FAQ 4 - Guide for Tony Hawk's Underground

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Table of Contents:
1. Intro
2. Gaps list
a) New Jersey
b) Manhattan
c) Tampa Bay
d) San Diego
e) Hawaii
f) Vancouver
g) Slam City
h) Moscow
i) Hotter Than Hell
j) School 2
k) Venice Beach
l) The Hanger

3. Final Notes, Stats, and Contact info.

(*) denotes areas that are incomplete at this time. It may range from all but 1
goal to all goals.
|      1. Introduction     |

I'm not going to rave on about how much I love this game. I just do.

Gaps are one of the funniest things to do in this game.
They are also essential, you may build a line around a particular gap. They add
to your multiplier and raw score for a combo. Some of them are blatnatly
obvious, others are "WHAT THE F*** WAS NEVERSOFT THINKING! "

I'm writing this list as I get these gaps, but as I write this, I'm about done
with 9/12 levels.

I'm also adding the THPS2 levels, despite there being a perfectly good FREE
guide at IGN(!) for the 3 THPS2 levels that lists all the gaps. (Well except
for one, but if you played 2, you know where it is)

I'm going to list almost all of the ones for first 5 levels, Slam City and the
last 3. I may not update this for a week, because of college admissions and a
pesky project, but it should be complete

|          2. GAPS LIST         |


# on list.  

These are going in the order they appear on the in-game list
If it has Manual, Lip, Grind, Air, Spine, transfer types will not be listed,
since its obvious.
R2R means ramp to ramp.
Reverse means if you have to go "Rail 2 Ledge", then do the same thing as
"Ledge 2 Rail" just in...well reverse.


Secret Tape: Under the bridge on a walkway.
Hidden level is in the train station, on hospital side.

1.On The Pipe Again (GRIND)
Grind the long pipe on Elm Street

2. Factory Rail Lip
By the train station, lip the rail over the furthest quarterpipe.

3. Hidden Factory Lip
Cross the bridge, and climb the ladder thats on the left behind the metal
barrier. Lip the pool that you climb to.

4. Hotfoot! (grind)
On the ground levle of the factory, transfer b/t any 2 rails.

5. Low House Lip
In the make shift halfpipe in the center, lip the lower roof of either house.

6. On The High Wire (grind)
Use a kicker to get on a telephone line

7. Rail2Rail (grind)
Transfer a grind b/t 2 rails.

8. Barrier (grind)
Coming from the sewers, grind the last wall before the playground, jump, and
grind the concrete barrier.

9. Bench Hop (grind)
Grind on 2 benches in the train station

10. Clinic Hop (grind)
Transfer a grind between the clinic's perimeter wall, and a wall accross the

11. Crazy Train Spine
Must be done for "Jersey Spine Trickspot" goal

12. Grind Over Sewer
Grind in the drainage area over the back wall, ollie over the sewer and
continue to grind.

13. High House Lip
Same as Low House Lip, just go higher an lip.

14. Low House Shuffle
Grind the last porch on the left of Elm Street (heading to the burnt house) and
transfer to the grind to the wall running perpendicular

15. On The Gutter (grind)
Grind a gutter on the right side of Elm Street.

16. Playground Spine
Spine between a quarter and the pool in the playground

17. Spine Over Sewer
SHould be completed for "Eric's Challenge" goal.

18. TOMBSTONE (lip)
Lip the top level of the open air structure by Headstone Harry's.

19. Tri-Level Transfer (Grind)
Transfer between any of the three 3 ledges on the factory. Use the bumps to
jump a level.

20. Vert Over Sewer
Like Spine Over Sewer, except go ramp to ramp.

21. Get Around To It (grind)
Complete a lap of the traffic circle closest to the bridge by the train station.

22. Spining Down The House
Spine from the roof of the green house to the wodden qurter below.

23. Arson Investigation (lip)
Lip the telephone wire above the burnt down house. Its difficult.

24. Conditioned Response (lip)
Lip the air conditoner in the make-shift half pipe.

25. Crooked Factory Spine
Spine to the factory form the "Hidden Factory Lip" bowl

26. Ridin' High On Hog (grind)
Grind one arch jump and continue grinding on the other arch of the bridge.

27-30 Train Transfers (air)
Air over a track on one side of the track level of that station. Repeat for all
4 gaps.

31. Transferring The House (air)
Air bewteen the green house and the one next to it.

32. Raised The Roof (air)
Jump from the make-shift halfpipe to the top of the green house.

33. Cleared The Bridge (air)
Clear the bridge to clear chapter 3

34. You earned that $5
Complete "Walk Charles" goal

Secret Tape: Climb ladder by Metro Center Sign/Ticker

1. Morph Lip
By the Banks, near Radio City, spine into a pooel on top of a building. Lip the

2. Bench Hop (grind)
Transfer a grind b/t two benches @ 78 Waterstreet

3. Caught In The Act (grind)
Lets put it this way. Grind these objects in order.
anchor->lines above subway station->fire escape
JCS points out to me that you don't need the anchor, just the power lines->fire

4. Craven Moorhead (grind)
In the cash building...look at diagram.
    | |
___/   \____

 Jump Here

5. Credit Check (lip)
Lip the really high "CASH" sign that is a quarterpipe.

6. Hittin' The Pipe
Use a quarter by the parked cars in the Banks, to grind on a wire, and
well...grind the pipe...ahhhhh...
Thanks to JCS for pointing out my lack of mentioning the quarter.

7. Ledge Hop
Easy grind. Transfer grinds b/t two ledges in the memorial.

8. Light 'Em Up
Grind a lightpost. Easiest done in 78 Waterst. grind the bench that angels up
and grind the lightpost across.

9. Off Cars (grind)
Grind on parked Banks to a grind on the ledge by the wall.

10. On Break
Grind and grind two separate washer carts in a combo. Try getting this with
"Alley Gap"

11. On Cars
Reverse Off Cars.

12. Rail Hop
Transfer from one rail grind to another.

13. Wire Hop
This is a little hard. Grind the wire by Pyramid ledges, heading to Banks and
ollie and grind the wire crossing the street.

14. Across The Street
Grind The Metro Center's glass to a grind across the street in 78 Water

15. Alley Gap
Ok. By the memorial, see the billboards? Remmber the Golden Arches one's
Climb the ladder by the scaffolding, and find the ladder heading to the roof.
Get to the upper level.
Grind the billboard, and try to land ina grind on the window washer's cart. Do
it and get the gap.

16. Around We Go
Use the eleveator on the 3rd Floor of the Cash Building and get into the VIP
Grind the "U" so you are angled to jump the kicker at the end. Land in a grind
on the top loop, and hold it.

17-18. Bench 2 Ledge (or 2 Rail)
Do I really need to explain these?

19. Can I Please Have Some Shoes (grind)
Follow the fun grinding instructions!
Bench->anchor->wires above subway

20. Chase Hop (grind)
Get the "Wire 2 Ledge" and go Ledge 2 Awning.
And if you didn't notice, the cash Logo bears resemblance to the Chase Banks

21. For The Workers (grind)
In the construction, use the kicker to jump into a grind on the blue walkway on
the scaffolding.

22. Fountain Hop (grind)
In 78 Water, come from the Docks. Follow the outside wall on the inside, and
grind it. Make the jump over the water and into a grind.

23. Freeway Stall
By the anchor, use the bowl to lip the freeway.

24. Get Me Outta Here! (lip)
Hard one. In the banks, head for the B-Ball court. Lip the white wall using the
quarter below.
Now Jump and lip the wire above. It'll take several tries to find the right

25. Ghost Dog!! (air)
On the roofs in "Alley Gap", R2R from low to high.

26. Human Fly
This is fun. Starting by the Banks near the harbor, skitch a car heading to the
end of the banks.
Let go before it makes a turn, and using the concrete barrier by teh cops,
launch and grind the window washer on Radio City Music Hall

27. Javits Gap
At the Metro, grind the blue rail and then the glass to get this.

28. Junk In Da Trunk!
Grind all the parked cars in the bank.

29-30. Ledge 2 Bench (or 2 Rail)
'nuff said.

31. Market Crash (Grind)
Jump out the third floor of the Cash building into a grind on the Memorial

32. No Train For You! (Manual)
Manual down and up a subway station.

33. Out The Window
As Market Crash, but aim for the waterfall ledges in the litte park above the

34. Pyramid Jump (grind)
Use the ledges as kickers to get up to te scaffolding or brick ledge. Use the
streetside faces.

35-36. Rail 2 Bench (or 2 Ledge)

37. Shall I Push The Button (grind)
Grind all the ropes/chains from the anchor to the Chinese place. Grind on the
flags to keep the it going. NO MANUALS!

38. Some Assembly Required (grind)
In 78 Water, use the ledge by the construction as a kicker to grind on the
orange and white POLES that lead to the barrier.
Not the barrier itself, the sawhorse pieces.

39. Wire 2 Ledge
By 78 Water, coming from the Science Institute, to Banks, use the kicker to get
on the wires.
Transfer to a grind on the Cash bulding ledge.

40. Back And Fourth (grind)
doa slow grind on the anchor, so you just keep going back and forth without
jumping off.

41. Bling Bling!!
Market Crash, 'cept your heading for the rail in front of the Cash building on
the entire McDonald's-Pyramid-science street.

42. Look Out Below
Like Alley Gap, but try to drop on the Memorial ledges.

43. To The Banks!
Grind the guardrail by the memorial (concrete barrier with the rail on top) and
land in a grind on the Banks barrier.

44. Extreme Stall (lip)
Ready? Get Set...GO!
Skitch a car heading from Banks to Metro along Docks. Before the turn by Metro,
release, go down ramp and lip the window washer's cart.
its a B*itch.

45. High Lip
Lip the ledge bythe Science Insitute.

46. Mike Valley (air)
Air off a bank, over walkway, and land by the subway.

47. Waterfront Grind
Grind the wire that goes from the bowl by the anchor to the bowl on the other
side of the level.

48. Who's Your Daddy?
Skitch a car heading to the construction site. Use the kicker to launch onto
the steet by the docks.

49. Bust'N Out (air)
Jumpout a window in the Cash Building.

50. Going The Distance (grind)
Grind the freeway from the anchor to the Banks.


SPoT= Skate Park of Tampa
Hidden tape: Climb the wire heading to the glass buildings from the
drycleaners. Drop into the little gap between pools.

1. Bench Hop
Transfer grind between 2 benches.

2. Ledge Hop
Transfer grind between 2 ledges.

3. Picnic Pop
Transfer grind b/t the picnic tables by Bro Bowl.

4. Pipe 2 Pipe
Transfer a grind b/t two pipes in SPoT.

5. Pipe 2 Rail
In the SPoT Comp area, grind a pipe and transfer grind to a railing leading

6. Planter Pop
Transfer a grind b/t two planters.

7. Rack Up (grind)
Heading to Strip Club by SPoT, Grind  the nike racks to land on the higher pipe.

8. Rail 2 Pipe
Revers Pipe 2 Rail

9. Rail Hop
Transfer a grind b/t two rails.

10. Rail Up
By the parking grage, use the kicker to wallride and then grind a higher edge.

11. Wet Beaver (air)
Air over the rollin by the boat shack

12+13. Bank Break-In(and Out)
Spine the quarterpipes in front of the bank, and then go back out the same way.

14. Bart's Chili (Air)
Spine over the boat shack, when the boat is docked behind it.

15. Bart's Sausage Melt (Air)
Air over the strip club lower entrance

16. Blue 10
Grind the blue rail by the drawbridge.

17. Chapin Gap
Olly over the hill that leads down to the boat shack.

18. Cheese'N Eggs (air)
In the outdoor area of SPoT, spine over the fence. (Its behind the halfpipe)

19. D'Amato Lip
Lip the D'Amoto building. Its the one that says "D'Amoto" on it. >_O

20. Fine Art Appreciation (grind)
Grind that yellow thing by D'Amoto's.

21. Inspector Ledge
Grind the ledge below the drycleaners.

22. Ledge 2 Rail
Grind the ledges  in the park leading to the water. Jump onto the rail.

23. Over The Bank
In SPoT Comp street, Olly over the banked area.

24. Pipe Lip Gap
Lip a pipe on the ceiling of SPoT

25. Porterhouse T-Bone and Eggs (air)
Use the mound on the sidewalk to acid drop into the Bro Bowl.

26+27. Power Down (and Up)
Using the fence by SPoT going to the Strip Club, use the kink to get on the
Then, using the powerlines, drop onto the same fence.

28. Rail 2 Ledge
Now grind the rail (which drops off by the boat shack) the other direction back
to the ledges.

29. Ride 2 Pipe
Wallride and grind the redpipe on the side with the sign grind.

30. Ride 2 Rail
Wallride to a grind on SPoT by the parking garage.

31. Rob's Patty Melt Plate (air)
Ollie over the giant stair case by the west parking garage.

32. SPoT Bowl Transfer
In non-comp SPoT transfer from a quarter to the bowl.

33. SPoT Channel
In SPoT Comp, same side as Over The Bank, R2R over the little channel.

34. SPoT Sign Grind
Ride 2 Pipe 2 Sign

35. Waterway Grind
Ok, b/t the Secret Tape building, and Tower, there's a quarter. Caveman out on
top of it. Grind the white rail.

36. Waterway Manual
Now manual this passage.

37. Wilt's Soup Of The Day (air)
Go ramp 2 ramp over the parking garage entrance.

38. Wire 2 Wire (grind)
On the power lines, jump from one wire to the other wire.

39. Alex's Iced Tea (BIG AIR)
Get used to this one. Spine from the buildings you got the Secret Tape from, to
the street.

40. Big SPoT Channel
Ok back in SPoT Comp opp. side of SPoT Lil' Channel. Launch from the big
quarter to the one parallel that forms a mini vert with the one by hte

41. Bro Bowl Grind
Complete "Bowl Grind" Goal

42. Cheesesteak Omlette (Grind)
Back to the bowls near the secret tape. Now grind the wire that leads behind to
the circular tower. Grind it baby.

43. Chopsteak Dinner (air)
On top of the skybridge, spine back into the bank's second level.

44. Gaping Wallride
In SpoT comp. Get up to the pipe ring on the ceiling. Make sure your grind is
heading so you can make the transfer by the wall that has the doors to outside.
When you get to the entrance, ollie wallride wallie back into a grind on the
other ring. You can't grind the straight one in the middle for it to count.

45. Johnny's Chicken Melt (Grind)
Get to the top of SPot, cross to the second bulding, and then use the gray
ledge to get into the bank. Continue to get on the skybridge.

46. Pecan Waffle (Grind)
Get on the D'Amoto building, Caveman grind the traffic light on the other side
of the road.

47. SPoT Wire Bridge (grind)
Grind a wire that runs from both the SPoT buildings. Very simple.

48. Wallplant Combo
Gotten by doing the "Wallplant Combo" goal.


Most of these are mirrors. Do it one way, then go back the other way to get
another gap.
R2R= Ramp 2 Ramp.
High/Big-Going from high to low.
Low/Lil'-Going from low to high.
Secret Tape: Wait for the demo. Go up the rollin on the left side onto the
upper level, and collect it.

1. Bank to High Bar (grind)
Must be done to complete Chapter 13.

2. Channel Planter R2R High
In the area you start in, skate to the street. Look left. You gotta R2R over
the water, from the high side.

3. Lofty Grind!
Grind a high ledge by launching from a quarter.

4. 9 1/2 point landing (grind)
Hey...Nice Spear! -> grind on curb by purple statue

5. Balcony Hopping! (grind)
Transfer a grin b/t two balconies. They should be near the Bell Tower.

6. Lip The Lights!
Lip the light ring when the demo is set up.

7. Lofty Lip
Don't grind. Lip a ledge instead.

8. Rail 2 Rail
Transfer a grind b/t 2 rails.

9. Concrete VS. Metal (grind)
From the tunnel, grind the metal rail and jump to the concrete planter on the
other side.

10. Hey...Nice Spear! (grind)
Grind The Horseman's spear

11. 10 Point Landing!
Ok. Spine up to the atruium (* below)
t-towers, q-quarter, H-Horseman, b-Bell building
   |    b     |

t|q    |H|      q*| |

Grind the high ledge heading towards the Horseman. You'll got to a wire.
Now land on the purple statue.

12. Big Ledge Hop (grind)
Transfer a grind b/t the two ledges in front of the museum.

13. Big Rail 2 Rail
Transfer a grind b/t 2 green rails that are high up. Look at the Atrium.

14. Channel Planter R2R Low
Reverse of of Channel Planter R2R High

15. East Exit R2R
R2R over the doors you see as you skate outta the Museum area.

16. Flag Flyin' (grind)
Powerlines->line of flags

17. Founder's R2R East Lil'
18. Founder's R2R West Lil'
This is the area that is the one that you did the East Exit on, just the
courtyard inside.
Do the transfers from the higher ledges.

19. High Wire Act
Grind the wire for 10 Point landing, getting on by using the Horseman's quarter.

20. North Side Bell R2R
The Bell Building. On the museum side of it, R2R over the wall by the fountain.

21. Over The Horse! (Air)
Spine over the Horseman

22. Sawhorse Gap!
Complete "Rooftop Technician" Goal

23. South Side Bell R2R
Same side, but R2R the wall by the Horseman

24. Theatre Arm R2R West High
Ok non-secret tape arm of the theater. Skate away from the main building, and
R2R the lower one in the theatre proper.

25. West Exit R2R
Skate staright through the tunnel. Go straight to the R2R setup. R2R over the
magic enter this and die level boundary.

26. Theatre Stairs East R2R
27. Theatre Stairs West R2R
R2R over the stairs that lead up to the ampitheater. They're near the Horseman.

28. Big Organ Side Stage R2R High
Non-secret Tape arm of Theater. Skate to the big building, and air to the
bottom left quarter.

29. Down The Horse's Spine!(air)
Acid Drop the statue from the second story of the building facing it. You gotta
do it to get the special trick slot for this level.

30. Founders' R2R East Big
31. Founders' R2R West Big
Reverse of Founders Lil'. Start low, go high.

32. Over The 20 Set (air)
Ollie the Museum's stair set w/o touching any of them.

33. Rooftop Arch Manual
Manual b/t the bell building's arches.

34. Steeple Lip!
In the theater area, you gotta lip the little pointed edges on the top of the
second level of the theater.

35. Theatre Arm R2R West Low
36. Tower Jump
Acid Drop from one of the two towers near the Horseman. There's a ladder going
up top.

37. West Exit R2R Loose
Instead of West Exit R2R go off the one by the Skateshop to the further one.

38. Atrium Gap!
Air over the upper levels of the atrium. You need to do this to complete "Air
Over The Atrium" Goal.

39. Big Organ Side Stage R2R Low
Reverse Big Organ Side Stage R2R. This one is hard.

Hidden Level: Jump in the Tiki on the far side of the level.
Secret Tape. Grind down one of the wires from the Big Surf hotel.

1. Bench Hop
Transfer a grind b/t 2 benches

2. Bowl Transfer
Spine transfer between the pools at the Big Surf

3. Breakwater Hop
Grind around all the break waters in the ocean.

4. Chainlink Transfer
In the mini-skatepark by the freeway, somehow spine over it.

5. Ledge Hop
Grind transfer b/t 2 ledges. Try the entrance of the Big Surf

6. Planter Pop
Grind transfer b/t two planters. Try near Off The Walls

7. Rail Hop
Transfer a grind b/t two rails.

8. 88 Bowl
Third Wallows Gap

9. Air Bowl
First Wallows Gap

10. Awning Hop
Transfer grind the awnings of the Pink Palace

11. Banyan Tree Grind
Grind the branch of the tree in the cage by the Pink Palace.

12. Bench 2 Rail
O_O O_o O_O O_o
Nothing to see here. Its GODDAMN SIMPLE!

13. Big Tree Transfer
Spine over the Tree in the Trinket Palace

14. Branch 2 Branch
Transfer two grinds b/t branches of the damned Banyan tree in the Trinket

15. Grab a Branch
Lip a branch. Try the one above the quarter next to hte gypsey.

16. Kayak Hop (grind)
Grind the volleyball net and jump onto the kayaks and complete the grind.

17. Park and Ride Pop
Grind the rail above the wavy roof hotel, and transfer it to one of the bus
huts on the playground.

18. Rail 2 Bench
o_O O_O o_O O_O
!ELPMIS NMADDOG stI .ereh ees ot gnihtoN

19. Surf's Up
Grind both sets of surfboards on the beach in one combo.

20. Tube Bowl
Second Wallows Gap

21. Wavy Roof Gap
Grind the ledge by the bus hut and use the kink to get a grind on the way roof.

22. Welcome To Wallows (Air)
Where the pickup truck is, spine the halfpipe in the deadend to get to Wallows

23. Big Surf Suicide!
On the Big Surf Rooof, spine down to the ground by the Pink Palace

24. High Lip
Lip the high non-roof ledge on the Big Surf.

25. Kalakaua Ave Gap (air)
Get some speed, and use the kicker to get to the roof of the wavy-roof building

26. Nuthin' But Net
Start a grind on the ledge on the Big Surf and transfer the grind onto the
volleyball net.

27. Off The Walls Manual
Manual one length of the Off The Walls area.

28. Off The Walls Manual Rewind
Go one length, ge thte gap, then go back in the same combo.

29. Off The Walls Transfer
R2R the concrete barrier to an Off The Walls quarter.

30. Pink Pad Manual
Manual the Pink Palace's walkway to the right of the entrance.

31. Pink Place Entrance (air)
R2R over the PP entrance.

32. Pink Roof Transfer
R2R to the roof of the entrance.

33. Planter Grind
Hold a grind around the yellow planter in front of the Big Surf.

34. Pool Drop
Acid Drop from the roof of the Big Surf into the pool below

35-38. Ludicrous Spine Transfers.
These are done in the "Hawaii Huge Spine Transfer" goal

39. High Wire
From the bowl in the Pink Palace roof, find the wire that runs to the street.
Grind it. You need to grind it for the "High Lines" goal.

40. Holy Hotel Gap!
Launch from the Big Surf Roof to the Pink Place roof

41. Wallows 3 Bowl Combo
Get all 3 wallows bowl in 1 combo.

Secret Tape: Over one of the glass domes. Skitch, and use the pagoda to gain
the neccessary height and speed to get it.
Note on pools. Directions from facing Court from Hotel. These ones are on the
highest level of the court.

1. 1500 Georgia Banks Rail
This is the building on the opposite side of Slam City. Grind the rail locate
in the waterfall.

2. Golden Rail
Grind "The Goodmount" sign that goes to the 1500 GA

3. Slam City Wire
Get to the second highest ledge on the hotel heading to Slam City and grind the
wire that goes around it.

4. Top Loop
Grind around the second level of the hotel. DO NOT use the kickers. Instead
dring out the other way w/ the tables. When you enter a new room, ollie right
and catch the tables again.

5. Offwire
Grind The Slam City Wire and jump to the handrail that goes around the second

6-9. SJ 2 (something)
Grind the handrail and ollie and grind on whichever object it calls for on the

10. SJ Rail 2 Rail
Grind the curb next to the building on the second floor. Jump to the handrail.

11-12. Out Of Hotel Across Street 2 Truck
Grind the pagoda's right side. Jump into the hotel, and ollie right onto the
curved rail.
Land in a grind, ollie out window and grind on the truck by Slam City.

13. Beak Rail
Grind the statue's beack near the hockey rink

14. Claw Rail
Grind the statue base.

15. Court Pool (grind)
Grind the middle pool by the courthouse

16. Hawkbowl Rail
Grind the blue rail behind the Hawk Statue

17. Hawkbowl Transfer
Use the diagram below. || is the statue.  are the planters. Use the quarters
to Hip transfer into the bowl.
/       \
|       |

18. Hawkwing Transfer (air)
By the Hawk statue, use the quarters that border it and land in a grind on the

Use the left or right and transfer to the middle (and grind)

19. Hotel Goodmount Front.
Grind the big awning. Easiest to get up, then Caveman grind the sign.

20. IN (grind)
Grind the dome from the outer-most ledge. Ollie thorugh the doors into grind on
the black ledge.

21. Judge Pool
Leftmost pool

22. Ledge Hop (grind)
Grind jump and grind both ledges on the Museum.

23. Museum Drop (air)
Get to the roof of the hotel. Head to the front, and spine the quarter to the

24. OUT
Reverse "IN"

25. Over The Dome (air)
Useing the concrete kickers and air over the dome to the otherside.

26. Pagoda Transfer (air)
Spine the glass pagodas, and jump off the higher level.

27. Plaza Pool
Grind the lowest level pool.

28. Rail Hop (grind)
On the pedestrian bridge byt the court, grind one rail and jump to the other.

29. Round Fountain (air)
Jump over the fountain by hawkbowl.

30. Superior Pool
Rightmost pool

31. Superior Small Rail
Grind the court pool, ollie, grind the small edge of the planter.

32. Superior Staircase rail
As above, but aim for the longer edge.

33. Then Up To Slam City (grind)
This is continued from "Out Of Hotel Accross Street 2 Truck"
Simply ollie off the truck onto the handrail.

34. Triple Transfer
Behind the Hawkbowl, there are 3 quarters. R2R over the middle one.

35. Walkway Rail
Grind the entire ledge from the courthouse to Slam City. It goes under the
purple flags.

36. Wing Rail
Grind the wings of the Hawk Staute

37-39. BC Transfers
Gotta get done for the "Vnacouver Spine Transfer Challenge" Goal

40. Front Desk Manual
Jump into the Goodmount by the front desk, manual, and jump out the window on
the other side of the lobby.

41. High Hotel Drop (grind)
Using the kickers in the second floor, grind out the windows, and land in a
grind on the dome.

42. Hotel 2 Dome
43. Hotel 2 Superior Court
These both involve transferring from grinds from the hotel to other
places. You  must do the first by starting a top loop grind. As you exit
the window, you have to jump from where the ledge curls, into a grind on
the dome. It's a b*tch. For the second, you gotta go back to the second
floor, and use the quarter to get on the roof part. Grind the railing
so you catch the black pole (don't worry it'll catch automatically.) Now
cath a grind in the bank by the pedestrian bridge near the courthouse.

44-46. Superior Spines
Spine between all the bowls. Also, if you want Adio shoe deal, you gotta do

If you do "IN" and "OUT" on the same combo, you'll get THROUGH.

48. Through Hotel High (grind)
Like "Out The Hotel" excecpt hold the grind and jump on the ohter pagoda.

49. 2nd Floor Spine
In one of the second floor rooms, using the quarter, jump out the roof and
spine to the ground.

50. Garden Spine
Spien one of the planters near the courthouse to the hill below.

51. Goodmount Transfer(air)
R2R over the Goodmount box sign.

52. High Lip
Lip the qurterpipes you needed to hawkwing transfer

53. Plaza Spine
Reverse of Garden Spine

54. Ramp Transfer
"Triple Transfer" but you only need to R2R adjacent ones.

55-56. Hockey Scores
Knock the puck into a goal and grind while it says "GOAL!"
Do it for both goals.


Secret Tape: Grind the light rig and break through the monitor.

1. Billboard Hip
Hip Transfer by the Slam City Billboard

2. Brick Wall
Grind the brick wall in street.

3. Ho Brah! Dass DJ Qbert!!
Grind the DJ's table. He's by the street judges. It also changes the track you

4. Ledge Hop
In street, grind ollie and grind the blue boxes.

5. Rail Hop
If you sakte from the Billboard, there is a rail on a funbox. Grind it and the
one right ahead of it. (ollie)

6-10. Sections A-E (grind)
Grind down the rails after you go through the doors leading upstairs.

11. Section F (grind)
You gotta hop off in th right place, b/c no door leads here. Its two sections
to the right of D.

12. Side Jump'n (grind)
Grind one of the funboxes that has a few ledges and transfer b/t the ledges

13. Sponsored
Grind the rail behind the bllboard and ollie and grind on the green fence

14. Tall Hip
Hip the Quarter that has the "VANS" logo. The really tall one (duh).

15. Turntable Hip
Hip over DJ Qbert

16. Double Side Jump
Do "Side Jump'n" and do it one more time. Best to be going slow.

17. Drop Manual
Grindone of the red rails, drop and manual over the big funbox that leads by
sections A and B.

18. Glass Hop (grind)
Carry a grind on the glass barrier, and hop over any gaps in it. (try by
Section C)

19. Glass On The Side (grind)
When the glass makes a sharp turn, ollie the way you need to continue it.

20. Into The Big Halfpipe
Reverse of Outta the Halfpipe

21. Jesse's Grind
Grind the Stretchers behind the rollin for the Vert Pipe.

22. Light Rig Lip
Lip the light rig. Best done in half pipe

23. Outta Big Halfpipe
Build up some speed, and SPine out of the Vert Pipe. If you're in the right
place you'll transfer to a quarter in the
street area.

24. Across The Floor Manual
Manual down the bumpy floor, all the way to the white rails on the other side
of the street area.

25. Impressn' The Judges Transfer (air)
R2R over the bumpy/wavy floor that you go down for #24

26. Impress'n The Judges Manual
Manual in front of the street judges table

27. Speaker Lip
Lip one of the speakers over the Vert Pipe


Glad I'm a nice guy. This level has the most gaps and the most vaguely named.

Hidden Level: Near Lenin's Tomb, jump through the left-center window of the
building near the dome.
(Where it bulges out. Jump through the one just left of center.) Its the 5th
formthe left.
Secret Tape: Its floating around St. Basil's (The Pointy thing.) Jump around
for a little while. You'll get it.

GUM Building-This is the building you start near (the one with the security

1. Elisey's Tour
Lenin's Statue, grind the U-shaped bench onto the planter.

2. Arch Transfer
Spine over the arch b/t the GUM building and Statue Plaza.

3. Ledge Hop
Grind transfer between 2 ledges.

4. Middle Level Lip
Grind the second level lip of the GUM.

5. Necropolis Grind
Grind the black ledge behind Lenin's tomb.

6. Over The Stairs
R2R over the steps by Lenin's tomb.

7. Planter 2 Stairs
In the Statue plaza, grind from a Planter 2 stairs.

8. Rail Hop
Transfer a grind b/t 2 rails.

9. Andrew's Photo Op
Lip the pipe by the armory.

10. Anton's Transfer
Transfer over the staircase leading down to the armory.

11. Basil 2 Stairs
Transfer a grind from St. Basil to the semi circle steps around the spire.

12. Big Red Lip
Lip the big red wall.

13. Bleachers to Lenin
Transfer a grind b/t the bleachers to Lenin's tomb. Doing this on the highest
level yields "Gettin' High On Lenin"

14. Blind Drop
Spine transfer b/t the dome on the roofs to the alleyway near the Statue. Use
the statue as a guide to line yourself up.

15. Blocked Alley
R2R over the alley that is blocked by barriers. Its by the GUM building.

16. Break On Through
Get ready? Get set go. Break the window by Lenin's tomb that leads by the
Secret Level. Next thing to do is simple. Wallride Lenin's tomb, jump into a
grind on the ledge, and grind down the staircase out of the building.

17. Bridge Cross Over
Transfer b/t the 2 edges of the bridge by Statue plaza.

18. Cannon Air
R2R over a cannon.

19. Catherine The Grind
I need to do a diagram.
w=walkway, h=halfpipe, x=transfer grind here.

    |w| |  _
    |w| | / \
    |w| |_| |
    |w| x
Grind from the left 'pipe's left lip, and transfer a grind to the roof, and
then hop onto the ledge right in front of you.

20. Christ's Air
Yay. Christ Air this one for kudos. Grind from the graysih hotel, w/o gold
spires and Launch to the roof of the other church. Take theRight rail if you
want to initiate NO F&%ING WAY!

21. Church 2 Church
Where the craxked bell is. Use the ledge above to transfer to the other church.
In grind of course.

22. Church Lip
Lip the church that is in the center of the plaza with the churches,
communications and Parliament buildings.

23. Communication Lip
Lip the communications building.

24. Confounded Bridge
R2R over the bridge near the armory.

25. Control The Media Control The Minds
Spine over the booth on the communications building.

26. Crazy Ivan
Instead of hopping to a grind right in front of you in Catherine the grind, aim
for the part of Basil's that looks like this:

 ^aim for that, the horizontal part, not vertical.

27. Criss-Cross Crash
Get "Towering" and as you come around, jump over the gap in b/t the roofs on
that church. Land in a grind on the rails.

28. Domed
Spine into the Parliament dome.

29. Double Drainage
By the GUM building, transfer a grind between the two pipes over the arch.

30. F&%KING
After NO, grind the next set of scaffolding on the adjacent building.

31. For The Mother Land
Grind the 3 tanks near Lenin's tomb in a combo.

32. Govt. Bomb
Grind the Parliament building's roof so you head for the center church, and use
the kink at the end to land a grind on the planter next to the stairs.

33. GUM Dropped
Get to the top of the GUM building, grinding toward the statue plaza. Ollie off
at the end and grind the highest planter. This is a toughie.

34. GUMed Up
Use the little arches on the ledges of the GUM building to go up a level.

35. Illumination Grind
Grind the Christmas lights starting on the wall and heading towards Lenin's

36. Kick Me 2 Church
Transfer a grind between the rails of one of the L churches to the one in the
center. Get to the roof and hopefully you're in a combo by now. Use the kinks
to air up.

37. Ledge 2 Rail
Transfer a grind b/t a ledge and a rail.

38. Lenin 2 Bleachers
Reverse Bleachers 2 Lenin.

39. NO
Do Christ's Air and jump to grind on the scaffolding on the nearby tower.

40. Oktober High
Use the bikeracks as a kink to grind the base of Lenin's statue.

41. Oktober Shuffle
Transfer a grind sideways b/t the 2 ledges near Lenin's statue.

42. Oleg's Transfer
R2R over the subway by the Armory.

43. Parliment Pole Vault
Boneless over the flagpole above the Parliament flag. It's the building where
you do the doubles session with Eric. You do not have to air completely over.
You can grind on the flagpole too. (Credit to Chocoburger for pointing that out)

44. Peter The Gap
Catherine The Grind, but on the other side of St. Basil.

45. Pipe Stall
Lip a pipe.

46. Rail 2 Ledge
Transfer a grind b/t a rail and a ledge.

47. Rasputin Returns
Crazy Ivan "Peter The Gap"

48. Rep Spired Lip
Behind Lenin's Tomb there is a set of quarters. Use them to lip on the Red
Building. It'll take a try or two to find the right spot.

49. Stairs 2 Planter
Transfer a grind from stairs to a planter.

50. Threading Basil
Grind the middle ledge of the GUM Building towards St. Basil's, use the final
kink to land in a grind so the grind snakes through Basil.

51. To The Other Side
Continuing the song by The Doors, after "Break On Through" grind the rail
surrounding the dome in the statue plaza.

52. Top Level Lip
Lip the top level of the GUM.

53. Towering
On The gray church with all the domes, get on the roof. Locate the end of the
rail that aims for a cross. Now Follow the rail as it snakes through, and start
a grind on its end. There's a wire behind that cross, that wraps around the
tower. Grind the wire.

54. WAY!
Finish "NO F&%ING" by grinding on the railing on St. Basil's. Holding this
grind will let you get the Secret Tape.

55. WWWEEEEEEEE! (grind)
In the plaza where Lenin's statue is, grind the railing around the dome.

56. Eternal Propaganda
Lip the higher satellite dish on the Communications building.

57. Gettin' High On Lenin
Bleachers 2 Lenin, except go from the highest bleacher.

58. High Lip
Using the quarters by the cannon, lip the Parliament building.

59. MiG27 Bombing Run
This is fun. Ok climb up the tower, like you had to go ring the bell. Instead,
grind the right ledge so you head back towards the GUM building/Lenin/St.
Basil. After doing so acid drop into the halfpipe.

60. Over The Wall
Spine over the wall. You gotta go it for chapter 1 of Russia.

61. Parapet Stall
Lip one of the parapets (vertical extensions to the wall)


Secret Tape: Its floating above one of the catwalks.

1. Lethargic
Grind the counters of the closed concession stnads.

2. Speaker Gap
Backstage, transfer a grind b/t the 2 sets of speakers.

3. Bench Hop
Grind transfer b/t 2 picnic tables

4. High Line
Grind the wire going through the rings of fire backstage. Use the funbox below
as a kicker.

5. Ledge Hop
Grind b/t the curve

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