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Pokemon Ranger.

1.	Gain Deoxy’s trust?!
2.	Rescue Celebi
3.	Find Mew, the Mirage!

1.	Gain Deoxy’s Trust?!
 Spenser tells you That deoxys has been spotted in the lyra Forest. You have 
to investigate. Leave the base and you will be at the Krokka Tunnel and Deoxys 
will go to attack form. It will go into the Krokka Tunnel and you follow it. 
Capture the Magneton that is by you when you get in the tunnel. Go Forward and 
capture Machop. Keep Going forward and you will see Deoxys. You have to circle 
it 13 times. It Makes a big tackle but is stationary so do big loops. It wont 
work and Deoxys will turn into defense form and run off. Your Styler will 
receive a text message. Its From Spenser to you and your partner. It Says: 
Prof. Hastings advised me on Deoxys. Surprisingly, Deoxys apparently can be 
captured only in its Normal Form. However, even the professor didn’t know what 
should be done when it is in any other form. My Guess is that the Deoxys will 
assume its Normal Form if it decides it doesn’t need to attack or defend. But 
for it to happen, there has to be an emotional link between the Ranger and the 
Deoxys… I don’t understand it. I want you two to solve this mystery.
Follow Deoxys. Go right and capture the diglett. Go back up to the two posts. 
You should see Deoxys in Defense Form. You have to circle him 17 times. He 
will shoot black balls at you and he will go into a white orb and your circles 
can’t progress during this time. Use Machop if necessary. Deoxys will run off 
again. It will be in speed form. Follow him. In the next room go up to get a 
Magneton and left to follow Deoxys. Go Left Again. You should see Deoxys in 
speed form.  You have to circle it 3 times. It runs really fast and uses orbs 
of energy. Once you capture Deoxys it will be in normal form and run away go 
down to the other room. In the next room you can get a Machop or Zubats. Next 
go into the up room and continue going up until you see Deoxys. It will start 
switching forms and once you capture one it will transform back into Normal 
Form and you should immobilize it. You need to circle it 9 times. Once you do 
this you mission is complete!!!

2.	Rescue Celebi!
You will start your mission at a shrine were celebi is. The go-rock squad will 
come and everyone will run off. Chase them. There will be obstacles so you’ll 
know where you should go. Capture the Phanpys. Then the Pikachu. Then there 
will be a Go-rock squad member with three hoppips. There all three circles. 
Instead of following the grunt go left. Go over to the Quilava. Capture it and 
burn the tree. This is for later. Now follow the grunts. There will be a grunt 
with three spinarks. Capture them and there all 3 circles. Capture the Machoke 
and break the rocks. Now there will be a grunt with beedrills. There all three 
circles. Next get the Pinser and Cut the metal fence. The Celebi will break 
the grunts styler and will run now chase it and capture it. It needs three 
circles. It will create vines. Once you do this its Mission complete.

3.	Find Mew, The Mirage
 When your mission first starts you find Percy coming back from looking for 
mew. Then mew appears. Now follow mew. Go to the left when you come to the 
first fork. An ! will appear and that means mew is in that area. Go to the 
left at the second fork. If you go on the bottom path you will find a Mantric 
and if you go on the top path you will get to allot of bug pokemon. Capture 
some because it will help with mew. You must circle mew 18 times. Mews attack 
is it teleports. Use a bug poke assist to immobilize it. It is still very hard 
but once you do it its mission complete!!!
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