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The BIGGEST (?Best?) Azure Dreams GBC FAQ
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Didja know I'm working on a version of this walkthrough on the 'net with
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Table of Contents

1. Introductions
1.1 Intro to the FAQ
1.2 Intro to the Game
2. Katman's Azure Dreams GBC Review
3. Quasi-Walkthrough (Kinda hard to write a real one...)
4. Hints and Tips (UPDATED, V5.0!)
5. Tameon List
6. Links
7. Other Katman Projects
8. Credits/People I Don't Like (Everyone's favorite section!)
9. About the Katman

Version List
1.0: The first version of this FAQ. I hope people will enjoy it. Thanks to
Jimeous, creator of the EXCELLENT Azure Dreams GBC List/Data FAQ for making me
get off my bum and get to work on this ;-) Feedback helps as usual, people!
Keep those letters coming! Also thanks to CMustar, creator of the only other
real FAQ/Walkthrough for Azure Dreams GBC, for giving me some competition! ;-)
1.4 Added to the Quasi-Walkthrough. Whee! Also added 1 hint! Hoo hoo!
1.8 Corrected "Aded" in the above sentence. Also added the dedication, which I
forgot the first two versions.
2.0 Added some to the About Katman section. Made up the word "Flibbulous"
because I'm allowed to make up my own words if I want to and you're all not.
"Booyaka - It's a lingo I wanna spread! (No one's using it)" Added to the
walkthrough as well.
2.5 The new version. Duh! Added to the walktrough, and form-changing and
abnormal stat lists. They're in the Hints/Tip section. The abnormal stat lists
are particularly intresting, IMO, because they show why some familiars seem to
take more damage then those with the same defense. Also added a bit to the
About Katman section.
3.0 The biggest update yet, I think. I finally beat the game! :-) It was
amazing how easy Maisoul was (yeah, right :-), and when you get to floor 99,
well, you'll be rather happy...
4.0 I've added a monster list w/my comments, and some more tips. Not much else
to add, is there? Maybe a form changing list, but that's about it.
4.5 This guy Drago is doing GREAT! He's found Arkis, Blith, and now Leviath!
Gotta extend a special thanx to this guy!
5.0 I don't feel like writing up all the updates. Just look at your favorite
sections and there might be something new. I found most of the fusing recipies,
too, or actually a bunch of my readers did!
5.1 Simply the last version. Told my readers to quit bugging me about this
game... :-)

1. Introduction

1.1 Intro to the FAQ

Heya! I'm Katman, and this is my newest FAQ! You may know me from such FAQs as
Katman's Fallout 2 FAQ, Katman's Xenogears FAQ, and, ummm, well that's it. In
any case, my Fallout 2 FAQ was very popular, so I'm taking it upon myself to
write an FAQ for one of my other favorite games, Azure Dreams GBC! Also, I'm
writing this to get revenge on Colonel Mustar, because when I went to his site
my PC froze! So he must be dethroned from leader of the Azure Dreams GBC FAQs!
Ha ha ha! No, actually, I'm just making this because my Fallout 2 FAQ was
popular, and because I like writing these things.
You'll note that I got my revenge on CMustar... Mustar's last stand! Ah ha ha!
Hey, don't strangle me, CMustar, or I'll be forced to break off some SERIOUS
MEOW! Woo, look at those kewl lighting effects! Light-sourced polygons...

1.2 Intro to the Game

Azure Dreams got it's start as a "sleeper" Playstation game. It was not very
popular, because of the clunky interface and how you never seemed to get very
far (because you kept dying, a sign of bad balance!). Some people enjoyed it,
however, which is why we now have Azure Dreams on the Game Boy Color. Having
never played the Playstation game, I can safely tell you that whoever didn't
like it must be insane. Azure Dreams GBC is not a Pokemon clone, it is an
excellent, unique game. If you took Diablo II for the PC and added some Pokemon
and Dragon Warrior Monsters, what you would have is pretty close to the entire
Azure Dreams thing.
In both games, you play as a boy living in the town of Monsbaiya. Monsbaiya is
situated near a huge tower called, not suprisingly, the Monster Tower, due to
the large amounts of monsters inside it. Inside the Tower are many treasures,
however, and since this boy's (His name is Koh in the Playstation game, and Kou
in the Game Boy Color game, they are both pronounced "K-oh") family (his mom
Wreath and sister Wendy) is very poor, when he becomes age fifteen he enters
the tower to find the treasures inside. To help him, he trains monsters called
Tameons or Familiars to help him, because though he can fight by himself, he is
reduced to Level 1 when he exits the tower, while his monsters retain their
The game mostly consists of a bunch of randomly generated dungeons, and is one
big dungeon crawl in general. What keeps the game exciting is the large variety
of Tameons that can be caught and trained. Even the bosses can be found as
Tameons! What's the catch, you ask? Any monster you train must first be an egg,
which you can hatch in or out of the tower. There's also many side-quests to
undertake, like bringing culture to the desert town of Monsbaiya (it looks
great when you're done!), enlarging your house (It looks like a temple when
you're done!), and finding out what happened to your father, who disappeared
into the tower when you were a baby.
Female players were turned off by the Playstation version of Azure Dreams,
because one of the side-quests was to win the love of 7 different women; male
players were turned off by the gameplay and slow, clunky interface. However,
the GBC version has been greatly improved on, some people have gone so far as
to call it a remix! The game works well as a handheld game, so if you see it,
grab it up!

2. Katman's Azure Dreams GBC Review

Well, for the first time ever I'm writing a review. Aren't you lucky? :-)

Graphics: 6/10
Umm... Well, people that play games just for graphics are gonna HATE this. It's
just a rule. The monsters themselves look cool, but the overhead view of them
doesn't look nice. The spell effects look bad too, even for the Game Boy
(except maybe for the "summon" spells, PaleOne, BlueFear, and FireBird)). If
you're one of those shmucks that buys games just for the graphics, get a
Dreamcast and don't bother writing me, though.

Sound: 8/10
The music in this game works well, perfect for dungeon-crawling. The sound
effects are the basic "THWACK! ZAP! KA-BOOM!" of RPG fare. Overall, the sound
is appropriate, but not much more.

Control: 10/10
The game has excellent control, and works perfectly on the Game Boy Color, even
with the small controls. I've never misstepped or accidently got myself killed
or something because of the control. Maybe because of other things, but not
because of the control :-)

Balance: 9/10
This game is pretty well balanced. You're not going to die without KNOWING why
you died. For example, none of the bosses will use some sort of Aire Tam Storm
or such and kill you in one hit. No, they'll use normal moves for that :-) The
bosses are a little too hard, but they can be beaten with patience, levels, and
in my case, a LOT of state loads :-) Most of the monsters are balanced with

Overall: 10/10
I love this game. It's super-ultra cool. Even with the graphics problems (and
people that play games just for graphics are well, base), the game is
incredibly fun and addictive. You'll want to keep going into the tower over and
over again to get new items and monsters. And no, it's NOT Pokemon! NO NO NO!

3. Quasi-Walkthrough (I can't really give specifics here!)

Well, since Azure Dreams is comprised of a bunch of randomly generated dungeons
and one town, you can't expect a completely complete walkthrough :-), since
every time you play all the floors except the first, twenty-fifth, twenty-sixth
and thirtieth are going to be different. This is what keeps the game endearing,
however, because every time you enter the Tower you'll be doing something new.
I'll try to do a helpful walkthrough to the best of my ability however.

At the start of the game, you are shown your own birth. Unsettling, isn't it?
You get a chance to name your character, Kou is fine since whatever name the
designers pick is always good. Cloud was good, Claude was good, Rena was good,
Maxim was good, heck, even Nigel was good. Therefore, Kou is good. Actually
Katman works well too, but that's not important :-)

You then see a few more scenes teaching you about your father, and how late one
night he disappeared while in the tower. Sad, yes, but remember it, as it'll
haunt you during your journeys. Finally, you see a scene where you and a girl
named Nico (who, like any good female love interest in an RPG, has
weird-colored hair!) are standing in front of the Tower, talking about how your
fifteenth birthday is tomorrow.

Finally, your Day of Passage has arrived! The fifteenth birthday is when all
aspiring monster tamers get to enter the Tower! Unfortunately, you've
overslept... Nico jumps on you (You must be a real stud :-) to wake you up, and
you get a lecture from your oddly named Mom, Wreath. Be careful, remember your
father, blah blah blah yakity shmakity :-) She gives you a Vit Seed, and you
finally get to go outside! Yay!

OK, here's a little description of your town, Monsbaiya.

*Let's start with your house. Here, you can store things with your Mom in the
safe, store monsters at the Stable, read Wendy's Monster Book (similarly to the
Pokedex and Library in Pokemon and Dragon Warrior Monsters, it fills up as you
get new monsters. Unlike those, I don't think you get ANYTHING for filling
it.), and save your game. As you upgrade your house, it looks nicer, and the
stable and safe get bigger. This is important, since without any uprgrades, you
can't store much.

*West of your house is the Monster Shop. Unfortunately, it's not ready for
business. Don't worry, you'll get a monster soon enough! The owner there's not
nice to you, because you cause trouble. There's some Treasure Hunters here too,
but they aren't nice to you either. Return here every once in a while for new
monsters and information. When it opens, you can sell your monsters and eggs
here too as well as buying new monsters.

*East of your house is Ghosh's house. Ghosh is like Gary in Pokemon and Warubou
in Dragon Warrior Monsters and Pison in The 7th Saga and another person in
nearly every RPG: your Rival. He's not the main bad guy, though you DO get to
fight him a bunch of times (He's easy in the lower levels, hugely difficult in
the higher ones!). As the story progresses, he's usually not home. He has a
sister named Selfi, who you see often in the tower. She's mean, she calls you
Fatmouth :-) Ghosh's familiar is Quack, a giant duck :-), and Selfi's is Wumpi,
a Catawump. Ghosh and Selfi are nobles, their house is huge compared to yours!
When you get your house upgraded twice, yours is bigger though :-)

*South of Ghosh's house is the Tavern. There's some Treasure Hunters there, but
they aren't nice to you :-) Return here every once in a while for new

*South of your house is the Item Shop, which is run by Fur Gotts. Fur isn't
nice to you either, but as you get higher in the tower she gets nicer. She
sells stuff, but that's not necesscary, since you can find everything she sells
in the tower for free. What she's useful for is buying monsters, eggs, and
items for a good price.

*East of the Item Shop is Nico's house. Nico dreams of making Monsbaiya more
"culturized", by adding a river and lots of grass. Donate 1000G to her every
once in a while, and she'll reach that goal. It makes the town look really nice
too, so go ahead and donate. Later Nico will start standing in the middle of
the town, taking donations.

*North of your house is the Carpenter's Shop. These are the people you go to
for house upgades. The first costs 10000G, the second 50000G. Expensive, yes,
but it's worth it. As you get higher in the tower you will find more than
enough money, however. Don't forget to save some for Nico! :-)

*Most everything else is just people's houses. Talk to everyone after every one
of your Tower adventures. If one person says something different, chances are
they all will!

OK, now to actually enter the tower. The entrance is at the very top of the
town. There, you'll meet your first familiar, Kewne, who appears to be wearing
goggles ;-) He can speak human language and looks REALLY cool. Don't
underestimate his small size. His RedShot attack can be deadly, so it's a good
thing he can't be hypnotized! Enter the tower after he joins you. Kewne is
Fire-Class, BTW.

New Monsters in Monsbaiya:
Kewne: A weird looking thingy, but he looks darn cool on the status screen! He
uses the powerful RedShot spell, and has the AntiHypno trait, meaning he can't
be brainwashed. Poor Kewne grows "obsolete" around floor 25 of the Tower, so
you may wish to get rid of him by then. You cannot get rid of Kewne in any way,
BTW. If you keep gaining him levels, he may actually stay with you as a good
familiar the whole game... Fire-Class.

Here Kewne takes you through the basics of Azure Dreams, from eggs to items to
weaponry to AI control. I'm not going to say it again, he teaches you better
than I could. The Egg you get is a Wump egg. Wumps are the game's weakest
monsters. However, get one to level two, and it becomes Catawump, which is,
err, about as crummy as Wump. Hatch it anyway and get it to level two, so you
can get the entries in the Monster Book. Feed any other "Cutesy" eggs to Kewne,
to restore his MP. If you feed any MP or HP restoring item to a Tameon when its
MP or HP is already full, it will raise the stat by one, thus, don't hang on to
MediHerbs or Vit/Big Vit seeds or Cutesy eggs.

You also get a Crook, the weakest weapon in the game, with a 1 attack power.
You get a WindGem and FireOrb as well, which can be useful. Always keep at
least one WindGem with you at the start of the game, as you can die easily when
your familiars aren't very strong. Never ever fight for yourself. Let your
familiars do it. If they die, it's OK, they come back later when you go back to
town. If YOU die, you lose all the items and eggs you were carrying. Also,
WindGems can be thrown at enemy monsters to remove them.

Kewne also tells you about the properties of the OlimSeed. If you feed an
OlimSeed to a familiar, they die and you leave the tower as if you had used a
WindGem. It is also like the WindGem in that if you throw it at an enemy they
are removed. You cannot feed an OlimSeed to Kewne, as he's an important part of
the plot. You can't get rid of Kewne in any way, at that. He's not horrible
anyway, but he'll never reach his full potential until you reach the top of the

Now complete the second, third, and fourth floors. On each you'll meet one of
your Dad's former friends. Mazim is a conjurer, he'll randomly show up to heal
you. Attley is a warrior maiden, she'll show up sometimes and give you a Wind
Gem. Skale is a treasure hunter and thief. Sometime's he'll give you a Vit
Seed. Skale's cool, too.

Monsters on the second and third floors are just Wumps and Catawumps, which
Kewne will easily dispatch with his RedShot skill (You have to set him to AI
four though.)

Monsters on floor 1-3:
Wump: Crummy. Any Wump (Cutesy) eggs should be fed to a familiar. Any-Class
(You find them in each class).
Catawump: Not much better. You can't normally find Catawump eggs. To get one,
raise a Wump to level two, a horrible ordeal, since one or two hits can take
out a Wump :-) Any-Class

Now at level 4, you'll start seeing new monsters. Also, you'll probably start
finding Bronzino swords. These are usually much better than the Crook you have,
so use them. Swords with a higher + value are better than others. There's also
another kind of sword here, the Inca Sun. This is an excellent sword, since it
is immune to Rust Traps, and can be sold for a TON, around 1000 apeice! :-)
You'll also find Oak Leaf and SkinDeep shields. These are very good shields,
since they are immune to the Rust Traps you'll find. I'm nearing the bottom of
the basement of the Tower, and I still use my Oak Leaf +60! :-) Red Sands add
one to a sword's + value, Blue Sands add one to a shield's + value, and Pale
Sands add one to the number of times you can use an Orb. Rust Traps, rarely
seen here but common as you get higher (or lower, as the case may be), take
away one from the + value of the sword and shield you have equipped. Any and
all MediHerbs should be fed to Kewne. Throw away HealAll herbs, and any other
status healing herb. Don't eat LarSeeds, as they lower your level. Instead,
throw them at the enemies to lower THEIR level! Sweet revenge! :-) Feed any
MazaSeeds (raises level permanently) to Kewne, and eat any TovaSeeds (raises
luck) yourself. Also give any FortSeeds (raises defense permanently) and
FeroSeeds (raises attack permanently) to Kewne.

New Monsters on floor 4-7:
Genny: Blue thingys, look like standing blue frogs. These are annoying, as they
can paralyze you or your familiars. Kewne's RedShot can make short work of
them, though. Water-Class.
Mushrom: Green mushrooms. They use Chinook, the #1 Annoying Azure Dreams Spell.
This PERMANENTLY lowers your level! Ouch! If they use it on you, kill them
quickly to get the level back. If they use it twice, the level's gone, and you
have to work to get it back :-( These use Chinook rarely though. Wind-Class.
Fireball: Red eyeball thingys. These can change form with Seeds. SeaSeeds turn
them into Submars, WindSeeds make them Cyclones. Submars can make maps, but get
a Cyclone, they can be fused into good Tameons. Fireballs themselves often use
the puny Sunmaker spell, a weak Fire attack. Fire-Class.
Octos: Commonly seen octopus things. These are nothing special, they just run
forward and attack normally. I never use them. Eggs for them are a bit rare
though. Water-class. You'll only ever see these on level 5, which is why the
eggs are rare.
Frost: Little snowmen. They use Blizzard spells to put you and your Tameons to
sleep. Then they use physical attacks for double damage. This is annoying, but
nothing else. If you have a good sword and shield they go down easily.
Noise: Annoying little clown thingys. They can seal your Tameon's magic with a
horn attack. This quickly goes away, though, and they die in two or three Kewne
attacks, one with RedShot. No problem, and eggs are common too.
Troll: My Lord, these things are obnoxious! They show up and proceed to annoy
your Tameon, who is happily busy cleaving up a Fireball or such, and take about
5 hits to kill because of thier high defense! Argh! If you find an egg, though,
they are useful, as they can equip the Troll weapons (Hammer, Tomahawk,
TrollArm) to turn into different Tameons (HamTroll, TomTroll, ShoTroll).
They're cute too! :-) Fire-Class.

Now you're at levels 8-11. These are where you start seeing the more unique
monsters. Be careful with the Analoebas on levels 10 and 11, they can turn into
your Tameons. They aren't as strong though. Try to get one, they're one of the
game's best monsters because they copy every single trait apart from stats of
the Tameon they turn into. This is useful when you get a Barong later.

If you find an OvaSeed (very, very, very unlikely, they are the rarest items in
the game!), HANG ON TO IT!!!!! You need it to obtain Barong, the #1 most useful
(not "most powerful", mind you) Tameon in the game. That's later though, so
don't waste the OvaSeed.

At level 10, a mysterious dude will give you another collar, meaning you can
have 2 Familiars out now, and also fuse them! Cool!

New Monsters on floor 8-11:
Analoeba: Little jelly things, look like shaving cream :-) They transform into
your familiars. This is one of the few occasions when you should fight for
yourself. They cannot turn into you, for some reason, so you can slice and dice
them into little shaving cream chunks :-) Water-Class.
HamTroll: Like Trolls, just more annoying, with even higher defense and attack!
Arghh! Kill them! There's no HamTroll eggs, instead give a Hammer to a Troll.
Cyclone: A floating eyball thingy. Sorta like a green Fireball. They give your
Familiars Anorexia, which is when you can't feed them anything, and are immune
to Anorexia themselves. There are Cyclone eggs scattered liberally around. Get
a few, as they can be fused into Wraith and Cyclops, which are very strong
Tameons, at level 10 or above. If you set them to aid you while you fight (not
a good idea), they use "summon" magic, creating a huge Thunder beast with their
PaleOne spell, and if you use seeds on them you get different magic like
BlueFear and FireBird (BlueFear is the best of them). To tell you the truth,
with BlueFear and a good shield you CAN fight by yourself, and not that
pitifully either, around 25 damage on a good whack. Stats-wise, they have huge
defense and MP, which their MPHalver (Consume half MP on all spells) trait
pretty much doubles, so they're good for fusing into other monsters too.
Blume: These flower monsters use Hypnosis to control your Tameons. It's a good
thing Kewne's immune to this, or you would be dead so fast... Blume eggs are
called "Floral" eggs. Water-Class.
Flame: Seen on floor 9-10, these guys have it all! Lots of attack, lots of
defense, form changing, and they even look cool! To change their forms, give
them a SeaSeed for the even-cooler-looking Tundra, or give them a WindSeed for
the super-cool Ranklin. At level 10 they change forms too, into Ifrit, which is
so cool it's not even funny! Their only flaw is that they have weak magic
attacks, but that doesn't matter! Whoo hoo! Flame eggs are "Apostrophe" eggs.
Fire-Class, duh!
Baloon: Weird flying mushroom monsters. These use lots of physical attacks.
They also have a nice special ability, NextFloor, which takes you to the Next
Floor. Useful. Eggs are sorta rare though. Buy one from the store.

OK, we're at floor 12 now. Here you usually end up roughousin' with Ghosh.
Actually, I've nearly ALWAYS fought Ghosh here. He is tough, use Kewne's
RedShot. If he's met Quack yet, he'll have the duck with him too. Run in and
attack Quack, because that Quack attack is whack and will put Quack in the
monser book. It's so cute! :-) Don't lose to Ghosh, it's humiliating :-) If you
beat him, you get a MediHerb, a rather good prize. Quack will not attack, BTW,
even if provoked.

If you don't fight Ghosh, you usually see the same things you saw on floor 11.

New Monsters on floor 12:
Ghosh: Well, he has a picture, so I guess he's a monster. He's classless, but
RedShot works wonders. Beating him gives up a MediHerb. No-Class. (Everything
is equally effective)
Quack: A duck. A giant duck, to be exact. He's cute, cute, cute! :-) You don't
actually GET him for quite a while though. Water-Class.

Floor 13-14, arriving now. The enemies here are new. Floor 13 and 14 have the
same monsters, which is why I grouped them. The Galelops (clown critters) here
use Chinook often, which you heard my opinions of when I mentioned Mushrom.
They use nothing BUT Chinook, usually. Arghh! Kill them first!

You might find an IronSong here. If you already have an Inca Sun, keep that. If
you have Bronzino, upgrade to IronSong. There's usually Florent shields too,
but don't switch from Oak Leaf or SkinDeep. Keep hunting for those Ovaseeds!

New Monsters on floor 13-14
Galelop: Clown monsters, they look pretty cool with that huge scythe. The eggs
are common, as are the monster forms. They cast Chinook constantly. Arghh!!!
Raise one to level 10 for Cadavron, which rocks and looks super-awesome. It's
name sounds cool too. Actually, most all the critters in this game look
awesome... Wind-Class.
Daymare: A chicken-like thing. They use Sleep attacks, which is simply
annoying, not deadly, unless the mob you, which they usually do. Argh!!!
(Resist the urge to smash your Game Boy from the annoying monsters here!)
Submar: A submarine with a periscope for an eye and teeth. Okayyy... These
don't bother me much. They like to hide underground though, and your attacks
miss if they do that. If you get one, you can have it map the floor for you.
Useful, but only mildly. Water-Class.
Volcano: Wierd, red goat-like thing. In Azure Dreams PSX, these would crap
lava. No, I'm not kidding. In Azure Dreams GBC, they've been toned down a bit
so they just fire annoying spells at you. They are good close-range fighters,
so stay away. Fire-Class.

Going up: Next destination is floor 15-18. There's all kinds of new monsters
here! Whoo hoo! There's not much to say here in the way of items. Toss away
other items if you get too many cartons of eggs :-)

New Monsters on floor 15-18 (Lots and lots and lots!)
Barong: Only seen on floor 16. You need one of these. Trust me. You should have
an Ovaseed by now, and this is what we're gonna use it on. When you find one,
DO NOT KILL IT!!!! They are rare enough to begin with without you killing them!
:-) Instead, toss items at it. Anything will work, though things like
TrueSpecs, StarSpecs, and TrapEyes are best. Whenever you throw an item at it,
it converts the item into a different one, even an egg, which you then recieve.
You must throw items at it until it sits down from lack of MP. Then loudly
shout in real life "Pokeball, GO!!!" and throw the Ovaseed at it. You could
also try putting it to sleep or paralyzing it, though that's not a sure go, and
you DON'T want to kill it. You'll get a super-rare Barong egg. Hatch it when
you wish, but be careful with it, as it's not a great fighter. With a Barong
you can make all kinds of items. Even a screen of Ovaseeds can be yours. Whoo
hoo hoo hoo! Fire-Class.
Griffon: Just critters. You know what a Griffon is, trust me. The only
interesting trait is that the monster Souvenier cannot steal items from you
with it around, which might be enough to make you keep it, as Souvenirs are
really good at stealing your stuff :-) At level 10 they change to Grineuts,
which are like centaurs with bird heads. Same thing, really. Fire-Class.
Soilclaw: A mole monster. It uses Chinook, and we all hate that. It's not good
for you though, as you're planning to kill the monster you're using Chinook on,
and so it's just a waste of MP. Wind-Class.
TomTroll: Just a troll with an axe. Annoying but that's it. Fire-Class.
Nyuel: In Azure Dreams PSX you can race these. Not here, but it doesn't matter.
They're very good healers, and cute too! Water-Class.
Unicap: A weird fairy-looking monster. A Chinook-user, and it also uses
AdNoctum to blind your Tameons, making them wander around aimlessly. Annoying.
Changes into Univern at level 10, which is super-mega-ultra awesome looking.
Get one! Wind-Class.
Souvenir: Arrghhhh! I HATE THESE THINGS! They mob you and steal your items! And
when you try to get them back, they attack twice every turn! And they move
twice as fast as you! And they take your best stuff first! ARGHHH!!! If you can
get one, fuse it to another monster to get the 2XSpeed trait, which is the best
one in the game. With it, you move twice as fast as anything else! Whoo hoo!
Tundra: This thing looks awesome! Get one at all costs! They have high attack
and defense, and change into Barol at level 10! Whoo hoo! Water-Class.
Viper: Not much to say. They look sorta cool, they also lower your attack power
with each hit. Not even really annoying, actually. Water-Class.
Sizar: Weird critter. Looks like it's from some B-rated horror movie :-) I
haven't played around with these very much, actually. Wind-Class.
Kraken: These are like giant squids. They shock you whever you hit them :-(
Don't fool around with them. Water-Class.
Alloyer: Annoying metal monster. They have extremely high defense, and they hit
hard too. If you manage to get one (if you have Barong, feel free to use an
Ovaseed), fuse it to give another Tameon double natural defense! Whoo hoo!

Here's floor 19. There's a boss fight on the next floor, so if you haven't
healed and saved, use a WindGem to run back to town to do so. Try to have at
least +15 on your weapons, +20 if you're using OakLeaf and IncaSun (it's worth
it, trust me.) Lots of new monsters here too.

New Monsters on floor 19:
Garuda: Annother obnoxious metal monster. It grabs your Tameon and disappears
when you come close to defeating it, so you have to go searching for your
monster again. It's not as good for you, as Garuda gets itself lost often when
it tries to run away with enemies. Wind-Class.
Guardian: Looks like Minotaur :-) These are strong physical fighters, but take
too long to build up to be worth taking with you. Eggs are worth a bundle
though :-) Fire-Class.
Zu: Annoying, annoying, annoying! These bird creatures have an evil, evil habit
of Paralyzing you and your Tameons over and over and over and over and over
again! ARGHHH! Take these out first if you see them. Once again, they're not as
good for you, as you mean to kill whatever you're paralyzing. Wind-Class.

Floor 20: This is a boss floor, and Gance and friends are probably gonna kill
you a few times... Use a WindGem if things get rough.

New Monsters on floor 20:
Gance: This T-Rex is tough! He uses ridiculously strong Fire spells, and is an
excellent attacker. However, it is no match for Wraith if you made it
Water-Class. Fire-Class.
Killer: Arghh! (Katman smacks head against desk) This guy is super-mega
annoying! It's an excellent physical attacker and can defend itself very well.
This is good FOR you, not AGAINST you, do note. To help, give Kewne a SeaSeed
and have it use its new PaleRain move. Fire-Class.
Alloyer: Well, this isn't new, but it's part of Gance's team. Kill it last.
RedShot works well. Wind-Class.

If you've already beaten Gance, you see new monsters here instead.

New Monsters on floor 20:
Saskatch: Not much to say here. It's a normal Water-class. Changes at level 10
into Saber, which looks pretty cool. Its SoulStrike command does extra damage,
but costs too much MP. Water-Class.
Naprus: A weird ostrich thing. It often "falls asleep" to restore its HP. It's
not that useful, as it's not a good fighter. Get it but leave it in the closet
:-) Fire-Class.
Arachne: This spider thing's AWESOME! It has a 2XAttack trait that doubles the
attack of any familiar you fuse it into! Whee! Get one at all costs! Come to
think of it, get two or three! Whee! Water-Class.

Floor 21 is just the same monsters you saw on floor 19 and 20, except no
Garudas or Alloyers.

Floor 22 has Catawumps, mostly. There's also Naprus, Saskatch, and Arachne.

Finally! More new monsters on Floor 23-24! Whoo hoo! Not much here by way of
items. If you find a FireWire or WaterWire Sword, USE IT! It's even better than
IncaSun! They are very effective against monsters of the other class. They also
sell for a lot. Medusa shields are good too.

New Monsters on floor 23-24:
Behemoth: Looks weird, not at all what I was expecting. Kinda like a
goat-spider :-) It's a strong physical attacker, and is good to fuse just
because of that. Try to find one. Fire-Class.
Killer: Just reminding you that you can find Killer eggs here. Gance had one,
remember? Fire-Class.
Glacier: Wow, an ice turkey! Whoo hoo! Glacier looks cool, so get one just
'cause. They use magic on you called IceWall. Glacier Eggs are Crystal Eggs.
Mandara: Lots and lots of HP. Annoying buggers. Kill them first in a group.
Blah blah blah, YAWN... Nothing new here. They look like giant DISH MONSTERS!
ARGHH! RUN AWAY! Mandara eggs are Splotchy eggs. Water-Class.

Floor 25 and 26 just give you information about the ancients. That's it. No
monsters or anything else. Yawn... Well, floor 26 is kinda cool, because that
statue there is a depiction of MaiSoul, the strongest monster :-)

Floor 27-28 are just, well, full of monsters. Rare monsters, but monsters
nonetheless. No cool items either. Keep huntin' for them OvaSeeds, they're
always useful!

New Monsters on floor 27-28:

Gronmon: Move away people, nothing to see here. This is just a plain old
annoying critter. If you see an egg grab it, then sell it later. They look cool
though, and have high attack power!
Golem: Yet another "Golem" monster in an RPG :-) These are just the same as all
the rest: Slow, stupid, and possesing a REALLY HIGH Defense. Wind-Class.
Dragon: Gwarrr! Graa! Hisss! OK, I'm calm now... These are mega-strong. Feel
free to Ovaseed one if you have a spare Ovaseed. It's the easiest way to get
one, at least... If you Ovaseed one, you'll get a Kid egg, not a Dragon egg.

Finally, floor 29! There's another boss fight here.

New Monsters on floor 29:
S-Gance: Gance, only more so :-) Do the same thing to him you did last time,
which I presume was save him for last, then mob him :-)
Gance fights with a Mushrom, Dragon, Gronmon, and Behemoth, an easily beaten
team if you use Water Tameons. Gronmon can do some damage though. Dragon is a
powerful spellcaster too, and Mushrom will usually waste time running around
the perimiter of the room :-)

Floor 30 is a story floor. The boss is a wimp, just let him kill you :-)
Apparently he can fuse with Tameons, and fused with Kewne, turning him into a
prosthetic hand :-) All you have to do to this guy is let 'im kill ye.

New "Monsters" on floor 30:
Beldo: Well. He has Kewne as a prostetic arm, and he is supposedly a
super-powerful mage, AND he killed your dad, who was supposedly the strongest
swordsman in the world. This is bad. It's not worth trying to battle Beldo,
because he'll just kill you with one super-mega-insanely-powerful physical
attack. Mucho ouchies. In fact, your Tameons aren't even there to help you with
him, because they just stood there while you confronted him. However, let him
kill you, and Kewne wil unfuse with him, then use the "Final Shoot" ability on
him (he never used that move for me when I was going up the tower! :-). You
win! He's dead! Whoo hoo!

You'll get to SkyTower now. Here you'll get the Ultimate Egg, which is
explained a bit later. (In Azure Dreams for the PlayStation, it was HyKewne!)
The Egg powers up Kewne, which justs adds about 10 levels to his total. Useful,
I guess, if you like Kewne.

Now, after some story sequences, you have to go ALL the way up the tower AGAIN!
Do so, and you'll reach SkyTower. Make sure you take Kewne, or it'll be for
naught. Go and have Kewne stand on the pad there. After some more story, you
can go to the back of this place. There's some birds that give you eggs. This
is where you get Quack :-) Wheee! As you leave, you get (wait for it...) the
HyKewne and Gance eggs! Whee hoo hoo! HA HA HA! I'M INVINCIBLE! Gance is one of
the best monsters!

Of course, to get the eggs of Phoenix, Yankash, and Quack, you have to go up
the Tower AGAIN!!!! That's 4 times in all, more if you forget Kewne so you
can't get up here, and even more if you don't have beds in the stable left or
room in your inventory. How annoying, but it's worth it for Yankash and Quack!

New Monsters in SkyTower:
HyKewne: Man, this thing looks KEWL! It's an excellent fighter (about the same
as Kewne powered up, though), and has the awesome Darkling attack spell, which
will do mucho damage to anything! It has no real class (sorta like Kou, the
symbol is a black vortex), so I dubbed it as being Anti-Class. MaiSoul is also
this! Anti-Class (Good against EVERYTHING!) HyKewne and DarKewne eggs are
Magical eggs, so I presume Kewne eggs are too, but there's only one HyKewne!
Take no exceptions! (About the name... I think it's Hyper Kewne, but it also
sounds like "Haiku"ne, so...
"Really strong beast thing, found at the top of the sky, in a Magical egg"!)
HyKewne has the ChangeForm trait, meaning it will always be "absorbed" into
whatever you fuse it with. Kewne, on the other hand, "absorbs" anything you
fuse it with. Will someone tell me what happens when you fuse two HyKewnes?
Gance: Whee! This thing is super-ultra-mega-mundo POWERFUL! Smash! Smash! KILL!
DESTROY! HA HA HA! This is the best monster of everything you've seen till now!
He's as tough for you as when you fought him! He's as good as HyKewne, if not
better! Yeah! All that and a powerful Fire spell too! And it changes form at
level 10 if you fuse it! This is great! Fire-Class, but it doesn't really
matter! Whoo hoo! Gance eggs are Brick eggs, but you'll only find one. this is
the best monster in the game other than MaiSoul when it becomes S-Gance.
Phoenix: We all know what a Phoenix is... This one has an usettling habit of
FALLING ASLEEP! ALL THE TIME!!! ARGHHH!!!! It looks cool, but all it ever does
is SLEEP! ARGHH! Fire-Class. Just like Naplass...
Yankash: Whee! This thing comes close to Gance in power! It's a dragon thing,
and we all know how strong dragons are! Whee! Whoo hoo! So many cool monsters
up here! It uses the Helix spell, and does so quite well, thank you very much
:-) It looks awesome, too. Wind-Class.
Quack: Ummm. It's a giant DUCK! A huge DUCK!!!!!!!!! It's cute! Cute cute cute!
Take it with you just because of that! Actually, its stats are really crummy,
and Ghosh uses it, and the stats, like I said, are PITIFUL, so leave it at
home. It's cute though, and uses a healing spell called WellFall (but so does
Wump, Catawump, and Nyuel! :-)! Water-Class! It's a duck, duh!

You now have to go through the most tedious task in video game history: To go
DOWN the tower! This sux! There's 99 floors in the basement, and every 45 or so
you fight a boss! Luckily, you can skip floors.

Ok, I'm ready to help you get through the basement. You can enter it through
the blue pad on the first floor. Whenever you leave and return, you can select
the floor you go down through (To the ones you've already been to, of course
:-) "Feather"s are NOT good here as they send you up a floor, and you're going
DOWN. Same thing with Floor Up Traps. You don't fight Ghosh down here, or see
Selfi, or Attley, or anyone else for that matter.

You can find GOOD stuff here, like the almighty Wire swords, elemental shields,
and eggs, eggs, eggs! The last floor is 98, which is where you battle the
almighty MaiSoul, the strongest monster ever to grace the screen of a Game Boy
(It could kick Mewtwo's butt all the way across Pokeland, or wherever that game
takes place! And don't get me started about what it could do to DarkDrium...)
On floor 99 you get EGGS. Yes EGGS, with capitals. You get GOOD eggs. Maisoul,
Mephisto, and Dok eggs. Whee hee hee hee hee! Yes, you get Maisoul. How cool

Here in the basement, you'll find the Forever shield. This is the game's best
shield, and if you find it, consider yourself SUPER-LUCKY! The Forever doesn't
rust, usually comes with a massive + value already attached (mine was +35!),
and costs a huge chunk o' change (mine was over 25000G! Whee!)

You might also find the DadSword, Blessire, and Darkwire. These are excellent
weapons. The DadSword (AKA the Soulshooter) has the most attack power of any
sword, and the Blessire and Darkwire can be sold for mountains of Gold :-) They
rust, though, so be careful (and liberal with Oil!) Darkwires are cursed, but
don't uncurse them, as they're worth more that way. Don't ask me why..

So let's begin with the monsters.

New Monsters on floor B1-4
Eater: Don't throw stuff at this Number Mucher-lookin' thing. I mean it, don't
throw ANYTHING at this thing. It'll eat it. Throw a DadSword at it, it'll eat
it. Throw a Forever at it, it'll eat it. Throw an Ovaseed, even, at it, and
it'll eat it. Throw ANYTHING at it, and it'll eat it. They eat anything because
of their AppeTitan trait. Wind-Class. Paisley Eggs are Eater Eggs.
Notes on floor B1-4

*Did I mention not to throw stuff at the Eaters or they'll eat it?

*Don't forget to celebrate if you happen to stray upon a Forever or

*Don't use Feathers in the basement, as they're counterproductive (Is that even
a word? I can make up my own words if I feel like it.)

*Don't feed the Eaters.

New Monsters on floor B5-8
Mandrake: A plant-person Tameon. Not much that's special, it seems to act very
similar to Musrom. Wind-Class. Never found a Mandrake egg, so I can't tell you
what they are.
Notes on floor B5-9

*Um, not much.

New Monsters on floor B9-12
efficiently, and one or two shots will probably kill you. Have your best Tameon
kill them.
Ranklin: The Wind-Class form of Flame. Doesn't look quite as cool as Tundra,
but it's cool anyway because it can slice you to peices (is that cool?).
Wind-Class. At level 10, it becomes Odin.
Notes on floor B9-12

*My best monster now was S-Gance, whom I had fused with my Cyclone, which was a
Vevil at the time with DoubleSpeed and AttackUp. S-Gance is super-strong, BTW.
After that was HyKewne, then my other Cyclone, which was a Wraith, then Killer,
then Golem. I don't take swords/shields into the tower after around floor B10,
since 5 familiars can help each other if one dies.

New Monsters on floor B13-16
Matango: A mushroom monster (not like Musrom!) that uses Sleep attacks, mostly.
Kill it quickly, before it can start pounding on your sleeping monsters. A
monster with DoubleSpeed works nicely, since they wake up before Matango can
attack. Fire-Class.
Notes on floor B13-17

*Not much. These floors were kinda boring.

New Monsters on floor B17-20
None! Just Souvenir, Daymare, and Baloon!
Notes on floor 17-20

*There's no new monsters! This stinks! Hurry down here, and skip these floors
when you come back.

New monsters on floor B21-24
Centaur: A centaur. You know what a centaur is. Don't act like you don't. It's
average, I guess. I was so busy letting S-Gance slice through groups of them
like butter, I couldn't pay attention :-) Fire-Class.
Notes on floor 17-20

*There's lots of Centaurs here. Not much else, actually.

New monsters on floor B25-28
Sisa: A water-class monster that uses physical attacks. I never saw it do
anything else, actually, because S-Gance killed it :-) Looks strange.
Jabwock: A fire-class monster that, once again, uses physical attacks, looks
strange, and falls easily to 1 S-Gance blow. Fire-Class.
Undine: A cute water girl, she uses a water attack spell, with VERY little
proficiency. Water-Class. She's cute, get her! POKEBALL, GO!!!!
Er..um...calming down...now.
Notes on floor B25-28

*There's lots of Undines here, they use water spells. Also, you'll see lots of
Sisa. It you're lucky you MIGHT find an ArmWand here... Also, there's a shield
called a LifeWire that counterattacks, even against magic! Whee! Get one if you
see it, but keep your Forever as well, if you have one.

New monsters on floor B29
None! Just Genny and Catawump! Thus, no notes here.

Floor B30: Boss time!

You fight Dok here, and his cronies Sisa, Undine, Jabwock, and Centaur. If
you've fused Gance with your other strong familiar(s) so he's around level 40
or so, you will annihilate these goons. Otherwise, use HyKewne, or you might
have trouble. Easier than the first Gance fight, definately :-)

New Monsters on floor B30
Dok: He's some kind of strange machine monster. He enjoyes shooting Water
spells at you (PaleRain specifically), and has good phyical attack. He has low
physical defense, though, so S-Gance can make quick work of him. Water-Class.

Otherwise, if you've beaten Dok, you'll see:
New monsters on floor 30-34:
Mummy: It, umm, I can't remember what it does... Oh yeah, it sleeps! Just like
Naplass and Phoenix, it falls asleep :-) Water-Class. Note that it comes in
Cutesy eggs, like Wump, so don't think any cutesy eggs down here are Wump.
Cadavron: The "evolved" form of Galelop. It looks awesome, and uses Chinook. It
killed my poor weak HyKewne! :-( Wind-Class.

No notes here. No wait, yes there is.

*There's Barong eggs here! They're Marble eggs, but good luck finding one. It's
easier to put one to sleep and then Ovaseed it.

New monsters on floor B35-38
Medusa: Snake girl. She casts Sunmaker, the weakest Fire spell. You're not
suppoed to kill girls, but she's a monster, so kill her :-)
Pumpkinn: Arghhhhhh! It's like Souvenir, only there's at least 5 of them
swarming you at once! Annoying beast! It steals your stuff! Water-Class
Ifrit: Whoa. This thing is COOL! OVASEED, GO!! This is what you get if you
raise Flame to level 10. High defense. Fire-Class. Stephen Lai (a regular
writer) gave his a Waterseed and got Barol,  his favorite Tameon, so maybe,
just maybe, you could too :-)

No notes here again.

New Monsters on floor B39-42
Cockatri: It uses Paralyze attacks often. It can almost kill my poor S-Gance!
Yeouch! Water-Class.
Nanoo: Mork and Mindy, anyone? ("Nanoo, nanoo!") This is a robot monster,
easily taken down with a few Darkling attacks or the like. Fire-Class.
Strass: Annoying beast! The thing chases you around and gets a few pecks in,
usually poisoning you, then (at least in my case) it would run away! Argh!
Water-Class. Strass eggs are Paisley eggs.
Note for floor B39-42:

*Make sure you have a monster with ToxScreen here to prevent Strass attacks :-)

New Monsters on floor B43-46
Siren: She's cute! A bird-girl, where have we seen that before? Grab her up, or
else she'll sleep you at LEAST 50 times before you can do anything :-)
Chimera: A lion with bat wings. It's not worth Ovaseeding, it's nothing
special. Strong physical attacks, though. Water-Class.
Hanuman: Flying monkeys! (Wicked witch music plays) That's just what this is. A
flying monkey. Look for an egg just because of that. :-) Wind-Class.

No notes here, it's pretty plain.

Floor B47-B50
This is the second most annoying floor in the game. It's full of Souvenirs.
Nothing else, just Souvenirs. ARGHHH! They will mob you, then act like a mob
and steal all your stuff. :-)
Notes for floor B47-B50:

*ARGHH! Bring a Grineut here, for your sake, for my sake! Please! Send it back
when you're done, just take it here!

New Monsters on floor B51-54
Grineut: Oh, NOW they give you the Grineuts :-( They're Griffin-human centaurs.
These are what you get if you raise a Griffin to level 10, and they prevent
stealing. Could've used those a minute ago, eh? Fire-Class.
Salaman: A salamander monster. And we all know that Salamanders are fire
monsters. Low defense, it's tiny! :-) Fire-Class.
Cyclops: Appears to be a relative of Cyclone, but Cyclone doesn't change form
into this. A few good fuses, though, will eventually turn Cyclone into this. A
good companion when you're climbing UP the Tower, but not DOWN, as the enemies
are too strong :-) Wind-Class. Hey, I put an emoticon in all three!

No notes, no, wait! Get a Grineut to protect yourself against Souvenir!

New Monsters on floor B55-B58
Lycanth: Man, this thing is the coolest you've seen! It isn't very strong, but
man it looks cool! Get an egg just 'cause! Water-Class
Cali: A spider-like monster. High attack power. Fire-Class. Need I say more?
Cognita: A strange monster, some kind of Hindu thing I think. It uses Wind
magic, and has weak physical defense. Wind-Class.
Note for floor B55-58:

*Cognita will use strong Wind magic, so make sure to keep your Water-Class
Tameons safe from it.

*Cali has high Physical attack. If you could brainwash one into attacking

*Did I mention Lycanth looks cool?

New Monsters on floor B59-62
Wraith: This one looks related to Cyclone and Cyclops. With good Fusing, you
can get Wraith through either of those, or just Ovaseed one of these. This is a
very balanced monster. Wind-Class.
Batnyuel: Ummm. It's Nyuel at level 10 or above, for one thing. It's VERY
balanced, for another. And it has good healing magic too. Water-Class.
Mad Crab: "Aghh! Mad Crab!" Do you expect to hear that any time soon? Neither
do I. Water-Class. High physical defense, low Attack.
Notes for floor B59-62:

*You can find Catawump here :-)

New Monsters on floor B63-66
Saber: The "evolved" for of Saskatch. Darn cool! Get it! Get it now! Arghhh!
Water-Class, like Saskatch.
Naga: I finally found another Naga Water-Class.
Basilisk: Unlike the mythical Basilisk, this one can't kill on sight. It has
high physical defense (no match for S-Gance, though :-), and can paralyze you.
Spriggan: Odd creature, it likes to disappear and has high physical defense.

No notes.

New Monsters on floor B67-70
Phoenix: Yes, there's wild Phoenix here. They look really, really cool (just
like you'd expect a real Phoenix to look :-), but have a bad habit of falling
asleep while fighting. I'm not kidding. Fire-Class (naw, it's water-class :-)
Univern: The "evolved" form of Unicap. Looks cool. Low attack/defense, high
magic power (all it does is blind you, though :-) Wind-Class.
Odin: The "evolved" form for Ranklin. It has very, very high Attack, so weak
Tameons will be decimated if they get mobbed by these.
Notes for floor B67-70:

*There's Mandara here too.

New mosters on floor B71-74
Metar: The "evolved" form for the Alloyer. REALLY high physical defense, like
Alloyer. Be careful, because while you can hardly scratch it, it can whoop on
your hiney, so be careful. There's no Metar eggs, so you'll either have to fuse
for one (hard!), Ovaseed one (little bit easier, but Ovaseeds are rare), or
just raise an Alloyer (easy!) Like Alloyer, it has the useful 2XBlock trait,
which doubles defense. Wind-Class, like Alloyer.
Sphinx: It uses Water attacks, and uses tough physical moves. It has pretty sad
physical defense, so my S-Gance smeared it :-) Water-Class. It's volatile too
(changes form in fusion often)

No notes here. I'm starting to sound like a robot. That's cause I'm tired. Go
with it.

New monsters on floor B75-78 (almost done, but this is the most annoying set in
the game!)
Belzeb: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most evil,
annoying, and deadly monster in the entire game! It uses Chinook. "Not that
bad, I can always kill it to get the level back!" you say. But, with Chinook,
if you get hit twice with it, the first Chinook "sticks", and the level is
GONE. Forever. It rapid-fires Chinook, and you'll see at least 5 levels gone
for each one you see. I am NOT kidding. This thing is EVIL. And Wind-Class,
Ashra: The "evolved" form of the Arachne. It uses VERY powerful physical
attacks. Metar, if you have it, can easily beat it though. Water-Class, like
Barol: The "evolved" form of the Tundra. It's nearly exactly like the Odin and
Ifrit, because they all stem from the same monster (Flame!). Water-Class.
Paperis: A scorpion-lobster monster. High physical defense, and it likes to
poison your Tameons too. Nothing really special other than that. Fire-Class.
Notes for floor B75-78:

*ARGHHHHHH!!!! Do something about the frickin' Belzebs or they'll steal all
your levels! Don't ask me what to do, kill them or something! Don't mess around
with those things!

New monsters on floor B79:
ShoTroll: A troll with a weird sword-spike weapon. It acts just like all the
other Troll forms. Fire-Class.

No notes.

Floor 80: Boss time!

The boss here is Mephisto, the game's "Mage". He uses Helix 13 with EXCELLENT
proficiency, so get Kou out of the way as soon as possible! He comes with some
goons: Sphinx, Belzeb (CRAP!), Paperis, and Berol.

Mephisto and his cronies fall easily to any monster with at least 70 Physical
Attack. No
problem, really.

New Monsters on floor B80:
Mephisto: Looks like a relative of Cadavron. He uses Helix 13 verywell, so get
out of the way! I can't stress that enough. If you're out of the way, he can't
shoot you! VERY low physical defense. Wind-Class.

Otherwise, you'll just see the same things you saw on B79 here.

New Monsters on floor B81-84:
Amon: A bat Tameon. It's nothing special, though it can blind you. Water-Class.
Daedalus: The "evolved" form of Bomber. To get it, raise Bomber to level 10. BE
CAREFUL, IT'S GONNA BLOW!!!! Yes, this thing likes to blow itself up about as
much as Bomber does. You don't get any EXP when a Bomber or Daedalus blows
itself up. What a waste. It looks cool, though. Fire-Class.
Notes on floor B81-84

*Be careful of the Daedalus (Daedali?) here, since like I said, they often
self-destruct. :-(

New Monsters on floor B85-88
Succubus: A cute bat girl. She has low defense, and can cast powerful Fire
spells. She's cute, pick up a Heart egg for a Succubus. She's volatile (changes
for often in fusion), BTW. Fire-Class.
Serpent: Looks like Syldra from FFV. It uses physical attacks, and has high
defense. S-Gance should be around level 45 or so, now, so it can easily smash
Serpent. Water-Class.
Dydra: Weird, like some kind of amoeba or something. It's nothing special,
though it's rare enough to merit having an Ovaseed thrown at it :-)

No notes here.

New Monsters on floor B89-92 (Just a few more! Hang in there!)
Moai: It's an Easter Island head, like all the ones in Gradius :-) It's
obviously got high physical defense, since it's a big stone head :-) (Wow, two
smilies in one description!) Wind-Class.
Berserk: Hey, it's one of my relatives, Cat-man! It's a tiger with a sword with
high physical attack, but little magic power. Go ahead and keep an egg if you
find one. Wind-Class.
Vevil: I think she and Succubus are sisters :-) Vevil is a Harpy, half
bird-half girl. She, like all the other female monsters, has low defense and
attack, and high magic power. She, like Succubus, is found in Heart pattern
eggs. Wind-Class.
Ogre: ME OGRE! ME SMASH YOU! OK, calming down...now. Ogre is easily beaten with
a Tameon that has high physical attack. Smash smash smash! Fire-Class.

Once again, no notes. Well, actually, you should be finding good items here,
the best in the game. :-)

New Monsters on floor B93-96 (Almost there! Don't fall asleep!)
Baram: A weird spider critter with three heads. It's nothing special, really.
Pretty good physical attack, but no really special traits. Fire-Class.
DarKewne: Yes, what we've all been waiting for! Kewne's final form! And when
you see it close up, do you see something new, something frighteningly
improved? NO! It's just HyKewne with a different name! Even the stats and moves
are the same! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! This was the worst disappointment I've had in
this entire game :-( No-Class (Like Kou and Ghosh).
Hydra: We know what a Hydra looks like, don't we? This one looks sad (as in
emotionally sad, not pitiful!). It's very balanced, and nothing really high or
low. Water-Class.

Floor B97
All that's 'ere is DarKewne. that's it, just DarKewne. Do any healing you need
and such right now. If you'd like a DarKewne, and who wouldn't, they're cute,
come here.

Floor B98: The Final Battle!
Here it is, folks! The battle of the century! KOU VERSUS MAISOUL!!!!! Pay per
view, folks! It's gonna be great!

Remember all the way back on floor 26, there was a statue of a two-headed
dragon skeleton. Well, it wasn't a skeleton. It was an accurate depiction of
MaiSoul, the game's strongest monster, devourer of human souls. MySoul,
Maisoul, hmmm...

MaiSoul is very, very, very, very strong. Its nasty Darkling spell can easily
kill poor Kou in one hit (Can you say 99 damage?), so like you did with
Mephisto, GET OUT OF THE FRICKIN' WAY!!!!!!!!!! I was easily killed by that
move, in one good shot he took me out. It has the best stats of any monster in
the game, so you'll have trouble there too. And that's not all, he has Cronies
too! He has with him a DarKewne (!) , S-Gance (!!!), Dok (!!), and Mephisto
(!!!!), all the bosses in the game ('cept for DarKewne) together.

Have your strongest physical attack run in and kill the DarKewne, so it can't
get in any lucky Darkling shots. Then take out Mephisto, so he can't Helix 13
you to death, and after that Dok, then S-Gance. After that, as long as MaiSoul
hasn't consumed your soul using Darkling yet, you're ready to take on the main
man himself. Oh yeah, and 2 Vivirays or so will REALLY help.

New Monsters on floor B98:
MaiSoul: DUM DUM DUMMMM!!!! Maisoul, like I said, has an ultra-mega-super
powerful Darkling spell. Ouch! And it has a seriously high physical attack and
defense, so you're kinda blocked either way. Stay out of it's line of sight so
it can't shoot Darkling at you, and have S-Gance or any other good physical
attacker hammer away on it. With a lot of luck, he'll go down before you do.

Notes on floor B98:


Floor B99: The End of the End

When/If you waste MaiSoul, you can finally go to floor B99. There's four things
here: A WindGem, A Scary egg, a Bat egg, and a Skull egg. This is the very
bottom of the tower, so use a WindGem.

Now after the REAL ending, and the revalation that you can go on, look at your
new eggs. Dok (!!!), Mephisto (!!!!!!!!!), and, yes, MAISOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whee hee! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, you're EVIL now!

New Monsters on floor B99
Dok: A robot monster, apparently. It has very high defense power because it,
similarly to Alloyer and Metar, has the BlockX2 trait. Has pretty good attack
too. Water-Class.
Mephisto: Ummm. It casts Helix 13, and can do so quite well. In fact, all it
should be doing is cast Helix 13, even though that's a waste of the cool scythe
it carries. It's good to set it at AI level 3 as well, because that makes it
cast the super-cool PaleOne spell, which makes Kou's attack decent. Wind-Class.
MaiSoul: I can't stop raving about this thing. It has the
super-ultra-mega-super-really really big-powerful Darkling spell, which,
although HyKewne and DarKewne have it, they don't use it half, or even a
quarter as well. Did I mention this thing rules? It has excellent physical
attacks, powerful defenses, more magic power than any other creature in the
game, really high HP (60 at level 1!!!!!!), really high magic defense, and if
you don't want any of that you can simply sell the egg for over 10K gold :-)
You'll never ever need another monster after you get this. Trust me. Actually,
you shouldn't be playing the game after you get this, because there's nothing
else to do. :-)

Well, nothing left to do but send in the Maisoul. Oh yes, slay things. Wee! In
fact, go to that Souvenir floor in the basement and slay all those annoying
Souvenir with Maisoul! Whee! Whee! Whee!

After this, well, you're done. Thanks for reading this walkthrough, and I hope
it helped you. You don't have much else to do now, though you can fill your
monster book if you'd like, and tell me if you get anything for doing so.


Once, in the town of Monsbaiya, on an unknown year, there lived a man named Guy
and his wife Heath. Guy and Heath had a baby, who was named Kou. Over the
years, Guy taught Kou many things, among them being kind to women and monsters.
Guy was a treasure hunter, who made a living from climbing the "Monster Tower",
which was, obviously, a 30-floor tower full of monsters.

On Kou's 12th birthday, Guy had gone to the tower. He never came back. It had
rained that night, the first time it had rained in many years. Guy was never
seen again.

Three years later, it was Kou's first birthday; his Day of Passing! This meant
he could finally enter the Monster Tower as his father had. Kou met his
father's favorite Tameon, or tamed monster, whose name was Kewne. Kewne could
not remember what had happened to Guy, but decided to be Kou's first familiar

Kou had trouble climbing up the tower at first, because both he and Kewne were
not used to climbing up. Eventually, however, Kou was able to help Kewne and
many other monsters he raised from eggs grow stronger.

He met many new friends as he climbed, among them Mazrim the conjurer, Attley
the huntress, and Skale the thief. They helped him in many ways in his
adventures. He also met a strange, blue-haired, red-eyed man around the 10th
floor, who gave him the ability to keep 2 Tameons with him at once.

He continued going up the tower, returning to the Town to sell items and
improve his house, until he reached the 20th floor of the tower. There he met a
strange Tyranosaur-like monster named Gance, who could talk. Gance ordered Kou
to leave, and when he did not Gance attacked with a vengance.

It took Kou many tries, but he eventually defeated Gance. He moaned "NOOOOO!!!"
when he was defeated. Kou continued climbing up the tower, battling monsters
and collecting gold and treasure, until he reached the 29th floor. There was
Gance again, only he had been transformed into S-Gance.

Before he had reached this floor, Mazrim had been telling him about his father.
Guy had used to climb the tower with a partner, with strange, glowing red eyes.
There on the 29th floor, he met this man. Apparently, the strange man was
Gance's master, and sicced Gance on Kou.

This battle was even more difficult then the first against Gance, but once
again Kou was able to beat S-Gance. He ascended to the 30th floor.

There, Kou was finally able to confront his father's partner, a wizard whose
name was Beldo. Beldo told Kou of how he and his father had once reached this
floor long ago. They found the Ultimate Egg, which was a very powerful monster
egg. Beldo had attempted to slay Guy in order to take the Ultimate Egg for
himself. However, before he could finish the job, Guy had charged at Beldo and
sliced off his right arm. He then sealed the Ultimate Egg forever. Beldo
finished off Guy, and while one of Guy's familars (A Univern, incidentally :-)
ran off, Beldo walked over and fused with Kewne, Guy's other familiar, making
Kewne his new right arm.

Kewne flies into the room now (if he's with you he'll just go over to Beldo),
and becomes Beldo's arm again. Ghosh, Kou's rival, also comes in and discovers
that just had Beldo had defeated Kou's dad, he had also slain Ghosh's teacher
long ago. Ghosh valiantly attacks Beldo, but to no avail. Beldo attacks and
seriously wounds Ghosh, who Kou orders to go home, as he'll take care of Beldo.

Kou battled bravely against Beldo, landing a stunningly poweful blow (well, at
least in my game he did :-). However, it's useless, and Beldo deals Kou a
critical wound. Suddenly, Kewne unfuses from Beldo and attacks, defeating Beldo
with his ultimate move, the "Final Shot". Kou walks up to the Ultimate Egg and
undoes the seal. He takes the egg, and returns home, where Wreath and the other
people in the village were very worried, as it was raining again like it had
long ago.

The morning after defeating Beldo, Kou decides to hatch the Ultimate Egg. Kewne
becomes powered up, and reccomends that Kou climb the tower again, as there may
be more secrets.

Kou grabs Kewne and any other Tameons he'd like with him, and climbs all the
way up the tower. He remembered that before, on the 25th and 26th floors, there
was a huge effigy of a two-headed skeletal dragon and a strange crystal. Now,
when he reached the crystal, it activated, revealing a strange recording of an
Ancient. The Ancient said that the monster that was the subject for the statue
on the floor below was the "Monster of Legends", that had commited genocide on
the ancients and consumed thier souls. Kou decided to continue climbing to see
if he could find anything on the "Monster of Legends"

At the 30th floor, Kewne was able to stand where the Ultimate Egg had been and
teleport Kou and his Tameons to the "Floor of the Sky". There, Kou heard an the
voice of the "Monster of Legends". "Come to the bottom floor of the Tower's
basement and meet me!" was essentialy what the voice said, and opened up a way
to go into the basement of the tower. The Monster then gave Kou what would
eventually be it's own downfall: Two powerful eggs containing rare monsters.
One was an immensely powerful version of Kewne called HyKewne, and the other
was a Gance egg. These were some of the strongest Tameons Kou would encounter
throughout his quest, and with proper care they became faithful friends with

Kou used the "desender" leading to the bottom floor of the tower. He had to
proceed through the 97-floor basment to do so, however. On the way he battled
two of the "Monster of Legends"' cronies named Dok and Mephisto. These were
easy battles for Kou however, because of his powerful Tameon friends.

After a long and difficult trek, he finally reached the 98th floor of the
tower. There, he was able to meet the Monster of Legends, a creature named
MaiSoul. MaiSoul had called for Kou to come down to his lair because he wanted
to consume Kou's soul.

Kou battled corageusly against MaiSoul, and after a long, tiring battle Kou and
his Tameons triumphed against the skeletal dragon beast. It screamed as it
died, and revealed a final "desender" leading to floor 99 of the Tower.

On Floor 99, Kou found his very own MaiSoul egg, as well as a Dok and Mephisto
egg. Kou continued to scale to tower, hoping to become the best monster trainer
alive. He did so knowing that he had finally avenged his father and the souls
of the Ancients.


4. Hints and Tips

OK, here's the NEW Tameon Fusion updates! We've found the good ones! The one's
we've been missing! They're here! They're here! Whoo hoo!

Of course, these all rely on you having your monsters above or at level 10
beforehand. Lower levels lead to worse results. Trust me.

HyKewne: Yes, apparently Kimberly White has indeed found HyKewne through

Kewne + ShoTroll = Hykewne! (BUT IT MUST BE DURING FIRE SEASON!)

If this can be confirmed, PLEASE TELL ME! Also, Kimmy says that her game froze
up when she fought Beldo. Weird!

(NOTE: The above HyKewne thing DOES NOT WORK! If you want Kimmy's email adress
so you can flame her, just ask (JUST KIDDING!) Maybe I did it wrong or

Blith: (This method is from DragoonAkira) We've found many Bliths, but the most
efficient one is:

Dragon + Anything = Blith

It seems to work too!

Bahamut: (This method is from "Sneezy Sneezy") We haven't found a total Bahamut
yet. Apparently, it's

Baram + _____ = Bahamut

I haven't the foggiest what the blank is.

Arkis: This is from Joe.

Dragon + Zu = Arkis

Easily done, eh?

Leviath: This is also from Joe.

Serpent + Viper = Leviath (BUT IT MUST BE A PEDIGREE SERPENT!)

Once again, it's pretty easy.

Thord: Yup, it's good ol' Joe again.

Dragon + Leviath = Thord

Leviath?! Argh! Curses! After all the work we did to get it, we're just fusing
it away! Crap!

Godhand: Easy one! Squall sent this in. It's the easiest formula yet!

Daymare + Ashra = Godhand!

Whoo hoo!

And that's all of 'em, 'cept Bahamut.

Feel free to send some in at [email protected]! Questions, comments, hint/tips,
anything! Spain is boring, I need more e-mail!

Try to get as many Ovaseeds as possible. They turn enemy monsters into eggs for
you! Whoo hoo!

You must always, always, always have ONLY 5 items, including Familiars, when
you enter the tower. Otherwise you can't get in. Argh!

GET A BARONG! They turn items thrown at them into new items. Put them to sleep
to use an Ovaseed on them, or else they'll eat the Ovaseed! :-)

Don't bother with the map. The levels are so small you won't really need it.

Ditch MonstEyes, TrueSpecs, StarSpecs, and anything related to the map,
likewise. You don't need it.

Should you get your hands on a GoldWand, SELL IT! GoldWands are worth a ton!
ArmWands are worth even more, but those are too useful to sell.

Should you find the super-ultra-rare-really-mega-super-ultra-mega-rare ArmWand,
well, you are now super-ultra-mega strong. It's the only wand that can be
tempered with Red Sand, does good damage, doesn't rust, is worth a ton, helps
with your fusion, it slices, dices, and makes tons of coleslaw! Wee!

The GoldWand says it turns defeated monsters into coins, but I don't think it
really does.

There's also a "secret" wand called the LifeWand. You only find it in the
basement. When you attack with it, you absorb the same amount of life as damage
you do! Useful! It's really rare though. If you don't want to keep it, it, like
the Arm and Gold Wands, sells for quite a bit.

At one point in the game, when you get around 10 or 15 floors into the tower,
an old man wiil ask you to find the LakeBell, SunBell, and WindBell. You can
find these on the same floors where you find Souvenirs. To get the bells, find
a Souvenir thats more white than green and defeat it, and you'll get the bell.
When you get them all, not only does the town look better, but the old man
gives you a Kid (baby dragon) egg! Whoo hoo! At level 10, Kid transforms into
Dragon! Actually, it's kind of a lame prize becaue the bells are sorta hard to
find. A few people writing to me have had trouble with it, and I did too on my
first play-through.

Kewne is one of the better Tameons, hang on to him (actually you can't get rid
of him!) However, HyKewne and DarKewne, which you find later, are the exact
same thing with better magic. Use them instead.

The best fighting Tameon, says Jimeous, author of the Azure Dreams List/Data
FAQ (EXCELLENT RESOURCE!), is one that has been enhanced by seeds. He also says
most people agree that otherwise it's MaiSoul! HyKewne, DarKewne, and Kewne
itself aren't bad either, as is Phoenix, Wraith, and Cyclops. Well, maybe not
Phoenix, but it does look cool! Yankash, however, is possibly the best
non-Maisoul Tameon. It looks cool, and has high starting stats, and good traits

Tameon is pronounced "Tam-ee-on". This is probably the most useful tip of the
entire set :-)

In legends, a familiar is an animal that witches used to focus their magics.
Black cats are familiars, as are rats, toads, and newts.

When fusing, always make sure to pick the monster with the better stats as the
base. (Note: Well, not really! The resulting monster from a fusion will have
the better stats of the parents!)

Azure means blue. Well, that's kinda obvious.

Classes: Water beats Fire, loses to Wind. Wind beats Water, loses to Fire. Fire
beats Wind, loses to Water. Water is the best class because of the large
amounts of Wind monsters. Anti is good against everything, and None is equally
affected by everything.

Get out your DarKewne (Come on, I know you used an Ovaseed on one, everyone
does when they first see it :-), and look at its Skills screen. For some
reason, it lists the Anti-class Darkling spell as Fire-Class! Well, at least it
does for my DarKewne...

If you throw any item at an enemy, the effect of the item will be used on them.
For example, TumaSeeds turn them into frogs, DubSeeds double their speed,
LarSeeds lower their level (useful!), etc. etc.

If you throw a WindGem at a wild monster, it dies instantly and you get no EXP.
This doesn't work on bosses.

If throw an OlimSeed at a wild monster, it dies instantly and you don't exit
the tower. Also doesn't work on bosses.

Larseeds work on bosses if thrown, so collect a few and use them to help with
the tougher ones.

At level 10, some critters change form. I've actually done all of these, it's
not hard. Some of the "evolved" forms look cool, like Univern an' Saber! :-)

Wump->Catawump (at level 2)
Gance->S-Gance (at level 10 when fused)

Try all those, the "evolved" forms are a lot stronger!

Some monsters change form with Seeds.

Flame/Ranklin + SeaSeed = Tundra
Flame/Tundra + WindSeed = Ranklin
Tundra/Ranklin + Lumiseed = Flame
Fireball/Submar + WindSeed = Cyclone
Cyclome/Fireball + SeaSeed = Submar
Cyclone/Submar + Lumiseed = Fireball

The stats don't change with the form, they stay the same.

Some monsters are very "volatile", they are prone to changing form when fused.
These are:

HyKewne (it ALWAYS changes form)

Expect a form change if you fuse them at level 10 or above! :-)

Some monsters have higher attack power than it seems on the status screen.
These are:

!BAAL! (Baal has the highest attack in the game, even more than MaiSoul!)
Maisoul :-)

These monsters do lots of one-hit kills.

Some monsters, likewise, have higher defense than it seems on the status
screen. They are:

Maisoul :-)

As you can see, Fencer, HyKewne, Gance, S-Gance, and MaiSoul are incredibly
good. They're all hard to find though.

And as would be expected, some monstes have less attack then it appears:


And some have less defense

Arachne (not Ashra)
Bomber (not Daedalus)

Note that all those are based on my own personal observations, and I'm not sure
if they've been proven.

When set at AI level 3, any monster with Helix 13 casts PaleOne on Kou, making
his attack pretty strong. Also, any with the fire version of Helix 13 casts
FireBird, and the water version casts BlueFear. I only noted this because these
are the best-looking spells in the game, and are very strong. If you set
DarKewne, HyKewne, or MaiSoul to AI level 3 they cast Baele, which is pretty
strong. Also, if you set Kewne to AI level 3 and don't use a weapon, he'll cast
FireFist or another karate spell on you. Intresting, but not much else.

If you set MaiSoul, DarKewne, or HyKewne to AI level three, they use the Baelen
spell on you, which looks cool and does lots of Anti-Class damage. Apparently
it's some kind of frog spell :-) Go ahead and set one of them to 3 for a second
and try out Baelen, it's cool. Baelen was a god of war, BTW.

What annoys me is how Undine doesn't change for with seeds. How hard could it
have been for it to be Succubus with a Fireseed and Vevil with a Windseed?

Status Effects:

Poison: Lose 1 HP for every action taken.
Paralyze: Can't move for 1 or more turns (random number of turns)
Sleep: Sleep for a random number of turns (dispelled if physically attacked, or
hit with Darkling)
Anorexia: Cannot feed familiars.
Confusion: Familiar wanders and attacks aimlessly. Dispelled if physically
attacked, or Darkling.
Blind: Familiar wanders around aimlessly.
ElfRein: Familiar AI is improved, and you can bring it back into the bag even
if it's offscreen. Useful.

Name Changes:
(GBC-PSX is the format)


Neat Differences Between Azure Dreams PSX and GBC

* At least 70 of the monsters in the GBC version are exclusive to it. MaiSoul
was unheard of in Azure Dreams PSX, as was all our favorites like Quack (Ghosh
fought with a sword alone), Fencer, Phoenix, Nanoo, Yankash, and most all the

*However, there was a monster that didn't quite make the cut here. Called
Weadog, this wasn't a very popular critter, for all it did was feed the other
monsters and put them to sleep. However, you might notice that Nanoo has the
same command.

*Quack is in Azure Dreams GBC, as I was told by Ronald Graves. Cool. Quack's

*Instead of just donating money to Nico to improve your town, you actually
built the town YOURSELF! You could build a casino, temple, fountain, and all
sorts of other things. They should've left this in the game.

*You couldn't do the basement "second quest" in the PSX version, it was removed
from the game, or so I've heard.

*At the top of the tower you got HyKewne, instead of the "Powering Up" of

*No such thing as Gance; and thus there were no bosses either, except I presume
at the top. I merely rented a copy to get this info, actually, and couldn't get
that far.

*The difficulty level was cranked WAYYYYYY down for the GBC version; in the PSX
version I had trouble finding Wind Crystals (as they're called in the PSX game)
to leave, and could easily get my sad self killed on the second floor. It was
similar to Chocobo's Dungeon 2 like this :-)

*You could find Noise on the first floor, intrestingly.

*All the spells had different names, and there were no Water or Wind attack
spells. Darkling was called Dark Wave, etc. etc.

*All the monsters looked a lot better, if only because of the system change.

*There was a seperate subquest in which you would win the love of 8 different
girls (in the Japanese version Ghosh as well :-); among them Nico, the
shopkeeper Fur, Selfi (though you already get her in the GBC version), and a
bunch of other girls not seen in the GBC version. Female players didn't care
for this, of course, which greatly accounts for the PSX version's low ratings.
They all had to give you a kiss when you left for the tower, too :-)

*All (and I mean ALL) the items were renamed.

*An intresting fact is that the Blessed Sword, or Blessire as we call it, would
be "upgraded" at +20, so it would shoot off cool shiny sparks when you
attacked. I wonder if that would work here, except I sold my Blessire when I
got my ArmWand :-)

*Ovaseeds, or Roche Fruits as they were called, were super-ultra-rare. I found
ONE in my 10 or so Tower trips. That's NOT cool.

*Eggs were a lot rarer, actually most of the items we take for granted were a
lot rarer, like Tovaseeds, Tumaseeds, and all those other "common" items.

*There was no such thing as Oil. Oil's not very useful anyway, actually.

*The monsters had a bit more uniqueness about them (is uniqueness a word? I can
make up my own words if I want to, once again) Examples:

Mandara had a Spin move that would confuse all the foes around it (THAT'S why
it's shaped like a dish!)
Glacier would make a big ice wall and fling it at the enemies.
Volcano would, errr, crap lava. No, I'm not kidding. The lava would get in the
way of enemies, too.
Catawump could annoyingly force your familiar back in the bag :-)
Dragon could eat anything metal to regain all it's MP, including money :-)
Nyuel could regain all it's MP by eating any herb. Useful.

There's others, too.

*Though Mushrom, Soilclaw, and Genny were in the PSX version, they were passive
only; you couldn't get them as Tameons (they weren't called Tameons those days
either, actually!).

5. Tameon List

Form: ID#. Name (BASIC CLASS): Description of Tameon in Monster Book
My Description

000. Kewne (FIRE): Speaks human language; originally a form of bred dragon.
The monster you first find in the game. Comes with goggles :-) (THAT THING'S

001. Wump (WIND): Catawump's young.
A blob seen on the first floor. Looks like a marshmallow :-) Eggs are Cutesy

002. Catawump (WIND): Found most numerously near the Tower entrance.
Just Wump with ears. Raise Wump to level 2 to obtain. Called Palunpa in Azure
Dreams PSX. Very, very weak.

003. Fireball (FIRE): Has the power to paralyze other monsters.
An eyeball with four flames in the corners. Give SeaSeed for Submar and
WindSeed for Cyclone.

004. Genny (WATER): Generates electricity internally by rolling.
A frog-like creature. Uses Paralyze attacks. Annoying in the basement.

005. Mushrom (WIND): Capable of causing paralysis.
Doesn't use Paralyze often. Casts Chinook (lowers level). Easily killed. Seen
in Azure Dreams PSX, but not as a Tameon. This monster has the lowest stats of
any monster in this game :-(

006. Troll (FIRE): Handy with the hammer, tomahawk and sword.
Can be given weapons to change form: Hammer for Hamtroll, Tomahawk for
Tomtroll, TrollArm for ShoTroll. Seen in Azure Dreams PSX.

007. HamTroll (FIRE): Handy with the hammer, tomahawk, and sword.
Stats are unchanged from Troll, it just looks different. Attack is higher than
Troll, just not listed on the status screen.

008. Frost (WATER): Induces sleep with blizzards.
Uses Sleep, which nearly triples attack power. Annoying, and dangerous at the
beginning of your quest or with low-level Tameons.

009. Noise (WIND): Loves music. Blows a spell-sealing horn.
Commonly seen in Azure Dreams PSX. Uses SpellSeal, and is protected against
spell sealing itself.

010. Baloon (FIRE): Baloon-like monster that lives aloft in air.
Uses NextFloor, which instantly sends you to the next floor, obviously. Useful
when acquiring Phoenix, Yankash, and Quack.

011. Cyclone (WIND): A monster who can induce anorexia with a glare.
Created by giving Fireball a WindSeed. Often changes form during fusion.
Related directly to Wraith and Cyclops. Anorexia is a condition when you cannot
feed your familiars.

012. Flame (FIRE): A common type of fire-sprite; prevents paralysis.
Changes form when given seeds; give SeaSeed for Tundra and WindSeed for
Ranklin. Very balanced.

013. Ifrit (FIRE): Shields master's Tameons from paralysis.
Made when Flame reaches level 10. Powerful. Changes into Barol with SeaSeed and
Odin with WindSeed.

014. Volcano (FIRE): Able to raise a master's attack/defense powers.
It does just that. Uses fire magic. In the PSX version it would crap lava :-)
I'm not kidding.

015. Blume (WATER): Carnivorous plant. Has brainwashing pollen.
Uses Brainwash, most of the time. This is deadly with a MaiSoul or similar
monster :-( Not as good for you as it is against you. Trust me.

016. Analoeba (WATER): Good defenses and troublesome special power.
"Troublesome" is right! This one transforms into your Tameons!

017. Submar (WATER): Capable of submerged reconnaissance of the tower.
It makes maps for you, which is kinda handy, but not super-useful like Baloon.
Turns into Fireball with Lumiseed, and Cyclone with Windseed.

018. Daymare (WIND): Has good defenses and the ability to induce sleep.
Annoying as an enemy, since it puts you to sleep and then attacks for double
damage. Good defenses, like it says, but low attack.

019. Galelop (WIND): Fusing with one intensifies magic.
Casts Chinook which is annoying. Fuse this one into Mephisto for an excellent
upgrade for Mephisto. :-) Changes into Cadavron at level 10, which makes it an
even better mage.

020. Cadavron (WIND): It's magic is a chlling as its name.
Looks cool :-) Good to fuse into Mephisto. Doesn't cast Chinook as often as
Clown, hardly at all. Clown becomes Cadavron at level 10.

021. TomTroll (FIRE): Handy with hammers, tomahawk, and sword.
To get one, give a Tomahawk to a Troll. Has higher attack than Troll, but it
isn't shown on the status screen.

022. Griffin (FIRE): Mountain-dweller; prevents theft.
Useful against those annoying Souvenirs. Changes to Grineut at level 10. Not a
very good mage.

023. Grineut (FIRE): Lives with Men; can shield it's things from theft.
About the same as Griffin. Bad with magic. Griffin becomes this at level 10.

024. Kraken (WATER): Squid-like being with good defenses.
Uses Paralyze as a counterattack. Annoying.

025. Tundra (WATER): Type of ice sprite; capable of inducing sleep
Looks cool. Made from Flame if Flame is given a SeaSeed. Becomes Flame with
Lumiseed, Ranklin with Windseed.

026. Nyuel (WATER): A friendly creature; used as means of transport
That's odd, didn't seem so "friendly" when it beat up Kewne... Good healer.
Becomes Batnyuel at level 10. Looks like an ostrich. Maybe a Chocobo relative?
When fed any herb it gets most MP back, in the PSX version. Maybe that works
too in the GBC version? Haven't tried it.

027. Batnyuel (WATER): Has good defenses and poison-resistance
Similar to Nyuel, with better stats. Made from Nyuel at level 10.

028. Soilclaw (WIND): Goes underground and searches for traps.
Casts Chinook. It can, like the description says, find traps for you. Good for
avoiding Rust.

029. ShoTroll (FIRE): Handy with hammer, tomahawk, and sword.
Troll with a strange curvy sword weapon. Higher attack and defense than Troll,
but not shown on the status screen.

030. Guardian (FIRE): A guardian of the tower; cannot be found outside
Powerful physical attacks, crummy magic. You'll see this pattern a lot.

031. Barong (FIRE): Gives out experience points; modifies items.
This is great! It changes any item you throw at it into a different item. Also,
it gets double experience points, like Kou.

032. Arachne (WATER): Very fierce; highly valuable as a Tameon.
Just like it says, very fierce. It has double attack power, and gives any
Familiars its fused into the same trait, unless they already have 2XBlock.

033 Ashra (WATER): Very fierce and worshipped as a god of war.
Souldn't that be Ash-U-ra? Oh well. Very similar to Arachne, and very high
attack power. Sells for a lot.

034. Garuda (WIND): A monster that protects the Tower from outsiders.
When it has low HP, it grabs your Tameon and teleports away, only to be killed
by the Tameon it took, and the Tameon comes back by itself. Not very smart, is

035. Souvenir (WIND): A monster who loves to steal
The second most annoying monster in the game. It steals your stuff, then
teleports away, then runs as fast as its little legs will take it if it sees
you again. They carry a Bell (one of the special ones) if they are more white
than green.

036: Viper (WATER): Half snake, half Man; has attack lowering venom
Just like it says, each attack from it could lower your attack power.

037: Alloyer (WIND): A metal-bodied being with high defense power
Once again, the description tells it all: High defense power.

038: Metar (WIND): A metal=bodied being with high defense power
See Alloyer, there's not much difference except Metar looks better.

039: Unicap (WIND): High-MP, agile type of dragon
This doesn't look like a dragon either! What's wrong with these people!
Annoying bugger, uses Blind attacks and can't be blinded itself. When blinded,
your Tameon wanders around randomly. Kou can't be blinded, BTW.

040: Univern (WIND): High-MP, agile type of dragon who can fly
This one sorta looks like a dragon. It, like Unicap, uses Blind attack spells
and can't be blinded.

041: Zu (WIND): A lion-faced harpie with the power to paralyze.
Just like it says, it enjoys paalyzing you and your Tameons, and then hitting
for around triple damage. Ouch.

042: Sizar (WIND): Able to suprise hunters by changing body color.
Actually, it goes invisible, and it's not very suprising if it stands right in
front of you and you can't move, so you're forced to attack and kill it. It's
AI isn't very smart, you see :-) High attack power.

043: Naprus (FIRE): Usually asleep. High HP and defense power.
It has the BeautySleep trait, which makes it sleep on command to restore HP.
However, it can often fall asleep during a fight, which is bad. :-)

044: Killer (FIRE): Inflicts blows from axe-like knobs on both arms.
REALLY high attack power. Eggs are common too, but be careful when you see it
in the wild, because it CAN kill you.

045. Saskatch (WATER): A friendly monster found in snowy mountains.
Once again, I don't see how "friendly" it is when it attacks my Tameons :-) Has
the rare SharkJaw spell, and the SoulStrike trait. Changes to Saber at level

046: Saber (WATER):Snowy mountain-dweller; high attack power, HP.
Like Saskatch, only more so. Painful attacks. Looks cool. Any questions?

047: Mandara (WATER): Has high HP and the power to confuse monsters.
A good healer with the Ablution spell. Does indeed confuse monsters, but
prefers to use physical attacks. Looks like a dish :-)

048 Octos (WATER): Octopus-like and good to eat. Can blind players.
Can blind playas? A playa-hata? Yikes! It does use Blind, but once again
prefers physical attacks.

049: Behemoth (FIRE): Called "Desert Duster"; very fierce.
I didn't find it very fierce at all, and why does it have such a strange
nickname? It's not very strong. Uses Riot! though, which is a good trait.

050: Gronmon (FIRE): Can only be found in the tower, and then rarely.
Looks like a cyborg dragon. Strong physical attacks, beware, OR FACE THE

051: Kid (FIRE): Dragon's young; turns into one as it grows.
Kid is a weaker version of the Dragons you find around floor 27-8 of the tower,
though that's kinda obvious. An interesting note is that if you use an OvaSeed
on Dragon, you'll get a Kid egg. It turns into Dragon at level 10.

052: Dragon (FIRE): Rex monster is; top class attack defense power.
I transcribed the above description exactly from the monster book, just so you
don't think I've lost my sense of grammar or something. Aside from the odd
description, Dragon is a good monster, with well-balanced stats. Kinda like
Kewne on some major 'roids :-)

053: Glacier (ICE): Iceberg-dweller; crystalline warts on back
Glacier, or as I call it, "Chilly Chicken", isn't very good. It's balanced, but
with LOW stats that are balanced. It's spell is bad too.

054: Golem (WIND): A being created by a warlock; top-class powers.
Umm... It's like Alloyer, and Metar, and all the other "low-attack,
high-defense" monsters. Nothing new at all, it even looks kinda like Metar.

055: Gance (FIRE): A magical being created to resemble dragons.
I would bet several million gold that they got this and Dragon's description
mixed up. Gance has top class attack and defense power, and is a Rex monster.
Dragon could have been created just to resemble dragons. Gance is possibly the
best Non-Maisoul monster in the game, but it competes with Yankash for the
position. Raise it to level 10, then fuse it for S-Gance.

056: S-Gance (FIRE): A magical being created to resemble dragons.
Didn't spare much creativity on the description here, no siree. Pretty much
Gance on 'roids (really potent 'roids :-).

057: Cyclops (WIND): A giant who can induce anorexia with a glare.
I think this thing is related to Cyclone, somehow. If you keep fusing Cyclone,
you'll end upw it this eventually.

058: Centaur (FIRE): Somewhat timid; shoots arrows from afar.
Like it says, it likes to shoot at you. Ouchies. It's not that timid, though,
and it will attack physically if you get too close.

059: Lycanth (WATER): An agile monster with a penchant for howling.
A cool-looking monster. It uses Howl, which can paralyze your monsters, and
can't be Howled itself. Quite fitting, isn't it? :-)

060: Hanuman (WIND): Cloud-riding monkey-like monster.
Wasn't there a TV show called Monkey Magic with a critter like this? It's not
very strong physically, but it's pretty good with magic. It is a good physical
attacker, because of it's AttackUp trait, and can paralyze as well, but can't
take a hit.

061: Naga (WATER): Part human, part snake; can blunt poison.
Like the desription says, it has ToxScreen, meaning it's hard to poison. It
protects you and your other Tameons from poison too. It also has Ablution, a
nice healing spell.

062: Cognita (WIND): Always in deep thought; can seal spells.
It can indeed seal spells, and can't have its spells sealed itself. Cyclone is
known to turn into this when fused.

063: Ogre (FIRE): Attacks travelers in the woods; very dangerous
Like it says, very dangerous. Very strong phsyical attacks and defense.

064: Spriggan (WIND): A type of fairy who rarely reveals itself.
Like it says, it spends most of its time invisible. It can't be stolen from,
and uses Blind attacks. Ouchywawa :-).

065: Ranklin (WIND): A garden-variety thunder sprite; can paralyze.
It's just Flame and Tundra all over again. At level 10 it changes into Odin,
and if fed a Fireseed you get Flame, and a SeaSeed you get Tundra. I think I'll
put a couple of smilies here because this part doesn't have enough smilies.
It's depressing. :-) :-) :-)

066: Cali (FIRE): Protects monsters; has great special powers.
It has the Soulstrike power, which is a great physical attack. It also has
great physical defense due to its DefenseUp power.

067: Moai (WIND): Slow, but has top-class defense power.
Whoo hoo! Look at that defense! And that's WITHOUT the BlockX2 power or
DefenseUp power! Whee! It isn't that slow, actually :-)

068: Daedalus (FIRE): Created by wizards; high attack/defense powers.
It's really strong, actually. Easy to get, too; raise Bomber to level 10 for
one. Be careful though, as it likes to blow itself up. More smilies are needed
here :-) :-) :-)

069: Dydra (WATER): A water giant who recovers HP by sleeping.
Like it says, it has the BeautySleep trait, meaning it likes to put itself to
sleep to increase it's HP recovery rate, like Phoenix and Naprus. Good HP and
physical attacks.

070: Fencer (FIRE): A monster imbued with a master fencer's spirit.
It has the PrimeMover skill, which is the game's strongest attack, and it's the
ONLY one with that attack. Very, very, very powerful, and it looks cool. Brave
Fencer Musashi! Hi-yah!

071: Mummy (WATER): Product of tomb-raiding; can restore HP
ANOTHER monster with BeautySleep? What an overused trait, and it's not even
very good! :-) The product of Tomb Raiding? No, I'm not going to put any Lara
Croft jokes. Must...resist...Lara...Croft...jokes... :-)

072: Berserk (WIND): Top-class monster; has a sword and a temper
Hey, it's cousin Jim! (Get it?) This Cat-man (NOT KATMAN!) has good attack
power. This game overuses the phrase "top-class", doesn't it? :-)

073: Baal (FIRE): A spider-shaped monster with three faces.
It has super great physical attack power, and is relatively easy to obtain with
lots of Arachne fusion. It has both AttackX2 and AttackUp! Wowza! Great for

074: Amon (WATER): Rarely seen with a great bat-like appearance
It isn't THAT rare, but it does look similar to a bat. Nothing special, except
that it's a good healer with MagicUp and Wellfall.

075: Belzeb (WIND): AKA Fly Lord; moves fast, creates confusion
No no no, it doesn't confuse you, it permanently steals your levels! Yep, this
annoying bug enjoys rapid-firing Chinook spells at you, and as we all know if
you get hit by two Chinooks in a row your first level is PERMANENTLY gone!
Ouch! Also, if you get hit by one Chinook, then kill the Belzeb, you get your
level back, but all of your EXP up to that point is PERMANENTLY gone!
ARGHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Kill it! Kill it now!

076: Succubus (FIRE): Absorbs HP, brainwashes.
It uses Brainwash, which can be deadly if you have a strong Tameon with you
that gets brainwashed and decides to smash your face in. Ouchywawa. Kewne is
immune to Brainwash, but by the time you see this girl he's already become

077: Undine (WATER): The beautiful water-sprite; protects masters.
RecoverX2 is a unique trait, it doubles the amount of healing you get from
spells and items. Yowza! Well, actually it's about as useful as you would
think. Not really useful, actually. Bleah. It works best with Undine itself,
because Undine has the Ablution spell, the game's best healing spell. It does
have DefenseUp though, a good trait. Good for fusion. Suprisingly, it doesn't
change form with Seeds.

078: Siren (WIND): Mermaid-like wind sprite with bewitching songs
Now this annoys me. Why doesn't Undine become Succubus with a Fireseed and
Siren with a Windseed? Why, why? This itself is pretty good, and she's cute,
too, but Brainwash and Spellseal are not good traits. Good if you like status
effects, as it can Paralyze, Brainwash, and Silence enemies.

079: Baram (WIND): Has three faces and the lower body of a great beast
Ouchies! It has really, really, really good Physical attack, second only to
Baal and Maisoul. It also has the Threats skill, which makes the enemy run

080: Strass (WATER): Bird-like master of poison control; high MP
Lower physical attack and defense than it says on the Status screen, but it's
really good with magic, and of course poisoning and preventing poison. Cyclone
is known to turn into this.

To tell you the truth, I never found number 081, though I heard it was Godhand.
Any help?

082: Chimera (WATER): An agile creature with great special powers
It's similar to Siren, in that is uses all sorts of special status-effect
powers. It's a good healer too, with Ablution.

083: Bomber (FIRE): A being who self-detonates to inflict damage
Like it says, it self-destructs often. (KOFFING! KOFF! KOFFING!) At level 10 it
becomes Daedalus.

084: Paperis (FIRE): Has good defense; sometimes spreads poisons
It randomly poisons with normal attacks, making it a pretty good choice. Looks
like a lobster crossed with a scorpion :-) Comes in a Zebra egg.

085: Mad Crab (WATER): Crab-like and very defences
Like it says it's good with defense. Has BlockX2 and Riot! Riot! is a strong
phyical attack, also owned by Gance and S-gance.

086: Sisa (WATER): Revered as luck guardian; protects Tameons
UGGLY! Bleah! It can't be brainwashed, and heals. That's about it in special
stuff here.

087: Wraith (WIND): Causes Anorexia with a single glare
Once again, this looks related to Cyclone, but only shows up if you fuse using
Cyclone. You'll get it eventually, since Cyclone is prone to changing form
during fusions. Like Cyclops, but even stronger than that. Good during the
S-Gance fight.

088: Phoenix (FIRE): A fire-sprite who can recover HP by sleeping
It, like so many others, has the Beautysleep trait. Therefore, it'll be
spending more of its time sleeping than helping you. Looks cool though :-)

089: Cockatri (WATER): Chicken-like type of dragon; can paralyze
This things looks like a dragon about as much as Kewne and Unicap do. (NOT AT
ALL! :-) It paralyzes, and can't be paralyzed itself.

090: Sphinx (WATER): A human-faced beast revered as the god of knowledge.
This thing is made for magic. It has the MagicUp trait, meaning it has strong
magic, and Spellseal and Perseus, which keep everyone else from using their
magic :-)

091: Nanoo (FIRE): Created by wizards to care for monsters
Nanoo, nanoo :-) It feeds the enemies to put them to sleep :-)

092: Pumpkinn (WATER): Comes into town on full moons to play tricks.
Argh! It steals stuff! How annoying! Kinda like Souvenir on Steroids :-) It has
better attack and defense than Souvenir. It can also confuse and heal you, but
it never does :-)

093: Matango (FIRE): Carnivorous fungus; best served fried.
WHO WOULD EAT THIS THING? It uses Sleep attacks, but isn't really special.
Except that you can apparently eat it :-)

094: Mandrake (WIND): A plant with power to leave foes close to death.
It has the unique DeathCry trait, but chooses not to use it. It's just your
basic physically attacking monster, with the unique trait and ToxScreen.

095: Medusa (FIRE): Combination humanoid snake; good defenses
It's defenses aren't THAT great, but it's not bad. It's not as cute as the
Undine/Succubus/Siren line though :-)

096: Eater (WIND): Eats anything. Monsbaiya's garbage disposer
Yep, it eats anything. Ovaseeds, weapons, shields, wands, Specs, Gems, anything

097: Jabwock (FIRE): A rare dragon with power to confuse foes
Once again, this is NOT a dragon :-) It doesn't confuse, usually. Good physical

098: Salaman (FIRE): Lizard-like fire sprite; prevents paralysis
Like it says, it can't be paralyzed. It looks pretty cool, and is pretty good
with the Flamenco spell. Give it a try if you don't already have a Fire-class

099: Serpent (WATER): Can lower enemy's attack power.
Each attack can indeed lower the attack power, and it can't have it's own
attack power lowered. Not bad, but it's not great either.

100: Basilisk (WIND): Outwardly a lizard; secretes every known venom
Cyclone is known to change into this during fusion. It's pretty good, since it
can inflict Paralysis, Poison, and Blindness onto the enemy.

101: Hydra (WATER): A poisonous, 7-headed snake with special powers
It is indeed poisonous, but it doesn't seem to use it's special power
SoulStrike often. Looks kinda sad, too, so I think I'll add some smilies :-)
:-) :-)

102: Vevil (WIND): Has bat wings, eagle talons, and can brainwash
It doesn't use physical attacks often; it prefers to brainwash instead. Kinda
cute, keep it around just cause it's almost as cute as Quack :-)

Ummm. I dunno where 103 and 104 are either, I know that they are Bahamut and
Leviathan. Where are they?

105: Yankash (WIND): The awesome Dragon King; ruler of thunderstorms.
Pretty darned strong. It has AttackUp, and good physical attacks. One of the
most balanced monsters.

The locations of 106, 107, and 108 have escaped me as well. I know that they
are Blith, Thord, and Arkis, however.

109: Barol (WATER): Has the power to stun and prevent paralysis.
My pal Stephen Lai's Tameon of choice. Barol is balanced, and changes to Ifrit
with a FireSeed, and Odin with a Windseed. It is good with Paralysis prevention
as well.

110: Odin (WIND): Stuns with his lightning; prevents paralysis.
Similaraly to Barol, it can't be paralyzed. Pretty good, but doesn't really
stand out from Barol or Ifrit.

111: Dok (WATER): Created by wizards; high defense power.
Likes to blow itself up, but it doesn't do this during the boss fight,
unfortunately :-) Has BlockX2, meaning it has hideously high Defense power.

112: Mephisto (WIND): Has high MP and the power to confuse and brainwash.
Whee! This thing is great with magic powers, especially Helix 13. Doesn't
Brainwash often, though.

113: MaiSoul (ANTI): A mythical monster incarcerated by the ancients.
WHEE! SMASH SMASH SMASH! This dragon skeleton is great! It even talks! It has
the highest, most balanced stats of anything else in the game (Cali has higher
Attack, but that's it), and STARTS with 60 HP! Yowza!

114: HyKewne (ANTI): The ultimate monster imbued with Tower magic.
Actually Maisoul is the best Tameon, but this isn't that bad. Very good magic,
as the Darkling spell is super strong. Same stats as Kewne, however.

115: DarKewne (NONE): An unlucky creature who couldn't be a HyKewne.
Same stats as HyKewne and Kewne, but it doesn't have a Class, which is pretty
cool. Apparently it's Darkling spell is Fire-class, check the Skills page :-)

116: Quack (WATER): A cute toy ducky with a soul
CUTE! It's possibly the best healer in the game with the Wellfall skill, and
has good defense too. Ghosh uses one, but that's OK :-)

And that's it for the monster list :-)

6. Links

www.gamefaqs.com: An excellent site for video game strategies and reviews. All
the FAQs and info here is confirmed, too. Katman quality stuff. Read my Fallout
2 FAQ here! Run by CJayC. If you're reading this, chances are you got it here
vgstrategies.about.com: Another good video game strategy site. The owner, Al
Armaloo, is much more lenient with FAQs than CJayC is, so if GameFAQs won't
accept your FAQ, try this site. However, some of the FAQs, are, shall we say,
less than Katman quality :-)
www.classicgaming.com: This is great! I like the game of the week section here,
some of the entries are hillarious! I love it! Go here now! It's great for
emulation too.
www.classicrpgs.com This site carries my FAQ, so you KNOW it's good!
dlh.net This is interesting, a German site carrying my English FAQ. Weird. I
can't understand German, personally, but I would bet you 10000 Gold that I'll
be getting some German questions soon :-(

7. Other Katman Projects
I need to work more on this, definately! Keep on the lookout for new updates!
I wrote an excellent Fallout 2 FAQ, IMO. Take a look at www.gamefaqs.com. Note
that I will no longer be putting info from ME PERSONALLY on that one. What you
see is pretty much what you get, unless you send stuff in.
I also wrote a pretty good Xenogears FAQ. Take a look at
vgstrategies.about.com. Look there too. I never update that one, because I
don't like Xenogears.
I'm working on a Dragon Warrior Monsters FAQ, though that's gonna take me a
while, what with the other two FAQs.
Oh yes I am. I'm gonna write BOTH that Pokemon Silver FAQ and Chocobo's Dungeon

8. Credits/People I Don't Like (PIDL)
This document was created by Cory Garett Galliher, copyright 2000. All rights
reserved. You steal this, I smash you.
Thanx to Zorgite for telling me what on Earth happens when you fuse two
Thanx to Stephen Lai for bombarding me with questions :-)
Thanx a LOT to Drago for finally finding Arkis, Blith, and Leviath! Keep it up
Drago, we need only two more (I have FIVE agents, including him, hunting for
those last two!)
Thanx also to all the people who wrote me asking why they couldn't get back in
the tower. 5 items, people :-)
I don't like those cursed Souvenirs! Leave my eggs alone!
I don't like the burglars in The Sims! Leave my paintings alone!
I don't like Ricky Martin! Arghh! His music is horrible!
I don't like Nintendo Power, and I'm beginning to get a bit angry about
Pokemon. In the latest issue, in a section about Dragon Warrior 1 and 2 for the
Game Boy Color, they say that "The building up of the characters will be
similar to training Pokemon, and will attract fans of that game" or some such
are freakin' spoon-fed RPGs, nowadays. Back in my day, we had to battle
THOUSANDS of monsters before we could beat the FIRST boss! Not like Pokemon! In
Pokemon you could beat the GAME without fighting ONCE! Just trade someone for a
Mewtwo! Now I'm not saying I don't like Pokemon, I'm just saying that RPGs are
too freakin' easy! In Xenogears you can beat the game easily! The only reason
it takes so long is that the people TALK TOO MUCH! IN ONE DISC YOU READ THE
ARGH! OK, calming down...now.
I DO like Eiffel 65. I listned to them the entire time I wrote this! They rule,
I ALSO like HOT102.5, my local radio station. If I get tired of Eiffel 65, I go
an' drag the boom box in here and listen to the radio! That's a tip KatKateers.
Write it down.
I'm in a good mood right now, so there's not much else I don't like.

9. About Katman
Yes, the mysterious enigma known as the Katman... Who knows what Evil Lurks in
the Hearts of Men? Not him! He lives in Spain at the moment. No other
information is nesescary. Oh yeah, he's a Spaniard as well, but he writes his
FAQs en Inglés. Aren't you lucky? Don't go around asking about his background,
though, or he'll be forced to break you off a peice of his trademark fighting
technique, KAT SKRATCH FEVER, or the dreaded HAIRBALLL HI-YAH PUNCH! Yes, that
Katman is a Katman (Yes, a man, KAT-MAN, duh! Don't go around calling him
"girlfriend" or such or he'll be forced to break off some serious KATMAN
BUTT-WHUPPIN' on you...) of many talents. Umm... He writes FAQs, and he makes
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(Note: Nope, guess he wasn't interesting enough. No beta testing here. How
about you all comfort me with a hug? :-)
Age: ?? Even he doesn't know that.
Height: about 1 foot, without boots
Claws: Really sharp
Favourite Move: Kat Scratch Fever
Favourite Tameon: A three-way tie: HyKewne/MaiSoul/S-Gance
Favourite Pokemon: Another three-way tie: Mew/Serebi/Squigglypoof!
Favourite Dragon Warrior Monster: NiteWhip
Favourite Digimon: Greymon (DIGI NOVA BLAST!!)
Favourite Computer Program: bleem! (Well, not any more. It's Starcraft now, as
he is obsessed with somehow acquring that gem of gaming pleasure. I.E., he
doesn't have it yet, but really, really, REALLY wants to buy it :-)
Least Favourite Tameon: Mushrom
Least Favourite Pokemon: Sentret/Furret
Least Favourite Dragon Warrior Monster: RainHawk (Darn thing keeps killing me!)
Least Favourite Digimon: Numemon
Least Favourite Compter Program: Windows '98
Favourite Video Games: Dragon Warrior Monsters, Azure Dreams GBC, Fallout 2,
Pokemon Silver, The Sims, Baldur's Gate, Super Smash Brothers, Donkey Kong 64,
Final Fantasy VI, VII, and VIII, Chocobo's Dungeon, Chocobo Racing, Threads of
Fate, Chrono Cross (SNES, and Yes, I mean Chrono CROSS, Chrono Cross for the
Playstation is being taken off of a SNES game), Chrono Trigger, Front Mission
III, actually, most anything by Squaresoft except the Romancing SaGa series and
Xenogears, Marvel vs. Capcom (1, not 2), Fallout 1, Persona, Suikoden II, Lufia
II, Shadowrun, Terranigma, Illusion of Gaia, Seiken Densetsu 3, Secret of Mana,
Legend of Mana, Parasite Eve 1 and 2, Vagrant Story,  (OK, OK, any RPG!). Oh
yeah, and I changed my mind about Romancing SaGa 3, that's FUN!
Least Favourite Video Games: Anything with Kirby as the main character,
excluding Super Smash Brothers, Jade Cocoon, Paladin's Quest, Tecmo Secret of
the Stars, Air Combat, SaGa Frontier (oh, I'm gonna get flamed for that one :-(
  ), Xenogears (I'm not taking sides in this war! I don't like SaGa Frontier OR
Xenogears :-)
Favourite Food: Kat Food, Pinchitos, Cheese Enchildas (I'm not kidding, love
the stuff! Not Kat Food, you fool!) Also he wouldn't pass up a tasty tuna sub
if offered one.
Favourite Popular Song(s): Teenage Dirtbag, Playmate of the Year, Wonderful,
I'm the Man who Murdered Love, Bent
Least Favourite Popular Song(s): What A Girl Wants, I Try, Anything by Ricky
Martin :-)

My Secret to Writing Good FAQs in Relatively Short Amounts of Time:
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but I'm more comfortable with Inglés. Long, long story involving meddling
Spanish grandparents. :-), and my favorite song at the moment is "Teenage
Dirtbag" by Wheatus.

This document copyright Cory Galliher, 2000. All rights reserved.
Any mail sent to [email protected] and meant for the Katman becomes the
property of the Katman.  He may then do whatever he wishes with it, whether it
be to post it on the FAQ for all to ridicule, or print it out to blow his nose
with it. I wish I was kidding. Be warned :-)

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