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----------------------------------- [ ALAN WAKE ]------------------------------
---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
--------------------------------------[Xbox 360]-------------------------------


When my solo FAQing career officially started, I made a vow that I would never
walk in either my mother (Professor T) or my aunt (Counsler P)'s shadow so I
could succeed on my own two feet. I have succeeded, yet there are some things
that I take after them. I have the ability to make FAQs left and right like I
am an FAQ factory just like they did when they were my age. Once again, I will
FAQ another new game that caught my eye in a flash. Heck, it wasn't even on my
list of new-gen games to FAQ. It was STIDERX's Youtube vids that inspired the
making of this FAQ.


Alan Wake and its characters are trademarks of Remedy Software and all of its
copyrights belong to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo and 
cannot be put on other sites or posted without given permission nor can it be 
reproduced w/o proper consent.


05-18-2010: Completion of Episode 1


Alan Wake is a horror story author who has a loving wife named Alice but is
always tormented by creatures in the dark. Everyone thinks that Alan is just
going through stress and having hallucinations about the whole thing. Shit goes
bad when Alice gets kidnapped and its up to Alan to rescue her. Can Alan face
the darkness and save his wife?




Continue Game: start a saved game
New Game: Start a new game
Episodes: Replay a previous episode.
Downloadable Content: Go online and get extra stuff.
Options: Change a few things in the game.
Extras: Bonus content.


- Always be sure to keep your flashlight lit at all times. If a battery runs
  out, replace it immediately. The majority of the enemies in this game are
  vulnerable to any source of light. Use your gun to kill them too.

- You may notice a lot of poltergeist activites as objects will sometimes come
  flying at you. You can also use light sources to protect you from them too.

- Shine the flashlight on the TV sets you come across to watch the program.

- It's a good idea to stand around other people so you can eavesdrop on some of
  their conversations, you might hear some humorous comments or some valuable
  information that may give you hints.

- Streetlights are considered Safe Havens where you can wait until you are
  completely healed.

- Flares have a wide range of attacks than kill multiple enemies. They act as a
  light based attack.

- I made a separate manuscript section so you can read it apart from the FAQ

- Some manuscript pages are available only in Nightmare Mode.


/                  \
\                  /


Your first task is to choose a mode then choose a difficulty level: Normal or
Hard. If you beat the game once, then Nightmare mode is available.

The game starts out with the camera panning around the forest during the day
and it shows the title as Alan Wake gives a soliloquy. Alan accidentally hits a
man with his car then the car lights go dark. The man's body disappears. The
game tells you to look to the light with the right thumbstick from here, you're
asked if you want to change the controls. After you decide, you are told to use
the left thumbstick to walk. As you walk forward, you are prompted to hold down
LB to sprint. The camera pans to the lighthouse. Your new task is to...

-Get to the lighthouse.

Go right and run across the bridge, an eerie figure appears. It is the same guy
that Alan hit earlier. Keep running then press A to hop over the guardrail. He
will attack you. You are given a tutorial on dodging enemy attacks. Hold LB as
you press the Left Thumbstick to dodge attacks. The screen will slow down if
successful. Do it one more time, then run across another bridge. A tornado will
appear. Run for your life to avoid it. You will cross another bridge with a guy
in a green jacket on the other side. Run inside the house. The shadow figure
appears and kills the man. Wait for the storm to hit until a hole in the wall

-Follow the Light.

Exit that hole and go where the light is shining from then go left to where you
will see an opening. If you have taken damage at this point, stand under the
street light to heal. Head towards the next light and it will talk to you and
give you a message. Stairs will form for you to walk on. Head towards the ammo
box to pick up some ammo for your revolver. The light says only light drives
the darkness away. The dark figure appears. Pick up the flashlight and press LT
to shine the light and burn the darkness away. Press Y to insert the battery.
Pick up the revolver and use it on the dark figure until it dies. Refill your
ammo and the light will leave and return Alan to his dream. press X to upload

-Get to the lighthouse.

Kill all of the dark figures you come across. The street lights serve also as 
your guide. Approach the red box as you pick up a flare gun and ammo for it.
Use the D-pad to switch weapons and throwable. The flare gun does damage to
multiple enemies. Use one for the three dark figures. Save the flare guns for
later. Move around the bridges and outrun the tornado in the opposite direction
and zig zag through the bridge to avoid the trucks. At the end, pick up the
first of 100 collectible thermos on the far right. Go left and up the stairs
and into the light. Alan walks within the lighthouse as something falls on top
of Alan. At this moment, Alice wakes up Alan who had dosed off in the car. The
camera pans to the scene of a lake resort.

-Pose for Alice.

Alice asks you to pose next to an old guy in a white jacket so she can take a
picture of him and the town. Him and the guy, Mr. Maine have a chat. Walk back
to Alice and talk a little. Barry calls and checks up on Alan then he sends him
a text message. Now just enjoy the rest of the ride.

-Get back to the car.

Just head over there and press B to leave the ferry. You will board the car in
the process. Alice drops Alan at the diner as she goes fill up the car. Alan's
reputation precedes him as he enters the diner.

-Find Carl Stucky

You can have a little fun in the diner by eavesdropping on the old guys by the
jukebox. One of them asks you to put on the "Coconut" tune as his buddy objects
to hearing the song. Press B to use the jukebox. Then press A to play the song.
Go to back and an old lady is outside talking about the darkness. Press B to
knock on the door, a woman appears and give the key to Alan instead.

-Leave the diner

Exit from the diner, the old lady tells you how lucky you are not to fall in
the dark. Alice picks up Alan from the store. As they drive off, Mr. Stucky
busts out of the diner with the real key but he is too late the stop the couple
from driving away. Alan reveals he's had writer's block for 2 years. The couple
arrives their destination.

-Go to the cabin

Cross the bridge that leads to Diver's Isle. Alan says that Alice is afraid of
the dark. Wait for Alice to cross then go up the stairs and into the cabin by
pressing A rapidly. 

-Get the power on

There is a coffee thermos in the kitchen. Go up the stairs and look around. 
Alan gets a flashback. There is a picture on the shelves you can examine with
the B button. One shows a strange creature that you'll meet later on in the 
game very often. Go outside the front door (which you came in) and go to the
shed. Enter and press A until the generator activates. You get the Let There Be
Light achievement. A cutscene plays with Alan telling about how he can go on
vacation to rest.

-Return to Alice

A prompt appears that says: When a Left Thumbstick icon is displayed on the
screen, you can focus the view on interesting events by clicking and holding
the Left Thumbstick. In this case you see a view of the old lake lodge. Go back
to Alice. Enter the cabin and go upstairs and she directs you to the study.

-Go to the study

The study is the room across the hall. There is a typewriter on the desk. A
cutscene plays. Alan gets mad that Alice tried to dupe him into writing a story
and the lights go out momentarily. Alan storms out of the cabin to collect his
thoughts. All of a sudden, Alan hears Alice scream.

-Get to Alice.

Return to the cabin. Some bats will attack. Alan makes it back and it looks as
if Alice may have fallen into the lake. Alan dives in after her. Alan wakes up
in a crashed car with his head bloodied. The phone was dead and he set of to
get help. 

-Reach the gas station

Start running downhill. The car plummets down the ravine. Run towards a flash
of light. A piece of an unreleased manuscript falls at Alan's feet. There are
two pages to read. Read them then continue towards the gas station. Press the
Left Thumbstick to pan the camera to the gas station.

-Find help

Walk across the log and make your way between the logs. Alan will meet an evil
version of Stucky whim has axed the construction workers to death. There is a
coffee thermos in the area. Logs will fall nearby but you are safe from them as
you pick up page three of the manuscript. Run throw the logs and pallettes and
get inside the cabin quick before Stucky gets to you.Alan picks up a revolver.
Get some bullets for it.

-Call for help

Get the batteries then use the phone. Alan calls the police then everything
falls down outside. 

-Reach the gas station

Escape out the back door and quickly head for the button to turn on the light.
Use the light to keep the construction shadows at bay then shoot them to death.
Go to the power switch box and kick it. Run over the broken fence and kill one
more construction worker. Cross the river by running across the fallen tree. 
There will be another thermos nearby. Cross through the set of three logs and
pick up some ammo and some lithium batteries. You will make it to a ladder for
you to climb. Go up the ladder and use your flashlight to reveal hidden yellow
drawings. One will show a torch drawing. There are 2 packs of lithium batteries
next to it. Exit the cabin, then go back across the logs and you will notice
that the staircase is broken. 

-Reach the path above

Get ammo and batteries.  Press the button to reveal that there is no power. 
There has to be a generator somewhere.

-Find a generator

There is a coffee thermos nearby. There is a group of hostiles outside of a
cabin. Kill them then enter the cabin for a manuscript page.

-Reach the path above

Get the shotgun and go outside to turn on the generator. The lights turn on.
Press the button to move the logs into place then climb the ladder and run
across the logs and jump to the other side. Turn on the radio and get the
shotgun ammo.

-Reach the gas station

Listen to the radio broadcast if you want and run to the back shine the light
to reveal a torch drawing. Follow the marker on the radar and you will come
across a manuscript page on the way. Before you turn the curve, run to the edge
of the cliff for a thermos. Go back across the normal path. You come across a
generator and more batteries. Turn on the generator to scare the nearby enemies
then run forward and kill any you see in your path. Hostiles will appear behind
you. Blast one to kingdom come and get the nearby Manuscript page. Get the ammo
and batteries if needed.  There is a hidden exclamation point on the tree stump
that seems to give a clue. There is a sign nearby that says proceed at your own
risk. Move forward and take out the hostiles coming from behind. Go inside of
the bungaloo and get the shotgun and a battery. Turn on the TV to watch a press
conference where a professor explains quantam immortality and blows his brains
out in the end. Press the button inside to open the gate. Get the manuscript
just before the gate then enter. Run forward and kill the enemies. Stucky will
zoom in and out. Get in a good flash then shoot him away. Get the thermos in
this area then pull the switch to open the gate. Press the Left Thumbstick to
focus on the gas station. There is a manuscript page next to the tower and a
thermos next to the gas price sign.

-Find a phone

Enter the gas station through the garage. Watch the TV that shows Alan talking
insane. There is a sign talking about the deerfest. The phone is next to the
cash register. Sherrif Sarah Breaker arrives and tells him that there's been no
island on the lake since the eruption. The scene pans out then shows a scene of
Alan looking where the island was supposed to be and it shows that the island
is gone.

End of Episode One.

/                  \
\                  /

When we last left off, Alan and Alice went on a vacation and Alice gets taken
away by a kidnapper. Alan wakes (no pun intended) up in a crashed car and goes
out for help. He takes the sherrif to the lake only to find that the island is

The scene cuts to 3 years ago. Shows Alan without his 5 o'clock shadow. Alice
asks him to make some coffee.

-Switch on the coffee maker

There is a manuscript page in the office. Get it then go to bedroom and listen
to the radio broadcast. There is a coffee thermos in the media room where Alice
is. Go to the kitchen and turn on the coffee maker.

-Go to Alice.

Do just that.

-Examine cover mock-ups.

Look at them beside the typewriter. Uh Oh! The lights went out.

-Check the fuse box

Go to the fuse box and grab the flashlight.

-Go to Alice

Return to Alice who is frightened of the dark. They embrace as Alan tells a
story about his fear of darkness when he was young then they kiss. Return to
the present day, Alan gets examined and pretends to have amnesia and the doc
tells him to take it easy for a couple of days.

-Talk to Sarah

Exit the room and go to the room across the hall for a coffee thermos. You can
also press the button on the dispatch radio. Go to Sarah's office. On the way
you will see a wanted poster and a missing person's photo. Enter Sarah's office
and she tells you to pick up your phone.

-Get your cell phone

After picking it up, Alan gets a phone call while speaking to Sarah and it is
Alice on the other line. She has been kidnapped.

-Go to the back lot.

You are directed to the backlot, go to where the back lot is. On the way is a
manuscript page in the open cell.

-Examine the junker

There is a thermos and a radio just outside. Go over to the junker and there is
a manuscript page nearby. Alice's driver's license is in the front seat. Barry
calls and Alan asks him to pick him up.

-Exit the sheriff's station

Go back in and turn on the lights and watch the tv before going back to the
lobby. Walk over to Sarah and there is a cutscene with Alan, Sarah and the
doctor. Alan assaults the doctor and Barry enters the facility. Barry believes
Alan's story when he reads the manuscript. They arrive back at the park office.

-Talk to Rusty

Barry goes on babbling and babbling as you go look for Rusty. There ie a coffee
thermos behind the cash register. Rusty is tending to a hurt dog.

-Find the form

It is located at the reception desk.

-Take the form to Rusty

Lay it down next to the dog. He will give you a set of keys.

-Get the keys and get to the car

Go back to Barry and listen to him ramble on again then run to the door and
open it. Barry and Alan have a debate on how to rescue Alice. Alan tells Barry
to say in the cabin and call the cavalry if he is not back by morning.

-Head for Lovers' Peak

There is a set of batteries on the kitchen counter. Go down the stairs and run
around the back to get a coffee thermos. Go down another set of stairs and you
can get a manuscript page outside the shack. Run down the car path and hang a
right to go into another cabin where you can turn on the radio then leave. Run
into the tire swing for an earthquake. There is another cabin that is locked.
Kick it open then turn on the TV. This one talks about the Man in the Mirror.

Exit then pick up the manuscript page out the back of the SUV. There is some
shooting going on.

-Help Rusty

Rusty shouts for help. Get the manuscript page before going up the steps. It
is locked, run the opposite way and you will see an injured Rusty. 

-Get the lights on

Get the key from him and go back to the cabin and unlock the door. There is a
manuscript page inside. You will  see that someone axed the circut breaker.

-Return to Rusty

Rusty is in trouble again. Return to where he was and you see 2 guys with axes.
Kill them and go out through the hole. Rusty is now one of the hostiles. Kill
him. while avoiding the axe swings.

-Reach Lovers' Peak

Kill the hostiles but watch out for the ones that throw axes at you. Exit the 
cabin and follow the blood trail. Go out the gate and down the stairs. Barry
calls Alan and freaks out. There is a manuscriptpage on the park bench. Get the
ammo and batteries. Run across the bridge and into Moonshine Cave. Pick up a
shotgun and get some lithium batteries. A sign will eventually point to Lover's
Peak. Approach the blue outdoor bathroom and kill the hostiles that appear. You
will come across another manuscript page near the dumpster. You should see a
light beam. Get the ammo then kill the hostiles that like to ram you and throw
axes at you. You'll eventually cross another bridge and turn on a generator.
There is a manuscript game near the generator. As you run around, more hostiles
will appear. Kill them off and watch out for the one with the sledgehammer. You
should see a tree ring that looks like a gong. Get the coffee thermos on the
bench. Then read the sign for a history lesson on the tree the ring came from.
The gate to Lovers' Peak is closed but you can climb up the rocks to the left
side and continue. Get the manuscript page from the rock then keep running down
the path. Run to the stairs and go up. Hit the switch and wait for the lift to
come. Ride it to the other side. A rock slide followed by a bird swarm occurs.
Alan drops his flashlight and is about to get killed but he gets saved by the
kidnapper of all people.

-Follow the kidnapper

Help the kidnapper kill the hostiles as you follow him. You shine the light on
the hostiles and he'll shoot them. Use flares to fight the hostiles. Get some
from the emergency box.

-Hold back the Taken

Keep the hostiles at bay until the gate is open.

-Follow the taken

Make a getaway from the hostiles and get more flares. Get the coffee thermoses
that are nearby. 

-Defend the viewing platform.

Fight them like you did before by shining the light as the kidnapper shoots
them. Use flares if needed. The kidnapper demands the entire manuscript or he
will kill Alice. Alan suckerpunches him and they tumble. Alan manages to get
control of the gun.

-Make it through the woods.

Run to the edge of the cliff to get a manuscript page. Double back for some
batteries and a flare. You should come across the log bridges to get over the
waterfall. Be extremely cautious of the beartraps. If they snare you, keep on
pressing the A button to break free before one of the hostiles get you. Shoot
them dead as they appear. It is easy to get lost here. The baretraps are marked
with a small light flash. Therere is some ammo on a barrel and a manuscript
page at the edge of the cliff nearby. Cross the bridge and kill more hostiles.
Some will sneak up from behind. Walk up the plank ramp and kill more hostiles
that emerge then turn on the generator. There is a manuscript page outside of
the cabin and a coffee thermos inside another. Run down the cliff and inspect
the fallen aircraft and run inside to tilt it down. Burn off the sensors with
the flash light. More hostiles will show eventually as you run around. Dispose
of them. You'll know when you are just about out of the woods when you make it
to the mill.

-Reach the top of the mill

Climb the ladder. Walk to the edge to let it tilt then jump down. Go inside the
mill and shine the light on the blood spots as you go up the stairs. One side
room leads to a manuscript page. Return to the normal path up the stairs and
ride the elevator. A manuscript page is waiting for you. You will eventually
find a coffee thermos. You'll find a ladder to climb up.

-Make it through the woods. Go up the roof and fight a hostile who is wielding
a sledgehammer. Kill him then get the hunter rifle. Read a message that says
"The Darkness was here". Climb up a ramp to proceed. Logs will tumble. Kill the
hostiles here. Go up the stairs and through the gate. Here comes a hostile with
a chainsaw. Bust out a fair and take care of him quickly. Kill the other ones
too. Run down the paved road that points to the fairgrounds and go right up the
stairs. Barry calls.

-Return to Barry

Run down the bridge and get the coffee thermos. Examine the gate holding a

-Find garage keys

There is a manuscript page outside the bathroom. The key is located in one of
the bathroom benches. Watch the TV. 

-Return to Barry

The lights go out and a hostile pops out. Hope you didn't get scared. Get in
the truck. Flash your headlights at the hostiles and drive through them. Keep
driving until your road is blocked. Grab the flare and ammo by the police truck
and kill the hostiles with the flares and pistol. The kidnapper calls Alan,
he demands the manuscript again.  Run down the dirt road. Barry screams for

-Save Barry from the birds
-Defeat the birds

Shine the lights on the birds and use the flare gun to kill them.

-Talk to Barry

Once the birds are gone, have Barry open the door. Barry apologizes for not
believing Alan. Barry goes to town to describe the kidnapper. Alan gets a case
of "writer's block". Barry gets a call from Rose. Uh oh! She is now one of the
hostiles I believe. End Episode 2.

/                  \
\                  /

Tune in next time for Ransom.

/                  \
\                  /

Note: This is a spoiler. I remember this from StiderX's video before it got
taken down. Credits to him for this section too.

Alan wakes up from what seems to be a nightmare with his wife in bed with him.
Something is not right though. He is certain that he was not dreaming and that
Alice is not real. He demands that the lights be turned on. You can see a dark
aura surrounding Alice as you walk through the house as she talks. Alan asks 
where the clicker.

- Find the Clicker

Walk to the den and shine the light on Alice and then the clicker will appear
on the table. Pick it up and Alan will push the button on the clicker and the
screen goes white. The light creature will appear and advise you to go to the
cabin. A doppelganger of Alan named Mr. Scratch appears then the light creature
says Alan's friends will meet Mr. Scratch when he's gone. The light creature
tells Alan to use the clicker and now Alan is on the outside with a bunch of 
words that are floating around and he is in your control. Shine the flashlight
on these words to turn them into what they say: "crate" into a crate, "phone"
into a phone, etc. especially for the bridge for you to get across. Don't shine
the light on the "bird". Enter the cabin and you will meet a scary old woman. 
Alan hugs her and she vanishes into a flash of light. Alan goes over to the
typewriter and uses it. 

The ending begins here. Alan is over by the lake and he hears Alice scream. He
dives into the lake to get her and there is a scene of Alice swimming to shore
and getting on a bridge. She does not know that Alan jumped into the lake and 
is calling out to him. It appear that Alan has drowned. The scene pans out and
shows the whole town celebrating. It seems like Alan decided to correct me by 
saying, it's not a lake, it's an ocean. The screen goes black and Alice's voice
says "Alan, wake up."


Remedy Software for making this game.
StiderX, his Youtube vids inspired me to make this FAQ although he was forced
to take them down. The ending section was a brief summary of the final vid.
GameFAQs and other sites for hosting this FAQ.
Sour DieseL for the codes
R351D3NT3V1L4 for the Achievement Points
You for reading.


Nightmare Mode - beat the game once
Jacket and Scarf(female) - Play the Limited Collector's Edition Bonus Disc. 
Jacket and Scarf(male) - Play the Limited Collector's Edition Bonus Disc. 


Alan, Wake Up (50) 
Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty. 

An Idyllic Small Town (30)
Make it through "Night Falls in Bright Falls" in one go without dying or 
restarting even once. 

Back! Back, I Say! (10)
Save yourself with a flare. 

Boob Tube (5) 
See what's on TV. 

Bright Falls Aficionado (30) 
Absorb every bit of local history and culture. 

Bright Falls' Finest (20) 
Call for help. 

Carny (10) 
Knock over five can pyramids. 

Child of the Elder God (10) 
Have a rock'n'roll moment without dropping to a low health state. 

Collateral Carnage (20) 
Defeat 20 Taken with indirect means. 

Collector's Edition (50) 
Find all of the manuscript pages in the game, including the ones in Nightmare

Come One, Come All (10) 
Kill four Taken with a single shot from the flaregun. 

Couch Potato (30) 
Watch every single TV show. 

Damn Good Cup of Coffee (20) 
Discover 25 coffee thermoses. 

Departure (40) 
Complete the game on Normal difficulty. 

Drink 'Em Both Up (10) 
Put de lime in de coconut twice. 

Energized! (10) 
Use 100 batteries. 

Every Nook and Cranny (30) 
Discover all of the hidden chests. 

Finders Keepers (20) 
Discover 5 hidden chests. 

Float Like a Butterfly (15) 
Perform a cinematic dodge. 

Follow the Light (10) 
Take a night course of light education. 

Gatekeeper (10) 
Cut the power to the transformer yard. 

Gunless Wonder (30) 
Make it to Cauldron Lake without firing a single shot in "On the Road to 
Cauldron Lake." 

Hardboiled Writer (40) 
Complete the game on Hard difficulty. 

Heavy Metal (10) 
Survive the bulldozer attack. 

Hypercaffeinated (30) 
Discover all coffee thermoses. 

If It Flies, It Burns (20) 
Burn 1,000 birds. 

Iron Horse (10) 
Encounter a steam engine. 

It's Not Just a Typewriter Brand (20) 
Defeat 50 Taken with a shotgun. 

KBF-FM (30) 
Listen to all of the radio shows. 

Let There Be Light (10) 
Get a generator running. 

Medical Opinions (10) 
Listen to Hartman's recordings. 

Meet the Deadline (30) 
In "Mirror Peak," make it from the Coal Mine Museum to Cauldron Lake in 30 

Missed by a Mile (25) 
Perform a cinematic dodge 20 times. 

Nordic Walking (10) 
Take a walk through the logging area, meet one of the quirky locals. 

Paging Mr. Wake (20) 
Find 25 manuscript pages. 

Park Ranger (15) 
Enjoy the sounds and sights of Elderwood National Park. 

Perchance to Dream (20) 
Take a moment to reflect on past events. 

Picking Up After Yourself (30) 
Find all of the manuscript pages in Normal mode. 

Right of Way (10) 
Drive over 15 Taken. 

Sound and Fury (10) 
Kill four Taken with a single flashbang. 

Taken Season (20) 
Defeat 50 Taken with the hunting rifle. 

The Lady of the Light (20) 
Discover the secret she guards. 

The Six-Gun Scribe (20) 
Defeat 100 Taken with the revolver. 

They're Heeeeeere! (20) 
Inanimate objects shouldn't move of their own accord. Put a stop to this 
affront, oh, say, 20 times. 

Thunder and Lightning (20) 
Defeat 50 Taken with flashbang grenades. 

Tornado Wrangler (20) 
Defeat the tornado. 

Two For the Price of One (10) 
Kill two Taken with a single shotgun blast. 

Under a Thin Layer of Skin (10) 
Defy the park ranger. 

What Light Through Yonder Window (20) 
Defeat 50 Taken with the flaregun, the way Shakespeare intended. 

Wheels Within Wheels (20) 
Meet the kidnapper. 


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