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With the trilogy completed on the PS3, the Resistance franchise makes its way 
onto the PlayStation Vita with this spinoff title called Resistance: Burning 

Resistance: Burning Skies
Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
Copyright 2012

1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
Staten Island
Military Ocean Terminal
George Washington Bridge
Ellis Island
Protection Camp
Conversion Tower
3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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The Chimera have invaded North America. We've seen these events through the 
eyes of other characters in Resistance 2 and Resistance 3, but now we see what 
happened to others that fateful day. Tom Riley is a fireman on the job when the
Chimera invaded. Where were you?

L - Zoom
R - Fire Weapon
D-pad - Move alongside cover
D-pad (down) - Sprint
Left stick - Move
Touchscreen - Various
Touchpad - Sprint
Triangle - Weapon Wheel
O - Crouch
Square - Reload
X - Jump
Right stick - Look
Start - Menu
Select - Gray Tech/Scoreboard

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2. Walkthrough
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Once you have control of your character, move forward through the burning 
halls. Of course, this is the obligatory "beginning of the game tutorial" 
session. As you move through the hall, you will be taught how to swing your 
axe by pulling the right trigger, how to jump over an obstacle by pressing X, 
and how to crouch and crawl under an obstacle by pressing circle.

Go through the motions until you fall through the floor. Recover and then 
start moving forward. If you see any doors that look cracked, you can hit them 
with your axe to break them. Keep going until a fellow fireman yells, "Up 
here!" and then go up the stairs to meet up with him.

A Chimaera will attack him. Run out into the hall and turn to the left to see 
multiple destroyed floors. You can also see an enemy feeding on your dead 
friend. Run down there and smash the axe into it for a one-hit kill. Then 
touch your friend (...) to examine his dead body when prompted. Continue, 
picking up the Bullseye gun, and then open the next set of double doors by 
pressing them on the screen.

In the next room, the game will want you to target the enemy by pushing on them
with the touchscreen. Touch them and the Bullseye will lock onto them. Then 
you can point the gun in any direction and shoot, and the bullets will fly 
right to them. Kill the first one, and then move forward a bit. Another one 
will pop up, so kill that, too. Then a Chimera will climb out of the ship. 
Blast it to pieces.

Move up the stairs. As you round the corner, you will be taught about the cover
system. Move up against the wall and then use the d-pad to lean to the right 
or to the left. Lean out of cover to the right and blast the enemy down the 
way. Walk down the catwalk, and then take out the next few enemies that show 
up. Use the crates for cover and use the secondary ammo of the Bullseye to 
lock on to them to make this easier. Then move to the next set of double doors 
and tap the screen to open them.

Go down the next hallway. Once again, use the crates for cover and use the 
secondary ammo of the Bullseye to your advantage to make this much less of a 
headache. Push forward to the next set of doors. Inside the following room, 
you will find Smitty. Before you guys can catch up, a group of Chimera will fly
near the windows and start firing.

Take cover. Peak out of cover and blast them away one at a time. They won't fly
into the room, but they will fly around and try to avoid the gunfire. When they
are all dead, an explosion will knock Smitty onto the ground. Walk over to him 
and touch his body with the touchscreen to pick him up. Then walk over to the 
double doors and kick them open by touching them as well. Move down the 
catwalk and go straight to the next set of double doors to kick open.

Move through this area. Explosions will occur and fire hazards will harm you, 
but there's nothing you can do about it except keep moving forward. At one 
point, an explosion will cause debris to block the path forward, so you will 
have to move left. When you reach the warehouse area, immediately head for the 
outside parking lot to officially bring Smitty to safety.

But all is not well just yet. A group of civilians will come under Chimera 
attack. Sprint over to them by pushing down on the d-pad and when you arrive on
the scene, quite a few will be dead. Kill the Chimera in the area with the 
Bullseye. If you run low on ammo, run over to them and hack at them with the 
axe. Gather the ammunition and then move down the street. A man will run out of
his apartment building, and will be mowed down by the Chimera on the stairs 

Go to this building and kill the Chimera on the steps. Go up the stairs, and 
the game will then teach you the "quick axe" attack. Just tap the axe icon on 
the screen to use your axe as a weapon, or to use it to destroy doors. A 
Chimera will be chilling out in front of a destructible door, so kill it 
quickly with the axe and then use the axe to break down the door. Inside this 
room will be a grateful woman and a dead body. Ignore them both and pick up the
intel on the ground.

Leave the room and continue through the apartment building. As you move to the 
end of the building, you'll notice a large hole in the wall. Near it, and the 
tutorial for grenades will start to play. When the video ends, a new grenade 
icon will be on the screen, right above the axe icon. Look outside the hole to 
see a group of Chimera bunched together, ripe to be blown up with grenades. 
Drag the grenade icon to their location on the screen and then lift your finger
to send the grenade flying, killing them all.

Hop out of the hole and move to the bar with the man standing in the door 
calling you over. As you approach him, he will invite you into the bar. Before 
either of you can continue talking, a Chimera will come in. The bartender will 
try to kill it, but in the process, he gets shot in the chest and dies. Tommy 
automatically takes the dude's weird crossbow thing.

Another Chimera will enter the room, so now's the time to test our your new 
toy. It's basically just a shotgun with a crossbow attached to the top. Blast 
the Chimera and move out of this area. Go to the nearby warehouse, and then 
fight your way through the few Chimera here. Go up the stairs, and the game 
will play the tutorial video about how to load and use the crossbow.

To load the crossbow, drag your finger across the right side of the screen from
the upper left part down toward the bottom right part. This will load a napalm 
arrow. The next shot you take with the weapon will be a napalm arrow, not a 
shotgun shell. A couple of Chimera will show up across the way on the catwalk 
just in time for you to test this out. Blast them with the napalm arrow, and 
then move to their direction.

Follow the catwalk. Another Chimera will join you on it near the end. Blast it 
away, and then take out the Chimera guarding the door below. Jump off the 
catwalk and go through the door. Once outside, you will see a woman running out
of a tunnel. A few smaller Chimera enemies will jump on her and eat her. Kill 
them and move through the tunnel yourself. The key to killing these smaller 
enemies is to wait for them to be all bunched up and then blast them with the 
shotgun as they get close to take out multiples of them with a single blast. 
Keep moving through the tunnels until you pick up a new carbine rifle 

Then finish moving through the tunnels. You will be taught how to use the 
secondary ammo of the carbine, which is a grenade launcher. All you do is tap 
the screen. Climb a ladder to get out of these tunnels and once outside, be 
ready to face a bunch of Chimera. Move from cover to cover and kill them one at
a time. Try out your new grenade launcher.

When these ones are dead, a few more will replace them, but they are the 
faster, flying type of Chimera. Kill these ones as well and then watch as a 
Chimera dropship is blown up, destroying part of the city hall in the process. 
Move into the city hall and go up the stairs. The game will then decide to 
teach you about the weapon wheel. Hold triangle to access the weapon wheel.

Move onto the roof, killing the Chimera as you go. Climb the ladder, and then 
another tutorial message will pop up explaining how to quick-throw grenades. 
Just tap the grenade icon instead of dragging it to quick-throw grenades. Use 
this new ability on the Chimera on the roof area. Follow the woman up the ramp 
and onto the next roof, then kill the small Chimera bug things as they crawl to

Go through the destroyed train. Before going out the other side, hold your 
position and pick off the Chimera from afar. A good way to do this is with the 
napalm arrows. Then hop down onto the tracks and move forward a bit, taking out
the next wave of Chimera that show up. Follow the woman into the next building 
and get down to the bottom. Go through the next door and then watch the scene 
unfold as Tommy is reunited with his wife and daughter.

Unfortunately, their reunion doesn't last long. An enemy attack causes Tommy to
stay behind as his family moves toward the evacuation tunnel with the others. 
Flying Chimera attack drones will show up. Blast them out of the sky and move 
down the street, opposite of the evacuation tunnel. Kill the other Chimera that
show up as well until they are all dead. After that's been taken care of, you 
will be asked to check the nearby military truck for supplies.

While investigating the contents of the military truck, a soldier will come by,
with orders to kill the lot of you. He dies of mysterious circumstances before 
he can accomplish this. Inside the military truck, you find Gray Tech, which 
is used to upgrade your weapons. Press select to open the Gray Tech screen, and
then click in the center of the screen to upgrade the Bullseye as instructed by
the tutorial. This will also net you your first trophy in the game.

Move down the highway and kill all the Chimera and their robotic drones that 
show up. After they've all been killed, a section of the highway will collapse,
and you will land on the ground below. An Executioner enemy will then appear. 
This dude is bulky and his only weak spot is his large gunarm. Use the carbine 
or Bullseye to take him out effectively. A good strategy is to pelt him with 
carbine grenades and then use the Bullseye to lock on directly onto his arm. 
The Carbine has good accuracy as well, making both good weapons to kill the 

With him dead, a swarm of Chimera crawlers will land in a launchpod. Ignore 
them and just sprint, following the woman. Hold down on the d-pad and use the 
right analog stick to direct Tommy in the right direction. After so long, you 
will have to push back down on the d-pad when Tommy gets worn out. Keep 
following her until you reach a tunnel.


An enemy will start firing into the base with an Auger. Go outside and blast 
him along with the other military personnel for an easy kill. Then go forward 
and pick up his Auger. A short video will play explaining Auger Vision. Auger 
Vision allows you to see through walls and fire through them while aiming with 
an Auger using the left shoulder button.

Do this to blast the enemy in the nearby warehouse to death. Then open the gate
of the warehouse by approaching it and tapping the touch icon. Inside, you will
then be taught how to deploy an Auger shield. To deploy an Auger shield, you 
need to use both thumbs and put them on the center of the screen. Then drag 
your thumbs to the left and right, away from each other, to deploy the shield. 
Do this now and hang out behind it as a few Chimera round the corner to pick 
them off from the safety of cover.

Move into the next room and continue to use your new Auger to your advantage. 
Kill all the enemies in the room. On the west side of this building is a small 
room that contains an Intel file laying on a shelf. After the room has been 
cleared of foes and the intel collected, go through the next gate as told and 
then walk up the stairs.

A soldier will get killed by an armored Chimera. Move toward his dead body, and
then a short scene will play, better introducing the armored Chimera. Stay 
where you are and use the Auger to shoot through the floors and walls to kill 
the enemies in the larger warehouse area easier. Once you run out of Auger 
ammo, head down there and use your other weapons to clear out the remaining 

Go through the next door as instructed by Ellie. This will lead to an outside 
area, and to a new gun with a scope. As the enemies arrive, use the secondary 
function of your new weapon. Touch the screen to deploy a drone. Control the 
direction of the drone by pushing on the lefthand side or the righthand side of
the touchscreen. This can steer the drone into enemies, and it will then blow 
up, acting as sort of a remote-controlled grenade.

The first wave of enemies will yield another wave. Use cover a lot during this 
section as the amount of enemies can get overwhelming. But when they're all 
dead, Ellie will tell you to go operate the crane. Don't do that just yet. 
Instead, take note of the small area to the left of the rubble and destroyed 
ship. Walk up the stairs near it and pick up the Intel lying on the ground. 
Then hop down into this area and next to the dead body of a soldier you will 
find Gray Tech. Use it to upgrade whatever you want, and then use the barrels 
to hop back over.

Approach the crane controls and tap them to use them. Ellie will seemingly be 
killed by a crashing Chimera ship. Go through the hole in the wall and then 
move through the bunker. Kill the Chimera and then when you step outside, Tommy
will find a radio asking for Ellie. Ellie will grab the radio from you, so 
she's not dead. I was scared there for a minute, guys.

A group of Chimera will rain on the parade. Kill them all. Then move to the 
left of the crates to find more Gray Tech next to a dead Chimera body. Once 
again, you can use this to upgrade your weapons. If you want to switch what 
you're upgrading, you can rotate the upgrade cube in the Gray Tech menu to find
the upgrade that you wish to spend your points on.

A soldier will yell for you, asking if you're a fireman. Follow this man into 
the next building. A soldier will pick off a Chimera inside. Go down the stairs
and take cover behind the crates and kill the Chimera. Then move outside, kill 
the next enemies, and then the soldier will lead you down a hallway. Follow 
him and then help the soldiers in the area fight off the Chimera.

With all the Chimera dead, an explosion will knock the soldier down. Tap the 
body to pick him up and then carry him out of this room, avoiding the fire as 
best as possible, until you reach the group of soldiers. Hand him off to them 
and then Riley will ride the lift down.

Go down the ladder. Fight through the Chimera and in the next room, you will 
notice a large half-circle catwalk. Follow this. Kill the Chimera that get in 
the way. Don't go down the hallway that they come out of, but instead follow 
the catwalk to the end and you'll find another piece of Gray Tech lying next to
his dead body. Pick it up and use it and then go down that hallway I told you 
not to go down before.

At this point, moving through the facility is incredibly linear. Just keep 
pushing forward and killing Chimera basically. If they get too close, whack 
them with the axe. If they get too strong in number, toss a Hedgehog grenade or
two. Just keep going until you find a room with large guns. Then find the 
ladder and climb it down.

What proceeds is another Executioner battle. Use the exact same strategy as 
before to take him out. When he's dead, approach the control console. Use the 
touchscreen to interact with it, opening up the nearby door. Go through the 
door and ride the lift to the top. Then go across the bridge and get on the 
gun, which will be lifted into the air.

A large Chimera beast will emerge from the ocean and attack the gun. This will 
cause you to fall into a weird, gross Chimera thing. Large tentacles will pop 
out of a couple of holes. Shoot the glowing parts at the top to destroy them 
and then drop down into the holes that remain. Move through the gooey tunnels 
of the area, killing the crawling enemies that pop up, but move away as they 
expand because they explode.

As you move out into a more open area, there will be more tentacles to destroy.
At the end of this area will be a Chimera device that keeps spawning one of the
exploding enemies, and a couple of tentacles will spring up next to this 
machine as well. The goal here is to blast the exploding Chimera so that it 
explodes before the door closes. Accomplish this a few times and the device 
will explode.

However, there's a catch. The tentacles will constantly be bombarding you with 
energy blasts. So you have to be sure to avoid them while also attacking the 
exploding enemy. If you start taking too much damage, don't be afraid to 
retreat and pick them off from afar.

After the device is destroyed, move to the hole left and move down it. You're 
not out of the woods just yet. You'll how have to destroy two of those Chimera 
structures at once, while still dealing with those damned tentacles. Luckily 
there's a weird structure in the middle of the area that you can hide behind. 
Just chill out behind this, poke your head out to shoot the exploding Chimera, 
rinse, and repeat until both structures are destroyed.

Next you will have to fight the giant sea monster Chimera alien beast (...) 
that you saw earlier. It will constantly spawn exploding Chimera from its 
mouth. Plus, there will be tentacles to contend with as well. Run to the West 
end of the area and you'll find a military truck. HIDE behind the military 

The reason for this is that the exploding Chimera are incredibly annoying and 
will keep you from attacking the giant monster. If you hide behind the truck, 
you will have a better opportunity to kill them before they get to you, and to 
simply take damage from the last few so that you can focus on the monster. To 
do damage to the monster, shoot its glowing yellow eyes. It doesn't matter what
side of its face, but you will be taking its right side (your left) if you took
my advice and hid behind the truck.

Blast it repeatedly. If you are correctly positioned behind the truck, the 
tentacles will be absolutely no problem, so once the exploding Chimera are 
done away with, you're free to simply sit there and shoot the thing right in 
its eyes. Do this until it opens its mouth wide, revealing two glowing orbs. 
Shoot one of the orbs until it is destroyed. Repeat the process for the second 


Upon landing on the bridge, the first thing that you need to do is, of course, 
kill the Chimera in the area. Move across the rubble and keep killing the 
Chimera as they show up. When they're all dead, a touch icon will appear on a 
grate. Approach the grate and touch it to open it. Kill the Chimera that climbs
out and then climb down the ladder yourself.

In this cramped area, be prepared to take on crawling enemies. Crouch to be 
more at their level and to blast them easier as you move through the confines 
of this tunnel. Push forward until you find another ladder and then climb it 
up. The grate at the top will automatically open as you climb.

Outside, immediately seek cover. The Chimera in the distance are packing 
Sixeye sniper rifles. Take them out from your position. A few more will pile 
over the crates and vehicles, so hold your position and keeping picking them 
off until you are absolutely certain that they have all been defeated. And with
them gone, you can safely move forward and collect the new sniper rifle for 

But the coast is not clear. Ellie will radio in and warn you that jets are 
about to destroy the bridge and to get under something. Luckily for you, there 
is an armored military vehicle nearby. The game will point you directly to it. 
Run there as fast as possible and pick up the Carbine ammo inside. Then just 
chill out and wait for the jets to fly by and level the place.

After all the excitement is over, exit the vehicle and move to the opposite 
side of the bridge. The railings on the bridge will be destroyed, allowing you 
to drop down to a lower level. Do so and then crouch to get under the large 
pipe that is in the way.

The next few sections are very similar to one another. Basically, the enemies 
will be shooting at you across large expanses. All you can do is stand back and
shoot at them with your Sixeye until it runs out of ammo and then switch to a 
different gun and resume shooting at them until they're all dead. Then make 
your way along the rubble of the bridge in order to make it across to the other
side of the expanse.

As you make your way to the rubble bridge that will allow you to cross to the 
other side of the first large expanse reached, there will be Gray Tech behind 
a railing. Just hop over the rail and grab it. Then continue on your adventure.
Crawling Chimera monsters will show up as well, so be wary of those things 
nipping at your ankles. There will be a second expanse that will see you yet 
again firing at enemies from far away. Rinse and repeat. The red car that you 
will see on a somewhat segmented section of the bridge has Intel inside if you 
touch the passenger window.

Keep going until you come across a ladder. Climb it and then proceed to the 
next ladder after that. Climb this one as well. Move forward on the catwalk and
a drone will pop up. Destroy it. Walk forward, round the corner and go up the 
stairs. You will walk right smack into another ladder. Climb it to the top and 
then start pushing through the next set of Chimera enemies.

The close confines of this area makes using grenades a splendid idea. Use up 
any grenades you can, especially if you see a group of enemies crowded 
together and can get the jump on them. Use the cars for cover as you push 
through the area. When you near a door, be wary because a larger Chimera enemy 
is about to show up. If you run out of grenades, use the grenade launcher on 
the Carbine as a substitute.

When they've all been killed, you can proceed. As you step back out into more 
open air, the game decides to teach you about the secondary function of the 
Sixeye and gives you more Sixeye ammo. You can touch the screen to fire a 
charge, and then touch the icon that pops up to detonate the charge. Use it on 
the Chimera snipers in the distance positioned on various parts of the bridge. 

More Chimera will swoop in and try to ruin the fun. Take notice of the lone 
soldier on the lower level of the bridge, hiding behind the military vehicle, 
rubble, and a small barricade. Defend this guy and kill the Chimera that fly in
around him. Then hop down and join him. Defend the position and kill any 
Chimera that you see.

Multiple waves of Chimera wil come. Just hold your ground and keep at it until 
they are dead. The soldier you are with will tell you that there is a survivor 
of the helicopter crash inside the helicopter that you two have been next to. 
Approach the door of the helicopter and tap it to break into it. Move through 
the fire and tap the body of the survivor to lift him up. Then exit the 

Back on the bridge, Ellie will show up. The helicopter crash survivor will 
be lifted up. The jets will move around for another run at the bridge. Quickly 
follow Ellie to another armored military vehicle. Stay inside there until the 
explosions stop. Then head back outside. On the opposite side of the 
helicopter wreckage, you will now be able to find more Gray Tech sitting by 
itself on the edge.

A grate on the ground can now be opened. Approach it and tap the touch icon on 
the screen to pry open the grate. Climb down the ladder. Move through the 
small tunnel. When it opens up, you will have an opportunity to replenish your 
ammo supply of Chimera weapons with all the weapons lining the walls. Grab 
what you need and then step down into the next area. A bunch of Chimera will 
show up, including a few with Augers, so try to flank them from the left. This 
will allow you to get to the side of the Auger-equipped Chimera, so their 
shields will be a non-issue.

Yet again, the death of all these Chimera simply means that you and Ellie need 
to book it to another armored vehicle. Follow her to the next one, crouch to 
get inside, and wait for all the bombs to fall. When they're done, kill any 
remaining Chimera, move to the next hatch, open it, and then fall down the 

Move through the next hall and then when you come out the other side, you will 
find familiar faces. If you played Resistance 2, you will recognize the zombie-
like Chimera enemies that hatch out of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers 
cocoons. These dudes are large in number, fast, but thankfully easy to kill. 
The game will load you up with Mules at this point, because the shotgun 
attack is a good way to take out multiple enemies at once. The axe is also very
useful against them.

You will be lead to another grate. Open it. Fall through. Then fight your way 
through the zombie Chimera down here. On the other side, you will finally be 
at the end of the bridge, only to find that it's barricade. Ellie will begin 
placing charges on a large metal grate. At this time, a large new enemy will 
appear, flanked with a few zombie Chimera.

This guy is very easily killed, thankfully. All over the ground are various 
grenades that make this fight a cinch. Get some distance between you and the 
beast, and then toss a grenade at him. The explosion will cause him to fall to 
his knees. That's when you fire at one of the machines attached to his back. 
Keep doing this until both of the machines are destroyed, and he will blow up. 
Don't worry too much about the zombie Chimera during this fight because they 
will only come at you one or so at a time.

The charges will detonate, and that's your cue to sprint toward Ellie as more 
zombie Chimera break free from their cocoons. A cut-scene will play, and that 
will conclude this level.


After the scene, follow Ellie through the warehouse. Listen to her talk as she 
slides open the door and then follow her outisde. If you go to the right, there
is a small building that, if you follow it through to the end, has an Intel 
file lying on the ground next to a crate that you can pick up.

Back outside, keep an eye on the building in the distance. A sniper will take 
position in the top windows, and multiple Chimera will rush down to face you on
the ground. Take out the sniper first, preferrably behind the cover of the 
crates, and then take out the remaining opposition. Continue following Ellie 
when the coast is clear into another warehouse.

This warehouse has more crates (!), and a few enemies to deal with, but not 
much else. Right before you head outside, you can take a left and walk around 
a stack of crates to find Gray Tech lying in a briefcase. Collect it and then 
resume following Ellie outside, where you will have to fight a few more Chimera

The outside area is surrounded by a wall in a U-shape. Stay within the wall, as
a swarm of Chimera will pile into the area. Kill them all, and hold your ground
behind cover. An Executioner will join the fight as well, and he will charge 
behind your cover. A good way to confuse him is to run out into the open, then 
go back behind the wall in a different direction, and then fire at the 
Executioner before it can do anything.

When they're all dead, run over to the designated double doors and tap the 
screen to get inside. Run up the flight of stairs to reach the roof. You will 
automatically pick up a Swarm missile launcher. The game will then ask you to 
use it on the water tower that has two Chimera on it. Fire at one of them to 
blow them up, and destroy the water tower in the process as well in a pretty 
cool setpiece.

Then continue along the roof. You should probably switch to another weapon as 
to more effectively pick off the enemies and so you can save the Swarm missiles
for stronger foes. Eventually the game will force you to switch back to the 
Swarm missile launcher anyway though, so it can teach you about this weapon's 
secondary functionality.

As you probably could have guessed, this weapon uses the touchscreen for its 
secondary function. Just tap any of the enemies on the screen and you will 
automatically lock onto them. Then you can push the right shoulder button to 
blast them all. This will come in handy at this part, as a swarm of Chimera 
come waltzing out of the nearby door. Kill them all. Use your new Swarm weapon 
to accomplish this easily.

When they're dead, move forward into the building with Ellie. Traverse your way
through this area, killing any Chimera that you see. Ellie will then announce 
that you need to find room 429. At this point, you have to drop down to the 
lower level. But before doing that, check the area for Gray Tech, which can be 
found in the north eastern corner of the room.

Approach the weird doodads down here, and then a scene will play. Following the
scene, the game will point you exactly in the direction that you need to go. 
Kill the Chimera in the next hall, and then fight your way through the next 
room or so. You will be in another large room, so drop through the holes in the
ground to reach the bottom. At the bottom, there will be a switch that the game
points you to. Press the switch by pushing on it with the touchscreen to open 
up the floor.

Hop through this opening. Two Chimera will be guarding a door at the bottom 
floor. Kill them. You may notice someone else firing at them. It's Ellie. Drop 
down to the bottom floor after the Chimera are dead to reunite with her. With 
that done, go through the next door and then snake your way through the lab 
area. Go down the flight of stairs, but before continuing into the larger lab 
room, it's wise to go to the other flight of stairs and climb them to the 
halfway point, where you will find Gray Tech lying next to another dead 

With the Gray Tech collected, continue to the larger lab. There will be a wide 
gap with Chimera on the other side with Augers, as well as weaker Chimeras. 
Use the Sixeye to pick off the Auger guys from a distance, then work your 
way around to the other Chimera and kill them any way that you see fit. Then 
continue in the lab area until you find the elevator shaft, and keep dropping 
down it until you reach the bottom.

At the bottom of the shaft, head out into the next room. Then follow Ellie down
the nearby ramp. Multiple groups of Chimera dot this ramp, so take them out 
with grenades. As you near the bottom, an Executioner will lumber into frame 
and start blasting you back to the top. Sprint back to the top, take aim, and 
just shoot directly at its gun arm. If you start taking too much damage, duck 
behind one of the walls.

Then run back down the ramp to find the vault. The vault is locked with no way 
to get inside, so start going up the opposite ramp. There will be a few Chimera
up this way, so be prepared for a fight. At the top, you will find a vent on 
the wall. Knock it down with the touchscreen and then crawl inside. Crawl to 
the other side of the vent to be in Room 429 finally!

Unfortunately, whatever you guys were looking for is gone. A survivor will then
come up on the intercom and ask for help. A large door opens in the room, 
follow Ellie there. And then the next door will open up. Fight your way to the 
survivor, and once you meet up with him, he will be lying on the ground with 
something shoved through his chest.

Tom and Ellie will automatically help him out. When that's taken care of, 
he will suddenly attack. He's like a crazed zombie. Just keep your distance and
shoot him a lot. The axe is virtually useless against him since he can dodge it
very easily. I recommend using the Mule against him. After he dies, another 
door opens up and your goal is to find the film that he was talking about 
before he went all zombie crazy.

Go through the now open door. This will lead into an official looking office. 
Explore this office a bit, and then you will get a chance to watch the film 
reel. When the reel concludes, SELF-DESTRUCT. Oh no! They pulled a Resident 
Evil on us! Quickly crouch and walk under the closing door. Sprint to the next 
closing door, crouch, and walk under it as well.

In the next hall, a swarm of crawling Chimera will come out of a distant door. 
Ignore them, take a left, and go through the tunnel. Sprint up the hill and 
then round the corner. Ignore the Chimera here. Have the Mule equipped, and if 
one blatantly gets in your way, blast him in the face. Go up the steps, round 
the next corner, and you will be in a large, open room with pillars.

Ignore EVERYTHING in here. Sprint to the very end of the room. Use the platform
to get up, and then blast the Auger guy with the Mule or ignore him. Crouch to 
get under the next door. Phew. If you are too slow, fire will consume you and 
you will die.

Grab the Intel and then approach the vent. Open the air vent and crawl inside 
the duct. Crawl through the shaft until you come out on the other side. Kill 
the Chimera that are buzzing around and then crawl under the broken fan to 
start crawling through another tunnel. This one will open up into a larger room
with a desk in the middle, and Ellie at the far end, messing with the elevator 

Approach Ellie and a short scene will play. Then turn around. You will 
automatically get a new weapon, the Mauler. This is a Chimera version to the 
Gatilng gun. Turn around and get prepared to defend the elevator. The Chimera 
will come in segmented waves. At first, they will come from directly in front 
of you. Next, they will come in from the left. And then a couple of snipers 
will be on the ledge above.

Capping off this assault will be one of those large enemies that you have to 
destroy the objects on their back to kill. Use explosives to get him to kneel 
and then blast the objects on his back. The Mauler is very useful in this 
situation. Sprint around in a circle to avoid being attacked by him, but there 
are a lot of obstacles in this room that you can get caught on. If you find 
yourself cornered, try to jump in order to free yourself and continue sprinting
and attacking him.

The elevator will be prepared after he dies. Follow Ellie into the elevator and
then take it down. Move forward. Kill the Chimera zombie, and then follow Ellie
up the stiars. At the top of the stairs, you will be in a library. A ton of 
Chimeran zombies will rush the area, climbing over the bookcases. First, hold 
your ground and use the Mauler to kill as many as possible. The game uses this 
time to teach you about the Mauler's secondary ability to drag your finger 
across the touchscreen from the top to the bottom. You then wait for the meter 
on the bottom right corner to fill up, and then push on the right shoulder 
button to send a blast that will kill multiple of the Chimeran zombies.

When the Mauler is done with, switch to the Mule. Use the Mule to blow up the 
various explosive barrels dotted around the area, and use the explosive arrows 
when appropriate as well. The area is literally covered with ammo for the 
Mule, so don't worry about running low.

More scientist zombies like the one from earlier will join the fight as well. 
These guys can be a pain in the ass, but use the napalm arrows and they will 
die rather quickly. You can also trick them into walking next to an explosive 
barrel. The hardest part of this section will be when three scientist zombies 
and numerous Chimeran zombies rush you at the same time, but in the end, you 
won't have all that much of a problem if you use the Mule effectively.

After a while, the fighting will subside and the waves of enemies will stop 
coming. Ellie will then run over to a set of double doors. Follow her and then 
tap the doors using the touchscreen (and your finger, of course). Follow her 
outside onto the roof and the level is complete!


Immediately jump into the trenches. The Chimera will attack you from the 
rooftops, but keep pushing forward through the camp. You will come across an 
obstacle. Crouch to crawl under it, and then continue. Ellie will stop you as 
the two of you see two Chimera patrolling. She decides to follow the one on the
left and you take the one on the right.

Crouch to follow it and to avoid it hearing you. As you follow it through the 
house and down a rocky path, it will turn around and see you. Kill it, and then
continue down that path. You will find the jet that crashed. You will also see 
a mine shaft that has a few boards covering it up. Approach it and whack it 
with your axe to break it down and so you can head into the hole. Two zombie 
Chimera enemies will greet you. Axe them.

Make your way through the shaft. It will open up to a larger shaft, with a 
couple of Chimera walking back and forth. Get the jump on them. When they're 
dead, a few more will run in from the minecart track. Kill them and then follow
the track to a ladder. Climb the ladder to the top and you will be in another 

Inside this facility, take out all the Chimera in the room. Use the pillars in 
the room for cover. There is a hole in the ground that you have to drop 
through, but before doing that, there is an ammo stash you can get. Go up the 
stairs on the west end of the room (facing the hole from the way you entered) 
and then there will be another small room down that hall. Inside you will find 
ammo and grenades for human-made weapons. Stock up and then backtrack to the 
larger room and drop down the hole that you saw before.

Move through the tunnel to the next ladder and climb it to the top. Take cover 
and take out the Chimera as they charge you. Move into the next room and then 
take a left to find another hole. Drop down and then move through these 
tunnels. You'll encounter a few more Chimera, but nothing major. Climb the next
ladder that you find to the top and you will now be outside with a new 
objective to find your family.

Open the doors that the game tells you to by tapping the screen. This will be a
super market. Kill the Chimera in here, using the counter as cover. When they 
are all dead, move to the opposite end of the super market. Ignore the civilian
and then try to open the doors. This will cause Tommy to notice the residence 
listings for the people in this "safe zone". His family is evidently on the 
third floor of the hotel. Lo and behold, as soon as you open the doors of the 
super market, the hotel is right across the street (or what's left of it)! How 

Head across the street and enter the hotel now, through the hole that leads to 
the basement. A couple of Chimera will come outside on the hotel balcony and 
the front porch, but you don't have to kill them if you don't want to. In the 
basement of the hotel will be cocoons of zombie Chimera. Destroy them and kill 
the zombie Chimera. When the room is cleared, head to the first floor of the 
hotel. Kill all the Chimera here. They will start attacking you from the second
floor as well.

When the coast is clear, go to the second floor yourself. Make your way to the 
next room available, and go up the destroyed piece of floor to the next level 
of the hotel. You will then see a room blocked by an overturned bed. Approach 
this and the soldier inside will push the bed over so that you can enter. He 
will tell you that everyone in the hotel was evacuated to the radio tower.

Exit the window through the fire escape and then go into the next building. 
Make your way through the building, killing the Chimera as they come. When you 
reach the front doors, tap the screen to get outside and then watch the scene 
that ensues. Kill the Chimera that show up in the street, and then follow Ellie
to the next objective. She will lead you to a parking garage.

In the parking garage, wipe out all the Chimera. Then check under the stairs 
you entered the garage from to find more Gray Tech. With the Gray Tech in your 
possession, go up the next flight of stairs. In this building, kill the Chimera
and check out the room on the right to find Intel lying on the ground. There is
also Gray Tech lying on the floor of this place as well.

Make your way through the building and you will wind up on the roof. Take cover
and then prepare to fight a ton of Chimera. Use your best weaponry for this 
section, like the Mauler. Blast your way through a few waves of Chimera, and 
then an Executioner will arrive. Luckily this one will just stay in one spot, 
making it easier to avoid is rockets and just focus on shooting that damn gun 
of his until it, and then he, blows up.

Run forward and axe the electrical device behind the hole in the brick wall. 
Then on the other side, take an axe to the Chimeran device that Ellie got rid 
of earlier. You will then be reunited with other survivors, but decide to go 
after your wife and kid. Bum bum bum!


Escape the meat grinder! Ahh! The game will point you right to the gooey door 
that you need to break with your axe. Slice through it and then go through the 
tunnel. On the other side, you will find a soldier that is in a cocoon. Use the
axe to slice open the cocoon and save them. Then follow him to the other end of
the hallway.

Ellie and the soldier will get to go through the door, but you have to slide 
down the scary red Chimeran tube. Once you land on your feet, take cover. You 
will see red glowing objects on the wall across the way. Take them out with the
Sixeye one at a time as they glow. There will be three. When they're all 
broken, you can kill all the Chimera enemies. Head down to that level.

The zombie Chimeran enemies will come out of their cocoons and start to attack.
Kill them. There's only a few. Look for a door that has stairs leading down if 
you want Gray Tech. Then backtrack and find stairs leading up to the area where
the Chimera were. Climb up there and go through the door.

Move through the facility to the next room. You will once again be tasked with 
destroying the glowing objects one by one. There will be a lot of Chimera 
opposition in this room, so be wary. When they're all destroyed, you are free 
to move to the next room. Repeat the process here. Fight your way through the 
waves of Chimera and open the door at the far end of the room using the 

Continue through until you are in a room with strange blue machines. Look out 
the window here to see the core that Ellie and Tommy talk about. Then move 
down the short steps. There will be a door on your right and a door on your 
left. Take the door on the right first to replenish your ammo, and then take 
the door on the left.

Go up the ramp and then through the next door. Kill the Chimera here and go 
through the door after that. You will have numerous snipers firing at you, but 
they are easily dispatched of with the Sixeye. Then keep moving forward and you
will be directed to an elevator. Step on it to ride the elevator down.

You will then come across a room with a giant blue tube that twists around to 
the top of the room. Climb the tube all the way to the top. As you reach each 
platform on the way, there will be multiple enemies to face, but nothing that 
poses too much of a threat. At the very top, go through the doors and basically
just keep following the very linear path. When you open up into a futuristic 
lab-style hallway, you can find a soldier that is cocooned. Save him with the 
axe and he will help you fight.

Move down this hallway and mow through the Chimera. Go into the center room and
blast the device on the floor to power the tower in the middle. Find a corner 
to hide in and kill the rest of the Chimera that come. Go through the door, 
climb the stairs, kill the rest of the Chimera, and go through the next blue 
door that can be opened. Kill the Chimera that hops down right in front of you,
then aim to the left. There will be a glowing device. Wait for a few Chimera to
take position by it, shoot it, and watch them explode!

Auger-equipped Chimera will have an advantage on you now, but move to the right
and shoot the next object. Then move back and forth and shoot at those Chimera 
until they die. Hop down, turn around, go down the ramp, kill the Chimera, 
round the corner, go through the door, and then go through the next door.

This room is a doozy. There are a ton of Chimera that flood in, including one 
of those behemoths with the doohickeys on his back that need destroyed. Use 
the Mauler. Trust me, you'll need it. There's Mauler ammo on the ground in this
room, so there's really no reason for you not to use the damn thing. Destroy 
all the Chimera, and then trick the big dude to walk near one of the devices 
that glow red. Shoot it, and you can blow him up, saving a ton of ammo. Destroy
the rest of the red things and then open the blue door.

The next room doesn't have any big guys, but there are still a lot of Chimera. 
Mow them all down. Destroy all the devices. And then open the next blue door to
proceed through the facility.

Go across the bridge and then open the next door. An Executioner will burst 
through the wall. Quickly shoot the glowing device on the ground to instantly 
destroy it. Then go through the hole it made. A big scary dude with the weird 
devices on its back will be there along with TWO stationary Executioners. 
Blow up the device on the ground as the big dude nears it to kill him 

Next move left and right to avoid the blasts from the Executioners. Don't waste
your ammo killing them the usual way. Instead blast the various glowing red 
devices dotted around the room one at a time, including the two that are behind
each one of them. When all the devices have been blown up, the two Executioners
will both be dead and a new hole will open up in the wall. Go through this 
hole and then follow the winding paths and go through the doors until a scene 

You will then be prompted to kill Natalie, your wife. When the touch icon 
appears on the screen, right on her forehead, press it to put an end to her 
misery. Then go through the next door and prepare for a firefight. You are 
stuck in the middle and the Chimera will be all around you, shooting at you 
from multiple angles. Move around in a circle to avoid their fire, and shoot 
the red devices on the walls one by one until they have all been destroyed and 
the threat is thwarted.

This will also power up the elevator in the center of the room. Step in the 
middle of it and ride it to the top. At the top, move through the doors until 
you meet back up with Ellie and Rachel. They will then walk off, leaving you to
go through the door at the end of the walkway.

Go through that one, then the next one. You will be in another room with red 
glowing devices to blow up and more Chimera. Kill all of the Chimera, blow up 
all the devices, and then go to the elevator at the end of the room. Step in 
the middle of it and ride it down.

Now equip your Swarm missile launcher. Target the red device on the ground and 
shoot it. A ton of zombie Chimera as well as regular armed Chimera will be 
here. When they're all dead, continue through the next door. Watch the scene, 
sprint down the hallway, and then go through the next door that you see.

It's time for the big one. Use the Mauler for this fight. There's ammo for it 
everywhere, and it is the best weapon to use. You know that giant alien thing 
that that one dude showed you earlier? Well, it's the final boss of the game! 
Splendid, I know.

The first wave of the fight isn't so bad. The beast will try to destroy the 
pillars blocking it from you, and preventing it to one-shot kill you by 
smashing you with one of its giant hands. If it succeeds in destroying any one 
of the pillars, move far away to avoid being one-shot killed. Its other attack 
is simply spraying ice breath, but it doesn't do enough damage to be that big 
of deal, unless you're playing on the highest difficulty level.

As you could have probably surmised by looking at the beast, you have to blow 
up the glowing red devices on its body. Do this with the Mauler. The best time 
to attack it is when it raises its arm up to attack, as it leaves the devices 
very vulnerable for a few extra seconds. After three have been destroyed, it 
will grab you, throw you, and now you will be left wide open to its smashing 

Get you back against the wall as far as it can go. You'll see an ammo supply, 
so just hang out on top of the ammo so that you never run out of Mauler ammo. 
Fire at the red glowing devices again, but this time you have GOT to be 
accurate and you have GOT to destroy the devices before his hand comes down, 
otherwise there is ALWAYS a possibility of a one-hit kill for you.

You can equip the Mauler with various upgrades that will make this fight a bit 
easier. The Lightweight ability is good for the first section, but change the 
upgrades to focus on accuracy for the second segment of the fight. After five 
more red devices have been blown up, the beast will be destroyed, and the 
final boss of the game, defeated.



Not the end. You now have to escape the conversion tower. Sprint down the 
hallway to the light at the end of the tunnel. As you go, the evil dude from 
earlier will attack. A short brawl occurs. Get ready to use touch the touch 
icon when it pops up on the screen to drive the axe into his neck to put him 


Not psyche!

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3. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Resistance: Burning Skies for the PlayStation

If you want to check out all my other stuff, try here:


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