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Simpsons Arcade FAQ v1.0
Written by Z-Force ([email protected])


Places to Find This FAQ
Version History
The Basics


This is a FAQ for the Simpsons arcade game.  I wrote this FAQ because there 
wasn't one up at Gamefaqs, and also because this is one of my all time favorite 
arcade games.  Feel free to use this FAQ on your webpage, as long as you give me 
credit, and aren't using it for monetary gain

Places to find this FAQ

www.geocities.com/~z-force (my homepage)

Version History

V1.0 (7-11-00)  The first version and most likely the only version, but you 
never know

The basics

First, you have to pick a character.  They are all pretty much the same 
abilities, so choose your favorite.  Marge uses a vacuum cleaner, Homer uses his 
fists, Bart uses a Skateboard, and Lisa uses a jump rope.


To use your basic attack, press the attack button, this is your bread and butter 
move, useful against the hoards that will be attacking you.  To do a jumping 
attack, press the jump button followed by the attack button.  This is useful to 
cover ground and escape from enemies, and is best as a hit and run against 
bosses.  You also have a power attack that can be done by pressing both buttons 
at once.  This attack does the most damage of the 3.


You have 2 types of common enemies, plus some other types that will be described 
in the Walkthrough.  There are the suited goons, who are very weak, but often 
attack with a variety of weapons.  Also, there are fat guys (for lack of a 
better term)  These guys are more dangerous but can still be felled with a 
couple good hits.


Throwable types:  These include the various items you can pick up and throw 
once.  If you get hit, you drop them, make sure to make the throw count.

Slingshot - This is a useful ranged weapon.  You can use it till you die, or 
till you use up all the shots.  You get about 20 shots with it.

Hammer (and Broom) - The most powerful weapon, will take out most goons in one 
hit.  This will stay with you till you die, or till the end of the stage.

Double Team Attacks

To do a double team attack, have 2 players stand next to one another.  This is 
very powerful.  Bart and Lisa will do a double clothesline move, Marge and Homer 
do a rolling attack.  Homer will lift up one of the kids for a ride, and the 
kids attack becomes stronger.  Marge I believe launches the kid for a powerful 


Stage 1 - Downtown Springfield

At the start of the stage, Smithers will run out of the jewelry store he robber.  
He collides with Homer, and the diamond flies up into the air.  Maggie catches 
it in her mouth, but Smithers takes her away and the stage begins.  A flowerpot 
in a window can be used as a weapon.  Don't stand next to a door where you can 
see a person in the building, or they will come out and hit you, causing damage.  
Principal Skinner will be standing near a fence, but some guys will come out, so 
don't get too close.  You can try to pick up the car, but it is impossible, at 
least by yourself.  Be careful of the firefighter, who can hit you with his 
extinguisher.  The tree next to the fire station can be mugged to get some 
fruit.  All trees in the game can be hit to get fruit to restore strength.  One 
of the twins (Sherri and Terri) will come by with a burger that will restore 
your strength.  You can grab the bowling ball and use it as a weapon against the 
Wrestler Boss.  Whenever this boss hits you, his pants fall down, leaving him 
open.  Also, be careful of his big Splash attack, as this does heavy damage.  
After beating him, Smithers will be seen getting away in a balloon.  You go into 
a bonus stage.  All you do here is slap the buttons very fast.  The CPU sucks at 
this, so you should easily beat the stage, and get some power back.

Stage 2 - Krustyland

The stage begins with a bad guy in a Krusty outfit.  Kill him quickly.  A 
dumpster will show up that you can throw.  You can also get Santa's Little 
Helper (the dog) and throw him.  He will go through a bunch of guys like a 
spear, so use this do your advantage.  Grab the donuts next to Marvin Monroe to 
get back some energy.  Milhouse comes by to give you a hammer.  The hammer is 
very powerful, use it to bash the guys who float around in bowls.  There is also 
a tree you can hit to get a piece of fruit.  Watch out for the ice cream cart 
which will fly out and hit you if you're not careful.  Also, the bear will break 
out of his cage and run off.  Ignore him for now.  Soda cans that appear that 
can be used as weapons.  Killer rabbits (From Matt Groening's other cartoon, 
Life in hell) come out of the numbered doors, but they aren't too tough.  
Snowball (the cat) by and can be used as a weapon, and the other twin will bring 
you a hot dog.  The boss is a giant Krusty Balloon.  Usually he stays on the 
ground and tries to clap you.  Get him with repeated jump attacks, but stay away 
from between his hands.  When he bounces around, avoid him.. Eventually, he will 
explode, dropping you to the next stage

Stage 3 - Springfield Discount Cemetary

Early in the stage, be careful of the guys in the trees, dressed as ghosts.  
They can get you if you're not careful, so hit them quickly. Skulls on the 
ground can be used as weapons.  Once you get the slingshot, use it to take care 
of the fitness zombies who will attacks you.  Beat them as quickly as you can.  
The dark skinned zombies are a little tougher, and can burrow in the ground to 
avoid you.  You will reach a grave.  A bolt of lighting hits the grave, and 2 
guys try to run into it.  You, along with the skinny guy will make it down, but 
the fat guy gets eaten by ghosts (poor sap).  Now you will be on an elevator.  
You can knock the goons who attack you off of it.  The fat guys can't be knocked 
around though.  When you get to the bottom, there will be some barrels, these 
have food in em'.  Right before the boss, which is two guys wearing secret agent 
suits.  These guys can go piggyback on you, but you can hit em out of it.  Keep 
using jump attacks, and they'll go down.  The big one will most likely die 

Stage 4 - Moe's Tavern

The barrel on the bottom can be used as a weapon.  Be careful of the bathroom 
doors, as people will come out of them to hit you.  The pie will give you back 
some strength.  Moe will answer a phone call (presumably a prank call from Bart) 
then start calling out drinks.  The beer bottle and stools can be used as 
weapons.  Barney will also sit their like an idiot.  He won't do anything, but 
hit him to make him go away if you like.  The first pool table has a slingshot, 
the 2nd has a billiard ball.  Use them to take out the bad guys.  You can see 
Bleeding Gums Murphy and some dancing girls performing in the back.  Bad guys 
burst out of the dartboards so stay away from them.  Take the fat guy on the 
roulette wheel with a jump kick.  Right before the boss, two fat ladies throw 
barrels.  The boss is a drunken idiot.  Beat him with jump kicks.  Stick and 
move.  He can breathe fire, punch you, and sneeze at you.  Be careful of the 
fire attack especially.

Stage 5 - Springfield Butte

The bear appears and scares off Smithers, who dumps Maggie into the water, but 
conveniently, there is a life preserver.  Rocks that are on the floor in this 
stage can be used as weapons.  Bigfoot type guys come out of the caves, they're 
pretty dangerous.  Hit the tree with a beehive.  Avoid the bees, then you can 
use the beehive as a weapon.  Also, the tree will have a piece of fruit for you 
if you hit it enough times.  Continue pummeling guys along the way.  Right 
before a bridge, Nelson will give you a slingshot.  Also you can use the 3 eyed 
fish as a weapon.  Sideshow Bob will come by with a chicken which gives back a 
lot of power right before the boss.  The boss is the big bear.  Avoid the rocks 
which fall during this stage.  The bear can pound you, and also does a rolling 
attack, which you can hit him out of.  Stick and move and take this boss out as 
best you can.  After beating him, Maggie floats bye.  You jump in after her, but 
Smithers (in a chopper) catches her, leaving you to fall off the waterfall into 

Stage 6 - Dreamland

This stage is messed up.  At first, the killer donuts will attack you.  They are 
easy to beat, but can shoot little donuts at you.  The star that falls from the 
sky can be used as a weapon.  Marge heads pop out near the school and can hit 
you with their hair, but run past and you can avoid them.  The killer saxes drop 
notes upon you, and can be beaten with repeated jump kicks.  The letters MAGGIE! 
Will drop down, use them as weapons against the nuclear plant guys.  These guys 
are pretty tough.  They don't attack much, but take a lot of hits.  As you near 
home, Bart devils appear.  Be careful of the lightening bolts they shoot and 
take them out with jump kicks.  Finally, you reach the boss, a giant bowling 
ball.  Keep hitting him as he rolls around.  He usually will try to squash you.  
When you hit him enough, he grows arms.  He will taunt you at times, and also 
jump into the air to try and squash you.  Then he will grow legs.  In this form, 
he shoots pin missiles at you.  Use repeated jump kicks on this form.  Finally, 
he grows a big tentacle.  Just stay behind him and keep pummeling him till he 
goes down.  Then you go into another button slapping bonus stage.  Upon waking 
up, you will get to

Stage 7 - Channel 6

A bowling ball will appear early on, so use it.  You can get a hammer here too.  
Try to hold on to the hammer as long as possible to beat down all the bad guys 
that show up.  Eventually, you reach a space set, where a mutant and Giant Robot 
appear.  If you have the hammer, use it on the robot, otherwise, you can use the 
mutant as a weapon.  After a few throws, the mutant leaves back to mars.  Stay 
away from the robots laser beam by keeping behind it.  Once you blow up the 
robot, you can use his head as a weapon.
Grab the corn that appears to get some power back.  A broom will appear.  It's 
as effective as the hammer, so use it if you lost your hammer.  A couple trees 
will appear in the ninja house, so mug em for fruit.  The ninjas are very 
dangerous.  They can shoot at you and do other deadly ninja moves.  Don't put 
anything past these guys.  After beating a bunch of ninjas, and working your way 
to the right, the Kabuki boss appears.  This guy can call a ninja to assist him, 
and also use his spear.  The spear gives him numerous dangerous attacks as he 
dances around.  Concentrate your efforts on fighting the boss, using jump kicks 
to wear him out till you kill him.  Smithers will try to get away in his 
helicopter, but you hang on and hitch a ride to

Stage 8 - Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

All that is here are the final two bosses, Smithers and Burns.  So here are the 

Smithers:  Smither runs around and shoots lots of bombs at you.  You can pick up 
the blue bombs and throw them at him, or use repeated jump attacks.   Don't get 
too close, or he'll hit you with his cape.  Avoid the bombs, stick and move.  
This guy is more annoying than he is tough, so have patience and eventually 
he'll blow himself up.  Later, he changes his attack pattern, he'll run around 
then leap into the air, dropping a bunch of bombs.

Burns - Burns will attack you in his super robot suit.  To beat him at first, 
stay close, move up and down, and hit him when you get close.  He attacks by 
waving his fists around and shooting a nuclear bomb.  AVOID THE NUCLEAR BOMBS, 
they do heavy damage.  When you hit him enough times, he breaks down and grows 
tank treads.  Now he's faster on the draw, so you might want to change 
strategies.  Use the jump attacks here for best results.  Also, he can shoot 
missles, along with the bombs.  When he breaks down a second time, he gets a big 
innertube.  Now he has a powerful eye laser which does lots of damage, along 
with his other attacks.  He also gets faster and can shoot multiple nuclear 
bombs.  However, now you can see the damage you are doing.  First, part of his 
armor breaks off, then the whole thing breaks off, leaving only his circuits.  
Keep hitting him.. Eventually, the suit goes berserk and breaks, leaving Burns 
standing there like an idiot.  You can either hit him and finish him off, or 
wait, and he'll drop over dead on his own (most likely of a heart attack)  
Congratulations !  You've beaten the game!

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