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Hello this is my first time to write my own FAQ walkthrough!

A begining Secret
You know how you have to chose your name and everything!

If you want secret items and NES games do this!

Name:SPACE then Leevon
Town:space then Badtown

Remember to do the space before writing the name.
When riding the train if you stay on a long time the conucter will walk by you

The Biggest Ive Ever Seen

I was fishing doing June and it was raining and i was walk by the river 
and saw a fish that was almost as big as your first house that you get
and i caught it and it was worth almost 20,000 dollars.

You will be able to get a present evertime time you write this to a villiger

To:My Best Friend[villiger name]

Hi[villiger name]this is [your name] How are you doing?
I just wanted to talk to you,because I know you love getting letters!
Ill talk with you later!Bye!

from:Your Friend [your name]

An easy way to get a eel

Sometime if its raining or not go to the pond and 
almost everytime you go there you will probly see a fish 
under a lily pad and it will be a eel.

How to get $200,000 in 15 minutes

You would have to have a town on both memory cards in order to do this.
In one town go to Tom Knook and say other things then turnip prices
and do it everday intil atleast 1,000 to 5,000 dollars.Then you go
on your other town and put it on Sunday when Joan comes to town.
Then go buy some turnips frome her buy as much as your pocket can take.
And travel on the train to the other town and sell your turnips.And go
back and get more turnips and do it over as much as you want.

Creating A Bridge

Once you have 15 people in your town run around the run along the river intil 
you see Tortimor and talk to him.He will tell you how there should be another
bridge and will ask you if you think there should be one.You can either say
I think there should or Ill sleep on it and the next day you will see a bridge
were you meet tortimer.

All The Nes games
I have played all these games.

Ice Climbers
donky kong 
donky Kong jr 
Ballon fight
And Im still looking for the rest

Sebtember 17
It is not a Holiday but it is the same day Animal Crossing Came
In stores in the united state.

The Golden Shovel
If you get the golden shovel Almost everytime you dig you get 100 bells

Golden Rod

When you get The Golden Rod you have a better chance of getting a fish.

Golden Net

It Is a lot long and bigger so you can 
cacth alot of insects without getting to close

Golden House

Doing the game if you talk to the same peoson everyday for atleast 2 months 
they will say that you are there best friend an will tell you they
will paint your house gold and the next day your house is shiny gold
and will have to presents with NES games in them.
IT has happend to me before you will get Ice Climbers And soccer.

Island Hat

If you go to the island everyday and talk to the person at the island
she/He will give you a hat that you can wear.
you can wear it whenever.

Island Model

If you do the same thing you did with 
the hat if you talk with them even more 
the will give you a island model.
And everytime you click on it a person comes out the door
and it lights up at night.
It is my favorite model I have ever gotten on Animal Crossing.

Secret fireplace

I have not gotten it yet but I heard
 that there is a hidden fireplace
on the island doing December
and if you can sell for alot 
of money.

December 31,2031

I put it on the last year on the last day and 
on 11:58 and wacthed the countdown.
when everything finished it put me 
back on december 1,2031.

Thank you for reading 
i will be making another tomorow 
I have alot of NEW STUFF im going to put on it
and if you would contact me my E-MAIL ADDREASE
IS [email protected]

this was my first time ever to 
make on of these before so im 
trying to get used to it.


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