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Q: How do I defeat Trent Easton on the "Duel" Level
A: The easiest way is to just turn  around quickly
by using the analog stick Left or right and the left or right Strafe buttons
(Example: Left on the analog stick left on the strafe button)
Then aim at his head and shoot, it might take a while to get it down.
Q: How do I get the "Duel" mission?
A: You get at least a  bronze medal on all of the target training missions

Q: On the Chicago level I've debug the taxi cab, but, the taxi won't fly away. 
What's wrong with my game?
A: Nothing. The taxi takes awhile  because it has to crash into the drone at 
an "Exact Moment"  Alternativly, you can go in the area on your right you 
first see when you come out of where you start out of, in the dumpster (which you 
can move)  is a bombspy,   move the dumpster near the oil cans, and shoot the cans ,
grab the bombspy and make sure  you kill the guy closet to the switch to the car 

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