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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Every Boss Walk-through

** Granted this walk-through for the bosses may take longer than other guides from 
other users. I created this guide so the boss could hopefully be defeated in one 
try. And so you have a detailed explanation of what it is you must do. This walk-
through is only a guide for the bosses not the actual temples, quests etc. There 
are many guides to get you to the boss’s room; this guide will tell you how to beat 
those bosses. I did include what to do after the spiritual stones are all acquired 
but that is all. The only boss I did not include were the two fights you have with 
Ganon in the end of the game. It took me many tries to beat them and if I were to 
make a guide on it, it probably wouldn’t be much help. Every other boss is included.

The land of Hyrule is scattered with many evil-creatures that our Hero of Time, 
Link, must defeat. In the deepest part of every temple lies a boss. Each one of 
them puts your skills to the test. In the walk-through I will guide you through the 
strategies and skills needed to defeat each one. We begin our journey with young 
Link still in the Kokiri Forest…

~*Young Link*~
Deku Tree
Boss: Parasitic Armored Arachnid: Gohma
Equipment Needed: Slingshot, Sword and Shield. 

Once you make your way through the Deku Tree’s insides you will come to the boss’s 
room. Gohma’s room. Upon entering it is quiet and dark. You aren’t in harms way, 
yet. ** I would like to add right now Gohma the giant spider herself doesn’t have a 
real attack, she uses another form**
Using the Up-C-button to look around the ceiling until you see her red eye, 
remember that red eye for that is her weakness. A cut-scene will begin and she will 
come down, and you will be introduced, lovely isn’t it? Anyways, the best way to do 
this is to stand still. Not right in the center of the area but have your back 
facing a wall. Gohma will start moving towards you. Have your slingshot out and 
aiming on her closed eye. Once she is very close she will raise up, so move your 
slingshot up staying with her eye. And it will open, revealing its red color. Fire 
a deku seed at her eye using your slingshot. This will stun her and she will fall 
to the ground. Run forward and slash and hack at her in any means with your sword. 
She will rise up and run up the wall onto the ceiling. After a few seconds you will 
notice, egg like things falling from the ceiling. **This is the other form Gohma 
uses to attack you, so have your sword at the ready** Stay back until the eggs 
hatch, revealing little babies Gohmas. These things are very annoying, you have to 
hit them more than once with your sword for them to die. Press the R-button for 
your shield when you are facing one and it turns red, for it means it is about to 
attack you. They will do damage if they hit you. After each one dies, sometimes 
they leave hearts so pick them up quickly. Return to the side of the room with your 
back against the wall. Gohma will come back, and again wait with your slingshot on 
her eye until you see the red, fire! Run up and slash at her as much as you can 
with your sword. Be ready to fight the little babies each time Gohma returns to the 
ceiling. Repeat 1-2 times more and you will have defeated her. Take the heart and 
exit in the blue portal.


Dodongo’s Cavern
Boss: Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo
Equipment Needed: Goron Bracelet (to pick up the bomb flowers), sword and Hylian 
(metal) shield.
After you fall through the hole, you will be in a large area with paths running 
around a large pit of lava. **Stay away from the lava** This guy is really easy, I 
do mean it. He basically rolls in the same pattern each time. So when he rolls run 
to a corner, near a bomb-flower. And put up your shield *******I highly recommend 
the Hylian (metal) shield****** He will roll by and some sparks will come off your 
shield. Quickly stand-up and grab the bomb next to you. Run towards the King 
Dodongo. He should not be rolling. If he is rolling drop the bomb and run toward a 
corner and again put up your shield. If he is not rolling but walking, run towards 
him with the bomb. He will open his mouth as if to spit fire at you. Throw the bomb 
into his mouth. If you got it in there he will be stunned, run up and slash him as 
much as you can with your sword. When he gets up run to your corner, **to move 
faster, do a roll attack by pressing A when you are running** Put up your shield, 
and wait for him to roll by, grab your bomb and repeat the process. He has no other 
attacks so you can repeat this until he dies. The lava will harden and you can run 
out, grab your heart piece and go into the portal.


Inside of Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
Boss: Bio-Electric Anemone: Barinade
Equipment Needed: Boomerang, sword and shield (either kind)

This boss has many different variations of attacks. He is the toughest boss you 
will have faced so far. So if you do not kill it the first time don’t be 
discouraged. When the fight begins, if you look up there are three purple tentacles 
attaching this thing to the ceiling. Use Z-targeting and lock onto one (unless you 
are very, very good with the boomerang, this is a must) let your boomerang fly at 
the targeted tentacle. If it hits, the tentacle will fall down. **It is important 
to keep moving Link around then Barinade (boss) **. Lock onto the next tentacle 
with Z-targeting and again use the boomerang to hit it. Go onto the third one and Z-
target it, hit it with the boomerang. If you took to long to do this, there is the 
chance that it re-attached itself with one of the tentacles, so keep taking them 
down with Z-targeting and the boomerang until it falls. At this point the Barinade 
will move toward Link. Notice those little purple things spinning around the actual 
Barinade. Z-target one and send your boomerang at it. Use Z-targeting to take off 
each and everyone one of those purple “plates” but remember to keep Link moving and 
a safe distance away. At some points the Barinade stops spinning and the plates do 
to, they are somewhat like small jellyfish. Keep picking them off with your 
boomerang until they are all gone. Now Z-target the actual body and stun him with 
your boomerang. Run towards him and slash at him with your sword. When he starts 
moving again make sure to back off, and Z-target from a safer distance. With your 
boomerang hit him again and then go attack with your sword. Keep this up and soon 
he should die. Take the heart piece and go into the portal.


Once you go towards Hyrule Castle, the proud owner of all spiritual stones, green, 
red and blue, a cut-scene will start. You see the Princess flee, and Ganon will 
come talk to you. Blah, blah… anyways. Get the blue ocarina the Princess chucks in 
the moat by diving for it, and head to the Temple of Time. Run to the altar and 
play the Song of Time. The door should open, run forward and pull out the sword. 
You will now be adult Link! Hooray! Careful leaving the Temple there will be 
zombies that choke you in the once happy castle town.


~*Adult Link*~

**For every temple as an adult I recommend filling all your bottles (2-3 at least, 
with fairies. Which can be bought in the village east of Hyrule Castle or found and 
captured) The fairies return all your hearts during a fight, which is very 
important as these bosses get tough!**

Forest Temple
Boss: Evil Spirit from Beyond: Phantom Ganon
Equipment Needed: Fairy Bow, Hylian Shield, Fairies. 

After a confusing temple, get ready for an equally hard boss. As you enter, you 
will walk up the path, until you get to the top and enter a circular area 
surrounded by gates. Take a few steps forward, and look around you will notice 
paintings hanging on the wall. Try to exit through where you came in and the gate 
will shoot up, locking you in. Get ready, this boss is difficult and quite 
aggravating. He may take you awhile to beat. I admit it took me three times to 
finally beat him. Okay, so he is riding on a horse. He will split into two and 
enter the paintings. Have your back up against the gate the locked you in. Have 
your fairy bow at the ready. Look around at all the paintings with your bow pulled 
ready to fire. Ganon will come out of one of the paintings on his horse and fly 
across into another painting. Be aware though he has his “fake double” so if the 
Ganon you are looking at turns around and runs back into the painting it was the 
fake. Don’t worry you have all the time in the world. The real Ganon will come out 
of the painting in some sort-of portal. Try shooting him when he is in the portal. 
Don’t worry about the electricity he sends to the ground it won’t hurt you. Take 
your time and keep shooting the real Ganon. After three times, he will come out of 
the paintings and fight you. He will shoot large balls of electricity/fire 
something like that at you. You will need to use your sword to deflect them back at 
him. This is the hard part. **It is hard to explain how to hit the fire back at 
him, you just have to keep trying until you find something that works, I’m going to 
tell you the way that worked best for me** The best way I found is to Z-target him, 
keep him Z-targeted at all times! Do not stand with your back against the wall, 
actually move close to him. Not so you are right under him (he floats) but so you 
are relatively close. When he shoots fire be ready! **Use your fairies as needed!** 
The timing takes practice but when it is close to you swing your sword at it. 
Different things could happen; it could miss him, that’s ok. He could hit back to 
you, in which you would have to hit it back at him. If the ball keeps volleying 
back and forth it will get fast and you may just want to put up your shield so it 
stops it, and try again. If you aren’t ready when he shoots since you have him Z-
targeted you can hop to the side or back-flip out of the way, or put up your 
shield. So you are close to him, Z-targeting, and he shoots a flame at you, send it 
back, block and move as needed. Once it hits him he will fall. Run forward and 
slash and hack as much as possible at him! He will get up and you have to do it 
again, waiting for the right timing and hit him with his own fire! Hack at him with 
your sword once he falls. **Again use your fairy if you are low on health** After 
you hit him a couple times with your sword, he will begin to dive at you, he will 
disappear beneath the floor and come up, just dodge him but try to keep him Z-
targeted. Once he stops he will again throw fire at you, hit it back at him and 
slash him with your sword, to finally beat him! Note: You may have to avoid his 
dive-attacks and hit him with fire 2 times, depending on how many times you slashed 
him before he began diving* Take the heart and enter the portal. Congrats on 
beating a verrry hard boss!


Fire Temple
Boss: Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia
Equipment Needed: Megaton Hammer, Sword, Shield and again 2-3 fairies.

As you enter you have to hop across a platform to reach a circular platform with 
some holes with lava in them. Volvagia a giant dragon will fly around and enter one 
of the holes. Look around at the holes to see one with lava spraying from it; 
Volvagia’s head will pop out. Since the Megaton hammer is hard to handle make sure 
you target her head, and wait until she stops shaking around. Then BAM! Smack her 
head with your hammer. You can then continue to hit her with the hammer if it takes 
you awhile to switch weapons, or if you wanted to use your sword you can, I 
recommend the hammer. She will then come out of the hole and begin to fly around. 
This is the part you have to be ready for. She will fly around after you shooting 
lava from her mouth. The only thing you can do is keep running, turning and using 
your shield won’t do much, since she easily goes around behind your back and over 
your shield. If you get hit it’s ok, you have fairies with you, right? Well if you 
get low on health just use one. After you dodge her fire the best you can she will 
re-enter a hole. At this point you have to look at which holes are spurting little 
lava pieces. There may be more than one, and as you go on more and more spurt lava 
to confuse you. So look at the few that are shooting lava and wait for Volvagia to 
come out of one. Let her stop shaking and Z-target, bash her head with your Megaton 
hammer, repeat hitting her with that or slash with your sword. She will exit the 
hole, and begin to make rocks fall on you. Run around like the last time, watching 
the shadows on the ground to see where the rocks will land. Avoid this for awhile 
and she will enter a hole don’t stop moving right when she enters because rocks 
continue to fall. Once you are sure they’ve stopped look at the holes with lava 
coming out. Wait for her to come out of one and hit her with your hammer, and hit 
her again or slash. She will come out and chase you with fire, or make rocks fall 
and just avoid this, and wait until she re-enters and hit her head again, until she 
dies. Take the heart and enter the portal.


Water Temple
Boss: Giant Aquatic Amoeba: Morpha
Equipment: Longshot, Sword, Shield, as many fairies as you can hold.

This boss if very annoying and aggravating it is just a pain in the butt. It isn’t 
very hard, but it is a pain to attack. Be ready for a long fight! As you enter, hop 
onto one of the platforms in the water, to start the scene where the boss will come 
out. It is a long bluish tube with a pink nucleus (which is what you need to 
attack). Watch out for the blue tentacles don’t get close! Anyways hop back to the 
outer platform, not the ones in the middle (it would become to hard) so keep 
running around the outside, until you see the blue tube land on a platform. Z-
target the little pink thing in the middle (this is the annoying part) longshot at 
it until it grabs it. You may not get it every try; actually you won’t because it 
moves around inside the blue thing. But if you do get it when it lands near you 
slash at it as much as you can! You may not even get a slash in. It will hop back 
into the water, and start to spin; this is your cue to start running. Don’t stop or 
you could be attacked by the blue tentacle which takes a lot of life. Wait until it 
lands on a platform again, don’t get to close because it will grab you, choke you, 
and throw you, which takes a lot of life. Use your fairies as needed. Z-target the 
pink thing and try to get it. If you don’t after awhile the tentacle will go away 
and the blob will hop around, try to get it with your longshot or sword, but don’t 
follow it into the water or onto the middle platforms. It is hard to get when it 
runs around so your best bet is to keep trying to get it when it’s moving around in 
the tentacle. After you slash it a couple times, another tentacle will form, watch 
out for it, because it can move quite a ways away from the other. Keep trying to 
get the pink thing without getting close to the tentacle, and slash at it. When the 
blob runs around, try to get it but once it hops into the water, run, because the 
tentacle will attack soon. After a few more hits it should die, and the water dries 
up, take heart and enter the portal. Congrats on beating one of the most annoying 
bosses of the game!


Shadow Temple
Boss: Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo
Equipment Needed: Sword, Lens of Truth, Fairy Bow and fairies.

This boss I honestly thought was a joke. I entered his area with 2 hearts. After 
one try I beat him still with 2 hearts. I had no fairies. I may just have been 
lucky but this boss is quite easy! Nice of the makers to give us a break after that 
Morpha. Ok so Link is standing there and all the sudden these hands start banging 
on the drum and you are introduced to Bongo Bongo. Start of by Z-targeting one of 
his hand that moves around. Shoot it with an arrow, then Z-target the next hand and 
shoot it with an arrow. I originally heard you had to wait for him to expose his 
palms; I didn’t find this true and just shot his hands in whatever position they 
were. After you shot both his hands the will fall, face them and whip out the Lens 
of truth, aim it in between the spot where the hands fell. You will see Bongo 
Bongo’s face, he has one big eye. He will move pretty fast toward Link, so shoot 
his eye with an arrow. Once he is stunned run forward and slash at him as much as 
you can, until his hands start to move again. **During the whole time where you 
must shoot his eye and slash at him make sure you keep the lens of truth focused on 
him** All you have to watch out for now is every once in awhile, one hand will 
disappear and you will notice a shadow forming around you. Move out of the way fast 
to avoid the hand falling on you. Continue Z-targeting and shooting the hands. When 
they fall take the lens of truth out again and aim in the spot between the hands to 
see his eye. Still using the Lens of Truth shoot his eye and then slash at him. 
Repeat, watching for the hands that fall, until Bongo Bongo is dead. Take the heart 
and enter the portal. 


Spirit Temple
Boss: Sorceress Sisters: Twinrova
Equipment Needed: Mirror Shield (very important!), Sword and fairies.

This boss is quite difficult, not as annoying as Morpha but hard. It starts of with 
the two witch sisters. One has a fire attack, one has an ice attack. Fire beats 
ice, and ice beats fire, right? They will begin to shoot at you, each with their 
own attacks. Using your mirror shield, try to deflect the attack at the opposite 
sister. But since they are flying around it can become tricking, it may take a few 
tries, you may get lucky and the witch may fly right into your attack. Remember the 
Octoroks that shoot rocks at you in Zora’s river, what did you do? You aimed their 
rocks right back at them. That is what you need to do with this boss. So ice 
attack, aim for the fire sister, fire attack, aim for the ice sister. After 3-4 
times of being hit they will combine and become a super sister! With ice and fire 
attacks, this will now become tricky! What you need to do is make up your mind on 
which attack to use. Lets say the first time they shoot at you it is a fire attack. 
Get in front of it and put up your shield, your shield will absorb the fire! You 
must absorb fire 2 more times to be able to shoot it back at the sisters. But if 
you are absorbing the fire, avoid the ice attacks, because if you absorb the ice 
and fire, you will never shoot back at them. Be careful when you let the opposite 
attack hit the floor that you aren’t absorbing it can hurt you if you stand to 
close to it when it lands. So after you absorb three of the same kind of attack in 
a row, it will shoot back at the sisters. After you hit them a few times they will 
fall onto a platform, run out to them and slash at them with your sword as much as 
you can until she dies! If she gets back up hop back to the main platform and 
absorb 3 of the same attack again, hit them until they fall, and then slash again. 
After this they will die. Take the heart and hop into the portal! Congrats you beat 
the last temple boss! Now all you have left are the hardest fights of all, Ganon!


I did not include how to fight Ganon for a good reason. You must fight Ganon twice, 
each time to me took a long time to defeat and learn the technique. Each hit you 
take from Ganon takes a lot of damage so stock up on fairies! And I wish you luck 
as you are on your way to defeating the game! 

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