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[|]                 NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. 2 (NINTENDO 3DS)                  [|]
[|]                            FAQ/Walkthrough                              [|]
[|]     composed by Taylor Lauzon (nitroreaction) on August 19th, 2012      [|]
[|]                         current version: 0.41                           [|]


Hello and welcome to my walkthrough for New Super Mario Bros. 2 on Nintendo
3DS. Please bear in mind that I've never written a FAQ before, so if you have
some feedback to give, please don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail (see the
CONTACT ME section). The walkthrough will focus on the 100% game by completing
all levels and obtaining all major collectables. I will explain all the tasks
necessary to achieve 100% as well as I can. See the table of contents just
below for more important stuff.

   Section Name                                                       Shortcuts
1. Version History......................................................[VSNHS]
2. Contact Me...........................................................[CNTME]
3. Back Story of the Game...............................................[BKSTY]
4. Controls and Moves...................................................[CNTRL]
5. Power-Ups and Collectables...........................................[PWRUP]
6. General Gameplay Elements............................................[ELMNT]
7. Multiplayer Mode.....................................................[MLTPR]
8. Coin Rush Mode.......................................................[CNRSH]
9. Walkthrough..........................................................[WLKTH]
        World 1.........................................................[WRLD1]
        World 2.........................................................[WRLD2]
        World 3.........................................................[WRLD3]
        World 4.........................................................[WRLD4]
        World 5.........................................................[WRLD5]
        World 6.........................................................[WRLD6]
        World Mushroom..................................................[WRLDM]
        World Flower....................................................[WRLDF]
        World Star......................................................[WRLDS]
10. Odds and Ends.......................................................[ODEDS]
11. Thanks and Kudos....................................................[THANX]
12. Legality Info.......................................................[LGINF]

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1.) VERSION HISTORY                                                     [VSNHS]

A record of the progress made in composing the FAQ over time, keeping track of
any and all changes made from the beginning.

Version 0.10 - July 21, 2012
               Created the skeleton of the guide, implemented major cosmetics
               and composed non-game-info sections.

Version 0.15 - July 23, 2012
               Used what we currently know about the game to compose a good
               portion of the Powerups section, Back Story section, Multiplayer
               section, Coin Rush section, and General Gameplay section.

Version 0.2  - July 28th, 2012
               About 53 minutes of footage from the game has been uploaded.
               Great way to get a head start!

Version 0.23 - August 14th, 2012
               Several walkthoughs have been uploaded to YouTube already. Using
               these in order to get a good head start.

Version 0.25 - August 14th, 2012
               Found a list of every level in the game, so I integrated it into
               my guide. I will now be able to upload an incomplete guide to

Version 0.30 - August 17th, 2012
               Completed the World 1 walkthrough. Up at 4AM... probably not the
               best of ideas when school is starting soon.

Version 0.35 - August 17th, 2012
               World 2 is almost done. Completed the CONTROLS AND MOVES

Version 0.40 - August 19th, 2012
               World 2 walkthrough is now complete.

Version 0.41 - August 22th, 2012
               Sadly, I had to update the legality section due to some issues
               with another site. Big thanks to RedIsPoetic for letting me
               know. Some real updates will be released soon, it's just that
               I've been very busy with summer assignments lately and have been
               left with little free time to work on the walkthrough, or
               anything else for that matter. May need to pull a few
               all-nighters to get caught up on this...

2.) CONTACT ME                                                          [CNTME]

I love feedback, so feel free to send me some!

Send me e-mails at the following address: [email protected]

If you're going to e-mail me, please place the keyword 'FAQ' in the subject so
I know not to filter it away as spam and whatnot.

There's a number of things you can e-mail me about:
- Spelling errors
- Grammatical errors
- Walkthrough errors
- Additional information I can add to my guide
- Questions
- Comments
- Concerns

I assure you that your alias or name will be added to the THANKS AND KUDOS
section if you help with the guide in any way. Even something as simple as a
spelling error, hey, you helped me out. Just give me a name you go by in your
e-mail so I can add it.

If you have any additional information that could potentially become a part of
my guide, please, by all means e-mail me! I am just an average player and it's
almost uncanny that I'll find everything there is to discover on my first
time through the game. As usual, you'll be added to the THANKS AND KUDOS
section for your efforts.

Also, if you have a criticism you'd like to share with me, please make it
constructive in that you tell me what about the guide you didn't like. This is
much more helpful than "I didn't like your guide". The same goes for positive
feedback. "Your guide is awesome" is pretty nice to hear, but telling me why
you liked the guide gives me an understanding of what I'm doing right.

3.) BACK STORY OF THE GAME                                              [BKSTY]

Why are you embarking on this epic quest with Mario? Find out why!

On July 21st, 2012, Nintendo shared the plot for New Super Mario Bros. 2:
Trouble always seems to find its way into the Mushroom Kingdom! Just as Mario &
Luigi go off on a coin hunt in the sky, their beloved Princess Peach is
kidnapped by the dastardly Koopalings. The brothers have to venture through
over 80 stages to rescue her, grabbing an endless deluge of coins across
land, water, air, and snow along the way.

Yeah, it's not terribly interesting. It is a Mario game anyhow.

The Opening
Mario and Luigi, as raccoons, wave their goodbyes to Princess Peach as they
leave the castle to go for a sky high coin hunt. On the way, the brothers are
greeted by the evil Koopalings, who have captured Princess Peach while Mario
and Luigi were gone. And so the adventure begins...

You might remember the opening from the GBA version of Super Mario World. Well,
the opening of New Super Mario Bros. 2 is almost identical to that one. In the
GBA Super Mario World opening, Mario and Luigi grabbed the feather power-up so
they could go flying together. While they were gone, Princess Peach was
captured. Makes you wonder if Nintendo does things like that intentionally.

4.) CONTROLS AND MOVES                                                  [CNTRL]

Here, I will explain how to control Mario and the functions of buttons on the
3DS. I will also explain Mario's moves, how to perform them, and their uses.

Circle Pad / Directional Pad: Used to move Mario in a direction.
 Ground Pound: Push down while Mario is in mid-air. Used to break bricks and
               defeat enemies.
 Use Warp Pipe: Position Mario near a warp pipe and push in a direction to go
                through the pipe.

Y/B Buttons or X/A Buttons: B/A makes Mario jump. Hold button down to make
                            Mario jump higher and further. Also used to swim.
                            Hold Y/X to run, grab items, hold items, and to use
                            Mario's raccoon tail as well as shoot fireballs.
                            Mario can also punch grates with Y/X button.

START Button: Pauses the game, or brings up a menu at the world map screens.

Ordinary Mario's Moves: To triple jump, run forward and jump with great
                        momentum. As soon as Mario lands, jump again for a
                        double jump, and repeat for the triple jump.

Raccoon Mario's Moves: To fly, run until the P-meter at the bottom left is full
                       and hold the jump button. Push the circle/directional
                       pad in any direction you want to fly in. Let go of the
                       jump button to make Mario descend, and hold it to fly
                       again. Mario can fly until the P-meter runs out.

5.) POWER-UPS AND COLLECTABLES                                          [PWRUP]

A list of various power-ups and collectables you'll find throughout the game.

1UP Mushroom:
Adds one extra life to your life count. When Mario dies, one life is
subtracted. If Mario dies when he has no lives left, you will get a Game Over.

Super Mushroom:
Makes Mario bigger and allows him to take one hit from an enemy or obstacle
without dying. Upon taking damage, Mario will shrink down to normal size.

Mini Mushroom:
Shrinks Mario down to micro size. When Mario is tiny, he can jump much
further, sprint on water, and fit into micro-sized pipes. The downside is that
Mario is constantly one hit from death as if he had no power-ups. And Mario
must ground-pound enemies to attack them. He can't just jump on them like
he usually can.

Gold Mushroom:
These may randomly appear in some areas as you are playing, and collecting them
gives you a decent dosage of extra coins. Nothing too special.

Raccoon Leaf:
Transforms Mario into a raccoon. As the raccoon, Mario can float in the air
and fly! By running at full speed until your P-meter is full, hold down the
jump button to fly up into the sky for a limited time.

Fire Flower:
Transforms Mario into a spiffy pair of white overalls with a red undershirt.
As cool as that sounds, the real cool part is that Mario can shoot fireballs
and kill most enemies. Only two fireballs can be on screen at one time, but
being able to burn through your enemies sure is satisfactory.

Gold Flower:
This item turns Mario gold, and any fireballs he shoots will destroy bricks
and turn them into coins! If you're playing with a friend, Luigi will be turned
silver when this power-up is collected, or if you are playing as Luigi.

Mega Mushroom:
The Mega Mushroom returns from New Super Mario Bros. on the DS! This item makes
Mario huge, and he can run through and destroy anything and everything in his
path. However, you don't get a damage meter like the first game for earning
extra lives with this power-up.

White Raccoon Leaf:
This appears at the last checkpoint when Mario has died five or more times in a
row. As the White Raccoon, Mario is not only invincible against most enemies
and obstacles, but he has all the abilities the ordinary Raccoon entails. So if
you're not very good at Mario, fear not!

Gold Block:
Some blocks, when hit, will become a hollow gold block. This goes on Mario's
head and gives you tons of coins as long as Mario is moving.

Gold Ring:
This isn't really a power-up, but you can collect it. Depending on your
surroundings, the gold ring can make coins appear everywhere, and even your
enemies can become gold and spawn coins all over the place.

Red Ring:
Similar to the Gold Ring, the Red Ring causes a total of eight red coins to
appear around your current area. Collect them all for a free power-up specific
to that level, or a 1up if Mario is already powered-up.

The most basic of all collectables in Mario games. Collecting coins adds them
to your total. For every 100 coins you collect, you'll earn a 1UP.

100-Coin Medal (and its variants):
These are just larger versions of ordinary coins, but the number on these
medals will tell you how many coins they're worth. For example, collecting a
medal with a number 10 on it will earn you 10 coins.

6.) GENERAL GAMEPLAY ELEMENTS                                           [ELMNT]

Things you should know and get used to when playing New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Coin Collecting:
Unlike most Mario games, collecting coins seems to be a big part of this game.
Long before the game was released, Nintendo revealed a goal for all players to
work towards during their game time. That goal is to amass the enormous sum of
one million coins! New Super Mario Bros. 2 holds more ways to collect coins
than ever before, and there's even a new counter on the title screen telling
you how many coins you've ever collected in the game. There's also a coin
counter on the map screen. While the reward for amassing one million coins is
not yet known, you should try to collect as many coins as possible during your
run through the game. You never know how much gold is at the end of a rainbow.

Checkpoint Flags:
Most levels have miniature flags about halfway through that Mario can touch.
The flags are originally black with Bowser's face on them. This is a checkpoint
flag. If you're new to video games, you can activate the checkpoint flag (which
makes it red with Mario's logo on it) so that you'll respawn there after dying.
Normally you'll respawn at the start of the level when you die, but once a
checkpoint flag is activated you'll respawn there instead. Also worth a mention
is that any progress you've made (like collecting Star Coins) before the
checkpoint will be saved after you die. In other words, you won't have to back
track to re-collect your Star Coins before a checkpoint.

Star Coins:
The past few iterations in the 2D Mario world have included a collectable that
is mandatory for 100% completion: the Star Coin. Each level has three of these,
and as previously mentioned you must collect all of these throughout the game
to fully complete it. The theme with them is they are usually difficult to
locate, difficult to get to, or difficult to figure out. To find them you'll
have to keep a keen eye out for secrets to be uncovered, and search every nook
and cranny of every level.

Star Coin Gates:
If you've played the first New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, this should be
nothing new. These are signs that block off alternate paths on the World Map,
and they depict a Star Coin with a number. That just means you have to have a
certain number of Star Coins before entering that path. The number tells you
how many you need. Sometimes these alternate paths lead to other levels, and
sometimes they lead to Mushroom Houses.

Mushroom Houses:
Again, for veterans, this should be nothing new. Mushroom Houses can be
accessed from the World Map, and they are little more than bonus areas. Inside,
you can grab any item you want from a small group. Once you use a Mushroom
House, you cannot use the same one again. It helps to save these for later when
you unlock them, so you'll have extra items at your disposal when you're in
desperate need. Green mushroom houses are essentially bonus areas that earn you
extra lives, or 1ups. You shouldn't have much need for extra lives though,
unless you're new to 2D platforming.

Fortresses and Castles:
Every world has one of each. These levels are usually more difficult than
ordinary levels and will end in a boss, rather than the usual flagpole. These
levels also act as checkpoints for your overall progress, as your game is saved
every time one of these levels is cleared.

The Bottom Screen:
Many useful things can be found down here! You can see what level you are
currently playing, how many lives Mario has remaining, your progress on the
current level, the Star Coins you've collected in the current level, your
points, your coins, and a backup item that can be used any time by touching it.
Any items you collect while Mario is already powered-up will be added to this
box. If Mario collects a different power-up than his current one, he will
use the power-up he just collected and his current one will go to the back-up
box. This was also a feature in Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros., and
Super Mario 3D Land.

7. MULTIPLAYER MODE                                                     [MLTPR]

You can play New Super Mario Bros. 2 with a friend via local play!

The second player will play as Luigi. This mode acts largely the same as the
multiplayer in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but the camera does not pan out as
one of the players moves to either side of the screen. The gameplay in
multiplayer is virtually the same, but now you have a friend to play with you.

In this mode, the players must fight for control of the camera. The player with
an arrow above their head currently has control of the camera. For the other
player to gain control, they can ground pound their friend! For example, if
Mario has a red arrow above his head, the camera will follow him, regardless of
Luigi's position. Luigi can ground pound on Mario and he'll have a green arrow
above him, and camera control. Great for sabotage!

8. COIN RUSH MODE                                                       [CNRSH]

In Coin Rush, three levels are selected at random. You'll play these levels
with a tighter time limit and the objective is to collect as many coins as you
possibly can. The ending flagpole and remaining time is also converted to coins
once the level is cleared.

You can share your high scores with other players via StreetPass and compete
with one another.

9. WALKTHROUGH                                                          [WLKTH]

The meat and potatoes of this document. Here you'll find all the information
you'll need to achieve 100% completion in New Super Mario Bros. 2!

Note: I'm giving each Star Coin in each level its own separate paragraph. Just
for people who like to skip around to the meat and potatoes.
 _    _
| |  | |
| |  | |
| |/\| |=======================================================================
|      |ORLD 1                                                          [WRLD1]

World 1-1:
Begin the first level by heading right and grabbing a mushroom. It's in a
question-mark block just above a red platform.

STAR COIN #1: Continue forward to see the first Star Coin atop some blocks. Use
the note blocks below to reach it. Using the next set of note blocks to the
right, grab a fire flower from the widened question-mark block. Nearby is a
large orange platform past a Koopa Troopa. Hit the block atop the platform
repeatedly to collect a few coins, and if done correctly Mario will be rewarded
with a gold block. Grab it and run for a lot of coins. After a set of note
blocks, activate the checkpoint flag on a red platform. Take out the Goombas
ahead (assuming Mario still has a fire flower).

STAR COIN #2: Not too far off is a set of note blocks with the second Star Coin
just above. It's enclosed by some ordinary blocks, so just break them to
uncover and collect the second Star Coin. Mario must be powered up with at
least a mushroom to be able to break these blocks, though. Collecting the Star
Coin will cause a ton of coins to erupt from below. Nearby is a block sitting
above a narrow pit. Ground pound the block and hold the down button to collect
a few coins, and eventually the block will flip over and drop Mario in the pit.
Keep holding the down button, and slide into a bunch of Goombas on your way
down to the cave. Here is a block that rapidly switches between numbers. When
Mario hits the block, it will stop on a number and spew out that amount of
coins (e.g. stops on a 30, Mario can collect 30 coins). Head into the warp pipe
to make your exit.

STAR COIN #3: Back above ground, go left where the note blocks are located.
Another warp pipe is located just before the note blocks. Jump in and get
blasted into the sky. In this secret area, hit the P-switch to create a block
bridge. Run across the block bridge, optionally collecting blue coins along the
way. At the end of this path, collect the third and final Star Coin by jumping
off the bridge (don't worry, Mario won't lose a life). Continue on, watching
out for more Goombas that lie ahead. Just beyond a few platforms and a tall
stack of Goombas is the goal flag. Level one complete!

World 1-2:
Head downhill and hit the POW block. The blocks enclosing the warp pipe will
disappear, allowing Mario to enter. Once underground, hit some POW blocks ahead
to reveal a fire flower. Even if Mario is already powered-up, grab it anyway to
add it to your backup, located on the bottom screen.

STAR COIN #1: Up ahead is a block formation, enclosing a few Koopa Troopas and
a couple POW blocks. Ground pound the second one to reveal the first Star Coin
below; collect it and continue.

STAR COIN #2: Immediately after the first Star Coin resides a blue warp pipe
and a yellow warp pipe. Take the yellow one down to a secret area. Here, hit
the P-switch to turn the brick-walls into coins. Be quick here; the brick walls
will return once the P-switch's effects run out. If you're quick enough to
collect the second Star Coin, make your exit.

STAR COIN #3: This one requires the Mega Mushroom, so read carefully. Upon
exiting the yellow warp pipe, there are two question-mark blocks to your left.
The left-most one contains a fire flower, which is required soon enough. Go to
the right until you get to a red Koopa Troopa with what looks like a black warp
pipe. Use the Koopa Troopa to hit the red POW block immediately left, allowing
Mario to access the pipe. The sign indicates that Mario must launch fireballs
into the pipe. Do so to spawn a few coins, and eventually the Mega Mushroom.
Grab it and make a run for it. Continue forwards while Mega Mario is active as
far as you can, and eventually run into the third Star Coin blocked off by some
cement bricks. These can only be broken as Mega Mario, so that's why it's
required. The checkpoint is located about halfway through this route.
Continuing forward, a sign will tell you to go up. Head upwards to find a blue
warp pipe. Back above ground, use the red POW block to make a staircase leading
to the goal flag.

World 1-3:
Head downhill, taking out some Goombas on your way. Above a green block snake
platform is a set of blocks; the right-most block contains a raccoon leaf. If
you want one for your back-up item as well, continue a bit further to collect
another one situated similarly to the first one. Get a running start as Raccoon
Mario, and fly up above the trees if you want to collect some coins.

STAR COIN #1: Just after the second tree is a trail of coins leading up to the
sky. As Raccoon Mario, fly and follow the trail of coins up to another tree top
where the first Star Coin is located. After collecting it, head back to ground
and continue forth for the checkpoint. Nearby is another block containg a
raccon leaf, just above two adjacent block snake platforms. Just ahead is a
pipe spewing out Goombas, so watch your step.

STAR COIN #2: Despite the Goombas roaming the area, Mario will need to gain
enough momentum here for flight as Raccoon Mario. Fly just above the tree in
this area to find a green warp pipe situated at the top. Mario will be launched
to a secret area in the clouds. Run back and forth here until Mario has ample
momentum for flight again, and fly over to the second Star Coin just to the
right. Drop down to return to ground.

STAR COIN #3: Shortly after being dropped off from the secret sky area, follow
this trail of coins down below where the third Star Coin can be found. It's
blocked off by a few bricks, so use Mario's raccon tail or a Koopa Troopa to
break the bricks and collect the Star Coin. A little ways away is another
random coin block. Hit it for some coins, and maybe even a whopping 50 coins.
By heading uphill, you'll reach the goal flag and the end of level 3!

World 1-Fortress (contains a secret exit):
In this level, you'll be travelling mostly in the vertical directions, so keep
that in mind. Just above Mario's starting point is a wide ?-block containing a
raccoon suit. Keep climbing up and traverse the green block snakes. In the area
with the dry bones on the right, go left and upwards, climbing what is
essentially a staircase full of block snakes. In the next area is a red ring
with some block snakes, collect the eight red coins if you need an extra life
or a power-up.

STAR COIN #1: After the red coin ring, the path splits. Be sure to take the
left path, and wall jump your way to the first Star Coin, not well guarded by a
block snake. If you took the path on the right and went above the orange
platform, I'm afraid there isn't a way back and you'll have to get the first
Star Coin in another attempt. Moving on, be wary of the skeleton piranha plant
just nearby and head north. The checkpoint flag is here. Immediately north of
the checkpoint flag is a wide ?-block containing a raccoon leaf. There is a
door in this area, but it's not quite important yet.

STAR COIN #2: In this same area, traverse the many block snakes around here.
While doing so, look left for a red warp pipe. However, it's not just a matter
of jumping into the pipe; wait for a block snake to make a platform under the
pipe so Mario can enter. You'll be taken to a secret area with four block
snakes making a square formation and a P-switch to the left. Hit the P-switch,
and jump on an UPWARDS moving block snake, located on the right side of the
square formation. Use it like an elevator to ride up to a higher area where the
second Star Coin is located. Be quick; if you let the P-switch run out, the
bricks here will turn back into coins and the Star Coin will be unreachable.
Use the bricks as platforms to reach the Coin and make your escape through the
green warp pipe on the right side.

STAR COIN #3: After coming from the green warp pipe, the third Star Coin will
be immediately north of Mario's position. Go east and climb the block snake,
careful of the skeleton piranha. Head up and to the left for the third Coin,
watching out for the skeleton piranha. If you have the raccoon suit, Mario can
take him out easily to get the Coin. Continue north to find some block snake
platforms moving in a fancy formation. Notice the middle one moving upwards, so
use it like an elevator up to the top, where you can enter the door to the
boss fight.

REZNOR BOSS BATTLE: Fans of Mario's 2D platforming adventures since the Super
Nintendo days might recognize this... it's nearly identical to the Reznor
battles of Super Mario World. Sneak under the platforms the Reznors are
standing on, and hit it to knock one off. In this particular battle, there are
two Reznors. Don't wait too long, because the floor Mario is standing on will
start slowly collapsing from the middle outwards. Reznors also shoot fireballs,
so be careful. Once both Reznors are taken out, you'll be granted a save.

SECRET EXIT: Replay this fortress level up to the part with the checkpoint
flag. There was a door that I said wasn't important earlier. Well now that door
is coming to use. Go inside, and Mario will be put in a room with-- you guessed
it, more block snakes. However, keep your eye on the right side of the screen.
Notice how the block snakes are entering a small hole in the wall here. If you
are careful not to fall off the block snakes in this area, make your way into
that hole when it is open (it's only open for a brief time, so be careful).
Mario is now outside the fortress, so climb the block staircase to the goal
flag (notice how it is red and black now, signalling that this is in fact a
secret goal).

World 1-4:
Near the start of the level, a ?-block sitting above a red mushroom platform
contains a raccoon leaf, so grab it if needed.

STAR COIN #1: Not too far ahead, the first Star Coins sits on a yellow mushroom
platform. To reach it, bounce off the flying Koopa Troopa just left of this
platform. If you mess up, you can still reach the Coin. Jump on the swaying
pink mushroom platform to the right of the yellow one, and Mario should have
enough height to reach the Coin. In this same area is a gold ring, use it if
you want tons of extra coins. A bit further, watch out for enemies. Use Mario's
raccoon tail to take them out if you want.

STAR COIN #2: Further along on your travels, watch for a long red mushroom
platform. At the end of this platform is a swaying pink mushroom with a blue
warp pipe just above it, so jump up there and warp. Mario will be taken to the
skies for a small bonus area filled with swaying platforms. At the end of this
area, look out below for the second Star Coin. Once out of this area, Mario
will be dropped right next to the checkpoint flag (it's on an orange mushroom).
Hit a ?-block here for another raccoon suit. Soon after is the red ring,
collect all eight red coins for a power-up or extra life. The last red coin is
floating in the air so keep an eye out.

STAR COIN #3: Just after the red coins, watch for a red mushroom platform with
some ordinary bricks above it. The bottom row of bricks will have space in it.
Position Mario just under this space and jump to find a hidden vine! Climb it
to the skies. Here is a P-switch, and a bunch of coins positioned in a peculiar
way. Hit the P-switch and use these block platforms as a way up to the third
Star Coin at the top. Be quick, because the P-switch won't last forever. Use
the blue coin trail to help you if needed. The last jump up to the Coin
requires a wall jump, so keep that in mind. When the P-switch runs out, jump
down to make your escape back down to land. A little ways east, jump through a
gold ring for a ton of extra coins. Keep heading east, and try to stay on the
mushroom platforms along the way solely for the lack of enemies up here.
Eventually you'll run into the goal flag. Keep your momentum for a 1UP on the

World 1-5:
Prepare for an underwater level. Head down the yellow warp pipe. Once
underwater, swim east-ward, avoiding the circular fish formations. In one
circle is a ?-block containing a fire flower. I would recommend grabbing it
so you'll have an easier time taking out fish enemies in your way.

STAR COIN #1: Just after the fire flower area is the first Star Coin guarded by
a purple fish. The purple fish will swim right after Mario upon seeing him, so
lead the fish out of the way to ensure you'll collect the Coin safely. The fire
flower is also very helpful here. The next area has a Coin Roulette block and a
huge red fish. Take him out and get some coins from the roulette if you want.

STAR COIN #2: Just beyond the roulette area, look for a yellow warp pipe at the
bottom of the screen. Bubble jets are blocking off Mario's path to the pipe
from the left side, so access the pipe from the other side. Watch out for the
fish here. Once down below, swim downwards to find the second Star Coin. It's
within a few currents, so swim into the current to drag Mario into the Coin.
Quickly swim out of the current and to the upper left of this area to exit.
Back into the main level, find your checkpoint just ahead. A bit further, find
a fire flower in the left-most of two ?-blocks. After this is another circle of
fish with an item roulette block in the middle. You'll have a chance to get
something good so time wisely! Keep swimming east.

STAR COIN #3: Watch the bottom of the screen for a green pipe spewing out a
bubbly current. Just past this is some fish swimming in an oval formation.
Carefully swim between the fish to get past them, but don't go ahead of this
area. Look to the top of the screen, there is a path going an upwards direction
splitting in two. Take either of these paths to discover a secret area just
above the water, where the third and final Star Coin is located. After getting
the Coin, go down underwater and east as usual. Watch out for a huge purple
fish. It will try to eat you, so either avoid it or shoot it with fireballs.
Use a P-switch here for some extra coins if you want. Continue forward,
watching out for the downwards moving fish and make your exit through a green
warp pipe at the top. Once outside, use the blocks to reach the goal flag.

World 1-A:
To access this level, pay up 5 star coins to take an alternate path from 1-5.
To begin, head east and take out any enemies in your path (goombas, piranha
plants, koopas). Look for a brick that lies above a pit. Use the red koopa's
shell in this area to hit the side of the brick and grab yourself a fire

STAR COIN #1: A few paces forward, look for two bricks that lie above a
flipper (yellow with a red 'down' arrow). As Super Mario, groud pound the
bricks to be dropped all the way down to a small cave where the first Star Coin
lies. Head east through the flipper, and decend into the green warp pipe here.
Mario will be shot back above ground. Head east to eventually get to another
green warp pipe pointing upwards. Go into it to be shot up to a higher part of
the level. Go right for the checkpoint flag. Keep going east, but be careful
because there are a lot of enemies to avoid including goomba stacks and giant
piranha plants. If you have a fire flower or raccoon suit, this should be easy.

STAR COIN #2: Keep going east until you reach a coin roulette block. After the
roulette block, jump down the right-most pit and down again through the
flipper. The flipper will block off the Star Coin when you do so, so move Mario
to the left a bit to push down the other flipper. This will allow the right
flipper to go back up and give you access to the second Star Coin. After
collecting it, drop all the way down to ground level again and go left. Here is
a green warp pipe leading to an underground cave. This is just a coin room, so
if you're not into collecting a ton of those then I wouldn't bother.

STAR COIN #3: If you continue east, you should run into what looks like a
staircase of green pipes leading to an array of piranha plants. The top pipe in
the "staircase" is actually a warp pipe. To gain access to it, wait for the
left-most piranha plant to be out of your way and jump down. Now position Mario
just under the right end of the warp pipe and jump to reveal a hidden block,
allowing entry. Of course, enter the pipe now. This underground cave contains
the third Star Coin, and it's easily collected by using the red koopa's shell.
Just jump on him, and from the same postition, throw the koopa shell to the
left and watch it to the work for you. Exit the cave when you're done. Once
out, the goal flag is just to the left of the piranha plant array. Take out the
piranha plants if you're going for an extra life on the goal!

World 1-Castle
Your first castle. Don't let the lava scare you. Anyway, begin by grabbing the
rope and hanging onto it. You can move Mario left and right while hanging on
the rope, and this will be necessary in some areas. Rope-hang your way to the
right, and be careful of the spiky pillars that move up and down. Past this
first pit of lava, hit the left-most block for a raccoon suit if you don't
already have one (or want it for backup).

STAR COIN #1: East of the raccoon suit area, rope-hang Mario over another pit
of lava. The first Star Coin lies just above a fiery grave-- but how do you get
it? Time your movements carefully to dodge the fireballs here, and let Mario
hang above the Star Coin. Eventually, a small platform will dip out of the
lava, so drop down to it and quickly jump off to the next platform. Rope-hang
to the next piece of solid ground with dry bones.

STAR COIN #2: Here, go on top of the ?-blocks and bricks. Jump around here to
reveal some hidden blocks above Mario's head, allowing entry to a secret path
above. At the end of this path (west-ward) is a ?-block containing a raccoon
leaf. This is actually required for the second Coin. Now getting a running
start to the east (still in the secret path) and make Mario fly. You'll need to
fly him in the path of all the regular coins around here and eventually run
into the second Star Coin. Drop down carefully since you might not be able to
see below Mario while flying. Head east to the next piece of solid ground,
which holds the checkpoint flag. After the checkpoint, hit the right-most brick
a bunch of times to eventually turn it into a gold block. Grab it and jump onto
the swinging chain to the right-- this will give you a ton of coins. Use the
chain to get to the other side of this lava pit, and continue east. There are
thwomp enemies dwelling along this path, so don't run recklessly. Jump onto the
next swinging chain to get across to more solid ground. Hit a ?-block here for
a raccoon suit. Swing across more lava with a swinging chain, but watch your
timing with the thwomp enemy that blocks the way. I suggest waiting for it to
smash down and seizing the opportunity to get by.

STAR COIN #3: Once across, walk along this seemingly harmless path. There is a
giant thwomp nearby that guards the third Star Coin. Use the thwomp's attack as
its weakness to break the bricks that block the Star Coin, and carefully grab
it when the thwomp is out of your way. Remember to be quick as well. After
this, just go through the door that leads to the boss of World 1... But before
you do, go all the way to the east wall in this room, and jump to reveal a
hidden raccoon leaf. Just in case you need it.

ROY KOOPA BOSS BATTLE: Roy's attack pattern here is very simple. He will try to
shoulder tackle Mario, but this is easily avoidable by jumping over the attack.
When Roy shoulder tackles however, he's vulnerable. Jump on him while he's
doing so. Roy will then go inside his shell, and spin back and forth in a
feeble attempt to catch Mario. When he comes out of his shell again, he will
attempt to shoot magic-- but this is when he is vulnerable. It's a brief time,
but easy to catch if you're keen. The walls will close in a bit for the next
phase. Just let Roy do his thing with the shell-spinning. It really is a rather
pointless attack. When Roy comes out of his shell again, use the same attack as
you did on the previous phase, jumping on him in his brief period of
vulnerability while magic-doing. And the fight is over! Grab the key when it
appears of course. The desert world is now open!
 _    _
| |  | |
| |  | |
| |/\| |=======================================================================
|      |ORLD 2                                                          [WRLD2]

World 2-1:
Make your way downhill and see a row of blocks moving like a see-saw. Hit the
?-block on the right for a fire flower. Move east, taking out piranha plants on
the way with Mario's newly acquired fire flower. Use the red ring if you want
(it's located between two block see-saws). After the red ring, head downhill.

STAR COIN #1: In this area, there are four rows of blocks that rotate all in
their own directions. Make your way to the top right one, and wait for it to be
facing east. Jump to the top right to reach an alcove hiding the first Star
Coin. Jump down and go right for the checkpoint flag.

STAR COIN #2: Just after the checkpoint, look for a yellow warp pipe in the
ground below. Inside Mario will be taken to an underground cave. Grab the gold
flower power-up from the ?-block that lies here. Basically, just destroy all
the bricks here with golden fireballs as you go through the area. However, once
close to the end, you may want to stop destroying the bricks so you have a
platform to stand on (you'll need one). Look above Mario for an alcove hiding
the second Star Coin, which can only be reached with Gold Mario. Make your
escape with the yellow warp pipe to the right.

STAR COIN #3: After emerging from the yellow pipe, head left to find the third
Star Coin nearby. Use the note blocks to jump up to the rotating blocks here,
and reach the Coin. Head east now, carefully traversing some rotating blocks
and piranha plants. Not long after, the goal flag will be Mario's.

World 2-2:
Here's a neat little level. The bulk of platforms Mario will be jumping about
are totem poles! Pretty cool. Anyway, when you start, hit the ?-block on the
right for a fire flower. Head east, jumping about a couple more totem poles.

STAR COIN #1: Look for the first instance of the gold ring. It's near a koopa
and a goomba. Activate the gold ring, because although it's not required, it'll
make the first Star Coin much easier. Hurry along to the right until you see a
hammer brother. It's now throwing coins instead of hammers, so safely jump on
it for the Star Coin. Go east, and past a see-saw platform is the checkpoint
flag sitting atop a totem pole. Hit one of two ?-blocks here for a fire flower.
Keep going until you get to the red ring.

STAR COIN #2: Activate the red ring, but don't focus on collecting its coins.
The first four red coins are above two totem poles. There is a gap between
these totem poles, so jump down it to discover a yellow warp pipe. At the other
end of the pipe, the second Star Coin lies well-guarded by boomerang brothers.
I recommend you position Mario on one of the platforms above the boomerang
brothers, and wait for them to throw their boomerangs. Jump down and grab the
Coin, quickly scurrying back up to that warp pipe. Once above ground, head east
of course. Watch out for a hammer brother ahead. Keep going until you get to
an upwards-pointing sign and a vertical lift. Ride the lift up to the next
platform where a red koopa and a boomerang brother are waiting. Ride the lift
up to the third "floor" where a mega brother awaits.

STAR COIN #3: Once on this platform, just go to the left to find a hidden
platform holding the third Star Coin. A running jump or a goomba bounce will
easily reach it. Head back east, and take out the mega brother if you want. Be
careful to not let it stun you. When the brother ground pounds, jump to avoid
the attack. Continue forth a bit, and the goal flag will once again be Mario's.

World 2-3:
Prepare to head underground for this one. Use the yellow warp pipe just east of
Mario's starting point. Once down, go to the right and use the moving platform
above the pokey enemy. A raccoon leaf is in the ?-block here. Continue right,
and use a buzzy beetle to take out a pokey enemy sitting on a set of rotating
platforms. Safely jump on, and wait for the next safe platform to be in easy
reach. Repeat for the third one and head east as per usual. Here are three
roulette blocks, one item and two coin ones. Grab the checkpoint flag here.

STAR COIN #1: Go to the right and encounter two vertically moving platforms
with a pokey enemy on the top one. There are two yellow warp pipes in this area
but the bottom one is obscured by bricks. Make your way onto the bricks and
grab the buzzy beetle enemy. Still holding it, jump to the lower moving
platform and throw the shell at the side of the POW block. The timing isn't
exactly easy, so don't be discouraged if you mess up. The POW will allow access
to the lower warp pipe, so get in. In this area, notice the first Star Coin in
the bottom left. The left shaft contains it. Wait for the piranha plants to go
away and quickly jump down to reach the Star Coin. Head right through the gate
and into a yellow warp pipe.

STAR COIN #2: Immediately after emerging from the yellow pipe, the second Star
Coin is in sight. Grab the buzzy beetle atop a few blocks and head left above
the Coin. Throw the buzzy beetle in the left direction, and watch it unobscure
the path to the Star Coin. Exit through the gate and hit the right-most ?-block
for a fire flower. Here are some more vertically moving platforms with pokey
enemies on them and the red ring for the level.

STAR COIN #3: While traversing these moving platforms, stay as close to the top
of the screen as possible. When in the right-most column of moving platforms,
make a leap for the top-right of the screen to land on a set of assorted blocks
and two spike-tops. Keep jumping about on some more platforms in an upper right
direction. At the end of this path is the third and final Star Coin, but be
sure to have some momentum to reach it. The fall from collecting it should land
you right on or near a green pipe cannon, so hop in a blast away. Back above
ground, make a run across these platforms to reach the flagpole at the end.

World 2-A:
To reach this level, pay up five Star Coins to take an alternate path that
branches off before level 2-3. Starting off, jump right to the platform that's
one what appears to be a track. Mario will be rocketed east, but be sure to 
jump off before the platform falls away. You'll be doing this a lot in the
level. Jump to the next one, and jump to a set of platforms here, the top-most
containing a coin roulette block if you want extra coins. To the right is some
more wired platforms.

STAR COIN #1: Here are three wired platforms, one after another. When you make
it to the third one, be ready to jump to the upper left and find one that takes
a different path. This path leads to the first Star Coin. After collecting it,
take the wired platform all the way to solid ground to the right.

STAR COIN #2: Two wired platforms lie ahead, the second one with a koopa.
You'll need this koopa for the second Star Coin, so grab it and hold onto it.
Back to solid ground, hit the checkpoint to the right if you want to, but for
the Star Coin, jump down to the lower platform and throw the koopa shell to the
left. This should get the Coin.

STAR COIN #3: To the right of the checkpoint is a wired platform. Jump on it,
and notice the alternate path in the upper-left like earlier. Jump up to it,
and ride this long set of platforms until you get to one with a koopa and some
blocks. Take out the koopa if you want, and hit the right-most block for a
P-switch. You don't need to activate it, but it'll grant you some coins, so why
not? Use the next two wired platforms to reach the third Star Coin lying out
at a distance. The raccoon tail is helpful for this. Ride the next platform
over to an area with some fuzzies. A ?-block here yields a raccoon leaf. Ride
the last platform here up and away to the flagpole.

World 2-Fortress
In this level the main gimmick is chocolatey pillars that move in a crushing
sort of motion. Since this is a fortress as well, you'll mainly want to be
moving north instead of the usual east. Head up onto an orange platform, and
wait for your chance to get onto the chocolate. It's easy to get crushed, so be
careful. When the top piece of chocolate moves out of the way, jump up and out
of there to avoid being crushed. Wait at either side for it to come down again.

STAR COIN #1: Ride this chocolate platform upwards to see the first Star Coin
at the left. Quickly run westward and crouch under the out-cropping in the
ceiling to reach it. When these chocolate platforms make an unbroken path
again, run east quickly and up out of there. Once above an orange platform, go
left, being careful not to get crushed by chocolate. Follow the coins. Once at
the left side, a brick in a minor alcove next to the chocolate contains a
raccoon leaf. On the left side of this area, use the bricks as a way up to the
next area. Make your way upwards through the area with skeleton enemies about.
You'll reach the checkpoint pretty soon. After the checkpoint, go left and up
above an orange platform. Climb the make-shift staircase to the upper right,
avoiding the spike pillars that drop down. Keep going north until you reach a
skeleton goomba.

STAR COIN #2: Go left and down, entering the door in this alcove. This room
contains many moving platforms that go in a bunch of different directions, but
the objective is to get to the top of this room. Carefully traverse the
platforms until you run into the second Star Coin at the upper left. Jump to
the lower right to make your exit through the door. In this area, make your way
north, watching out for chocolate platforms that can crush Mario. Get to the
ledge on the left for a moment of safety. Jump onto the widened ?-block and
continue north until you see an array of spiked platforms with some skeleton
goombas walking about.

STAR COIN #3: Wait for the left-most chocolate pillar to come down all the way.
Wall jump between it and the left wall to reveal an area at the ceiling, hiding
the third and final Star Coin. Once collected, jump down and head through the
door for a boss battle.

REZNOR BOSS BATTLE: There are a lot of these in the game, and they're nearly
identical so I won't go too in depth every time. This one has Reznors on all
four ?-blocks, so just like last time, hit all the blocks to knock them off.
Avoid the fireballs they spit at you, and the level shall be over.

World 2-Ghost House (contains a secret exit):
Begin by going east. Above two platforms will be a ?-block and a brick. Hit the
?-block for a raccoon leaf. Go right and head in the door (you may want to
lead the ghost out of the way first). The door leads to an auto-scrolling
section. Upon moving east, a giant ghost will appear and chase Mario throughout
the level. Don't worry much though, it's not very fast. If it's gaining on you,
just turn in its direction to make it stop (however, the level will still
scroll onwards). Move east and watch out for the purple block platform moving
up and down, it can crush Mario. Continue forth until you reach a second
purple platform, moving horizontally.

STAR COIN #1: This Coin is up on a high platform past the purple block. Climb
the stairway below it and jump to the first Star Coin from the right. 

STAR COIN #2: Soon after, look to the ground for the bouncy blocks. Just after
the bouncy blocks is a platform that lowers when Mario is standing on it. Ride
it all the way down to its lowest point, and reach the second Star Coin from
underneath. Quickly jump up and continue moving to the right.

STAR COIN #3: Not long after, look for the tilting platform below a red ring.
After this is a small set of bouncy blocks, but keep your eyes on the top of
the screen. Every so often the third Star Coin will swing into view. Time your
jumps on the bouncy blocks to reach it. After collecting it, keep heading east
and before long you'll find a door to go in. In this area, use the stairs to
get down to the very bottom. The platform to the right will lower when Mario
stands on it, so ride it all the way down to reveal a door. Go outside, and
head east to reach the flagpole.

SECRET EXIT: Replay the level up to the point with the second Star Coin. Go
past the second Coin and drop down to the lowest ground level. Position Mario
directly next to the left wall and jump to reveal a hidden vine. Climb the vine
to get outside the ghost house and onto the hidden flagpole. This secret exit
reveals a path to a red mushroom house and level 2-B.

World 2-4:
Head east into the interior of this pyramid. Nearby is an item roulette block,
so grab an item from it if needed. While descending this interior, be wary of
enemies above Mario. If you have a raccoon tail and just bring a koopa shell
with, you can break a brick a little ways away from the roulette block. This
will lead to an alcove that contains a starman which will grant Mario full
invincibility. Head up out of the alcove.

STAR COIN #1: Travelling to the upper right, look for a small alcove Mario can
fit into by ducking his head. This first Star Coin is here. Grab it and make
your way north, avoiding the fire snake above. If Mario still has a star, hurry
to the upper right direction to find another ?-block containing a star. However
the block will only contain a star if Mario currently has one, so like I said,
hurry. Make your way on top of the pyramid and to the right for the checkpoint

STAR COIN #2: This one requires at least Super Mario, so grab a power-up from
the ?-block next to the checkpoint. Move north east like before, but notice the
two yellow warp pipes here. You need to take the left-most one, so work your
way around the pokey enemy that guards it to get through. Once in the
underground cave, look for a brick near some yellow blocks and ground pound it.
This will unblock a path Mario can take. The yellow block that's slightly
taller than the others is actually intangible at the sides, but it requires
that you bust the brick blocking it. Drop down to an orange platform that acts
as an elevator ride down to the bottom of this cave. Once at the bottom, make
your way east through a hidden passage to find a pyramid of coins, a roulette
block, and the second Star Coin at the top. Phew, that was a long one. Make
your exit through the yellow warp pipe in the corner. Once outside, move north
east as per usual, avoiding enemies.

STAR COIN #3: Along this route you should encounter a gap filled with coins. Do
not jump in it. Instead, jump over it and drop down the right side to find the
third Star Coin in a hidden alcove. Now you can jump in the coin-filled gap. I
know, it was tempting. Enter the warp pipe at the bottom of this pit. Once
outside, it's as easy as moving a few paces forward and grabbing a flagpole!

World 2-B:
Go to the right and hit the middle ?-block for a power-up. Watch out for
floating bob-ombs throughout this level. Head right and over the pokey enemy.
A cool gimmmick with this level is there are some hills that look like
volcanoes. You can tell because the terrain at the top of the hills are a
slightly different color than the rest. Step on a bob-omb to start its timer,
and throw it near a volcano (the part with the different-colored terrain) to
make it erupt when the bob-omb explodes. Pretty neat. Continue east until you
get to a part with two bob-omb cannons next to eachother.

STAR COIN #1: The first Star Coin is guarded by some brown blocks. These can
only be destroyed by bob-omb explosions, so jump on one and throw it near the
brown blocks to blow them up, allowing access. Quickly collect the Coin and
exit as the floating bob-ombs will likely reach you when you're off guard. Hop
up and over this whole structure and continue east, getting the checkpoint.
A fire flower is in a ?-block here.

STAR COIN #2: Just after the ground holding the checkpoint is a sand pit with
coins in it. Rather suspicious, eh? Jump into the sand pit and let it drag
Mario down to discover a secret area. Here is another volcano, so use a bob-omb
to make it erupt and collect the second Star Coin. Before jumping in the pipe
cannon to the right, grab a fire flower from the ?-block if you want.

STAR COIN #3: Back above ground, stand on the bob-omb cannon just ahead. Wait
for it to shoot a bob-omb. When the bob-omb starts floating downwards,
immediately running jump onto the bob-omb and keep your momentum to reach the
third Star Coin in mid-air. A bit tricky to get, but nothing majorly difficult.
Basically just continue east, grab the eight red coins from the ring if you
want. When you reach a stair-case type formation of bob-omb cannons, running
jump to reach the flagpole, carefully dodging the bob-ombs here.

World 2-5:
Go right and grab a power-up from the left ?-block. The chain chomp below will
try and attack Mario, just jump to avoid it. Go east and running jump over the
chain chomp inside the cove.

STAR COIN #1: Outside the cove, look for a chain chomp just ahead. You need to
ground pound its post when it is facing EAST; this is important. This will
release the chain chomp and break some bricks protecting the first Star Coin.
Alternatively you can use a raccoon suit to knock out the bricks with Mario's
tail. Once out of there, climb up the orange platforms to an area above where
the Star Coin was. Head east and watch out for two more chain chomps ahead.

STAR COIN #2: The second chain chomp here is blocking a red warp pipe just
southeast from it. Ground pound the chain chomp's post to release it, and this
will lower the platform it was sitting on to the red warp pipe. Enter the pipe
to an underground cave, where two chomps are guarding the second Star Coin.
Position Mario on the array of bricks at the bottom and wait for the two chain
chomps to attack. Now jump up the orange platforms to the Star Coin and
carefully make your exit through a blue pipe. Once outside, the checkpoint is
to the right sitting atop some yellow platforms. Head east into a cove, and
pick up a raccoon leaf from a ?-block.

STAR COIN #3: Remember, these yellow platforms are completely intangible at the
sides. Work your way down the platforms in a southeast direction until you see
the third Star Coin; shouldn't be hard to spot. It's guarded by a chain chomp,
so carefully grab it and escape the chomp's grasp. Head east out of the cove.
A boomerang brother lies ahead; be careful. Keep going to the right; you can
get a power-up from the red coin ring if you want. Keep going right still, and
jump on the flagpole when you soon reach it.

World 2-Castle:
Head east to discover the gimmick of this level. The orange platform will only
move when Mario is standing on it, so jump up if you need it to stop or jump
off. The first set of blocks above the platform is holding a raccoon leaf. Move
east but avoid the buzzy beetles that will be dumped off from above.

STAR COIN #1: The first Star Coin is just ahead; two sets of blocks are needed
to reach it. When Mario nears them, they will rotate. Just hop on the tallest
one and jump left to reach the Coin. Get back on the orange platform and
continue moving east. Two buzzy beetles will be launched at Mario just ahead,
so jump over them accordingly. Avoid the two thwomps just after. The checkpoint
is sitting on some ground away from the orange platform. Just leave it behind
since there is another one ahead. Grab a raccoon leaf from the right-most
?-block and hop on the next orange platform.

STAR COIN #2: Head east and watch out for some large fireballs. Be sure to stop
at the row of three bricks here. Hit the middle one for a spring-board and take
it along. Move east just a bit more and look towards the top; the second Star
Coin will swing by every so often. The spring-board should give Mario the
height to reach it. Now, this is important: SAVE THE SPRING-BOARD. You will
need it for the third Star Coin, as I'm not sure how to reach it without.
Moving on, dodge some more fireballs and be aware of some bricks that come out
of the lava every so often. They are rotating and can potentially push Mario
into the lava, so be ready to jump over them. Continue on, watching for more
fireballs ahead.

STAR COIN #3: The next Star Coin is through a red warp pipe that's pretty high
up. If you saved the spring-board from earlier, Mario can easily reach it. Once
through the pipe, the room will be filled with lots of coin outlines. When
Mario touches a coin outline, a coin will appear in its place. Touch all the
outlines but DO NOT COLLECT THE COINS. Once you've done this go to the left
wall and hit a brick for a P-switch. The P-switch will turn the coins you've
made into brick platforms, allowing you to reach the third and final Star Coin.
Go through the red warp pipe on the right side of the room to exit. This warp
pipe will dump Mario right in front of the door to the boss. How convenient!

IGGY BOSS BATTLE: This one is similar to Iggy's fight in New Super Mario Bros.
Wii. Iggy will be sitting in a seat attached to a large chain chomp. The chain
chomp will emerge from the right side, and try to attack Mario. You can see
what direction the chain chomp will move next by looking at its face. Use the
blue platforms to avoid the chain chomp, and when Iggy is vulnerable, jump on
him. Starting with the second phase he will shoot green magic, so be careful of
it. Also, when you attack Iggy, the chain chomp will become red and move a bit
faster. The third phase will allow the chain chomp to move at the faster speed
no matter what. Once you've jumped on Iggy three times, the battle is won. Grab
the key when it's in Mario's reach!
 _    _
| |  | |
| |  | |
| |/\| |=======================================================================
|      |ORLD 3                                                          [WRLD3]

World 3-1:
Get ready for the first beach level. Head over to the second mound of sand and
grab a power-up from a ?-block. Hop onto the ?-block and jump for a hidden
starman! This should help you take out the flying fish easily. Grab the star
and run east until you get to a wooden log platform with a ?-block above it.
Hit the block while the star is still active for another one.

STAR COIN #1: The first Star Coin is kind of high up, but a running jump from
the wooden log platform should easily reach it. Continue east. Above a wooden
log is a row of bricks; hit the right-most for a ?-switch. Activating the
switch will cause tons of coins to spew out of a nearby green pipe. Go east for
the checkpoint flag on a mound of sand. Nearby is a set of three platforms
that function basically like a ferris wheel.

STAR COIN #2: Above the ferris wheel of platforms is a green pipe and some
blocks. Jump on the highest platform, and wait for the piranha plant to recede.
Wall-jump off the green pipe and above the blocks to reveal the second Star
Coin up here. Grab a fire flower from the ?-block if you need to. Jump down, of
course when the plant has receded, and ferris wheel your way east. Here is a
gold ring if  you want some extra coins. The next mound of sand has a ?-block
above it, so hit it for a raccoon leaf. Traverse the next ferris wheel,
avoiding the piranha plant that sits upon it.

STAR COIN #3: Next up is a set of three green pipes with two barrels between
them. The third Star Coin is hiding not well behind the second barrel. Have
Mario stand on the barrel to weigh it down, grabbing the Coin. Also use the
coin roulette block here if you want extra coins. Move east, and a few mounds
of sand later, go through the green warp pipe. The goal flagpole lies at the
other side after a staircase of blocks.
 _    _
| |  | |
| |  | |
| |/\| |=======================================================================
|      |ORLD 4                                                          [WRLD4]

- under construction

 _    _
| |  | |
| |  | |
| |/\| |=======================================================================
|      |ORLD 5                                                          [WRLD5]

- under construction

 _    _
| |  | |
| |  | |
| |/\| |=======================================================================
|      |ORLD 6                                                          [WRLD6]

- under construction

 _    _
| |  | |
| |  | |
| |/\| |=======================================================================
|      |ORLD MUSHROOM                                                   [WRLDM]

- under construction

 _    _
| |  | |
| |  | |
| |/\| |=======================================================================
|      |ORLD FLOWER                                                     [WRLDF]

- under construction

 _    _
| |  | |
| |  | |
| |/\| |=======================================================================
|      |ORLD STAR                                                       [WRLDS]

Unlocking the Star World, unlike Mushroom and Flower, is actually simple. Once
you've defeated the boss at the end of World 6, the Star World will open and is
accessible by the bottom touch screen. However, there is a catch. You can't
actually play any of the levels here without paying up 90 Star Coins to remove
a sign that blocks your path. If you've been following the guide, however, this
shouldn't be a problem, as you'll have well over 90 Star Coins by this point.

- under construction

10. ODDS AND ENDS                                                       [ODEDS]

Small tidbits of game information that isn't really important enough to be
stuck anywhere else in the guide.

What Happens When You Collect 1,000,000 Coins?
I think Nintendo was building up to this ultimate goal a bit too much because
the reward is rather lame. When you collect a whopping one million coins, Mario
and Luigi will say "Incredible!", Italian plumber style. When you get past this
screen, you'll be taken back to the title screen. The title screen looks
different however; Mario is now gold and is surrounded by towering stacks of
coins. And that's about it. The title music doesn't change either. This was
pretty disappointing when you consider the fact that 1,000,000 coins is not
very easy to come by, even when the game showers you with them as it does.

Playing as Luigi in Single Player
This works exactly is it did in the DS version of this game, New Super Mario
Bros. You can play as Luigi at any point in the game. Do so by selecting your
save file while holding the L and R buttons. It's a nice change, especially if
you don't like the color red.

Secret Rainbow Levels
To unlock these, the timer in a level must end in two digits of the World that
Mario is currently in when he touches the flagpole. Confusing, I know. For
example, if Mario is in a level from World 4, he must touch the ending flagpole
with x44 seconds remaining on the timer (where x can be any number). The
rainbow level for that world will appear on the map screen and be playable.
These are essentially bonus areas with a heavy focus on collecting lots of
coins. You can also find Red Rings in these levels, and collecting all the red
coins that they spawn will reward you with a Gold Flower.

The Super Raccoon Leaf
For the not-so-skilled-at-2D-platforming players out there, Nintendo has left
in something that caters to your needs. Upon dying five times consecutively,
a Super Raccoon Leaf block will appear at the last checkpoint. The block
yields, well, a Super Raccoon Leaf. This will make Mario invincible to pretty
much anything except falling down pits, poison water, and lava. It also gives
Mario the abilites that the regular raccoon suit enTAILs. Get it? EnTAILs?

11. THANKS AND KUDOS                                                    [THANX]

Some people I would like to thank with the making of this walkthrough.

- GameFAQs, for posting my walkthrough.
- Nintendo, for making the game.
- The guys over at GameXplain (YouTube), for making great video guides.
- streetpassdubai on YouTube for making great playthrough videos.
- The Mario Wiki, for a few minor but important details.
- All of you readers, for taking a minute to check out my guide!

Additional big thanks:
- RedIsPoetic, for letting me know that another site was using this document

12. LEGALITY INFO                                                       [LGINF]

List of sites with permission to post my FAQ/walkthrough:
- gameFAQs.com
- neoseeker.com

This document (including future GameFAQs submissions from me) is NOT to be
posted on www.cheatcc.com. I very clearly spelled out below that I do not want
my documents being altered in ANY way on ANY website. Please, if you see this
guide posted on the previously mentioned website, e-mail me or send me a
message on GameFAQs letting me know. Thank you.

Stealing, selling for profit, or altering this document in any way (without my
permission) is strictly prohibited and illegal. If you would like to post this
guide to your site, see the CONTACT ME section to e-mail me and we'll work
something out. Thank you.


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