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A lot of things can happen in everyday life in animal crossing. Here is some 
info on 
everyday life for beginners.

1.your village
2.Tom nook's store and working there
3.the police station
4.the dump
5.the post office
6.the tailor shop
7.the museum
9.things to use 
10.people to meet
11.other things you might want to know

1.your village
All villages are different. You might find things in different places in 
villages. You can also find different villagers. At first you will only find 
about 5 
or 6 other people. But the more you play, the more people move in, and the more 
people move out. But after someone moves out, maybe a new person will move in!

2.tom nook's store and working there
In the beginning of the game, after you buy a house, you will have to work for 
store owner named Tom Nook. While working for him, you will have to plant 
say hi to everyone in town, deliver(after you deliver the first time you will 
get a 
town map), write a letter,and put something on the bulliten board. After you 
working, you are free to do as you please. Also,Tom can remodel his store. They 
have different names. They are: Nook's Cranny, Nook n'Go, Nookway, and 
Each time he remodels, the store gets bigger, and gets more stuff. 

3.The Police Station
another place is the police station. Outside of it, you will see a dog named 
Inside, you will see a dog named Booker. Copper can help you with a lot. If you 
to him "Any going-ons?" he will tell you what is happening or what will happen. 
you say "Any lost items?" he will tell you how many lost items they have 
you say "What's this?" he will tell you about the police station. Inside, 
will also help you. At the back of the police station, you will see items on a 
counter. If you go infront of one and press A, Booker will tell you what it is, 
if you want it, tell him it's yours.

4.The Dump
In the dump, you will find stuff you might want. Go in the dump, go ontop of 
something that you might want, and press the B button. You can find some useful 
things there sometimes!

5.The post office
In the post office, you can mail letters, deposit money, and save a letter you 
want to throw away. When you deposit, it means paying off your debt to Tom 
Nook. He 
can make your house bigger, or give you an attic or basement. Also, the more 
pay, the more Tom Nook remodels his store! At the post office, there are 3 
Pelly works in the day. Phillis works at night. Pete, delivers the letters.

6.The tailor shop
At the tailor shop, you can make your own designs! You can put the design on 
clothes or umbrella! Also, you can put your designs on display. And other 
people can 
buy 'em and put it on thier clothes!

7.the museum
At the museum, you can donate paintings, fossils, bugs, and fish.When you 
donate a 
fossil, before it has to be checked by the faraway museum. So just send it 
to 'em, 
ans make it the next day. You will get the fossil back so you can donate it. To 
donate an item, talk to the owl there named Bathers, say, "Donate an item", and 
the item you want to donate!

Tortimer is the mayor. He is a turtle. I like him because on holidays, talk to 
(he is usually found close to the wishing well) and he will give you a present. 
that cool or what!!? 

9.things to use
In animal crossing, you can use a lot of things. I will name all of the things 
what they do. 1)shovel When holding a shovel, you can dig holes in the ground. 
you see and unusual mark in the ground(when you see sort of a star shape, it 
have anything but money unless you burried the money, and if you see the ground 
shining, it will have money). 2)axe Use the axe to chop down trees in your way. 
net Use it to catch bugs. 4)fishing rod Use it to catch fish. 5)umbrella Just 
show. 6)fan Just for show.

10.people to meet
So far, we have talked about Tortimer, Copper, and lots of other people. But 
have a lot of others to meet. In the game, more people will move in and move 
out, so 
get to know them and how they act. 

11.other things you might want to know
1) When paying off you debt, you might be thinking, "THIS IS TAKING FOREVER!". 
have found an easy way to earn money. First, you will need to know the Jingle 
Dresser code. If you don't I will tell you. It is:

11AcKGI9JE#[email protected]

Now, say to Tom Nook "Other things" then say "Say code". Say the code 3 times. 
all of the dressers. Now you will have 36,720 bells!

2) Now, you might be wondering, "What happens each time after I pay off my 
Well, I have the answer! 
1 time) Get bigger house
2 times) Get basement
3 times) Get bigger house
4 times) get attic
5 times) get big golden statue by the station!

3) When you get your HRA points up to 70,000 points, you will get a house 
model. If 
you get your score up to 100,000 points, you will get a manor model. If you 
them, you will get quite a few (I mean a lot) bells!

Well, that was my FAQ. If I get some more info, I will make an FAQ for more 

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