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3D Fighting School FAQ by Kellogg
Copyright 1999, Kellogg Bowles

version .01a2

Hi there. Despite the fact that we call this a FAQ it really isn't one. Consider 
it a translation of some (but growing) translations of 3D Fighting School's 

.01a1 - initial version released
.01a2 - incorporated Erik Dimander's Profile translations ([email protected])
	  - added text editor and date editor translations
	  - corrected table of contents (i think)
	  - (some) cleanup (2/24/99 7:08 PM PST)

Section 1.0 Introductions
Section 2.0 Controls
Section 3.0 Translation
Section 4.0 FAQs
Section 5.0 Secrets
Section 6.0 Legal Mumbo Jumbo
Section 7.0 Contact Information and Credz

Section 1.0 ================================================== Introductions

Welcome to the 3D Fighting School FAQ. 3D Fighting School (3DFS) is the 5th 
"Construction Kit" that ASCII has released on the PlayStation. 3DFS follows "RPG 
School", "Dezaemon 3D", "Dezaemon Plus" and "Dezaemon Kids" in that each of 
these tools allowed you to create a game of a particular genre. Here's the list 
of ASCII construction games for the PlayStation:

	RPG School 3	    - Make 2D RPGs. Very cool software here!
	Dezaemon Plus       - Make 2D shooters. Nice but very difficult work
	Dezaemon Kids       - Make 2D shooters, iconic Dezaemon. No music editor
	Dezaemon 3D         - Make 3D shooters, also very complex
	3D Fighting School  - Make a 3D fighting game

Other construction kit games are listed below. Note: this list is currently very 
short, help me fill it up :)

	Carnage Heart		- Build and program mechs to fight
	Zeus:Carnage Heart	- Update to Carnage Heart
	Pandora Project		- Build and program mechs
	Theme Aquarium 		- Build and operate an aquarium
	Theme Park			- Build and run a theme park
	Dungeon Creator		- Build 3D step/turn dungeons
>Section 1.1 Packaging

3DFS comes in the larger format jewel case that many Japanese video games arrive 
in. On the back of the case we can see that the game is for 1 or 2 players and 
occupies 1-15 blocks of a standard memory card.

Inside is a thick (78 pages) manual, one PlayStation CD and a registration card. 
Nothing out of the ordinary except for that big manual, then again, RPG School 
3's manual rang in at 114 pages.

Section 2.0 ======================================================= Controls

In Game

In Editor (Motion)

Triangle - change camera position
Circle - OK
X - Cancel
Square - Hide Menus/Controls

Section 3.0 =================================================== Translations

A translation of (not) every menu and screen in 3DFS follows.

======== Main Menu ========

	CPU Fight
	VS Battle
	Game Options - goes to 
	Editor - goes to 

======== Game Options ========

	CPU Level (Easy, Normal, Hard)
	Time Limit (15, 30, 60, INF)
	VS CPU Number of Rounds
	VS 2P Number of Rounds
	1P Life Max (INF, 10-200)
	2P Life Max (INF, 10-200)
	Continue ????????? (Off/On)
	Hyper Mode (Off/On)
	Key Config
	BGM Volume
	SE Volume
	BGM Test
	SE Test

======== Editor Menu ========

Left to right, top to bottom:

Top Row:
	Clear Data
Middle Row:
	Profile - goes to 
	Model - goes to 
	Motion - goes to 

Bottom Row:
	Test Play
	Option - goes to 
======== Profile Screen ======== (thanks to Erik D)

First Name (Red) (Goes to )
Last Name (Orange) (Goes to )
Birth Date (Yellow) (Goes to )
???????? (Green)
Blood Type(Light Blue)
???????? (Blue)
??Other Info~Birthplace and so on??(Dark Blue) (Goes to )
??Other Info??(Purple) (Goes to )
??Other Info??(Pink) (Goes to )

======== Text Editor ========


	L1 - toggles between: (deactivates Kanji editor)
			Hiragana (orange)
			Katakana (yellow)
			Roman (teal)
			Symbol (green)
	R1 - activates Kanji Palette
	X - activates text field
		backspaces over entered characters when text field is active
	O - enters selected character
	  - deactivates text field when text field is active
	D pad - Position cursor over chacter when entering characters
	      - Position insertion point in text field when text
				field is active.
	Start - Exits the text editor
	Choosing Hiragana or Katakana will display appropriate Kanji
	in the Kanji palette.

======== Date Editor ========

	Up/Down - set number
	Left/Right - place cursor
	X - Cancel
	O - Set

	Three Numbers: Year, Month, Day (in that order)
	Year - freely adjustable
	Month - 1 through 12, wraps
	Day - Wraps to # of days in month field or 31 if no month yet set
		- Also adjusts to appropriate number of days in Feb. if year is set
======== Model Select Screen ========

Simple enough, choose which fighter you want to represent your moves. Kind of 
cool that you can build a set of moves and then watch all the characters use 
them. Unfortunate that you can't model your own characters. I would have hoped 
for at least a skin color option but alas, it appears we're stuck with what 
ASCII give us. Any secrets to unlock more from this screen would be most 

======== Motion Screen ========

This screen has four lists. Press Up/Down on the D-Pad when this screen appears 
to select a list:

	Hitting Moves (DAGEKI) - Yellow
	Grapple Moves (TOUGE) - Red
	Victory/Defeat Dances (SHOUBOU) - Blue
	Base Stances (KIHON) - Green

Each of these has within it's list:  

	Erase (Blue)
	Load (Green)
	Save (Red)
	Compact (Yellow)
When a move is selected a menu appears:

	Editor - opens the 
	Paste  - (dimmed if nothing has been copied)
When you've made a change in an editor and you back out of it, a menu appears 
with 3 choices as follows:

	Don't Save

======== Motion Editor ========

Across the top of the motion editor screen are three buttons:

	Motion displays 
	Create enters 
	Set Name opens 
======== Motion Step List ========

Six Colums:

	W? ******
	Zcm *****
	Xcm *****  (Y is set in the position itself)

======== Motion Create Screen ========

Across the top of the motion create screen are two buttons:

	Command		Opens key command input screen
	Hit			Displays 

======== Hit Paramter List ========

	JIZOKU (Persistence, Continuation) Follow Through?
	Impact Area SIZE, Damage Area SIZE
	Part of body which causes damage
	X Offset from that part
	Y Offset from that part
	Z Offset from that part
	Sound Effect (Hit)
	SE Count
	SE Frame Number
	SE 01 Frame
	SE 01
	SE 02 Frame
	SE 02

======== Editor Options ========

	Punch Point Visibility
	Move Display P1
	Move Display P2
	Toss Height Measurement
	Logic Display (cool)
	Facing Indicator
======== Logic Editor ========

Please have patience. The logic editor is somewhat overwhelming for someone who 
knows only a smattering of kanji...

Enter Logic Editor get 4 buttons across top:

	Load, Save, Editor, Test



See the word AITE (?) (1st two Kanji) at the beginning of almost all the logics 
(in the blue list). This means "opponent"

The three colored List Control Buttons are:

	Close Proximity
	Medium Proximity
	Far Proximity

Top Blue List is list of opponent actions (Ooooh, Hi Res!)

1. Opponent Stands
2. Opponent Stands and Guards
3. Opponent Crouches
4. ...
32. ...still working on this list (yikes)

Section 4.0 ============================================================ FAQs

Why are there no Frequently Asked Questions?

Sorry to confuse you. This document hasn't really reached FAQ status yet. 
Consider it a translation and other stuff document at this point. Maybe it will 
answer some questions. If not, send the questions to [email protected] and I'll 
see that they get in here in one way or another (see the Credz section)

Section 5.0 ========================================================= Secrets

Where we unveil the power and performance of a full 3D Character modeler in 
3DFS! Uh, sorry...please someone, find this feature!

No secrets (at this time) 

Section 6.0 =============================================== Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Whatever it is, don't do it.

No part of this FAQ may be republished or printed, electronic or otherwise 
without express written consent of the author (Kellogg Bowles). If you want to 
use it, let me know! Thanks. 

Section 7.0 =================================== Contact Information and Credz

You can find the latest version of this faq at GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

Find this faq's host at [email protected] and here are the others who've toiled 
night and day to make this FAQ more than it would have been if I'd trogged it 

Erik Dimander's Profile translations ([email protected])

ok...help me out here people

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