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Ok now i'm going to tell you how to get started. It go's to the second gym 

table of content.
#1Getting your first Pokemon.
#2off to petalberg city.
#3Petalberg woods.
#4Rustboro City

#1Getting your first pokemon.
Get out of the moving van and go up stairs. Set your clock and go down stairs. 
Your Mom will say that your Dad was on TV. Go to the house next to see your 
rival May. Go to the up to route 101 there you will fight a pokemon the pokemon 
you choose is the one you will get. After that you will go to the lab and get 
your pokemon and you will get 5 pokeballs. once again, go to route 101 and 
catch some pokemon train them and go to route 103. You get there by going 
through Oldale town. Go to the top of route 103 and there's May, good luck.
after that go to Oldale town and go to route 102.
#2 Off to petalberg City.
after you go though route 102.
Go to the gym. Talk to your dad and then.#3 Petalberg woods. Go out of the gym 
and go left the go up till you see some woods(and that house you will visit 
Go through the woods.And you will run in to a team AQUA member(BEAT HIM)and 
then go tough the woods. And then go across the bridges. Till you get to 
#4 Rustboro City. Go beat the gym leader and then go to the top of Rustboro and 
to the right. The team AQUA member steals his stuff, you go get it. Go though 
the grass and though the tunnel and fight the grunt. After that an and man will 
come in and get his pokemon you saved. Go back to Rustboro city and you will go 
to the DEVON CORP. you will get the Pokenav. Go back down though Petalberg 
woods.And remember that house you past ealier go there and now your set to go.
And thats all hope you liked it.

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