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/   ,;   ||   ||   |    |   ||   ||   |/   ,;   ||   ||   ||   ..---'
|   ''   ||   ||   |    |   ''   ||   ||   ''   ||   ''   ||   '-'''|
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AirBlade guide. Last updated 13/11/01.  FAQ by Jonathan Mace.  

Legal Information

This FAQ Guide is Copyright 2001 by Jonathan Mace.  The unauthorised 
use of all or any part of this guide is likely to constitute a 
criminal offence and I will prosecute to the full extent of the law.

I am in no way related to Criterion Games Ltd. or SCEI, and have 
nothing to do with them .  AirBlade is Copyright by Sony Computer 
Entertainment Europe.  All of the characters, events, and game 
content are copyright by SCEE.  

Contact Info.

If you want to use this guide on your site or have information not 
listed in this FAQ, please e-mail me at [email protected]  

The above e-mail address is NOT to be added to junk mail mailing 
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Me (Jonathan) who wrote the guide.
Justin Andree (who contributed to the secrets section)

*I have had loads of e-mails about secrets.  If you e-mailed me, and 
wish to be listed (I'll know if you have told me, but e-mail anyway)

Update Information

Version 1 posted Tue 13/11/01.


1) Controls
2) Tricks
3) Navigation
4) Story Mode
5) Stunt Attack
6) Multiplayer
7) Options

1. Controls.

Directional Buttons/Left Analog stick = Control AirBlade.

          * Press left or right to steer.
          * Press diagonal down/left or down/right to perform a slow,
            tight turn.
          * Press down to turn 180 degrees and reverse your direction 
            of travel.

X button = Press to jump and hold to jump higher (uses boost bar).
Circle button = Grab onto bars and poles or perform a  grab trick.
Square button = Perform a flip trick.
Triangle button = Grind along a rail or edge.

R1 button = Spin Right.
R2 button = Press and hold for a speed boost (uses up boost bar).
L1 button = Spin Left.
L2 button = Press and hold to slow down and stop.

2. Trick List.

Ground Tricks
  Square = Kickit
  Square + Right = Impossible
  Square + Left = Tailwhip
  Square + Up = Kickflip
  Square + Down = Reevflip

  Square + Right + Right = Grabplant
  Square + Left + Left = Spinplant
  Square + Up + Up = Upandover
  Square + Down + Down = Relapse

Basic Air Tricks
  Square = Kickit 540
  Square + Right = Varial
  Square + Left = Rockit
  Square + Up = Copter
  Square + Down = Airwalk

  Square + Right + Right = Front-Gyro
  Square + Left + Left = Back-Gyro
  Square + Up + Up = Flippit
  Square + Down + Down = Handspring

Air Tricks
  Right then Left then Square = Leftflip
  Left then Right then Square = Rightflip
  Up then Down then Square = Frontflip
  Down then Up then Square = Backflip

Big Air Tricks
  Right then Left then Right then Square = Overhead
  Left then Right then Left then Square = Suicide
  Up then Down then Up then Square = Boardstand
  Down then Up then Down then Square = Dropout

  Circle + Right = Frontside
  Circle + Left = Backside
  Circle + Up = Nosegrab
  Circle + Down = Tailgrab

  Triangle = Edgewalk
  Triangle + Right = Cross-Up
  Triangle + Left = Wildslide
  Triangle + Up = Nosegrind
  Triangle + Down = Tailgrind
  Up then Up then Triangle = Handstand
  Down then Down then Triangle = Freestyle

3. Navigation

At the title screen, press Start.

Single Player
Additional Features

Single Player

Select New Game, Load Game or Continue Game.
You now have the option to do either:

Story Mode
This is a mission-based mode where you have to use your boarding 
skills to rescue your friend Oscar and take on the GCP corporation.  
Perform well and you can unlock levels and extra playable characters 
for play in other modes.
When you complete a level, a level completion screen will be 
displayed, showing your time, number of falls, best combo, stunt 
score and grade

Score Attack
You can improve your skills and earn a place on the High Score table 
in this mode.  You can choose from six characters, four of which you 
must unlock, and any of the levels which you have unlocked in Story 
Mode.  You have two minutes in your chosen level to score as many 
points as possible

Free Style
This mode gives you unlimited time to explore the levels you have 
unlocked in Story Mode.  Choose your character and level in the same 
way as you would for Score Attack Mode.

This is a short training course in controlling your AirBlade and 
performing basic moves.  Kat will take you through the challenges via 
your PDA.  

Stunt Attack*
This is an objective based mode in which you can select any level and 
have a list of eight objectives to complete.  You have two minutes to 
complete as many as possible, and when one has been completed it will 
be like this permanently.

*This is unlocked after completing the main story mode.

4. Story Mode

~~~~~Level 1~~Hideaway~~~~~

Objective 1 - 4 Heavies

Follow the arrow to the first 'Heavy',  who is up a short flight of 
stairs in between the two buildings directly in front of you.  Pull a 
trick into him using the Square button to defeat him.
Continue through the alley, then head right and the second heavy is 
just round the corner.
Follow the street in roughly the direction of the arrow and up the 
stairs to the find the third at the top.
Go down the gar stairs from the top, and follow the road.  The last 
heavy is at the entrance to the construction site halfway down.  The 
construction site is by the wire fences.

Objective 2 - Swing on 2 Poles

Go through the construction site to the end of the street where there 
are two ladders supported by poles.  Swing on each of the poles (by 
jumping in to them and pressing Circle) to knock down the snipers up 
the ladders.

Objective 3 - Grind the Limousine

You will then see a Limousine pull into the garage under the building 
which is nest to the construction site.  Follow the arrow at the top 
of the screen to the Limo, and grind it using Triangle.

Objective 4 - Knock out the four snipers

You will now need to get up to the top of a building on the edge of 
the course.  You can get here by turning left down the street from 
the garage, and either going up the stairs at the end of this stretch 
of road, or swinging on the pole you swung on earlier and grinding on 
a wire.  Up here will be a sniper in red.  You only need to run into 
him as he won't notice you and therefore won't attack you.
Follow from here to the next sniper which is on the adjacent roof.  
Jump the gap and knock him out.
Then, swing on the pole at the end of this roof, to get up to another 
section of roof where the arrow is indicating the third sniper.  
Remember this area because you'll need to come back here for the 
final objective.
Now, jump off the building and follow the road to the left.  At the 
end of this straight, there are stairs that go up and then down 
again.  Go up these, and swing on the bar at the top.  Then swing on 
the bar at the top of the next stairs as you come close to it.  This 
will catapult you up on to a ledge which has a billboard on it 
advertising 'The Living Beats', 'Deadly Kiss', and 'Stinger XXX'.  
The 4th sniper is on this ledge just after the billboard.

Objective 5 - Get to the Hideout

You will now witness a helicopter knocking over a pylon.  Go to the 
place that I said to memorize, go up the quarter pipe by the wall, 
and once you come back down you'll be heading towards a bar on which 
you'll need to swing.  This will make you head towards a roof on 
which you'll see the pylon.  Jump down to the pylon, and grind up it.  
Swing on the bar at the top of the pylon and you'll be catapulted 
towards your hideout.  You'll witness a short cinematic then get a 
grade from A to D, and an S if you're extra good.

~~~~~Level 2~~Downtown~~~~~

Objective 1 - Break 4 billboards

You need to break four billboards that have you on them saying 
'wanted'.  Head directly forward from the start and you'll 
immediately see the first billboard.  Pull a trick through the 
billboard to break it.
Keep going forward then go slightly left and down the stairs.  Then 
go up the ramp to your immediate left.  At the op is a pile of wood 
as the walkway turns left.  Jump off this and pull a trick as you get 
near the billboard.
Keep going in the direction you're heading, and you'll go up the 
stairs in the building ahead.  At the top, swing on the bar and pull 
another trick through the third billboard.  
Head right and out of the gap in the side of the bowl down to the 
street.  Head through the green tunnel in the building, and up the 
stairs across the next wide alleyway.  Continue up to the quarter 
pipe, then as you head back towards the stairs, swing on the bar 
above them so you're heading into the last billboard.  Pull a trick 
through it to break the last of them.

Objective 2 - 5 Surveillance Camera Poles

Head up towards the starting area, and you'll see that the arrow is 
pointing towards a pole with a Surveillance Camera on it.  Spin on 
this pole (Circle Button) to destroy it.
Continue the direction you're heading after the spin to get to the 
second pole.  Spin on it to break it as well.
For third, keep going in the direction you're heading and up the ramp 
ahead of you.  Up here is the third camera pole.
The fourth is just ahead outside the 'Grand Plaza Hotel'.
Continue from here to the next set of stairs, but this time swing on 
the bar at the top of them, then the next bar and the next etc. until 
you get up to the Last Surveillance Pole.  Swing on it to break it.

Objective 3 - 3 Satellite Trucks

You'll now see a short cinematic.  Follow the indicator arrow to the 
truck which will be circling around on the road.  Grind it - Its 
easier to grind the side of the truck than the top - to destroy it.  
Do the same for the next truck, which is parked just to the right 
below the second billboard.  Grind this, then head toward the last 
truck which is parked in a far corner of the level (use the arrow to 
point you in the right direction).

Objective 4 - 5 GCP Agents

Head left from here and around the bend to the first agent.  Pull a 
trick into him using Square to defeat him.  Head back the way you 
came, but continue following the road to find the next GCP agent 
Keep following the road again, and as it banks left you'll see the 
third agent on the left pavement.
For the next, follow the road right around the hill and you'll soon 
see the fourth agent on the right of the round in a plaza-area.
The last agent is up by the Grand Plaza Hotel.

Objective 5 - Get to the Helicopter

You'll then see a helicopter coming.  Follow on from here to the set 
of stairs with the bar above.  Swing up like you did earlier with the 
Security Poles.  Head down the stairs, then back up again and follow 
along the roof.  Head up the right turning ramp, and swing on the bar 
at the end.  Angle yourself to grind on the telegraph wires, and when 
you manage it, grind to the end of them, then swing on the bar at the 
end to be catapulted up to the helicopter.

~~~~~Level 3~~Industrial~~~~~

Objective 1 - 5 Blokes

From the start, follow then mine tracks down to the area outside the 
base.  Behind the satellite dish to your right is the first bloke.  
Pull a trick into him to avoid getting clobbered and defeat him.  
Next, continue anti-clockwise around the outside until you come to a 
hill leading to a hole in a wall.  Jump through the hole in the wall, 
and the second bloke is on the ground to the left in front of the 
Knock out this guy, then go up the stairs, and you'll encounter the 
next 3 guys on this walkway.

Objective 2 - 3 Satellite Dishes

From the last bloke, turn back around and head back to the top of the 
first staircase you came up.  Make sure your boost is full, head 
directly forward then jump, holding down the X button so that you are 
able to either land on and then grind, or go immediately into a 
grind.  Grinding it will break the dish, and if you time it right you 
can manage to land back on the walkway.  If not, continue back the 
way you came at the beginning.
Refill your boost meter again, then follow exactly the same method as 
before to blow up the second satellite dish, which is just after the 
small flight of stairs head down.  
This will open up the centre section.  Jump off the walkway and down 
onto the road on the inside.  Go into the centre area, and up one of 
the flights of stairs on either side.  At the top of either of these, 
jump and swing on the bar at the top, so you are catapulted up onto 
the inner-deck area.  Continue around in the direction you are going, 
until you see a director's-box type structure above the main walkway.  
You'll also see a bar which you must swing on.  You'll get up in the 
director's box thing, so turn left or right depending on which 
direction you came from, so you are facing into the very middle of 
the centre area.  Do a boost-jump onto the satellite in the middle, 
by riding through the window and holding down the X button.

Objective 3 - 4 Searchlight Trucks

You will now see a short cinematic depicting trucks starting up and 
driving.  They will continuously drive around the outer area, and you 
must grind each of them to destroy them.  I found two effective 
methods.  The first, is to ride up behind each, boosting, and jumping 
and grinding from behind, because you can approach at a safe speed, 
and the bars that you grind slope down off the roof so you don't have 
to jump incredibly high.  The second method is to wait by the edge of 
the road as it dips down, so that the roof of the truck is low 
considering what it is normally.  Then just jump on and grind.

Objective 4 - 4 Searchlight poles

Now, you must destroy the 4 searchlight poles by swinging on them.  
Go back to the start of the walkway that you did the first few 
missions from.  Continue along it until it splits up - you can either 
go up or down.  Go up and swing on the first Searchlight, and you 
will then land on a series of platforms on which you will need to do 
small boost-jumps to get to the next.  Soon, after the platform with 
the big wire netting, is another jump, and you will need to do a full 
boost jump to reach the second bar, which is up high attached to the 
wall.  From here, you will see a small sloped ledge attached to the 
wall.  Land on this, and boost then jump to get the third pole just 
after the corner.  Alternatively, you could come from the opposite 
direction to get it.  If you miss it first time, then come from the 
opposite direction - its easier.  (The entrance to this staircase is 
opposite the flight of stairs you used first).  The last pole is at 
the top of the aforementioned stairs.

Objective 5 - Get to the exit

Now, go to the very central area where the third satellite was.  You 
should see a ramp leading from one of the gaps, going out towards the 
exit.  Go up this ramp, and swing on the bar at the top.  Then swing 
on the next bar after the swing.  Instead of continuing, hold down 
the circle button and press L1 or R1 to change the direction of your 
swing.  Let go of the circle button, and you will be go to another 
bar.  Do the same, to get to yet another bar.  From here, you don't 
need to turn around again.  Just let yourself go like usual, to grind 
on the short bar which you'll fall near.  
Note:  If you don't turn around the two times, you will fall just 
short of the bar to grind on.

~~~~~Level 4~~Storage~~~~~

Objective 1 - Trick 6 Guards

The first guard is in the red tunnel directly ahead.  Pull a trick to 
defeat him.  The second guard is just to the left out of the tunnel 
at the top a small hump.  The third is at the top of some stairs in 
the far right corner of the level.  Just follow the arrow to find 
your way there if you need to.
Go up the next stairs and continue down until you reach a forklift.  
Here, double back and go up the stairs immediately in from of you to 
find the fourth Guard.
Turn around, and go back down the stairs.  Continue in this 
direction, and go up the stairs ahead to find the fifth person at the 
top of the second set.
From here, jump off the edge of the deck and fall down to the ground.  
You'll be right near the last guard.

Objective 2 - 5 Control Panels

From here, go up the quarter pipe on the wall, and when you are 
coming back, grind on the sloping bar on the left hand side wall.  
Swing on the bar at the top of this to destroy the first control 
Keep going in this direction.  Go up the stairs on the left, and the 
control panel is ahead, slightly to the left.  Swing on it, then 
grind on the big pipe by the wall.  Jump onto the deck below, then 
swing on the control panel which is at the end of the hole in the 
middle of the deck.  As you come out of the swing, you'll be heading 
towards the next control panel, so link into swinging on this as 
Jump down, and go back to the corner that the third guard was on.  
The arrow is pointing in this direction anyway.  On the right wall is 
a quarter pipe.  Angle yourself slightly to the left, and do a boost 
jump so that you land on the platform above the quarter pipe.  Once 
you're up there, the last Control Panel will be just in front of you.

Objective 3 - 4 Crates

You'll now see some crates being lowered.  In order to destroy these 
crates, you have to swing on the chains that attach them to the roof.
You will land in front of those same stairs you used before.  Go up 
both sets of stairs, then continue forward.  Boost to build up speed, 
and you'll see a crate above another set of stairs.  Jump from the 
top of the ramp in front of these stairs, and swing on the crate's 
chain.  Hold down circle and tap R1 twice so that you land back from 
where you came from.  
The second crate is back towards the stairs you came up, but turn 
right a bit before you reach them.  There is another ramp leading to 
the second crate.
Once more, land back from the direction you came from.  Continue to 
the forklift, then double back just like you did with getting the 
fourth guard.  Grind on the right hand railing, then just as you near 
the wall, jump and grind on the rail above and to the right of the 
current rail.  You will end up where the fifth control panel was.  
Alternatively, if you can't get up using this method, you can get up 
the same way used as in getting control panel five.  From here, go up 
the stairs which will be to your left, continue along this way then 
jump slightly left to get the third crate.
Go up to where the third and fourth control panels were.  Get to a 
suitable position in which you are heading for the last crate.  Boost 
yourself, then jump off the edge of the platform onto the containers 
just below.  Jump off the edge of these as well, and then swing on 
the last crate to break it.

Objective 4 - 4 Loaders

The last challenge is to break all of the 4 loaders.  They are all 
suspended between two yellow poles which span the two main upper 
decks.  Just grind the small grindable part in the middle of each 
loader to break it.

Objective 5 - Get to the Transport Station

Your last challenge is to get to the transport station, which is the 
end of the level.  Get to the main upper platform, and you'll see 
that on the edge near the middle is a bar that you will be able to 
swing on.  Swing on it, and you'll land on the crane, which you must 
grind.  At the end of the crane is another bar.  Swing on this, then 
grind on the pylon, then just before it turns left, jump into the 
Transport Station, indicated by the arrow.

~~~~~Level 5~~Corporate HQ~~~~~

In this level, the challenges are as follows:

Grind 4 Cable Cars
Smash 4 Signs
Destroy 6 Elevators
Defeat 6 GCP Guards
Get to the Level End

If you were to do the challenges in that order, it is very likely 
that you will run out of time.  I have devised a simple method, which 
is easy to use and leaves you with plenty of time.  From the start, 
turn slightly left and grind the edge of the half pipe.  Jump off 
from the grind, then turn around and jump over the half pipe.  Do a 
trick and you will break the sign suspended.  Turn right, get near 
the edge of the building, then turn around.  Boost, then jump 
slightly right and grind on the left hand rail of the two.  Don't 
spin your character, instead just balance the grind.  Soon after you 
go around the left turning corner, the first cable car will come.  
Jump, and grind on the middle of it.  Land back on the rail.  Do the 
same for the second cable car which is following close behind.  Make 
sure you are still on the left hand rail.  Halfway through turning 
the next left turn, Either:
a) Jump right so that you are grinding towards the next cable car OR
b) If the cable car is just rounding the corner, grind it then land 
on the rail, turning right, continuing the grind.  
Once you have done a or b and destroyed the third cable car, the 
fourth will soon follow.  After grinding it however, grind on the 
right hand rail so that you turn back around to the station. 

At the station, jump up and swing on the bar.  Hold down Circle, and 
turn around, so that you jump up in the wrong direction.  Turn 
around, but follow the path, and pull a trick to defeat the guard 
there.  Turn left around the next corner, and do a slightly-boosted 
jump up to grab a pole sticking out from the building.  Grab the next 
pole, then grind on the following wire which angles up and right.  
Just as it levels out, jump left and pull a trick so that you fall 
through the second sign.  From here, go either to the right or the 
left and follow around to find the second guard, which you must 
defeat.  Fill up your boost meter using the quarter pipes if you 
need, then do a boost-jump plus a trick to break the sign which was 
below the sign you just broke.  (Note, if you miss it, turn around on 
the next quarter pipe and hit it on the way back).  Go up the left 
hand set of stairs, but at the top turn right.  Defeat the third 
guard, then turn left back down the stairs which you came up after 
defeating the first guard.  Just to the left of the way down to the 
station is a bar.  Swing on it, then swing on the next bar as you 
come to it.  Hold the swing, and turn around.  You'll come to another 
bar.  Hold this swing as well, and turn around.  Swing again on the 
next bar, and then you'll land on the top of the building.  Jump over 
the hole and break the sign.  

You'll see a short cinematic depicting some elevators going down.  
When you regain control, go up the quarter pipe on the far side, back 
over the hole then do a massive jump back over to the area on the 
other side.  Go up the stairs on the right, swing on the bar again, 
but don't swing on the next bar, but grind on the rail which leads to 
the left around another corner.  Quickly jump off this, and swing on 
the next bar.  Go into another grind which goes around the next 
corner, jump off, swing, grind, jump off, swing, grind, then don't 
jump off, just fall down to the bar.  Swing on it, then grind on the 
bar which you originally grinded on.  Fall off the end of this, onto 
a platform with the fourth guard on it.  Turn around and grind on the 
building edge back to the main part.  Go up the far stairs, and swing 
on the bar at the top, turning around as you do.  Grind on the rail, 
and follow the same method as before, including falling off to get a 
guard.  After all this, go back up the stairs, down the following 
stairs, and left.  Follow right around the station to get the last 

You will now see some helicopters arrive to look for you (Not that 
they do anything if they see you)
You now have to get to the Penthouse.  Remember the series of swings 
you had to take in order to get to the top of the building.  Do this 
again.  When you reach the roof, turn right, and swing on the pole 
which is attached to two legs of the water tower.  Turn around, and 
swing on the next pole on the other side.  You'll now have to grind 
along one of the sides of the helicopter, then swing on the back wing 
of it to get to the next helicopter.  Repeat this for the next two 
helicopters until there are no more helicopters left.  Pull a trick 
as you hear the building, and you'll come crashing down into the 

~~~~~Level 6~~Penthouse~~~~~

This is not a normal level with objectives like the last.  It is 
actually a linear course that you must finish within the time limit.  
If you are getting quite good at the game, you will find it very easy 
because all it involves is timed jumps, pulling tricks to fill up the 
boost meter, and grinds & swings.

The beginning of the course doesn't need explanation - keep your 
boost meter topped up for boost-jumps when needed.  The only cause 
for concern is right at the end, where you have bars to swing on - 
not the section with vertical poles, but horizontal bars.  Swing on 
the first bar, swing on the second, but turn around.  Swing on the 
third, turning round again, then only on the fourth are you able to 
reach the exit.  You will then see a short cinematic, then have a 
very short other bit to do, which mainly involves grinding then 
jumping left or right to continue the grind.  When you get to a large 
open office-type area, jump towards the elevator to finish the game 
and subsequently Story mode.

Congratulations, you have finished the main Story Mode.

5. Stunt Attack

Hideaway Objectives:

4 Second Grind
3 Seconds Airtime
15 Trick Combo
50,000 Points Flawless
100,000 Stunt Points
200,000 Stunt Points
5 Green GCP Logos
5 Red GCP Logos

Downtown Objectives:

10 Second Grind
3 Seconds Airtime
20 Trick Combo
100,000 Points Flawless
250,000 Stunt Points
300,000 Stunt Points
5 Green GCP Logos
5 Red GCP Logos

Industrial Objectives:

10 Second Grind
3 Seconds Airtime
20 Trick Combo
70,000 Points Flawless
150,000 Stunt Points
200,000 Stunt Points
5 Green GCP Logos
5 Red GCP Logos

Storage Objectives:

10 Second Grind
3 Seconds Airtime
20 Trick Combo
70,000 Points Flawless
150,000 Stunt Points
200,000 Stunt Points
5 Green GCP Logos
5 Red GCP Logos

Corporate Headquarters:

20 Second Grind
3 Seconds Airtime
25 Trick combo
150,000 Points Flawless
250,000 Stunt Points
500,000 Stunt Points
5 Green GCP Logos
5 Red GCP Logos


Penthouse is unavailable to play in Stunt Attack mode.

6. Multiplayer

In all of the Multiplayer modes apart from Party, Player 1 must 
select their character followed by Player 2.  Player 1 should then 
select the level from any that have been previously unlocked in Story 

Score Attack
The multiplayer Score Attack has the same rules as the Single Player 
version, but is played on a split screen by two opponents.  When the 
time is up, both players' scores will be displayed.  The winner will 
be displayed, and if there is a draw neither will receive a credit.

A usual multiplayer affair.  Fun while it lasts 6/10

Trick List
In this mode, the name of a trick, combo or action will scroll across 
the screen.  Each player must try to perform the mover before their 
opponent.  The first player to complete it will score the points for 
the move, and the loser will not receive any.  If neither player can 
complete the challenge in time, neither will score any points.  
Challenges are chosen at random, and increase in difficulty as you 
complete them

This is great if both players are equally skilled, and will keep you 
entertained for hours.  10/10

Ribbon Tag
At the beginning of a Ribbon Tag level, both players are an equal 
distance from a piece of ribbon.  Whoever grabs it first must try to 
keep it out of reach of their opponent.  The ribbon trail will 
increase in length the longer a player has it.  If the other player 
captures it, it will return to its original length.  Players rack up 
points for having the ribbon in their possession, so the longer you 
keep it for, the more you score.  No points are earned for performing 

Fun, but can become repetitive and more of a 'see-who-can-dodge-the-
obstacles-better-than-the-other' affair.  6/10

Show Off
In this mode, players compete to see who can get the biggest air and 
perform the best combos and grinds.  These three categories are 
displayed as bars on the right hand side of the screen.  When a 
player performs a combo or grind, or gets air by jumping or falling, 
the relevant bar will move into their half of the screen.  The more 
difficult the action, the further the bar will move.  If a bar turns 
red, it means Player 1 is winning in that category; if it goes blue, 
it means Player 2 is winning.

Alright, as it provides a competitive edge, but ultimately a fairly 
tedious romp to see who's better.  7/10

Party Mode
This mode is for eight players.  They each get one minute to score as 
many points as possible.  The player with the highest score after 
everyone's turn wins.

Not fun, due to the fact that it is one-at-a-time play.  Boring 
unless you love watching your mates crash at every opportunity.  3/10

7.  Options

Sound Settings:

  Music Volume
  Effects Volume
  Output Mode

Controller Settings:

  Select Controller 1 or 2,
  Vibration On/Off
  Controller Configuration

Display Settings:

  Wide Screen
  Split Screen Horizontal/Vertical
  Screen Calibration, Move screen Left/Right/Up/Down

Save Game

Load Game

High Scores

Reset to Defaults

Additional Features:
  Includes bonus features, including a video about the making of  
  AirBlade and a Music Player.

8. Cheats and Secrets

Get a Grade B in the Downtown Level to unlock Naomi

Get a Grade B in the Storage Level to unlock The Insider

Complete Story mode to unlock Stunt Attack

Get a Grade A in all levels to unlock Oscar

Get a Grade S in all levels to unlock J J Sawyer

Complete all levels in Stunt Attack mode to unlock Ethan's costume C 
(A Motion capture suit)

Get a High Score in all levels in Score Attack to unlock Kat's 
costume C

No cheats yet, e-mail with them when they become available

The end

By Jonathan Mace ([email protected])

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