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Hello. My name is Arjen de Haan en my nickname is Mariofan9.
You can email to [email protected] if you need some more or detailed help!
Here begins the FAQ:

Is it possible to catch a bee?
Yeah, but you need to be really, really fast.

I heared about money coming from a stone, can you tell me more?
Yeah, sometimes if you hit a rock with your shovel money comes out of it and it turns red.
Keep ramming the stone untill you got bells but be fast because the stone will become normal
again fast!

Who is Jingle?
Jingle is a black-nosed reindeer that gives presents with Christmas.

He keeps telling me I am not on his list! What to do?
He is lying, the next day you will have a present from him in your mailbox.

A character from my town has moved away and I haven't made a town where he coud move! How to get him back?
If that happens the character will never come back to their hometown. Sorry.

I heared I can make my Gyroids fight! How?
You need a boxing mat and some kind of boxing wallpaper.

Any tips on getting rare furniture?
Here are some tips getting some really rare pieces of furniture.
1: Search around the beach and you may find a stranded seagull named Gulliver and he
will give you a very rare piece of furniture.
2: When its your birthday, talk to the person outside your house to get a cool piece of furniture.
3: In the winter find an igloo, and go in there. The owner of the igloo will sometimes play a game
for your or his/her items. I got a really rare item and a lot of money this way!

Is it important that the HRA likes my home?
No, not at all. Make your house as you wish.

Thats all for now, i will update this later! See ya!
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