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Battlefield 4
Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
   South China Sea
   Kunlun Mountains
3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Pac, Irish, and Recker are three soldiers entangled in globe-trotting warfare, 
fighting for the rights of humanity. Join their squad and save the world.

Here's the Battlefield 4 controls:

LT - Aim
LB - Grenade
RT - Fire
RB - Spot/Commorose
Y - Switch Weapon/Pick Up
X - Reload/Interact
B - Crouch/Prone
A - Jump
LS - Move/Sprint
RS - Camera/Melee
D-pad (up) - Accessory
D-pad (left/right) - Gadget
D-pad (down) - Fire Mode
Back - Battlelog
Start - Game Menu/Scoreboard

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2. Walkthrough
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The game begins with you underwater. Break out of the car by shooting at the 
windshield whenever you want by pulling RT. This was a flash forward. The 
game rewinds a bit and you'll find yourself in a classroom. Crouch and vault 
your way over and through the obstacles. Check the bulletin board around here 
for the first set of dogtags. Continue through the building until you meet up 
with the rest of your squad.

Use the ammo box if you want to change your current weapon loadout. Then wait 
for your squadmates to take down the barricades on the windows. Get in 
position in the middle window and cover Irish. Kill all the enemies on the 
street. Your squadmates will use audio cues to let you know where the enemies 
are coming from.

When they're defeated, follow your squadmates. This will lead you to a 
courtyard where you have the jump on the enemies. Tag the enemies by pressing 
RB, which will cause your teammates to engage them. Help your teammates kill 
all the enemies and proceed to the other side of the courtyard.

Drop through the hole in the floor and wait for your squad to catch up. When 
they arrive, use the nearby explosives box to get some C4. Approach the 
wall and place the C4 on the wall by pressing LT. Back away and press RT once 
you are at a safe distance to blow a hole in the wall. Then you and your 
squad are free to leave the room and continue outside.

Plenty of enemies will be out here, but a helicopter will swoop in to help you 
out. With the helicopter as an ally, mark enemies with RB and the helicopter 
will take them out for you. Use the helicoper to kill the enemies that arrive 
on the trucks and you can focus on the enemies that are hitting a little closer
to home.

Fight your way through the sewage pipe and then things will get quiet again on 
the other side. Use the binoculars to mark targets from afar. When your 
squadmates ask you to, point out the extraction point. The extraction point is 
the unfinished factory building with the two smokestacks right near it. Look 
at the roof of it until a blue objective diamond appears, indicating that you 
have found it.

Try to go in a little steathily at first. Kill some enemies from afar to thin 
them out before you get closer. The helicopter won't be of much use at this 
point I'm afraid. As you near the factory, use the higher ground as cover and 
wipe out the enemies.

Kill the rest of the enemies inside the building. An enemy attack helicopter 
will show up. Follow your squadmates to the top of the building. Don't get too 
close to them because they will cause you to slow down and it can wind up in 
you getting killed easily by the helicopter, but still do EXACTLY as they do 
or you'll wind up dead fairly fast.

On the roof, make a run for the friendly helicopter. A short scene will play, 
and afterwards shoot the guards through the small view in the concrete. Then 
you'll automatically start falling off the roof. When you come to, approach 
Dunn's leg and hold X to start cutting it off.

Go to the vehicle and take control by approaching the wheel and holding X. If 
you want some dog tags, check the passenger seat first. Once you're behind 
the wheel of the vehicle, drive it out of there. I highly recommend switching 
the view to third person, which can be done by clicking in the right analog 
stick when driving vehicles.

Push the left stick in and then release to build up speed using short bursts 
of boost. Keep doing this to keep building up the speed and keeping the vehicle
going at a speed that is good enough to avoid being completely demolished by 
the damn helicopter. Try to swerve a bit in the road if needed to avoid the 
machinegun fire and explosives that are also coming out of the helicopter 
during all of this.

Eventually, Irish will grab the wheel and give you a grenade launcher. Line up 
the shot so that the grenade will be lobbed directly into the body of the 
helicopter to be the most effective. This will cause the helicopter to blow 
up and then you know what happens next. . .

Follow Irish and Pac through the alleys. Wait for Pac to open the gate and then
climb up the yellow ladder. Check out the helicopter, then go down the next 
ladder. Go across the street and hug the right side of the building. Get inside
through the side door and go to the elevator. Grab the gun from Pac and ride 
the elevator up.

The elevator will stop on the wrong floor. Ignore the enemies and then ride 
it to the correct floor. Kill all of the enemies in this room, then fight your 
way up the stairs, killing every single enemy that you see. When Pac starts 
picking the lock, take position and start killing the waves of enemies that 
enter the building.

When everyone is dead, go through the door that Pac has opened and start going 
up the stairwell. Let your squad go first so you know what floor stop on. 
Follow them down the hall to the VIP room. Chat with them a bit, then go back 
to the stairwell.

Climb to the top of the stairwell this time and open the door that leads to 
the roof. Hold RB and mark as many enemies as possible to make this a little 
bit easier. Then slaughter all the enemies on the roof and fight your way to 
the helipad. Check to make sure that the helicopter is all clear and then it 
will fly away.

Keep killing all the enemies. Stay on the helipad for cover until they start 
to thin out. Then go down there and get rid of the stragglers. These enemies 
have some nice shotguns on them that are very useful for the rest of the 
level, so I recommend grabbing them.

When all the enemies are dead, go back to the elevator and ride it to the 
bottom floor. You now have to make a break across the courtyard which is 
crawling with enemies as well as a helicopter that drops off even more 
enemies. Tag as many enemies as possible then run out there and killing them 

The center area of the courtyard is where the helicopter will drop off the 
rest of the enemies. Toss a grenade at their feet to get rid of all of them 
or at least most of them. Then make a break for the alleys. Have the shotgun 
equipped and sprint through the enemies, blasting them in the face as you 
run. A tank will be trying to attack you this entire time, so just keep running
and killing the enemies.

You will then meet a group of people trying to get out of the city. It is 
decided that the tanks need destroyed. Follow your squad outside. They will 
lead you to an explosives crate. Grab mines out of there. If you look at your 
map, you'll see a blue box that indicates the location of another crate of 
explosives. You can go there to get more mines if needed.

Lay three or four mines together and then shoot the tank to gets it attention. 
Lead the tank over the mines, but make sure you're a safe distance away. This 
will blow up the first tank. Then stock up on more mines and blow up the 
second tank in the same manner.

Head to the docks now. Wait for the boat to get close. Then approach the 
railing and get on the boat.

After Recker hops out of bed, just move toward the objective marker on the 
map. You'll have to stand and wait a bit here and there, but just keep moving 
until you meet up with Irish. Then follow Irish and Pac to the captain. Choose 
what guns you want from the ammo crate and then when you back out of the 
weapon loadout screen, Recker will automatically strap a mask to his face.

Go to the boat and then take control of it. Drive the boat towards the 
objective marker on your map, which will be the Titan as it is sitting on the 
ocean on fire and what-not. Drive around the Titan in a circle until you 
see the hull breach on the side opposite of the one facing the Valkyrie. Drive 
the boat into the hull breach and then everyone will hop out.

Move through the doors of the boat until you find the hatch. Open the hatch 
and Kovic (the commanding officer for this mission, in case you haven't been 
paying attention to the story), Pac, and Irish will join you. Jump into the 
water and swim to the end.

Keep going through the boat and then grab the intel needed from the server. 
Enemies will be heard through the next door, so open it and kill everybody. 
The ship will split in half Titanic style. Jump down after your squadmates 
when this happens, but then hold up and wait for a jet plane to squash the 
nearby enemy soldiers.

Fight your way to the other end of the ship by killing every enemy soldier that
crosses your path. When they're dead, an attack boat will be spotted in the 
water. Jump into the ocean and swim to the attack boat. Once in control of it, 
speed toward the Valkyrie. Use the attack boat to destroy the enemy boats that 
show up as well. Press Y to switch between guided missiles and the machinegun.

When you near the Valkyrie, an enemy helicopter will swoop down and try to 
attack. Blow it up and then continue onto the boat. Fight your way to the 
upper decks of the boat, just going with the flow in terms of the scenes and 

As you near the upper decks, enemy helicopters will come into position. Sprint 
into the next room and use the gadget crate to get a Stinger and an RPG. Use 
the Stinger to blow up the helicopters, but save the RPG for now. It may take a
couple of Stinger missiles to down a single chopper.

Continue to the deck where Kovic will attempt to remove blockage that is 
impeding your use of the ladder. More enemy helicopters will show up and 
attempt to drop off more troops. You have control over a machinegun on the ship
that you can direct to attack enemies by pointing at them and pressing the 
right bumper. Do that in conjunction of using your rockets to keep blowing up 
the helicopters.

Climb the ladder. Continue to kill every single enemy that you see as you 
fight your way to the captain.

This mission begins with a long escort mission of sorts, except you're the 
one being escorted. Stick close to the tank and move along with it down the 
streets. Mark the enemies that you want the tank to engage. Don't be afraid to
kill the foot soldiers that try to damage your tank, but let the tank destroy 
all the enemy tanks.

Eventually, the people commanding the tank will be rendered useless. Take 
the tank for yourself and continue down the street. You can switch between 
explosives and machineguns. Blow up the first enemy tank that shows up. Keep 
an eye on the enemy tanks as they come by looking at your map. They are the 
orange colored tanks.

Keep going down the street. As you near the wide alley, slow down. You should 
be able to see the next enemy tank. Blow it up by shooting whatever of it you 
can see, but try to keep your tank mostly behind the building so that you 
don't die.

Go down the alley and two more tanks will be there to greet you. Blow them 
up and then turn your attention to the parking garage. Blow up the tank that 
is in the parking garage then use the machineguns to kill the enemies that are 
on top of it. Get out of the tank and enter the garage.

Use the ammo crates to get anti-armor weapons as well as replenish your ammo. 
Another enemy tank will show up on the other side of the parking garage. 
Either use your tank to shoot it or use an RPG to blow it up. Then continue 
on foot out of the parking garage.

Kill the enemies in the mall area and run through the mall yourself. There is 
a tank in the small parking lot on the other side. Get in that tank and then 
roll into the park. Destroy the first tank, then the second. Take it slow as 
you near the stairs as there's a lot of rocket-equipped foot soldiers. Kill 
them in any manner you wish, but focus on the tank that's up here first.

Go as far as possible and then get out of the tank. Go into the building 
with your squad, killing all the enemies from above. There will be some 
chattering, then help Irish unblock the door. Go outside to the bridge and 
fight the enemies here as you push forward. Get in the bus in the middle of 
the bridge for a great and mostly safe vantage point.

Another scene will play. When pinned by the car, use your pistol to kill the 
other enemies that show up on the bridge. Swim out of the water next and then 
kill the enemies at the sewer drain. Move through the sewers, killing any 
enemies that you come across, and work your way into the actual airbase.

In the airbase, mark as many enemies as possible. Then kill all of them. 
Stay away from the red barrels as bullets will be flying everywhere and they 
are close enough to create a very deadly chain reaction. Kill everyone here 
and then go into the next hangar and continue murdering everyone.

Head to the car and get on the turret. Use the turret to kill the enemies as 
they show up, but for the most part, you're just along for the ride.

Take the shank from Dima and then follow him out of the wall. Use the left 
stick to maneuver around the pipes and then jump over to the ladder when Dima 
does. He will then lead you to a stairwell. Stick close to him until he runs 
to the bottom of it.

Be crouched. Approach the first guard and then click in the right stick to take
him out with a melee attack. Then follow the second guard through the darkness.
Stick VERY close to the walls to avoid the spotlight or else you'll all be 
found out.

When the spotlight goes by, make a break to the tower in the center of the 
room. Go up the staircase and stab the two people up here. Grab the gun off 
then use the switch in here.

Hold your position and kill all the enemies from your position at the top of 
the tower. When they're all dead, follow Dima into the next room. There you 
will find Irish being attacked. Shoot the enemy off him and then go with him 
and Dima to the next area.

Kill ALL of the enemies in this corridor and fight your way to the very back. 
Wait for Dima to go to the control room. Grab the claymores and the grenade 
launcher. Look up at the ceiling at the windows there. Place the claymores on 
the ground underneath the windows. People will rappel through the windows, so 
take a seat directly next to the control room, aiming at the area beneath the 
windows, and shoot the hell out of them. You should be able to kill most of 
them doing this.

Go underneath the gate by crouching and move below it when Dima gets it open. 
After the scene, run out into the snow. Fight your way across the mountain. 
Use the rocks for cover. Fight your way to the gadget box and trade the 
grenade launcher for a rocket launcher. Use the RPG to destroy the helicopter 
that shows up.

Be VERY careful here because there are enemies with grenade launchers. Take 
out the enemies on the tower first. Then run across to the right side and hug 
that as you move forward as that is where the most cover is. Kill every enemy 
on the way to the tram car and then wait for your squadmates to catch up. Get 
in the tram car with them and ride it.

Aww, no turret sequence? Dang. Follow Hannah and Irish, pull out the tactical 
binoculars and use them to tag as many enemies as possible. There are a ton of 
enemies here, including a tank. As soon as the tank drives by, move toward 
the flooded house on the left.

Go through the house and make sure the tank can't see the street. Run across 
and hop over the fence to the two story blue house. Go to the roof and grab the
RPG there. Blast the tank when you're ready to engage. Go prone to avoid taking
fire and then blast the tank again.

From this vantage point, kill as many of the enemies as possible. You should 
be able to thin the herd quite considerably before being forced to leave the 
roof and take them head on that way. When they're all dead, go through the 
gate and then you should be able to move through the next three or four ammo 
crates without any opposition.

Fight your way across the bridge. A rocket turret (I'm sure there is an 
official military name for it but oh well, you should know what I am talking 
about!) is on the roof near the bridge. Use that to blow up the tank that 
shows up as well as any enemies that get in your way.

Kill the rest of the enemies as you push across the bridge. Then enter the 
friendly camp and speak with Greenland. Go out the other side and then hop 
into the back of the truck. Out of the truck, the dam will be visible. From 
this vantage point, mark as many enemies as possible. Ambush the enemies and 
fight your way across the top of the dam now.

You'll reach a roadblock on the bridge near a rocket turret. A helicopter 
with machineguns will swoop in at this point. Get behind the rocket turret 
and use it to blow up the helicopter. The helicopter will not really be able 
to get to you, so don't worry about dying too much, but keep an eye on your 

When the helicopter is destroyed, go up the stairs here and walk across the 
catwalk to get on the other side of the fence blocking the path below. Keep 
killing EVERYBODY and then go to the elevator with everybody. Wait for 
everybody to get inside the elevator with you and use the switch to ride the 
elevator down.

Kill all the enemies in the dam, though this is a fairly easy task. They just 
rush you head on so just kill them as they funnel through the doors. At the 
end of the hall, once all the other enemies are dead, place the explosive 
charge at the designated spot on the ground.

Fight your way to the outside of the dam now. Keep murdering all the enemies as
you fight across the scaffolding. You'll reach a gap with a ladder across the 
scaffolding. Sprint across and jump off so that you grab the ladder. Climb to 
the top, keep killing enemies, and keep going until you can't go anymore. Wait
for your squad to catch up.

Equip the C4 remote by pressing "left" on the d-pad. Then use the remote to 
blow up the dam.

Land on the boat. Use the ammo crate and choose your favorite loadout. Keep 
the grenade launcher though, as it comes in super-handy in a little bit. For 
this part, just fight your way across the ship. When you reach some steps, go 
up and kill the enemies there so they don't wind up shooting you later. Go 
back down the stairs and continue to fight your way across the ship.

There will be a couple of different helicopters to deal with. Use the grenade 
launcher to blow them up. A single well-placed grenade launcher shot should be 
more than enough to take them down. Inside the actual ship, things are pretty 
quiet and then you will meet up with some more characters.

After that, kill all the enemies through the close quarters passages. A 
shotgun makes this easier, but it's not required for success here. After 
killing everyone here, you'll get to the boat again. Hop in the boat and then 
drive to Chang's ship.

Then you're left with three choices:

oSacrifice Hannah
oSacrifice Irish
oSacrifice Valkyrie

To sacrifice either of the two characters, look at them and then confirm 
your selection. To sacrifice the Valkyrie, just hang tight and watch Chang's 
ship destroy it.


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3. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope this guide helped you beat Battlefield 4 on current and next-gen 

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