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Complete Clasko's request to clear the secret dungeon of fiends.
Found in Calm Lands in Chapter 2.


Rescue the Al Bhed at the lakeside Travel Agency.
Found at the Travel Agency past the Macalania Woods in Chapter 3. You must have 
payed off Oaka's debt.

Black Mage

Beat LeBlanc to top of mountain and defeat boss.
Found in Gagazet Ruins in Chapter 1.

Dark Knight

In chest near last save point to boss.
Found in the Bevelle Underground in Chapter 2.

Gun Mage

Complete Shave the Hypello mission.
Found in the Moonflow in Chapter 1. If you missed this mission, you can get it the 
next time you complete a Moonflow mission.


Yuna's default dressphere.

Lady Luck

Win the Sphere Break tournament.
Found in Luca in Chapter 3. If you missed this mission or lost to Shinra, you can 
get it in Chapter 5. Just challenge Shinra (in the locker rooms).


Receieve "Episode Complete" from every area of Spira (Bevelle 
is optional).
Found on the Celsius in Chapter 5.


Go down the stairs and it will be on the ground after beating the two Daevas.
Found in Kilika Temple in Chapter 3.


Battle LeBlanc for the first time.
Found in Luca in Chapter 1.


Rikku's default dressphere.


Answer Kimahri's questions in Chapters 1 and 2, then speak to him again.
Found at the foot of Mount Gagazet in Chapter 3.


Paine's default dressphere.

White Mage

Defeat the dragon boss inside the cave.
Found in the Besaid Island Cave in Chapter 1.

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