insult and ask what happened to Tiny's hat. He doesn't know, but I do. First, you need to go to the Micro-Groggery and ask for some Grog. You don't have any ID, so you'll have to settle for some Grog Jr. Head to The Atoll of Knuttin and walk up to the puppet theater. Talk to the LeChuck puppet, who claims that he's Hellbeard. Keep talking until you ask him where he's been for 80 years, and you get to talk to the Guybrush puppet. Ask him if you can talk to the puppeteer. After a bit, he'll agree. Talk to him briefly if you wish, but exit the conversation when you can. He should still be up. Pull out the Ultimate Insult drawing and show it to him. He runs off, and you get to keep the Puppets.
     Now go to the Transmogrification Center and pull the Fire Alarm outside. After Miss Rivers runs out, you need to run it. Quickly go to the chest, then find and pick up the Whistle. After you get kicked out, head all the way to the right and you enter a new area. After one of the pirates leaves, a cannonball is fired from Cassaba. Talk to the Metabolically Challenged Pirate, who turns out to be Jambeaux LaFeet. Talk to him about his Tiny (who happens to be his dad), the two parrots (and why they're special), and where the hat is. Now, head to the right and encounter a vast boulder covered beach. Use the whistle, and the two parrots show up.
     Break out the Grog Jr. and give it to one of the parrots. Now, ask one of them a question (Such as 2+2) and listen for the answer. This will help you determine which is the one that always tells the truth. For instance, if the drunk parrot answers "4", then the drunk one will always tell the truth. Once you confirm his identity, talk to the truth parrot and ask him where you should go to find Tiny's hat. He'll point you in a direction (north, south, east, or west), and you should go there. Once on the new screen, use the whistle and repeat the previous step. Keep going until "where should I go" gains the response of "Waaaark. Nowhere."
     Guybrush then deduces that Tiny's hat must be under "this rock." Use the two puppets then, and Casaba will blow up the rock for you. You now have the Bronze Hat!

                     |ACT III: ESCAPE FROM MONKEY ISLAND|

                   "Oh, the lava is hotter than a flame-broiled otter 
                 and my shoes are slowly melting to the fiberglass floor."

     Once Timmy (WHO?!?!?!?!) snaps Guybrush out of his depression and you regain control, head to the overview and make your way to the Campsite. There you see good old Herman Toothrot. Talk to him and you find out that he's lost his memory. He seems to remember a coconut, though. That's easy enough. Walk away from him a little to the overturned boat, and pick up the coconut. Not hit Herman with it. He regains a little more of his memory, but not a whole lot. He does seems to recall something about a milk bottle, however.
     The Milk Bottle is in the Lava Fields, however you should stop at the Vista Point on your way there. Once on top, pick up a bolder from the pile and toss it into the right canal. Pick another one up and hold it until the rolling bolder hits the branch, then throw it into the Middle Canal. Heft yet another boulder up, and wait until one of the boulders rolls across a branch and chuck it into the Left Canal. Repeat that one, only a different boulder will hit a different branch. If you did it right, a boulder will shoot off of a ramp and smack dab in the middle (with you) of the Lava Field.
     Before you go there, however, you should go to the Canyon. There's a mine there, but more importantly a set of Banana Pickers leaning on a cactus. Grab them. Now go to the Beach and use the Banana Pickers on the Bananas in the tree. Give one to Timmy (no, really. Who?), and he'll follow you. Go back to the Canyon. Give Timmy (WHY? HOW?) another banana and enter the Mine. Once inside, keep walking until you hit a door. Open the lower vent, then toss a banana in. Close the vent, then use a Banana with the Portal. Timmy (oh, for the love of Pete! Who?!) will open the door from the inside to give you access. Well, really to get the Banana, but the former makes him seem more loyal...even though I don't know who he is. Anyway, enter and use the Banana Pickers to get the Weed Whipper from the machinery. Now, head to the Lava Field.
     Once you get there, the monkey will chuck the Milk Bottle that you seek to a distant rock in the Lava. Crap. Enter the Church of LeChuck and walk forward across the bridge to be greeted by a ghost priest, Father Allegro Rasputin. Talk to him about the river of lava running through the church and he'll tell you that it's for weddings. Weird. Convince him to let you take the hot plunge, and you will. Hehe. Once the cutscene ends, you have semi control over the log. Your objective is to break out the Banana Pickers and steer the log around, hitting the other logs that are blocking the different paths. You need to hit them in a certain order so that you pass close enough to the Milk Bottle to snag it with the Banana Pickers. After you pass that rock, steer downward and to the right to hit the boulder and get deflected into the pool of lava. This is where that giant side quest thingy comes in handy. Use the Weed Whipper with the weeds, and Guybrush will take them out and lower the lava level. Now, if you haven't gotten the bottle yet, you have an advantage. The log will go around the boulder and allow you to have infinite tries at getting the bottle. Before you can do that, head left and then kick the Palm Tree to get a bridge to the other side of the lava. If you have the Milk Bottle you can continue, if not then just keep trying!
     Now head back to Herman and whack him with the Milk Bottle. He remembers more, but nothing before he landed on Monkey Island. He does remember being washed up beside an Accordion, though.
     To get the Accordion is fairly easy. Especially if you grabbed the Banana Pickers earlier while looking for the Milk Bottle. You need to go to the Church of LeChuck and use the Banana Pickers with the Shields right above the door. Once you have them, head to Monkey Town. Walk up to the hut with the Musically Inclined Monkey. Look at him, then use the Shields. The Monkey will drop the Accordion and grab the Shields. Pick the Accordion up and then head to the Campsite slug Herman with it. He remembers everything, and you get a shocking well as the Mêlée Island Gubernatorial Symbol. That's a hint.

                      ****The Bigger Ultimate Insult****

                          **Getting The Bronze Hat**

     Go to Monkey Town and talk to the monkey sitting around wearing a Bronze Hat. Talk to him, and he reveals that he it Jojo Jr. the Monkey Prince of Monkey Island. To get the hat, you need to defeat him in Monkey Kombat. First, though, you need to run around and fight other monkeys first to gain some Kombat experience. If you get stuck, you can print out my Monkey Combat Charts to aid you. Unfortunately, the conversions and what defeats what is random, so I can't help you out. Good luck and all that. Once Guybrush thinks he can take on Jojo, do so. To beat him, just keep hurting him. Don't worry about getting a Draw to heal. Just fight, and when Jojo gets near the end he'll get a Draw and heal himself. That is the opening that you need. After you attack him, you have more BP (banana points) and are ensured victory.
     After you win the Bronze Hat, you have but one more step. Go to the Giant Monkey Head. Use the Bronze Hat with the Giant Head, then use the Banana Pickers with the Giant Monkey Nose. After the head opens up, enter. Find the Prominent Slot to the left of the main console and use the Gubernatorial Symbol with it. The next cutscene has, in my opinion, one of the funniest scenes of the game. Really, just the part where they have the 2001 parody. At any rate, enjoy the scene.


               "Well, that seems to have shaved the proverbial Dingo."

     Once you regain control of the Giant Robot, you need to reach the top of the conch shell. First, walk to the right and pick up the Large Plank. Now, use said plank with the large tower to the far right (the smallest one). Next, climb on top of that very tower and use the Plank to jump to the next tower. Guybrush pilots the Monkey automatically to the top then. Just pull on the Large Switch and you get to watch another, very very long, cutscene.
                                 ****Finish Him****
                              a.k.a. Flawless Victory

     Once you regain control and are engaged in Ultimate Monkey Kombat, just match each of LeChuck's moves. You can't beat him by attacking, but Draw three times and you've beaten the game. Enjoy the ending!


     Beating Ignatius Cheese

Insult: Today by myself twelve people I've beaten.
Answer: From the size of your gut I guess they were all eaten! 

Insult: You're the ugliest creature I've ever seen in my life.
Answer: I'm shocked that you never gazed at your wife! 

Insult: People consider my fist a lethal weapon.
Answer: Sadly, your breath should be equally reckoned. 

Insult: Give up now, or I'll crush you like a grape.
Answer: I would if it would stop your WINE-ING! 

Insult: My stupefying strength will shatter your ulna into a million pieces.
Answer: I'm surprised you can count that high! 

Insult: I've got muscles in places you've never even heard of.
Answer: Aagh...! It's too bad none of them in your arms! 

Insult: You arms are no bigger than fleas that I've met!
Answer: So THAT'S why your scratching...I'd go see a vet. 

Insult: Hey! Look over there!
Answer: Yes, yes, I know: It's a three head monkey. 

Insult: Your knuckles I'll grind to a splintery paste.
Answer: I thought that the bean dip had strange taste. 

Insult: Only once have I met such a coward.
Answer: He must have thought you everything you know. 

Insult: My ninety-eight year old grandmother has bigger arms than you. 
Answer: Ungh...Yeah, but we both got better bladder control than you do. 

Insult: I'm going to put your arm in a sling!
Answer: Why, ya studying to be a nurse? 

Insult: My forearms have been mistaken for tree trunks! 
Answer: An over-the-counter defoliant could help with that problem. 

Insult: I've out-wrestled octopi with these arms! 
Answer: I'm sure that spineless creatures everywhere are humbled by your might. 

Insult: Do I see quivers of agony dance on your lip? 
Answer: It's laughter that's caused by your feathery grip. 


Kill Guybrush:
     After you meet your future self in the swamp, you can shoot him with the gun that he gives you.

Win the game:
     Press CTRL+ALT+W and say yes to win the game.

     Type in Skull anywhere in the game to see a big laughing Murray.


     This is usually the section where I thank all the people who helped me out with the game.  However, I got through all by my self so I can't really thank anyone for that.  However, a big thank you goes out to LucasArts, Steve Purcell, and Michael Stemmel for creating this game, as well as Ron Gilbert for creating Monkey Island and its original characters.  Also, thanks to GameFAQs for posting all my stuff.

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