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Beetle Adventure Racing FAQ v0.4
by Matt Gomes  

 Unpublished work Copyright 1999 Matt "Magic" Gomes

 This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be
 reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be
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 This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Matt Gomes .
 All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically
 mentioned in this FAQ.  Please give credit where it is due.

 The format of this FAQ was copied from the fantastic FAQs of Kao Megura.
 You can find more of Mr Megura's FAQs at:

 BAR website: www.beetleadventure.com

Beetle Adventure Racing is (c) Electronic Arts and Nintendo.

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      - Basic Controls
      - Bonus Boxes
      - Flower Boxes

      - Novice Level
      - Advanced Level
      - Professional Level
      - Bonus Level

      - Coventry Cove
      - Mountain Mayhem
      - Inferno Isle
      - Sunset Sands
      - Metro Madness
      - Wicked Woods

      - Coventry Cove
      - Mountain Mayhem
      - Inferno Isle
      - Sunset Sands
      - Metro Madness
      - Wicked Woods

      - Revision History
      - Special Thanks



 This section outlines the basic controls for all cars:

 Steer - Control stick (left and right)
 Gas   - A
 Brake - B
 Shift Up (Manual Transmission) - R
 Shift Down (Manual Transmission) - Z
 Reverse - A+Z
 Power Slide - Tap brakes while applying gas through a turn
 Horn - C-Right
 Hand Brake - C-Down
 Look-Back - C-Left
 Toggle Cameras - C-Up
 Pause - Start


 In the Championship Circuit you can collect bonus points by smashing
 into Bonus Boxes scattered about the track.  If you don't qualify to
 advance to the next race, but manage to smash enough 2, 5, or 10 point
 Bonus Boxes to earn a "continue," you are allowed to try a track again,
 instead of starting over at the very beginning. If you don't need a
 continue for a particular track you can save it for a later race.


 With the bonus boxes are also boxes with flowers on them.  Crashing
 through one of these boxes will enable a cheat.

 To get the cheat, you must crash through the flower box during a
 championship race and then finish the race in any place.  If you get
 disqualified, you will not get the cheat.  You also have to wait until
 the game saves the data.  This is typically at the end of all the
 championship races.


 The following is a list of the championship tracks and the new cars
 you receive when you've completed them.

 To continue in a championship, you need to stay in the top three after
 points are awarded after each race. To complete the championship, you
 need to place first after all of the courses.


 The following tracks are used in the Novice level.

 Coventry Cove -> Mount Mayhem -> Inferno Isle

 When you complete the Novice level, you receive the following extra

  - Beetle with racing stripes
  - Lightning Beetle
  - #8 Beetle


 The following tracks are used in the Advanced level.

 Coventry Cove -> Mount Mayhem -> Inferno Isle -> Sunset Sands

 When you complete the Advanced level, you receive the following extra

 - Flower Beetle
 - Lightning Beetle with spoiler
 - #8 Beetle with spoiler


 The following tracks are used in the Professional level.

 Coventry Cove -> Mount Mayhem -> Inferno Isle -> Sunset Sands ->
 Metro Madness

 When you complete the Professional level, you receive the following
 extra cars:

 - Alien Beetle


 The following tracks are used in the Professional level.

 Coventry Cove -> Mount Mayhem -> Inferno Isle -> Sunset Sands ->
 Metro Madness -> Wicked Woods

 When you complete the Professional level, you receive the following
 extra cars:

 - Police Beetle (unconfirmed)


 The following identifies the location of the bonus boxes. They are
 identified by the order found as you travel the course as well as by
 major landmarks.

 First, the bonus boxes on the main road are noted, then the boxes along
 alternate routes are given in order found along the course.


 AWARD: Beetle Battle arenas opened: Parkade, Stadium, Castle

 Total points found: 100

 2pt - On the right side of the road after the house with the waterwheel

 2pt x2 - On the left side of the road after the house with the

 2pt - On the right side of the road after the barn

 2pt - After the second sharp left turn after the dirt road (which turns
       into the finish at the end) on the right side of the road

 2pt x2 - On the right side of the road after the run-down castle

== Alternate Route: Town Street and Bridge ==

   As you enter the town, on the left there will be a small side-street.

 5pt - On the corner of the side-street is a shop.  Crash through the

 2pt x3 - Before the jump over the water

 5pt - After the jump

== Alternate Route: Train Tunnel ==

   After either jump in the down, on the right is a little train tunnel

 2pt x2 - In the tunnel

== Alternate Route: Barn ==

  At the top of the twisting hill, there is a barn with two haystacks
  in front of it.

 2pt - In the right haystack

 5pt - Keep driving straight through the barn door.  The box is inside
       the barn.

== Alternate Route: Stonehenge Island ==

   After the barn, the road makes a sharp turn to the right.  Use the
   large stone on the left side of road to jump to the island.

  5pt - On the first jump off the large stone (onto the island)

  2pt - On the second jump (off of the island)

== Alternate Route: Abandoned Mine ==

   Pass the jump over to Stonehenge Island and on your right, just after
   the island, is a dirt road up to the mine.  Crash through the

 5pt - Jump in the middle of the mine

 5pt - At the end of the mine

== Alternate Route: Run-down Castle ==

   You will come to a small bridge in which you can see the castle. On
   the left is a small dirt road that makes a jump.  You can also enter
   the castle just past this road when the fence ends on your right.

 10pt - At the top of the dirt road jump

 2pt - At the right entrance to the castle

 2pt x2 - Inside the castle

 5pt - At the back of the castle on the right, break through the wood
       to find this block and the stained glass window.

== Alternate Route: Town Street 2 ==

   Past the first side-street on the left, a telephone booth marks the
   second side-street.  It is on the right.

 2pt x2 - Down the side-street

== Alternate Route: Cave ==

   After passing through the first, small tunnel, on the immediate
   left there is a grass ramp up to a cave hidden by brush.

 2pt, 5pt, 10pt - In the cave/tunnel


  - Before the barn there are two haystacks.  Go through the left
    Cheat awarded: Single Race - Handicap

  - After the jump from on the main bridge after the town, on your left
    there will be an opening into a small yard.  Inside the yard is
    the flower box.
    Cheat awarded: Beetle Battle - Radar
    Contributed by: [email protected]

  - On the Stonehenge island, behind the stones on the left.
    Cheat awarded: Beetle Battle - ? Mode


 AWARD: Iceflow arena

 Total points found: 100

 2pt - Small jump on right before first chalet

 5pt - Using the small jump to get on top of the raised area near the
       chalet, break through the garage on the right side of the chalet.
       The box is inside the garage.

 2pt - Down the road after the town on the left side

 2pt x2 - Along the left side of the road just before the bleachers.

 5pt - After first bridge there are a number of ice mounds.  The first
       one you see is on your left.  Behind this mound is the box.

 2pt + 5pt - After you pass the frozen waterfall, you will come to a
       big loop to the left.  Under the pipes, in the middle of this
       loop, are the boxes.

 2pt x2 - On the right side of the road along the big loop there are
       two boxes.

 2pt x2 - On the left side of the crystal cave

 2pt - The left side of the road after the crystal cave

 5pt - Small jump after the second bridge

 2pt - In the tunnel after the second bridge

== Alternate Route: Town Street ==

  Before the town at the beginning of the race, there is a turn-off to
  the right.  Take it to go along the town street.

 2pt - The box is mid-way along the town street.

 5pt - Go straight and jump off the road for the 5pt box.

== Alternate Route: Ski Jump ==

   Instead of going straight and jumping off the town street, make an
   immediate right turn and break through the garage.  Go down the ski
   jump (you need some speed for this) and make the jump.

 5pt x2 - In the toboggan run after the jump

== Alternate Route: Bridge Jump ==

  At the first bridge you come to, there will be a broken piece of road
  that you can jump off.  Aim towards the helicopter in front of you.

 2pt + 5pt - In the tunnel before the crash-landed UFO.

 2pt - Past the UFO, up the tunnel

== Alternate Route: Frozen Waterfall ==

   On the left, there will be a frozen waterfall. You can break through

 2pt - In front of the frozen waterfall.

 2pt - Break through the frozen waterfall (you need some speed to do
       this), you'll find the box inside the tunnel after the waterfall.

 2pt x2 - The second tunnel you come to after the frozen waterfall
       contains two more boxes.

== Alternate Route: Upper Cave ==

   After the crystal cave, you can go straight and jump into a large
   cavern. Instead, just before the entrance, take the left ramp up to
   the upper entrance and jump to an upper cave.  In the cave there is
   a split left and right.

 10pt - In the main cave

 2pt x2 - On the right branch

== Alternate Route: Dirt Road ==

   Just after the large cave, the snowy road will turn to a normal
   road.  As the road turns to the left, you can go straight through
   a tunnel.

 5pt - The dirt road

 5pt - Before where the dirt roads cross, you can jump from the road
       to a small hill on the other side. The box is at the far end
       of the hill.


  - Take the side road on the right along the town. Take the jump that
    is straight on the road, but jump off towards the left. You'll land
    on a larger ledge on the left.  The box is on this ledge.
    Cheat awarded: Beetle Battle - Health
    Contributed by: Scott Lamparski ([email protected])

  - Make the huge jump to the upper cave (after the crystal cave) and
    take the left branch.  Just after the bridge, turn to your
    immediate left.  The box is in a small alcove.
    Cheat awarded: Single Race - Track Music
    Contributed by: [email protected]

  - Just before the alternate route called Dirt Road, near the arrows
    that mark the left turn, stop at the turn arrows and turn to the
    right.  There is a flower box behind the trees.
    Cheat awarded: Single Race - Color Change
    Contributed by: David Harrison ([email protected])
               and: Steven Towle ([email protected])


 AWARD: Volcano arena

 Total points found: 100

 2pt x2 - At the start of the race in the lagoon

 2pt x2 - On the right side at the start of the jungle

 2pt - On the left side before the large doors

 2pt x2 - On the left side after the second set of large doors

 2pt - In the middle of town on the right side at a left turn

 2pt - In the middle of town on the left side at a right turn (after the
       hay cart)

== Alternate Route: Dirt Road at Beginning ==

   At the beginning, there will be a dirt road on your right (almost
   hidden by brush).

 2pt - Along the road

 10pt - Jump into the house on the swamp

 2pt - At the end of the road before smashing through the town wall

== Alternate Route: Town Tunnel ==

   Just as you enter town, a small driveway will be on your immediate

 2pt + 5pt - Break through the barrels and you will see the boxes.

== Alternate Route: Side Streets ==

   As you first come into the town and after you make your first left,
   on the right will be a small side street.

 2pt x2 - On the first side street

 2pt x2 - After crossing the main road, the next two boxes are on the
       next side street.

== Alternate Route: Dock ==

   At the end of town, you will see a dock on your left.

 2pt - On the dock

 5pt - After the second jump

== Alternate Route: Upper Volcano ==

   Just after you cross under the train bridge, a dirt road will be
   on your right.  Keep up your speed to break through the barrier at
   the end and make it through the broken top of the mountain.

 5pt - After barrier

 5pt - After first lava section, after jump

 2pt - After second lava section, after jump

== Alternate Route: Alternate Volcano Paths ==

   In two sections, the path around the lava splits.  The computer
   controlled cars stay to the right, the alternate paths are to the
   left and are a bit more tricky.

 5pt + 2pt - Along first path

 10pt - End of second path

== Alternate Route: Small Beach ==

   After you exit the volcano, on the left is an exit off the main road
   to a small beach.

 5pt - At the end of the beach before going back to the main road

== Alternate Route: Beach Cave ==

   If you miss the jump on the broken bridge near the first waterfall,
   you will drop down to a small beach near a cave.  Go in it!  You will
   end up in the middle of a fight between a pirate ship and a fortress.

 2pt + 5pt - Along the broken path in front of the fortress

== Alternate Route: Upper Fortress ==

   If you take the jump (and make it), continue along and you'll run
   into the fortress anyway.  Make the small jump to clear the curb and
   you will be inside the fortress.

 5pt - Inside fortress


  - In the house in the swamp, stop on the platform the house is on.
    On the right side, there is a flower box.
    Cheat awarded: Single Race - Field of View

  - At the finish, the last building on the left in the town that is
    burning down, crash through it to find a flower box.
    Cheat awarded: Beetle Battle - Time Limit


 AWARD: Dunes arena

 Total points found: 100

 2pt x4 - On the left after the large lake

== Alternate Route: Dune Ramp ==

   At the beginning of the course, there is a sand ramp up the rock face
   on the right.

 10 pt - Top of jump

== Alternate Route: Hidden Dirt Road ==

   In the sand dunes, there is a hidden road on the left side.  It is
   just before the looping road down to the temple.

 2pt x2 - On the road

 2pt - After the second jump into the top of the temple

 2pt - At the end of the ramp that goes around the top of the water

== Alternate Route: Mine ==

   After the water temple exit, there is a boarded up mine on the left
   side of the road.  You can't miss it.

 2pt + 5pt - On the road after exiting the mine

== Alternate Route: Lava Pool ==

   First, you need to go to the top of the water temple and crash
   through the wooden barriers.  This will raise a ramp in the lava
   pool room which you will use to jump over the lava pool.

 5pt - After jump over lava

 5pt - After second jump

== Alternate Route: Elevator Area ==

   After the second jump after the lava, you will land on a thin strip
   which a large, red area before a sign.  Stop your car on the red
   area and honk your horn.  The red area will descend to reveal a new

 5pt - Start of the elevator area

 5pt - End of wooden path

== Alternate Route: Large Temple Right ==

   Before the large temple, a jump on the right side of the road leads
   to the top of the temple.

 5pt - After jump

== Alternate Route: Large Temple Left ==

   After a set of palm trees on the left (after the town), a road will
   be on the left that makes a ramp up.

 2pt x2 On the road

== Alternate Route: Water Temple ==

   After the long loop and entry into the water temple, make an
   immediate left to cross in front of the fountain instead of around

 2pt x2 On the path

== Alternate Route: Town ==

   As you enter the town, on the right is a side street.

 2pt + 5pt On the street

== Alternate Route: Alter ==

   After the large temple and entering a small cave, an alter will
   be directly in front of you and the road will curve around it to
   the left.  Go straight and jump through the alter.

 5pt - Top of the alter

== Alternate Route: Side-Road ==

   After the large temple, there is a road up to the right.

 2pt + 5pt -  On the road

 10pt - Jumping off the road

 5pt - After the jump on the road


  - Right at the very beginning, drive behind the rock on the second
    mound of sand on the right.
    Cheat awarded: Beetle Battle - Number of Ladybugs
    Contributed by: LNC Shall ([email protected])

  - When you first come up to the village, take the first right and
    then straight across and slightly to the left when you get to the
    central area of the town and it is near some boxes under a small
    wooden structure on the right.
    Cheat awarded: Single Race - Breakables (unconfirmed)
    Contributed by: [email protected]
               and: Rodney Campbell ([email protected])

  - Take the Hidden Dirt Road alternate route, make the two jumps, but
    do not go up the ramp to the wooden gate.  Instead, look in the
    right bottom corner of the area outside to find the flower box.
    Cheat awarded: Single Race - Handbrake Power (unconfirmed)
    Contributed by: Rodney Campbell ([email protected])


 AWARD: Rooftop arena

 Total points found: 100

 2pt x4 - After freeway on right between gas pumps

 10pt - After construction site near end of course there is a tunnel.
        Jump at the end of the tunnel to the right and land on the
        ledge.  The box is near the end.

== Alternate Route: Through Barriers 1 ==

   At the start of the race, a set of barriers guide traffic off to
   the left.  Go through the barriers and make the jump across the
   ravine.  This will lead to a hairpin turn and back onto the
   freeway.  (No point boxes, but a great shortcut).

== Alternate Route: Through Barriers 2 ==

   On the freeway, the second set of barriers that lead traffic off to
   the right has a 2 point box between them.  Go through the barriers
   to a jump to the other side of a ravine.  After the jump, you will
   go through a tunnel and then proceed straight on over a bridge and
   on to the main course.

 2pt - Between the barriers

 5pt - After jump

== Alternate Route: Through Barriers 2 - Side Road ==

   Instead of going straight over the bridge when you take the above
   alternate route (Through Barriers 2), there is a side road to the
   left.  Do not turn immediately to your left, but go at a small
   left diagonal along the side of the buildings.
   SUPER bravo to David Harrison for finding this box and route.

 2pt - On side road

== Alternate Route: Side Street 1 ==

   After the gas pumps, go straight through the barriers.

 2pt x2 - In the corner of the building to the right between the

== Alternate Route: Train Tracks ==

   After going past the barriers for the above alternate route
   called Side Street 1, make an immediate turn left and crash
   through the glass doors. You will come up to a train station
   and then race the train.
   SUPER SUPER bravo to David Harrison who found this route!

 2pt x2 - On the train platform

 5pt - At the end of the train tracks

== Alternate Route: Movie Theater ==

   You have to be on the left side of the street.  Don't make a sharp
   right with the road and don't go straight through the barriers,
   but go slightly right and stay on the left side of the street.
   The course will turn left, but go straight through the barriers.
   Crash through the movie theater on the left before the course turns

 2pt + 5pt + 10pt - In the theater

== Alternate Route: Roman Palace Roof ==

   A set of stairs will be on the left side of the street. Drive up and
   jump to the other building's roof.

 2pt - After the stair jump

 5pt - End of roof after right turn at Roman Palace sign

== Alternate Route: Side Street 2/Fountain Jump ==

   After the turns through town and before the S-turns, there will be
   a street to the left.  At the end of the street, there is a fountain.

 2pt - Jump straight using the fountain. The first box is in the hotel

 5pt - End of hall

== Alternate Route: Side Street 2/Around Fountain ==

   Instead of using the fountain as a jump, go around it, go up the red
   carpet, and crash through the door.

 5pt - In the casino

== Alternate Route: Aqueduct ==

   When you go through the aqueduct, a set of barriers will be on the
   left. There is a red light near it as well. Go around the barriers
   to another aqueduct.

 2pt - In aqueduct

 5pt - End of aqueduct

 5pt - Jump over street and break through other building that is on
       fire. The box is on the ramp inside.

 5pt - After fire room, you will land in a construction site. The box
       is at the end before you fall off the area.

== Alternate Route: Loading Docks - Right ==

   After the large U-turn, you will pass the loading docks.  A ramp up
   the right side will lead you past the covered bridge.

 2pt x2 - On the right side of the loading docks up the ramp

== Alternate Route: Loading Docks - Left ==

   Same as above, only on the left side.

 2pt - In shack

 2pt - On end of dock on left corner

== Alternate Route: Parking Structure ==

   After the loading docks, on the left is a vertical parking sign.
   Crash through the garage door under the parking sign.

 2pt - On third floor of parking structure at jump to other


  - Instead of turning left to race the train in the Train alternate
    route, go the opposite way on the tracks a short distance to get
    the flower box.  Be careful not to go too fast because you will
    slam against the wall just behind the flower box.
    Cheat awarded: Unknown
    Contributed by: David Harrison ([email protected])

  - Between the two loading docks after the long U-turn, a covered
    bridge connects the two sides.  Inside the bridge there is a
    flower box.
    Cheat awarded: Unknown
    Contributed by: David Harrison ([email protected])

  - Make the jump to get to the top of the Roman Palace. When you fall
    off, fall off to your right so you are still on some a building
    roof. Follow the small roof right, left, and left again.  You will
    find the flower box here.
    Cheat awarded: Unknown
    Contributed by: Chris Yeates ([email protected])


 AWARD: Woods arena (unconfirmed)

 Total points found: 100

 5pt - Take the main entry jump into the cathedral. The box is hanging
       in the air.

 2pt + 5pt - In the town, go down the gully in the center of town.

 5pt - After the lower cave of gold on the right of the tree after
       exiting cave.  This is also the jump to the next alternate

== Alternate Route: High Tree Passage ==

   Before the first tree that you drive through, go off the road to
   the left and take the jump between the trees to the hole in the
   same tree higher up.

 10pt - In the hole

== Alternate Route: Top of Cathedral ==

   Before reaching the cathedral, go off the road to the left.  You
   will see a nitro box at the bottom of the jump.  You have to hit
   the nitro box and jump through the upper window over the main
   cathedral entrance.

 10pt - In room

== Alternate Route: Side Road ==

   After the town, a road will lead off to the left.

 10pt - After the jump at the end of the road

== Alternate Route: Haunted Mansion ==

   On the right, after the town and a stone bridge, a gate will be on
   the right.  Take the road up to the haunted mansion (and the
   dungeon alternate route.)

 10pt - Use the staircase on the right and jump to get the box

== Alternate Route: Dungeon ==

   Same as the haunted mansion, but, instead of going in the mansion,
   go to the tunnel on the right of the mansion.

 2pt x5 - In the dungeon

== Alternate Route: Upper Cave/Dragon ==

   After the dungeon, or after passing the gate to the haunted mansion,
   a hidden cave will be on the right.  Take it to the upper cave (and
   put on your smoking jacket).

 10pt - Before dragon

== Alternate Route: Blacklight/Giant Pumpkin Area ==

   Take the jump after the lower gold cave on the right of the tree.
   You will jump the main road to the other side where there is another

 2pt x2 - On the road before driving through the tree

 5pt - End of the log bridge

 2pt x7 - After the red-lighted windmill tunnel, jump to the right to
       the large area with more windmills. (Jumping straight will take
       you back to the main course road.)


  - Inside the haunted mansion, drive up the right stairwell and turn
    Cheat enabled: Unknown
    Contributed by: Chris Yeates ([email protected])

  - After the city, take the alternate route to the left. Instead of
    getting the nitro box, jump to the right.  In mid-air, you will
    see the flower box.
    Cheat enabled: Single Race - Environment
    Contributed by: Chris Yeates ([email protected])

  - Just after the cathedral (going through it normally), turn left and
    follow the fence (so you're going the "Wrong Way") and you'll find
    the flower box.
    Cheat enabled: unknown
    Contributed by: Chris Yeates ([email protected])


 To beat the Championship circuits, or to beat your friends, the
 following routes are suggested.  In general, these are the true
 shortcuts.  Your mileage may vary.


 - Cut corners as much as you can on the twisty road going up to the


 - Take the jump off the bridge to the crash-landed UFO.

 - Don't take the frozen waterfall route.  Instead, go straight and
   as soon as you see the end of the guard-rail near the pipes, jam on
   the hand-brake, make a quick turn left, go under the pipes to the
   tunnel entrance.  This cuts the entire curve out of the course.

 - Besides having the nitro boxes, the dirt roads do not seem to be
   a shortcut.  Staying on the main course will allow you to pass
   AI cars.


 - You can use the small driveway tunnel on the left as you enter the
   town to hit the shortcut through the town itself.  When you get to
   the end on the platform, start your turn to the right and hit the
   side street entrance across the road.

 - Take the volcano shortcut right after the train tracks.  Not only do
   you avoid the slowpoke AI cars, but you can also keep your speed up
   along the way.


 - It does not seem that the jump in the temple to the elevator is a
   shortcut.  A better shortcut is to drive the course normally, but
   when you get into the water temple, make the quick turn to the left
   and cut off the road around the water temple.

 - The shortcut through the town will only help if you make the turns.
   Be sure not to run into the walls and lose your momentum.

 - SP  suggests that you take the Hidden Dirt Road
   alternate route at the beginning of the course, but instead of going
   down the wooden gate route around the top of the temple, just go
   off the track and just before you hit the water, tap the L button
   to start again.  (This is more of an exploitation of the game more
   than anything, but, hey, it works! -Author)


 - Take the jump after the first set of barriers after the start of the
   race!  Make the hairpin by using the hand-brake and downshifting. It
   will easily put you ahead of a number of cars.

 - It seems that the movie theater is a shortcut.  You also avoid being
   taken to the wall by an AI car.


 - Definitely take the alternate route through the blacklight area and
   giant pumpkins.  Make the jump from the windmill to the windmill area
   to the right and you take out the entire hairpin turn at the beginning
   of the race.

 - Leave the road and go behind the giant pumpkins.


 This FAQ is dedicated to Conor Makai Gomes born 4/7/1999 at 6:15 PM.


 Version 0.4  (April 18th, 1999)
  - More flower boxes confirmed. Fixed error in box count in Wicked
    Woods. Added more best routes.

 Version 0.3  (April 12th, 1999)
  - Added found flower boxes.  Added Best Routes section. Found final
    boxes for Metro Madness (All point boxes have been found at this

 Version 0.2  (March 31th, 1999)
  - Added boxes for Inferno Isle, Sunset Sands, Metro Madness, and
    Wicked Woods. Added new flower boxes. Started contributors list.

 Version 0.1 created March 26, 1999


 Thanks to the contributors:

 [email protected]                                Flower box location
 Scott Lamparski ([email protected])         Flower box location
 LNC Shall ([email protected])                     Flower box location
 Douglas Cullum ([email protected])              General help
 [email protected]                        Flower box location
 Alexander Sargent Woods                          Flower box location
 ([email protected])
 David Harrison ([email protected])         Flower box location
 Steven Towle ([email protected])          Flower box location
 Chris Yeates ([email protected])              Flower box location
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