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                |        Pax Corpus for Sony Playstation       |
                |              FAQ and Walkthrough             I
                I            Version 1.0, 13/02/2001           I
                I   (Australian date format: Day/Month/Year)   I
                I          by Bloomer  aka  Wade Clarke        I
                I         email: [email protected]        I

__________ Legal Stuff __________

This FAQ is Copyright 2001 Wade Clarke, All Rights Reserved.
All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged.
Pax Corpus is (C) 1997 by Cryo Interactive Entertainment

Wade Clarke is the author of this FAQ. Its contents are my intellectual
property. This FAQ is never to be used for profit or distributed commercially
in any way. It is for private and personal use only. You may edit an individual
copy to suit your needs on your own computer. In all other venues, the FAQ must
remain entirely as is. You can distribute the unedited FAQ freely to friends.
I'm generally happy when you post my FAQ in its original form to any
NON-COMMERCIAL website or online venue - however, you must seek my written
permission first :)

__________ Thank Yous ___________

Yes, they're at the front! But see how short they are? Thanks to:

--- Cryo Interactive Entertainment, for creating Pax Corpus, for sending me
    a minimal walkthrough of the game and for replying to my research emails

--- Kahlee, for her vital, supremely confident and sexy stride that really
    helps Pax Corpus

--- GameFAQs

____ FAQ History + Comments and Feedback Information _____

Version 1.0 - Completed 13/02/2001
     You're reading it, and it was written to be as complete as possible at

If you read, use, or like this FAQ, then please send me an email. I am keen to
hear from anyone who's playing Pax Corpus. I think I can safely say it is not
the best known game in the world ;)

Also, if you have other comments or feedback re: Pax Corpus/this FAQ, or
information about something important in the game that you think I have
neglected, send those in. Having said that, I know that this FAQ is pretty
solid, and covers almost any question you might have about playing the game. If
I ever need to update it, gamefaqs.com will be the first place I post the
updated version (if they'll have me!)

___________ Contents ____________

- Introduction
- "Why did I write this FAQ?"
- Lingua Latina: PAX CORPUS

         - 1 - Controls Info + Moves List
         - 2 - The Facts of Death
         - 3 - Combat Strategy
         - 4 - Acrobatic Strategy
         - 5 - Additional Weapons
         - 6 - Other Special Items
         - 7 - Enemy Guide

          - Overview
          - Mission 1: M1-1, M1-2, M1-3
          - Mission 2: M2-1, M2-2, M2-3, M2-4, M2-5, M2-6
          - Mission 3: M3-1
          - Mission 4: M4-1, M4-2
          - Mission 5: M5-1, M5-2, M5-3, M5-4, M5-5, M5-6
          - Mission 6: M6-1, M6-2

           - 1 - Passwords
           - 2 - Secrets

          - 1 - Kahlee's Tattoo
          - 2 - Cool Things To Try and To Watch Out For
          - 3 - Bugs and Shoddy Features
          - 4 - Pax Corpus Musical Soundtrack
          - 5 - The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name
          - 6 - About The End Credits   *** SPOILER SECTION ***

_________ Introduction __________

Read this because it tells you what you'll find in this document and how the
material is all arranged.

Pax Corpus is a sci-fi action adventure with gameplay reminiscent at times of
Tomb Raider. Versions of Pax Corpus exist for the Playstation and for
Intel-based PCs. This FAQ was written specifically for the PSX version. However
I believe that the majority (or all) of the directions for solving levels will
hold true for the other version of the game as well, as will gameplay
strategies. The passwords are the same for both versions.

Throughout this FAQ, references to missions and levels will take this format:

M1-3 means Mission 1, Level 3   or  the 3rd level of Mission 1.
M5-1 means Mission 5, Level 1   or  the 1st level of Mission 5.   etc.

This FAQ consists of 4 main parts:

<(1)>  A general strategy guide with

     - Advice on the controls
     - A moves list
     - Combat strategies
     - Acrobatic strategies - I.E. how to handle the jumping and rolling
       aspects of gameplay and how to deal with specific obstacles
     - A rundown on the use of different weapons and items in the game
     - A guide to all the enemies you meet in Pax Corpus

<(2)>  A walkthrough of the entire game with maps and detailed directions
       addressing every level

<(3)>  A passwords and secrets list, for those who like that kind of thing :)

<(4)>  FUN STUFF!!!

       - 'What is Kahlee's tattoo about?..'
       - What's cool in this game, what's weird, what's terrible
       - Lists of fun things to try out and to watch out for
       - List of bugs and amusing faults to play with
       - Music breakdown for Pax Corpus
       - Read about 'The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name'
       - Info on the end credits (*** SPOILER ***)

To go straight to the beginning of any one of the four parts, you can do a
search for P1, P2, P3 or P4 in the text of the document. But first,

______________ "Why did I write this FAQ?" _______________

First reason: I wrote it because in spite of Pax Corpus' large number of faults
and problems, I have grown to like the game very much. (Did I mention I'm kinda
masochistic too?)

Second reason: It was really hard finding any help for this game. So I hope
that my FAQ will provide that help, and save some other gamers the difficulties
I had. Though in a way, I only fell in love with the game as a result of
spending so much time playing it because of those difficulties!

Thus, my initial idea to write a levels walkthrough developed into wanting to
document everything I could about Pax Corpus, and to share this with anyone
else who might play or become interested in the game.


The game was released in 1997. I picked it up for the PSX in 2000, and in spite
of its technical sloppiness, arduous loading times, harsh password system and
the cruel and sometimes inexplicable problems it threw at me, I was compelled
to keep playing. The dark future atmosphere, foxy protagonists and the plot
concerning an all-female society and a mysterious project to brainwash the
populace all helped a lot.

I was only up to M2-2 when I first hit a total impasse.. I could not work out
how to kill the executioner. The fact that I had to play that level from
scratch every time I died on him (20+ deaths) was driving me pretty mad. So I
looked for Pax Corpus info on the internet. There were a few cheats, a single
old, bad review of it - in German!! - and that was it. No walkthroughs, FAQs,
or other reviews anywhere, which were the things I wanted.

So, I emailed Cryo, the makers of Pax Corpus, via a suspiciously dead looking
website, and asked for help. Weeks passed. I thought, 'I'm never gonna get any
help on this game, am I?' Then suddenly, I got a reply, from France. THANK YOU
FRANCE!!! A helpful guy at Cryo in France sent me a skeletal walkthrough (which
evidently is not available anywhere else). At last I learned how to kill the
executioner, and I played on.

In the credit department, I must point out that the skeletal walkthrough from
Cryo formed the framework for my levels walkthrough.

________________ Lingua Latina: PAX CORPUS _______________

Before we plough into the strategy guide, let's stop for a second to consider
the title of the game: Pax Corpus. Sure, it just sounds cool. What do those
words actually mean though? Latin will help us out here in a second. ('Latin?!'
I know, some of you are baulking now)

In the game, Pax Corpus is the name of the secret project created by Dr. Ellys
for Kiyiana Soro, leader of the Alcyon corporation. It seems to be both a
weapon and an entity. The Pax Corpus and its manifestations emit a dangerous
radiation. Prolonged exposure to the Pax Corpus will make you become part of
the Pax Corpus.. in the process, your freedom of thought is destroyed and you
effectively become a mindless slave.

'Pax', from the Latin, means 'peace, tranquility, concord' (New Shorter Oxford
English Dictionary). The most famous pax was the 'Pax Romana', which described
the security and peace of a particular era of the Roman empire. 'Corpus' means
body. So, my interpretation of the term 'Pax Corpus' goes like this:

'Pax Corpus' describes the concord which exists between the Pax Corpus
weapon/entity and all of those beings who have been irradiated by it and become
a part of it. So it's actually a kind of irony. Certainly there is no conflict,
but the victims of the Pax Corpus are now its slaves, and they exist in an
immortal and mindless cooperative state, or peace, with all the other slaves.

                      PART I (P1) - THE STRATEGY GUIDE


Directional Pad - Controls Kahlee's movement.
Use left and right to turn Kahlee, forward to walk forwards, backward to walk

R1 button - Run mode (also groin kick)
Hold this button down along with the directional pad to run or turn quickly on
the spot. Hold down this button then press X to kick at a foe's groin(!)

R2 button - Short sidesteps (also rolling)
Hold R2 down, then use left or right on the directional pad to take short
sideways steps. Press Circle whilst holding R2 to do a forward roll.

L1 button - Subjective view mode
Hold this down to see through Kahlee's eyes and take a good look around, moving
the camera around with the directional buttons. When you release L1, Kahlee
will be facing precisely in the direction you were last looking.

Tap L1 briefly to position the camera behind Kahlee's back, if it has moved to
some angle you don't like. This is a crucial and basic skill to master. Use it
often to keep yourself orientated and to keep an eye on your enemies in combat.

Many switches and secrets can only be discovered and activated in subjective
view mode. When purple crosshairs appear about an object in this mode, it means
you can almost certainly interact with that object by firing. Without letting
go of L1, squeeze the Square button now. The camera will go wide again and
Kahlee will fire her blaster at the object, hopefully destroying or activating
it. Some false walls and destructible obstacles are also identified using this
mode, but not all will respond to your blaster. You may need to use plasma or a
missile (see Part I, Section 5 - Additional Weapons)

L2 button - Dodge button
Press the button to have Kahlee dodge and crouch. So long as you keep holding
L2, Kahlee will stay crouched. She crouches to her left, and if there isn't
enough room to do this, she will only kneel, which isn't a complete dodge.

Press X whilst crouching to come out of the crouch with an uppercut punch.
Press Square whilst dodged to start firing your blaster.

X Button - Melee Attack and Action
The regular use of this button is for hand-to-hand combat.

Hit X to punch (it's really a pistol whip using the butt of Kahlee's blaster,
but I'll always refer to it simply as the 'punch')

Hit X twice in a row for 2 punches.

Hit X 3 times in a row for a 2 punch + one roundhouse kick combination.

Even if you stagger the timing of 3 presses of the X button, your 3rd attack
may end up being a roundhouse anyway.

Press X whilst crouching to come out of the crouch with an uppercut punch.

Press X whilst holding down the run button (R1) to kick out at someone's groin.

Outside of combat: Stand directly in front of a computer terminal or a switch
and press X to activate it.

Circle Button - Jump and Roll button
Press Circle once to make Kahlee do a short forward leap, useful for clearing a
small gap.

For the double jump, you tap Circle a second time before Kahlee touches the
ground (or ground level) from the first jump. The double jump will give much
greater height and distance, and is used both to clear longer horizontal
distances and to vault over those horrible laser forcefields. The longer you
wait before you tap the Circle button for the second time, the greater distance
you will clear in total. But not so long that you simply land or fall from the
single jump.

The double jump is also a decent kicking attack, striking all enemies you clip
in the course of your jump.

Kahlee can also roll forwards and backwards.

Hit Circle button + R2 button for a forward roll.
Hit Circle button + backwards on the directional pad for a backwards roll.

Rolls are reasonably fast, so they are a decent defensive movement to evade
enemy fire. The more important use of rolling is to roll under laser beams, and
occasionally into a small chute, portal or doorway.

Square Button - Blaster (Basic Weapon) button

Kahlee always has her blaster with her, and unlimited ammo for it. You'll use
this weapon to cut down the majority of your enemies, to remotely activate
switches by shooting them, and sometimes to destroy scenery, obstacles and
false walls.

1. Press and hold the Square button down: Kahlee draws and aims.

It's not instant. If you let go before she fires, the process is aborted. By
default, Kahlee aims directly ahead of her. If you are facing sufficiently in
the direction of an enemy at the time you draw aim, Kahlee will aim at and
track that enemy with the gun (to a limited degree). This includes aiming above
or below her, an aspect of aim you cannot voluntarily control.

2. Keep holding the Square button down: Kahlee starts to fire.

She will fire repeatedly at short intervals until you release the button, or
start to turn around, or start or stop walking/running, at which point she will
have to re-draw and re-aim. This takes time. Therefore, to fire multiple shots
at one enemy or track them if they're moving, just keep your finger stuck down
on the button. Don't release it unless you really need to dodge, aim elsewhere,
or other circumstances have changed. If the enemy Kahlee is firing at dies or
moves out of sight, and another is in range and sufficiently in front of her,
she will automatically switch her aim to the new enemy without you having to do

Press the Square button when you see a purple-crosshaired object/switch in
subjective view mode to fire at that object, destroying or activating it.

Triangle button - Additional weapon trigger
Fires your additional weapon, if you have one selected (see Select button
below). Aiming/tracking enemies for additional weapons is the same as for
Kahlee's blaster.

Select button - Inventory mode.
Press Select: The game pauses and Kahlee's inventory screen appears. You will
have one or two 'rings' of inventory items, depending on what you have picked
up during the game. I would call one the 'Weapons' ring, and the other the
'Special Items' ring. Use up and down on the directional pad to toggle rings if
you have both of them.

Weapons Ring - Use the directional pad to scroll left and right through any
additional weapons you have picked up. Numbers by the weapons show how much
ammo is left for that weapon. Press Select again to choose the frontmost weapon
and return to the game. The icon for the selected weapon will appear in the
circular panel in the lower-left corner of the game screen. To use the weapon
from now on, press Triangle.

Special Items Ring - Same control as the weapons ring. The difference is, when
you press Select to exit your inventory, the item you selected will typically
be used instantaneously. I.E. You do not have to trigger it later. An example
would be an energy capsule, which will be consumed right away, restoring
Kahlee's white energy.

Some items will appear in your special items ring, but selecting them seems to
have no effect. Such items are automatically used at the relevant points in the

Start Button - Pause mode
From here you can resume play by hitting Start again, or press Select to get
the option to quit to Pax Corpus' front menu.


White Energy
Kahlee's health, AKA white energy, is displayed inside the orb in the
lower-right corner of the screen. The damage Kahlee sustains from her enemies
and from the dangerous environment reduce her white energy until the orb is
empty and you're dead. Death takes you back to the start of the level you are
currently playing, minus all items you collected whilst playing the level,
along with any you had carried over from earlier levels - though some of your
special items (non-weapon) are the exception to this rule. There are other
fabulous instant ways to die, such as plummeting into voids.

When you complete a level, your health is restored to full.

Pax Corpus Energy
Immediately to the left of your life orb is the triangular Pax Corpus energy
meter, or 'blue energy' meter. Exposure to the Pax Corpus entity will cause
this meter to build up in steps. With each absorption of energy, Kahlee groans
as if she had been shot. Everyone, everything and everyplace affected by the
Pax Corpus has a neon blue glow, and when you enter or leave a Pax Corpus area,
you can also tell because you will hear a blissful chord on the soundtrack. If
this meter fills completely, BZZZZT you have been absorbed into the Pax Corpus
and you're a slave, as good as dead. On the other hand, once you move back out
of the Pax Corpus afflicted areas, the meter will subside, and your Pax Corpus
energy will be pumped back into Kahlee's health! This is a very important thing
to remember. It essentially turns the Pax Corpus into a healing station, so
long as you are careful with it.

Game Over
There is no save game system in Pax Corpus. This is Very Harsh... You will
receive a password for the purposes of resuming play only once per mission, at
the completion of each mission.

The smallest mission is only 1 level long, but the longest missions are 6
levels long! So there will be times when you will have to clear 6 levels in one
sitting to get the next password. Otherwise, once you turn off the Playstation,
it's back to where you got your last password next time you play.

Whenever you die, you also face about 40 seconds of loading from the CD. For
all of the above reasons, avoiding death is a priority (DUH!!!!!!!). Not just
for the sake of Kahlee's life, but for the sake of your own sanity. And because
you lose your extra weapons when you die.


The Radar
Use the radar, because it's a great tool. The circular radar at the top-right
corner of the screen will show your position relative to your enemies (both
animate and inanimate), and other neutral beings. You are at the centre of the
radar. Northwards on the radar represents the area directly ahead of you. The
radar works through walls and can pick up figures who are quite a way off.

Remember that roughly speaking, radar range equals both sight and shooting
range. If a guard is aware of you, has line of sight to you and is visible on
your radar, odds are she'll be taking aim now. Inversely, if someone's on your
radar and you have an unobstructed path to them, you can blast them, sometimes
before you've even seen them in person on the game screen.

Blasters and Dodging, Part A
If you surprise an enemy, or they're not aware of you yet - Just open fire with
your blaster. Face them enough to get aim, then hold down Square and start
firing. 1 shot will stun or kill standard enemies early in the game, 2 will
kill for sure. As you progress through the levels, enemies will be able to take
more punishment before dying, possibly up to 5 blaster shots. You can shoot
stunned guards who are on the ground, too. Don't try and shoot anyone whilst
standing *right* in their face. Due to some poor programming, if you stand too
close to people, you actually aim over their shoulders.

About half the guards are posted and on watch for intruders like yourself. As
soon as you enter the room with these guards, they aim then fire. The key thing
is the sound of their weapons. There's a clicking as they load, then the smokey
explosive sound of the shot being fired. This may be the future, but
fortunately these shots aren't travelling at light speed and you can both see
and evade them.

The 'click' is a warning; the guards are still aiming at this point and will
rotate to follow you if you're moving. Use this time to face perpendicular to
the approximate direction the shots are gonna come from. Once you hear the shot
fired, be running, rolling, or jumping briefly to get out of the way. You can
use the dodge button (L2) to duck if you wish, but this is less reliable. And
don't press L2 while the guards are still aiming either, because then they'll
adjust their aim down to where you're ducking. If you let them fire first, then
crouch, it will go over you.

Dodge works best when you have the cover of a crate, or any other obstacle that
entirely protects the lower half of your body. Fire shots over the top of the
crate and just duck down to safety behind it whenever you feel like it.

If you are being fired upon by 2 or more enemies in a room, you may wish to
just keep running around them in a circular fashion, or across their paths, to
avoid their shots. This will make it harder for anyone to hit you, and if
you're lucky they might hit each other too. Keep moving when under fire. Dodge
incoming shots, fire a couple of your own, move again, repeat.

Hand 2 Hand combat
Sometimes it can be a pain to aim correctly in a pinch, or if you have multiple
guards on you, or someone's hiding behind a corner, or you've got crossfire
problems. So mix it up with some kung-fu!

Run (holding R2) right up to an enemy and start hitting X. 3 rapid presses
gives the Punch - Punch - Kick combo. The roundhouse is very sloppily
programmed and will often miss, seeming to pass right through your foe. Don't
worry, they're still stunned enough from your punches and you can just keep
smacking them to death. This kamikaze technique rarely fails against guards.

It's cool if you Do manage to land a roundhouse because it usually knocks
guards to the floor.

Kahlee's double jump can also be used to kick humanoid enemies down to the
floor for decent damage and the stun effect. If you have room, face your enemy,
tap Circle twice and you'll both soar through the air and smack anyone in your
flight path. Yep, you can strike multiple enemies at once with this move.
Non-humanoid enemies won't be knocked down, but they'll still take damage.

* Dodging during hand-to-hand combat is only useful against opponents who
exclusively use hand-to-hand, such as civilians and packers. Though they're so
hopeless and annoying anyway, you probably already shot them from 10 feet away

* Don't waste time with the uppercut-from-dodge either, as it's largely

LONE EXCEPTION: Fighting Kiyiana, where you actually must use the uppercut at
the start of the fight!

Though, if you're really desperate to use uppercut-from-dodge, try boxing with
the civilians in M1-2, they seem to like it, or packers or prisoners on later
levels. Occasionally you may wish to try to land the groin kick on an enemy (R1
+ X) for laughs, but practically it is the weakest attack by far in the whole
game. Maybe this is because %90 of your enemies are women or robots. Now if
there were only more men around you could kick in the groin...

Blasters and Dodging, Part B
Firing from the crouched/dodged position is also possible. Just hold Square
while you're crouched. It can work, though often it prompts the guards to get
cute and dodge in return. 'I see your dodge and I raise you a dodge!' kind of
thing. And remember if you stay 'dodged', the bad guys start aiming down at
you. Some droid enemies fire shots that will always hit you whether you're high
or low.

Here's something good to know - Kahlee can fire whilst running or walking.

Just remember that whichever state you first take aim in (either moving or not
moving), that's the state from which you will be able to continuously fire by
holding onto the Square button. If you start or stop walking/running, you will
pause to draw and take aim again. I'm making a big deal about this because in
combat, you almost always get shot when you're taking aim yourself. It is
important to minimise unnecessary drawing/aiming.

Cool Blaster Trick
Here's the coolest way to use moving and shooting at once to your advantage.

When there's a room ahead which you know contains some guards or other enemies,
especially the kind who are waiting for you in the distance, get back a bit in
the cover of the previous corridor. Now, start walking along towards the room
and hold the Square button down. This gives Kahlee time to draw, and start
firing repeatedly ahead of her whilst striding along. So long as you don't stop
walking or release Square, she won't stop firing.

Round the corner into the room, walking and blasting, and use your radar to
steer yourself directly at each enemy 'dot'. You probably can't even see the
guards on the screen yet, but your 'enter blasting' attitude, combined with the
long-distance aim you're getting from the radar, means you'll probably take
them all out before they even blink. The screams of the dying guards you
haven't even seen yet is a great thing. Kahlee also looks extremely cool doing
this, striding along icily and firing. It's one of the best things in Pax
Corpus :)

Fighting Non-humanoids
For animal type foes, like wormhounds, dogs and squibs (all described in Part
I, Section 7 - the Enemy Guide), fighting from a distance is preferable. Make
sure you stand back, take good initial aim, then open repeated fire and don't
release the Square button until they're totally dead. Even then, keep holding
it down if the enemies were grouped together, because you'll probably take
auto-aim on the next one. Animals can mess you up if you let them come close.
Sometimes due to their bouncing movements, the odd shot of yours will miss.
Don't worry, just keep blasting.

Droids are nasty because they're trigger happy and you tend to encounter them
in numbers or in ambush situations. The 'Cool Blaster Trick' is often good when
entering a droid filled area, but methods of dealing with droids can be fairly
specific depending upon the level you're on. Thus they get more discussion in
Part II - The Walkthrough.

Security Cameras

Occasionally you'll spot a security camera attached to the ceiling of a
corridor or room. They don't move or rotate. If you come within range of them
in the direction they are facing and stay there for a little while, the camera
will notice you and you'll hear 'CALL FOR REINFORCEMENTS!'  The effect of being
spotted is that more guards will appear in nearby rooms.

To avoid this, don't dawdle when you spot a camera. Either move on fast, or
better yet, hold L1 to switch into subjective mode, target the camera from afar
with purple crosshairs then take it out with a blaster shot.

Of course if you want the joy of torching more guards, which is one of my
favourite things to do in Pax Corpus, just let the camera see you.


Kahlee has to negotiate a lot of nasty environments in Pax Corpus with her
acrobatic prowess.

Key Observations
1. The most important strategy: Use subjective mode (L1) to check your
positioning and aim when taking jumps and rolls. Get your target straight ahead
of you, then release L1 and Kahlee will remain correctly lined up.

2. Kahlee's short sidesteps (R2 + left or right) can also be used to position
her more accurately for jumps or rolls. Note that this isn't Prince of Persia -
these are Short sidesteps, not Cautious sidesteps. You can still fall off
ledges or platforms while taking these little steps, so be careful.

3. If Kahlee touches a wall in mid jump, whether she ploughs directly into it
or only scrapes it with her side, she loses inertia and will drop straight down
at the point of contact. So be ultra careful not to scrape walls or obstacles
when you are going for a long/high jump over a chasm/lasers, or a roll under
lasers... you'll inevitably end up dead or seriously injured, from falling down
a chasm, landing on top of a laser wall, or (my personal favourite!) standing
up so that your body is bisected by 4 lasers.

4. Running has no bearing on your ability to make jumps. You do not need
run-ups to make big jumps, nor does getting a run-up have any acceleration-type
effect in general. You can make the biggest jump you will ever make from a
totally stationary position.

Now let's talk about

Laser forcefields!
These are the red laserbeams that you typically find placed across corridors in
groups of 1 to 4. There are many of them to deal with throughout the game, and
they can be particularly frustrating, not to mention deadly. They behave in
different ways, so always approach them with caution. Here are the 4

(a) Some laser grids completely block your passage, basically stretching from
floor to ceiling. In such cases, you will usually need to deactivate one or
more of the beams with switches found somewhere in the level first. In rare
cases, such lasers may be a permanent feature (I.E. The game is never going to
let you go past them and there are no switches for them.)

(b) Some lasers partially block a passage. You have to jump over or roll under
them (ARGH!!!!)

(c) Some lasers are designed to allow movement through a doorway in only one
direction. You approach from one side, the beams evaporate completely, and when
you pass through they reappear behind you. Do not walk back into these beams
hoping that they will disappear again. A decent number of people have walked
through plate glass windows in history. They got hurt. Don't be one of those

(d) Some lasers operate on a timer. There may be a grid of them across a
corridor, fading in and out in sequence. You need to be careful and move
through as the relevant lasers disappear.

Here are the reasons why I fear lasers and why they can be so savage:

1. They're hard to see. It's simply hard to tell where they begin and end. It's
a 3D world and typically you're looking forward at a 2D laser, which is a flat
red line.

2. When Kahlee misjudges her acrobatics and gets injured by a laser, she is
knocked to the floor and will gradually roll back onto her feet. I've gotta be
frank here... the programming for this is atrocious, and one of the very bad
things in this game. You have no control over the way she gets back to her
feet, though you can start the process sooner by hitting X. If you landed in a
poor or unlucky position, you can't do anything but scream as you watch her
roll to her feet repeatedly in the line of fire of the lasers, being fried over
and over until she dies. A mistake that was meant to cost you %20 of your
health ends up costing you %100.

How to negotiate lasers
If the lasers are all above your waist level, roll under them with the forward
roll (Circle + R2). This is a pretty safe activity, just make sure you're
neither too close nor too far away when you launch the roll. Close and you
might headbutt the laser. Far and you might actually stand up from the roll
into the laser.

For any other laser arrangements, perhaps 1, 2 or 3 beams going across, at
floor, waist and head height respectively, you must use the double jump. 1 or 2
beams is always easy. 3 beams is okay if they're close together. If the 3 are
spaced apart, you're not actually supposed to be able to clear them... the game
is encouraging you to go elsewhere or find a switch first. But let's not be put
off by that!


    If you really want, there are a couple of times in Pax Corpus where you can
    'cheat' by making an Olympics-worthy high jump over 3 far-apart laser
    beams :)  Though it's not easy and you might cop some laser burns.

Oh yeah, and 4 laser beams going across is never possible to jump over.

The double jump is a tricky beast. The first press of Circle starts an abrupt
forwards jump. The 2nd press (made before you land from the first jump) shoots
you up and over at an angle of about sixty degrees. If you're too close to
lasers, the first forward jump will just put you into them. You need to
practise to get a feel for the distances, and what effect pressing Circle at
different times for the 2nd jump will have.

To clear laser beams, get back about a body length and a half from the lasers,
make sure you're not going to scrape a wall aim-wise, and do a moderate speed
double jump. Remember, don't launch the 2nd jump too early (land on lasers) or
too late (first jump takes you into lasers). Following the spot of your shadow
on the floor once you're airborne is a good way to tell how deep into the
screen you are.

To do the crazy jump over 3 spaced-apart lasers, you need to be back about the
same distance, but you seem to have to do the double button tap really quickly,
so that you almost immediately start gaining great height. This takes some

Chasms, Gaps and Obstacles
At times you will need to jump across chasms, or between painfully small
platforms, or onto or over crates or other raised structures. The single jump
will move you about a body length forward, and very low to ground level.
Remember that to cover the longest possible distance or make great vertical
progress, you need to do a double jump, hitting Circle for the 2nd time as late
as possible into the first jump. But not so late that you start to plummet and
get no 2nd jump ;)

For shorter jumps, tap Circle for the 2nd time more quickly.

Don't forget, you can overshoot jumps as well as undershoot them.


** Ammo per pickup:  5
** Range:            Same as Blaster

This liquidy red fireball is the most common extra weapon and has multiple

It's solid. It will wipe out most non-boss enemies in one shot.

It also destroys some obstacles like crates and false walls, at times making it
essential to progress in the game.

You can't fire plasma from subjective mode, so even when you see the tell-tale
purple crosshairs indicating a wall or obstacle that you need to take out,
you'll need to just get back to the normal game mode and then hit Triangle to
shoot the plasma at it.

*** N.B. Sometimes if you *don't* check the false wall in subjective mode
before firing plasma at it, even though you know it's there, the game may not
put two and two together and you'll waste a plasma shot. (Yes, that's poor)

In a rare display of generosity, the game will usually leave some plasma for
you to pick up pretty close to any obstacles or walls that you Must destroy to

Mega Blast
** Ammo per pickup: 1
** Range:           Current room

Quoth the manual: 'A fearsome weapon which combines a powerful bomb and a kind
of magic and destroys all the enemies present in a room.'

I wish it was as 'mega' as it sounds, but it isn't. It's astonishingly rare.
And it doesn't destroy things guaranteed; it's the equivalent of shooting
everyone in the room once with the blaster.

When you activate mega blast, energy crackles and flies around you and you're
frozen temporarily, but *** STILL VULNERABLE TO ATTACKS! ***

So don't use it when under too-heavy fire. (I dunno. Isn't that when you'd most
like to use it?)

You can only carry 1 mega blast at a time.

** Ammo per pickup: 5
** Range:           Same as Blaster

This is fun. Although, unlike the super bullets in the Michael Crichton film
'Runaway', and unlike the Stinger missiles in most Konami games, the missiles
in Pax Corpus don't turn corners. But they do blow bad guys up instantly.
Basically, if you have a semi-clear path to a regular enemy you can see
on-screen, face them enough for aim and let rip with a missile to end the

Missiles can also take out false walls and destructible obstacles, though you'd
only use them like this if you were out of plasma. Or if you were feeling
particularly gratuitous.

Missiles work really well in some of the boss fights, so try to keep a couple
spare for these occasions.

>>> Fun Tip: If some sneaky guard is firing at you from behind the cover of a
crate, just run around the corner, yell 'SURPRISE!' and put a missile into her.

** Ammo per pickup: 5
** Range:           Infinite

A very inventive item!

Fire a time-stopper and a sparkling dark blue glow envelops the world. Time
grinds to a halt and your enemies FREEZE!.. This works absolutely anywhere in
the game, even during boss fights.

The bad news is that you can't hurt anyone while time is frozen. You can't fire
and you can't activate terminals or switches.

Lasers are 'frozen' too. A nice touch I think. I guess now that the
waves/particles have stopped moving, they can't hurt you :)   On the other
hand, they're still there, like wires, which you'll simply bump off without
effect. This is a wonderful time to roll under or jump over them without risk
of injury.

If you walk off a platform or chasm with time frozen, gravity won't actually
kick in (I.E. you won't fall) until the freeze wears off. But you're stuck in
mid-air at the point where you walked off until it does. This gives you time to
contemplate your imminent plummet.

Blue Plasma
** Ammo per pickup: Infinite
** Range:           Same as Blaster

I'm afraid the biggest anti-climax in the whole of Pax Corpus is this weapon.
It looked and sounded so exciting... But you only find it in mission 5, where
it's only effective against 1 whole enemy, the Undertaker, who can be taken out
with a spare missile anyway. Yes, I don't know if that was a bug or an
oversight, but it's not good.

When you select blue plasma, you will be able to fire it as if it were your
blaster, but using the Triangle button instead of X. Fire as much as you want,
because ammo is unlimited and your time with the weapon will be extremely
short. To rub salt into the wound, blue plasma doesn't even scratch anyone


Energy Capsule
Using this will completely restore Kahlee's health (white energy), no matter
how badly hurt she is. You can only carry one energy capsule at a time. If
you're holding one and you encounter another, it's not wasted, it just won't
let you pick it up.

Don't forget that each time you complete a level, you get healed back to full,
so don't waste an energy capsule healing yourself after you've done everything
in a level but have yet to exit.

Access Key
Usually found on a guard you've killed (you can see it hovering over the
corpse), an access key will open one or more doors/barriers in the current
level. You need to go up to the terminal/button by the locked door(s) and hit X
(action) to use the key and open the door. Access keys never last beyond the
current level.

>>> Interesting note: If you tried to open a locked door before you had the key
for it, that door may open remotely at the moment you find its access key.

Clone Flask
It looks like a molecule, but it's a flask.

You collect and use this during mission 4, to create 4 dispensable clones of

Guard Costume
In mission 5, you need to obtain this costume and dress up as a guard to be
allowed into the training facility. Kahlee looks pretty cool and scarier than
usual in this aqua uniform. She also looks a hell of a lot like the heroine
from the film TRON!

Cold Crystal
While this is in your inventory you will be immune to the slow cold damage you
would normally take in freezing rooms. Freezing rooms are recognisable by the
icy mist in the air and the cold hiss on the soundtrack. The cold crystal has a
duration which is worn down for as long as you are in freezing environments.
When the duration expires, the crystal vanishes. The crystal makes life easier
but it is not an essential item. If you lose it, you can still make it through
the relevant levels without dying.

Logo 1 & 2
These logos are the 2 elements which combine to form the symbol of the Alcyon
corporation: The triangle inside the ring (with the symbol for Female). To play
the sixth mission in Pax Corpus, you must make sure you collect both logos
during the fifth mission. Otherwise, the game will end after your fight with
Kiyiana at the end of mission 5.

>>> Fine Detail: The logos never disappear from your inventory once you have
picked them up, even if you die (unless you quit the current game, of course).
However the game will restock them if you do die, and you can go and pick them
up again. No, you won't now have two of one logo, and No this detail isn't of
any practical use at all :)


Enemies are listed in the order in which you first encounter each of them in
the game.


Female cyborg guards: the most numerous enemies in Pax Corpus, found throughout
the game. They attack exclusively with blaster rifles and never use
hand-to-hand. They will sometimes dodge your shots or attack from behind cover.

GREY Guards are the weakest type.

BLACK Guards take more punishment.

HOLOguards are encountered in the training section of mission 5 only. They
flicker with static when hit, and fly up to you like a paper target on a pistol
range when killed, instead of leaving a corpse.


You'll see a few civilians at the train station in M1-2. You can recognise
these women by their outlandish fashion sense. They're not interested in you
initially, but if you fire shots around them or come near them, they'll suspect
you're up to no good and attack with hand-to-hand. They're weak - a shot or a
punch will kill them.


First encountered on the train in M1-3. They have orange worm bodies capped
with a maw of teeth. They hop towards you slowly making a growling/barking
sound, hence the name I gave them. 2 shots to kill, forget hand-to-hand. If
they get up to you and start biting, you may become continuously stunned and
die, so kill them from a distance.


Squibs are tiny cartwheeling foetus-like aliens with a pale green glow(!!!).
They are always found on the floor.

They're first encountered on the train in M1-3. They remain stationary unless
you come too close to them, then they may take a cursory stroll towards you
before exploding and injuring you. Easily killed from a distance with 1 shot
from your blaster.


The woman you're searching for, who researched and created the Pax Corpus.
Formerly a close colleague of Kiyiana (and her partner/lover. See in Part 4 -
'The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name'), she realised the terrible power of
her creation and is trying to flee the planet of Oz Nama with it.

In M1-3 you'll scrap with Ellys after she refuses to listen to your sensible
suggestions. See M1-3 in the walkthrough section for details of this fight.

Note that her name is indeed spelled 'Ellys', not 'Ellyis'. Look at the
computer screen in the introductory FMV, or at French documentation for this
game. 'Ellyis' was just a phonetic translation for us dumb English-speakers I
believe :)


These robed men with burnt, bald faces have been locked up and tortured by the
Alcyon corporation for whatever reasons. You can find them in M2-1 (dead) and
M2-2 (alive). Entering their cells probably panics them, which is why they
attack you. They go in for surprisingly aggressive hand-to-hand, punching if
you're standing, kicking you if you're crouching, so just shoot them.


A black-robed sadist creep with blades attached to his hands who tortures the
prisoners and performs experiments. Getting a man to torture the men... Kiyiana
sure knows how to demonstrate her utter contempt for the opposite sex!

This is a difficult boss fight which you will have to get through twice in
different circumstances (M2-2 and M2-6).

Regarding his name: Documentation from Cryo calls him 'The Torturer', and
Kahlee calls him 'The Torturer' in an FMV, but then the computer system in the
game calls him 'The Executioner', so pick your favourite.


Red-uniformed slaves to Alcyon Corporation who carry out menial tasks. They're
too depressed to want to hurt you, unless you attack them, in which case
they'll invite their own destruction by halfheartedly try to punch you. You
probably do them a favour by ending their miserable lives with a shot or two.


Good old-fashioned vicious dogs. Encountered near cages in M2-3 and as pets of
the 2nd executioner in M2-6, they run around in circles which can make them
hard to hit. You need to lock on and keep firing to give your blaster shots a
chance to catch up to them. They can have decent health (taking up to 5 shots),
so once you stun a dog with the first shot, keep firing at the same one til
it's dead if possible. Listen for the whimpering to stop.


These are the wasted figures who crawl about amongst the highly toxic and
acidic waste products stored in the tunnels beneath the prison (M2-4).

They grope slowly towards you along the floor and are easily blasted with one
shot if you spot them. But it's dark, they're numerous, there are crates all
over the place, and if they do crawl up to your ankle they scream like monkeys
before clubbing you to the floor. The damage isn't terrible but being knocked
completely off your feet is, as it leaves you vulnerable to further attacks.
Just keep track of these guys on the radar and be wary.


Small spherical floating robots - they are your worst enemies in the game. They
come in 3 varieties:

SECURITY DROIDS - The first ones you meet are fortunately confined to the roof
of the Temple (M3-1). They hover in position, firing lasers at you
occasionally. If you fire a shot, the nearest droid will zip over your head and
try to ram you from above in 3 seconds. They are invulnerable to your attacks
when in the 'descended' position after trying to ram you.

HOVER DROIDS - These are the vast majority of droids you will meet from M4-2
onwards. Physical appearance is the same as security droids. They have no
ramming attack, but they hover in position, rotate to constantly aim at you,
and fire very unpredictably. Sometimes they won't fire at all, at other times
they'll shoot like crazy! This random factor will drive you nuts. 1-5 shots to

ROVERS - Brownish, slightly larger maintenance droids with arms found from M5-1
onwards. The pincers may look mean but these guys have NO attacks! They float
about slowly patrolling an area. Easy to spot and kill with a couple of blasts.
All they can do to bother you is unintentionally get in your way, which is
annoying enough for me. If you attack them once, they start to follow you
around (if they weren't already). They have weird little faces and their
pinching actions are unnerving.


The Temple Guardian in M3-1 is a glorified guard who doesn't move very much,
but has high health and a blue energy shield which can completely block your
shots. See M3-1 in the walkthrough section for details of this fight.


This is the long official name for what is essentially a gun turret. The
emanation is a blue rotating eyeball suspended from the roof in M4-1 which
periodically fires at your position. Only shots hitting the back of the eyeball
will damage it.


Slaves and victims of the Pax Corpus who are completely blue with radiation.
All of them are indestructible.

IMMOBILE blue men, who look like prisoners, are not actually your enemies, and
offer advice and hints when you walk up to them. They are found in several

MOBILE blue men are dangerous. They look like male Packers who have been
irradiated, and are first found in M4-2. Close contact with them will rapidly
increase your Pax Corpus Energy. In M5-5, the blue men carrying coffins are so
toxic that touching them will basically fill your Pax Corpus Energy meter in an


A roaming mummy-esque being found amongst coffins in M5-5. He moves really
slowly, inflicts minor hand-to-hand damage and knocks you down. He is (mostly!)
immune to all weapons, though shooting him will at least make him appear
temporarily so you can keep track of where he is. You can always target him in
spite of his invisibility. The game wants you to use blue plasma to kill him,
but I found you can just take him out with a missile :)


The evil mistress of megalomania and head of Alcyon Corporation. She flies,
kicks, blasts and turns into a robot. You will have to fight her in M5-6. See
M5-6 in the walkthrough section for details of this fight.

                         PART II (P2) - THE WALKTHROUGH

____________ Overview ___________

There are a total of 6 missions in Pax Corpus, and each mission consists of one
or more levels. The total number of levels is 20.

I supply maps for 17 of the 20 levels. The 3 levels without maps are:

M1-3: Level is so linear that I consider a map to be of no additional benefit.

M2-4: You have a guide to follow on this level.

M4-2: Level is insanely complicated and dozens of tiny maps would only make you
more confused :)

Maps aren't drawn strictly to scale, but they work. Maps indicate only the
complete outer walls of rooms and solid interior walls, using lines and dashes.
Doors aren't marked with lines or symbols, both because doors aren't much of an
issue in Pax Corpus, and to avoid visual clutter. Wherever there's a doorway,
there's usually a door - they either open automatically, or if they're locked I
will number them and/or talk about them in the text. Numbers or letters
appearing on a map will be referred to in the walkthrough text, and some maps
may have an extra key or features.

When I mention 'left' or 'right' during the walkthrough, I refer to Kahlee's
left or right based on her facing at the time, except when I describe

Boss fights are described in full detail in this section. But for the regular
enemies, I will often just say something like 'deal with the two guards'. My
detailed advice on combat is back in Part I, Section 3 - Combat Strategy. And
for further specific information on any particular enemy, read more about them
in Part I, Section 7 - the Enemy Guide :)

### There are 2 endings to the game. If you do not collect both logo items
    during mission 5, the game ends upon completion of mission 5 and you
    experience the Penultimate ending.

    If you did get both logo items, you will play though mission 6 as well and
    then you will you experience the Ultimate ending.

After either ending, you get to enjoy the ULTRA cool credits sequence!

Now let's go:

Mission 1: THE CITY        (3 levels)

        |  2  |
        |     |
        |_   _|
          | |
        __| |__
       |       |
       |       |
       |   1   |
       |       |

This level consists of 2 small rooms. You start at (1). Proceed from the first
room towards the 2nd via the short corridor.

'You're under arrest.'  2 grey guards are here. Kill both the guards to
activate the transporter at (2). The transporter is the marked out and
glimmering square section of the floor in this 2nd room. With both guards dead,
you may wish to practise some of your moves in the now empty rooms.

Walk onto the transporter to travel to

                     |  6                              5 |
                     |_     _________     _________     _|
                       |   |         |   |         |   |
                       |   |         |   |         |   |
                      _|   |_________|   |_________|   |_
                     |                                   |
                     |________________   ________________|
                           __________/   \___________
                          |   _______  3  ________   |
                          | _|       \___/        L  |
                          | |____             _____| |
                         |       |           |       2|
                         |       |           |        |
                         |       |   _____   |        |
                         |       |  /     \  |        |
                         |       |_/       \_|        |
                         |        _    1    _         |
                         |_______| \_______/ |________|

The train station: Listen to the cool threatening music and the announcements.

You start at (1). A handful of civilians are wandering around. They're weak -
shoot them or ignore them. If you shoot any, check out the eye-opening final
attitude of the corpses!

Kill the grey guard at (2) and take the access key.

Proceed to (3) - this is your first encounter with a Pax Corpus room. If you're
wounded, you can stay in the room to absorb some Pax Corpus energy, then leave
and the energy will be fed back into your health. Don't stay too long of

Unlock the door at (4) with your key (stand beside it and press X in front of
the button), proceeding toward the train platforms.

You can collect some plasma at (5)

Two black guards await you at (6). Take them out and board the train. The door
to the train (7) is right behind where the guards were posted, and will open


You're now on the train. There are seven carriages including the one you begin
the level in. The door to each subsequent carriage opens when you walk up to
it. Proceed to the seventh carriage, blasting the various enemies that get in
your way. Here are the contents of each carriage:

1st carriage: Nothing.

2nd carriage: 1 Wormhound. Give it 2 shots from the doorway.

3rd carriage: 4 Squibs. Stand in the doorway and blast them all before

4th carriage: 2 Wormhounds in cages. They can never get at you. BLAST THEM
ANYWAY!! There's also an energy capsule here.

5th carriage: 2 loose Wormhounds. I suggest you immediately roll backwards
after opening the door, then blast them as they are forced to pursue you back
into the 4th carriage.

6th carriage: 4 Squibs, plus another energy capsule.

7th carriage: Dr. Ellys.


You've found the good doctor. You want to team up with her, but she calls you a
'guard bitch' and says things like, 'I am the seed of the apocalypse.'  You
cannot reason with a woman like that!

>>> Diagnosis

Ellys is on the other side of an impenetrable laser forcefield. In battle, she
will walk alternately to each of the 4 corners of her enclosure in a clockwise
direction, firing a shot at you from each corner before moving to the next. In
one corner she also takes cover behind a crate.

A good way to evade her shots is to face perpendicular to her, wait to hear the
sound of her gunshot, then do a jump or forward roll to get out of the way.
Make sure you have some space to jump or roll into. Her attacks do standard
blaster damage if they hit you.

Firing at Ellys is useless - she dodges our shots %100 of the time. And we
can't get through the lasers to kung-fu her. So how do we hurt her?

In the 'upper-right' corner of her enclosure, the one she moves to after coming
out from behind the crate, there is an electrical box on the wall. If you go
into subjective mode (hold down L1), you will see purple crosshairs focus on
the electrical box. Hold Square in this mode to fire a shot at the box and
cause an explosion. You want to time the explosion so that Ellys is near the
box when you hit it and gets caught in the blast. This will knock her head over
heels, and she will have to clamber slowly back to her feet. Knock Ellys down 4
times like this and she will flee the carriage, at which point you complete the

Here's the best way to do it: Kill time dodging Ellys' shots until she fires
the one from behind the crate. Having evaded this shot, immediately face the
electrical box corner of the room, and go into subjective view. You will see
the purple crosshairs, and Ellys making for that corner. Before she gets over
there, squeeze Square. You will hit the box and knock her down for the first
time. Immediately go back into subjective mode. Watch Ellys start rolling to
her feet. When she is halfway through her awkward recovery roll, shoot the box
again. Bang - she goes down a 2nd time without getting very far at all. Repeat
this process twice more, letting her rise from the floor into the explosion
each time. Hopefully you'll get all 4 knockdowns in a row and win the level. If
she gets away, or the game interprets a shot you fired at the box as an attack
on Ellys and has her dodge it, just kill time evading her shots until her trip
to the 'box' corner rolls around again.

**** END OF MISSION 1 ****

Yay, we won?! Ellys fled, but as you can see in the closing FMV for mission 1,
she gets nabbed by one of Kiyiana's guards and taken to a planet-side prison.
We still need Ellys' help, so we'll have to try to go rescue the doctor from
the prison complex.

Mission 2: THE PRISON        (5 levels)

                                       _| |_
                    ________________  |  20 |  _______________ 
                ___/                \_|     |_/               \____
               |   _       10        _       _        14       _   |
               |  | \_____     _____/ |     | \_____     _____/ |  |
               | /   _____||X||_....  |     |  ...._||X||_....   \ |
               | |   |   |     |___.  |     |  .   |     |___.   | |
               |9|   |___      |   |  | 15  |  .   |     |   |   | |
               | |   .   |         |  |     |  .   |      ___|   |13
               | |   .   |  B  |___|  |     |  .   |  C  |   |   | |
               | |   .   |     |   |  |     |  .   |      ___|   | |
               | |   .   |         |  |     |  .   |     |   |   | |
               | |   .___|     |___|  |     |  .   |     ____|   | |
             __| |__ |   |     |   .  |     |  .   |     |   | __| |__
            |       ||_________|....  |_   _|  ....|_________||       |
            |       |                   / \                   |       |
            |   8   |                  / 6 \                  |       |
            |       |  _____________   \   /   _____________  |  12   |
            |       |_/             \___\5/___/             \_|       |
            |        _      7        ___ 4 ___       11      _        |
            |_______| \___     _____/   / \   \_____     ___/ |_______|
                     ...._||X||_____   / 3 \   ...._||X||_____
                     .   |     |   |   \   /   .   |     |   |
                     .___|         |    \ /    .___|         |
                     |   |     |___|   _| |_   |   |     |___|
                     |      A  |   |  |     |  |      D  |   |
                     |___|         |  |  2  |  |___|         |
                     .___|     |___|  |     |  .___|     |___|   ______
                  ___|16 |     |   .  |     |  |   |     |   .  |      |
      _____      |  _<____     |....  |     |  |_____ 18_|....  |__  __|
     |     |     | |      \___/       |     |      __| |__        / |_   __
     | 17  |     | |                  |_   _|     |__   __|      /    \_|  |
     |_   _|     | |                    | |          | |_________|     _   |
       | |       | |                    / \          |___________ 19  | |__|
       | |_______| |     ______________/   \______________       \__ /
       |___________|    |             _______             |      __| |__
                        |__________      1      __________|     |       |
                                   \___________/                |_______|

Yes, this level is really complicated.

You start at (1) in a dingy prison toilet.

There's a security camera at (2). If it sees you, an extra guard will be
summoned to room (3). Use subjective mode to focus on the camera, then blast

Room (3): 1 or 2 guards to deal with. Now go up to the computer terminal. This
particular terminal we will call the 'timelock terminal'. The green flashing
light shows which is the interactive side.

Before we go on, we have to talk about the structure of this level. This
section is complicated and potentially confusing, but I can't do anything about
that except try to write with as much clarity as possible :)

>>> Cellblock locking system described:

There are 4 cell blocks in the prison, centrally labelled (A), (B), (C) and (D)
on the map. Only one of them (B) contains nothing of use to us. You'll want and
need to be able to explore the other 3. The entrances to all the blocks, which
are marked (X), are initially locked. When you use the timelock terminal (press
X on the controller and watch Kahlee type at the keyboard), all the entrances
unlock temporarily. If you swiftly run to any particular entrance after using
the terminal, you can open it just by walking up to it - you'll hear the metal
creak and the door swings open. And inside that cell block, any important doors
will be openable, and unimportant ones (most of the cells) will remain shut.

Once your allocated time from the timelock terminal runs out, any main
cellblock doors you've already opened stay permanently opened, but the ones you
didn't open in time will lock themselves again. To open any more main cellblock
doors, you have to go back to (3) and use the timelock terminal again, then run
to open further cellblock doors, etc... The timelock terminal can be used an
unlimited number of times.

Obviously this piecemeal method is an awkward way to explore the cells.
Eventually, you have to induce a prison riot anyway to activate the exit
elevator from the level. And after the prison riot, all cell blocks are
unlocked permanently, most of the guards are killed, and all the cells, both
useful and useless, are opened. Therefore the most efficient way to complete
this level is to forget about the 'timelock' method, and just create the prison
riot as soon as possible. And then do all your cell exploration.

On subsequent plays of the game, or when you're more familiar with the level,
or for fun, then you can play with the timelock method.

>>> Back to the directed walkthrough!...

So I left you back at the timelock terminal in (3). Whether or not you're going
to open any cellblocks with the timelock, I recommend you activate the timelock
terminal the first time you encounter it in this level, just to keep the game

So use the timelock terminal once. Now continue to the next room (4), the small
four-way junction. Look at the map: door (5) is locked, which is a shame
because we want to get into room (6) to cause a prison riot. We must take one
of two equally long detours to get to (6) from the other side (15).

Route 1 goes (7),(8),(9),(10),(15)

Route 2 goes (11),(12),(13),(14),(15)

I recommend Route 1 because you will pick up some plasma that way, but here are
both routes described:

>>> Route 1

From (4), head through hall (7). Negotiate 2 guards - the 'Cool Blasting Trick'
described in my strategy guide works well in this situation.

Room (8) is a dining room, but I call it the 'darkroom'. The lights in this
room are faulty. Whenever you enter this room anew, you have approximately 12
seconds until the lights go out. They don't come back on until you exit the
room, which really sucks because there are tons of tables and chairs in your
way and you could be stuck in here for hours trying to escape!

There's a plasma pick-up in here. My advice: study the layout of the room from
the safety of the doorway before you enter. Even if the lights go, you can walk
out again then come back in for more study. Once you have an idea of where
things are, run through the room, weaving around the furniture, grab the plasma
which is in a little 'dead-end', and head out the other side into hall (9). For
practice, you could even just go straight to hall (9) on your first trip
through the darkroom. Then you can study the layout again from this other
doorway to work out the way to the plasma.

Now move from hall (9) to hall (10). Another 2 guards to deal with here. The
doorway to hall (15) has lasers across it, but they're one-ways. They will part
for you to enter (15), but won't part for you to come back into (10) from (15).

Hall (15): 2 more guards. Deal with them and finally you get to go through the
door to (6)... Skip ahead to the section PRISON RIOT!!!

>>> Route 2

From (4) head through hall (11), dealing with 2 guards.

Room (12) is a dining room. There's a guard and a security camera in here. If
the camera spots you before you blast it, you'll have a little more guard
action in the next rooms. Remember, use subjective mode to shoot cameras.

Go via (13) to hall (14). More guards here. The doorway to hall (15) has lasers
across it, but they're one-ways. They will part for you to enter (15), but
won't part for you to come back into (14) from (15).

Hall (15): 2 more guards. Deal with them and finally you get to go through the
door to (6).


In room (6) we can control the prison security system. First we need to seal
ourselves in here so we're safe from the riot. Walk up to the button beside the
door which took you from (15) into this room and activate it. You'll get an
on-screen message, and you're now locked in (6).

Activate the terminal in the centre of the room. Listen to the computer yell
about the 'Risk of a Riot', and it seals us in. Now you must wait until the
riot is over. Be patient and wait for the computer to announce that it's
unlocking all the doors. You can see all the doors in this room open before
your eyes.

The effect of the riot was this:
- The main doors to all the cellblocks (X on the map) are now open, as are all
of the individual cells
- Most of the guards on the level are dead
- You'll find dead prisoners strewn about the cellblocks too
- The elevator to exit this level (20) is now active. You could leave right
away if you wanted, but you don't - there are weapons and clues to be picked up
from the cellblocks to make your life easier.

You now have the run of the level, though keep an eye out for stray guards. The
only limitation on your movement that hasn't changed is that the one-way laser
forcefields giving access from halls (10) and (14) to hall (15) are still
active. You can never turn these off.

Now, it's time to explore the cellblocks.

>>> Cellblock A

You definitely want to visit this block.

First up, there's a guard in here (riot or no riot) whom you can kill to get an
access key to unlock door (18) in cellblock D. Visiting cellblock D is not
essential to complete this level, but I advise you to visit it during at least
one game of Pax Corpus to hear the clues given to you by the freaky 'blue men'.
Also, the blue men are in Pax Corpus rooms and as you know, a Pax Corpus room
is a healing station. So if you need healing, you'll want to go there.

More importantly, in cellblock A there's a secret passage in the back of one of
the cells (16) leading to a cool missile pick-up. Identify the false wall at
the back of cell (16) in subjective mode, then destroy it with plasma. (Don't
have any plasma? You can get some from room (8), or by visiting cellblock C.)

Make your way through the tunnel to the armory (17). Activate the terminal with
the green light to unlock the armory. Double jump onto the table and grab the
missiles! Hang onto at least 2 of these for the boss on the next level.

That's cellblock A covered.

>>> Cellblock B

You never really need to come here, there's nothing useful at all.

>>> Cellblock C

Up the end of this cellblock is a plasma pick-up.

>>> Cellblock D

At (18) is a door you can only unlock with an access key picked up from the
slain guard in cellblock A.

Make for room (19). In (19) there's a security camera pointed down the hallway
by which you will enter. You need to shoot it pretty soon after spotting it
unless you want more guards in this room.

Deal with the camera and guards, and now enter each of the 3 blue rooms leading
off (19) in turn. These are Pax Corpus rooms so you can get healed here if you
need. Walk up to the strange blue occupant of each room to talk to him. Each
will give you a clue about what to do later in mission 2. (Of course since
you're reading a walkthrough, you won't really need the clues, but hey I'm
giving you a tour of the game!)

When you're done talking and healing, it's time to blow this popstand.

>>> Level Complete

When you're done with all your collecting and exploring, make your way back to
hall (15) and enter the elevator (20) which takes you to the next level.

                _____|  |_________
               |1   _   _         |
               |___| |2| |   8    |
                     | | |        |
                     | | |______  |
                     | |       _| |_
                    /3  \     |  9  |
                ___ \   /     |_   _|
               |   |_| |        | |
               | 7  _ 4|        | |
               |___| | |  ___   | |
                     | |_|   |  |_|
                     |  _  7 |   10
                ___  | | |___|
               |   |_| |
               | 6  _  |
               |___| | |
                     | \
                    _|_ |_
                   |      |
                   |  5   |
                   |      |

You have arrived in the executioner's quarters.

You start in the elevator at (1). The door will open to admit you to the
corridor (2). Note that the door facing you with the skull symbols on it, and
which leads to the torture room (8), is currently locked.

You must now proceed down the length of the corridor from (2) towards (5), past
many laser forcefields.

When you approach the first forcefield, look down the corridor in subjective
mode. You will see 2 buttons on the ceiling. Fire at the orange one to
deactivate part of the first forcefield. You can now jump over it with a double

You face a 2nd forcefield. Enter subjective mode again - shoot the red button.
The lower part of the 2nd forcefield is deactivated. Roll under it.

Approach the 3rd forcefield and turn 180 degrees to face the buttons again.
Enter subjective mode: shoot the orange button. Part of the 3rd forcefield is
deactivated. You can now turn around and double jump it.

In room (3) there's an energy capsule.

Continue down the corridor from (4) heading for room (5). Note that the cells
to your right and left (6 and 7) are currently locked. Negotiate the 3 laser
forcefields: roll, jump, roll.

Enter room (5) and deal with 2 guards inside. Use the terminal in this room. It
deactivates all the lasers you hurdled in the previous corridor, unlocks the
doors to the prisoner cells (6 and 7) and unlocks the door to the torture room
(8). It also activates a forcefield which drifts slowly but constantly up and
down the length of the corridor. The red forcefield is fatal to touch, so move
into the cover of the side-rooms if you see it coming. It's very slow and very
obvious. It stays in the corridor; it never comes into room (5).

Your destination is now the torture room (8). On your way, you may check out
the newly-opened prisoner cells along the corridor (and might have to enter
them to avoid the forcefield anyway). Each of the 3 cells contains a prisoner,
who won't be happy to see you, so be ready to blast them. Each cell also has a
TV which you can blow up for fun from subjective mode. Cell (6) is
distinguished by also containing an energy capsule.

Eventually you make it into the torture room (8)...


After welcoming you and making a sado-masochistic allusion to his blades, the
executioner starts hobbling towards you for the kill.

When you entered his room, the door back to the corridor sealed behind you. And
your exit to the next room will not open until you have killed the executioner.

>>> Diagnosis

The executioner walks slowly and constantly towards you, no matter where you go
in his room. When he comes into hand-to-hand range, he goes into a flail with
his blades, which does major damage. Three flail hits will kill Kahlee from
full health. Whilst flailing, the executioner will stay on the spot, but
continue to rotate to face you wherever you move. When he completes a flail, he
reverts to his slow following-you behaviour if you have since moved out of
hand-to-hand range.

He is completely immune to hand-to-hand attacks. This is a job for the blaster
plus any plasma or missiles you have, though not without difficulty.

When you shoot him with anything, he deflects the shot with his blades, and
then goes into a slow run. He is running towards the spot where you fired from.
When he gets there, he will pause before having a stab in your direction
(you're not still standing back there are you??), and then he will revert to
his lovesick following-you walking routine. If you pass really close to him
while he is running, he will abort the run and go straight into flailing mode,
so that's bad! And if you shoot him frontally while he's running, he will
deflect *that* shot, and start running for the place you just fired at him
from, again.

Can you guess what you're going to have to do? You have to shoot him in the
back while he's running. It takes the following amount of damage to kill him:

***  1 Missile (EASIEST OPTION!)  or
***  2 Plasma shots / 1 Plasma shot + 1 Blaster shot  or
***  3 Blaster Shots

When you make him run by shooting at him, he won't deviate from his course
unless you pass right next to him, or until he gets where he was going and has
a stab. It takes time to get behind him and aim and all, so you need to make
him go for LONG runs in order to have the time to shoot him in the back.

Here's a good total routine to beat him:

(a) Lure him to one corner of the room. You are the bait.

(b) Run around him to the opposite corner and quickly about face. Fire your
blaster until you hit him once.

(c) He deflects this shot. After the moment of deflection he locks in the place
where you are standing as his target

(d) He's running for that spot. The moment he starts running, *you* start
running around to get behind him, and face his retreating back as best you can.
Don't pass too close to him while you do this.

(e) Hold Square if you're using your blaster, or
    Hold Triangle if you're firing your selected plasma or missile

- If your aim and the angle are really nice, this first shot will get him. If
it was close but missed, don't worry - auto-aim now kicks in and the 2nd shot
from this weapon will hit him for sure, if you made him run for long/far

You'll know it worked when he groans 'URGH!' and you see blood. Any other
reaction from him means you didn't get him this time. If it was a missile you
hit him with, it's game over for him already.

Repeat steps A to E until you've killed him with sufficient attacks to his
back. It's not a huge room, but he walks slowly so don't panic. Give yourself
time to lure him and position yourself well for each pass.

When the executioner dies, the door to room (9) opens and you can continue.


In (9) you can grab some more plasma, and a light probe will be activated. This
is a floating glowing orb that guides your path. Take a look and remember its
appearance and manner, as it's more important later on.

For now, there's only one way for you and the light probe to go: Head down to
the end of the tunnel (10) and forward roll into the garbage chute. Listen to
Kahlee yelp as she bangs and crunches her way down the chute to


Physically, the area of the prison covered by this level is enormous, so I will
split the walkthrough for this level into two sections.

The first map is for SECTION 1. When you complete this section, I provide
another map and set of instructions for SECTION 2:


    | |   33
    | |__|  |_____
    |__      31  _|                             __________ ______________
       |        |                              |          |15            |
       |   30   |                              |          |              |   
       |        |_                             |    16            14     | 
       |________29|                            |          |              |
                | |                            |17________|__________    |
     ___________| |__                          | |_              ____|   |
    |    .   .   28  |                         |   |            |   _ 13 |
    |    .   .   .   |                         |   |            |  | |   |
    |    .   .   .   |                         |   |            |12| |___|
    |27  .  X.   .   |                     ____|18 |____________|  |_____
    |    .   .   .   |  _______   ________|                              |
    |   X.   .  X.   | |    21 \_/     20                                |
    |___________ 26__| |  ________________               9               |
                | |    | |   _____________|                              |
                | |    | |  |        _____    11      10                 |
     ___________| |__  | |  |       |     |_____________    _____________|
    |    .   .   25  | | |  |   19  |                   |  |
    |    .   .   .   | | |  |       |                   |  |
    |    .   .   .   | | |  |_______|         ____      |  |
    |    .  23   .   |_| | __________________|    |_____|8 |
    |    .   .   .    22 ||5      6__________  7   ________|
    |24  .   .   .    ___||       |          |____|
    |________________|    |4      |
                          |   3   |_______________
                          |       2__________   1 |      
                          |_______|          |____|

You start in the small room (1).

Grab the plasma here and select it as your additional weapon. Hop onto the
conveyer belt and move towards (2).

From about halfway along the conveyer belt you will enter an incinerator area.
The screen turns red and you will start to slowly take damage. This area
extends for another room and a half, so it's important to negotiate it quickly
to minimise loss of health.

At (2) you find a stack of crates blocking your path. Get rid of them with a
plasma shot.

Room (3) is the incinerator room. Blast the crates at (4) with a plasma shot.
This reveals more plasma which you should grab.

Crate (5) can't be destroyed because you can't manually aim the plasma down, so
ignore it.

Destroy crates at (6) and get onto the 2nd conveyer belt which is revealed.

By the time you reach room (7) you'll be out of the incinerator area (phew). In
room (7) you encounter two packers for the first time. Ignore or blast them.

Once you enter passage (8) you'll be vulnerable to fire from guards in hall
(9). Rather than dawdle about here, I suggest you take the fight to them. Run
towards (9), drop to a walk when you're halfway there and start opening fire on
all and sundry. The guards will be running around in (9) but with the Cool
Blaster Trick you can probably kill them all.

Finally you're in hall (9) and I hope that you've quietened the guards. There
is one more thing we can do to keep the place quiet. Before we get to work in
here, cautiously approach the mouth of corridor (12) from a distance and so
that you can see well into it. The moment you can see this room's security
camera on-screen, shoot it. If this camera sees you, it summons one more guard
to hall (9) and 2 *VERY* annoying guards at (20) who are hiding behind crates.

>>> Switch operation

Now that you've dealt with the camera, turn your attention to pillars (10) and
(11). High on each pillar you will see a pair of shootable switches. Each pair
operates one security feature on this level.

(10) opens and closes the door between rooms (12) and (13)
(11) opens and closes part of a laser forcefield at (21)

When you shoot a pair of switches so that both are green, the relevant security
feature is OPEN.

When a pair of switches is in the orange or red state, the relevant security
feature is CLOSED.

There is also a catch - the 2 pairs are mutually exclusive in their operation.
E.G. If you make the switches of pair (10) green to open the door, so long as
they both stay green, it doesn't matter what you do with the switches of pair
(11) because the state of the forcefield won't change while the door is open.
And vice versa.


We want to get to (13) first to pick up some goodies, so use subjective view
and shoot each of the switches on pillar (10) to change them to green. You
should be close enough to hear the door open in room (12).

Just a second, we can do something sneaky here. Head up really close to the
laser wall (18) and look between the lasers towards (17). Use subjective mode
and you'll see that (17) is a wall we can destroy. Center it in your view and
take it out with plasma. Now you won't have to bother doing this from the more
dangerous environment on the other side.

Now go through (12) to (13), via the door we opened a moment ago. There's an
energy capsule in the dead end here. Enter room (14), the kitchen. Hear that
hissing? The room is filled with gas from the stoves. If you fire a shot in
here, you will ignite it and INSTANTLY BLOW YOURSELF UP!!! So don't fire.

If you stroll around the room, you'll see a packer busy with some maintenance
(15). No shooting remember. You can either ignore her, use hand-to-hand, or be

To be creative, go back to (13). Position yourself so you can see into the
kitchen but cannot hear the gas. No hissing means you're safe. Now use
subjective mode to target a stove and hit it with your blaster. Nice explosion!
Repeat to blow up all stoves. Now go back in and see if the packer survived the
inferno. Hopefully she didn't. If she did... I know, it's stupid!!!

OK we're done with torching the kitchen. Room (16) ahead of us is a freezing
room. You'll slowly take damage while you're here, though if you're fast, you
can enter, do your thing and escape without taking any. But just in case, use
an energy capsule if your health isn't at least %60 before entering.

You really won't face much danger, especially since I already directed you to
do the hard work of punching out our exit (17) from this room from the other

Go into (16). The door sealed behind us. You can hear the hiss of ice. Quickly
grab the missiles from the centre of the room, then run out doorway (17). If
you didn't destroy (17) earlier like I recommended, you'll need to do so right
now: Face the destructible wall at (17). Take a peek in subjective mode to
verify which wall can be destroyed. Use plasma (or a missile if you've been
abusing your resources) to destroy wall (17), then run through. You're out of
the cold now.

One-way lasers at (18) will part to admit you back into hall (9).

>>> Laser Time

Head over to pillar (10) again and shoot the switches to make both of them red.
Now move to pillar (11). Shoot both switches to make them green. You will
receive a message: 'ACCESS TRANSIT ZONE AUTHORISED'. Lasers were just
deactivated at (21).

Before we go there, divert to room (19) via a conveyer belt and pick up the
plasma from behind the crates.

Now head from hall (9) towards (21) via (20). There are 2 crates here, and if
you were spotted by the camera earlier, 2 guards will be playing peek-a-boo and
firing from behind the crates. Deal with any guards - either shoot them from
real close when they pop their heads up, or leap over and kung-fu and shoot
them from the other side. Jump over the crates if you get stuck trying to
squeeze between them.

There's a guard hiding round the corner at (21) as well. Here you will find a
laser forcefield. Since you shot the switches on pillar (11), you should be
able to roll under it. If there are still 3 lasers here, you haven't
deactivated it by doing the pillar part correctly. You can either backtrack to
the pillars to fix that up, or you can CHEAT!!!

If you feel dangerous and/or impatient, here's your first chance to make a
cheat jump over 3 far-apart lasers as discussed back in Part I, Section 4 -
Acrobatic Strategy. If you hurt yourself too much trying this trick, either
recklessly use an energy capsule and keep trying, or go back and play safe by
deactivating the bottom laser via the pillar switches in hall (9). (You wimp!
just kidding.)

Once you've cleared the forcefield at (21), head down the narrow corridor for
the ledge (22). Negotiate 3 more sets of lasers on the way. Over, then 2 overs
or unders :)

>>> Gymnast

You're on the ledge. Ahead, you can see the expanse of room (23), where 3
parallel conveyer belts stretch across a dark chasm. I marked the position of
the conveyer belts with dotted lines on the map. Making a mistake with your
jumps here or in the 2nd conveyer belt room will drop you into the chasm, which
is fatal.

On the other side of this room is a ledge, where you want to activate terminal
(24). From your starting point, face squarely ahead and do a solid double jump
to land on the first conveyer belt. Don't worry about the 'crushers' into which
the belts seem to feed, you are unable to enter them or be damaged by them.

You have 3 more similar double jumps between conveyer belts to go to reach the
far ledge. Take your time, repositioning yourself nicely if you land too close
to the edge of a belt, and always facing your destination squarely. Don't jump
if a conveyer belt is bumping you against a wall/crusher, as scraping the wall
might ruin your jump.

Hopefully you made it all the way across on your first attempt... walk along
the ledge and activate terminal (24). You have just deactivated a crusher and
opened a gateway at (25), which is at the head of the first conveyer belt.

Yep, you now need to double jump your way back onto that conveyer belt. Walk
through the gateway (25) and down a short tunnel to emerge in the 2nd conveyer
belt room at (26).

You need to do exactly the same thing in this room... double jump your way to
the far ledge, activate terminal (27), then jump back and leave via newly
opened gate (28). The trick in this room is that between each pairing of
conveyer belts are 2 pillars. Hitting or scraping the pillars as you
double-jump between belts will send you into the chasm. Notice that there is
always a gap between each set of pillars, or between one of the pillars and a
wall of the room, that is larger than any other gap across that part of the
room. It is through these gaps that you should make your jumps.

I have marked the position of the widest gaps with 'X's on the map. So as you
jump towards (27), the gaps are

(a) On your left, between pillar and wall

(b) In the centre, between the two pillars

(c) On your left again, between pillar and wall

The motion of the conveyer belts tends to make you impatient, but don't be.
Take time to line everything up. Anything's better than having to do this whole
level again from the very start, right?  :P

>>> The Transit Zone

After going through the gateway (28) and down the short tunnel you emerge at
(29). This is the transit zone. Be relieved that your gymnastic days are over
for now. You'll see a light probe sitting here. One of these is going to help
you out on the next level.

Once you round the corner into the large area (30), you'll come under fire from
2 guards hiding behind crates (31). It's hard and dangerous to kill them from
out here. Do a kamikaze - run diagonally across the room then around the crates
so that you're right with them and they have no cover.

Nick into the cul-de-sac (32) if you have room for an energy capsule.

Now go around to (33), the entrance to the maze. A one-way laser forcefield
will admit you to the maze area. We now move onto SECTION 2 of the walkthrough
for this level, with a map of the maze.


Before you look at the Greek salad of a map for this section and feel
terrified, let me tell you something amazingly simple which will let you go
through the whole maze without even looking at the map if you want.

Quoting Cryo's skeletal walkthrough:

   'to get out from the maze, you have to walk on the brown ground only and
    never on the light ground (otherwise you get lost)'

Yes, if you just pick your path through the corridors by turning away from all
the light-coloured square floortiles, you'll be through quite fast.

But because this is a FAQ and I'm trying to be completist, I have made a map of
the whole maze. Plus, there are a few plasma pick-ups in parts of the maze that
you wouldn't enter if you avoid the light-coloured tiles.

The maze map is more detailed than any other map in the game, so for a one-off
I am using a different system to draw it.

  This map is actually very close to scale.
  1 character on the map generally = 1 floortile in the game.

  I don't use lines/dashes to indicate walls. In the floorplan, corridors you
  can walk through are made up of : and + symbols

  : = Regular brown-tiled floor
  + = Light-coloured tile

  P = Plasma
  G = Guard

And where do you enter this map? At the very bottom where I labelled the
ENTRANCE. This position corresponds to where I left you at the end of SECTION
1, after walking through the one-way lasers.

As for the exit to the maze.. it's labelled on the right edge of the map. Once
you reach the EXIT, there are just 2 more rooms to negotiate before you
complete this level, which I will explain after this map.

Now, have fun making your way through the maze and blasting any guards who are
hiding inside.


      ::::: :+  
          : :   ::::::+
        +++++   :  :: +
      :::   +:: :   :
      ::   :+:: :G  :               :  = Regular brown-tiled corridor
      :   G:  : :   :
      :    :: : :   :               +  = Light-coloured tile
      :       ::::+ :
      :::     :   : :               P  = Plasma
        ::+ ::G     :     E
      :   :+:       ::::> X         G  = 1 Guard
      ::: + :  :+:: ::::> I
        ::: :  : :::      T
        : : :::::  ::
      :+: + :G:G:: +:
      +   :+::::::  +
      :   +    ::: +:
      ::::::   :G: :
              :::: ++
      ::::::::G:::+  :
      :          +:+::
      :     :::::
      ::    :   :
       : +::::: :
       :G:    : :
      :: +    + +
      :  ::   :+:
      ::  ::::+ +
       :     :
       :  :  ::::
      :::::     :
      :: :::::::+:::::
      :       :      :
      P       :  ::G :
            :::  : P :
          :::::  :   :
            :::: :::::

>>> The last two rooms

Once you reach EXIT on the map, you'll pass through a one-way forcefield, and
you now have a couple of rooms to go to complete this level:

         |        3            4   _5|
From    _|        __            __|
--->    _    1   |  |    2     |
Maze     |       |  |__________|

There are 3 dogs loose in room (1), and there are 5 dogs locked in their cages
in room (2). Once you cross halfway through room (2), you will hear 'CAGES
OPEN' and the 5 dogs will come out.

My suggestion: Run past and ignore all the dogs, because it's very easy.

As soon as you open and enter room (1), dash towards room (2). There's a
one-way laser forcefield which will part for you at (3). Forget about the cages
opening and the dogs in room (2), just run straight ahead, through another
forcefield which parts for you at (4), and into the cul-de-sac and the pit at
the end of it (5).

That's the end of this level!!!

(If you have unresolved aggression to deal with, you could stay to fight the
dogs. These particular mutts don't have much health, but of course they have
the numbers and they're never easy to shoot.)


We have landed in some very dark and nasty crypt-like tunnels beneath the
prison, where they apparently stow away and discard highly toxic waste

I provide no map for this level. The key is to follow the light probe, as per
the advice from our blue friend back in cellblock D in M2-1.

I'll tell you a story: When I first reached this level, I didn't even notice
the light probe. I wandered around, finding ghouls on my radar, shooting them,
looking around til I found more ghouls, shooting them... in effect, the ghouls
became my trail of breadcrumbs through the maze. Whenever there were no ghouls
on the radar, I knew I was not making progress. And I reached the end of the
level without that much difficulty.

You won't even have this experience, because you know about the light probe!


The moment the level begins, turn to your right. You'll see the probe drifting
through the air and shining. The probe also appears as a dot on your radar.
Wherever the probe goes, you go, and keep an eye on it. It's heading towards
the exit from the level. It moves slowly so there's very little chance of you
losing track of it, even if you are distracted. It can float through you, but
you can't walk through it. You can, however, smack it with a punch if it gets
on your nerves! Yeah really, you'll hear the THWACK and see the sparks fly just
like you punched a guard. Don't worry, this has no effect on the probe, and I
dare say the only effect on you will be to make you feel better.

It's incredibly hard to see down here, and just as hard to move around. Walls
and floors are fairly indistinguishable and there are crates and pipes
everywhere. You face 2 threats while you are following the probe:

1. There are many many ghouls. Keep an eye out for them on your radar and shoot
them from a distance. The good thing is that they move slowly and only take 1
blaster shot to put down. On the downside, since they crawl, they are often
covered by crates, and if they do make it up to you and attack, they club you
to the floor which is really annoying. It both leaves you susceptible to
further or repeat attacks, and it stalls you up while the light probe is
floating away! No matter what you're doing, keep an eye on the probe and stay
with it.

2. The other threat is a minor one - you'll see puddles of green acid scattered
about that have formed from the toxic waste. Walking through these puddles
hurts you, so either walk around or jump over them as necessary.

Speaking of jumping.. while you're following the probe around, it may at times
take you past obstacles that you need to vault over. Don't be shy, just double
jump your way over crates and pipes as needed. There are no bottomless pits on
this level.

At one point, the probe takes you through a room containing some plasma. Run
over and grab the plasma as soon as you see it, then turn around quickly to
keep track of that probe.

>>> Level Complete

You'll know you're in the final room of the level because you'll see a
hunched-up blue man in the middle. Cryo's documentation says he is 'the blue
mad man', and I'd go along with that. Turn 180 degrees from the blue man and
you'll see a plasma pick-up at the other end of this room which you can grab.

Once you're here, I suggest you patiently wait for the probe to float around
the room once before it heads for the blue man. Then he will EAT THE PROBE!
You'll hear him grinding up the glass in his mouth. Amazing. Now if you go up
to him, he will talk to you. He says something weird - I believe it is,
'Sitting down is an illusion'.

After this strange experience, use your subjective view to look around the room
and identify the destructible wall. This one will give way to your blaster.
Shoot the wall out, then head down the short tunnel which is revealed, into the
elevator. At last you're out of this creepy area.

             |1    |
             |__   |
                |  |
                |  |              ___
                |  |______/-------  :L__
              __|                   :   |
             |2                     :3  |
             |__  2                 :   |
                |_________          : __|

You begin in the elevator (1).

Walk out, turn right and look down the short passage. There are 2 guards posted
at good vantage points (the 2s on the map), so be on your toes to deal with
them as you enter the large room.

At the other end of this room (3) you will see a control desk with pillars on
either side of it, and a chair beyond it. Your destination is the chair.

The moment Kahlee passes the closest edge of the control desk at any point in
this room (that is, when she first crosses the imaginary line I have indicated
on the map with a dotted line), security is activated and a laser forcefield
grid appears about the pillars and desk. This is unavoidable  I.E. - You will
always set off the lasers.

Here's the trick to make this painless... You're first approaching the desk
from the 'safe' side. Walk right up against the front of it. Now do a double
jump aiming at the chair. As you fly over the desk, the laser grid will appear
all over the place but you should already be safely on the chair side, standing
on the desk. Take a couple of steps forward to get on the chair.

If you did anything else, you might have to roll/jump through the awkward
arrangement of lasers to get to the chair side. It's good practice of your
acrobatic skills in this game - just try not to get laserburnt or killed ;) 
Both sides of the desk present the same laser arrangement so you can go via
either side.

Ultimately, you should walk onto the chair and watch yourself descend to

              _|                 |_
             |_                   _|
        _____  |        2        |
       |     |_|                 |
       | 1    _________ 3 _______|
       |_____|      ___| |___
                   |         |
                   |    4    |
                   |         |

You get off the chair at (1). Your enemies are coming from room (2), and that's
where you will need to venture out to in order to fight them. Just don't get
caught in a bottleneck with the executioner as you move through the narrow
doorway from room (1) to (2); this doorway is where you will first see him.
Wait for him to come sufficiently into room (1) that you can confidently run
around him and out into room (2).

There's some plasma you can grab in the middle of (2) at some point during the

Note that door (3) is locked until you complete this boss fight.


When the battle begins, you will hear more threats to your life from this man.
He mentions his 'brother's blades, and I'm not sure if he's talking
figuratively or literally. Was the executioner in M2-2 really this guy's
brother? It's irrelevant because you have to kill him either way.

>>> Diagnosis

Physically this executioner is EXACTLY the same as the one from M2-2. You use
exactly the same shoot-in-the-back method to kill him, so refer to that section
of the walkthrough for a refresher if you need to.

There are 2 differences in this fight, one bad, one good.

- THE BAD: You have to fight the executioner's 2 dogs at the same time as him.
They move around a lot, making them hard to shoot, but they're not much faster
than he is. I suggest you steer clear of the executioner at first (this is easy
because room (2) is HUGE!), and kill his dogs as a priority. They take 5 blasts
each. Just fire multiple shots from one position at a time and never let them
get really close to you. Once you have killed both, fight the executioner the
same way you did in M2-2.

- THE GOOD: As I mentioned above, this room you're in is enormous! Compared to
fighting that first executioner in the tiny torture room, this is luxury. You
can make him run for miles and you have much more time to get around behind him
etc. You also have plenty of space to evade all 3 enemies in here.


Once you've slain the executioner and the dogs, door (3) opens giving access to
(4). Enter the room. Behold, it's Dr. Ellys in what appears to be a suspension
of Pax Corpus irradiated fluid. Go up to her to talk with her and learn of the
whereabouts of the Pax Corpus units, which it is now your mission to destroy.

****  END OF MISSION 2  ****

We have learned that in order to reach Lunar Base 4 where the first Pax Corpus
unit is being kept, we need to infiltrate 'the temple'. What exactly is this
temple for? Who or what is worshipped here? The game doesn't tell us much but
here's my take on it: We do know that there is a religious/fanatical quality to
Alcyon Corporation, so for them to possess a temple makes sense. It turns out
that the temple houses a form of rapid teleportation/space travel which we'll
be using to chase up the Pax Corpus units. So perhaps the temple is the seat
for some ancient power which Kiyiana has tapped to obtain this rapid transport

...I think my theory is pretty good :)

Mission 3: THE TEMPLE        (1 level)


               |                   SS                   |
               |          S                SS           |
               |S    _____S_______________________D     |
               |    |   ________________________   |    |
               |    |  |4                       |  |    |    S = Squib
               |S  S|  | S                    S |  |S   |
               |    |  |           T            |  |    |    D = Droid
               |    |  |                        |  |    |
               |    |  |                        |  |D  D|    T = Temple
              |S    S| |           3            | |     S|       Guardian
              |_    _| |                        | |_    _|
               |  D |  |                        |  |    |
               |    |  |                        |  |    |
               |  SS|  |               D        |  |    |
               |    |  | S                    S |  | S S|
               |    |  |_________    2   _______|  |    |
               |    |     _____  |     S|__________|    |
               |    |____|     | |                      |
               |            1  | |                   D  |
               |_______________| |______________________|

Here we are on the balcony of the temple. It's a particularly atmospheric
level, and the only level in Pax Corpus where you can see the sky. Marvel at
the soothing astral phenomena of Oz Nama...

Okay, enough marvelling. You start at (1). Your first goal is to make your way
all around the balcony of the temple to reach the entrance to the courtyard
(2), running a gauntlet of many squibs and droids. For this level I have marked
positions of your enemies on the map.

Let me quote Cryo's documentation again, because the translation from French
here is both succinct and cute as hell:

   'try not to shoot at this level
    (every time Kahlee shoots, a robot comes down on her for a fight)'

After you fire a shot, a security droid will lock onto your position and
descend upon that spot in 3 seconds. So if you must fire, immediately get off
the spot you fired from once your shot is away. Being stabbed by a droid both
hurts and knocks you to the ground. And even when you do dodge the droid, it
stays descended for a moment on that spot, then fires a shot at wherever you
are now, just before rising back into the sky. Droids who have descended in the
process of trying to stab you are completely invulnerable to all of your
attacks - do not waste any time fighting them.

Shooting on this level always invites injury. The radar will confuse you too
(dots everywhere).

Thus, my advice for the balcony is: Try to run the whole way, weaving around
your enemies and their shots. Forget about firing back for the most part.

The squibs are usually encountered in pairs. Always hug the side of the balcony
which has the most space, or move through the widest visible gap, and you'll
typically be able to avoid getting hit by them if they explode.  If you really
need to clear a squib from your path, 1-2 quick shots then start moving again
straight away because you just called a droid to 'come down on you for a

When you pass into the courtyard via (2), a laser forcefield permanently seals
off the balcony behind you.


The Temple Guardian has an access key we require to activate the tube
teleporter at (4) and finish this level. As preparation to fight the guardian,
I suggest you definitely destroy the only hover droid that is in this
courtyard, the one on your right as you entered. That leaves only 4 squibs in
the corners whom you can easily avoid going near, or shoot if you really want
to, plus those damn security droid(s) to fend off while you deal with the

>>> Diagnosis

The guardian is a real dullard. She hates to move around too much and attacks
you with a blaster rifle the same way any guard would. She has solid
hand-to-hand attacks, both kicks and punches, so we don't want to mess with her
up close. We just want to shoot her and wear her down.

In terms of evading shots from either the guardian or droids, you have lots of
room to run around in here, not to mention some interesting sculpture work to
hide behind. Just be careful of those squibs in the corners of the courtyard.
If you really dislike them, kill all 4 before you start fighting the guardian
in earnest.

The guardian will go for a stride towards you, load her rifle and then fire at
you. While she's loading or after she fires, put a shot into her. Her reaction
will be to then activate her blue aura. While her aura is visible she is
completely invulnerable. But while in her aura, she will neither move nor fight
back. The aura disappears in time and the guardian will try to shoot you again,

This is a patience game. You need to shoot the guardian each time she drops her
aura. She will be injured (you'll see a puff of blood) and this will
immediately prompt her to trigger her aura anew. Just after you fire, and while
you are waiting for her aura to fade again, dash from the spot to avoid the
stab attack from the security droid that came down when you fired your shot at
the guardian. Now turn and keep an eye on the droid. Avoid its parting shot.
Once the droid has fired at you and ascended again, you can relax and just
watch the guardian. The moment her aura drops - shoot her again. Dodge the
droid's attacks, wait for the guardian's aura to fade, shoot her again etc...
repeat until she's dead.

- The guardian takes 10 blaster shots to kill. Use some plasma and missiles to
speed things up if you have them.

Once the guardian is dead, grab the access key from her corpse and walk up to
the teleport tube at (4)

****  END OF MISSION 3  ****

Via the magic of the temple, we're off into space in pursuit of a Pax Corpus
unit. Brace yourself because mission 4, well, specifically level M4-2, is the
toughest and least forgiving level in the game.

Mission 4: THE SPACE LAB        (2 levels)

         |     |                  |     |
         |   13         12              |
         |    _|______      ______|_    |
         |   |        |    |        |   |
         |   |        |    |        |   |
         |   |        |_  _|        |   |
         |7  |         |10|         | 14|
         |   |_________|..|_________|   |
         |        6     ..     5        |
         |    _________ .. _________    |
         |8  |         |..|         |   |
         |  _|__       |..|       __|_15|
         |      |      |.4|      |      |
         |   9  |      |..|      |  16  |
         |      |      |..|      |      |
         |______|     _|..|_     |______|
                   __|  ..  |__
                  |     ..     |
                  |3    ..    3|
                  |            |
                  |            |
                  |      2     |
                  |            |
                  |            |
                  |            |
                  |____    ____|
                      _|  |_
                      | 1  |

We begin in a small room (1).

In the next long room (2), there is a central aisle formed by a sea of crates.
Hiding behind crates on either side of you at the end of the aisle are two
guards (the 3s). The best way to deal with them is to run all the way up the
aisle and shoot/fight them close-up so they have no cover.

The dotted strip on the map shows a long Pax Corpus area.

Enter corridor (4) and you'll see lasers going both horizontally and
vertically. Here is a close-up overhead view of (4):

    |       |
    | C     |
    |       |     X = Lasers
    |       |     A = where you entered the corridor.
    |X    B |
    |       |     From A, do a diagonal double jump over the first horizontal 
    |XXXXXXX|     laser to land at B. Get comfortable at B, then do a
    |       |     diagonal forward roll under the next laser to reach C.
    | A    X|
    |       |

Don't take forever to do this as your Pax Corpus energy is building.

In corridor (5) the way is completely blocked by a laser forcefield, so move
into the mouth of corridor (6) until you see a dot on your radar. Halt and
watch the dot (it's a guard) moving from (7) towards (8). Resist the temptation
to run down there and kill her. This guard will unlock a door at (8) when she
reaches it. If you kill her or pester her before she unlocks this door, there
is no other way to open it and you miss out on some cool pick-ups from room

Once the guard has reached (8) and ceased to move on your radar, it's safe to
go take her out.

Go into room (9). WATCH OUT!!! Stay on the gantry walkway in this room - if you
step off it, the drop into blackness is fatal. Get the missiles and the

>>> Emanation of the Pax Corpus

Make your way back to (10), which is a balcony blocked off by two lasers, and
which gives a view onto a large dark room (12). In (12) hanging from the
ceiling you will see the Emanation of the Pax Corpus, which is basically a gun
turret that resembles an eyeball. It fires at you occasionally. We want to
destroy it from this safer vantage point before we go around and enter the dark
room itself.

Deliver repeated shots. Only the ones hitting the back of the eyeball will harm
it, but keep shooting and you'll blow it up soon enough. Successful shots
elicit a blissful choir sound. Shots that hit the wrong side make a boring old
thump sound. The trouble with using plasma or missiles here is that you might
waste them by hitting the front of the eyeball. Use plasma if you wish, but
save your missiles for the pain of M4-2.

Don't worry too much about getting hurt in this exchange with the turret,
because you're in a Pax Corpus area. You can stop to heal up at your leisure
during or after the fight by retreating a little. (I'm not telling you not to
bother trying to dodge the turret's shots though!)


Now walk around to (13) via (6) and (7). There's a packer here so get her out
of the way. Enter room (12). You're on a walkway suspended over darkness (fatal
fall). Move to the end of it. There's a chasm, then another walkway on the
other side. One good double jump will get you over there.

On this side of the walkway you will see an object that looks like a molecule.
Make sure to pick it up. This is the flask with which you will clone yourself
on the next level (gee whiz!), and you aren't able to leave the current level
without it.

At the end of this walkway you enter corridor (14). Two packers here.

Approach door (15) and if you have the flask it opens up. Put down the guard in
(16), whom you might have heard stupidly trying to shoot you through the closed
door a moment ago. Step onto the teleporter in the centre of the room to zap
off to


This level is supremely hard and complicated. It took me countless attempts to
complete it. There are a thousand small things that can and probably will go
wrong to result in multiple deaths. But at least you have a detailed
walkthrough to help you, which is more than I did.

>>> Overview

There is no overall map for this level as it consists of multiple discrete
areas which Kahlee and the clones (sounds like a cool name for a rock band)
will frequently switch between. I will give diagrams where necessary.

Why clones? Cloning is the only method of reproduction in this all-female
society. So of course, we are going to gratuitously abuse cloning to further
our cause! YEAH!!!

You are creating clones of yourself in order to access different sections of
the base, and ultimately all 4 clones will trigger switches in the room with
the Pax Corpus unit, destroying the base and the unit. If Kahlee or any of her
clones are killed while trying to complete this level, you must restart the
level from scratch. Kahlee and her clones all share the one health meter and
the one Pax Corpus energy meter.

The level is arranged like this: Each clone makes progress through its own part
of the level, at which point they will activate switch(es) which lengthen a
bridge in Kahlee's area. In turn, Kahlee progresses along her bridge, visiting
ledges to activate switches which open final doors for the clones. Finally all
4 clones will have made it to the Pax Corpus unit.

There is some scope to play the clones in an order you prefer. For instance, I
find that the first room for clone 2 is so deadly, I always play clone two's
stuff first, because that way if I die (happens %50 of the time!) I have
minimised the amount of the level I have to repeat. The other important case in
point is that only clone 4 has access to Pax Corpus energy and healing. So I
try to do some parts of the level that will injure me before I play clone 4.

The clones are numbered in the order in which they activate sections of the
bridge for Kahlee. So the game would be most happy for you to go:

(a) Clone 1 explores its area, Clone 1 creates bridge for Kahlee, Kahlee
progresses, Kahlee opens door for Clone 1, Clone 1 reaches Pax Corpus unit

(b) Clone 2 explores its area, Clone 2 creates 2nd section of bridge for
Kahlee, Kahlee progresses, Kahlee opens door for Clone 2, Clone 2 reaches Pax
Corpus unit

etc. etc.

But you don't have to do that. You could play all of the clones one after the
other in any order you liked, then do Kahlee's whole section in one pass with a
completed bridge, and finally pop each clone through its final door to the Pax
Corpus unit. You can mix and match, do whichever parts you love or hate the
most first or last (with some restrictions in Kahlee's level, due to the linear
activation of the bridge elements).. it's up to you. Of course, only some
familiarity gained from playing this level a few times will give you the wisdom
to make such decisions :)

For clarity, I'm going to write the walkthrough using the linear progression I
started to describe in (a) and (b) above. (Though I still reckon you should
play clone two's suicide mission first!!!) Once you get into the groove of this
level, you can rearrange it to suit yourself. I complain about this level a
lot, but let's face it: this is one of the most clever and involving levels in
Pax Corpus.   Okay and it's also bitchy hard :)

>>> Get some clone action

To switch between Kahlee and her clones, you will enter your inventory (the
special items ring) then select the character you want - Kahlee, Clone 1, Clone
2, Clone 3 or Clone 4. When you press Select, control immediately switches to
the chosen character. In this section of the walkthrough, when it's time to
change characters, I will just start a new paragraph titled with the name of
the character whose turn it is.   E.G. *** CLONE 3 ***


Let's begin. At the very start, you don't yet have the clones. We need to
create them:

*** KAHLEE ***

Activate the computer terminal that is straight ahead of you on this small
platform (don't fall off the edges). Your flask from the previous level is used
up and the cloning process is GO. Your clones are now selectable.

*** CLONE 1 ***

Walk straight ahead until you're on a ledge looking out into a cavernous room
filled with hexagonal platforms. You're at the START on the diagram below.
Clone 1's challenge is endless double jumps between platforms. Here is a
pathway showing the platforms numbered in the order in which you should jump
between them, with dashes indicating direction:

                |           Some platforms will raise or lower when you
         9     13           jump onto them. This is a one-off event so don't
        / \     |           worry about timing jumps from moving platforms,
       8  10   12           as you never have to do that. Let each platform
       |    \  /            come to a halt before you jump to the next.
       7     11
       |               Make sure to always centre your aim on your target
       6--5--4         before you jump. There are also tiny nuances of distance
             |         where some platforms are a little closer together or
             3         further apart than others. Use subjective mode to get
             |         a feel, and tap the Circle button a fraction faster or
          1--2         slower to make shorter or longer jumps.
        Start         Between 6 and 9 is a particularly dangerous area for
                      scraping walls or the giant fans you'll see, when you
                      jump. Favour your aim a little away from the walls
                      and fans.

Did you make it? I hope so. I fall to my doom in this area frequently.

At the 'finish', you will be done with the platforms and find yourself in the
mouth of a medium-sized room. There's a hover droid waiting ahead of you. Take
it out.

Note the locked door to your left in this room. It leads to the transporter
which will take Clone 1 to the Pax Corpus unit. This door will later be opened
by Kahlee from a switch in her area.

There are 2 elements right here that you want to activate:

- Shoot the switch up on the wall to activate the first section of the bridge
for Kahlee. The game will cut to a (too dark!) scene of the bridge moving into

- Shoot the green clockface and needle to start unlocking the Time-Stopper
pick-up. Once all 4 clones have activated the clock/needle switches in their
respective areas, clone 4 will be able to collect the time-stopper. The scene
of the glowing tile to which the game cuts each time you shoot a needle is the
future site of the time-stopper.

*** KAHLEE ***

Turn Kahlee 180 degrees from the terminal and look ahead. You see a suspended
bridge. A double jump to get onto it. It's now twice the length it was when you
first entered the level because of the switch hit by clone 1.

Walk a few steps short of the length of the bridge. Turn 90 degrees to your
left. Is that incredibly faint blue form out there a platform we can jump onto?
Yes it is. Turn up your TV's contrast if you can't see it... parts of this
level are just too dark.

This jump is tight: You must jump from the very edge of the bridge, and make
the longest double jump possible to reach that platform. Once you've pulled off
this stunt, walk carefully towards the end of this platform (Don't fall off the
end of it that you couldn't see, like I did). You'll see a switch on the wall
ahead. Shoot it. You've just opened the locked door for clone 1.

*** CLONE 1 ***

The door's open. Go through into the small square transporter room and use the

You'll arrive in the room containing the Pax Corpus unit. There's a shrill
alarm going off now because of your presence, but don't worry, there's no time
limit or threat to your life here. There are 2 pairs of electrical boxes on the
floor to either side of the Pax Corpus. Step onto any one of the 4 boxes. The
clone will 'plug herself in'. This clone has now sacrificed herself and
completed her part in the level. Control will revert to Kahlee and clone 1 is
no longer selectable.

*** KAHLEE ***

Character change:

*** CLONE 2 ***

Prepare for pain and a solid test of your gaming skills. We find clone 2
standing on a ledge. Do not move at all. Read ahead in the walkthrough a bit
first, then make a *long* double jump off the spot to land on a horizontal
platform suspended over the blackness...

>>> The Killbot Factory

Suddenly in the distance ahead you can see 4 hover droids. I've found that
jumping off the spot at the start of this level, as opposed to taking even a
fraction of a step forward first, seems to give you an extra moment to start
firing at the droids before they open fire on you. You MUST destroy all four
droids before you can contemplate continuing, and fighting 4 rapid-firing
enemies from a short platform not much wider than you are, suspended over a
fatal drop, is savage.

Sometimes you'll experience a fluke: All the robots just sit there, you get
shots off and kill 2 before they open up. At other times, it seems like they're
machine-gunning you even as you land on the platform. You will need to dash up
and down the platform, dodging shots, trying to get your own shots off without
being pelted to death while you draw/aim.

I've tried megablast here. The time it takes to launch it (while you're being
shot) combined with the fact it only does 1 hit to each robot, makes it pretty
useless. Plasma or missiles will at least kill them in one shot, if it hits.
Definitely use up your missiles, because odds are you're gonna die here, and
then you won't have the missiles anymore will you? ;)

>>> Tightrope

With the droids dead, get into the centre of the platform, face towards where
the droids used to be, and use subjective mode to look downwards. You will make
out the faintest blue sliver in the darkness. I thought for ages that this was
a pipe miles below me. It's actually only a foot below us!

With the utmost care, step off the platform onto the pipe. Hold your breath and
start walking along the pipe, checking your direction and footing as required
with subjective mode. The pipe turns right then left then right again. Standing
at this 2nd corner in the piping, you will see that straight ahead of you
across the darkness is a nice solid ledge. One big double jump will put you
over there, and you'll feel much better back on terra firma.

>>> Mini-Maze

You now have to deal with a short but shapeshifting maze. Depending on where
you walk, the walls appear and disappear. There is only really one path through
and it's easy to tease out.

*** Note that the left and right sides of the maze have no walls! It's easy to
miss this because the whole area is so dark. Don't walk off the edge and
plummet to your death.

The technique for the maze is to simply keep trying to go as far ahead through
the maze as you can get. Each time you strike a dead-end, the walls tend to
reconfigure. Now backtrack and take the next route that will get you the
furthest through the maze. Usually there's only way you can go! Just keep
trying to make progress, retreating whenever you get totally blocked off (but
always favouring a new route over an old one), and eventually you will walk up
the left side of the maze and out the other side. Don't be afraid of travelling
'backwards' - that's the trick of the maze. It shunts you around and finally
makes you walk almost back to the start, but now the whole left edge of the
maze has opened into a nice exit tunnel.

Once you've crossed the maze, turn right and head for the room ahead, still
wary of your footing and where the edges of this platform might be!

Here in this room you will again find the three elements that are at the end of
each clone's journey:

- A switch to shoot to create more bridge for Kahlee
- A needle to shoot to help unlock the time-stopper
- A locked door to the transporter

Shoot the switch and needle.

*** KAHLEE ***

With another careful double jump from the very edge, get from the platform
you're on back onto the bridge. The bridge is longer again. Walk along to the
new end of it and turn 90 degrees right. There's another platform floating out
there, this one with a hover droid on it who might be opening fire on you
already. This is horrible because he can shoot us from there, but we can't
shoot him from here. You need to get over onto that platform quick-smart and
blast him. (I don't know about you but I get nervous fighting on these narrow
bridges over bottomless chasms.)

So make another huge jump from the edge of the bridge to this platform. As soon
as you touch down, blast the droid out of existence. Now move towards the far
end of the platform until you see a switch. Shoot the switch. This opened clone
2's final room.

*** CLONE 2 ***

Enter your final room through the newly unlocked door, hop onto the

The Pax Corpus unit room: Pick any electrical box you like and plug yourself
in. Clone 2 has sacrificed herself and completed her part in this level. Clone
2 is no longer selectable. Control reverts to Kahlee.

*** KAHLEE ***

Character change:

*** CLONE 3 ***

There's a small hexagonal platform just ahead of you. Do a SINGLE jump onto it
from where you are. You probably thought I'd never advise a single jump, right?
Once the platform has stopped rising, use another single jump to get off onto
the narrow ledge ahead of you.

Walk ahead between the giant fans towards the end of the ledge. You'll see a
switch on a pillar to your right. Shoot it. A platform descends in the next
cavernous room ahead of you. Now get yourself right up to the edge of the
ledge, facing that platform. This first jump is a whopper...

Here we go again with the precarious leaping from platform to platform. Here is
my diagram of the path:

     /            Double jump from the start ledge to 1. Looking ahead from
    4             1, you will see two switches on a pillar. Shoot the left
    |             switch to lower platform 2 into position. The right switch
    3             and platform are decoys. Double jump from 1 to 2. From the
     \            very edge of 2, a SINGLE jump will get you to 3. Double jump
      2           to 4 then 5. From the edge of 5, it's once again time for
       \          a SINGLE jump to 6. Then double jump your way to the
        1         'Finish' and the safety of a room and solid ground.

Another end-of-journey clone room, with Kahlee bridge switch, time-stopper
needle, and locked door. Shoot the switch and needle.

*** KAHLEE ***

Do a big double jump back onto the bridge. Once again the bridge has
lengthened. Walk up to the new end of the bridge and turn 90 degrees to your
left. Once again, you'll see another platform across a huge gap. Huge leap over
there... There are 2 hover droids guarding the switch here! Get rid of them
pronto. Shoot the switch. You have opened the final room for clone 3.

*** CLONE 3 ***

Enter your final room through the newly unlocked door, hop onto the
transporter. You know the routine by now... you're in the Pax Corpus unit room.
Plug into an unused electrical box. Clone 3 has sacrificed herself and
completed her part in this level. Clone 3 is no longer selectable. Control
reverts to Kahlee.

*** KAHLEE ***

Character change:

*** CLONE 4 ***

Look around you - you'll find a corridor with a shifting laser forcefield over
it. Basically, the lasers slowly and awkwardly fade out, then they slowly and
awkwardly fade back in. The routine loops forever. Just watch for a little
while to identify the phases, then run through during the 'off' phase.

>>> Action Woman

This 2nd corridor you've entered is action-packed. Firstly, it's a Pax Corpus
area, so your blue energy will build up. To your left are 2 aggressive blue men
who will shamble after you and try to grab you, which rapidly accelerates your
absorption of Pax Corpus energy. Once you've passed the shifting lasers,
immediately turn to your right and start moving away from the blue men, down
the length of this corridor.

There are 5 hover droids along here, one in the centre, then two pairs of one
on either side. Use the Cool Blaster Trick, walking along and shooting and
using the radar to aim into the future, to take them all out. Don't hesitate
for so long at any point that the blue men are able to catch up to you.
Hopefully you will have left them well behind.

After destroying the 2nd pair of droids, you will be confronted with a single
laser at waist height. Roll under it and you're now out of the Pax Corpus area,
and in your 2nd-last room as clone 4. There's one final droid floating out here
(to your right, in the open part of this room), waiting to shoot you. Blast it.

Move into the room, being careful as there are drop-offs to your right and
left. Shoot the needle to your left. If you shot the other 3 needles with the
other 3 clones, you have now completed the cycle. The time-stopper device
appears right behind you!!! Yes, it has appeared on the white tile just near
the laser you rolled under to enter this room. Collect the time-stopper.

Move back into the room. On the right side (opposite the needle side) is the
'Kahlee' switch. Shoot it. You just completed the bridge for Kahlee.

*** KAHLEE ***

I bet you can guess how this goes by now, but here it is anyway:

From the platform you're on, make the stunt leap back onto the now-finished
bridge. Head on up to the end of the bridge. Turn 90 degrees to your right.
There's the last platform we need to leap to. Huge double jump... you're there.
Move towards the end and see a switch. Shoot the switch. You have opened clone
4's final room.

*** CLONE 4 ***

Enter your final room through the newly unlocked door, hop onto the
transporter. You're in the Pax Corpus unit room. Plug into the last unused
electrical box. You have completed the destruct sequence. Now relish the moment
all your intense efforts in this level pay off, as both base and Pax Corpus

Now just before we wrap this level and mission, a couple of final notes...

>>> Note 1 -  Clone 4 and healing

Clone 4 is the only person with access to healing (via Pax Corpus energy) on
this level. Therefore, at any time you're getting too beaten up as someone else
during M4-2, consider detouring to clone 4's section. Yes, you face the threat
of the droids, but if you can kill all of them, and you didn't lead the blue
men all the way up the corridor with you, you can now heal at leisure by
standing at the end of the Pax Corpus irradiated corridor, then rolling back
under the laser and out into the safe room to transform the energy into health.
You could now switch back to clone 4 at any time in the future when you need
healing during this level.

If any blue men followed you right up to that waist-high laser beam on your
initial play of clone 4, and are milling about there, you might have written
off your chance to get any extra healing. Why? Because safely rolling back
under the laser into the Pax Corpus area WITHOUT bumping a guy who's making a
beeline for you, and either getting fried by the laser, or trapped in the blue
man's grasp, is extremely difficult.

>>> Note 2 - The Time-Stopper

Once you pick the time-stopper up in this level, you will always restart the
level with it at full ammo, even if you die and continue! You can unlock it
again by shooting all the needles and physically pick it up again, but it won't
give you any extra ammo (on top of the maximum of 5).

It's important to finish the level having unlocked the time-stopper, because
the game actually gives you a different password for Mission 5 depending on
whether you got the time-stopper or not. If you did get it, your password will
allow you to start mission 5 with the time-stopper in your inventory. The other
password has you starting mission 5 without it.

****  END OF MISSION 4  ****

Savour this victory as the Pax Corpus unit and the base explode. And breathe a
sigh of relief, for Pax Corpus doesn't get as hard as M4-2 again. We must now
pursue the other Pax Corpus unit, which Ellys has hidden in the Alcyon control
centre where Kiyiana resides. Our goal is to launch the 2nd Pax Corpus off into

Mission 5: THE ROCKET SILO        (6 levels)

                    |      |
        ____________|      |
       |  4  5____ 6       |
       |     |    |        |
       |     |    |9 7 ____|
       |3 ___|    |   |____
       | |        |10      |
       | |        |        |
       |2|        |  8     |
       | |        |        |
       |1|        |11  12  |
        -   ----------     |
           |  ___   | |13  |
           | |__ |  |_|    |
           |  14||  | |    |
           |       ________|
           |  ____|
           | |    _______
           | |   /       \
           15|  /         \
           | |_/    /-\    \
           |___ 16 |   |    |
               \    \-/    /
                \         /
                 \__   __/
                   _| |_
                 _|     |_
           M5-2  _   17  _  M5-3
                  |_   _|
                    | |


You start at (1). Collect plasma at (2) and a platform raises you up. At (3)
you're standing on a ledge looking out over a pit. A rover droid floats around
here. These never attack, but they can get in your way and follow and annoy
you, so use 2 blasts to destroy it before jumping anywhere.

Double jump onto the hexagonal platform at (4). Now very carefully do a long
double jump to land on the ledge at (5). It's easy to mess this jump up and/or
scrape the walls of the room here, and fall to your death.

Walk to (6). You're on another ledge. Turn 45 degrees to your right and you'll
see an L-shaped platform attached to the wall (7). Double jump onto that
platform. You are now in line of fire from 2 hover droids at (8). Shoot them
from here, using the corner wall for cover/relief if you want.

When it's safe, you can walk from platform (7) onto hexagonal platform (9),
which will descend. There's a gap between you and the ledge at (10). DON'T
double jump; you seem to hit your head on something and just fall down the
chasm. Get right to the edge of the hexagonal platform and go to (10) with a
single jump.

Move along this ledge to (11), where you're standing right next to a crusher.
You'll see another hex platform to your left at (12). Double jump onto it.
Single jump into the corridor (13).

There's fun in the next room - 2 guards to play with and walls to sneak around
and hide behind. There's an energy capsule at (14).

Head down the long corridor. Another guard at (15).

2 guards await in (16), so enter blasting.

>>> The Hub Room - Overview

Room (17) is the final room of this level, but it's also a room you will visit
more than once as you complete the rest of mission 5. We will call it the 'hub
room'. It is a junction giving access to 3 more levels (M5-2, M5-3, M5-4).
During the rest of mission 5, you can travel between the hub room and any of
those 3 levels, and vice versa, as you choose. So there's more choice here
concerning your path than in the rest of the game.

To reach M5-5, it's essential to get the guard costume from M5-3, which allows
you to play through the training section in M5-4. M5-2 contains pick-ups and
the first of the logos required to reach mission 6.

Remember (from back at the overview of Part II of this FAQ) there are 2 logos
to collect during mission 5, which together allow you to continue to mission 6.
One is in M5-2, the other in M5-5. If you don't collect both logos, the game
ends after M5-6 and you get the Penultimate ending. If you go on to complete
mission 6, you get the Ultimate ending :)

Therefore, if you want to play mission 6 and get the Ultimate ending (which of
course you do, at least on your first time through!!!), you definitely need to
complete M5-2. Later when you're playing Pax Corpus again, and you're better at
it and need less pick-ups, or you want to get the Penultimate ending, or you
want to see the end credits sooner!... you can partially or entirely skip level
M5-2 and getting the logo.

>>> Hub Room Operation

You can see on the map for M5-1 which doors from the hub room (17) lead to
which levels. There's a terminal at (17) controlling the hub room doors. The
presence of a keyboard indicates the interactive side - it's facing you when
you enter from (16). Each time you activate this terminal, the hub room doors
open and close according to a sequence which goes anti-clockwise around the

1st activation: Door to M5-2 opens, other doors close.
2nd activation: Door to M5-4 opens, other doors close.
3rd activation: Door to M5-3 opens, other doors close.
4th activation: Door to (16) (M5-1) opens, other doors close.

After the 4th activation, the sequence starts over again.

You can always move between the currently loaded level and the hub room without
a load from the CD. When you go through a different door from the hub, the game
has to load the level from the CD (you'll see the LOADING screen), and that
mission will always be loaded as if you had never been there before, with all
enemies and items restocked. So if you go back to M5-1 in this manner (not
recommended), you will be playing it from the very start. On the other hand,
you could get lots of plasma if you really felt like it by making repeated
visits to M5-2 and M5-3.

We will now continue with the walkthrough in the order that a first-timer,
seeking to explore all levels and play through mission 6, would need to visit
the levels from the hub room. First up is M5-2. To get there, having just
arrived in the hub room for the first time, activate the terminal once to open
the door on your right to M5-2.


          |  |_____________|--|_______
          |                  4        |
          |   _____  ____________     |
          |  |    |--|           |    |
          |  |             ------|    |
          |  |_           |  __   ____|
          |   6|          | |  | |
          |  |-           | |__| |____
          |  |            |  __   __  |
          |5 |            | |  | |  | |
          |  |            | |__| |__| |
          |  |            |           |_
          |  |            |         2  _ 1
          |  |            |  __   __  |
          |  |___________ | |  | |  | |
          |   7          || |__| |__| |
          |   _          ||3      12  |
          |__| |         ||------|--|-|
               |         |       |--| 
               |    8    |_______|11|___
               |                   _    |
               |                 9|_| 10|
               |          _______    ___|
               |_________|       |__|

From the hub room, you're entering this level from doorway (1).

(2) is a large warehouse area with several squibs and hover droids secreted
amongst the pillars. There's an energy capsule at (3). Note that the passage
between (11) and (12) on the map is high above you and cannot be reached from
this side.

Make your way to (4) - there's a megablast here.

Enter long corridor (5). Keep shooting as you move up its centre to destroy the
2 hover droids in your way. There's an alcove along the way (6) where you can
take cover if you need to.

A squib is parked right in doorway (7) as a trap for those who round this
corner too fast. Either take the damage(!), or let the squib see you and
immediately run back into corridor (5) to get out of range of the explosion. Or
round the corner and shoot it reeeeeally fast before it blows up. Or run past
it (not advised, as there are more squibs beyond.)

Shoot 3 more squibs in room (8) from a safe distance.

Enter room (9) cautiously - there are 2 hover droids here, one directly ahead
of you across the central structure, and another around the corner to your

Get rid of the droids then walk up to the machine at (10). It opens to reveal
Logo part 1. You will need to double jump onto the table-like surface of the
machine to pick up the logo.

At (11), there is a platform above you sticking out of the wall. Double jump up
onto it (you can do this from directly below it, passing through the platform).
In the same direction, there's now an opening above and ahead of you. Double
jump up into it. You're now on a high ledge looking down into the warehouse.
Leap off the ledge down to (12). Jump, double-jump or walk.. I don't care, all
are good for this job as you don't take falling damage :)

You've cleaned this level up. Head back out passage (1) into the hub area, and
use the terminal there twice to toggle open the door to M5-3.


             |  ___   ______._|___
             |9|   | |      |     |
          ___|_|___|_|______|     |
         |   5         6       8  |
         |        |_________7     |
         |    4   |         |     |
         |___   __|         |_   _|
          ___| |.         ____| |_
         |3     |        |        |
         |___   |        | 11  10 |
             |  |        |____   _|
            _|  |          ___| |_
          1 _  2|         |       |
             |  |         |       |
             |  |  _____  |   12  |
             |  |_| 13  |_|       |
             |   _       _________|
             |  | |_   _|
             |__|   | |
                   /   \_
                   | 14 _|

From the hub room, you're entering this level from doorway (1). Get ready for
some guard-bashing action.

In corridor (2), both doors are currently locked. Go around to (3) and activate
the alarm. In room (4), three guards stir and open the door to (3). One guard
runs out here - foolishly as you will probably shoot her first. Enter (4) and
put down the other two guards.

Now, for your next move, you could be brave and unsubtle, just throwing open
the door to room (6) and marching on through to (8), having to deal with two
guards hiding behind crates (at 7).

OR you can be stealthy. In (4), jump onto the desk at (5) and examine the
closest side of the room in subjective mode. You'll see a ventilation grille
you can zap out with a special weapon. Do so, and double jump up into the air
conditioning tunnel (9).

As you can see on the map, there are exits from this tunnel to both room (6)
and room (8). Yes, you have to shoot grilles out from inside the tunnel to get
out at either location. And yes, the grilles are high up on the walls of those
rooms, so once you leap out, you can't get back into the tunnel except by going
back to (5).

Jumping from the tunnel out into room (6) is pointless. Move up to the end of
the tunnel overlooking room (8). Shoot out the grille. From your vantage point
up here, you can fire shots down at the two guards who thought they were being
really smart and safe hiding behind their crates. But they can't shoot you!
Their shots are unable to pass into the mouth of the tunnel. So snipe out those
guards from your safe lookout, then drop down into the room.

Be careful opening the door to room (10) which contains two hover droids. There
is plasma you can grab at (11).

Room (12): There are 2 annoying guards here, once again taking cover and
sniping at you from behind crates. One of them has an access key that you

>> Programmable Droids

There is some good news and some bad news here.

The good news is: If you dash ahead into the next room, you can activate a
terminal at (13) to reprogram two hover droids who are parked (inactively) in
that room, and they will float back into room (12) and start trying to shoot
the two sneaky guards. The droids are indestructible, and don't turn on you
even if you hit them. Sounds great!

The bad news is: The droids do such an absolutely hopeless job of fighting the
guards, almost never landing a blaster shot because of the guards' cover, that
you are going to have to kill the guards yourself anyway. The droids don't even
draw the guards' fire... the guards will always shoot at you, no matter what's


So decide what you want to do. If you're patient and feeling lucky, you can
shoot the guards when they intermittently rise from cover to fire at you. This
works best if you're bumping up against the crates. If you're impatient, or not
enjoying the crossfire, double jump over the crates and go in for some
hand-to-hand mauling and point blank shooting. Eventually, with or without
droid help, the guards will be dead, and you will pluck an access key from one
of their corpses.

If you did activate the droids, punch the crap out of them now for their
uselessness if you wish! They won't retaliate or go anywhere. Also listen for
the weird sound that can happen when you use hand-to-hand on droids. (See Part
IV, under 'Bugs and Shoddy Features' for details)

With your key, you can now unlock the door to room (14). Use the button beside
the door.

>>> Get dolled up

There's an energy capsule in room (14), but much more importantly, a walk-in
closet where Kahlee can change into a guard's uniform. Enter the closet. Even
if the door closes on you temporarily and you can't see yourself, I'm sure
you're slick enough at this game by now to be able to steer Kahlee around blind
in the little room until it opens.

Kahlee emerges in a bright aqua guard's uniform, and with a particularly fierce
look upon her face. You cannot lose the uniform by dying. You will stay dressed
this way until you complete M5-4. The uniform does not fool or deter your
enemies at all, so you still need to fight anyone and everyone. It will however
fool the training computer into activating a training session for you in M5-4.

Now, go back to room (13) where you can, from this side, open the door to
corridor (2) by pressing a button. You're done with this level. Head back out
passage (1) into the hub area, and use the terminal there three times to toggle
open the door to M5-4.


                1      ____
              _| |_   |    |
             |     |  | 12 |
             |  2  |  |    |
             |_   _|  |  11|
       ________|3|    |  __|    This map of the training area is significantly
      |          | ___| |__     to scale (probably %80!). The following extra
      |xxxxxxxxxx||########|    details are marked in position in the rooms:
      |          ||        |
      | ##    4  ||######10|    x = Half-height wall
      |       x  ||xxxxxxxx|
      |  5       ||       #|    # = Pit
      |  x##     ||xxxxxx  |
      |    _    _||        |
      |#xx|_|xx|_ |  #     |
      |___       ||xxx  xxx|
          |    __||    ____|
          | 6 |___| 9 |_
       ___|             |
      |                 |
      |     x8x         |
      | 7x              |

You enter from the hub room via (1).

Room (2) is the foyer leading to the guard training area (the rest of this
level). If you are not dressed in the guard's uniform obtained from M5-3, the
moment you pass the midpoint of this room a grid of lasers will spring up,
probably trapping/killing you, and door (3) will lock. If this happened, get
back to the hub room (dead or alive) and get that uniform from M5-3.

Dressed as a guard, you are able to proceed safely through door (3).

>>> Level 1 Training

This large room you have entered is level 1 of training. The door at (6)
leading to the level 2 room will not open until you have destroyed all 10
hologuard targets in the current room. These training rooms are fun, and a good
test of your combat skills. There are half-height walls scattered throughout
that you and your enemies can use for cover. There are also bottomless pits
under some floor tiles. The cracked floor tiles that flash occasionally are the
pits, and walking into one of these will result in a fatal plummet, so watch
out for them. I've marked all the walls and pit tiles on the map.

When you enter, 3 hologuards are already present around the middle of the room
and you can start fighting them once you leap over the first half-height wall.
At (4), you will notice a bright circle inscribed on a floor tile. These
circles activate further sets of targets when you walk upon them. This circle
at (4) will summon 5 more guards to the room. So for safety, do not tread on
this circle tile until you have destroyed the first 3 guards.

After you kill the second set consisting of 5 guards, tread on the circle at
(5) to summon the final 2 guards for this room. These last 2 guards appear
behind the cover of the barricades at the lower-most edge of the room on the
map. Do not fight from afar... come right up to their barricades to shoot them
when they pop up, or perhaps even leap over to join them and fight them at
close hand. When they're dead, go through the door at (6) to the next training

>>> Level 2 Training

Door (6) closes behind you. Door (9) will not open to allow you to continue
until you kill the 10 hologuards in this room.

(Useless trivia: Door (6) also opens again at the same time as door (9).)

The circles at (7) summon the 1st 5 guards. The circle at (8) summons the 2nd 5
guards. The guards arrive in this room quite spread out, and it's dark, so it's
an interesting battle. If you're lucky, you won't strike the sound bug that
usually occurs in this room (see in Part IV under 'Bugs and Shoddy Features'
for details).

When you've cleared all the guards, proceed through door (9).

* If you have any weird problems in the level 2 room, like you seem to have
lost guards, or you thought you killed them all but nothing has happened, just
check over the length of the entire room and tread on both circles again to
round up any strays.

>>> Level 3 Training

The good thing about level 3 is that you don't have to kill all the guards to
continue. All your enemies in this room are indeed hologuards, but if you
choose to evade any, it has no bearing on your progress. You just want to reach
the exit elevator at (12) as soon as possible, killing any guards who are
threatening you or in your way as per usual.

5 guards are spread along this room in typical fashion, some behind the cover
of walls. An additional threat for you is that as you progress, there are floor
pits around that may be obscured by the half-height walls you must leap over.
Look at the map and you will see that behind the final barricade which crosses
the room, there is a row of pits. The only gap in the pits is at the far right,
numbered (10). From before the barricade, you must double jump diagonally up
onto the barricade, then walk along it to the far right edge, and only then may
you walk forward and off the wall onto the other side at the safe spot (10).

Another row of pits, this time a complete row, runs across the end of the room,
preventing you from just walking through the doorway and into the final room
(12). Position yourself so that you are facing the doorway square on, standing
at the edge of the pit tiles, and a single jump will get you across the tiles
and into the doorway.

Grab the missiles at (11) and then enter the elevator at (12). You have
completed the level.


            _________   ___     ________
           |         |_| 11|___|    13  |
           |        15_ .10.___12     14|
           |_   _____| |   |   |________|
             | |     __|   |__    ______
             | |    |8   9    |  |      |
             | |    |         |  |  22  |
             | |    |         | _|      |_
             | |    |    7    ||    21    |
             | |    |5        ||          |
             | |    |         ||          |
           __| |___ |    6    ||    20    |
          |        ||___   ___||          |
          |  16    |   |. .|   |          |
          |      17|   |.4.|   |_        _|
          |__   ___|  /     \    |      |
            _| |_____/       \_  |      |
           |         .  /-\    |_|      |_
           |  18     .  | |  19._   _     |
           |_________   \-/   _| |_| |____|
                     \   3   /
                      \ . . /
                       | 2 |______
                       |         1|

You start the level at (1) with the elevator you just rode in behind you.

Move to (2), the threshold of room (3), and look into the room. Don't step into
the room yet - if you do so accidentally, step back out.

Room (3) is a Pax Corpus area. The dotted lines I placed on the map show the
extent of the area. Keep an eye on the three blue men carrying coffins around
the vat. These men are so irradiated with Pax Corpus energy that touching them
will pretty much slay you immediately by filling your Pax Corpus meter. They do
not seek you out, but they wander back and forth around the central vat and
only within the Pax Corpus area, so you can avoid them just by moving carefully
through this room.

** Now, if you were not trying to collect the 2nd logo at this point (I.E. You
were NOT seeking to play mission 6), PLUS you brought some missiles with you
from previous levels, you could skip almost all of this level, and immediately
go through to room (20), waste the undertaker with a missile, and catch the
elevator to M5-6. **

But, the majority of us want to collect Logo part 2 so that we can play mission
6, and we want to get some missiles and maybe even the blue plasma while we're
at it!

Make your way very carefully around the central vat and the blue men to the
hexagonal platform at (4), which will lift you up to a ledge. In this tiny
rectangular doorway, you are safely out of the Pax Corpus area. Let your Pax
Corpus meter empty completely, because in the next room you will be under time
pressure. There are currently Pax Corpus zones both immediately in front of and
behind you, hence more dots on the map.

>>> Toxic pools

This large room into which we are looking is saturated with Pax Corpus energy.
The base of the room is flooded with irradiated fluid. If you fall in there,
it's instant death. You need to activate two switches in turn and jump across
platforms to get out the other side of the room. Your Pax Corpus energy will be
building all the while, so you have slight time pressure on you. Just perform
your moves with some precision and confidence and you will have no problem
making it across in time.

To begin with, from the vantage point of the safe doorway (4), look towards
(5). From subjective mode, you should be able to pick out the switch there.
Shoot it to lower a platform in front of you which spans some of the toxic pool
(6). Double jump onto this platform. At this moment your time limit has begun.
By getting you to activate the platform from outside the Pax Corpus area, I
gave you a few extra moments anyway.

Double jump up from this platform to the next one ahead of you (7). From up
here, step and face towards (8), the second switch. Shoot it to lower the last
section of platform which is (9). You can walk off the end of (7) onto (9):
There is a foot drop between them, but in the horizontal plane these platforms
are adjacent.

Finally, from the end of (9), double jump your way out of this blue room down
into corridor (10). You can't get back up into the pool room from down here,
but who'd want to anyway?

Grab the missiles (11).

Move towards doorway (12) - a hex platform lifts you up. The room beyond is a
second Pax Corpus room with a toxic pool. At (13) is the elusive blue plasma.
You've got missiles so you don't need it, but it might be fun to pick it up
just once anyway to use it against the undertaker as was intended.

Shoot switch (14) from doorway (12) to raise an L-shaped platform into the room
so you can walk around to get the blue plasma. You need to double jump
initially to get onto this platform. Also at (13) is a switch you must shoot to
progress, blue plasma or no - it unlocks the door at (15). Don't do all this
reeeeeally slowly, because your Pax Corpus energy is building.

Note that if you didn't want to get the blue plasma, you can actually skip
entering this 2nd toxic pool room at all. You just open the door to this room
initially, line up switch (13) from the right side of the doorway, shoot it
from there to open (15), and leave.


Head down corridor (10) and through the now unlocked door (15). Open the door
across the other side of this room, go down the long corridor, open the door at
the end of that to room (16).

There's a lone guard here, and a vat that you can destroy (17). Get rid of the
guard and shoot the vat (you only need to use your blaster). Logo part 2 is
revealed. Collect it, then exit the room by opening the door to corridor (18),
which requires you to activate the button next to it.

You now need to cross the very blue room (3) again. Do it in two steps for
safety. From the mouth of corridor (18), wait for the blue men to be reasonably
clear, then sneak back to (2). From this safe vantage point, watch them again
for another opening then dash over to and through the door at (19).


You've entered the lair of the undertaker (20). It's an impressive area with a
sea of coffins and a chessboard floor. The undertaker himself won't appear
until you move into the room so that you're amongst the coffins. He appears at
(21). The elevator by which you can exit this level (22) won't open until you
kill the undertaker.

>>> Diagnosis

I'm almost embarrassed to call this a 'boss fight', since it's supremely easy,
assuming you brought a missile or blue plasma with you.

The undertaker is a semi-invisible mummy type figure. He moves really slowly,
inflicts minor hand-to-hand damage and can also knock you down, if you're ever
slack enough to let him get an attack on you. He is immune to all weapons
except missiles and blue plasma, though shooting him with your blaster will at
least make him appear temporarily so you can keep track of where he is. You can
always target him in spite of his invisibility if you just face enough towards
where he is.

How to nail him? Missiles shouldn't work, but they do, so one missile will kill
him. Or, if you picked up the blue plasma and you feel like using it, select
it, then you can fire it with as much abandon as you would fire your blaster,
but using the Triangle button. The molecular bullets look cool too. Just 3
shots of blue plasma will put the undertaker down.

When he dies, elevator (22) opens up. Enter the elevator to be carried to


  |                   |  ____
  |                   | |    |
  |                   | |   5|
  |                   | |   _|
  |...................| |  |
  |   2   : 3 :   2   |-|  |
  |.......:...:.......:4   |
  |                   |----|
  |                   |
  |         1         |


Yes, it's time to slap leather with Kiyiana herself. The fight begins as soon
as you appear in this level at (1).

>>> Diagnosis

There are 3 phases in this fight.

Notice the dotted area at the centre of the map. Section (3) is a square
platform which crosses a chasm area the length of the room (sections numbered
2). It is of course fatal to fall into the chasm. In order to move from one
side of the room to the other during the fight, you can either run over
platform (3), or double jump over the chasm if you wish.

When phase 3 of the fight begins, the chasm areas are completely (but SLOWLY!)
covered by platforms, thus making the (2) areas safe to walk on.

At (4) is the exit door, which opens only after you have completed all 3 phases
of the battle.

>>> Phase 1

Kiyiana uses a strange combination of magic and surfing to cruise through the
air towards where you are. She will chase you all over the room until you stand
still. Once you're standing still and she reaches you, she will hover in the
air for another moment, then materialise before you in a small explosion,
launch a kick at you, and then leap back up into the air for another round of
surfing/pursuing you.

Kiyiana is vulnerable only to hand-to-hand attacks, and only in the moment when
she materialises and kicks at you, so it's pointless to fire shots at her or
lead her all over the room. In the 4 corners of the room are well-lit areas (as
opposed to the rest of the room which is dark.) Your method should be:

(a) Run away from Kiyiana to a well-lit corner of your choice.

(b) Turn and face the direction she is surfing in from. Now hold L2 and stay
crouched. It must be a full crouch, not the halfway 'kneeling' crouch that you
do when there's not enough room on your left side. If you're doing the crappy
crouch, pick yourself up and readjust so that you can do a full crouch. If this
takes too long and Kiyiana is upon you already, run to another corner and start
the process from there.

(c) You're crouched. Watch Kiyiana's shadow on the ground. When it stops just
before you, you know she will materialise in another moment.

(d) At the moment of her explosion, hit the X button from your crouched
position to smack Kiyiana with an uppercut punch. If you do this a tiny bit too
slow, she'll kick you at the same time you hit her. After your uppercut, press
L1 again to get crouched again.

Kiyiana didn't like being hit. She readjusts herself, then flies up into the
air again for another round of surfing. While she's adjusting herself, run to
the opposite well-lit corner of the room on the same side of the chasm as you
are, and get ready for her next approach. Repeat the method from point (b)

(You could stay where you are, but it's better for your timing and positioning
if you make her come to you anew for each uppercut. Also, one time I didn't
move and my punch didn't seem to affect her. So I suggest you always move to a
new spot between uppercuts.)

It takes 3 uppercuts in total to irritate Kiyiana enough to enter the second

>>> Phase 2

In this phase, Kiyiana gets a bit more aggro. She now zips around you with her
flying/surfing ability, firing triple blasts at you that spread out in a slight
fork pattern.

If necessary, run around a bit in a circular fashion to dodge the blasts as you
would any other shots. Get a handle on where Kiyiana is as soon as possible
(preferably before she has fired at all). She can move around the room quite

As soon as you get the drop on her - that is, you see her moving to a new
position after she has fired a triple blast at you - follow her with your eyes
to the new position and open fire with the best weapon you have.

1 missile will defeat her instantly. Otherwise, 2 plasma shots will beat her,
or 4 blaster shots.

When a shot hits her successfully, you will see a puff of blood and she will be
stunned for a second. Although she is not vulnerable again until she has
recovered from the stun, if you keep firing blaster shots at her now, you might
be lucky enough to pin her down to that spot at the moment she becomes
unstunned, and injure her again immediately. So I recommend that when you begin
to fire at her, do not cease fire unless she escapes and flies away to a new
position, because you might be able to kill her where she is if you just keep

Another thing to note is that if your shots collide with hers, I think they are
sometimes absorbed. I seem to lose missiles this way - I'm not sure if they
were absorbed, or if I missed by a tiny amount. Either way, try to fire your
special weapons only at times when you're not being fired upon yourself.

When you've zapped Kiyiana enough to defeat her, there will be tremendous
explosions and she will fly away from you. Platforms gradually rise to cover
the chasm areas (2) for the 3rd phase. In your excitement, don't wander into
the chasm before the platforms have fully risen to cover it. Yes, I have done

>>> Phase 3

From the darkness on the far side of the room comes a spindly robot. This thing
has no subtlety - it seeks to walk directly up to you and just hack away at you
with its robot limbs. For that reason it's also easy to kill. Never let this
thing near you at all, just open fire as soon as you see it.

1 missile will destroy it, or 3 plasma, or 5 blaster shots.

Once you start hitting it, it will be totally pinned if you don't stop firing,
so I recommend if you're going on to play mission 6, you can just use blaster
shots on the robot to save any missiles you have for droids in the last
mission. If you're not going to play mission 6, torch this dumb thing with a
missile or plasma so that you will complete your last fight in style!

If you were mad enough to let the robot get up to you, you could be in trouble
because it smacks you to the ground then hovers over you ready to cut you again
as soon as you get up. You could be dead.

Let's hope that didn't happen and that you blew up the robot.

>>> VICTORY!!!

With the robot destroyed, you can go through door (4).

In the small room around the corner, activate the terminal (5).

****  END OF MISSION 5  ****

The moment of truth! If you picked up only one or neither of the logos during
mission 5, you have completed your game of Pax Corpus. You will now experience
the Penultimate ending FMV, followed by the end credits.

If you did collect both logos, you have a final mission ahead of you.

Mission 6: THE LAUNCH CENTRE        (2 levels)


         __________   ___
        |          | |   |
        |          |_|   |
        |           _    |_______
        |          | | 6        7|
        |       ___| |    _______|
        |      |   | |   |
        |    5   8 | |   |
        |      |___| |.4.|
        |          | |   |  ______
        |          |_|   |_|      |
        |           _     _   2  3|
        |          | |   | |______|
        |__________| |   |
                     | 1 |

You start at (1), having exited the elevator.

In room (2) are 2 harmless rover droids tending a morgue arrangement of Pax
Corpus victims. At the end of this room is a small square Pax Corpus area (3),
where you can get healing if you need it at any time during this level.

There's a triple laser forcefield across the corridor at (4), supposedly
completely blocking it. The game intends for you to circumvent the forcefield
and reach point (6) by way of the cavernous room (5), which is a freezing room.
However, this is one of those cases where you can make a stellar-quality
cheating double jump and clear a 3-laser forcefield. This doesn't save you much
trouble, but it's fun. Especially when it confuses the hell out of the lasers
(explained in a minute.)

In (5), there's a hover droid parked at (5) who is guarding the elevator
cubicle, the structure surrounding (8). You definitely want to get rid of him.

There are 2 rovers loose in (5) as well, but you'd know how inoffensive they
are by now. As it's a freezing room you'll be taking slow damage while you're
in here. This is not very dangerous, since if things get really desperate, you
can always go back and get healing at (3). And you will be fully healed when
you exit the level anyway.

One way or the other, you will get around to (6) and be able to enter the short
passage (7). There's another rover in here, but more importantly you will pick
up the cold crystal.

>>> The Cold Crystal

The crystal makes you immune to the damage of freezing rooms for a limited
period of time. The time limit only ticks down while you are in freezing
environments, and once you leave a freezing environment, it is suspended again.
Therefore you do not have to worry about rushing everywhere now that you have
the crystal. You only have to be swift when you're in the freezing

The main purpose of the crystal is to help you in the next and final level, so
don't waste its power by standing around in the cold of room (5) on this level.


Now, from the side of the corridor at point (6), the lasers at (4) will part to
allow you back into the other half of the corridor, when you approach them...
unless you leaped over the lasers with the cheat jump in the first place. I'm
about to explain, really! Anyway the purpose of the lasers parting for you is
to make it easy for you to get back to the healing area (3) after you've picked
up the crystal, without going via the cold room, if you want. I stress that
you'd only need healing if your health is %50 or worse - you'll get a free
heal-up from completing this level in a moment.

If you leaped over the lasers from the (1) side of the room, they got confused.
Now, approaching them from the (6) side actually makes them snap shut, while
walking away from them makes them teasingly open again. Vindictive huh? This
strange state of affairs will not correct itself until you either leap over
them again from the (6) side, or go back around to the (1) side via (5).

Once you have the crystal, and after you have collected any necessary healing,
it's time to exit this level. From wherever you are, take the most direct route
to the elevator cubicle in room (5), go inside and enter the elevator (8).
Don't dawdle in (5) wasting the power of the cold crystal.


       |     D/-\   /-\D    |
       |      \_/   \_/ 4   |
       |  /-\           |   |
       |  \_/       2   |   |
       |        /-\  /-\|___|
       |D       \_/  \_/|   |    D = Hover Droid
       | /-\   /-\   D  |   |
       | \_/   \_/ /-\  |   |
       |       /-\ \_/ D3   |
       |____.._\_/______   5|
           |  |   ____  |.._|
           |  |  /   D|_| |_
           |1 |  |7    _ 6 D|   
           |__|  \___D| |D|-

The very last level in Pax Corpus is short but can prove deceptively difficult.

You start at (1) facing the freezing room ahead. Once you cross the dotted line
on the map, you are in a freezing environment.

Your objective is to reach the terminal at (7) as swiftly as possible, to
activate the rocket which will launch the 2nd Pax Corpus unit into space where
it can do no harm.

Your cold crystal has limited duration. If you don't complete this level in the
first pass, you will lose the crystal (either by duration or by death) and the
level will be harder to complete on subsequent passes, though obviously each
time you play it your experience and skill with the layout increases.

The challenge is to get through the freezing room as quickly possible, taking
no damage from the cold, or the minimum damage possible, and then to survive
the last dash past a few aggravated hover droids. The positions of all hover
droids are marked on the map.

If you have a time-stopper or two, use one now before you even enter the
freezing area, to pacify the droids and make this level a pushover.

From (1), enter the freezing room and run to (2), ignoring any droids or rovers
on the way.

Now run through the narrow gap between the two big vat obstacles to the south
and make your way towards (3). There are 1 or 2 droids in your way this time
and it's hard to get through without being shot, or to even fight them without
being shot (if you didn't freeze time). Use your remaining plasma and missiles
like crazy for all droid fights on this level, because we want instant
victories and none of that 'being shot' stuff.

At (3) there's a giant fan (there's also one at (4), but you don't want to go
up there - that area is just a red herring to try to get you to waste time in
the freezing room). The fan is still rotating even if we froze time?! The fan
can't damage you. You can run or roll through when the blades move aside, or
you can just shoot the whole thing with your blaster to clear the way. If you
froze time, you can't fire, so just run between the blades.

Having passed the fan, pause for a splitsecond at (5) where you can't be seen
or shot by any droid in room (6). Once you cross the dotted line on the map to
room (6) you will be out of the freezing area, but there are 4 droids through
here who will probably all open fire on you in your last sprint to the terminal

If you froze time, you can safely dash to (7) now without being attacked at
all. Though when you get there, you will have to wait for the time-stopper's
effect to wear off before you are allowed to activate the terminal. Start
mashing the X button at the terminal so that you will activate it at the very
moment time unfreezes, before you get shot by the unfrozen droids behind you.

If you had no time-stopper... the best idea is to just run all the way through
this section and quickly hit the X button when you reach the terminal (7)
before the 2 droids in the corners of the room take you out. Killing all of
these droids might make you feel better, but it's a very dangerous waste of
time and health. If you are going to fight any of the final 4 droids, the only
one I'd take out is the one you can see from a distance back in room (5). Even
then, in order to zap him, you're spending longer in the freezing area than
you'd like.

Finally, by some means, you will have reached terminal (7) and activated it.

****  END OF MISSION 6  ****

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have completed the full game of Pax Corpus and achieved
the Ultimate ending. Watch the Ultimate ending FMV and then enjoy the awesome
end credits sequence...

                     PART III (P3) - PASSWORDS AND SECRETS

When you enter a password on the password screen, you will be able to select
where you wish to begin playing, from a range up to and including the mission
whose password you entered. There is no password for mission 1, nor can you
choose to start from mission 1 from the password screen. Simply begin a new
game from the main menu if you want to do that.

There is no password for mission 6 either. To play mission 6, you must play
through mission 5 and collect both logos.

There are also 2 cheat passwords which may be entered to toggle invulnerability
on and off. No acknowledgment is given when you enter either of these
passwords. Just enter the password, choose 'Exit' from the password menu, then
return if you wish to enter a second password to enable mission selection.

* You are unaffected by enemy attacks.
* You are immune to environmental damage, such as from the incinerator or
freezing rooms.
* You are immune to Pax Corpus radiation - Your meter won't move. This also
means you can go for an underwater stroll in the toxic swimming pools in M5-5!
* You will take no damage from lasers, though they still knock you down.

You're not invulnerable to falling off a cliff though.  Fatal falls are still

                                The Passwords

 Mission 2: The Prison          BIDYE
 Mission 3: The Temple          KNUTW
 Mission 4: The Space Lab       BENYO
 Mission 5: The Rocket Silo     CODUP   (Start Mission 5 without the
                                         time-stopper in Kahlee's inventory)

                                CODUZ   (Start Mission 5 with the
                                         time-stopper in Kahlee's inventory)
 Invulnerability On:            NOHIT
 Invulnerability Off:           HITTT

(The majority of Pax Corpus cheats on the internet tell you that the 'HITTT'
code gives you unlimited time-stoppers. This is just a load of rubbish.)

One more thing: On the password screen, watch out for the tricky font. Letter
Vs and letter Us look almost identical, as do some other letter pairings. The
result was that when I got the first password BIDYE, I mistyped it as BIDUE and
wondered what was up. So if you enter a password and no missions are offered,
this is probably the culprit.

If you're not playing Pax Corpus on the Playstation, I've read that you can
just type the codes in at any time during the game to warp to the selected
level immediately.

To my knowledge, there's only one other secret cheat code.

FMV Cinema Display Code
Activate this cheat and the game will play for you in turn all of the FMV
cinema sequences, excluding 'Game Over' (ha!) and the end credits sequence.
You'll have to complete the game to see the ULTRACOOL end credits sequence.

Here's how to activate the cheat:

Start the game up. When the 'Cryo' cinema starts, hold down both Start and
Select, and do not release them until the language select screen appears. Now
pick the language you want to enjoy the FMVs in. THAT'S RIGHT, THERE ARE 3
VERSIONS VOICED BY DIFFERENT ACTORS! See under 'Multilingual Pax Corpus' in
Part IV of the FAQ for more details.

Okay, after you choose a language, you're at the title graphic screen with
Kahlee and Kiyiana. Hold down L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 all together, and then press
Start. And away you go!

                           PART IV (P4) - FUN STUFF

Given the amount of time you spend staring at Pax Corpus' loading screen,
featuring the exceptionally nice portrait of Kahlee, you will undoubtedly
notice the tattoo on her left breast. Yes, it certainly is arresting. 'What is
that?' you might have thought.

We glimpse her tattoo fleetingly in the FMVs, but not clearly until the
pre-Mission 5 one, where we can see that it is made up of three characters. It
looks like this:
                               /     __    __
                               \    /     /
                                \  |___  |
                                /  |     |
                               /    \__   \__

It resembles English script, but I don't think it is. And it doesn't seem to
match anything specific found elsewhere in the game either. My take on it is
that it's a legacy of Kahlee's mercenary background.

Here's my list of what I consider to be the coolest, strangest and trickiest
features of Pax Corpus. Check these out while you're playing and have fun with
the game!

In many PSX games, you can select a language, and then the on-screen text will
appear in that language. But all of the dialogue you hear in the FMVs and
during the game will still be the same as ever, in the core language (usually
English). Bor-ing.  But check this out...


Yes, if you pick German, all the characters will speak in German that you can
hear. Kahlee, Kiyiana, Ellys, the executioners, the computer voices! They're
all voiced by a new set of actors too, for each language.

So when you know the game a bit better, try it in German and French! Compare
performances!! Which nationality provides the foxiest Kahlee? The best Ellys?
The least hammy Kiyiana? (definitely not English...) The most annoying computer
voice? Try every flavour and decide for yourself :)   I think this is a
fantastic feature.

The roundhouse kick is extra fun when you manage to smack people who are
already dead with it. If you kill some guard ("OHHHHHHHHH!") then get off a
roundhouse at close range, you can thump her falling corpse before she even
touches the ground. It's gratuitous and it's fun.

Similarly, you can punish guards by drawing out their demise. Smack some tough
guard up with hand-to-hand so that she's stunned and falling, but not dead. Now
put a blast into her before she comes to a rest on the ground. ZIP, she's
thrown to her feet again, but falling again because you shot her. Is she still
alive? Punch her up some more! See how long you can suspend the guard in up and
down motion. (Probably not long because your blasts do too much damage ;))

Check out the spectacular contortionist efforts of some corpses! Watch as lady
civilians roll entirely head over heels, throw their legs wide apart and
finally come to a rest in a backsides-up broken mess! What is the deal with

In the torture room (M2-2), have a look at the chair. Marvel at the emaciated
corpse with clots of gore and the dish of torture instruments! Hey, and here's
a useless related trick: By quickly hiding behind this chair as soon as you
enter the room, you can indefinitely postpone the fight with the executioner,
who will simply stand still and wonder where you went. When you tire of this
game, come out from behind the chair to let him know what happened.

Have you tried smacking up droids with punches? You expect the regular thump
sound, but you usually get a weird squeak which sounds more like it's coming
out of Kahlee than the robot. It's like the sibilant grunt/gasp of exertion
made by a pro tennis player after pounding the ball. I've also heard Kahlee
gasp like this when she is being punched and kicked by the Temple Guardian.

If you place yourself strategically, you can get guards (or even droids) to
shoot each other. Seemingly oblivious to their comrades' health, they fire at
you no matter where you are or what is between you and them. Laugh as they
groan and a puff of blood squirts out.

Civilians and some guards etc. seem to have green blood. Don't ask me why.
Variety is the spice of life.

In M5-4, try treading on all the circle tiles in the training rooms as fast as
you can, so that you can take on 10 hologuards at once. The Playstation will
struggle a little bit to cope with it, but this is the most chaos you're ever
going to get in one place at the one time in Pax Corpus.

You would have noticed that often when you activate a terminal or switch, or
open a locked door, the game 'pauses' to give you onscreen messages. This is
frequently accompanied by temporary angle changes from the camera or audio
announcements. Sometimes these pauses are 'real' - I.E. The game won't let you
move or take any actions until the pause is over. But at other times, you can
play on as normal in the background of the messages, announcements and camera
changes, even if you're not on-screen at all! See how far you can travel and
how much you can achieve during the pause, and perhaps when you can't even see

Some of these are actual bugs that you can try out for yourself, and are
labelled thus. Others are just features of the game that in my opinion should
have been tightened up. Some are funny. Some are really annoying.

Let's put the most positive spin on this section that we can, and say that
these are all part of the charm of Pax Corpus ;)

The roundhouse is a source of both fun and buginess. You probably noticed that
a lot of the time it misses when it plainly should have connected. Your leg
passes through your enemy!

The roundhouse was just the worst example of this genre. All combat at
extremely close quarters is susceptible to some slack collision detection. If
you're so close that you're really sharing not just breathing but body space
with an enemy, odds are you won't be able to hit them with any attacks at all.

Another quirk: a guard who is loading her rifle can only turn around at a
certain speed. If, in order to face you before she fired, she would have to
turn much faster because you're really close, she won't pull it off in time,
but the shot will still zap you anyway.

Guards are highly variable in their smartness. Some seem smart and dangerous,
hitting you with every shot, firing from behind crates, ducking for cover,
jumping out of the way of your shots etc... And others just don't. You might be
able to walk right up next to a guard, stand there mimicking her pose, and she
still won't twitch. Or she might fire at you, but then start scanning the room
as if she lost you when plainly you're in front of her.

In M5-3, there is something spectacularly disappointing about reprogramming two
hover droids to fight for you, only to discover that they truly suck and
probably couldn't blast their way out of a paper bag.

Kahlee shows off how flexible she is when she rolls back onto her feet after
being fried by a laser. She also shows off a horrible weakness in the game
engine by not giving us any control at all over the direction of her roll, or
displaying any 'instinctive' aversion to hazards while she's at it. Hence,
she's happy to move continuously into more lasers and cut herself to pieces
while you wring your hands in the air.

An extension of the 'hopeless recovery roll'... If you're using the
invulnerability cheat and you mess up an attempt to negotiate some lasers, pray
that you don't get stuck bouncing endlessly from one laser to another. It can
happen, and where normally the game would expect you to die so that it could
restart the level.. you just don't. So the only way out is to quit to the main
menu and lose all your progress. Becoming the ball in some laser ping-pong
might be amusing to experience just the one time, though.

In M2-3, in hall (9), I once hopped onto the conveyer belt which leads to room
(19), but got back off again for some reason, still in hall (9). However, I now
noticed that Kahlee was permanently drifting along the floor, as if she were
still on the conveyer belt! Being a little disturbed about this, I got on and
off the conveyer belt again, and the problem went away.

Once again in M2-3... sometimes you blow up the whole kitchen by igniting the
gas, but the stupid packer survives the inferno. Don't ask me how, because
packers are total wimps, and Kahlee is anything but, but Kahlee is always
killed immediately by the gas explosion.

This is a beauty. I've only seen it happen at the start of M4-2. Kahlee starts
the level on a platform suspended over a void. The platform has the terminal on
it for activating the cloning process. If you hold down R2 and use your
sidesteps, you'll find you can sidestep right off the platform but defy gravity
and not plummet to your death! So long as you keep sidestepping in either
direction, you'll stay levitated over the blackness. If you ever stop your
shuffling whilst over 'nothing', Kahlee suddenly remembers about the laws of
gravity and will lose her magic powers, dropping to her death. You can even hit
R2 + forward whilst sidestepping, and slip a forward roll in there! Though
after the forward roll.. it's falling time.

This bug does not work anywhere around here except from this very first
platform. If you jump onto the bridge or beyond, you can't do it anymore,
you'll just fall and die.

I once placed Kahlee perpendicular to the bridge, turned her at a tiny angle
(like 15 degrees) and tried to sidestep my way down the length of the tunnel
containing the bridge, hoping to connect up with the first side platform ;)  It
was a very impressive feat as I did indeed manage to levitate all the way to
the corner of the target platform, but because I was about a foot below it, I
couldn't get onto it. Kahlee can slip a roll into her levitation routine, but
not jumps it would seem.

I've mentioned it a bunch of times already during this walkthrough, but I'll
say it again. The undertaker is this big deal enemy who's supposed to be only
vulnerable to blue plasma, BUT YOU CAN JUST KILL HIM WITH A MISSILE! And as you
can pick up missiles on the same level as him, Blue Plasma is officially the
most useless and obsolete item in Pax Corpus.

Ugh, this is horrible! Usually at some point while you're fighting hologuards
in M5-4 (particularly in the 2nd training room), you will be bombarded with a
loop of the static sound made by hologuards when you shoot them. The game just
gets stuck on triggering this sound and does so repeatedly and relentlessly.
The volume level instantly becomes painful. To unstick the soundtrack, all you
can do is just keep trying to move around, killing guards and/or summoning new

This section provides a breakdown and descriptions of the various musical
tracks you hear during the levels of the game. I came up with names for the
tracks myself.

First up, a list of which track is heard on which level:

         Level:            Track:
    |    M1-1     I   Kahlee Part I      |
    |    M1-2     I   The Train Station  |
    |    M1-3     I   Showdown           |
    |    M2-1     I   The Prison         |
    |    M2-2     I   The Prison         |
    |    M2-3     I   The Prison         |
    |    M2-4     I   Mausoleum          |
    |    M2-5     I   The Prison         |
    |    M2-6     I   The Prison         |
    |    M3-1     I   The Temple         |
    |    M4-1     I   Computers          |
    |    M4-2     I   Computers          |
    |    M5-1     I   Kahlee Part II     |
    |    M5-2     I   Kahlee Part I      |
    |    M5-3     I   Kahlee Part I      |
    |    M5-4     I   Kahlee Part II     |
    |    M5-5     I   Kahlee Part II     |
    |    M5-6     I   Kahlee Part I      |
    |    M6-1     I   Kahlee Part I      |
    |    M6-2     I   Kahlee Part I      |

Kahlee Part I
A sparse, cold rhythmic groove. In time the sound is fleshed out with
percussive claps, mute vocal murmurs, chilly high-pitched chords and a twangy
synth effect. This track is like a mantra. The hypnotic rhythm and unwavering
one note bassline evoke Kahlee's cool strolling motion and her icy outlook.
Simply admire Kahlee's walk as you listen to this and you'll know what I mean!

The Train Station
I love this track but we only encounter it once in the game. Urgent brushy
percussion gradually builds into something quite threatening. When the bass and
the mournful melody punch in together fully, there is a moment where you feel
truly dismal. Laid on top of this track we have some cool creepy platform and
boarding announcements.

Fast, restrained track with driving (but quiet) bass guitar. Heard on the
train, it is good at creating the feeling that we're closing in our goal, Dr.

The Prison
Not my favourite track. On its own it works fine, but it's too much of a drone
for us not to become weary of it after 5 levels, which is how many times it's
used. Pretty mournful or discordant wailing is interspersed with some quiet
drumming. It does feel dingy and despair-ridden like a prison would, though.

A choir of the dead moans over some dripping and religious-sounding noises.
Hey, it works! It's quite possible you will feel scared wandering around in the
dark of M2-4 listening to this.

The Temple
A strongly atmospheric track built upon a bed of monks chanting in the very
deep bass range. Flutes, chimes and bitter ceremonial flourishes complete the

Sounds like what it is... No melody here, more a series of atonal bleeps and
noises over agitated percussion, which suggests for us the alien workings of
the computer systems in the space lab.

Kahlee Part II
I see the first Kahlee track as being about her icy mercenary persistence,
whereas this second upbeat one is about her kicking asses and taking names.
Incredibly cool, purposeful and dynamic track in a distinctive seven-beat time


OKAY! Let's look at a really important issue in the story of Pax Corpus that
the game is very subtle about. Can you guess what it is?

Consider as an example Dr. Ellys' parting words to Kiyiana in the game's
introductory FMV:

'I have offered you my body, and my mind. But you shall never control my soul,
nor that of our people...'

'We shall probably never see each other again. Forgive me.'

Yes, I think we can say that Ellys and Kiyiana were extremely close friends.

Oz Nama is a world entirely composed of women, who must use Alcyon's cloning
technology to reproduce. The men are all dead or brainwashed slaves, so
obviously the women are going to look to each other for their social, emotional
and physical experiences! The storyline of Pax Corpus is really potent science
fiction which you could be forgiven for forgetting about, given that the game
is so vague about its own ideas at times.

But lets not forget that the whole planet is pretty much a slave world where
everyone's unhappy and oppressed. There are constant plots of rebellion against
Kiyiana and Alcyon Corporation. And Kahlee is the woman who's out to save the
people from sterile utopia by destroying the Pax Corpus project.

What else do we know about the relationships in the game? Both the game's
manual, and an FMV or three in the game, make a big deal about the relationship
between Kahlee and Kiyiana.

From the manual:

'You are Kahlee, a mercenary working on her own account and having every
intention to put an end to the plan though up by Kiyiana, for whom you have
admiration and hate in equal measure. Charge your blaster, put on your battle
dress and track Dr. Ellys to resolve the mystery of the Pax Corpus.'

So far, so good. But now check out this last bit:

'But will you be able to resist the charm and scheming of Kiyiana who, make no
mistake about it, is ready to sacrifice your relationship to consolidate her
domination for good.'

Huh?! Well in short, I'd have to say, 'Yes, I will be able to resist the charm
and scheming of Kiyiana.'  Until we fight her at the end of the game, we have
no contact with Kiyiana whatsoever! And yet when you complete the game, Kiyiana
tells us we won't have the luxury of resisting her next time. I didn't even
have the pleasure of -trying- to resist her this time, as far as I can tell :)

So this particular idea was set up, but not followed through sufficiently by
the game. It also has elements which are only confusing. How can Kahlee be both
a mercenary looking out for herself, and, as Dr. Ellys called her, 'the best of
Kiyiana's guard bitches'. And where and how amongst all of this did some
relationship with Kiyiana come about? Maybe Kahlee used to be a guard? She's
definitely an ass-kicking mercenary now.



STOP READING NOW if you have yet to complete Pax Corpus and enjoy the end
credits for yourself!! Trust me, they're worth it
Last warning!...

*** SPOILERS ***

The end credits sequence for Pax Corpus moves very quickly, but it's extremely
cool. The speed of it is an attraction in a way, as it encourages you to try to
reach the credits again (by completing the game again with either ending) to
get a closer look at things you might have missed the first time. Or even the

The sequence starts with views from multiple security cameras. We switch to
cameras that are scanning Kahlee's currently uninhabited apartment, and which
give a status readout concerning Kahlee. (Rental incidents: none). We of course
know where she is - she's out at the Rocket Silo having just helped to save the
world of Oz Nama from the Pax Corpus project. Now there follows a sequence of
rapid zooms towards objects in the apartment, which relate to credits laid over
the top.

- 2 gold bars (Oz Nama currency?)   (To fund the creation of the game!)
- A digital clock   (For schedules, deadlines and organisation.)
- Coffee   (The staple diet of the programmer.)
- A dirty cooking pot   (Ha! Implies the programmers did the dirty work :) )
- A poster of Kahlee
- Several items of lingerie
- A model which resembles a molecule
- A vid-phone/security monitor
- A TV
- A trumpet
- A hammer
- A colander
- A CD

You have to look really fast to catch any of the information on the very final
screen. The graphic seems to be an isometric model of a typical level design
for the game, and the thank-yous are for a level designing program for Pax
Corpus. (..that was used to create the game. I'm not saying there's a level
editor for Pax Corpus around that you can use! There's not!  :D )



You have reached the end of the PAX CORPUS FAQ AND WALKTHROUGH.

I hope you have enjoyed your trip through this document!


This FAQ is Copyright 2001 Wade Clarke, All Rights Reserved.
All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged.
Pax Corpus is (C) 1997 by Cryo Interactive Entertainment


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