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***This FAQ has some content provided by other gamers***
***Permission was granted by certain websites and gamers for this FAQ***
1.Legal Information
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1.Legal Information:
   Ask permission before copying this information.
This FAQ should not be sold for any profit,unless the author gets 
a share.I do grant permission for you to print this faq and use it
for personal use only.These questions were provided by online forums,
and questions emailed to me.I do have permission to listh these questions.


Q:What special stat numbers go with each pokemon when you do the any 
any pokemon cheat?

A:Read my other FAQ.

Q:I can't find Farfetch'd.Where do you find him?

A:Route 12 and 13.

Q:Is there a such thing as Bill's secret garden?

A:I haven't found it yet if there is a secret garden.I looked it up
and I found out that there are many ways to get into it posted on the 
internet.The two ways that I have tried are to surf around the right pond
in front of Bill's house five times and circle around Bill five times and
he will let you into the secret garden.The other way that i tried was to
have Evee,Jolteon,Vaporeon,and Flareon and talk to Bill and he will let 
you into the secret garden.I haven't found a true theory for the secret
garden yet.If there is a secret garden I will post the way to get into
it on the internet.

Q:I have gotten Mew and I have tried to get the transform lollipop by 
talking to the people in the vermillion city poke center 100 times each.
I haven't gotten the transform lollipop yet.What is the real way to get it?

A:I have never heard of this transform lollipop that you get when you have mew.
I have also researched this theory and found out that you have to talk to the
any person in the vermillion city pokemon center 100 times.The lollipop was
supposed to transform mew into metamew or metallic mew.The lollipop trick
is a lie.If you try it you will just be wasting your time.

3.Contact Information:
  To contact me for any reason click on my screen name where you select
the FAQ you want to read and email me questions,cheats,or requests for
cheats for other games.

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