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             ..       `+hy/`   yd-               .+yhhys.
        `/shhyyds`  -ods-    .sdNo/.           `sds:` +hy
       +hy/`   /h+:sdo.    .smdy+/yd+         :dh-   :hdh:-`     `..`
      yh/      yhdh+.    .odmh:  `yd+     `-:sms`   +hoo+oyds`:ohhyydh`
     oh/      :hh+`    :sddmdy::odmms+++ohdsosdy   ``      :hmdo.   sd/  -//:`
    -ds       s:     `ydmy/smddmmdho/:+h+.   /hh.:oos-.    /hm-    odmysdy++ods
   `hh.               -hdhds/-/dms`    `-/+ohdosy/:::ss`  :hd.   `yhmds/`   -hm
   oh/                 -md/   sdd`    odddo/-  `d+ooo+  `odh.   -hhy/`   `/sdds
  -dy       .+/       .dh:   sdm.    oddy`     `:. `-``+hmh`   /h+.   `/sdddy:
  yd-      -hmdy.    .dh-   sdm+    :dmd.`.//`    `-/sdmdy`   `.   `/sdddy/.
 +do      `hmsydh:  `hh:  `sdmy    :hmddddddddhhhdmmddddo       .+yddds/.
.dh`      ydy `omds`.mh++oddmdy//+yddo-/+++/+ohmdyooddd/     -+yddds:`
yd/      sdd.   :dddhdmmddh+/hddddds-        `dh-   `.`   :ohddho:`         'S
md`   .+hdd-     `/ssso/:`    .--.           `mh/`    ./sdddho-`
ddysyddddo`                                   oddddddddddy+-
-shddyo/`                                      ./oyyyso/.

         R  E  T  U  R  N      T  O      D  R  E  A  M      L  A  N  D


       If the above does not look like the Kirby logo, you are probably
     viewing this guide using a variable-width font.  For the best viewing
     experience, please switch to a fixed-width font, such as Courier New.

                         Platform: Nintendo Wii
                     Release Date: October 24, 2011
                           Author: Tom Farello (gravy229)
                          Contact: [email protected]
                         Current Version: Version 0.02
                             Last Update: 10/23/11
|  __   |
| | /   |----------------------------------------------------------------------
| |/ /| |   R E C E N T   N E W S                                     [RNEWS]
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Hi, and welcome to my Kirby's Return to Dream Land FAQ/Walkthrough!  The most
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Strategy for The Arena:
  Step 1: Spark.
  Step 2: Win.

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   | |      T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                         [CNTNT]
 __| |__-----------------------------------------------------------------------

     [RNEWS]    0. Recent News
     [CNTNT]    1. Table of Contents
     [INTRO]    2. Introduction
     [CNTCT]       a. Contact Information
     [AUTHR]       b. About the Author
     [HSTRY]       c. Version History
     [BASCS]    3. Game Basics
     [CNTRL]       a. Controls
     [ITEMS]       b. Items
     [ENMYS]       c. Enemies
     [MIDBS]          - Mid-Bosses
     [ABLTY]       d. Copy Abilities
     [SPRAB]          - Super Abilities
     [HOWTO]       e. How to Use this Guide
     [WTHRU]    4. Walkthrough
     [CKCNT]       a. Cookie Country
     [RSNRN]       b. Raisin Ruins
     [ONOCN]       c. Onion Ocean
     [WTWFR]       d. White Wafers
     [NTYNN]       e. Nutty Noon
     [EGENG]       f. Egg Engines
     [DNGRS]       g. Dangerous Dinner
     [ANRDM]       h. Another Dimension
     [LORSC]    5. The Lor Starcutter
     [SUBGM]       a. Sub-Games
     [ABTRM]       b. Copy Ability Rooms
     [CHLNG]       c. Challenge Stages
     [QSTNS]    6. Frequently Asked Questions
     [CNCLS]    7. Conclusion
     [THANX]       a. Thank-Yous
     [CPYRT]       b. Copyright Info

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replacing X with the level number, and Y with the stage number.

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 _____| |----------------------------------------------------------------------
|  _____|   I N T R O D U C T I O N                                   [INTRO]
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 |     |   Contact Information                                        [CNTCT]

My email address is [email protected]  I have very few requests for
emails sent to me, be reasonable and follow them for me.  First off, please
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do so in a constructive manner.  Also, I am writing this guide as I play
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probably not a good idea to tell me about it.  I don't want my inbox to be
flooded with information I was about to obtain by myself.  As a general rule,
if it seems like I missed something important in my guide, send me something
about it.  If it seems like I haven't gotten to it yet, hold off.  Other than
that, comments, questions, constructive criticism.

Also, if an unauthorized site links to this guide, or you feel like this
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 |     |   About the Author                                           [AUTHR]

Hi!  My name is Tom Farello, and I will be your guide through Kirby's Return
to Dream Land!  I am a software developer, located in San Antonio, TX, at the
time of writing this guide.  I currently work as a developer at H-E-B, a
grocery retailing company located here in San Antonio.  As weird as it sounds
to be doing software development for a grocery company, we actually have a
great IT department, and I am definitely growing as a developer in my position.

As far as other guides I have written, I am probably most notable for my guides
for Super Mario Galaxy in 2007 and Donkey Kong Country Returns in 2010, both of
which earned FAQ of the Month on GameFAQs.  I haven't written a full
walkthrough for a Kirby game since Kirby and the Amazing Mirror in 2004, so I
thought I might take another stab at it.

Being a professional limits the amount I have to do personal stuff, so I do not
timestamp future versions of my guides, but I try to update as often as I can.
Nothing motivates me more than emails from my readers, so keep sending them!
Other than that, I hope this guide is very helpful to you in conquering Kirby's
Return to Dream Land!
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|  | |  |----------------------------------------------------------------------
 |     |   Version History                                            [HSTRY]

Version 0.10: 10/26/2011
  Well, things hardly turn out as you expect, and this was no exception.  I
  didn't actually manage to get my hands on a copy of the game until the
  evening of the 25th, rendering my day off from work fruitless.  I played the
  game all the way straight through on the 25th, and recorded it using my
  Dazzle, so now it's just a question of documenting my progress in text
  format.  I only spent a little bit of time writing today, so I only got
  through the first level, but I think it will start going faster now that I'm
  in the groove.

Version 0.02: 10/23/2011
  Did some formatting in the Lor Starcutter section and some ASCII work for the
  walkthrough.  I'm ready to go for when the game comes out tomorrow.  I'm
  taking the day off from work, so I'm hoping to make some serious progress.

Version 0.01: 10/6/2011
  My work has me on 9:00 PM conference calls on Skype, giving me the perfect
  opportunity to put Skype on mute and start working on this.  I've got
  chapters 0 through 2 pretty much nailed down.  I converted the Kirby logo to
  ASCII on www.text-image.com and it turned out pretty well, so I added that to
  the top of the guide.  Yay!  The section header ASCII is supposed to be the
  star sprite from Kirby's Dream Land 2.

|_____  |
 _____| |----------------------------------------------------------------------
|_____  |   W A L K T H R O U G H                                     [BASCS]
 _____| |----------------------------------------------------------------------

This will most likely be the last section I write, and, as such, will probably
not see the light of day for a while to come.  Thank you for your patience.

 _     _
| |   | |
| |___| |----------------------------------------------------------------------
|_____  |   W A L K T H R O U G H                                     [WTHRU]
      | |----------------------------------------------------------------------
                  _      _____  _    _  _____  _        ___
                 | |    |  ___|\ \  / /|  ___|| |      |_  |
                 | |___ |  ___| \ \/ / |  ___|| |___    _| |_
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|_____||_____|  \__/  |_____||_____|  |_____|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                   C  O  O  K  I  E      C  O  U  N  T  R  Y          [CKCNT]
       ___        ___
STAGE |_  |   __ |_  |
       _| |_ |__| _| |_
      |_____|    |_____|   Energy Spheres: 3                            [1-1]

Welcome to the main game walkthrough!  The first stage in this game will help
you get used to the controls and mechanics in the game, so go ahead and start
off by heading to the right.  After defeating two Waddle Dees, you will come
across a green Blade Knight.  If you swallow this enemy, you will be able to
copy thw Sword ability.  If you wish, you will also be able to copy Cutter from
the Sir Kibble just ahead.  Whichever ability you chose, continue to the right,
picking up the stars if you wish.  You can dash over the small gaps up ahead,
grabbing the stars as you go.  Fly over the cliff up ahead, grabbing the
cherry if you've been hurt, and fly near the top of the screen in order to pick
up the red star, worth 10 star points.  When you're done here, head into the
door at the bottom-right.

You will find yourself in a cave.  The first enemy here is a Hothead, which
can be copied for the Fire ability if you wish.  Head downward through the
two-way platforms, and you will find a key, the first carried item in the game.
You won't be able to fly or attack while carrying it, but you will need to
bring it to the gate on the right.  Time your jumps over the Cappies here so
that you don't get hit by their caps, and open the gate.  Just inside, you will
find the game's first **Energy Sphere**.  Just 119 to go!  To the right, use
your super inhale to get rid of the stone block (you will need to get rid of
your ability if you have one) and grab the 1-up inside.  Once you have it, take
the top path to the right.  The giant Waddle Dee up here is actually three
Waddle Dees wearing a suit.  To defeat them all at once, use a super inhale on
the suit.  Exhale the enemies at the star blocks to get some stars and a
cherry.  The next Waddle Dee suit is standing behind a two-way platform.  Drop
down there and perform a super inhale to get some star points and food.  Once
you are satisfied here, climb up the ladder and go through the door at the

You will find yourself back outside.  You will be introduced to your first
super enemy, a super Blade Knight.  Defeat or inhale it to get the Ultra Sword
copy ability.  The Ultra Sword can decimate enemies and everything with a
flashing star on it, including the loose pieces of ground up ahead.  Continue
to the right, destroying everything in your path, until you get to a large
group of loose ground blocks with three Waddle Dees standing on it.  Smash it
up to reveal a dimensional rift.  Jump in to go to a secret area.

Every dimensional area in this game will find you running away from a purple
wall that is chasing you.  For this one, you will need to run to the right.
This area is pretty straightforward, just make sure that you keep moving to
stay ahead of the purple wall.  You will need to use a super inhale to inhale
the giant Waddle Dees and the stone blocks.  After performing a super inhale,
exhale to the right in order to clear your path forward.  You can dash over the
small gaps up ahead.  Once you reach the door on the very right, head through.
Jump up and touch one of the copy essences here to choose either Fire or Sword,
then head to the right in order to fight a purple Sphere Doomer.  If you need
additional help during this fight, check out the "Mid-Bosses" section above.
Once you have finished him off, grab this stage's last two **Energy Spheres**,
then head through the rift on the right.

Back in your own dimension, fly up to the right, past the Bronto Burts, and
head through the goal door at the very right.
       ___        _____
STAGE |_  |   __ |___  \
       _| |_ |__|/  ___/
      |_____|    |_____|   Energy Spheres: 3                            [1-2]

Right at the beginning of this stage, there is a pair of enemies that you can
copy for the all-new Leaf ability.  Whether you want it or not, head up the
ladder here.  Head right across the platform here, taking out the enemies as
you go.  Stay along the bottom path if you want a hamburger.  At the end of
this platform, there is a Warp Star; just jump up and grab it to move to the
next area.

After a completely unnecessary Warp Star cutscene, you will land on a rasied
wooden platform.  You can grab 12 star points to the left if you want;
otherwise, continue to the right.  There is a Cutter copy essence up ahead;
grab it if you want (you will have another opportunity up ahead).  Head to the
right, taking out the Comos and Bouncies along the way.  Copy the Sir Kibble up
ahead if you didn't grab the Cutter ability before (or lost it), since you will
be able to cut the ropes holding up the hanging platforms here with the cutter
boomerangs.  Cut down the second platform here in order to grab the blue star,
then grab the meat at the very right if you need it, and go through the door.

At the beginning of the next area, there is a cannon item.  Grab it and head to
right.  The cannon will auto-fire while you're carrying it, so use it to take
out all of the enemies here; it can even break the gray blocks in this area.
Keep moving to the right, and you will find a switch surrounded gray blocks.
Use the cannons projectiles to break the blocks and hit the switch, and a
platform will appear to allow you to continue to the right.  Just on the other
side, there is a group of three gray blocks in the ceiling.  Use the cannon to
break them, the drop the cannon and fly up into the gap to get the first
**Energy Sphere**.  Then, head through the door on the right.

The next room is a verical area inside the trunk of a tree.  Grab the Needle
copy essence here if you want, then begin making your way upward.  You can
break the star blocks laong the walls if you need some extra food as you
continue up this room.  Once you pass the Maxim Tomato on the left, climb up
the ladder.  At the top, there is a Waddle Doo, from which you can get the Beam
ability.  Climb the ladder on the left to get to the top of the area.  If you
head to the right at the top here, you will find a couple of stars underneath
some star blocks, and, if you fly up from there, an **Energy Sphere** hidden in
the foliage at the top-right of the screen.  Once you have it, head through the

In this next room, you will be fighting the mid-boss, Gigant Edge.  Pick either
the Fire or Beam ability (or keep the one you have), then head to the right to
start the fight.  If you need additional help fighting the Gigant Edge, check
out the "Mid-Bosses" section.  Once you have defeated the Gigant Edge, make
sure you copy the Sword ability from it.  Use the sword to cut the rope through
the wall up ahead to open up your way to the last **Energy Sphere** in this
stage.  Grab it, then get the food on the right if you need it, and go through
the goal door up above.
       ___        _____
STAGE |_  |   __ |___  \
       _| |_ |__| |__  (
      |_____|    |_____/   Energy Spheres: 3                            [1-3]

You will get the opportunity to grab the Spark ability right at the beginning
here.  Use any attack on the bomb block to the right to reveal a door, then
head through.

You will find yourself in a cave.  Climb down the ladder, and you will see a
Shotzo.  It is invulnerable, so don't bother trying to defeat it.  Continue
downward, avoiding the Shotzos and their cannonballs.  There is a Spark copy
essence along the way if you want it.  Just underneath, there is a branching
path; the right path is easier, but the left path will net you more star
points.  Climb down the ladder at the bottom, but do not go through the door
quite yet.  Drop down through the two-way platform here in order to find a
hidden **Energy Sphere**.  Once you have it, continue through the door.

The next room takes place in a crystal cavern.  The platforms here will move up
and down.  Make your way to the right, defeating the enemies as you go.  If you
need some extra health, there is a cherry hidden in the ceiling above a star
block after the giant Bouncy; immediately after that, there is a 1-up hidden
above a bomb block.  If you want, inhale the stone block just ahead and exhale
it at the breakable blocks on the right for some star points and food.  Hit the
switch along the top path to open up the gate to the door.  Head on through.

Grab the Beam copy essence here if you want it; you can use it to break the
star blocks underneath the Shotzos, causing them to plummet into oblivion.  The
Beam ability can go through walls and blocks, so you can use it to break the
bomb block just ahead for a couple of star points.  Continue ahead, and you
will pass a locked gate.  The key is just ahead, past the moving platforms.
Grab the key, and bring it back, keeping in mind that you can't fly while
carrying the key; time your jumps accordingly.  Once you get the key back to
the gate, you will earn another **Energy Sphere**.  Continue back to the right.
When you see a group of Shotzos with a bomb block, you can break block to make
the Shotzos fall off the screen; there are no repercussions for doing so.  Grab
the stars at the bottom-right if you want, then head through the door up above.

In the next room, fly over the spikes, then hit the switch to open up the path
to the right.  Below, you will see a monkey enemy carrying a key; when you get
close enough, it will start running to the right.  In order to get the key, you
will need to stay ahead of it in order to get the key he is holding.  So, head
to the right as fast as you can; you will be able to make it faster if you use
the sliding attack on the star blocks, and ignore the enemies.  Once the two
paths meet, defeat the monkey if you beat it there, and take the key to over to
the right, and open the gate to get the third and final **Energy Sphere**, then
go through the goal door on the right.
       ___        _   _
STAGE |_  |   __ | |_| |
       _| |_ |__||___  |
      |_____|        |_|   Energy Spheres: 4                            [1-4]

Start the stage off to the right.  Watch the background for stone pillars that
are a bit shaky; once you get near one of them, it will topple over, and if
you're underneath it, you will take damage.  However, if you are dashing, you
will pass underneath unharmed.  As you continue forward, watch for a pineapple
underneath a two-way platform.  The wall just ahead is a trick wall; walk
through it to reach a hidden cavern with an **Energy Sphere** and some star
points inside.  Once you have it, loop back around, up the ladder, and head to
the right.  Run over the small gaps, past the falling pillars, and through the
door at the end.

In the next room, watch out for the bow and arrow enemies; they will
occasionally shoot an arrow in the direction they are facing.  Head across the
first moving platform, watching out for the Como, and hit the switch.  This
will cause a piece of invincible candy to drop down.  Grab it to become
invincible and run faster temporarily.  Head to the right, smashin through the
enemies in your way.  When you see a group of two bow and arrow enemies and a
Como, you can fly up above them for a Maxim Tomato and 20 star points.  Go
into the door on the right when you are done here.

The next room takes place in a cave.  Watch out for the spikes that fall down
from the ceiling here.  Continue along the path until you find a rainbow
shield.  It will protect you from above as you continue forward.  Use it to
block the falling spikes and defeat enemies and star blocks above you.  There
is another shield about halfway through the room; grab it to stay protected
from the Shotzos up ahead.  Hit the switch at the end to open up the area at
the top-right of the screen; use your rainbow shield to defeat the Waddle Dee
suits up above.  Once you've taken care of the enemies, jump up there to get
another **Energy Sphere**.  Once you have it, climb up the ladder, and go
through the door at the top.

You'll be back outside now.  The star blocks to the left contain food and star
points; grab them if you want.  Break the bomb block to continue to the right,
and you will encounter a new super ability, Monster Flame.  Just like Ultra
Sword, it is really good at breaking stuff with flashing stars on it.  Continue
through this area, burning trees and defeating enemies with Monster Flame,
until you reach a thick tree trunk with three Comos.  Burn the tree to reveal
another dimensional rift.

In this dimensional area, Comos will drop down from the ceiling while you jump
over gaps.  You can avoid the Comos by jumping over them, or by exhaling stone
blocks at them.  The giant Comos can only be defeated by using a super inhale,
so keep that in mind as you move forward.  When you reach the door at the end,
go through to fight another purple Sphere Doomer.  Your ability choices this
time are Leaf and Spark.  Once you defeat the Sphere Doomer, you will be
awarded Cookie Country's final two **Energy Spheres**.  Jump through the rift
on the right to return to the main stage.  The goal door is just to your right.
       ___        _____
BOSS  |_  |   __ |  ___|
STAGE  _| |_ |__||___  \   Boss: Whispy Woods
      |_____|    |_____/   Lor Part: Oars                               [1-5]

Unfortunately, I used Spark to completely decimate this boss, so that's really
the only real strategy I have here until I go back to redo it.  I will have a
more robust strategy for you soon.  For the record, Spark is amazing against

                  _      _____  _    _  _____  _        _____
                 | |    |  ___|\ \  / /|  ___|| |      |___  \
                 | |___ |  ___| \ \/ / |  ___|| |___   /  ___/
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|_____||_____|  \__/  |_____||_____|  |_____|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                      R  A  I  S  I  N      R  U  I  N  S             [RSNRN]

                  _      _____  _    _  _____  _        _____
                 | |    |  ___|\ \  / /|  ___|| |      |___  \
                 | |___ |  ___| \ \/ / |  ___|| |___    |__  (
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|_____||_____|  \__/  |_____||_____|  |_____/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                       O  N  I  O  N      O  C  E  A  N               [ONOCN]

                  _      _____  _    _  _____  _        _   _
                 | |    |  ___|\ \  / /|  ___|| |      | |_| |
                 | |___ |  ___| \ \/ / |  ___|| |___   |___  |
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|_____||_____|  \__/  |_____||_____|      |_|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                      W  H  I  T  E      W  A  F  E  R  S             [WTWFR]

                  _      _____  _    _  _____  _        _____
                 | |    |  ___|\ \  / /|  ___|| |      |  ___|
                 | |___ |  ___| \ \/ / |  ___|| |___   |___  \
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|_____||_____|  \__/  |_____||_____|  |_____/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                         N  U  T  T  Y      N  O  O  N                [NTYNN]

                  _      _____  _    _  _____  _        _____
                 | |    |  ___|\ \  / /|  ___|| |      /  ___|
                 | |___ |  ___| \ \/ / |  ___|| |___   |  _  \
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|_____||_____|  \__/  |_____||_____|  \_____/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                       E  G  G      E  N  G  I  N  E  S               [EGENG]

                  _      _____  _    _  _____  _        _____
                 | |    |  ___|\ \  / /|  ___|| |      |___  /
                 | |___ |  ___| \ \/ / |  ___|| |___      / /
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|_____||_____|  \__/  |_____||_____|    /_/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                D  A  N  G  E  R  O  U  S      D  I  N  N  E  R       [DNGRS]

                  _      _____  _    _  _____  _        _____
                 | |    |  ___|\ \  / /|  ___|| |      /  _  \
                 | |___ |  ___| \ \/ / |  ___|| |___   )  _  (
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|_____||_____|  \__/  |_____||_____|  \_____/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
              A  N  O  T  H  E  R      D  I  M  E  N  S  I  O  N      [ANRDM]

|  _____|
| |_____-----------------------------------------------------------------------
|_____  |   T H E   L O R   S T A R C U T T E R                       [LORSC]
 _____| |----------------------------------------------------------------------
 _|   |_
|  | |  |----------------------------------------------------------------------
 |     |   Sub-Games                                                  [SUBGM]

     Ninja Dojo:  15 Energy Spheres
     Scope Shot:  30 Energy Spheres
 _|   |_
|  | |  |----------------------------------------------------------------------
 |     |   Copy Ability Rooms                                         [ABTRM]

     Ability Room 1:  20 Energy Spheres
     Ability Room 2:  40 Energy Spheres
     Ability Room 3:  60 Energy Spheres
     Ability Room 4:  80 Energy Spheres

     -  Room 1  -       -  Room 2  -       -  Room 3  -       -  Room 4  -
       Cutter             Stone              Spear              Ninja
       Leaf               Parasol            Bomb               Wing
       Needle             Whip               Tornado            Fighter
       Fire               Beam               Hi-Jump            Hammer
       Sword              Spark              Water              Ice
 _|   |_
|  | |  |----------------------------------------------------------------------
 |     |   Challenge Stages                                           [CHLNG]

The challenge stages, found on the right-most chamber on the Lor, are a series
of rooms that will really test your skills with the game's copy abilities.  You
will be given a medal at the end of each of the challenges, based on your total
score.  There are seven challenges:

     [SWCHA]  Sword Challenge:     7 Energy Spheres
     [WPCHA]  Whip Challenge:     25 Energy Spheres
     [HJCHA]  Hi-Jump Challenge:  35 Energy Spheres
     [BMCHA]  Bomb Challenge:     50 Energy Spheres
     [WTCHA]  Water Challenge:    70 Energy Spheres
     [WGCHA]  Wing Challenge:     90 Energy Spheres
     [ITCHA]  Item Challenge:    120 Energy Shperes

Of course, it will be important to know how many points you will earn for
stuff, so here are the point values of everything.  All of the challenges are
scored identically.  The first group is for things that will occur during the
challenge; bonuses after the break will be awarded on the results screen.

     +1000   Gold Coin
      +100   Silver Coin
       +50   Defeat Enemy
      -500   Take Damage

       +10   Every 0.2s Left
     +3000   Clear Bonus
     +1000   30 Seconds Left   (Mutually exclusive with 20 Seconds Left)
      +500   20 Seconds Left
      +100   Down to the Wire  (Awarded for having fewer than 10 seconds left)
     +1000   All Foes Defeated
     +1000   Coins Complete
     +1000   No Damage
      +100   Barely Conscious  (Awarded for being in danger when finishing)

* PLEASE NOTE:  All marked platinum scores are approximate.  I can only do a
  finite amount of testing in my spare time.  If you know of any sources where
  I can find exact values for the platinum scores, let me know.

  > SWORD CHALLENGE <                                                 [SWCHA]
        Difficulty - *......      Platinum - 29670*
     Starting Time - 2:30.00          Gold - 25150
                                    Silver - 17650
                                    Bronze -   100

Walkthrough goes here.

  > WHIP CHALLENGE <                                                  [WPCHA]
        Difficulty - **.....      Platinum - ?
     Starting Time - 2:00.00          Gold - 20700
                                    Silver - 15100
                                    Bronze -   100

Walkthrough goes here.

|  _____|
| |_____-----------------------------------------------------------------------
|  ___  |   F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S       [QSTNS]
| |___| |----------------------------------------------------------------------

|_____  |
      | |----------------------------------------------------------------------
      | |   C O N C L U S I O N                                       [CNCLS]
      | |----------------------------------------------------------------------
 _|   |_
|  | |  |----------------------------------------------------------------------
 |     |   Thank-Yous                                                 [THANX]

Thank you very much to the following:

HAL Laboratories for giving me many years of pink, fluffy enjoyment.
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) for being a great reference to gamers everywhere.
www.text-image.com for the snazzy Kirby logo at the top of the guide.
 _|   |_
|  | |  |----------------------------------------------------------------------
 |     |   Copyright Information                                      [CPYRT]

Copyright Tom Farello, 2011

This guide is for topical use only, and should never be ingested.  It is never
to be used to make a profit, including advertising purposes.  If you bought
this, you got ripped off.  Do not reproduce this guide in part or in its
entirety without the permission of its author, Tom Farello (a.k.a. gravy229).
I have put in a lot of time and effort into writing this guide, and copying
this document, in whole or in part, and putting your name at the top is not
only taking advantage of the work I have put into writing this, but it's also
in violation of copyright law and, frankly, not cool.  Plus it will make me
sad.  So don't plagiarize.

The most recent version of this guide will always be available at
The version posted at this URL always takes priority on whether a site is
allowed to post this guide.

Here is the list of sites that is allowed to directly link to this guide:

If any other site directly links to this guide, or you suspect that anyone has
plagarized my work, please contact me at [email protected]

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