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Hi, this FAQ talks strictly about missions and how to maximize bonus score for X-
Wing Alliance.  It may not be much, but with 50 missions, I'm not gonna talk much!

Mission 1:
ship: YT 1300 Transport Sabra
overview: you and your sister are just running some errands to local Harlequin
station.  Grab the container and head to the station to drop in off.  A couple 
hostile ships will radomly appear. Just shoot at them until they give up and grab 
the container you need.
tips: just do what they tell you to do.
bonuses to do: none

Mission 2:
ship: YT 1300 Transport Sabra (in gun turret)
overview: your brother is giving you gun turret training.  you will go to 2 target 
areas, but none of the targets shoot back, so this mission can be boring.
tips: target enemies closest to you to maximize your score because you can hit more.
bonuses to do: destroy the razor fighters yourself at the casino.

Mission 3:
ship: YT 1300 Transport Sabra
overview: You and your sister are inspecting 3 storage areas. In area 2 there are 
pirates.  Kill them.  In area 3, a Viraxo ship is there, blast it until it leaves. 
tips: shoot the Viraxo ship Emkidu and it leaves.
bonuses to do: destroy the pirates; destroy the razor fighters yourself.

Mission 4:
ship: YT 1300 Transport Sabra
overview: Your sister will take the Selu (Disguised as the venix for the mision), 
and place a container of illegal spice in a Viraxo storage center.  Your job is to 
create enough mayhem to attract the Imperials, at which point you leave.  The 
Empire will surely see the spice, and the Viraxo will have a hard time explaining 
that one!  However, the mission doesn't go as planned and the Venix is disabled.  
Cover your brother as he rescues your sister, then destroy the Venix.
tips: set your turret to defensive fire.  Also, don't get inspected by the Empire 
or your cover is blown.
bonuses to do: destroy more than 25% of the Viraxo property and attack the 2 

Mission 5:
ship: YT 1300 Transport Sabra
overview: Your family will rendezvous with some smugglers to get some bacta for the 
Rebels, who you give it to in the next mission.  However, the smugglers try to take 
your dad's ship.  Destroy the "technicians", who are disabling the ship, then help 
your family force the Correlian Gunship that flew in to leave before it disables 
the Vasudra.  The pirates will give you the bacta, in exchange for their lives.
tips: none
bonuses to do: destroy the 2 fighters and the scout ship Raveno.

Mission 6:
ship: YT 2000 Transport Otana
overview: Now you are giving the bacta to the Rebellion.  After rendezvousing with 
rebel pilot and family friend Olin Garn at Brint-Wo Colony, follow him to the Rebel 
hospital.  After a few minutes, a Star Destroyer and a couple Lancer Frigates 
appear and launch TIEs.  As you are busy, the Vasudra is destroyed!  Your farther 
and older brother Galin are dead.  There is nothing you could have done so suck it 
up.  Once you have covered at least 60% of the rebel ships to safety and your bro 
orders you to leave, DO WHAT HE SAYS!  Assault gunboats have arrived and will make 
short work of you if you stick around.
tips: destroy the TIE Bombers, or they will make saving 60% of the Rebels 
difficult. Also, set your turret to defensive fire as you leave to make it harder 
for the gunboats to hit you.
Bonuses to do: destroy the Lancer Frigates

Mission 7:
ship: YT 2000 Transport Otana
overview:  The Empire knows your family are Rebel supporters and are claiming your 
buisness.  You and your sister Aeron are getting some supplies from family owned 
Twin Suns Station.  Grab the warhead canister.  After a minute, some Viraxo and 
Imperial ships appear.  Drop the container and fight them for a while until Aeron 
finds what she was looking for and leaves, at which point you should grab the 
container and leave.  When you get back, you'll be greeted by 4 Razor Fighters, 
turn them into space dust!  Then your brother Emon returns.  A minute later, the 
Empire shows up.  After your bro and sis waste a considerable amount of time 
debating where to go, they finally decide on the Rebel fleet.  Head to the Nav Bouy 
and get out of there.  Don't worry too much about the TIES, they'll never get you 
if you are quick.  Congradulations!  You beat the most boring part of the game!
tips: when getting the container, first make sure the TIE Bombers can't get you.  A 
single warhead may not kill you, but it's good enough to destroy the unshielded 
container secured to your ship!
bonuses to do: destroy the 2 Viraxo shuttles and the Corvette (if you are good 

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