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Hello this is my FAQ with questions i wasnt asked but questions i hope would 
noramlly would be asked. DO NOT EMAIL ME i dont have the time to check it, do 
mail via CHEATCODES WEBSITE... and i add my fc DONT EMAIL ME! use the via mail 
form so i can check on this site. --*thecheatmaster*

 Q1: Why do so many people cheat?

 A1: That question is hard, so i'll take a guess. MY guess is that they are all 
people who are noobs and they cannot win any game. if you are this person WILL 
YOU PLEASE TRAIN AGAINST BOTS? to do this goto multicard battle and choose game 
and type and add bots THIS IS PRACTICE! i am sick of facing you, im a 4 star 
hunter i face enough..  anyway thats my reason

 Q2: How do I dodge Death-Alt?

 A2: If they are too close simply jump, turn into alt, and use any kind of 
attack, if SAmus, use boost, if Trace, use the PSHEEARO attack, and if you are 
just any other person... run and jump.

 Q3: How do I use the Tri-Form Kill with Sylux?

 A3: Be very skilled with the Lockjaw and place two lined bombs, when someone 
gets in bewteen them got in front ok them and fire, the bombs will form a 
triangle(hence the TRI-from-kill) on your opponent and home to them. this will 
strike them it should kill them instantly

 FINAL Q: I am an Action replayer whats so bad about it?

 FINAL A: WHats so bad about it?! pfft for one thing they ALL are noobs. i dont 
care if your a 5 star without those cheats of yours youll always LOSE. and you 
know something? your reputation is so bad they will D/C everytime they see your 
name. translation: you wont raise your level AT ALL. and its also addictive, 
you will use it and use it and use it and use it and use it and use it until NO 
ONE PLAYS YOU AT ALL. and for one thing i dont want it. if u use it, please 
advise to this warning: YOU WILL NOT BE SO GOOD.

  FC: Well, its the moment of truth. Add 5455-5878-5765. Add any random name it 
will upload it. DONT USE MY YAHOO use the PRIVATE MESSAGE via this site i will 
be blocking my email from being email thanks. *thecheatmaster*

(c) 2007 Do not copy any information. Ask permission by website pm to use on 
any other site. THank you.


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