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               Nintendo 64 - Sony PlayStation - Windows 95 PC

                             Bio FREAKS Text FAQ
                                 Revision: 4

                         Maintained By The IceMaster
                              Updated: 06-07-98


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Revision 4:
 -Added 7Hit Combo for Bullzeye
 -Added N64 creation date code
 -Minor corrections

Revision 3:
 -Added N64 GameShark codes thanks to Steve Medeiros

Revision 2:
 -Added Bullzeye's third Mutilation thanks to Dennis Marsh


The Story

The World of Neo-Amerika

     In the not-too-distant future, the mighty country known as America has
fallen like all great empires throughout history. Its fifty states broken
into private territories after what was called...
     The Techno-Industrial Civil Wars. Computer technology, bio-engineering,
cybernetics and mechanics accelerated at such an incredible rate, it forced
industrial competition to the point of uncontrollable and ruthless corporate
     While the government tried to keep control of the country by a single
thread, the effect of the giant corporations' white collar wars drove the
economy into a tail spin. With Wall Street in shambles, the government
bankrupt and technological corporate giants running unorthodox takeovers,
Neo-Amerika was born. Starting with Micro-Gene, a Dallas based microchip /
bio engineering company, New Mexico was easily annexed by the construction of
more micro-chip processing plants and cloning technology labs. Arizona was
the company's next target and by the time Micro-Gene moved in on Nevada,
things started to get ugly. Micro-Gene had been using enhanced agents to spy,
sabotage and gather information on competing companies, but other competitors
began fighting back with their own brand of genetically enhanced corporate
spies and agents.
     These wars between giant corporations a.k.a. "GI-Corps", gave way to
more complicated, advanced and unethical methods. The kidnapping of corporate
executives and replacing them with clones capable of downloading company
secrets was becoming commonplace. Soon, murder and terrorist tactics became
tools of choice in the battle between the GI-Corps.
     With the advent of the GI-Corps battles, each State developed desperate
measures to secure themselves from a hostile take-over. By declaring Federal
independence from the U.S., drastic laws and borders were created between
states. Violence soon reared its ugly head and the Techno-Industrial Civil
Wars began.
     Something had to be done before the once great country destroyed itself
or became target to outside invasion. An agreement had to be made between the
government and the GI-Corps before America was torn apart. So a radical
concept was introduced to prevent the possible loss of millions in the
increasing wars between GI-Corp controlled states. Thus...

The Secret Games Commission (SGC)

     Spearheaded by forces unknown (possibly foreign interest), a commission
was set up in league with the remaining U.S. Government to regulate the
piracy that was tearing apart the United States with the hopes of possibly
re-uniting the once proud country. The SGC and the American Government put
forth a proposal to the GI-Corps: territorial or contract disputes would be
settled in an arena. Instead of armies, one champion would represent a
GI-Corp controlled state in battle against another corporation's champion.
The winning Champion would take control of the opposing state along with
whatever other states that may have been acquired from previous battles.

The Coming of the Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.

     The first unified law in decades was passed and the concept of
one-on-one battles settling GI-Corp disputes became a reality. As a matter of
fact, the creation of ultimate fighting machines was inevitably the next step
in the industrial world of Neo-Amerika and its civil wars.
     Each GI-Corp jumped at the opportunity to create these warriors from
technology they specialized in. Cloning had become an easy task for the
science divisions of the corporate states. Enhancement by genetics and
cybernetics were available technologies as well. Born from these scientific
secrets were: Biological Flying Robotic Enhanced Armored Killing Synthoids.
     Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. for short, these enhanced humans were created
specifically for the purpose of battle. Bred in laboratories as killing
machines, the Freaks were genetically endowed with peak strength and agility,
a rapid healing factor, body tissue regeneration and built-in weaponry. They
are owned by the GI-Corps and controlled through a bio-drive that also allows
them to down-load combat skills and strategies. An intricate tattoo of
circuitry gives them access to the bio-drives, which are located in each
Freak's skull. There are three stages of Freakdom:

Synthoids: Genetically enhanced clones with tissue regrowth abilities.
Retros: (as in retro-fit): One flaw in the Freak creation process is that the
     tissue regrowth abilities will fail after a while. If a body part is
     destroyed and the regeneration processes has discontinued, cybernetic
     replacements are attached to the Freak.
Dozers: These are freaks who have not only lost so much of their human tissue
     but also the ability to regenerate.  Their bodies are completely
     mechanical save for the brain.

     Closed-circuit battle pits are where all the action takes place. While
more reminiscent of Roman gladiators than a football game, the states'
populace savors the conflicts with crazed fervor. While the whole world
watches the fights in frantic anticipation, there are those who do not enjoy
the rigorous battles faced far too often the Bio Freaks themselves.

The Freak Underground or GI-Corp Resistance

     Not having any government of corporate sanctioned rights, being under
constant control of a GI-Corp, doomed to a destiny of violence and ultimate
loss of humanity, some Freaks have gone rogue and formed an underground
resistance. Their goal, to escape the control of their "owners" and obtain
their equal rights.
     While the Secret Game Commission's ultimate goal is to re-unify America,
the possibility of a GI-Corp Resistance interferes in some of their most
important progress. If an underground movement becomes successful and all
Freaks go rogue, then a swift relapse to the days of the Civil Wars is
possible and the hopes of peace could be crushed.

The Legend

 D = Down            U = Up        Roll Forward = roll from Back, through
 F = Forward         B = Back                     Down, to Forward
(Reverse directions when facing left) Roll Back = roll from Forward, through
LP = Left Punch     RP = Right Punch              Down, to Back
LK = Left Kick      RK = Right Kick           + = Press Simultaneously
FR = Fire           HV = Hover                , = Press in Sequence

Moves and Mutilations

Basic Moves

                   Jump: U
                 Crouch: D
      Block, Autoshield: B
           Walk Forward: F

             Jump Punch: U+LP or RP
              Jump Kick: U+LK or RK
             Jump Shoot: U+FR

           Hover Charge: F, F
              Dash Back: B, B
            Arena Throw: F+LP+LK
           Crouch Punch: D+LP or RP
            Crouch Kick: D+LK or RK
          Get Up Attack: LP when down
           Get Up Shoot: FR when down
             Back Punch: LP or RP with back to opponent
              Back Kick: LK or RK with back to opponent
               Shoot Up: LP+FR
             Dodge Left: D, D or Dodge Left Button
            Dodge Right: D, U or Dodge Right Button

        Activate Shield: B+FR
                  Taunt: LP + RK


Freak classification: Synthoid_
 Bullzeye has been around for years and was bred so well that he still hasn't
 had to have a cybernetic replacement grafted onto him.  He was originally
 created as a prototype soldier clone by Micro-Gene and has since fought many
 times in the Battle Pits. Bullzeye is a survivor. He has a very militant
 attitude and relishes in the prospects of victory. Bullzeye has a special
 connection to an ambassador of the Secret Games Commission and is convinced
 that the games are the only way to re-unify Neo-Amerika.  While his only
 purpose is to serve as a champion, he feels his mission is worth the risks
 he takes at each conflict. He prides himself in his ability to overcome the
 opponent and be the best there is. He knows what he is but deep inside, in a
 corner of his mind, lies the secret desire to be a real human.

Ground Moves
 Dive, Roll & Shoot: B, F+FR
 Skull Bomb: Roll Back, RK
 Left Grenade: B+LP
 Right Grenade: B+RP
 Shoulder Charge: B, F+LP
 Plasma Storm: D, U+RP+LP
 Triple Grenade: Roll Back+LP+LK
 Dance Freak Dance: F, B+LK
 Energy Drain: F, B+LP
 Rocket Climb: Roll Forward+FR
 Hi-Low Attack: Roll Forward+RP+LP
 Plasma Rain: RP+LP+U
 Charge Forward & Shoot: B, F, RP+LP
 Slide Away & Shoot: B, B+RP+LP
 Air Chop Gun Attack: D, U+RK+LK
 Nuke Bomb: F, Roll Forward+RP
 Foot Stomp: Roll Forward+RK
 Left Shoot: D, D+FR
 Right Shoot: D, U+FR
 Jump Back & Shoot: B, B+FR

Aerial Attacks
 Left Aerial Grenade: B+LP
 Right Aerial Grenade: B+RP
 Aerial Skull Bomb: B+LK+LP

 Forearm Slam: Roll Forward+LP
 Double-Arm Chop: B, B, F+RP+LP
 Decapitation: F, B+RP

 3-Hit: LP LP RP
 3-Hit: LP RK RK
 3-Hit: RP RP RK
 3-Hit: RK RK LP
 3-Hit: RP LP RP
 3-Hit: LK LK RK
 Chain: RP LP RP -- RP+LP
 Chain: RP LP RP -- LP RP

Juggle Combo
 D, D+RP -- RK LP RP


Freak classification: Synthoid_
 Delta is a female champion for the current state of Indiana / Michigan. She
 was created by Detroit's General Genetics Gi-Corp. Her specialty is speed
 and is touted as one of the fastest Freaks on the game circuit.  Delta is
 young and idealistic for a bio-drive operated Freak and is rumored to have
 friends in the underground. She is constantly under surveillance because of
 her suspected connections to the Resistance, but still proves a valuable
 player for the state of conglomerate.  She has battled Minatek before and
 lost an arm. But instead of opting for a cybernetic enhanced weapon
 attachment, chose a prosthetic to keep her natural body form. Because of her
 incredible winning track, she gets many perks.

Ground Moves
 Razor Spin: Roll Back+LP
 Rising Turbo Top: B, F+RK
 Sword Spout: Roll Forward+FR
 Energy Demon: B, B+RK+RP
 Energy Stab: B, F+RP+LP
 Scissor Sword: B, F+LP, RP
 Turbo Top II: B, F+RP
 Plasma Dome: RP+LP+D
 Spirit Fire: F, B, F+LP
 Raised Sword Attack: B, F+FR
 Fly By Wing Attack: B, B+RP+LP
 Spin Strike: B, B+RK+LK
 Laser Swipe: B, F, B+LP
 Mystic Rumble: Roll Forward+LK+LP
 Planted Pounce: RK+LK+D
 Back Strike: D, F+RK+RP
 Life Stealer: B, B+LK+LP
 Laser Spin: Roll Forward+RK+LP

Aerial Moves
 Hover Track Shot: B+RK+LK, FR

 Death Web: B, B+RP
 Torso Chop: F, B+LK

 3-Hit: RP RP LP
 3-Hit: LK RP RK
 4-Hit: RP RP LK RP+LP
 5-Hit: LP LP RP RK U+LP
 6-Hit: F, Roll Forward+RP

Juggle Combo


Freak classification: Dozer_
 The Freak known as Minatek was one of the first Synthoids created by
 Micro-Gene for the battle pits. He helped them win Kentucky and Illinois at
 one time. Throughout the many battles, his regeneration qualities
 disintegrated and he was enhanced with cybernetic weaponry. He is one of the
 oldest champions and just before graduating to Dozer status, was purchased
 by Missouri where he was further altered by Anhieser Robotics Co.  While
 nearly invincible due to his state of the art armor and weaponry, Minatek
 secretly wishes to join the underground after the traumatic procedures he's
 experienced. He serves as a reminder to some Freaks as what will eventually
 happen to them as they continue service in the games.  Minatek has been
 reprimanded several times after bio-drive scans showed that he was thinking
 of going rebel. Anhieser Robotics Co. is currently working to perfect a
 free-will nullifying bio-drive, but because of Micro-Gene's accomplishment
 with Sabotage, they've been beat to the punch.

Ground Moves
 Jet Uppercut: B, F+LP
 Mouth Cannon Barrage: LK+RP+LP
 Guided Salvo: B, Roll Back+LP
 Spinning Hammer: Roll Back+RP
 Rocket Salvo: RP+LP+D
 Single Guided Missle: Roll Forward+FR
 Rocket Slide Attack Left: D, U+FR
 Wrecking Ball: F, B+RP
 Ram 'N Slide: B, F+FR
 Triple Shot Battle Cannon: Roll Forward+LK
 M. R. V.: RK+LK+D
 Ground Shockwave: Roll Forward+RP
 Nuke Canister: F, Roll Forward+FR
 Mace Cannon: B, F+RP
 Chain Sweep: B, B, F, F+RP
 Gas Breath: B, F+RP+LP
 Charge 'N Ram: F, Roll Forward+LP
 Target 'N Fire: F, Roll Forward+RK, FR
 Bull Bellow: B, F+RK+RP
 Spinning Shockwave: B, F+RK+LK
 Rocket Slide Attack Right: D, D+FR

Aerial Moves
 Aerial Ground Shockwave: B+RP+LP

 Lunging Bite: B, B+LP
 Meat Spike: B+LP+LK

 3-Hit: LK LK RP
 3-Hit: RP RP LK
 5-Hit: RK LP RP RP RP
 5-Hit: RK LP LP RP FR
 5-Hit: RK LP LP RK LP
 5-Hit: D+RK LP RP RK LP

Juggle Combo
 D, D+RP -- LK RP


Freak classification: Synthoid_
 Psyclown battles exclusively for the State of Illinois. He was created by a
 small but quickly growing cloning lab called Duplications Unlimited, a
 subsidiary of the state's largest GI-Corp, Chicago TechNetics.  Psyclown's
 bio-dive programming purposely keeps his adrenaline supply in a state of
 constant flow and regeneration. His senses are so enhanced that, paired with
 the adrenaline rush, he's on the edge of sanity.  While it is commonly known
 that Psyclown is a clone, there is a rumor in the inner circles of the
 underground GI-Corp Resistance that he's a direct clone of the dead son of
 Duplications Unltd.'s CEO.  In the midst of his prevailing hyper insanity,
 Psyclown has allowed enough of his mind to carry a goal: to ultimately
 punish the man directly responsible for his creation and the creation of all
 Duplications Unltd. clones, D.U.'s founder and CEO.

Ground Moves
 Bouncing Ball: Roll Forward+RP
 Shield Skip: F, B+LP
 Head Tracker-Crouched: RP+LP+D, FR
 Hammer Uppercut: D, U+RP
 Zorrocut: Roll Back+RP
 Sliding Flea Trail: B, F+RK+LK
 Big Wheel Slide: B+RK+LK
 Foot Smash: D, D+RP
 Hammer Glove: RK+RP+LP
 Shield Throw: B, F+LP
 Chattering Teeth: D, U+LP
 Flea Attack: Roll Back+LP
 Boomerang Shield: Roll Forward+LP
 Hammer Throw: B, F+RP
 Golf Swing: F, B+LK
 Dyno Balloons: F, B+RK

Aerial Moves
 Aerial Shield Throw: B, F+LP
 Balloon Mines: B+RP+LP

 Zorro Cut: Roll Back+RP
 Buzz Cut: F, B+LP+LK

 3-Hit: RP RP LP
 3-Hit: LK RP RK
 4-Hit: RP RP LK RP+LP
 5-Hit: LP LP RP RK U+LP
 5-Hit: RP RP RK LK RP
 5-Hit: RK LP RK LK RP

Juggle Combo
 F, Roll Forward+RP -- LK LK RP


Freak classification: Retro_
 Purge is champion of the games created by NewCell Incorporated in close
 association with their PyroTechnique division. NewCell's bio-drive's have
 had the best track record of all the GI-Corps so far.  Purge never was a
 straight synthoid to begin with. His cybernetic attachments were grafted
 just after his "birth." Purge represents Utah which was quickly taken over
 by Micro-Gene's rebellious subsidiary, NewCell.  This created an incredible
 rivalry between Texas and Utah. Micro-Gene has tried to battle for the right
 to own Purge since he was created with proprietary information that NewCell
 stole when they broke away and purchased Utah, but the Chief Games
 Commissioner has not recognized any claim to him.  Purge is one of the
 fiercest Freaks because of his high intellect and loyalty to the games. He
 has a Kamikaze sensibility programmed in him and that lack of fear has
 worked against many an opponent.

Ground Moves
 Flame Pillars: B, F+LP
 Phoenix Attack: Roll Forward+RP+LP
 Blender: RK+LK+D
 Fire Ring: FR+U
 Burning Top: B, F+FR
 Flame Blast: Roll Forward+FR
 Fan Deflect: F, B+RK+RP
 Cutting Top: Roll Back+RP
 Multi-Fireballs: B+LK+LP
 Fan Stumble: B+RP+LP
 Napalm Canister: B, F+RP+LP
 Fan Charge: F, B+LP
 Fanning Flames: B, F+RK
 Lawn Mower: B, F+RP
 Hand Fan: B, B+LP
 Ground ?!?: Roll Forward+RK
 Hi-Lo Burn: D, U+FR

Aerial Moves
 Carpet Bombing: RP+LP

 Helicopter Attack: Roll Back+RK
 Meat Blender: B, F+RP+RK

 3-Hit: LP LP LK
 3-Hit: RP RP LP
 3-Hit: LK LP RK
 3-Hit: RK LK D+RK

Juggle Combo
 D, D+LP -- RK LK RP


Freak classification: Unknown_
 Sabotage is a hired mercenary-bounty hunter currently working for the Chief
 Games Commissioner, a public face for the Secret Games Commission. She has
 been hunting ZipperHead and other known rebels for sometime.  She is a
 rough, tough, agile and focused on her targets. Sabotage's background
 includes a two year service with the Nevada-California State Conglomerate
 Police Force where she was legally enhanced for the Violent Crime
 Department.  After her term ended, she was hired as a freelance agent to
 catch True-Breeds (people who illegally enter conflicts with Freaks) and
 rogue Freaks. What Sabotage and the player doesn't know is that she's an
 advanced prototype synthoid made by DNA Advancement Laboratories. In a
 twisted sort of way, she is blood with her fiercest opponent, ZipperHead.

Ground Moves
 Tazer Shot: Roll Back+RP
 Teleport: RK+LK+D
 Dodge Left N' Shoot: D, U+FR
 Dodge Right N' Shoot: D, D+FR
 Javelin Toss: B, F+RP
 3 Javelin Toss: F, Roll Forward+RP
 Spinning Bola Shot: F, B+RP+LP
 Back Defense: FR
 Floating Mines: B+RK+RP
 Poison Dart: Roll Back, F+LP
 Blind Slug: B, F+FR
 Flame Ammo Change: Roll Forward+FR
 Short Circuit: B, F, B+LP
 Shield Breaker Ammo Change: D, U+RP+LP

Aerial Moves
 Air Homing Mine: B+RP+LP
 Aerial Electric Snare: B+RK+LK
 Aerial Javelin: B, F+RP

 Exploding Javelin: F, B+RP
 Head Spike: B, B+RP+RK

 3-Hit: RP RP LP
 3-Hit: LK RP RK
 4-Hit: RP RP LK RP+LP
 5-Hit: LP LP RP RK U+LP
 5-Hit: RP RP RK LK RP
 5-Hit: RK LP RK LK RP

Juggle Combo
 F, Roll Forward+RP -- LK LK RP


Freak classification: Retro_
 Ssapo was a secret attempt by an underground renegade faction of New Mexico
 to create a champion that would give them freedom from the Texas Annex.  The
 cloning procedures were expected to produce the most fierce champion ever, a
 creature with the killing advantage: limb shredding teeth, incredible
 strength, skull crashing hands and super speed.  The monstrosity was further
 enhanced with cybernetic weaponry. When finished, the scientists thought it
 looked like a toad because of its odd features and green skin, thus the
 Spanish name Ssapo was given to the creature.  While Ssapo's intellect is
 not very high, the bio-drive in his skull is all he needs to battle as moves
 and skills are downloaded into his neural path, another first for the small
 group of rebel scientists.  Ssapo was granted admission into the games and
 New Mexico won its independence from Micro-Gene's Texas Conglomerate.

Ground Moves
 Gas Bubble: B, B+LK+LP
 Swamp Attack: D, U+FR
 Swamp Teleport: D, U+LP
 Stink Attack: LK+RP+D
 J.A.W.S.: B, F+RP
 Energy Spread: F, B+LK
 Puke Fireball: Roll Forward+FR
 Fire Blast: B, F+FR
 Bad Breath Attack: B, F+RK
 Triple Shockwave: RK+LK+LP
 Electrical Shockwave: LK+RP+LP
 Cannon Puke Fireball: Roll Back+RK
 Maul Attack: B, F+RP+LP
 Sinister Stomp: RK+LK+D
 Foot Shockwave: Roll Forward+LK
 Crippling Harpoon: F, B+RP
 Bouncing Ball: Roll Forward+RK

Aerial Moves
 Aerial Harpoon: B+RP+LP
 Aerial Puke Fireball: RK+LK

 Harpoon Chain: F, B+LP
 Head Chomp: F, B+RP+RK

 3-Hit: LP LP RK
 3-Hit: RP RP LP
 3-Hit: LK LK RP
 5-Hit: LK RK RP RK RP

Juggle Combo
 D, D+LP -- RP LP LP


Freak classification: Retro_
 ZipperHead was a synthoid champion whose career came to a drastic turn after
 a battle with Bullzeye in which he lost both hands and forearms. He was then
 moved to Retro status with the addition of cybernetic weaponry replacing his
 lost tissue.  Knowing that the next step of evolution for a Freak was to
 eventually become a Dozer, ZipperHead experienced a breakdown and vowed
 revenge on Bullzeye and the system that created him. He ripped out the
 bio-drive in his skull, freeing himself from the influence and control of
 the GI-Corp that owned him. He then went underground.  ZipperHead was
 originally a manufactured soldier by one of Micro-Gene's biggest
 competitors, DNA Advancement Laboratories. Their first prototype models
 experienced bio-drive complications, with a faulty drive often leading to
 independent thought.  ZipperHead's rebellious actions have been blamed on
 this imperfection, but DNA Advancement Laboratories has improved their
 drives immensely since ZipperHead's high profile folly.

Ground Moves
 Tornado Vortex: F, B+LK
 Triple Buzzsaw: D, D+FR
 Gunfighter: D, U+FR
 Boot Leg: F+RK+LK
 Buzz Strafe: B, F+RK
 Mitt Shockwave: LK+RP+LP
 Dive, Slide, & Shoot: RK+LK
 Double Whammy: B+RK+RP
 Ram & Slam: B, F, B+LP
 Running Clothesline: Roll Forward+RP
 Twist Again: B+LK+RP
 Foot Hurricane: F+RK
 Tumble & Slam: Roll Forward+LP
 Spike Grenade: B, F+FR
 Maul Attacker: F, B+RK
 Spinning Top: B, F+LK
 Arm Chop: B, F+RP+LP

Aerial Moves
 Air Triple Grenade: B, F+FR
 Aerial Stunt: RK+LK

 Arm Chop: B, F+RP+LP
 Spike Punch: F, B+RP

 3-Hit: RP RP LP
 3-Hit: LK RP RK
 4-Hit: RP RP LK RP+LP
 5-Hit: RK LK RP LP RP
 5-Hit: LK RK RK LP RP
 6-Hit: LP LP RP RK U+LP

Juggle Combo
 D, D+RP -- RP LP RP

The Bosses


Freak classification: Unknown_
 Clonus is the creation of the biggest, most successful GI-Corp in the
 North-American continent, Edisson Extractions. Clonus is the sole creation
 of Edisson Extractions' founding father and Chief Scientist, Professor
 Raymond Deux.  Thus far, the professor is the only one who knows the secret
 behind Clonus and its abilities. This entity has the ability to mirror any
 opponent's physical form and abilities. The opponent finds him or herself
 facing an exact duplicate, ultimately succumbing to Clonus's
 incomprehensible ability to not only duplicate, but defeat them in battle.


Freak classification: Dozer_
 This Freak has been in the battle pits long enough for her to become the
 most heavily enhanced warrior of all. A literal juggernaut among the others,
 Mutilator is a walking army with her chest cannon, missile launchers,
 wrecking ball and other gruesome yet effective weaponry.  Mutilator was bred
 specifically for the purpose of experimenting with cybernetics and has had
 virtually all organic matter replaced by machinery over the course of her
 many battles with the exception of her brain. What is left of her mind is
 under the tight control of a small inner circle of scientists and corporate
 executives at MicroGene.

Codes and Secrets

Nintendo 64

     During a fight, press and hold the LEFT direction on the digital pad and
hit the START button.  To turn it off and switch back to the normal third-
person perspective camera, hold the DOWN direction and hit the START button.

     To view the screen saver, simply pause the game during a fight and leave
it there for a few minutes.

     To find out the date on which your copy of Bio FREAKS was created, press
C-LEFT immediately after switching on your N64.  Press it rapidly to increase
your chances of it working.  Stop pressing it to see the screen, you'll hear
a sound to confirm the code worked.

     P1 Never Wins       8015029B 0000
     P1 1 Match to Win   D015029B 0000
                         8015029B 0001
     Infinite Health P1  811502AA 6400
     25% Health P1       D01502AA 0064
                         811502AA 1900
     50% Health P1       D01502AA 0064
                         811502AA 3200
     75% Health P1       D01502AA 0064
                         811502AA 4B00
     No Health P1        8110502A 0000
     1-Hit Death P1      D01502AA 0064
                         811502AA 0100
     Infinite Shield P1  811502AE 6400
     No Shield P1        811502AE 0000
     Infinite Jetpack P1 811502B2 3200
     No Jetpack P1       811502B2 0000
     Shields Always
      Active P1          801502BA 0022
     Smoke Trail P1      801502B4 0001
     No Clipping Mode P1 D0155400 0008 (Glitchy)
                         801502D2 0010 (Press L Button to Activate)

     P2 Never Wins       80152917 0000
     P2 1 Match to Win   D0152917 0000
                         80152917 0001
     Infinite Health P2  81152926 6400
     25% Health P2       D0152926 0064
                         81152926 1900
     50% Health P2       D0152926 0064
                         81152926 3200
     75% Health P2       D0152926 0064
                         81152926 4B00
     No Health P2        811052926 0000
     1-Hit Death P2      D0152926 0064
                         81152926 0100
     Infinite Shield P2  8115292A 6400
     No Shield P2        811592A 0000
     Infinite Jetpack P2 8115292E 3200
     No Jetpack P2       8115292E 0000
     Shields Are Always
      Active P2          80152936 0022
     Smoke Trail P2      80152930 0001
     No Clipping Mode P1 D0155400 0004 (Glitchy)
                         8015294E 0010 (Press R Button to Activate)

*Note*: I personally do not own a GameShark, the above codes were submitted
        by Steve Medeiros.  If there are any errors in the list above, feel
        free to e-mail corrections to .

Sony PlayStation

     Extra Health P1     8009a0386400
     Low Health P1       8009a0380100
     Extra Health P2     8009a6ac6400
     Low Health P2       8009a6ac0100

*Note*: I personally do not own a GameShark, the above codes were obtained
        from Interact.  If there are any errors in the list above, feel
        free to e-mail corrections to .

Windows 95 PC CD-ROM

 None known as of this FAQ revision.


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