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"Let's do this!!" - Yugo Oogami

                          BBBBB  LLL     OOOO   OOOO   DDDD   YY  YY    222222222
                          BB  BB LLL    OO  OO OO  OO  DD DD   YYYY    22222222222
                          BBBBB  LLL    OO  OO OO  OO  DD  DD   YY     2222   
                          BB  BB LLL    OO  OO OO  OO  DD DD    YY     2222   
                          BBBBBB LLLLLL  OOOO   OOOO   DDDD     YY           22222
                               RRRRR   OOOO     A    RRRRR                 22222
                               RR  RR OO  OO  AA AA  RR  RR               22222
                               RRRRR  OO  OO AA   AA RRRRR               22222
                               RR  RR OO  OO AAAAAAA RR  RR            
                               RR  RR  OOOO  AA   AA RR  RR            

                                           -BRINGER OF THE NEW AGE-
                                         BR2: PERFECT PLAYERS' GUIDE
                                                  Ver. 2.6

                                             Written by Deeshad

New Disclaimer:

        This FAQ is written for fun and personal usage ONLY. It's okay to 
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        For some info straight from the makers of Bloody Roar 2 themselves, check 
out their Websites:

                          Raizing Homepage            
                          Hudson Soft Homepage        

        At the Raizing Hompage, you can learn all the moves and their names, 
while the story and Beast Drive 
illustrations and motion can be found at the Hudson Soft Homepage. (Japanese only)

        For the American version, you can find info about the storyline, 
features, characters (except for the 
secret characters) and hints straight from the Official Playstation Site at:

                 Bloody Roar 2 page          

        Just to let you know, there are some changes from the Japanese version of 
BR2 in the American version. Some
characters' names will be different, as well as the name of some of 
the "official" moves that are here. (whether it be
translation errors, simplified translations, or just a complete rename) So, If 
you do pick it up (it's out now) and 
happen to read this FAQ and find things that are different, it's because this is 
all based on the Japanese version. 
Will there be an American version of this FAQ? I don't know, but it's not really 

        Like pictures? Want to see some official art & sketches drawn for BR2? 
Check out this website:

                 Bloody Roar 2               

        Like puzzles? Play two jigsaw puzzles with Long & Uriko on it. See if you 
can put them together by trying them 
at this page: 
                 Asobi no Heya (Play Room)   
         If there should be any problems, go straight to each puzzle at:

                 Uriko's Puzzle              
                 Long's Puzzle               

        (Sorry, these are Japanese-only pages) 

This BR2 FAQ is written based on the PSX Japanese version of Bloody Roar 2.


This FAQ can be found at:

        Console Gamer               
        Cheat Code Central          

Want less talk? Check out the BRPPG: Mini-FAQ. That 
can be found at:

        Console Gamer               


This game copyright (c) by Hudson Soft 
and (c) Eighting/Raizing.

This FAQ is copyright (c) '99  Deeshad

I) Story: Hostility Amongst the Races
II) Game Modes
III) Defensive System
IV) "Bestorized" System
V) Taking a Hit
VI) Controls and Basic Functions
VII) Characters and their Personal Descriptions
	A) Yugo
	B) Alice
	C) Long
	D) Uriko
	E) Bakuryu
	F) Marvel	
	G) Busuzima
	H) Jenny 
	I) Stun
	J) Gado
	K) Shen Long
VIII) Secrets, Custom Features, And Tricks
IX) Revisions and Contributors
X) Final Words


I) Story: Hostility Amongst the Races
        The huge, multinational foundation called Tyron met its demise due 
to "Bloody Roar", the
bestial beings' fight. It is said that Tyron Foundation had engaged in sinister 
acts concerning the
products of artificially-made and militarized bestial beings. These acts became 
as clear as daylight, 
so their fate fell into the hands of justice. However, due to the image of 
bestial beings with the 
power to exceed human beings, and Tyron's wicked research joined with tales 
saying, "We, the beasts, 
will oppose the human race and put them in great peril", the prejudice between 
both races continues on. 

        At the center of the growing panic, people that take on the roles 
as "Beast Hunters" became 
well known to the public, thus amplifying the hostility and feelings of terror 
that arosed between
the human beings and the bestial beings. With these "Beast Hunters" present, 
everyday changed. In every 
area bestial beings are suffering by suppression, every single one since the 
influence of the hunters 
had appeared. The bestial beings then called their situation, "the Beast 
Liberation Battle Line", as those
humans who take the roles of "Beast Hunters" now declared war on them.

        However, because of the opposition of the suppression, many bestial 
beings live in hiding in due 
to the new terror that has been stirred up by the Liberation Battlefront, having 
doubts about the situation
and the existance of the bestial beings.
        5 years later since the fall of Tyron Foundation....

        The human's and bestial being's Liberation Battlefront. And it's known 
that the bestial beings won't 
submit to the Battlefront of Liberation. As the 3 influences of distrust 
increases, the crisis that blankets 
the world continues to grow.

Honorable me! Wheeeeeee! - Busuzima


II) Game Modes

        In Bloody Roar 2, there are 7 modes present, each offering different 
gameplay (slightly):

        Basically the regular mode of the one can find. Straight from the arcade 
itself, you have to fight 
through 7 stages, each randomly hosting one of the 9 selectable characters. Once 
you defeat all 7, you'll 
go to the Final Stage, where you will have to fight Gado as the last boss. If you 
play straight through 
without continuing, you'll go to a Special Stage, where you'll have to go toe-to-
toe with Shen Long, the 
secret character. 
        If you play a normal game, (with 1 or more continues) you'll see the 
regular ending, which shows 
all the 9 characters doing their best combo/juggle during the Staff Roll. Play a 
great game and beat Sheng 
Long, you'll get the special Staff Roll which'll present all 11 characters doing 
a combo that involves their 
"Beast Drive". While you can always continue if you should lose against any of 
the first 8 characters, you 
cannot continue if you lose against Shen Long. You'll automatically be taken to 
the ending, which'll be the 
regular Staff Roll.

        Like any other VS mode in existence, you and a friend duke it out against 
each other, selecting anyone 
you please to represent your might. Also, check the Play Record in the Option 
mode and see how well your fave 
character is fairing out against the odds and set private competitions with your 

        This is a very unique mode to be introduced into the Bloody Roar series. 
This can be looked as the missing 
pages from the game manual, (the actual manual only spoke about the game and its 
features. A separate pamphlet 
illustrates the characters, fighting descriptions, and their moves) for you'll 
get to learn about each of the 
characters' personal story line, their interaction with the other characters, and 
how they would deal with the 
problem present. All you have to do is select a character, (each with a little 
hint about their storyline under 
their name) and battle along as you get a glimpse more and more into the game's 
plot, guided with many picture 
illustrations of the action taking place. Similar to the Arcade mode, you'll get 
a different ending depending on 
whether you continue or not.

        In this mode, you have to fight through 1-round, 60-minute set stages 
against each of the characters in 
the game. Like its name you will have to fight in 99 battles, facing each of the 
characters more than once, where the 
difficulty increase with every turn. Your life bar will not be set full for each 
stages as regular. Instead, how much 
health that'll be recovered depends on how much damage you received from each 
fight and how long it took you. If you 
lose 95% of health and win by time, you'll start the next match with just that 5% 
health that remained. If you want 
to always start with a full life bar, practice hard, master your attacks & 
combos, and finish each match as quickly 
as possible, for it doesn't get easy. 

(Note that finishing this mode is a near-impossible feat, for the difficulty will 
increase to that insanely-hard level.
If you're a pure game master, (unlike me) you could probably get close enough to 
completing this mode. However, if you
have a Game Shark/Pro Action Replay handy along with a couple of cheats....)

        Select the fighters to fight and just watch each match as the CPU takes 
control of both fighters. A good way 
to learn about all the secrets and tricks that each character possess. Here are 
some of the controls you have during 
this mode:

        -Select = Remove on-screen display (Life bar, Beast gauge, etc.)
        -R1 = Change camera views
        -Sq, X, or O = Reset camera view back to normal

Note that the CPU's difficulty here is set permanently to "Bloody Hard" mode, so 
be ready to see some furious fights.

        Similar to the "Omake" mode from the BR1, this mode lets you customize 
the game in special manners that you 
desire. At the start, you will be given both "Wall Display" and "Afterimage 
Mode". There are more, but you will have 
to figure out how to acquire them. (See "Secrets and Custom Features" for more on 
this) Along with this is the "Game 
Start" feature, where you can select to fight against a friend, a computer-
controlled opponent, or all 11 of the 
characters one after another, and test the newly acquired custom features to your 
heart's content. 

        Pretty much explains itself by its name. Not to be confused with the 
Custom mode, this is where you can fiddle 
around with the game's basic features, like "Match Point", "Difficulty", 
and "Control Config". Some details on the more 
unique features:

        -Sound Option: change the game between stereo/mono, set the volume, 
listen to the sound effects 
         & voices, and select the music for the game between "Arcade" 
or "Playstation". In "Arcade" mode,
         each stage has their own personal sound track. In "Playstation" mode, 
Each character has their own
         soundtrack. The second player's soundtrack will always be the music for 
each battle.
        -Movies and Pictures: Contains all the videos and endings from the game, 
as well as the 
         illustrations from "Story Mode"
        -Play Data: Records your scores from each game mode, as well as charts 
each character's victories
         and how often they've been used and against who
        -Display Type: Adjusts the screen image to the size of your TV 

        The "Memory Card" feature can also be found here, so remember to save 
your game as often as possible.

*Just in case you're interested, the track played at the opening video is 
called "Carnation Reincarnation", played by 
that jamming group called "Kinniku Shoujo Tai" (Muscular Girl Zone).This track 
can be founded on two of their albums. 
One called "San Fransisco", (the remix version)and the other called "Saigo no 
Seisen" (original version), which translates 
as "The Last Holy War". Both albums have heavy metal-type of music.

For the American version, there's a new mode added:

        For those that want to practice their combos, Guard Escapes, etc., you 
can use this mode for that purpose. 
It's also a good way to learn where and how each hit strikes, as well as what's 
useful and when. Since I do not have
this, I don't know too much about it. (Anybody willing to share?)

Here I go!! - Jin Long


III) Defensive System

        The methods of defense have been focused on more in BR2, having a big 
effect on the gameplay. For starters, read below on the way a character's defense 
can effect the game.

        The way you guard attacks still goes by the height of the attack executed 
at you. Here's a chart written up 
from the game manual that charts about the proper way to guard against an attack:

                ----------          ---------        -------------         -------
                High Guard          Low Guard        Mid-Air Guard         Lie 
                ----------          ---------        -------------         -------
High Attack |       O           |        --        |     O (1x)        |      --
Mid Attack  |       O           |        X         |     O (1x)        |      --
Low Attack  |       X           |        O         |     O (1x)        |      

        For this chart, a "O" means that an attack can be blocked in the position 
you're in. an "X" means it is not 
possible to block in that position. A "--" means that a defense doesn't apply, 
for the attack will not come in 
contact. Note that you can only block once in the air. Afterwards, you'll be hit 
no matter what. 

        Here's a list on the 4 different heights in which most attacks can attack 
from. Note that aerial attacks
will not be included in this, for just about all of them have to be blocked with 
a High Guard:

High (H)  : Attack aims at head level. A High Guard can defend against this, 
while a crouch or Lie Down will keep you
            under harm.
Middle (M): Attack aims a midsection level. These attacks you have to be more 
aware of, for they can only be blocked
            high. A Low Guard is useless in this case, but Lie Down will still 
work just fine.
Low (L)   : Attack aims at leg/waist level. Unlike the others, this can be 
blocked in any manner, making it not as 
            useful in getting through an opponent's defense.
Ground (G): Attack aims at foot level. Too low for a High Guard, these can only 
be blocked by a Low Guard. This will 
            also beat Lie Down.

        These will be used in each character's basic moves list, to label the 
height of those attacks. The abbreviated 
form will be used. 

        Keeping an eye on the height of an attack is difficult, which is why it's 
best to get used to falling into 
defense in a smart, calm manner. If you don't know the height on which the attack 
will come from, (unless you 
memorized the opponent's moves) try to watch it as it comes and judge its motion, 
before you choose the best way 
to defend against it. If you can guess (or even know) the height of the attack, 
think about how you can follow up 
with an attack of your own. For instance, if you see Alice coming with a low kick 
attack, a low guard may be good 
for protection, but if you can hop above the attack and counterattack, you can 
get the upperhand in the fight. 
Study well.

        In the gaming world of BR2, there are now two different types of guards 
you can use, each with their own 
purpose. These two guards are called the Light guard and the Heavy guard 
respectfully. The Light guard is 
executed from the neutral position on the key pad, that is, you press nothing. 
(in case of a low attack, you press 
down only for Light guard) It works like a regular guard and, unlike the Heavy 
guard, your recovery time is very 
short. Due to this, you can counterattack almost soon after you block an attack. 
However, you cannot block "Guard 
Break" attacks from the Light Guard. (this'll be discussed a little bit further 
        The Heavy guard will probably be the guard chosen favorite by many due to 
habit of its motion. The 
Heavy guard can be executed by either pressing in the opposite direction from 
your opponent (pressing backwards 
on the key pad), or by pressing the R1 button. (which'll put you in a guard 
position even if the opposition 
isn't attacking) While it's not possible to counterattack because of the slow 
recovery time from this guarding 
method, it will protect you from any attack, including "Guard Break" attacks. 
Each guard has its usage, so try 
to master both and use them when needed. 

        Just to start off, my suggestion to using each of the two guards is to 
not press back on the key pad 
unless you want to walk backwards. Rely on the R1 button. That way, it'll be much 
more easier to differentiate 
between Light and Heavy guard. Now back to the subject, each guard can help in 
offensive means: 

           -Guard Escape: Done from a Light guard by pressing forward just as you 
                          block an attack, this'll usually put you out of harm's 
                          path and allow for a more safer, carefree counterattack 
                          choice. This can be done:

                                  -While standing
                                  -While crouching
                                  -In the air

           -Guard Attack: Implicates the attributes of a Light guard, for you 
                          be protected against high and mid attacks. The only 
                          that'll stop you are low attacks, throws, and Guard 

           -Cancelling Command Moves: By pressing the R1 (Heavy guard) button 
when doing 
                          any of the quarter-circle attacks, you can cancel them 
                          mid point. This is helpful for faking out the 
                          canceling an attack done by accident, or just 
cancelling an 
                          attack because the situation no longer calls for it. 
While it's 
                          easier to do this with a Guard Attack, it may not be so 
                          another Command move. 

           -Motion Stopper: Pressing the R1 button while you're in motion 
(walking, dashing, 
                          crawling, or backstepping) will make you automatically 
stop in your 
                          tracks. A great way to to drop into defense when an 
attack is heading 
                          at you while you're moving, especially while you're 

        Mentioned before were moves called "Guard Break". Guard Breaks are 
attacks that flash with light 
before execution. This can range from a single attack to a combo attack to even a 
Command move. In the case 
of a Guard Break:

                         -Can only be blocked by a Heavy Guard 
                         -Stuns/knocks down anyone in a Light Guard
                         -If hit while in a Light Guard, you'll usually lose 
(less than) half
                          of the damage than if it were a clean hit
                         -Can be blocked on the ground and in the air
                         -All Guard Breaks hit from either high level or mid 

        While there's a handful when in human form, a lot more of each 
character's attacks will turn into 
Guard Breaks in beast form, making it difficult to rely on a Light guard. While 
it's quite difficult to try 
and memorize each character and which attack is a Guard Break and which'll turn 
into a Guard Break once 
beastorized, the only way to avoid them is through good judgement and the Heavy 
guard button. 

**Jenny is the exception to this rule. In Jenny's combo B,B,B,d+B, the last hit, 
being a Guard Break attack,
hits low. Thus, a low Hard guard can defend against it.

"Well, you're not worth it. You can't beat me." - Kakeru as "Bakuryu"


IV) "Beastorized" System

        Just like its predecessor, the Beast Button is still present, allowing 
each character to transform into 
their "beast" form. However, there's alot of neat tricks added to transformation:
-TRANSFORM!: Like in BR1, you can transform in the standard method, which is 
standing still and hitting the 
Beast button. This can also be done in the air as well.

-DASH & TRANSFORM!: Again, this method is still in the game. Just run and hit the 
Beast button to "beastorize" 
and charge in at the same time.

-ATTACK & TRANSFORM!: If you want to transform safely, but not obviously, do one 
of the Command moves while 
hitting the Beast button. You'll execute your Beast Command move and transform at 
the same time. Good for 
surprise attacks and getting into Beast mode without any problems.

-COMBO & TRANSFORM!: Within the middle of a combos, hitting the Beast button will 
allow you to transform 
while continuing the assault. This can only be done in some combos, which have an 
extension to adding in 
Beast combos and attacks. With this, the opposition will have to keep guessing 
the outcome of your assault 
as you trip them up and take control! 

        Note that if you do a regular transformation, (non-attacking) you'll be 
invincible as you become 
surrounded by an aura of energy. On the other hand, you can be hit as you perform 
any of the other 
transform-&-attack methods.

        It's now important to frequently change into Beast mode, for it possesses 
alot of advantages that 
you won't have as a human. These features are:

               -Attacks are now stronger as a beast
               -Characters' jumping skills increase 
               -Characters can jump off walls
               -Recover health into the temporary damage (white area) of your 
life gauge
               -There are more cancel points (cancelling attacks into Command 
               -Attacks have more power to knock foes away & higher in the air
               -Characters can endure more damage
               -All attacks will now take off block damage. This depends on the 
                when they're a beast and the attack executed. Each attack may 
either take off
                health, or both health & the temporary damage in your life gauge.

        The Beast gauge will fill up on its own, along with executing attacks and 
taking damage as well. 
This makes it easier to transform into a beast frequently. However, once a beast, 
your Beast gauge will 
go down not only if you take damage, but if you're blocking attacks, so be 

        Once a beast, there are a couple of ways in which you can revert from 
beast back to human:

               -Being knocked down when the Beast gauge is emptied
               -Being juggled in the air when the Beast gauge is emptied
               -Executing a character's Beast Drive (See below)
               -Certain moves/throws may cause you to revert back to normal 

        Note that once you've reverted back to human, any temporary damage area 
in your life gauge will 
turn into permanent damage. Remember that while you can be a skilled player, 
you'll have disadvantages 
as a human if going against a beastorized character. Try to keep your beast form 
on as long as you can.


        The newest feature to be put into the Bloody Roar series is the "Beast 
Drive". The "Beast Drive"
is an all-out attack that does big damage onto the opposition if they get hit. 
Some notes on using the 
Beast Drive:

          -You have to be in Beast mode
          -All have to be blocked with a Heavy guard. (Guard Break)
          -Uses up entire Beast Gauge (amount doesn't effect the damage inflicted)
          -If you miss, you'll be wide open as you revert back into human form 
          -Each character's Beast Drive have different attributes 

         To use the Beast Drive, you  you just input the motion. (different for 
each character) Once the 
move ends, (whether it hits or not) you'll revert back to human, and will have to 
slowly fill your Beast 
gauge again. Just like a regular Command Attack move, this can be cancelled into 
during some combos, 
which'll ensure that this move hits. 

"My revenge has only begun!" - Stun


V) Taking a Hit 

        In the midst of a battle, there are a couple of interactions that should 
be considered,
for it can effect the outcome. These interactions come into effect during these 
situations: taking
a clean hit, taking a hit from behind, countered as you attack, and taking a hit 
while stunned. Here's
an explanation on each:

Clean Hit - while what happens depends on the hit itself, usually nothing special 
Back Hit - it's easier to be stunned in certain manners that make it even harder 
to turn around. Also, some
           effects that take place may differ from the effects that happen at a 
character's front.
Counter Hit* - a character will fall into certain stun postures depending on the 
hit and where it's aimmed 
               at. Sometimes, nothing may happen.
"Stunned" Hit - While in a stun posture, you'll usually be knocked off your feet. 
Depending on the attack 
                and where it's aimmed at, where and how you fall may vary. (This 
is how most launcher moves 
                work) In other cases, you may not fall down, usually because the 
hit is weak or doesn't have 
                that potential to knock down a character. Also, if an attack hits 
just as a character has almost
                fully recovered, even if it is meant to knock down a character, 
it may register as a clean hit. 
               (This is the case for most attacks)

        In other instances, some hits might cause opponents to instantly be 
knocked off their feet in various
manners. Some may just knock you into the air, while others may make you hit the 
ground hard enough to
bounce. This, as well as the former stated should be kept in mind, for your 
winning combos and juggles 
can be determined by this. Also, depending on what form you're in and how your 
hit connects, each attack may have 
a different effect. (i.e. Shen Long's LD+K will launch a character as a counter 
while in human form, but once he 
transforms, it'll make his foe spiral) Keep in mind that once a character is in 
a "stun" posture, he/she cannot be 
grabbed by most moves considered to be a throw. Although moves like Bakuryu's 
Zugokku Zuki and Marvel's Demolition 
Fang still can be executed, Busuzima's Daijoubutsu Throw and Uriko's Kikkyo 
Byoten will not work.

*Note that a counter hit occurs before an attack is executed or as an attack has 
reached its fullest extension.
Once a character is recovering from hit/her attack, any hits taken in at that 
time will count as a "clean hit".


        Here's a list of the different types of stun postures in the game, and 
how they can come into 
     Type                     Where               Description
     ----                     -----               ------------
  1)Kneel (kn)              Front/Behind         Brought down to one knee, 
usually by an
                                                 overhead hit 

  2)Trip (tp)               Front/Behind         You support yourself up by your 
hands as 
                                                 one leg is kicked out from under 
you by a

  3)Stumble Forward (sf)**    Behind             You're hit mid/high in the back 
by an attack,
                                                 causing you to stumble forward.

  4)Stumble Back (sb)**       Forward            You're hit mid/high in the front 
by an attack,
                                                 causing you to stumble back
  5)Head Clasp (hc)           Forward            You're hit in the head by a 
strong attack

  6)Turn Around (tn)          Forward            You're hit by a whiplash-type of 
attack, causing
                                                 you to spin around

  7)1-Leg (lg)                Forward            Your foot has been stepped on, 
causing you to hop

  8)Choke (ch)                Forward            You're hit in the throat, 
causing you to hold it
                                                 in pain

  9)Wobble (wo)             Front/Behind         You're hit from the side, which 
causes you to stagger
                                                 as you adjust your position 

  10)Spiral (sp)             Ground/Air          You're hit so hard into the air, 
that you are made to

        Also remember that stun postures also come into effect not just by taking 
a hit. Some throws 
can cause you to be stunned.


        Here's a list of the how you can be sent airborne/thrown to the ground in 
the game, and how 
they can come into effect:

       Type                                    Description
       ----                                    ------------
  1) Launcher (ln)                            You're sent flying straight into 
the air

  2) Banish (bh)                              You're knocked away with such force 
across the stage, and usually 
                                              fly into a wall 

  3) Sweep (sw)                               Your feet are literally swept from 
under you, making you airborne abit
                                              before you hit the ground. Keep in 
mind that any character that is air-
                                              borne (whether juggled or not) & is 
hit by any (strong) low kick attack
                                              before he/she hits the ground, this 
will also come into effect.
  4) Floored (fr)                             You're sent smack into the ground, 

  5) Sliding (sld)                            You're hit with such momentum that 
you go flying ground-level, 
                                              and continue your travel as you 
slide across the ground
  6) Bounce** (bc)                            You're hit from above with a force 
that makes you bounce
                                              on the ground

        Keep in mind that being knocked off your feet can also come into effect 
not just by taking a hit.
Some throws can cause you to be launched or floored. As with "stun posture", 
there are different outcomes
for most moves depending on your form, and how & when your attack connects.

        In each character's movelist, certain moves may have one or more of the 
abbreviations from either
"stun posture" or "when knocked off your feet" list. Since almost every attack 
can cause some form of effect,
only those that play a more unique role in the game will most likely be labeled. 

**If these conditions are in effect, that character is considered to 
be "airborne", thus they can be air grabbed, 
  (ex. Bakuryu's Raikou Izuna Otoshi) or bobbed up by a launching-type move. (ex. 
Marvel's "Taskforce Upper")


        Depending on when, how, and how many times you're hit, the damage may 
vary. Here's a chart on how much
damage a character may receive depending on the condition:

      TYPE                                    AMOUNT OF DAMAGE
      ----                                    ----------------

    Clean Hit                                      Normal
    Back Hit                                   Increases alot
    Counter Hit                              Increases abit~alot
    "Stunned" Hit                                  Normal
    Juggle                                  Normal~Decreases abit 
    Guard Crushed                             About half damage
    Wall/Ground Slam                            Little damage
    Ground Hit                               Very little damage

You thought you were winning? Hah! - Shen Long 



VI) Controls and Basic Functions

f = forward                         P = Punch             Tri = Throw
b = back                            K = Kick              R1 = Heavy Guard
d = crouch                          B = Beast
u = jump

f = Walk forward                            b,b = Backstep

b = Walk backward                           d,d (hold) = Lie down (last for about 
a second) 

df = Crawl forward                          Dash, then jump = Super jump

db = Crawl backward                         Jump at a wall, f = Wall jump (in 
beast form only)

f,f = Quick Forward                         f,f or b,b in the air = Hover** 
(Jenny in beast form only)
f,f (Hold) = Dash                           L1 or L2 = Slant Move (American 
version's VS Mode only)

**You can hover for an infinite amount of time. To do this, you have to alternate 
by pressing f,f and b,b one after the other. All attacks that can be done in the 
air can still 
be performed, as well as wall jumping. You can also hover after a wall jump.

P+K  \
 or   > Standing throw (both with miss animation)
R1+P /

d+P+K  \  
 or     > Crouching throw (both with miss animation)
d+R1+P /  

P+K = Throw escape (must be done just as the opposition initiates a throw. Will 
not work against
back throws)

*Note that a throw escape can only be done against the basic grabs stated above. 
It cannot be
performed against Command Attack throws, air throws, or any special throws. (i.e. 
Stun's f + P,
Gado's Dash + P)

P+K = Air Recovery : 
                  -When launched into the air
                  -When juggled
                  -When sent flying into a wall (not when you're slammed into a 
wall and 
                   take damage. This is just as you're about to hit a wall)

P+K = Ground Recovery : 
                  -When knocked off your feet (Float)
                  -When you're about to be sent sliding on the ground

*Note that you cannot recover if you're sent spiralling in the air. Keep in mind 
that if you
do an Air Recovery, you are not invincible right at the start of your this. About 
a second after 
you execute this, you can block.

In final round, killing blow slams a character into a wall = Wall Break 

*Note that this cannot happen in the "Room" Stage

Jump, P = Simple downward punch              Jump, f or b + {P} = Hammer Drop

Jump, K = Simple flying side kick            Jump, f + {K} = Drop Kick

Jump, B = Simple flying front kick           Jump, b + {K} = Reverse Drop Kick

u + P, K, or B = Leap Attack (varies)        Jump, f or b + B or {B} = Flying 
Beast Attack


d+P, K, or B = Ground attack (Varies between characters)

When knocked down:
               -Press in any direction to roll on the ground
               -Tap P repeatedly to increase your recovery speed
               -Press K to flip up with a kick attack

Press B when Beast Gauge is empty:
               -Do a mid-level attack
               -All around protection (hits from the front and back)
               -Little offense ability (works up close)
               -Each unique for all characters

"Is that the best you can do?" - Janne "Marvel" Gado


VII. Characters and their Personal Descriptions

        Before you read each of the characters' personal data, read this part for 
some important guidelines used in writing this section:

Symbols and Abbreviations

* = Can cancel into a Command attack
[H] = Hold down the preceding button
[T] = Back is turned to the opponent
< > = Can transform into a Beast through this attack
{ } = Guard Break
LD = Lie Down

{c} = If you see this after an attack, it means it'll become a Guard Break when 
      transform into a beast (ex. df + K {c})

# = In some special cases, you can only cancel into a Command Attack only when 
    you're a beast, even if it is an attack that can be done as a human

x = Some Basic moves hit more than once, but cannot be determined how many times. 
    Long's Dash B) This will be next to the height of that attack, indicating it 
is a 
    multi-hitter. (ex. for an attack that hits high, its height will be labeled 
as "Hx") 

Strategies & Combos Section only

/ = Indicates the points in which a combo breaks, and what has to follow in next 
= = Indicates when you cancel into a Command Attack
- = Indicates when entering a Circle Combo (Long, Uriko, & Shen Long only)
== = Indicates when a Rokugou Shiki Shuryo Waza is being used (Long, Uriko, & 
Shen Long only)
H = Done in human form (only)
B = Done in beast form (only)
H/B = Can be done in either form
H~B = Done from human form into beast form
B<-H = Recommended in beast form unless you want to start combo/juggle while in 
human form, then 
[C] = Move is done as a counter attack
[Bk] = Back Attack

If a combo has many variations and each are listed below combo, each are labled 
depending on what
type of attack they are:

-> = continuation to a combination attack (in other words, it's not a separate 
= = cancel into this move (i.e. a Command attack)
-- = go into a Circle Combo (Long, Uriko, & Shen Long only)
== = use a Rokugou Shiki Shuryo Waza (Long, Uriko, & Shen Long only)
- = start of a new attack/combo; a break in the previous combo

Characters' Bios
        Each character's Fighting Style description is straight out from the 
(except for Shen Long and Gado) while their Storyline is just a summary of the 
of each character's role from Story mode.

Characters' Moves and Combos
        I know almost ALL the names for each move and attack. Some were not given 
a name, so 
I will be adding a substitue in their place, putting them in parenthesis. 
However, not all 
moves in parenthesis are made up. If a move has various outcomes, then they will 
most like 
be in parenthesis. Some moves may be given a description if necessary. (It may be 
parenthesis as well)

        Some moves and combos have numerous enders or ways it can be used. Not to 
redundant, I'm branching all of them together, listing them one after another 
under the 
move or combo they belong to. So, if you see anything that has a ":" afterwards, 
this will 
indicate that more than one method will follow as an ender. Either that, or there 
will be a 
note refering to whatever that can follow up.Also, for some reason, there might 
be more than 
one method to do a combo. If you use another method that differs from mine, 
neither mine nor 
yours is wrong.

Characters' Strategies/Combos
        For each character's Strategy/Combo section, I'm only putting in various 
types of 
combos and juggles. As in all games, there are an infinite number of ways to 
making a combo, 
as long as it works for the player. The ones I'm putting down are examples of the 
ones I use,
from the Staff Rolls, (both #1 and #2) and some really spectacular or really 
crazy ones to
play with. (especailly on those that don't like to recover when launched) Don't 
just limit 
yourself to these. Experiment with these and make some of your own.

        Depending on each character's form, some combos/juggles may work a little 
Remember that juggles have to be executed fast in human form, while your foes 
will have a 
longer hangtime while you're in beast form. Also, there's a weight and size 
between both human and beast form, so some combos/juggles may be harder to do on 
a foe in    
human form than in beast form.     

        Finally, not all combos/juggles are perfect. Due to the Recovery move, 
they can be 
broken. Remember that if your opponent recovers high in the air during your 
juggle, that it
can still be initiated and completed. You just have to delay a bit/time it right.

        This is my first time of writing an FAQ, so if you should find anything 
confusing, or hard to understand, bear with me. This is preliminary work and may 
change as 
time goes on.

Oh, I'm sorry. - Jenny Bartoli





Beast Form: WOLF
Nationality: JAPAN
Age: 22
Height: 177 cm (Human); 180 cm (Beast)
Weight: 81 kg (Human); 84 (Beast)
Likes: STEAK
Dislikes: WASABI



        As Tyron Foundation went down in flames, Yugo came across a young boy 
standing in the 
midst of the burning company. Questioning the young boy's reasons for being 
there, he couldn't 
learn anything, for the boy himself didn't know. Concerned about his welfare, 
Yugo decided to 
take him under his care and escaped with the young boy.
        5 years have passed sinced that time. Taking up the occupation Pro-
Boxing, Yugo continued 
to fight and hone his skills through this sport. The young boy, who is known as 
Kakeru, was also doing 
well in his new life as well, as he went to school and engaged in the activities 
of a normal 
young boy. There was still some questions to be answered about Kakeru's previous 
life, however, and 
his possible connection with the fallen Tyron Foundation. With the current 
situation between humans 
and beasts, the two had to keep a low profile, lest they want their new lifestyle 
to come to an end.
        One day, as the two were outside, they were attacked by a mysterious guy. 
Leaving Yugo for 
wounded, he kidnapped Kakeru, ignoring the boxer's plea and claiming that the 
young boy's name is 
"Bakuryu". Filled with rage, the wild youth is now set to hit the scene and to 
extract justice -- 
where it belongs.  	


        Through his boxing style, Yugo combines both speed and power together to 
fight. Everything about 
him represents him as the standard "All-Mighty character".


p (Normal) = Orange vest, brown pants, black gloves, shoes, and belt / Gray-
furred wolf
K (2nd) = Blue vest and wrist straps, black gloves and shoes, grayish pants / 
Gray & tan-furred wolf
B (Extra) = Blue vest and pants, black gloves, red shirt / Sky blue furred-wolf
Start (Secret) = Brown vest, shoes, and gloves, dark gray pants and shirt / Rusty 
tan-furred wolf


                                 Normal Moves

        -----                                             -----       
        HUMAN                                             BEAST
        -----                                             -----

FACING FORWARD                                      

       Ground                                             Ground
       ------                                             -------

   ------------------------------------------------    ---------------------------
         Name      |  Motion  | Height | Attributes          Name      |  Motion  
| Height | Attributes
   ------------------------------------------------    ---------------------------
  -Jab             |   P      |   H    |              -Wolf Claw       |    B     
|    H   |
  -Straight        |  f+P     |   H    |              -Twin Fang Dive  |   f+B    
|    H   |
  -Left Hook       |  b+P     |   M    |              -Mangetsu Zan    |   b+{B}  
|    M   |    (bh)
  -Squat Jab       |  d+P     |   L    |              -Kogetst Gaeshi  |   d+B    
|    M   |  (sb)/(ln)
  -Upper           |  df+P    |   M    |   (hc)       -Jizuri Zan      |   df+B   
|    G   |
  -Sway            |  db+P    |   -    | dodge back   -Bu Roukyaku     |   db+B   
|    G   |     [T]
  -Jump Straight   |  u+P     |   H    |   (kn)       -Flying Over Tail|   u+B    
|    M   |
  -Mawashi Geri    |   K      |   H    |              -Arc Wrist       |  f,f+{B} 
|    M   |    (bc)
  -Kakato Otoshi   |  f+{K}   |   M    | (kn)/(fr)    -Body Cannon     |  Dash+{B}
|    M   |    (bh)   
  -Backspin High   |  b+K     |   H    |              -Spinning Claw   |   LD+B   
|    M   |    (ln)         
   Kick            |          |        |               ---------------------------
  -Low Kick        |  d+K     |   G    |           
  -Side Kick       |  df+K    |   M    |   (hc)  
  -Backspin Low    |  db+K    |   G    |   (tp)
   Kick            |          |        |
  -Sobat           |  u+K     |   M    |           
  -Jump Upper      |  f,f+P   |  M-H   | [T],(ln)
  -One-Step Knee   |  f,f+K   |   M    |   (hc)
  -Shoulder Tackle | Dash,P   |   M    |   
  -Ground Slicer   | Dash,K   |   G    |   (tp)
  -Smash           |  LD,P    |   H    |   (ln)
  -Jack Knife Kick |  LD,K    |   M    |

FACING BACKWARD                                      

       Ground                                             Ground
       ------                                             -------

   ------------------------------------------------    ---------------------------
         Name      |  Motion  | Height | Attributes          Name      |  Motion  
| Height | Attributes
   ------------------------------------------------    ---------------------------
  -Light Hook      |   P      |   H    |   (tn)       -Back Turn Claw  |   B      
|   M    |    (bc)
  -J.F. Upper**    |  d+P     |   H    |              -Make Inu        |  d+B     
|   G    |   retreat
  -Back Turn High  |   K      |   H    |               ---------------------------
    Kick           |          |        |                
  -Back Turn Low   |  d+K     |   G    |
    Kick           |          |        |

**Wanna know what J.F. stands for? It's "Joe Fraiser" abbreviated. Sounds funny, 
  but that's what was written on the Raizing Homepage.

   Front (Standing) = Seoi Nage                       Front (Standing) = 
   Front (Crouching) = Knee Blast (ln)                Front (Crouching) = Knee 
Blast (ln)
   Back = Ura Nage                                    Back = Ura 



        Yugo uses a unique system which most of his combos evolve around. Divided 
into three groups,
each "Rush" provides numerous hit enders for him to utilize, while it is possible 
to switch from one
"Rush" to another. Study this well:

          -----------                                -----------
          Blast Rush                                 Strike Rush          
          -----------                                -----------            

* (Extend into Strike Rush) -P, d+K, df+P* -K -f+P{c} (bh) -d+K, df+P* -b+P -B, B -d+P -B, b+{B} -df+P* -K -d+B ---------- Burst Rush ---------- -

,P (Extend into Strike Rush) -d+P -

, b+B -B, B, {P} (bh) -B, d+{P} -B, B, d+P Note that in order to go into Strike Rush through those two extensions, just continue from that extension and tag in any of the moves under Strike Rush. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- =============== COMMAND ATTACKS =============== 1) Quick 1-2 Motion: d,df,f +

-or- 1-2 Blast Motion: d,df,f +

: -(Go into "Blast Rush") -(Through "Blast Rush", go into "Strike Rush") -or- 1-2 Body Upper Motion: d,df,f +

, f+{P}, f+P 2) Gekka Shou Motion: d, df, f + K (Launcher) 3) Silver Wolf Knuckle Motion: d, df, f + P (Guard Attack) (Launcher as a counter in Beast form) 4) Crescent Somersault Motion: d, db, b + K 5) Bloody Roar Motion: d, df, f + B (Throw) 6) Flying Berserk Motion: d, db, b + B: -(Rebound) You make contact with a wall. Can follow up with any air attack. -Meteor Crash Press P, K, or B to attack once near a wall BEAST DRIVE: SPIRAL FANG ------------------------- MOTION: d,db,b,db,d,df,f + {B} DESCRIPTION: An upclose upperslash. If it connects, Yugo follows with a midair wild slash combo, and ends with a blistering, neck-spiraling slam with streaks of energy surrounding him. HITS: 24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Human) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Standing Lock P,


*,P 1-2 & Rush P,

: -(Go into "Blast Rush") -(Through "Blast Rush", go into "Strike Rush") Knuckle Twin Kick P,K,K* (Knuckle Spiral Kick) P,K,d+K Straight Faust & Rush f+

: -(Go into "Blast Rush") -(Through "Blast Rush", go into "Strike Rush") Dragon Finish Blow Combo b+


,P,d+P Hook On & Rush b+

: -(Go into "Burst Rush") -(Through "Burst Rush", go into "Strike Rush") Sway Hook Combo db+P,b+P,b+P,b+P *Note that this combo will work whether or not you press back for the first 2 punches. However, the last punch requires you to press back. Illusion Burst db+P,P,

: -(Go into "Strike Rush") (Sway Back & Blow) db+P,d+P Phantom Burst db+P,f+

: -(Go into "Blast Rush") -(Through "Blast Rush", go into "Strike Rush") Phantom Faust db+P,f+

,f+{P},f+P Twin Upper** df+P,P Machine Gun Upper** df+P,P,P* Final Machine Gun Upper** df+P,P,P*,{P} **Each punch can be delayed for a good amount of time, making it easy to switch between these combos depending on the situation. Also, while it says in the manual to press df with each punch, you only need to press it once with the first punch. After that, all other punches will work just fine. High Kick Twin K,K Spiral Kick K,d+K Low & Step In d+K,df+P* Squat Spin Kick d+K,d+K Side Kick Twin df+K,K Heel Tusk LD+K,K Panther Two f,f+K,P,P* ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Beast) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Double Slash B,B* Triple Slash B,B*,{B} (Slash Flame Knuckle) B,B*,b+{B} Slash Low B,d+B Slash Dive B,f+B Double Wolf Kick db+B,B Blind Blow df+B,f+{P} Claw Twin Knuckle Slash B,P,

,B* Claw Twin Knuckle & Rush B,P,

: -(Go into "Blast Rush") -(Through "Blast Rush", go into "Strike Rush") (Claw Twin Kick) B,K,K* (Claw Spiral Kick) B,K,d+K -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ------- =================== == Strategies & Combos == =================== ------- ------------- ABBREVIATIONS ------------- S.W.K = Silver Wolf Knuckle G.K.S = Gekka Shou C.S = Crescent Somersault B.R = Bloody Roar SELF-MADE COMBINATIONS AND AIR JUGGLES -------------------------------------- Command Form Notes ------- ---- ----- LD+B[C]/P,P,P/B,B,B B Near a wall db+P,d+P[C]/f,f+B B Against aggressive opponents Silver Wolf Knuckle[C]: -u+B B -LD+B/d+B/f,f+B B df+P[C]/d+B/Crescent Somersault B db+B[T]/P[Bk][C]/f,f+K,P,P=C.S B df+K[C]: -df+P,P,P,P H/B Near a wall -1-2 Blast=d+K,df+P: =Crescent Somersault H/B Foe blocks low =C.S=R1/d+K H/B Foe blocks high. Add another d+K if foe hasn't learned yet. S.W.K[C]/P,P,P: =G.K.S: -P,P,P=G.K.S/C.S B -P,P,P=B.R B -B,B,B B Near a wall LD+B[C]: =b+P,B,B,d+P/Crescent Somersault B Near a wall =P,P,B,b+B B Silver Wolf Knuckle[C]/B,P,P,B,b+B B f,f+K[C]/Crescent Somersault H/B LD+B[C]/P,P,P=1-2 Blast=P: =Bloody Roar B Near a Wall =Spiral Fang B Near a Wall df+K[C]/df+P,P,P=1-2 Blast=P=Spiral Fang H~B Near a Wall db+B[tn]/Flying Berserk[Bk] (Cross over foe): -Meteor Crash B Near a wall -f,f+B B Opponent tries to hit you as you cross over -Quick 1-2 B Jump on the offense db+B[tn]/P[Bk][C]/Fying Berserk=Meteor Crash B Near wall. Lucky. u+P: -b+B B -P,P,d+K,df+P=Crescent Somersault H~B 1st punch will not hit. Combo's to trick foe into ducking -1-2 Blast=d+K=Crescent Somersault H/B Same thing -df+P: -d+K,d+K H ->P,P,P H/B Delay 2nd & 3rd P of df+P to get all the hits in. Near wall. -f,f+B B Strong ender 1-2 Blast=P=Bloody Roar=R1/Grab H~B Stylish, but hard ------------------------------ ---------------- Strategic Usages ---------------- Silver Wolf Knuckle=R1: (In a combo or as a counter) -Grab (Slide in close before you cancel) -d+K (Opponent blocks high) -Quick 1-2 (Light guard through attack to take offense) -u+B or Crescent Somersault (Reverse opponent's low attack) -b+B (Opponent is in Light guard) -Flying Berserk (Retreat or attack [if near wall]) Quick 1-2=R1: (In a combo or on the offense) -Grab (Slide in close before you cancel) -d+K (Opponent blocks high) -Silver Wolf Knuckle (Reverse opponent's attack) -Crescent Somersault (Opponent blocks/ducks low) -f,f+B (Overhead or reverse opponent's low attack) -b+B (Opponent is in Light guard) -Nothing (Sway in) -------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -------------------------- B) ----- ALICE ----- ======================================= ------- PROFILE ------- Full Name: ALICE TSUKAGAMI Beast Form: RABBIT F.Style: JUMPING Nationality: JAPAN-GERMANY Age: 22 Height: 158 cm (Human); 159 cm (Beast) Weight: 57 kg (Human); 58 (Beast) Occ: NURSE Likes: CAESAR SALAD, ICE CREAM SUNDAES Dislikes: ONIONS ====================================== Story: LOVE FOR THE WOUNDED With all her power, Alice was able to help Mitsuko to rescue Uriko from the clutches of Tyron Foundation. Furthermore, Alice managed to bring Uriko back to her senses, helping her to regain back her memory of who she really was. Because of this, Alice became close friends with the Nonomura family. 5 years have past since that time. Seeing how much of a difference she can make, Alice now dedicates her time to helping people at a hospital as a nurse. One day, she noticed a young man storming out of the hospital, furiously ripping away his newly-received bandages. Recognizing him as Yugo, she called for him, wondering what was distressing him. However, he claimed that he knew her not, and ran off, going to face whatever hardships that lay before him. Surprised at his reactions, (and how Yugo could forget the face of a "beautiful young lady") she follows after him, ready to assist him in any way she could. ================================ FIGHTING STYLE DESCRIPTION While feeble in power, Alice is a character that excels in speed and high jumping abilities. Her fighting style involves applying her attacks one after another by rushing at her foes. ================================ COSTUME COLORS p (Normal) = Pink uniform, cap, and sneakers, white leggings and gloves / White- furred rabbit K (2nd) = Whitish uniform, white gloves and leggings, blue shoes / Pink-furred rabbit B (Extra) = Orange uniform and shoes, white gloves and leggings / Creame-colored furred rabbit Start (Secret) = Red stockings, shoes, and trimmings, navy bluish uniform and gloves, dark brownish hair and anklets / Black-furred rabbit -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ============ Normal Moves ============ ----- ----- HUMAN BEAST ----- ----- FACING FORWARD -------------- Ground Ground ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Jab | P | H | -Blitz Punch | B | H | -Throw Punch | f+P | M | -Step Punch | f+B | H | (hc) -Sway Knuckle | b+P | M | -Rabbit Kick | b+B | M | -Squat Jab | d+P | L | -Squat Blitz | d+B | G | -Body Hook | df+P | M | Punch | | | -Low Sway Knuckle| db+P | G | -Blast Leg Kick | df+B | G | (tp)/(sw) -Rabbit Hammer | u+P | M | (kn) -Needle Kick | db+B | G | -Side High Kick | K | H | -Hide Shot Kick | u+B | M | -Arc Drop | f+{K} | M | -Rising Toe Kick | f,f+B | M | (ln) -Somersault | b+K | - | retreat -Dash Somersault | Dash,{B} | M | (sp) Escape | | | Kick | | | -Squat Side Kick | d+K | G | -Hopping Kick | LD+{B} | M | -Step Toe Kick | df+K | G | --------------------------- --------------------- -Reverse Foot | db+K | G | [T] Kick | | | -Jumping Toe Kick| u+K | M | (hc) -Slide Punch | f,f+P | G | -Rabbit Knee Pat | f,f+K | M | (sb) -Rabbit Tackle | Dash,P | M | -Rabbit Slider | Dash,K | G | (tp) -Hopping Hammer | LD,P | M | (ln) -Lunar Kick | LD,K | M | (ln) ------------------------------------------------ FACING BACKWARD --------------- Ground Ground ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Turn Straight | P | H | -Reverse Drop | B | M | (fr)/(bn) -Squat Turn | d+P | L | Kick | | | Straight | | | -Squat Turn | d+B | G | (tp) -Turn Kick | K | M | (bn) Hammer | | | -Squat Turn Kick | d+K | G | --------------------------- --------------------- ------------------------------------------------ THROWS ------ Front (Standing) = Reverse Frankensteiner Front (Standing) = Rabbit Stomp Front (Crouching) = Jack Knife Heel Edge Front (Crouching) = Jack Knife Heel Edge Back = Alice Pressure Back = Alice Pressure -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- =============== COMMAND ATTACKS =============== 1) Rabbit Spiral Motion: d, df, f + P (Air Combo Move) 2) Round Slash Motion: d, df, f + K 3) Spinning Hopper Motion: d, db, b + P (Guard Attack) (Launcher in beast form) 4) Triple Somersault Motion: d, db, b + K, b + {c}, b + {B}(sp) *If you omit b + {B}, move becomes the "Double Somersault" 5) Rabbit Flip Motion: d, df, f + B (Launcher) 6) Switch Moonsault Motion: d, db, b + B (Cross-over Move) 7) Air Raid Motion: d + P + K upclose in air (Throw) BEAST DRIVE: LIFTING STAR LANE ------------------------------ MOTION: d,df,f,d,df,f + {B} DESCRIPTION: Alice comes in with a headbutt to the gut. If it connects, she'll stuff the opposition into a human ball, bounces them like a soccer ball for a bit, and ending with an overhead kick that sends them screaming away. HITS: 9 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Human) ---------------------------- Name Input ---- ------ Upper Rush P,P,P,f+

* Surasto Rush P,P,P,d+P Blitz Combo.... P,K,K: ...High -b+K {c} ...Middle -f+K ...Low -d+K Blitz Reverse Low P,K,P,d+K Throw Punch Upper f+P,P* Sway Kick Combo b+P,K Squat Blitz Combo d[H],P,K,K Rabbit Step df+P,P,P*,d+K Low Sway Combo db+P,K Heel Edge Combo... K,K: ...High -b+K {c} ...Middle -f+K ...Low -d+K (No Name) K,P,d+K Arc Drop Combo f+K,b+K,f+K Arc Drop Combo Rush f+K,d+K,d+P Low Kick Combo d[H],K,K Leg Beat Combo df+K,K,K Lunar Combo LD+K,f+K Turn.... [T] P,P,P: ...Upper Rush -f+

* ...Surasto Rush -d+P Rabbit Knee.... f,f + K,P: -P,P: ...Upper Rush -f+

* ...Surasto Rush -d+P -K,K: ...Blitz Combo High -b+K {c} ...Blitz Combo Middle -f+K ...Blitz Combo Low -d+K ...Blitz Reverse Low -P,K,P,d+K ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Beast) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ High Rabbit Combo B,B,B,f+B* Middle Rabbit Combo B,B,B,b+B Low Rabbit Combo B,B,B,d+B Low Rabit Rush Knee d+B,d+B,B,B,B* Low Rabbit Rush Ground db+B,B,B: -B (High) -d+B (Low) Low Rabbit Rush Slider d[H],B,B,K,P Upper Rush & Rabbit Combo P,P,P,f+P*,B,B,B: ...High -f+B* ...Middle -b+B ...Low -d+B Knee Pat to Upper Rush & Rabbit Combo f,f + K,P,P,P,f+P*,B,B,B: ...High -f+B* ...Middle -b+B ...Low -d+B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ------- =================== == Strategies & Combos == =================== ------- ------------- ABBREVIATIONS ------------- R.Spiral = Rabbit Spiral T.Somersault = Triple Somersault R.Slash - Round Slash SELF-MADE COMBINATIONS AND AIR JUGGLES -------------------------------------- Command Form Notes ------- ---- ----- f,f+K[C]/df+P,P,P=Rabbit Flip/Air Raid B f+P,f+P[C]: =Spinning Hopper H Delay combo if necessary =Rabbit Spiral/K,K,b+K B Near wall if necessary db+K[T]/K[Bk] H/B u+K[C]/u+P/df+K,K or d+K,K H b+B[C]/df+K,K,K B Up-Down confusion b+K/f+K,b+K,f+K H~B Just looks cool u+K[C]/LD+P: -P,P,P,f+P=R.Spiral/Round Slash B -K,K,b+K/Round Slash B Near wall if necessary f+B[C]/Rabbit Flip: -Air Raid B Done in a corner -LD+K,f+K B f,f+B[C]/P,P,P,f+P: ->B,B,B,f+B=Round Slash B Near wall if necessary =Triple Somersault B Spinning Hopper[C]: -d+K,K H -LD+P/Triple Somersault B -P,K,K/df+P,P,P=R.Spiral H/B Near a wall. Add another R.Spiral while in beast form -f,f+K: ->P,K,K,b+K H/B Delay 1st Kick as long as you can in beast form only. May need a wall. ->P,P,P,f+P: =T.Somersault B =R.Slash B Rabbit Flip[C]/B,B,B,f+B: =Spinning Hopper B =Switch Moonsault B f+B[C]/f,f+B/Rabbit Spiral/Lifting Star Lane B Has to be done fast f+P,f+P[C]=Rabbit Flip/P,P,P,f+P,B,B,B,f+B: =R.Spiral/Air Raid B<-H Near a wall =Lifting Star Lane B<-H Near a wall ------------------------------ ---------------- Strategic Usages ---------------- Spinning Hopper=R1: (In a combo or as a counter) -Round Slash (Opponent blocks low) -Any combo (Light guard throught attack to take offense) -db+K[T],K (High-low) -f+K,u+K,b+B or u+P (Reverse low attacks) -Rabbit Flip (Opponent's in Light guard) -Switch Moonsault (Cross-over) -Grab (Upclose. Hard.) -LD+B (Light guard through high attack to counter) -------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -------------------------- C) ---- LONG ---- ======================================= ------- PROFILE ------- Full Name: JIN LONG (Shin Long in the States) Beast Form: TIGER F.Style: CONBINATION ATTACKS Nationality: CHINA Age: 31 Height: 179 cm (Human); 184 cm (Beast) Weight: 70 kg (Human); 78 (Beast) Occ: NONE Likes: SILENCE, PEACE OF MIND Dislikes: DISHONESTY AND LIES ====================================== Story: DENIAL TO THE FATE The hungering to destroy. The lust for blood. The emotions of a true, cold-blooded assassin. These feelings were a curse to Long for a long time. Long managed to run away from this cruel occupation, but he couldn't leave behind these thoughts, these emotions that agonized him for so long. To avoid these feelings from taking control once more, Long decided to isolate himself in a cave up in the mountains. His fate was destined to fight, yet he was willing to deny this lifestyle for peace. Sadly, Long will soon know that he can't hide from fate forever. 5 years later, he's now questioning himself with thoughts about whether or not he should once more engage in violence. These were brought upon by a young girl who has come for his help in taking on a major responsiblity. She wants to save her mother from the clutches of some evil men, one of them who even looks like Long himself! Despite her young age, she was willing to put everything on the line to learn how to fight. Long could see that the young girl's will was strong and good, and was moved to give her what she needed. For a long time Long hid from such responsibilities, using his powers where they were needed instead of seeing them as a curse. Evil was still out there, and in a form that seemed to call for his attention. Now, donning on his battle gear, Long steps out into the world once again, with intentions to look into this new danger. He's also curious about the one who's "identical to him like his own shadow...." ================================ FIGHTING STYLE DESCRIPTION Long is the wielder of the ever-changing Circle Combo system, called "Shin-I-Gou-Ken." (Fist of the Mind & Cosmos) He is truly an advance, technical character to handle. ================================ COSTUME COLORS p (Normal) = Turquois shirt, blue pants, gold & white wrist and ankle braces, black sash, orange symbol / Orange-furred tiger K (2nd) = Brown pants and gloves, white & orange wrist and ankle braces, white shirt, gray symbol / Grayish- furred tiger B (Extra) = Orange shirt, green & orange wrist and ankle braces, green sash, purple pants / Bluish-gray furred tiger Start (Secret) = Black shirt, black & gray wrist and ankle braces, white gloves, yellow symbol / Orange tiger -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------- SHIN-I-ROKU-GOU-KEN: Rokugou Kourin Shiki (Style of the Universal -------------------- Goose Circle) The "Rokugou Kourin Shiki" is a Circle combo that is the main weapon used by Long. Consisting of 6 different attacks, each attack follows each other in a circle-like motion, in any direction desired. While this Circle combo can be started in numerous ways, each attack follows each other in a set manner one after another. Also, the same attack cannot be used twice. Here's a diagram on this Circle combo and the pattern it follows: Dakai <----------> Fujin Kyaku <----------> Tan Pa P# (hc) d+K f+P* /\ /\ | | \/ \/ Hidari Tan Kyaku <-----> Nichigetsu Ha <-----> Migi Tan Kyaku f+K d+P K Also, this Circle combo can be followed up with any one of the "Rokugou Kourin Shiki Shuryo Waza", (Ender Techniques of the "Style of the Universal Goose Circle") which can be inputted from any one attack of the R.K.S. It doesn't matter whether you complete the Cicle combo or not: Uramon Chochu Pon Ken Renju Houdou f,f+P# b+{P} d,d+P \\ || // Rokugou Kourin Shiki Shuryo Waza // || \\ Senpuu Kyaku Honshin RenKyaku Zensou Genkyaku f,f+K (kn) b+K d,d+K Also are *special* R.K.S Shuryo Waza techniques which can be done as a beast (or, when your Beast gauge is full): Kourin Un Rokugou Shouten Hou Rokugou Fukko B*,{B} B*,f+B B*,d+B \\ || // \\ || // Rokugou Kourin Shiki Shuryo Waza // || \\ // || \\ Hangetsu Jin Rokugou Hekishuu Kouzan Heki d,d+{B} B* f,f+B (wo) LONG VS SHEN LONG: COMPARISION ------------------------------ Not to be confused with Shen Long, Long is pretty unique on his own. While lacking in power moves, Long makes up with with speedy attacks and movements. Thus, you should focus more on a speedy offense, while making some unbeatable combos. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ============ Normal Moves ============ ----- ----- HUMAN BEAST ----- ----- FACING FORWARD -------------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Shou Da | P | H | -Kosou Geki | B | H | -Chuusui | f+P | M | -Ko Bokushi | f+B | M | -Shichi Sunkou | b+P | M | (fr)/bn) -Ko Bokuha | b+{B} | M | (bh) -Fukushou Da | d+P | M | -Fukko Sousou | d+B | G | -Zansui | df+P | M | (sb) -Haishin Kobi | df+B | M | [T],(sb) -Ouken | db+P | M | Kyaku | | | -Toukuu Shasui | u+P | M | (kn) -Tenpen Kagetsu | db+B | G | [T] -Heki Tai | K | H | -Kanun Geki | u+B | H | [T] -Soukou Tai | f+K | M-M | -Raken Ben | f,f+B | M | -Kou Shuutai | b+K | M | [T],(sb) -Fujuu Houkou | Dash,B | M | -Zensou Tai | d+K | G | (hc) -Shishi Shouten | LD+B | M | (ln) -Soku Tai | df+K | M | Ha | | | -Kou Soutai | db+K | G | --------------------------- --------------------- -Toukuu Bunkyaku | u+K | M | (sb) -Tetsuzan Kou | f,f+P | M | -Shitchi Soutai | f,f+K | G | (tp) -Yousoku Ha | Dash,P | M | (fr)/(bn) -Shinryuu Kayku | Dash,K | M | (bn) -Rengeki Ryouken | LD,P* | M-M | -Senkyuu Tai | LD,K | M | (ln) ------------------------------------------------ FACING BACKWARD --------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------ ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Soutou Shou | P | M | (bn) -Tetsuzan Kou | B | M | (fr)/(bn) -Tenshin Housui | d+P | L | -Shinchiku Sou | d+B | G | (tp) -Tenshin Sentai | K | H | --------------------------- --------------------- -Tenshin Soutai | d+K | G | (tp) ------------------------------------------------ THROWS ------ Front (Standing) = Houshin Hakkei Front (Standing) = Toushin Kongou Sui Front (Crouching) = Fuuki Shitsu (ln) Front (Crouching) = Fuuki Shitsu (ln) Back = Ritou Back = Ritou =============== COMMAND ATTACKS =============== 1) Sen Shippo Motion: d, df, f + P {c} 2) Renkan Tai Motion: d, df, f + K {c} (Launcher) 3) Gaimon Choushuu Motion: d, db, b + P (Guard Attack) 4) Muei Kyaku* Motion: d, db, b + K (kn) (Attack/Throw) *There are a couple of tricks that this move possess. It can work as a cross-over and connect from behind, even if foe is blocking. Also, if it hits a character just before Long lands, (usually if it crosses over) it will make him/her drop to one knee. This hits twice as an attack alone. 5) Keisetsu Ga Motion: d, df, f + B (Throw) 6) Kongou Toutai Motion: d, db, b + B: -Auto Rokugou Kourin Shiki: -Kongou Kourin Shiki (You) f[H]+B(x6) (Start the R.K.S through the "Fujin Kyaku" counterclockwise) -Kongou Kourin Shiki (Chi) d[H]+B(x6) (Start the R.K.S through the "Nichigetsu Ha" clockwise) -Kongou Kourin Shiki (In) b[H]+B(x6) (Start the R.K.S through the "Fujin Kyaku" clockwise) -Kongou Kourin Shiki (Ten) u[H]+B(x6) (Start the R.K.S through the "Nichigetsu Ha" counterclockwise) -Kongou Soukou Tai / Kongou Renkou Tai B,B / B,B,B: -Kingou Soukou Nichigetsu Ha / Kingou Renkou Nichigetsu Ha Press d+B after the 2nd (Sou) or 3rd (Ren) B (tp) -Kingou Soukou Muei Kyaku / Kingou Renkou Muei Kyaku Do d,db,b + K after the 1st (Sou), 2nd (Ren), or 3rd (Sou) B -Kongou Koboku Ha P: (Gets stronger on the # of P pressed afterwards) -{P} pressed once = x1 (Weakest/fast/upclose) -{P) pressed twice = x2 (Average/decent/at a distance) -{P} pressed three times = x3 (Strongest/slow/far away) -{P}, (x1,x2,or x3) R1 = Cancel (May have to press R1 more than once) -Renshu Kou Hazan K,f+B (wo),d+P (Only works if it connects)* *Note that the last combo variant must be done extremely fast, just as each hit connects. Hitting the buttons repeatedly works more often, though. f+B will knock any character out of beast form if their beast gauge is empty, d+P will turn Long back to human. BEAST DRIVE: MOUKO KOU HAZAN ---------------------------- MOTION: d,df,f,df,d,db,b + B (Advancing Throw) DESCRIPTION: Protected with a Light guard, Long stomps forward menacingly with his hands before him. Long executes an unavoidable grab after four stomps (even if you jump or crouch, you can’t escape). If foe tries to hit him high or mid, he'll grab immediately on the follow stomp. If grab connects, he’ll thrust his palm into his foe, and a ghostly image of his tiger form will slam and pummel the opponent against a wall while Long does a pose in his human form. HITS: 22 Note: Long's Beast Drive can be stopped in the same way like a regular Guard Attack, while doing a Super Jump or lying down just as Long executes his grabbing motion will enable you to escape. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Human) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Rensui Choryo P,P,P (Start the R.K.S from any point) Rensui Tan Pa/Tai P,P (Start the R.K.S by "Tan Pa"/"Hidari Tan Kyaku") Ren Shoutai P,K Shouda Senkyaku P,K,d+K (End with any R.K.S Shuryo except "Honshin Ren Kyaku" or "Pon Ken") Jouho Ren (Kai/Kyaku) f+P (Start the R.K.S by "Dakai"/"Migi Tan Kyaku") Ouken db+P (End with "Uramon Chochu", "Senpuu Kyaku", or "Kouzan Heki" of the R.K.S Shuryo) Rensui Kanun Geki P,P,P,u+B [T] Renfu Tai K (Start the R.K.S by "Fujin Kyaku" or "Nichigetsu Ha") Youshi Saiken df+P,P ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Beast) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Tsuuten Juuji Ha B,B*,{B} Juuji Rakan B,B*,f+B Fukko Juuji Sou B,B*,d+B Kosou Senkyaku B,d+B Fukko Nichigetsu Ha d+B (Start the R.K.S by "Nichigetsu Ha") Haishin Ren Kazan df+B,B Tenpen Ren Kazan db+B,B Rensui Sou Da B,P (Start the R.K.S from any point) Juuji Kanun Geki B,P,u+B [T] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ------- =================== == Strategies & Combos == =================== ------- ------------- ABBREVIATIONS ------------- K.T = Kongou Toutai KSG = Keisetsu Ga KKH = Kongou Koboku Ha R.T = Renkan Tai SELF-MADE COMBINATIONS AND AIR JUGGLES -------------------------------------- Command Form Notes ------- ---- ----- f+P-K-f+P=Sen Shippo B Pressure to break foe's guard P,P,P: --d+K==b+P H High-low attack to Guard Break --d+P==b+K H High-low confusion b+K[T][C]/B[Bk] B d+B-d+P==d,d+P B High-low confusion b+K[T]/d+K[Bk][C]: -df+P/f+K H -f+P H -u+K/f+P-K==f,f+B H~B -f,f+P H df+K[C]/f+K/Sen Shippo H/B Has to be done FAST!! u+P[C]/Renkan Tai/LD+K: -Keisetsu Ga B -K.T=KKH (x2) B No one can counter this LD+B[C]/LD+P: =Muei Kyaku (No throw): -df+P,P B -df+B[T]/B[Bk] B df+B,B will not work LD+B[C]/LD+K: -u+K/Renkan Tai/f+K/d+B B -f+B or b+B f,f+B[C]/u+K/LD+K/u+B[T]/B[Bk] B df+P[C]/Renkan Tai/P,P-f+P-K: ==d,d+B Near wall if necessary -P,P-f+K==d,d+P B Near a wall u+K: -f,f+P H -f+P H Go into R.K.S -b+K[T]/Transform H Counter trap against back- stabbers df+K/Renkan Tai/LD+K: -B,B=R.T/K-d+P==b+K B Near wall if necessary -P,P,P-K/P,P-f+K==d,d+P B Near a wall -b+B B -Mouko Kou Hazan B After foe hits ground U+P[C],K.T=Renshu Kou Hazan B High-low confusion f,f+K: -f+B B Make your opponent fly -b+P H ------------------------------ ---------------- Strategic Usages ---------------- Gaimon Choushuu=R1: (In a combo or as a counter) -Muei Kyaku (Reverse [low] attacks) -Renkan Tai (Counter foe's Low attacks) -b+B, Sen Shippo (in beast form) (Opponent's in Light guard) -Any combo (Light guard through attack to take offense) -Grab (Slide in close. Hard to perfect) -db+K (Opponent blocks high) -f,f+P or K, b+P (Light guard through attack to take offense) Kongou Toutai=R1: (In a combo) -f+B, b+B, or Sen Shippo (Reverse opponent's attack) -Muei Kyaku or f+K (High counter against low attack) -LD+K (Opponent blocks low) Sen Shippo=R1: (From afar) -Grab (You leap in close) -Renkan Tai (Reverse opponent's attack attempts upclose) ---------------- Mouko Kou Hazan: ---------------- -On the defense, go through opponent's attacks (high and mid only) -In a juggle, use when you know enemy will recover and/or counterattack from the air -On a grounded foe, use before opponent stands (it cannot be reversed or countered) -------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -------------------------- D) ----- URIKO ----- ======================================= ------- PROFILE ------- Full Name: URIKO NONOMURA Beast Form: HALF BEAST (CAT) F.Style: CONBINATION ATTACKS Nationality: JAPAN Age: 14 Height: 145 cm (Human); 145 cm (Beast) Weight: 38 kg (Human); 79 (Beast) Measurements: B74-W56-H76 Occ: STUDENT Likes: KAMABOKO, MAGURO Dislikes: MATH ====================================== Story: OUTSTANDING ADVENTURE OF A KITTEN Uriko was once the supreme product of the Tyron Foundation. She was rescued and brought back to her senses by both her mother, Mitsuko, and Alice. For the next 5 years, after her great ordeal, Uriko lived the life of a normal school girl, while her mother was successful running a store. Returned back to her normal life, it seemed as though Uriko and her mother were to live peaceful lives. One day, as Uriko was off to school, her mother was attacked by some mysterious men. One of the men resembled Long, which took her by surprise. She convinced herself that it wasn’t him, for his heart has turned away from such violent actions. Watching the group from an alley, Uriko decided to change into her "Ultimate Being" form and spring into action. Suddenly her body changed strangely. Before her very eyes, she now looked at her once-human body and was amazed that it was now in some form of a cat! The genes in her blood changed, so she can no longer use the form she once wielded as a weapon of the Tyron Foundation. Despite this, she continued her chase when she was overcomed by a mysterious woman who, explaining that these men are from the former Tyron Foundation, plotted to use her mother for their new, heinous plots. This woman also adviced Uriko that, although she may be strong willed, it would be best that she went for help to get stronger. Taking this woman's advice, Uriko traveled up to the mountains of China, where Long was said to be residing. Coming across a cave, she met the man who looked just like the man who kidnapped her mom! She explained her plight, and asked him to to teach her his "Shin-I-Roku- Gou-Ken". After a moments of thoughts, Long obliged to Uriko’s request. Now, with her strong heart and her newly acquired (yet not perfected) skills, Uriko sets out to put an end to the evil group and rescue her mother. She's determine not to let anything to get in her way. ================================ FIGHTING STYLE DESCRIPTION Uriko uses an incomplete copy of "Shin-I-Roku-Gou-Ken". While similar to Long's style, there's no weight behind her attacks. Due to this, Uriko has to rely on speed to be effective. Her techniques are truly reckless & that of an amatuer. ================================ COSTUME COLORS P (Normal) = Blue chinese outfit w/purple trimmings, white sleeves w/blue cuffs, brown boots / Pale brown-furred cat K (2nd) = Green chinese outfit w/gold trims, white sleeves w/green & gold cuffs / Light orange-furred cat B (Extra) = Black boots, tights, and hair, black vest and gloves w/red outlines, white shirt / Brown- furred cat Start (Secret) = White vest, shorts, and shoes w/gold trims, blue shirt & underpants / Dark-gray furred cat -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------- SHIN-I-ROKU-GOU-KEN: Rokugou Hourin Shiki (Style of the Universal -------------------- Phoenix Circle) The "Rokugou Hourin Shiki" is a Circle combo that is the main weapon used by Uriko. Consisting of 6 different attacks, each attack follows each other in a circle-like motion, in any direction desired. While this Circle combo can be started in numerous ways, each attack follows each other in a set manner one after another. Also, the same attack cannot be used twice. Here's a diagram on this Circle combo and the pattern it follows: Dokuko <----------> Ranten Kakyaku <-------> Kyuso Douzan Sho P* f+K f+P /\ /\ | | \/ \/ Sousou Taiko <-------> Nichgetsu Ha <-----------> Soushi Tai K d+P d+K Also, this Circle combo can be followed up with any one of the "Rokugou Hourin Shiki Shuryo Waza", (Ender Techniques of the "Style of the Universal Phoenix Circle") which can be inputted from any one attack of the R.H.S. It doesn't matter whether you complete the Cicle combo or not: Gaku Ratotsu*** Tenmon Kaishu Renju Houdou f,f+P# b+{P} d,d+P \\ || // Rokugou Hourin Shiki Shuryo Waza // || \\ Enma Senrin** Fugaku Sanjuuroku Mon Yukio Renrin f,f+K [T]: b+K d,d+K -Mezu Tai -Gozu Tai (Guard Break) **The R.H.S Shuryo Waza "Enma Senrin" has two outcomes. If the initial move is blocked, she'll flip over and kick the opponent in the back of the head. (Called "Mezu Tai") If the initial move isn't blocked, she'll flip over a greater height, and fall on her stunned opponent. (Called "Gozu Tai") Be careful if you get the second outcome, for the recovery time is extremely long. If it should connect but the opponent isn't under you, you'll hit the ground, and be left open for a major counter attack. ***Just as you execute the Gaku Ratotsu, pressing R1 will cancel the attack. Uriko will only jump back without attacking. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------- SHIHOU SHINITSU NO E -------------------- The "Shihou Shinitsu no E" is Uriko's unique combo system. While not as extensive at the R.H.S, this combo system should be well used due to the numerous ways it can be started and ended. From this, a player can also go into the R.H.S as well. Here's how it goes: Kyouha Tai (Hitoe) K || || \/ Fujin Kyaku (Itsue) Gasoku Tai-Kaname (Futae)** Rouraku Sen-Kou (Mie) d+K --> --> K* <-- --> u+K /\ || || Rouraku Sen-Otsu (Yoe) b+K **"Futae" can go into the "Rokugou Hourin Shiki" through "Sousou Taiko", "Ranten Kakyaku", or "Soushi Tai". While "Hitoe", "Yoe", and "Itsue" are soley starters for this combo system, "Mie" can be used to both start this combo system or end it. Thus, "Mie" can be used twice. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ============ Normal Moves ============ ----- ----- HUMAN BEAST ----- ----- FACING FORWARD -------------- Ground Ground ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Kyousui | P | H | -Byou Sougeki | B | M | -Hisui Chouchuu | f+P | M | -Houkou Sen | f+B* |H-H-H-H | -Gouha Shou | b+P {c} | M | (hc) -Matatabi no Mai | b+B | M-M | (kn) -Shimo Susuki | d+P | L | -Soshu | d+B | G | -Youshi Senrin | df+P* | M | -Shishi Odoshi | df+{B} | M | (tp) -Sen Shippo | db+P | H | -Tousou Ten | db+B | G | (tp) -Soushou Ten | u+P | M | (ln) -Chou Yuusen | u+{B} | H | (bn) -Kyouha Tai | K | M | -Ri Shouryuu | f,f+B | M | (ln) -Migi Tan Kyaku | f+K | M | (ln) -Ryuubi Katsu | Dash,B | G | [T] -Rouroku Sen-Otsu| b+K | H | (tn) -Byou Tengeki | LD+B | M | -Zensou Tai | d+K | G | --------------------------- --------------------- -Kinsen Tenfu | df+K | H-M | [T] -Kamaitachi | db+K | G | (tp) -Rouraku Sen-Kou | u+K | H | -Tenha | f,f+P | - | Roll -Senren Hou | f,f+K | H-H-M | -Shami Sen** | Dash,P | M | [T],(fr)/(bn) -Kagura Goma | Dash,K | M-M | (sp) -Rengeki Souken | LD,

| M-M | -Sakaguruma | LD,K | M-H | (fr) ------------------------------------------------ **Note that the Shami Sen attack has two outcomes. If it connects, Uriko will bounce away and land on her feet, even if blocked. If the attack hits nothing, she'll painfully tumble on the ground before coming to a stop, slowly rising to her feet. Be sure this attack hits. At least you can bounce away and stand a chance if blocked. FACING BACKWARD --------------- Ground Ground ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Kyouraku Kou | P | M-M | -Joumon Houkai | B | M | (fr)/(bn) -Haishin Keisa | d+P | G | (tp) -Okubyou | d+B | - | retreat -Ryouou Senshitsu| K | M | --------------------------- --------------------- -Tenshin Soutai | d+K | G | (tp) ------------------------------------------------ THROWS ------ Front (Standing) = In dachi Front (Standing) = Tenun Senshou (hc) Front (Crouching) = Houshin (hc) Front (Crouching) = Houshin (hc) Back = Rasen Kouraku Back = Rasen Kouraku =============== COMMAND ATTACKS =============== 1) Houkou Jin Motion: d,df,f + P (Multi-hit attack) 2) Gekirin Kyaku Motion: d,df,f +K {c} (Launcher) 3) Gofugaku Shou Motion: d,db,b + P (Guard Attack) 4) Hien Raku* Motion: d,db,b + (hc): -Soukyuu Hien Raku f (Bound off) or B (Ball attack) When you're near a wall after bouncing off your foe's head: -(Yukigumo) You're facing the wall (Backflip away) -(Neyuki) Your back is to the wall (Falling Heel) *Naturally, this move alone will hit twice if the conditions are right. Also, if done close to a Light Guarding foe where you strike behind foe's head, opponent may turn and block attack automatically. (rare) However, if done upclose, foe will turn and get hit, no matter which guard they're in. If this move is executed without pressing in any directions, she'll bounce backwards automatically off her foe. 5) Pinfu Motion: d,df,f + B (Stance Change): -Hekireki Heiwa B rapidly -Senmen Pinfu P -Masou Pinfu K -Chuutsui Pinfu f+B (Run forward) *Note that all except f+B will hit. If you hold in any direction and press P or K rapidly, Uriko will get out of this stance. Also, pressing B when Uriko's Beast Gauge is empty will cause her to change back into human once she hits the ground, especially if she hits a wall in the process. 6) Senten Chouraku Motion: d,db,b + {B}: -Senten Fuuki B,B,{B} -Auto Rokugou Hourin Shiki: -Senten Hourin f[H] + B(x6) (Start the R.H.S through the "Rantan Kyaku" clockwise) -Senten Houyoku b[H] + B(x6) (Start the R.H.S through the "Rantan Kyaku" counterclockwise) -Senten Houbu d[H] + B(x6) (Start the R.H.S through the "Nichigetsu Ha" clockwise) -Senten Houshou u[H] + B(x6) (Start the R.H.S through the "Nichigetsu Ha" counterclockwise) 7) Koppa Hen Motion: d + P + K upclose in air (Throw) BEAST DRIVE: KIKKYO BYOTEN -------------------------- MOTION: D,DB,B,DB,D,DF,F + {B} DESCRIPTION: Uriko will leap at her foe's head. If move connects, she'll curl up into a ball with her foe, being encased in a ball of energy. She'll bound all over the stage like a pinball, and slam down onto the ground at the end. While her opponent will be bouncing and flopping away on the ground, Uriko will rise up dazed. *Note: Press in any direction and any button rapidly to control the direction and height of the attack. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Human) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Raikan Tenbu P,P,P,P: -(Start the R.H.S through "Dokuko", "Ranten Kakyaku", or "Kyuso Dousan Shou") *This combo has to be done fast because of one reason. The 3rd punch will turn her around if nothing else follows up. If the combo's too slow, it'll stop after the 3rd punch. Also, while the 4th punch can be delayed to a certain degree, if you don't input anything after about 2 seconds, she'll lose her balance and will turn her back to her opponent. Raijin Ga P,P,d+P: -(Start the R.H.S through "Nichigetsu Ha") Kyoukai P: -(Start the Shihou Shinitsu no E through "Hitoe") Yomo Shin Ichinisan P,K,K*,u+K Sanou Ren d[H],P,K Raikan Houbu db+P,P,P,P: -(Start the R.H.S through "Dokuko", "Ranten Kakyaku", or "Kyuso Dousan Shou") Raikan Ga db+P,P,d+P: -(Start the R.H.S through "Nichigetsu Ha") Renkan Tai f+K,K# Kinsen Senshitsu df+K,K: -(start the R.H.S through "Sousou Taiko", "Nichigetsu Ha", or "Soushi Tai") *Inputting this combo fast will allow her to do everything without a pause. If you don't do anything after df+K, Uriko will turn her back to her opponent. However, the rest of the combo can still be done, just slower. Tenha.... f,f+P: ...Sousui -P ...Senkyuu Tai -K *Note that both enders for the Tenha can be delayed slightly. If you add the ender about a second or two later, Uriko will attack almost at the end of the Tenha Senkyu. Ryouou Senshitsu [T],K: -(Start the R.H.S through "Sousou Taiko", "Nichigetsu Ha", or "Soushi Tai") ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Beast) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Byousou Pekeji Ken B,B: -(Start the R.H.S through "Dokuko") Soushuu Byouten B,B,B* Rishou Rekkuu LD+P,f+B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ------- =================== == Strategies & Combos == =================== ------- ------------- ABBREVIATIONS ------------- GRK = Gekirin Kyaku S.C Senten Chouraku S.F Senten Fuuki H.J = Houkou Jin M.P = Masou Pinfu H.H = Hekireki Heiwa SHR = Soukyuu Hien Raku SELF-MADE COMBINATIONS AND AIR JUGGLES -------------------------------------- Command Form Notes ------- ---- ----- u+P[C]: -u+K,K,u+K H Near a wall -P,K,K: =Koyuki=Seppi H~B =Pinfu=Hekireki Heiwa H~B Do this if foe air recovers --K==b+K H df+P=Houkou Jin H/B GRK/P,P,P,P-P=S.C=S.F H~B Do this fast b+P[C]/df+K[tn]/d+K[Bk]: =GRK/GRK/d+P,K H -df+K[tn] H/B Repeat combo if necessary -u+K,K-d+K==b+K H -b+B B =Houkou Jin or LD+K H/B Execute last hit fast =u+B B f,f+B[C]: -P,P,P,P-f+K==d,d+P B -LD+P,f+B: -S.C=S.F/K,K-f+K==b+K B Near wall -P,P,P,P-P==d,d+K B -f,f+K/GRK B u+P[C]/K,K-f+K==d,d+P H f,f+B[C]/f+K/f,f+K/GRK/Houkou Jin B Time hits fast & carefully b+K[C]/f,f+P,K[C][tn]/d+K[Bk]: -f,f+P,K/H.J H/B Do this fast -f+K/f+K/Kikkyo Byoten B -df+P=H.J H Counter against reversals -Grab H/B Opponent's on the defense -Pinfu=M.P,H.H B Tricky; do this fast f+K[C]/f+B: =Pinfu=Hekireki Heiwa B Time 2nd hit correctly to bobup foe. Last hit shouldn't be done too fast =Hien Raku: =SHR(Push f) B Time 2nd hit correctly to bobup foe. Hien Raku will hit foe twice =SHR(Push B)/P,P,d+P-d+P B Hard! Should land before foe after SHR -f,f+K/Hien Raku B Hien Raku acts like a ground attack -f,f+P,K/df+B B Early & fast -b+B/df+B B Early & fast f,f+B[C]/P,P,P,P-P==f,f+P: -Dash+B B Enemy doesn't recover -f,f+P,P B Enemy recovers & blocks high -Dash+P B Enemy recovers & blocks low b+K[C]: -df+B B -d+K,K-d+K-d+P==f,f+P H/B Followup with anything you like -u+K,K-K==b+P H/B Will hit if foe does or does not attack f,f+B[C]/P,P,P,P-P-f+K-f+P==f,f+K B Near wall when executing the last couple of hits Low Grab: -f,f+P,K/d+P,K H Do this fast! -f+K/db+P/df+B B Time db+P correctly f+K[C]/f+K,K/Koppa Hen (Air Throw) B Near Wall f+K[C]/u+P/f+K/b+P H Stronger in beast form, but timing is too critical f+K[C]/u+P/f+K/b+B/df or db + B B b+B has to hit twice -------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -------------------------- E) ------- BAKURYU ------- Real Name: KAKERU (Keiji in the States) Nationality: JAPAN Beast Form: MOLE Story: OVER THE PAINFUL MEMORIES "Why is it so dark like this? What am I doing here? I don’t understand." These are the words that ran through his mind. A young boy, standing in the midst of a burning building, alone and confuse. Lost, he knew not where to go until a young man name Yugo found him. With no other alternatives, the young followed Yugo out of the destroyed building, to be in a place that was much more safer. For the next couple of years the young boy took the name Kakeru, and lived under the care of his savior, Yugo. He felt content, for he could now have a life that he could call his own. Still, Kakeru was bothered by the fact that he couldn't remember anything before that time he soon amongst the flaming rubble of the falling building once known as the Tyron Foundation. What was even more troublesome were his moods of anger, these violent feelings that would come up once in awhile. Since there were no answers them, he decided to ignore them as best as he could. One day, Yugo was attacked and Kakeru was taken into the clutches of a strange man, who claimed that Kakeru was truly Bakuryu. Confused by this accusation, he soon became brainwashed, and took on the identity of a cold-hearted assassin. With the knowledge of Katou Ryu Ninjutsu at his disposal, the newly-awakened Bakuryu sets out to eliminate various targets, one of them being Yugo. ================================ FIGHTING STYLE DESCRIPTION As a light-weighted kid, along with many ninjutsu techniques, Bakuryu brings his foes to confusion. His ability to make tricky attacks will make him a favorite to players. ================================ COSTUME COLORS p (Normal) = Golden outfit w/brown outlines, silver shin & arm guards, brown gloves & tabi (shoes), red scarf and obi (belt) / Brown-furred mole with red eyes K (2nd) = Blue tabi (shoes) and outfit with black outlines, gray shin and arm guards, white scarf and obi (belt) / Silver-blue mole with red eyes B (Extra) = Blazing red outfit w/gray outlines, silver shin and arm guards, brown gloves and tabi (shoes), gray scarf and obi (belt) / Reddish mole with green eyes Start (Secret) = Silver outfit w/black outlines, gray shin and arm guards, navy blue tabi (shoes) and gloves, white scarf and obi (belt) / Gray mole with orange eyes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ============ Normal Moves ============ ----- ----- HUMAN BEAST ----- ----- FACING FORWARD -------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Tantou | P | H | -Doku Kaki | B | H | -Ryuusentou Yoko | f+P | H | (tn) -Doku Tsuki | f+B | M | Giri | | | -Eizan Geki | b+{B} | M | (bc) -Ryuusentou Tate | b+

| M | (hc) -Gedan Doku Kaki | d+B | L | Giri | | | -Jizuri Dan | df+B | G | (tp) -Senpa | d+P | L | -Kaki Age | db+B | M | (ln) -Ryuu Eijin | df+P | M | (hc) -Kyuushuu | u+B | M | (kn) -Kusunagi Tou | db+P | G | [tn] Dokugeki Ha | | | -Fushin Gaeri | u+P | - | crossover -Sou Dokugeki Ha | f,f+{B} | M | (bh) -Ryuuga Kyaku | K | H | -Sou Doku Tatsu- | Dash,{B} | M | [T],(bh) -Hangetsu Otoshi | f+K | M | maki Ha | | | -Eijin Kyaku | b+K | M | (hc) -Ashikubi Otoshi | LD+B | G | (tp) -Teishi Shuu | d+K | G | --------------------------- --------------------- -Suneuchi | df+K | G | -Kagebarai | db+K | G | (tp),(sw) -Nichirin Kyaku | u+K | K | (sb) -Sougeki Ha | f,f+P | M | (fr),(bn) -Fuuretsu Kyaku | f,f+K | M | (sb) -Jizuri Tou | Dash,P | G | (tp)/(sw) -Shinkuu Kyaku | Dash,K | H | (bn) -Tsumuji Hiji | LD,P | M | (hc) -Bakuryuu Hou | LD,K | M | (hc) ------------------------------------------------ FACING BACKWARD --------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Metsubishi | P | H | -Harasaki | B | M | (sp) -Kaishin Tantou | d+P | L | -Riei | d+B | - | retreat -Haijin Kyaku | K | M | (sb) --------------------------- --------------------- -Ashi Kake | d+K | G | (tp) ------------------------------------------------ THROWS ------ Front (Standing) = Houshin Tengeki Front (Standing) = Zanmetsu Tatsumaki Geki Front (Crouching) = Ura Ten (Position Transfer) Front (Crouching) = Ura Ten (Position Transfer) Back = Ura Izuna Otoshi Back = Ura Izuna Otoshi =============== COMMAND ATTACKS =============== 1) Raikou Izuna Otoshi Motion: d,df,f + P {c} (Air-based Attack/Throw) *Note that its startup is an attack first. If it hits, then Bakuryu can complete this move into a throw. This will hit tall characters on the ground, but throw will not be initiated. If opponent is too low in the air, move will hit, but will not grab. As a beast, this move becomes unblockable in the air upclose. 2) Enmaku Dan Motion: d,df,f + K (Position Transfer) -or- (Gi Enmaku) Motion: d,df,f + K, then press R1 (Disappear/Reappear) *The Enmaku Dan will teleport Bakuryu behind his opponent, while the "Gi Enmaku" will make him disappear for a moment. The trick to doing this is to press the R1 button just as the bomb in Bakuryu's hand hits the ground. The log and smoke will appear, while he'll disappear for about a second before reappearing back in the same spot. Also, the log can be hit at times, giving Bakuryu some protection. On a side note, sometimes when you're hit during this move, or if you cancel it early, the smokebomb will fall out of his hand, bounce away, and explode on its own. 3) Enjin Rasen Kyaku Motion: d,db,b + K (Skyward Teleport & Attack) -or- (Tenen no Mai) Motion: d,db,b + K, hold P (Skyward Teleport) *While the Enjin Rasen Kyaku will make you drop from the sky with a spinning kick, the "Tenen no Mai" makes you drop from the sky doing nothing. Note that the log can be hit at times, giving Bakuryu some protection. Also, sometimes when you're hit during this move, or if you cancel it early, the smokebomb will fall out of his hand and bounce away, exploding on its own. 4) Kouki Ryuu Gekihou Motion: d,db,b + P (Guard Attack) 5) Zugokku Zuki Motion: d,df,f + {B} (Throw) 6) Shoten Kaki Age Motion: d,db,b + {B} (Launcher) 7) Izuna Otoshi Motion: d + P + K upclose in air (Throw) BEAST DRIVE: BUNSHIN KAEN JIGOKU -------------------------------- MOTION: b,f,b,db,d,df,f + {B} DESCRIPTION: Taking a step forward, Bakuryu takes a swipe a his foe. If it connects, he'll dash by, leaving a trail of fire behind him, burning his foe. Disappearing, he'll circle around his opponent a couple of times, engulfing him/her in flames all the while. In ending, he splits into two ghostly images, both leaving a trail of fire that form an "X" as they dash by the burning foe, slicing and burning him/her one last time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Human) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Rasen Ryuu Eijin P,P,P,

,f+P# Rentou Izuna Otoshi P,P,P,

,Raikou Izuna Otoshi Rentou Fushin Gaeri P,P,P,u+P San Rentou.... P,P,P: ...Ryuuei Hougeki -df+P,P ...Ryuuei Nichirin Kyaku -df+P,K ...Rasen Barai -d+K ...Rasen Ura Hiji -d+K,P Rentou.... P,P: ...Jinkyaku -K ...Rakujin Kyaku -K,K# ...Kari Ashi -K,d+K ...Engetsu Shuu -b+K ...Rasen Barai -d+K ...Rasen Ura Hiji -d+K,P Renga P,K Tantou.... P: ...Ryuuga.... -K,K*: ...Rakutsui Getsu Hangetsu Otoshi -f+K ...Rakutsui Getsu Eijin Kyaku -f+K,b+K ...Rakutsui Getsu Getsuei Gaeri -f+K,b+K,u+P ...Rakutsui Getsu Engetsu Shuu -b+K Ryuuei.... df+P: ...Hougeki -P# ...Nichirin Zan -K Ryuuga Rakutsui Kyaku K,K* Ryuuga.... K,K*: ...Rakutsui Getsu Hangetsu Otoshi -f+K ...Rakutsui Getsu Eijin Kyaku -f+K,b+K ...Rakutsui Getsu Getsuei Gaeri -f+K,b+K,u+P ...Rakutsui Getsu Engetsu Shuu -b+K Getsu Eiji Kyaku f+K,b+K Retsujin.... df+K: ...Nadare Geri -K*,K* ...Kari Geri -f+K ...Kusazuri Geri -d+K Shippuu.... f,f+K: ...Nidan Geri -K ...Mikazuki Otoshi -K,K ...Inazuma Otoshi -K,K,d[H]+K,K {c} ...Rasen Renkyaku -K,Enjin Rasen Kyaku Rakurai LD+K,K* Metsubushi Rengeki [T] P: -Metsubushi is the same as Tantou, so follow up from the 2nd P of any P combo -Follow up with any combo starting with K ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Beast) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Dokusou Eizan Geki B,B*,{B} Renkaki.... B,B*: ...Ten Tou Hou -d+B ...Retsujin Nadare Geri -d+K,K*,K* ...Retsujin Kari Geri -d+K,f+K ...Retsujin Kusazuri Geri -d+K,d+K Dokukaki Shiten Kyaku B,d+B [T] Doku Tsuki Shiten Kyaku f+B,d+B [T] Dokusen Ten Tou Hou f+B,B*,d+B Dokusou Bakujuu Rengeki f+B,B*,B,B,{B} Dokusou Ryuuei Nichirin Kyaku f+B,B*,B,df+P,K -or- f+B,B*,B,B,df+P,K Jabu Rou Zugokku Zuki f+B,B*,B,df+P,Zugokku Zuki -or- f+B,B*,B,B,df+P,Zugokku Zuki Dokusen Rakutsui Kyaku f+B,K,K* Doku Tsuki.... f+B: -(Follow up with any combo starting with K) Rentou to Dokusou Rengeki P,P,P,

,B: ...Dokukaki Shiten Kyaku -d+B [T] ...Dokusou Eizan Geki -B*,{B} ...Renkaki.... -B*: ...Ten Tou Hou -d+B ...Retsujin Nadare Geri -d+K,K*,K* ...Retsujin Kari Geri -d+K,f+K ...Retsujin Kusazuri Geri -d+K,d+K Metsubushi to Rentou to Dokusou Rengeki [T] P,P,P,

,B: ...Dokukaki Shiten Kyaku -d+B [T] ...Dokusou Eizan Geki -B*,{B} ...Renkaki.... -B*: ...Ten Tou Hou -d+B ...Retsujin Nadare Geri -d+K,K*,K* ...Retsujin Kari Geri -d+K,f+K ...Retsujin Kusazuri Geri -d+K,d+K Ryuusen Renkaki Age b+P,db+B *Note that b+P has to connect in order for the last hit to work. Mukurosaki d+B,B,B,B,B *Note that this'll only work when the opponent has been knocked down -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ------- =================== == Strategies & Combos == =================== ------- ------------- ABBREVIATIONS ------------- R.I.O = Raiko Izuna Otoshi SELF-MADE COMBINATIONS AND AIR JUGGLES -------------------------------------- Command Form Notes ------- ---- ----- f+K,b+K[C]/f,f+P H Delay b+K to throw off opponent u+K[C]/f,f+P H/B Has to be done fast as a human; foe will be launched while beast, so no problems f+P[C]: -df+K,K,K=Raiko Izuna Otoshi H/B Near a wall -Enmaku Dan (foe does a back attack): -Grab H/B Enemy has to execute back attack in order to successfully grab them from behind -Zugokku Zuki H~B Easy to do, hard to escape -Bunshin Kaen Jigoku B Timing is very difficult -Enjin Kyaku H/B Trick foes or counter back attack -Transform H~B Foe tries to anticipate your game -f+B,B,B,B/R.I.O B Do this fast. b+K[C]/Zugokku Zuki B<-H u+K[C]/df+P,K: -P,P,P,P=Raiko Izuna Otoshi B R.I.O will only hit, but no grab -Raiko Izuna Otoshi B R.I.O will grab -u+K: -f,f+B B -f+B,d+B B u+K[C]: -df+P,K/P,P,P,P,f+P/df+K,d+K H Do near wall -db+B: -Zugokku Zuki B Don't execute db+B too fast. If foe recovers, cancel Zugokku Zuki -Bunshin Kaen Jigoku B Tricky because foe can recover -f,f+K/K,K,K B -f,f+K,K,K,d+K,K/Mukurosaki B f,f+K[C]: -f+K,b+K,u+P/Mukurosaki B Cool looking -K,K=Enmaku Dan/Mukurosaki B Likewise -P,P,P,P=Raiko Izuna Otoshi B Do this fast -b+B/df+K,d+K B Do this fast P,P,d+K[C],db+P[T]: -d+B or u+P [BK] B Retreat & regroup your senses -B [Bk] B If the distance is right, you'll reverse what- ever opponent throws out -P [Bk] H/B Try to take the offensive f,f+K[C],K/K,K,b+K/f,f+K/f,f+K,K,K,d+K,K/ Mukurosaki B Time hits correctly, and be rewarded greatly df+K,K/u+K/Bunshin Kaen Jigoku B Hold u to make combo work f,f+K[C],K/LD+K,K=Shoten Kaki Age: -f+B,d+B B -db+B/Raiko Izuna Otoshi B b+P/Enmaku Dan (Teleport behind foe): -Grab H Do this fast! If foe hesitates, they can't escape -df+B/Enjin Kyaku B Very strange indeed! Your back will be to foe after df+B. Enjin Kyaku is a counter from back attack. -b+B B Will usually beat any attack foe attempts LD+K[C],K: =Zugokku Zuki B =Bunshin Kaen Jigoku B =Enmaku Dan/Mukurosaki B Omit Emmaku Dan for an easier version b+P,db+B/f,f+K/f,f+K,K,K,d+K,K B<-H Enmaku Dan/u+B/f+B,B,d+B B Do when someone's on the offense to attack from behind db+P[T]/d+K[Bk] H Simple, but effective f,f+K,K/Jump uf,Izuna Otoshi B Press u if near a wall ------------------------------ ---------------- Strategic Usages ---------------- Kouki Ryuu Gekihou=R1: (In a combo or as a counter) -u+P or Enmaku Dan (Escape/Psyche out) -db+K (Reverse foe's Guard Attack) -Zugokku Zuki (Foe's in Light guard) -df+K (Light Guard through attack to take low offense/Foe is blocking high) -df+B (Foe blocks high) -b+B (Reverse opponent's [low] counter) -Raiko Izuna Otoshi in beast form (foe jumps up to escape/attack) Shoten Kaki Age=R1: (In a combo) -Grab (Get close to blocking foe) -df+B (foe blocks high) -f+B,B,etc. or P,P,etc. (Get close to take offense) -Kouki Ryuu Gekihou (Foe attempts a reversal) -Bunshin Kaen Jigoku (Hard! Get in close & hope they attak just as move's executed) Zugokku Zuki=R1: (In a combo or as offense against defensive opponents) -Grab (upclose on blocking foe) -db+P or df+B (Foe blocks high) -df+K,d+K (Low offense on high-blocking foe) -Enmaku Dan (Psyche-out) ------------------------------------ Enmaku Dan & # successions of Usages: ------------------------------------ 1 TIME - Teleport behind: =Dashing opponents =Combo-oriented opponents =Foes that execute a Guard Reversal in the midst of your combo (best in a combo that has a cancel point) 2 TIMES - Teleport to: =Confuse defensive (blocking) foes =Trick aggressive players to turn after 1st teleport & attack =Fool blocking foe during your combo offense (best in a combo that has a cancel point) 3 TIMES - Teleport: =Against skilled players that are expecting to catch you after 2nd teleport =To mix up your assault on a defensive opponent to find an opening -------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -------------------------- F) ------ MARVEL ------ ======================================= ------- PROFILE ------- Real Name: JANNE GADO (Shina Gado in the States) Beast Form: LEOPARD F.Style: SINGLE & CONTINUOUS ATTACKS Nationality: FRANCE Age: 19 Height: 167 cm (Human); 170 cm (Beast) Weight: 60 kg (Human); 62 (Beast) Occ: MERCENARY Likes: VICTORY Dislikes: MAKE-UP & FRILLY CLOTHES ====================================== Story: YOUNG MERCENARY Her name is Janne. However, she is called "Marvel". This is her nickname due to her gifted abilities. At the age of 15, she fought side by side with her father in many military wars and battles. Her father, called the "Legendary Mercenary", was a great model in her eyes, driving her to be her best as a mercenary herself. When she grew older she heard that her father had engaged in the termination of Tyron Foundation. What's even more, she was now aware that Gado was also engaging in "the Beast Liberation Battle Line", but his intentions are unknown. "Why is he also keeping silent from me? Are we not of the same blood relation?" Marvel questioned this, wondering what's really going on. Wanting answers, she decided to go look for her father. Little did she know that this act would also plunge her into the fray that was beginning to grow.... ================================ FIGHTING STYLE DESCRIPTION Backed with power her blows are like a rifle, for every shot after another she does is effective. Her basic style is that of what Gado developed, a style that she's adopting as her own. ================================ COSTUME COLORS p (Normal) = Creme-color hair, white shirt and gloves, light brown boots and arm band / Beige-furred leopard K (2nd) = Navy blue clothes, pea-green gloves and boots, yellow symbol and armband / Pale-white furred leapord B (Extra) = Blue shirt, shorts, sneakers, and gloves, black wristbands and socks, golden hair and symbol / Black-furred leopard with red-glowing eyes Start (Secret) = Black clothes and armband, golden gloves, boots, and symbol / Orange-furred leopard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ============ Normal Moves ============ ----- ----- HUMAN BEAST ----- ----- FACING FORWARD -------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -M-VI Knuckle | P | H | -Angry Fist | B | M | -Hunting Elbow | f+P | M | -Violent Claw | f+B | M | -Spinning Elbow | b+P | H | (hc) -Back Kick | b+{B} | M | (bn) -Pouching Knuckle| d+P | L | -Double Claw | d+B | G | -Amazonnes Blow | df+P | M | -Leopard Walking | df+B | - | crawl -Ground Chop | db+P | G | -Turn Scratch | db+B | G | [T] -Diving Chop | u+{P} | M | (kn)/(bc) -Somersault | u+B | M | -G-III Kick | K | H | Scratch | | | -Assault Knee | f+K | M | -Leopard Head | f,f+B* | M | (kn) -Turn Ride Kick | b+K | H | (fr),(sp) -Brutal Raid | Dash,{B} | H | (bn) -Low Ride Kick | d+K | G | -Ground Scratch | LD+B | G | (sw) -Middle Ride Kick| df+K | M | (hc) --------------------------- --------------------- -Kick Mine | db+K | G | (tp)/(sw) -Sky Gunner | u+K {c} | M | -Shoulder Burst | f,f+P(c) | M | -Double Leg | f,f+{K} | H | (fr) Missile** | | | -Absolute Fire | Dash,P | M | Hit/Throw -Mine Slider | Dash,K | G | -Elbow Upper | LD,P | M-H | -Ground Heel Kick| LD,K | M | ------------------------------------------------ **If this move is not blocked or doesn't connect with opponent, she'll land with her back turned to her foe. However, if the opponent should duck this and she crosses over, she'll land facing her foe. FACING BACKWARD --------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Turn Knuckle | P | H | -Back Drop Kick | B | M | (fr),(bn) -Squat Turn | d+P | L | -Squat Turn Claw | d+B | L | Knuckle | | | -Reverse Kick | K | H | --------------------------- --------------------- -Low Reverse Kick| d+K | G | (tp) ------------------------------------------------ THROWS ------ Front (Standing) = Brain Buster Front (Standing) = Dam Sight Fang Front (Crouching) = Trap Leg Throw Front (Crouching) = Trap Leg Throw Back = Toughness Driver Back = Toughness Driver =============== COMMAND ATTACKS =============== 1) Taskforce Upper Motion: d,df,f + P (Launcher) 2) Scramble Snatch Motion: d,df,f + K (Air Throw) -or- Flying Trap (1st) Motion: d,df,f + K (Air Throw) (2nd) Motion: d,u + (Cross-Over Attack) (3rd) Motion: b,f + B (Diving Slash) *Note that the 1st part for Flying Trap will be a throw only when foe is airborne. On tall opponents, or on anyone who bobs up slightly under her, it'll hit like a regular attack. 2nd part will strike from behind as she flips. Also, like with any human-and-beast-based attack, 3rd part can be done even if you've not already transformed. 3) Assault Blow Motion: d,db,b + {P} 4) Trident Shoot Motion: d,db,b + K (Guard Attack) 5) Demolition Fang Motion: d,df,f + B (Throw) 6) Rising Laser Motion: d,db,b + {B} (Launcher) BEAST DRIVE: CROSS BLADE ZAPPER -------------------------------- MOTION: D,DB,B,D,DB,B + {B} DESCRIPTION: Marvel starts off with 3 slow, wild slashes. If the 1st slash connects, the 3rd slash will knock the opponent into the air. Charging up energy into her claws as she goes airborne, Marvel knocks the opponent down to the ground and cuts the earth with claw-shaped shock waves, along with the battered foe. She lands as a human and gives a big "Yeah!!". *Note that if the 1st slash doesn't connect, this attack will not work in the manner stated above. Instead, they'll hit like regular Guard Break attacks, (Though highly blockable) and the 3rd slash will still launch her foe as a clean hit, or send them spiralling if it counters an attack. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Human) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ M-VI Shooting P,P M-VI Stinger P,P,

*,K* M-VI.... P,P: ...Hell Fire -K ...Napalm -d+K M-VI Gun P,K Hunting.... f+P: ...Dive Elbow -f+P*,f+P* ...Arrow -K Spinning Knuckle b+P,

* Amazoness.... df+

: ...Head Butt -{P} ...Scratch -d+K G-III Double K,K *If you delay the first kick up to the point where her leg goes down, press kick again and she'll continue the combo switching to her other leg. Same goes for any other combo that starts with K. G-III Combination K,K,K (G-III Variation Attack) K,K: ...Assault.... -f+K,K,K: ...Striker -P,P,

*,K* ...Hell Fire -P,P,K* ...Napalm -P,P,d+K ...Kick Sparrow -f+{K} ...Kick Mine -d+K -f+K: (...Feint Rush) -K,P ...(Feint) Kick Surprise -d+K,K# (or P) ...(Feint) Kick Bomb -f+K,K# (or P) G-III Spinning Elbow K,b+P,

Assault Kick Rush f+K,K,K Assault... f+K: -K,K: ...Striker -P,P,

*,K* ...Hell Fire -P,P,K* ...Napalm -P,P,d+K ...Kick Sparrow -f+{K} ...Kick Mine - d+K (...Feint Rush) -K,P ...(Feint) Kick Surprise -d+K,K# (or P) ...(Feint) Kick Bomb -f+K,K# (or P) ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Beast) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Angry Claw.... B,B*: ...Assault.... -f+K,K,K: ...Striker -P,P,

*,K* ...Hell Fire -P,P,K* ...Napalm -P,P,d+K ...Kick Sparrow -f+{K} ...Kick Mine -d+K -f+K: (...Feint Rush) -K,P ...(Feint) Kick Surprise -d+K,K# (or P) ...(Feint) Kick Bomb -f+K,K# (or P) Angry Slash B,d+B Angry Claw Judgement B,B*,d+B Triple Low Scratch B,B*,d+B Violent Scratch f+B,{B} Violent Ground f+B,d+B [T] Walking Fang df+B, Demolition Fang Lightning Scratch df+P,f+B,{B} Darkness Scratch df+P,f+B,d+B [T] Spinning Elbow... b+P,

* ...Angry Fist -B*(Go into Any Kick combo starting with f+K) ...Angry Claw -B*,{B} ...Angry Slash -B*,d+B Shotgun Scratch P,P,d+B [T] M-VI Violent... P,P,P,f+B: ...Scratch -{B} ...Ground -d+B [T] G-III Anger Beret Combo K,b+P,

*,B*,f+K,K,K,P,P,P,f+B,B (G-III Angry Variation Attack) K,b+P,

*,B*: -{B} -d+B [T] -(Go into any Kick combo sarting with f+K) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ------- =================== == Strategies & Combos == =================== ------- ------------- ABBREVIATIONS ------------- T.S = Trident Shoot R.S = Taskforce Upper S.Snatch = Scramble Snatch F.Trap = Flying Trap SELF-MADE COMBINATIONS AND AIR JUGGLES -------------------------------------- Command Form Notes ------- ---- ----- b+P,P[C]=Trident Shoot H P,P,d+K/TFU/P,P,P=Scramble Scratch H Taskforce Upper has to be done fast db+K/Taskforce Upper/P,P,P: =TFU/P,P,P=TFU: -f,f+P H Change combo speed if foe recovers -TFU/u+K H Change combo speed if foe recovers =Trident Shoot H b+P,P[C]: =Rising Laser/Taskforce Upper/b+B H~B Do combo fast & carefully =Cross Blade Zapper B Do combo fast & carefully ->B: =Demolition Fang H~B ->d+B H~B LD+P[C]/LD+P/f+K,K,K,P,P,P,K H/B Need wall around Punch combo part. 2nd LD+P has to be done early and strike only once in beast form to work. LD+P[C]/LD+P/LD+P/b+K B db+P[C]: -df+K H -db+K H df+K[C]: -TFU/f+K,K,K,P,P,P=Cross Blade Zapper B TFU will miss do to her height as a beast. So, do near wall. -TFU/f+P,P=Demolition Fang H~B Do combo fast -f+P,K H -df+P,d+K H High-low confusion -df+P,f+B,d+B B<-H Confusion LD+P,TFU: -Transform H~B Do combo fast. Add another LD+P if necessary. -Cross Blade Zapper B Delay abit before executing R.S P,P,d+K/f+K,K,K,d+K: -d+K H~B Foe blocks high; warning to non-low blockers -df+K H~B Foe blocks low; confusion -f+P,K H~B -df+P,d+K H~B High-Low confusion -F.Trap 1st=2nd H~B Confusion -Trident Shoot=R1: -db+K H~B Foe blocks high -u+P H~B Opponent is in a Light guard LD+P/Rising Laser/Taskforce Upper/K,K,K B Timing is crucial. Foe can't fall too low. b+P[C],P=Assault Blow H~B LD+P/LD+P/u+B/LD+B B Near wall. Timing is a bit hard. If both LD+P hit twice, rest of the combo has to be done fast. LD+P/P,P,P,K/db+K H/B Not easy to escape in human form, spiral after K in beast form. Since the height is low in human form, you have to hold db immediately if you want the last attack to work. ------------------------------ ---------------- Strategic Usages ---------------- Trident Shoot = R1 (In a combo or as a counter): -db+K (Opponent bloks high) -df+K (Light guard thing [air] attack to stun) -f+P or f+K (Light guard through attack to take offense) -u+P (Foe's in Light guard or reverses low) -u+B or Demolition Fang (Opponent reverses low) -Grab (You step in close) Assault Blow = R1: (In a combo or as a counter) -Trident Shoot (Opponent tries to counter) -b+B (Psyke out/faster attack) -Flying Trap (Confusion/crossover) -Nothing (Fake) -df+B (Low counter under foe's high attack) -db+K (Opponent blocks high close) ------------ Flying Trap: ------------ *1st Part: -Cross over (Confusion) -Escape attacks and counter from behind *2nd Part: -Double cross over (Confusion) -Hit careless, non-blocking foes *3rd Part: -Reverse opponent's counter attacks -Finish off foe if 2nd part hits foe from behind -Chase foe if they try to escape -------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -------------------------- G) -------- BUSUZIMA -------- ====================================== ------- PROFILE ------- Real Name: HAJIME BUSUZIMA Beast Form: CHAMELEON F.Style: DECEPTION Nationality: JAPAN Age: 35 Height: 191 cm (Human); 197 cm (Beast) Weight: 67 kg (Human); 74 (Beast) Occ: SCIENTIST Likes: EXPERIMENTS (particularly animal experiments) Dislikes: ??? ====================================== Story: APPALLING SCIENCE Busuzima is a scientist for the Former Tyron Foundation. Although the luxury of a well-established company and highly funded lab researches are no longer at his disposal, that hasn't stopped this scientist. Maintaining a secret lab in an obscurred area, he continues to live out the dreams and goals of the fallen company: creating bestial beings more superior than the human race. Lately, Busuzima has indiscriminately been making numerous tests subjects out of people. With the conflict between human and bestial beings, he's taking advantage of this to create a secret army of superior bestial beings once more, continuing the ambitions that the former Tyron Foundation had held dearly to. With his growing army of beast soldiers and henchmen, and the new "Leader" to guide them into taking control of the war into their own favor, Busuzima couldn't be any happier. (especially since his prized "Bakuryu" has been "returned" to him) So, continuing with his "hobby" , he decides to go out & have a ball finding some new "victims" for his daily games -- seeing the outcome of a human mixed with a creature of any sort. ================================ FIGHTING STYLE DESCRIPTION With the ability to disappear, sidestep, and so on, Busuzima has many techniques to trample his foes. He's a character type who fights dirty. ================================ COSTUME COLORS p (Normal) = Green shirt, blue sleeves, and symbol, reddish shorts, and wristbands, yellow geta (shoes), green hair and goatee / Green-skinned chameleon K (2nd) = Purple hair, goatee, and sleeves, gold shorts and wristbands, yellow shirt and geta (shoes) / Purple-skinned chameleon B (Extra) = Purple shorts, wrist bands, and symbol, pink shirt with brick red sleeves, orange geta (shoes), lavender hair and goatee / Reddish-pink skinned chameleon Start (Secret) = lime-colored shorts, pale shirt with green sleeves and design, white geta, greenis hair and goatee / Silver-skinned chameleon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ============ Normal Moves ============ ----- ----- HUMAN BEAST ----- ----- FACING FORWARD -------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------ ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Zenkai Chop | P | M | -Yubizume Punch | B | M | -Taiman Straight | f+P | M | -Kaomen Attack | f+B | M | -Kubiori Uraken | b+P {c} | H |[T],(fl)/(bn) -Nobiiru Claw | b+B | M | -Sune Subushi | d+P | G | -Bokusatsu | d+{B} | {M} | (kn) Punch | | | Knuckle | | | -Yaki Knuckle | df+P | M | -Hana Upper | df+B | M | (ln) -Koshiori Uraken | db+P {C)| M | (fl)/(bn) -Kaomen Slider | db+B | G | -Bakkure | u+P | - | Turn -Somersault | u+B | M** | -Sokukou Knee | K | M | Shippo | | | -Chinpira Kick | f+K | H | -Tsukkomi | f,f+B | M** | (bc) -Kakato Jigoku | b+{K} | M | (kn) Somersault | | | -Sune Hakkei | d+K | G | -Bassou | Dash,B | M** | (bc) -Jisuberi Kick | df+K | G | (tp) Somersault | | | -Sukatsu Kyaku | db+K | G | [T] -Flap Zuzuki | LD+B | G | -Tokukou Kick | u+{K} | M | (bn) --------------------------- --------------------- -Zugai Wari | f,f+{P} | M | (bc) -Soku Fumi | f,f+K | L | (lg) -Busuzima Tackle | Dash,{P} | M | (bn) -Busuzima | Dash,{K} | Hx | [T] Boomerang | | | -Takeyari Upper | LD,P | M | (ln)/(sp) -Denguri Keri | LD,K | G | (kn) ------------------------------------------------ **Note that these moves will hit anyone behind him. For the u+P, it will hit upclose if opponent walks forward only. You'll only get that (bc) attribute when foe's behind you. FACING BACKWARD --------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------ ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Bun Naguri | P | M | -Daigo Tai Kick | B | M | (fr) -Ketsu Naguri | d+P | G | -Zakone Kick | d+B | G | (tp)/(sw) -Busuzima Honrou | K | - | Sidestep --------------------------- --------------------- -Busuzima Hassha | d+K {c} | M | (bn) ------------------------------------------------ *Note that only P and d + P will make Busuzima face foe THROWS ------ Front (Standing) = Tama Tsubushi Front (Standing) = Bero Throw (Launcher) Front (Crouching) = Shiri Seme Front (Crouching) = Shiri Seme Back = Busuzima Throw Back = Busuzima Throw =============== COMMAND ATTACKS =============== 1) Bukkomi Chop Motion: d,df,f + P (ch) (Stun Attack) 2) Busuzima Maji Motion: d,df,f + (Stance Change): -Advancing / Retreating f / b to move -Revert to Normal Stance Motion: u or R1 (cancel) -Maji de Punch Motion: P,P*,P -Maji de Kick Motion: K,{K} -Maji Nobi Punch Motion: B or d+B -Maji de Harai Motion: B or d+B -Chouhatsu Motion: d [H] Note that doing just the 1st punch or 1st kick during Busuzima Maji, Busuzima will remain in this stance. To get out of the stance, press either u or R1. 3) Busuzima Homerun Motion: d,db,b + P (Guard Attack) 4) Busuzima Exercise Motion: d,db,b + K, K, K, K, K, {K} (Juggling Attack) *If timed correctly, you can use this as a multi-hitting attack against an opponent on the ground. Note that it doesn't seem to work on a bestorized character, though. Also, each press of the Kick button will make Busuzima hit twice. Use wisely in order to make good combos & be tricky. 5) Shishometsu Attack** Motion: d,df,f + B (Attack & Disapper) 6) Shishometsu** Motion: d,db,b + B (Disappear) **Shishometsu Attack will leave Busuzima invisible for a short duration of time, while Shishometsu has a longer duration. Shishometsu can be done continuously to keep him invisible as well, just so long as you do not move forward or attack. Also, when you become invisible, you will appear once you're hit. BEAST DRIVE: DAIJOUBUTSU THROW ------------------------------- MOTION: d,df,f,d,df,f + {B} (Throw) DESCRIPTION: Busuzima will leap forward, attempting to catch his opponent with his mouth. If it connects, he'll throw them high above the center of the stage, disappearing and reappearing under him/her. Catching his foe, he'll slam that character back and forth with his tongue in three complete sucession. Afterwards, he'll let go, sending his battered foe into a wall (which does very little damage) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Human) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Zenkai Seiken Retsuden P,P*,

,f+P,f+{P} Zenkai Butchigiri Sukatsu Kyaku P,P*,

,K,d+K [T] Zenkai Kakato Jigoku P,P*,

,K,b+{K} Zenkai Butchigiri Upper P,P*,

,B (No Name) P,P*,d+{K} Zenkai Sokukou Knee #1 Variation.... P,K,P: -P*,

: ...Seiken Retsuden -f+P,f+{P} ...Butchigiri Sukatsu Kyaku -K,d+K [T] ...Kakato Jigoku -K,b+{K} ...Butchigiri Upper -B -P*,d+ {K} Zenkai Sokukou Knee #2 Variation.... P,K,d+K,: -P*,

: ...Seiken Retsuden -f+P,f+{P} ...Butchgiri Sukatsu Kyaku -K,d+K [T] ...Kakato Jigoku -K,b+{K} ...Butchigiri Upper -B -P*,d+ {K} Baribari Chop K,d+K,P*,

Sokukou Knee #1 Variation K,P: -P*,

: ...Seiken Retsuden -f+P,f+{P} ...Butchigiri Sukatsu Kyaku -K,d+K [T] ...Kakato Jigoku -K,b+{K} ...Butchigiri Upper -B -P*,d+ {K} Sokukou Knee #2 Variation K,d+K: -P*,

: ...Seiken Retsuden -f+P,f+{P} ...Butchigiri Sukatsu Kyaku -K,d+K [T] ...Kakato Jigoku -K,b+{K} ...Butchigiri Upper -B -P*,d+ {K} Taiman Aku Kick f+P,K Taiman Akutou Kick f+P,f+P,K Taiman Gokuaku Kick f+P,f+P,f+P,K Taiman Chou Gokuaku Kick f+P,f+P,f+P,f+P,K Taiman Straight Retsuden f+P,f+P,f+P,f+P,f+P,f+{P}: Chinpira Usogeri Retsuden f+K,f+K,f+P,f+P,f+{P} Yaki Blow df+P,f+P [T] Yakiyaki.... df+P,df+P: ...Ura Ken -b+P ...Blow -f+P, [T] Tako Naguri [T],P,

: -

: -Follow with any attack that follows the 3rd punch of any P,P,

combo ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Beast) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Chameleon Rush B,d+B,B*,{B} (Press u+{B} anytime to fake) Nobiiru Rush b+B,d+B,B*,{B} (Press u+{B} anytime to fake) Slide Shoten Upper f+B,f+B Somersault.... u+B: ...Kaomen Slider -db+B,d+B ...Shoten Upper -f+B,f+B Double Kaomen Slider db+B,d+B Kaomen Attack Hana Spike df+B,B (No Name) B,d+K,P*,P: -f+P,f+{P} -K,d+K [T] -K,b+{K} -B Zenkai Butchigiri Upper P,P*,P,B Zenkai Butchgiri Knuckle P,K,{B} Sokukou Bokusatsu Knuckle K,{B} Zuzuki Upper Spike LD+B,df+B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ------- =================== == Strategies & Combos == =================== ------- ------------- ABBREVIATIONS ------------- SSA = Shishometsu Attack SELF-MADE COMBINATIONS AND AIR JUGGLES -------------------------------------- Command Form Notes ------- ---- ----- Bukkomi Chop: -df+K H/B -b+P H/B -db+K[T]: -u+B[Bk] B Do this fast -d+B[Bk] B Do this fast db+K[C][T]/Transform H~B Do this fast Bukkomi Chop/f,f+K: -df+K H Time this right. Before foe fully recovers, you can connect with f,f+K, which may register as a combo -db+B B -f+B B Do this fast f,f+K: -u+P[T]/d+K[Bk] B Trick foe, especially if they try to attack -df+B/B,d+B,B,B/d+P/P Ground attack B Tricky timing. Use wall if necessary -d+B B -LD+P,Jump,f+B B Looks nice -Busuzima Exercise H/B Easiest 12- hitter around LD+P[C]/B attack/db+K[T] H Weak, but looks nice f+B,B[C]/df+P,P,b+P B Do near wall LD+P[C]: -Shishometsu Attack/P,K,P,P,K H~B -P,K/f,f+P H Delay between P & K, or omit for the full power of f,f+P -u+K B Bukkomi Chop/f,f+K/LD+P/u+P[T]/u+B[Bk] B Last 2 attacks have to be done fast! f,f+K/db+K[T]: -d+B[Bk] B 2nd hit must knockdown, so do instantly -d+B[Bk]/f,f+B[Bk]/B[Bk]/K[Bk]/ B 2nd hit must be delayed abit, so it won't knock- d+B[Bk]/B[Bk] down. This is not a combo. Instead, this is an example on how to be tricky & aggressive when your back is turned. Do everything fast, and one's bound to hit. db+K[T]/K[Bk]/Transform H~B Weak, but tricky. Works too. LD+P[C]: -Busuzima Exercise B Near wall. Time it right & all hits will connect. -P,P=SSA/SSA/df+K or f,f+P B Use df+K only if foe doesn't recover. Near wall if necessary. -df+B,B B -P,P,d+K H Simple, but decent -P,P=Busuzima Exercise B Tough! Can't be too close or too far once last move comes out. P,P,=Busuzima Homerun=R1/b+P or db+P H/B Cancel B.Homerun fast & do enders fast to fool foes. Do db+P only in beast form. f,f+K/SSA/LD+P/df+P,P,b+P H~B Do this fast! df+B[C]/B,d+B,B,B/df+K B Hold df just as 3rd attack is executed in order to do last attack Bukkomi Chop/Daijoubutsu Throw B Do this fast! LD+P[C]/b+B,d+B,B=Daijoubutsu Throw B Tricky timing! b+B can be replaced with B. Need wall, but you cannot be too close or too far once D.Throw comes out. ------------------------------ ---------------- Strategic Usages ---------------- Busuzima Homerun = R1: (In a combo or as a counter) -Busuzima Exercise (Reverse foe's attack for an easy combo) -Shishoumetsu (Escape & turn invisible) -df+K,db+K, or db+B (Opponent blocks high) -P,etc. (Light guard through attack to take the offense) -u+K,b+K, or db+P in Beast form (Opponent's in Light guard) -LD+K (Low reverse opponent's high attack) -------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -------------------------- H) ----- JENNY ----- ======================================= ------- PROFILE ------- Full Name: JENNY BURTORY Beast Form: BAT F.Style: LOWER BODY (LEGS) Nationality: ENGLAND Age: UNKNOWN Height: 170 cm (Human); 173 cm (Beast) Weight: 52 kg (Human); 50 (Beast) Occ: MODEL (Real occupation: freelance special ops spy) Likes: RED WINE AFTER A HOT SHOWER Dislikes: SPLIT ENDS ====================================== Story: OBSERVER'S EYE Jenny is a secret agent that works behind the scenes, getting to the bottom of any situation and gathering information for her employers. Having the blood of a beast is also a plus on her side, giving her the strength and abilities that most ordinary agents don't possess. She does her job good, no matter what the outcome may be. Jenny is also a close friend to a very famous war hero name Alan Gado. Since the outbreak of the "Battlefront of Liberation" between humans and beasts, she has been secretly communicating with Gado about the situation. With the situation not changing for the better, Gado decides that the best resolution for this is to take action and get to the bottom of the whole situation. With the knowledge of a secret group contributing to the cause of the war, Gado puts Jenny on the case to investigate an the matter thoroughly, so that it doesn't get out of hand anymore. Heading onto the scene, Jenny hangs out in the shadows, watching all that goes on and those that play a crucial part to the situation. She goes out to take care of the dirty work, while Gado sits back and calls the shot. Sure, he claims that he'll send her backup once she gets into the heart of the matter. But it seems like he has too much fate in Jenny to doubt that she can't handle it on her own.... ================================ FIGHTING STYLE DESCRIPTION Focusing mainly on leg techniques, Jenny uses a far-range type of fighting style. Moreover, after bestialization, the addition of her flying ability, she can depend on hit & run strategies to wear down her opponents ================================ COSTUME COLORS p (Normal) = Black boots and collar, red outfit, blond hair / Dark brown-furred bat K (2nd) = Black outfit, pumps, and collar, red hair / Black-furred bat B (Extra) = Blue outfit and collar, black tights, dark lavender boots, laveder hair / Purplish furred bat Start (Secret) = Yellow outfit, black pumps and collar, brown hair / Golden- furred bat -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ============ Normal Moves ============ ----- ----- HUMAN BEAST ----- ----- FACING FORWARD -------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------ ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Slap | P | H | -Rend Claw | B | M | -Swim Slap | f+P | M | -Nightmare | f+B | M-M | -You Fool | b+P | H | (hc) Departure | | | -Leg Slap | d+P | M | -Spinning Claw | b+B | H-H | [T] -Cutting High | df+P | L | [T] -Leg's Pick | d+B | G | -Double Leg Slap | db+P | G-G | [T] -Sweep Claw | df+B | G | (tp) -Jump Out | u+P | H | -Get Scared | db+B | - | Retreat -Ghost Line | K | H | -Back Surprise | u+B | H | (kn) -Passion Kick | f+K | M | -Slash Talon | f,f+{B} | H | (bn) -Bye-Bye Kick | b+K | M | [T] -Wind Rider | Dash+B | M | (ln) -Under's Pick | d+K | G | -Talon Cyclone | LD+B | M | (ln) -Needle's Pick | df+K | G | --------------------------- --------------------- -Ground Shaving | db+K | G | (sw) -Enamul Rainbow | u+K | M | (kn) -Pile Banker | f,f+P | M | (fr) -Cool Somer-Edge | f,f+K | M | (sb) -Push Out | Dash,P{c}| M | (bn) -Cocetish Slider | Dash,K | L | (tp) -Leg Cutter | LD,P | G | (tp) -Enamul Arch | LD,K | M | (kn) ------------------------------------------------ FACING BACKWARD --------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Repulse Elbow | P | M | -Back Upper Talon| B | M | (ln) -Turn Slap | d+P | L | -Cutting Turn | d+B | G | (tp) -Turn Hook Heel | K | H | --------------------------- --------------------- -Repulse Heel | d+K | G | (tp) Stomp | | | ------------------------------------------------ THROWS ------ Front (Standing) = Sweet Neck Break Front (Standing) = Blood Sucker Front (Crouching) = Sweet Disgrace Front (Crouching) = Sweet Disgrace Back = Sweet Riding Back = Sweet Riding =============== COMMAND ATTACKS =============== 1) Twist Motion: d,df,f + P (Stance Change): -Active / Passive Twist f / b to move -Twist Change d+P -Twist Heel Change d+K -Twisted Explosion: -1st Variation K,K,d+K -2nd Variation K,K,K,K,K [T] -3rd Variation K,K,K,K,K,K,d+K -Final Variation K,K,K,K,K,K,{K} *During any Twist combo, Jenny will fall out of Twist if you stop at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th kick. 2) Eccentric Kick Motion: d,df,f + K (Multi-Hit Attack) 3) Brilliant Slash Motion: d,db,b + P (Guard Attack) 4) Roll-Up Hurricane Motion: d,db,b + K 5) Bat Wing Blade Motion: d,df,f + {B} (Launcher) 6) Flap Wing Motion: d,db,b + B: -Press nothing (Fly back) -Drill Talon B (Attack) *Note that Flap Wing can also be done in the air. BEAST DRIVE: SKY HIGH TEMPEST ------------------------------ MOTION: F,B,DB,D,Df,f + {B} DESCRIPTION: Jenny jumps into the air a certain distance, and will attempt a grab with her feet (talons). If it connects, she'll throw her opponent above her, pummeling him/her with a series of kicks. Next, she'll grab her foe, throwing him/her back to the ground. Finally, she'll land on the fallen foe with a her feet, apologizing for her rudeness as she walks all over him/her. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Human) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Slap Slap P,

* -Follow up with any combo starting with f+K -Follow up with any combo starting with B Passion Heel.... f+K,K,*: ...Fool -b+P ...Bye-Bye -b+K [T] -Follow up with any combo starting with f+B Passionate Heel Rush f+K,K,*,K,K or d+K Sly Kick d+K,K Enamul Knife df+K,K Enamul.... df+K,K,K: ...Blade -K ...Blade Fool -b+P Enamal Sly Kick df+K,K,d+K,K Gloss Edge LD+K,K Turn Hook Heel To Passion [T], K,K,*: ...Passionate Heel Rush -K,K or d+K ...Passion Heel Fool -b+P ...Passion Heel Bye-Bye -b+K [T] -Follow up with any combo starting with f+B ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Beast) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Complete Death Order B,B,B,B,B (Only if 3rd K connects will combo follow through) Complete Death Order Flap B,B,B, Flap Wing (Press B again to execute Drill Wind Slider B,B,B,d+{B} (Only if 3rd K connects will combo follow through) Nightmare Walking f+B,B,B, Flap Wing (Press B again to execute Drill Talon) Wind Death Order Dash,B,B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ------- =================== == Strategies & Combos == =================== ------- ------------- ABBREVIATIONS ------------- BWB - Bat Wing Blade SELF-MADE COMBINATIONS AND AIR JUGGLES -------------------------------------- Command Form Notes ------- ---- ----- LD+B/b+B[tn]/B[Bk]/db+K B b+K[C][tn]: -d+K[Bk]/d+K[Bk] H -P[Bk]/u+P[Bk] H -Transform H~B -Flap Wing[Bk]=Drill Talon B Flap Wing must cross over foe. It has to be done at the last moment before descension. If foe doesn't turn around, follow with a Bat Wing Blade. b+P[C]: -K H/B -P,P: ->B,B,B=Flap Wing H~B If you want to retreat ->f+K,K,K,K,K H/B If you want to take offense -Grab H/B Only will work if opponent goes on defense LD+B[C]/P,P: =Eccentric Kick B Do this fast ->f+K,K,K,f+B,B,B B Do this fast. Do this near wall. =Roll-Up Hurricane B df+P[C]/K[Bk]/b+K[tn]/P[Bk]/d+K[Bk] H u+K/: -u+K/df+K,K,d+K,K H/B Do this fast. Kick combo will strike as a ground attack. -Roll-Up Hurrican H/B -b+K[tn]/B[Bk]/BWB[tn]/B[Bk]: -BWB/f+B,B,B B from b+K to the 1st BWB the combo should go on a steady rhythm, and should not be rushed. Afterwards, do the rest of the combo fast. -Eccentric Kick B Same as above. Do last hit fast. -b+K[tn]/Transform H~B -b+K[tn]/B[Bk]: -Jump,B/f,f+B B Do this fast -Jump,f+B/f+B,B,B B Seems to work on big/transformed characters only -u+K[tn]/B[Bk]/db+P[tn]/ d+K[Bk] B Do this fast df+P[C][tn]/B[Bk]/LD+B: -df+P[tn]/B[Bk]/LD+B/df+P[tn]/ B[Bk]/b+K[tn]/P[Bk]/d+K[Bk] B Do this fast. Don't get confused. -df+P[tn]/B[Bk]/Excentric Kick B Do this fast. -Brilliant Slash B -f+B,B,B b+K[C][tn]/B[Bk]/LD+B/LD+K/LD+P B df+B/u+B[tn] B If foe attacks or doesn't turn around, foe will get hit f,f+K: -f,f+K/df+B B -df+P[tn]/B[Bk]/Twist=K,K,d+K B df+P[tn]/K[Bk],K,K,b+K[tn]/u+P[Bk] H If you need to retreat Bat Wing Blade/P,P: ->f+K,K,K,K,K H~B Near a wall =Twist=K,K,K,K,K,K,K H~B Near a wall b+P[C]/b+K[tn]/K[Bk]/df+P[tn]/d+P[Bk]/d+K,K H LD+B[C]/B,B,B,d+B B Timing is crucial LD+B[C]/f+K,K,K=Sky High Tempest B Do this fast. Near a wall. 2nd hit/combo has to be done early in order for the Beast Drive to hit. Bat Wing Blade/P,P,f+K,K,K: =Bat Wing Blade H~B Near a wall ->b+K[tn]/P[Bk]/d+K[Bk] H~B Near a wall u+K/b+K[tn]/B[Bk]/Bat Wing Blade[tn]/B[Bk]: -df+P[tn]/B[Bk]: -Eccentric Kick B Do this fast -b+B[tn]/d+B[Bk] B Do not rush this combo -BWB[tn]/B[Bk]/ df+K,K,d+K,K B Roll-Up Hurricane/df+K,K,(d+)K,K H/B Rely more on df+K,K,d+K,K more unless you can execute the other one fast -------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -------------------------- I) ---- STUN ---- ======================================= ------- PROFILE ------- Real Name: STEVEN GOLDBERG Beast Form: INSECT F.Style: GRAPPLER/WRESTLER Nationality: USA Age: 35 Height: 186 cm (Human); 190 cm (Beast) Weight: 90 kg (Human); 98 (Beast) Occ: NONE (formerly a scientist) Likes: FOOTBALL Dislikes: BUSUZIMA ====================================== Story: RETURN OF THE BUG GUY A scholor on living creatures, scientists Steven Goldburg was hired to take part in a secret project held by the national coorporation called Tyron Foundation. His interests are on "human beastorization", which is why he was chosen. He got to know another scientist, a Japanese man name Busuzima, who is also invovled in the same activities as Steven, but his views are somewhat different. Busuzima is very much into performing tests on people, if the research is just in its preliminary stages. It seems that there was once a a creature named "Stun", one of Tyron's special soldiers who was a human and insect combined. No longer in existence, this secret project is meant to create another one to take the former beast's place. Steven got a bit too involved with things, though By accident, he exposed the secret project where he was a member in, which angered the superiors of Tyron Foundation alot. With this exposure. there was a price that had to be paid. Busuzima saw the perfect way -- making Steven the guinnea pig for this secret project. Making the misfortunate scientist to go through the test, the results weren't too good. As his body was being deformed, Steven's heart was filled with sadness, darkness, and rage. Yet, he was powerless to do anything. After the experiment was completed, the unnecessaties needed to be discarded -- including the subject. Waking up in a shed, Steven looked at his half-bandaged body and saw how distorted and deformed it became. He was a freak! He believed that this is the fate that he deserved, for he engaged in things that were very sinful. He was going to stay were he was and die, when a strange man entered. Somehow, Steven could sense that this man was also a bestial being, but different form those of Tyron Foundation. The man insulted him, calling him a "foul person", and because all the crimes that he had participated in with Tyron Foundation had caught up with him, he's now paying for it dearly. Steven tried to speak, but due to his new body, his mouth was almost useless. Thus, he couldn't reply to the man's comments, for it was too painful an action. Seeing the man as a threat, he fought with him, and managed to knock him out. It didn't seem like Steven will have any peace to stay hidden and disappear from this world. With his new accursed body, he decided that "Steven Goldburg" is dead, and only "Stun" remains. Staring at the city from the doorway of the shed, he figured he might as well head out into the world and see what was possible for him to do. Revenge had filled his mind, so making Busuzima suffer for his accursed state was a possibility. He painfully stumbled along, taking whatever route that lied before him. (truthfully, he just wants to curl up in a dark corner and die quietly) ================================ FIGHTING STYLE DESCRIPTION Stun is a power character, surpassing in throws and a system of rushing techniques. Though he has to avoid being reckless, for that can be a problem. So, Stun is an advanced character, utilizing both close and far range distance to battle. ================================ COSTUME COLORS p (Normal) = Orange shorts and cap, blue skin, sky blue shirt / Blue skin insect K (2nd) = Blue clothing and cap, black skin, brown belt / Black skin insect B (Extra) = Brownish clothes and cap, green skin, gray belt / Green skin insect Start (Secret) = Red shorts and cap, black shirt, pink skin / Pink skin insect -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ============ Normal Moves ============ ----- ----- HUMAN BEAST ----- ----- FACING FORWARD -------------- Ground Ground ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Shell Punch | P | H | -Beetle Head | B | M | -Bio Force Throw | f+P | M | (ln) -Rolling Bug Head| f+{B} | M | (fr)/(bn) -Vermin Blow | b+{P} | M | (bn) -Thrust Bug Head | b+{B} | M | (bn) -Hand Knife | d+P | L | -Mantis Fang | d+B | G | (tp) -Vermin Upper | df+P | M | (ln) -Bug Middle | df+{B} | M | (ln) -Bio Shock** | db+P | G | -Bug Ground | db+B | G | -Head Crush | u+P | H | (bc) -Horn Chop | u+B | M | -Solid Kick | K | M | -Charge Bug Head | f,f+B | M | (bn) -Thrust Kick | f+K | M | -Jet Beetle | Dash+{B} | M | (bn) -Launching Kick | b+K | H | (ln) -Ground Horn | LD+B | L | (tp) -Knee Crash | d+K | G | --------------------------- --------------------- -Ground Step | df+K | - | Move Front -Rolling Back | db+K | - | Move Back -Leg Guillotine | u+{K} | M | (bc) -Body Slasher | f,f+{P} | M-M-M | (bc) -Knee Blast | f,f+K(c)| M | [T],(fr) -Shell Tackle | Dash,{P} | M | (bn) -Dual Solid Kick | Dash,K | L | (kn)/(sw) -Ground Mes | LD,P | M | (ln) -Leg Upper | LD,K | M | (ln) ------------------------------------------------ **The strength of Bio Shock depends on the distance the opponent is. The closer Stun is to his foe, the stronger Bio Shock's damage will be. FACING BACKWARD --------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Spinal Break | P | H | (tn) -Dual Claw Kick | B | M | (bn) -Vermin Nail | d+P | L | -Bug Claw | d+B | L | -Brash High Kick | K | H {c}| --------------------------- --------------------- -Ground Brash | d+K | G | Kick | | | ------------------------------------------------ THROWS ------ Front (Standing) = Crying Throw Front (Standing) = Bug Hug Front (Crouching) = Stun Bomb Front (Crouching) = Stun Bomb Back = Stun Throw Back = Stun Throw =============== COMMAND ATTACKS =============== 1) Spider Drop Motion: d,df,f + P (High Throw) 2) Hornet Grab Motion: d,df,f + K (Mid level Throw) 3) Antler Bomb Motion: d,db,b + P (Low Throw) 4) Grasshopper Leg Motion: d,db,b + K (Guard Attack) 5) Riot Beetle Motion: d,df,f + B (Throw) 6) Bio Reject Motion: d,db,b + B (High/Mid Guard Reversal) 7) Stun Crash Motion: d,df,f + P + K (or P + G) (Upclose) -to- Blink Rush Drop Motion: d,db,b + P + K (or P + G) *Note that the opponent can easily escape Blink Rush Drop by pressing P + K 8) Air Bomber Motion: d + P + K (Air Throw) BEAST DRIVE: BOOSTING BURST --------------------------- MOTION: F,DF,D,DB,B,F,DF,D,DB,B + B (Throw) DESCRIPTION: Upclose, Stun will attempt a throw. If it connects, he'll swing his foe around and hurl him/her into a wall. Powering up as his wings flap rapidly, he'll rush into his foe full force, impaling him/her. Effortlessly, he'll then dump his foe to the ground. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Human) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Shell Blow P,P* Shell Rush P,P*P (sb) Shell Face Scratch P,P*,P,{P} (Attack & Throw) *Note that each punch combo has their own uses depending on the situation. Also, if the 3rd P hits in "Shell Face Scratch", the 4th P will not connect unless you're near a wall. Shell Rush Guillotine P,P*,P,{K} Shell Rush Bomb P,P,P,d+K, Antler Bomb Shell Slasher P,K,P*,P (tn) Solid Cutter Combo K,P,P Thrust Knee Smash f+K,K Thrust Blow f+K,K,b+{P} Thrust Shock f+K,K,db+P Thrust Knee Crash f+k,d+K Combo Antler Bomb f+K,d+K,Antler Bomb Handknife Combo d[H],P,K ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Beast) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Beetle Rush B,B Beetle Rush Beat B,B,d+B Chaos Beetle Rush B,B,d+B,d+B Brutal Beetle Rush B,B,d+B,df+B Violent Beetle Rush B,B,d+B,df+B,u+B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ------- =================== == Strategies & Combos == =================== ------- ------------- ABBREVIATIONS ------------- SELF-MADE COMBINATIONS AND AIR JUGGLES -------------------------------------- Command Form Notes ------- ---- ----- f,f+P/Antler Bomb H~B LD+P/P,P=Spider Drop H f+P/B,B: ->d+B,d+B B ->d+B,df+B: ->u+P/Bio Shock B To use Bio Shock, you have to hold df before combo ends ->d+B/df+B/Antler Bomb B LD+P[C]: -Spider Drop H -b+K/Bio Shock H To use Bio Shock.... -df+P/Antler Bomb H -f+P/u+K H -f+K,d+K,Antler Bomb H Timing is crucial. Opponent must be hit by d+K in order to work. -Riot Beetle B b+K[C]/df+K/Stun Crash H~B Risky. Will work if opponent goes on defense. u+P/df+P: -d+P,K H -Hornet Grab B LD+P: -df+B[tn]/B[Bk] B First hit cannot be done close. Very strange & hard combo to do. -LD+P/df+P: -f,f+B B Don't rush each hit. Keep foe close to head level. -df+B/Riot Beetle B Don't rush each hit. keep foe close to head level. d+B/df+P/df+B/LD+B B P[Bk][C]: -f+P/Riot Beetle H~B -P,P,P,P H Do near wall -f,f+P/d+P,K H Do this fast -f,f+K H P[Bk][C]/df+K/Grab or Boosting Burst H~B This will work if foe attacks while back is turn. Has to be a high attack. K,P,P[C]/Hornet Grab H/B LD+K/df+P/Jump,f+B B Last hit acts like a ground attack u+B/df+P: -df+B/Riot Beetle B -f+P/df+P/Spider Drop B -f,f+P/Antler Bomb B Do this fast -df+P/Grasshopper Leg B Do this fast. Still hard to do. u+B/df+B/B,B,d+B,df+B,u+B B Do this fast. Still hard to do. df+B/P,P: ->P,P B Do this fast. P combo should be done early. Do near wall. =Any Command Throw B f+P/Air Bomber H/B f+P should throw foe into wall f+P/df+P/f+B/d+B B Do this fast! If done correctly, f+B will hit before foe hits ground. Hold d just as f+B hits in order to execute last hit. u+P/f+P/df+B: -f+P/df+B B This is infinite as long as foe doesn't recover -f,f+B B -Any Command Throw B -u+P/Antler Bomb B Has to be done fast -b+B or b+P B If done fast, enders will hit as a ground attack -Dash+P B Do this fast u+P/f+P/u+P/Antler Bomb H Do this fast P[Bk][C]/Charge-in Transform H~B f+P/Jump,Transform H~B f+P should throw foe into a wall f+P/f+P/f+P/f+P.... H~B This is infinite as long as foe doesn't recover ------------------------------ ---------------- Strategic Usages ---------------- Antler Bomb=R1: (In a combo) -db+K (Retreat) -df+P, f+P, f,f+B, or u+K (Opponent blocks low) -Hornet Grab (Opponent blocks/ attacks low [from a distance]) -Spider Drop (Opponent jumps & attempts a counterattack) -Riot Beetle (Opponent tries to counter) Grasshopper Leg=R1: (In a combo or as a counter) -b+P or b+B (Reverse an opponent's Guard Attack/Crush) -df+K (Get close to grab) -Antler Bomb (Foe blocks high) -f+P (Light guard though offense to grab) -f+B (Light guard through offense or foe's in Light guard) -Bio Reject (Light guard through slow offense...stylish, but reckless) -------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -------------------------- J) ---- GADO ---- Full Name: ALAN GADO Nationality: FRANCE Beast Form: LION Story: 2 DAYS OF THE OLD TIGER Since the fall of Tyron Foundation, Alan Gado had disappeared. Retiring from fighting, his life is rather comfortable, for he has more than enough to survive with his wealth. Yet, after 5 years, he still observes how the differences between human and bestial beings are continuing. In fact, the prejudice seems to have amplified. As written in the September addition of European Millenium press, the terror and violence between these two races is continuing on, but as alway, it is said that the bestial beings are the threat. The "beast problem", as stated in the paper, doesn't seem like it will be resolved anytime soon. It is also stated that one man had made an effort in terminating the main cause of the "beast problem". His name is Alan Gado, and he was successful in shutting down the large Tyron Foundation. His whereabouts, however, are unknown. Jenny, a friend to this old war hero, questioned his inactiveness in the whole Battlefront of Liberation. Being out of the game for so long, a thought crossed her mind that maybe he wasn't sure about himself right now, that he might not have what it takes to fight like the way he did in the past. Deciding to engage in a little spar, Gado came on top with no problem. Now, certain that there are no problems, he decides to head out and take control of the whole situation. Besides finding out who's behind the whole violence and such, he intends to find those individuals who took part in the fall of the Tyron Foundation. ================================ FIGHTING STYLE DESCRIPTION Utilizing a basic fighting style combined with military techniques, Gado strikes with lethal power. With his large size & a strength like a cannon, he can topple his foes with just a few hits. ================================ COSTUME COLORS p (Normal) = Black shirt, shoes, and gloves, brown pants, golden hair, green symbol / Gold-furred lion K (2nd) = White shirt, pants, and hair, brown gloves and shoes, gold symbol / Red- furred lion B (Extra) = Brown pants, grayish shirt, black gloves, shoes, and hair, turquois symbol / Blue-furred lion Start (Secret) = Orange hair, black gloves and shoes, green clothes, gold symbol and belt / Hellfire red- furred lion -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ============ Normal Moves ============ ----- ----- HUMAN BEAST ----- ----- FACING FORWARD -------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------ ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Jab | P | H | -Nail Scratch | B | M | -Tomahawk Shot | f+P | M | -Nail Spear | f+{B} | M | (fr)/(bn) -Turning Elbow | b+P | M | -Banishing | b+{B} | M | [T]/(bn) | | | -Squat Jab | d+P | L | Scratch | | | -Shell Shot | df+P | M | -Nail Sweep | d+B | G | (tp) -Ambush Cannon | db+P | L | -Twin Scratch | df+B | M | (ln) -Drop Chop | u+P | M | (fr)/(bc) -Squat Back Turn | db+B | G | [T] -Rising Barrel | K | H | Scratch | | | -Needle Launcher | f+K | M | -Somersault | u+B | M | -Spin Turret | b+K {c} | H | (bn) Scratch | | | -Spread Mine | d+K | G | -Dino Head | f,f+B* | M | (bn) -Intense Shoot | df+K | M | -Brutal Raid | Dash+{B} | M | (bn) -Heating Wheel | db+K | G | -Ground Scratch | LD+B | L | (tp) -Air Cannon | u+{K} | M | (bn) --------------------------- --------------------- -Streak Fire | f,f+P {c}| M | (bn) -Knee Drive | f,f+{K} | M | (ln) -Absolute Fire | Dash,P | M | Hit/Throw -Mine Slider | Dash,K | L | -Rise Shoot | LD,P | M | -Vertical Barrel | LD,K | M | (ln) ------------------------------------------------ FACING BACKWARD --------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Turn Knuckle | P | H | -Back Drop Kick | B | M | (bn) -Squat Turn | d+P | L | -Squat Turn Kick | d+B | L | Knuckle | | | --------------------------- --------------------- -Reverse Kick | K | H | -Low Reverse | d+K | G | Kick | | | ------------------------------------------------ THROWS ------ Front (Standing) = Grab Knock-Down Front (Standing) = Dam Sight Fang Front (Crouching) = Shake Bomb Front (Crouching) = Shake Bomb Back = Surprise Crash (ln) Back = Surprise Crash (ln) =============== COMMAND ATTACKS =============== 1) Heat Capture Motion: d,df,f + P {c} (Throw) -or- Heat Capture Middle Kick Motion: d,df,f + P {c}, K (Grab/Hit) -or- Heat Capture Low Kick Motion: d,df,f + P {c}, d + K (Grab/Hit) 2) Rage Cutter Motion: d,df,f + K 3) Assault Blow Motion: d,db,b + {P} 4) Danger Spin Motion: d,db,b + K (Guard Attack) -or- (Quad Flash Break) Motion: d,db,b + K, f + {P}, d,df,f + {P}, d,db,b + {P} 5) Demolition Fang Motion: d,df,f + {B} (Throw) 6) Rising Laser Motion: d,db,b + {B} (Launcher) BEAST DRIVE: G-CANNON --------------------- MOTION: D,DF,F,DF,D,DB,B + {B} DESCRIPTION: Gado will execute an uppercut. if it connects, his opponent will going flying into the air. During foe's hangtime, Gado will channel all his beast energy into his arm as he transforms back to human. Once his foe falls down, He'll blast them against a wall with a powered up backhand, which'll send them tumbling and wobbling on the ground while he flexes his arm. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Human) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Shotgun Combination G P,

Heavy Weight Shotgun G P,

,f+P Shotgun Combination Drive P,

,f+{K} Spinning Strike b+P,

* Twin Tomahawk f+P,P* Tomahawk.... f+P: ...Buster -P*,P* ...Drive -K Shell.... df: ...Smash -{P} ...Slash -df+K Trooper Combination K,K,{K} Lea/Commando Edge Combination.... K,K,f+K: ...High -K/K,K ...Middle -f+K/f+K,K ...Low -d+K/d+K,K ...Feint -(f+ or d+)K,P Heat Blaster Twin K,b+P,

* Sky Launcher Strike f+K,K,K Solid Launcher Strike f+K,f+K,K Ground Launcher Strike f+K,d+K,K Sky/Solid/Ground Launcher Feint Strike f+K,(f+ or d+)K,P Sight Break LD+P,P ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Beast) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Double Scratch B,B* Triple.... B,B*: ...Scratch -{B} ...Low Scratch -d+B -Follow with any combo starting with f+K Trap Nail B,d+B* Destroy Scratch f+{B},{B}* Blind Scratch f+{B},d+B [T] Bloody Rage df+B, Demolition Fang Shotgun Scratch P,P,d+B Lightning Scratch df+P,f+{B},{B} Darkness Scratch df+P,f+{B},d+B [T] Heat Blaster.... K,b+P,

*: ...Nail -B* ...Double Claw -B*,{B} ...Strome -B*,d+B ...Needle -B*,f+K ...Sky Launcher Strike -B*,f+K,K,K ...Solid Launcher Strike -B*,f+K,f+K,K ...Ground Launcher Strike -B*,f+K,d+K,K ...Sky/Solid/Ground Launcher Feint Strike -B*,f+K,(f+ or d+)K,P -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ------- =================== == Strategies & Combos == =================== ------- ------------- ABBREVIATIONS ------------- R.Laser = Rising Laser SELF-MADE COMBINATIONS AND AIR JUGGLES -------------------------------------- Command Form Notes ------- ---- ----- LD+K[C]: -u+P H -b+B B Do this fast -f,f+B=Demolition Fang B b+P,P[C]=Rising Laser: -f+P,d+K B -f+K,d+K,K B LD+K: -df+P,d+K H -Rage Cutter/Rage Cutter H -f+B,B B -B,d+B=Rage Cutter B Rising Laser[C]: -f,f+K,f,f+P B -P,P,f+K/LD+B B<-H LD+P/P[C]: =Heat Capture B Do this fast -LD+K/b+P,P=R.Laser: -Rage Cutter/d+K B -Demolition Fang B -B,d+B=R.Laser B Last R.Laser acts like a ground attack -K,K,f+K,K,K/K Ground Attack H -u+K B -df+P,f+B,d+B H~B df+K[C]/Jump,f+B B When you jump, you have to be above foe's head before you attack. Attack will strike from behind. df+K[C]/Walk forward/Jump,b+K B Tough to do. You have to take only 1 step before you jump. Once above foe's foe's head, attack. LD+P,P[C]/LD+K/b+P,P=G-Cannon B b+P[C],P: =Assault Blow H/B =Quad Flash Break H/B Near wall. Do this fast. Still blockable abit. =Rising Laser: -B,B,d+B H~B -f+K,d+K,K H~B -f,f+K/df+B H~B Do this carefully LD+P,P[C]/LD+K/Transform H~B Near a wall LD+P,P[C]: -LD+K/u+B/LD+B B Near a wall -Jump,B/f+P,K/d+K B Near wall. Do combo carefully -Jump,B/Jump,B/P,P,f+K/LD+B B Near wall. Do combo carefully ------------------------------ ---------------- Strategic Usages ---------------- Danger Spin = R1: -b+B (Light guard through attack to counter attack) -Demolition Fang (Reverse opponent's attack) -LD+B (Opponent blocks high) -Heat Capture (in beast form) (Opponent's in Light guard) -u+P or u+P (Opponent's in Light guard) -Quad Flash Break (Light guard through attack to take offense) -G-Cannon (Light guard through attack to take offense) -------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -------------------------- K) --------- SHEN LONG --------- Full Name: SHEN LONG Nationality: NONE (He's a clone) Beast Form: TIGER Story: REINCARNATION The world was going into a dark period. With the creation of bestial beings who were believed to be higher than human beings, Many were determine to prove that. "We, the beasts, will oppose the human race and put them in great peril!" Many followed that saying and met the opposing race with violence. Beasts in the form of soldiers were created, so to carry out these heinous goals and fight. Thus, this war will grow until there is a winner. Although Tyron Foundation had fallen, there goals and ambitions seem to continue on. More soldiers were being produced with orders to fight in the war and oppose the human race. These beasts were to be better than those who they mirrored, so they were augmented with supreme power. Shen Long, the strongest of them all, lead them in this evil mission. He was perfect, for his heart was black as void and held no emotions. He wasn't afraid of bloodshed, and would willingly produce it to fill his violent hunger. He was like another who used to engage in the same violence, except that Shen Long had no knowledge of him. In fact, many have mistaken him as the former assassin named Long, but they could tell that this man was different. Why does Shen Long exist? And who is he really...? ================================ FIGHTING STYLE DESCRIPTION A user of the Circle Combo, "Shin-I-Roku-Gou-Ken", Shen Long is an advance player by far. His style is similar to Long, except more focused on injuring his foes with deadly force. ================================ COSTUME COLORS p (Normal) = Purple shoes and shirt w/red & gold stripes, gray gloves and pants, gold belt, red& gold symbol / Gray-furred tiger K (2nd) = Purplish shirt w/white trims, purple gloves, blue pants / Red-furred tiger B (Extra) = Green pants, gloves, and belt, brick red shirt with gold trims, red and gold symbol / White-furred tiger Start (Secret) = Sky blue shirt white trims, greenish pants, white gloves, black belt, gold and red symbol / Orange-furred tiger -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------- SHIN-I-ROKU-GOU-KEN: Rokugou Kourin Shiki (Style of the Universal Goose Circle) -------------------- The "Rokugou Kourin Shiki" is a Circle combo that is the main weapon used by Shen Long. Consisting of 6 different attacks, each attack follows each other in a circle-like motion, in any direction desired. While this Circle combo can be started in numerous ways, each attack follows each other in a set manner one after another. Also, the same attack cannot be used twice. Here's a diagram on this Circle combo and the pattern it follows: Dakai <----------> Fujin Kyaku <----------> Pon Ken P#{c} d+K f+{P} * /\ /\ | | \/ \/ Sokuchuu Kyaku <-----> Nichigetsu Ha <-----> Migi Tan Kyaku f+K d+P K When you do all parts of the Circle combo in beast form, Shen Long's hits'll get stronger as he starts to flash. As you imput the last part, he will turn red and inflict great damage. Also, this Circle combo can be followed up with any one of the "Rokugou Kourin Shiki Shuryo Waza", (Ender Techniques of the "Style of the Universal Goose Circle") which can be inputted from any one attack of the R.K.S. It doesn't matter whether you complete the Cicle combo or not: Youshi Senrin Shichisun Ko Renshu Houdou f,f+P b+{P} d,d+P {c} \\ || // Rokugou Kourin Shiki Shuryo Waza // || \\ Hangetsu Jin Honshin RenKyaku Zensou Genkyaku f,f+{K} b+K d,d+K Also are *special* R.K.S Shuryo Waza techniques which can be done as a beast (or, when your Beast gauge is full): Kourin Un Rokugou Shouten Hou Rokugou Fukko B*,B B*,f+B B*,d+B \\ || // \\ || // Rokugou Kourin Shiki Shuryo Waza || || Rokugou Hekishuu B* SHEN LONG VS LONG: COMPARISION ------------------------------ Not to be confused with Long, Shen Long is pretty unique on his own. While lacking in speed, Shen Long makes up with power attacks and more Guard Crush moves. Thus, you should focus more on finding weak points to get hits in, while breaking your opponent's defense. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ============ Normal Moves ============ ----- ----- HUMAN BEAST ----- ----- FACING FORWARD -------------- Ground Ground ------ ------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Shouda | P | H | -Kosou Kyaku | B | H | -Jouho Shouken | f+P | H | -Mouko Toutai | f+B | M | (kn)/(bc) -Koboku Ha | b+{P} | M | (bn) -Haishin Ryuubi | b+B | M | [T] | | | -Fuku Shouda | d+P | L | -Fukko Zan | d+B | G | -Shien Shousui | df+P | G | [T] -Fukko Sousou | df+B | G | (tp) -Ouken | db+P# | L | -Tenpen Kagetsu | db+B | G | [T] -Toukuu Shasui | u+P | M | (hc) -Byoushin | u+B | M | -Hekitai | K | H | Chuukyaku | | | -Soukou Tai | f+K | M-M | (kn) -Rakan Ben | f,f+B* | M | (ln) -Koushuu Tai | b+K | H | (sp) -Fujuu Houkou | Dash+{B} | M | (bn) -Zensou Tai | d+K | G | (tp)/(sw) -Shishi Shouten | LD+B | M | (ln) -Sokutai | df+K | M | (hc) Hou -Kousou Tai | db+K | G | --------------------------- --------------------- -Senpuu Kyaku | u+K | H | (bn) -Rimon Chouchuu | f,f+P# | M | (bn) -Shitchi Soutai | f,f+K | G | (ln) -Sen Shippo | Dash,{P} | M | (bn) -Shinryuu Kyaku | Dash,{K} | H | (bn) -Zansui | LD,P | M | -Senkyuu Tai | LD,K {c}| M | (ln) ------------------------------------------------ FACING BACKWARD --------------- GROUND GROUND ------ ------ ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- Name | Motion | Height | Attributes Name | Motion | Height | Attributes ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- -Choushin Chuu | P | M | -Tetsuzan Kou | {B} | M | (bn) -Tenshin Housui | d+P | L | -Shinchiku Sou | d+B | L | -Tenshin Sentai | K | H | --------------------------- --------------------- -Tenshin Soutai | d+K | G | (tp) ------------------------------------------------ THROWS ------ Front (Standing) = Houshin Hakkei Front (Standing) = Toushin Kougou Sui Front (Crouching) = Fuuki Shitsu Front (Crouching) = Fuuki Shitsu Back = Ritou Back = Ritou =============== COMMAND ATTACKS =============== 1) Zesshou Hohou Motion: d, df, f + {P} 2) Renkan Tai Motion: d, df, f + K {c} (Launcher) 3) Gaimon Choushuu Motion: d, db, b + P (Guard Attack) 4) Muei Kyaku Motion: d, db, b + K {c} (kn) (Throw) *There are a couple of tricks that this move possess. It can work as a cross-over and connect from behind, even if foe is blocking. Also, if it hits a character just before Shen Long lands, (usually if if crosses over) it will make him/her drop to one knee. This hits twice as an attack. 5) Keisetsu Ga Motion: d, df, f + {B} (Throw) 6) Kongou Toutai Motion: d, db, b + B: -Auto Rokugou Kourin Shiki: -Kongou Kourin Shiki (You) f[H]+B(x6) (Start the R.K.S through the "Pon Ken" clockwise) -Kongou Kourin Shiki (Chi) d[H]+B(x6) (Start the R.K.S through the "Sokuchuu Kyaku" clockwise) -Kongou Kourin Shiki (In) b[H]+B(x6) (Start the R.K.S through the "Nichigetsu Ha" clockwise) -Kongou Kourin Shiki (Ten) u[H]+B(x6) (Start the R.K.S through the "Fujin Kyaku" clockwise) -Kongou Soukou Tai / Kongou Renkou Tai B,B / B,B,B: -Kingou Soukou Nichigetsu Ha / Kingou Renkou Nichigetsu Ha Press d+B after the 2nd (Sou) or 3rd (Ren) B (tp) -Kingou Soukou Muei Kyaku / Kingou Renkou Muei Kyaku Do d,db,b + K after the 1st (Sou), 2nd (Ren), or 3rd (Sou) B BEAST DRIVE: MOUKO KOU HAZAN ---------------------------- MOTION: d,df,f,df,d,db,b + B (Advancing Throw) or MOTION: d,d,d + B after 6th hit during his Circle Combo (Throw) DESCRIPTION: Protected with a Light guard, Shen Long stomps forward menacingly with his hands before him. He'll execute an unavoidable grab after four stomps (even if you jump or crouch, you can’t escape). If foe tries to hit him high or mid, he'll grab immediately on the follow stomp. If this is done through the second motion, he will automatically grab without stomping forward. In order to make this work, though, it has to be done 1) during beast form 2) after the 6th hit of his Circle Combo (when he flashes completely red) 3)either P or f+P has to be the 6th hit (possibly because these two have cancel points). If either connects, he’ll thrust his palm into his foe, and a ghostly image of his tiger form will slam and pummel the opponent against a wall while Shen Long does a pose in his human form. Unlike Long's version, Shen Long moves incredibly fast, going to the halfway point of each stage. HITS: 22 Note: Shen Long's Beast Drive can be stopped in the same way like a regular Guard Attack, while doing a Super Jump or lying down just as Shen Long executes his grabbing motion will enable you to escape. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Human) ---------------------------- Name Input ---- ------ Rensui Choryo P,P,P (Start the R.K.S from any point): -u+B Rensui Pon Ken/Tai P,P (Start the R.K.S by "Pon Ken" or "Sokuchuu Kyaku") Jouho Renkai/Renkyaku f+P (Start the R.K.S from "Dakai" or "Migi Tan Kyaku") Renshou Tai P,K Rensen Uramon Chochu P,K,d+K (can end with any R.K.S Shuryo except "Honshin Ren Kyaku" or "Shichisun Ko") Renfu Tai K (Start the R.K.S by "Fujin Kyaku" or "Nichigetsu Ha") Youshi Saiken LD+P,{P} ---------------------------- Combination Attacks (Beast) ---------------------------- Name Input ------ ------ Fukko Nichigetsu Ha B (Start the R.K.S through "Nichigetsu Ha" or "Fujin Kyaku") Juuji Hekishuu B,B* Kanun Juuji Ha B,B*,B [T] Juuji Rakan B,B*,f+B Fukko Juuji Sou B,B*,d+B Kosou Senkyaku B,d+B Tenben Ren Kazan db+B,B Sou Shou Da B,P,u+B Rensui Sou Da B,P (Start the R.K.S from any point) Juuji Kanun Geki B,P,u+B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ------- =================== == Strategies & Combos == =================== ------- ------------- ABBREVIATIONS ------------- SELF-MADE COMBINATIONS AND AIR JUGGLES -------------------------------------- Command Form Notes ------- ---- ----- f+P=K-f+P=Zesshou Hohou H/B Last 2 hits are Guard Breaks. VERY Handy LD+K[C]/f+P-K/b+P B LD+B[C]/B,B,B[T]/B[Bk] B df+P[T]/d+K/b+P H/B If d+K connects, last hit will connect f+P-P=Renkan Tai: -Renkan Tai/LD+K/Kongou Toutai B Time combo carefully -f,f+B/f+B/Kongou Toutai B -LD+K/Renkan Tai: -f+B B Flashy. Will work if LD+K connects. -f+k B Flashy. Will work if LD+K connects. db+P[C]/b+K H If too slow, b+K will register as a clean hit & won't knockdown u+P[C]/Renkan Tai: -u+K B Will work on non-recovery fighters -Renkan Tai/Renkan Tai/K-d+P==d,d+K H Must be done fast. If foe air recovers, just delay attacks abit df+K[C]: -P,P-f+P=Zesshou Hohou H 1st hit won't hit, but will distract -b+K H Do this fast -f+K/Renkan Tai/f,f+P/f,f+K H Interesting, but could work if fast enough db+P: -df+K H -Renkan Tai/Keisetsu Ga B f+P-K-f+P[C]=Muei Kyaku H/B Has to be done FAST!! P,K,d+K==d,d+P H/B Will work if d+K connects K-d+P==b+K/K-d+P==d,d+P f,f+K/K-d+K-f+P: --K-d+P-f+K-P: -Mouko Kou Hazan B BIG DAMAGE! If foe panics, it's all over -d,d+K B Safety/Opponent blocks high -d,d+P B Opponent is confused & blocks low -b+K B Safer & more reliable than d,d+P -Zesshou Hohou=R1/Grab B Opponent gives up in escaping & blocks ==d,d+K B End combo early =Muei Kyaku B If this crosses over, foe's caught =Kongou Toutai=Auto R.K.S (You or In) H~B Shock factor will keep foe on bay. Judge foe's reaction before you choose between You (mid) or In (low) df+P[T]/d+K[C]/LD+P: -f+P-K==b+K/f+K H Extremely hard to get LD+P to hit in time Do near a wall -K-d+P==f,f+K H/B Hesitate d+P abit to get all hits in df+P[T]/d+K[C]/d+P H Most people will get this result easier ------------------------------ ---------------- Strategic Usages ---------------- Gaimon Choushuu = R1: (In a combo or as a counter) -df+P (Opponent blocks high) -Zesshou Hohou or b+P (Reverse opponent's counter/Opponent's in Light guard) -f+K (beat foe's low counter attempt) -Any combo (Light guard through attack to take offense) -Kongou Toutai from human form (Throw opponent off guard & attack) Zesshou Hohou = R1: (From a distance) -Grab (Get upclose to blocking foe) -Renkan Tai (Reverse opponent's attack attempts upclose) Kongou Toutai=R1: (In a combo) -b+P, or Zesshou Hohou (Reverse opponent's attack/Foe's blocking low) -Muei Kyaku or f+K (High counter against low attack) -LD+K or f+B (Opponent blocks low) ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- VIII) Secrets, Custom Features, And Tricks ======= SECRETS ======= To Get Do This ------ ------- -4th costume Beat Arcade with each character (Press Start at Selection screen) -Gado Beat Arcade Mode (Continue if necessary) -The "Special Stage" Play Arcade Mode with no continues (to fight Shen Long) -Shen Long Beat him in Arcade Mode (You have to win. If you lose, you won't obtain him) -Ending #2 1)Beat Arcade Mode with a continue -or- 2)Beat Story Mode with no continues -Ending #1 1)Beat Arcade Mode with no continues -or- 2)Beat Story Mode with no continues -Play on "Bloody Hard" Mode Hold all L & R buttons as you select any mode (Speed Timer will be red instead of blue. Game play is insane!) -See BR1 Gado Fight in the "Tatami" Stage, and get the camera to turn to the huge, circular rock-like monument (He's sitting on top) =============== CUSTOM FEATURES =============== To Get Do This ------ ------- -Model Type Beat Story Mode (Continue if necessary) -Recovery Speed Beat Story Mode (No Continues) -Any Cancel Point Beat 15 & up characters in Survival Mode -Charge Speed Get all pictures from Story Mode -Blood Effect ??? *Note that all of Custom mode's features work in the "Game Start" option only. ====== TRICKS ====== -Clean Pause Press R2 while game is pause -Afterimage Victory Hold P,K, and B when you win the final round -Multicolor L/R Beat Meter At the Option Screen, select Sound Options. On the BGM Player, press R1 or R2 to change the Beat Meters' colors -View Illustrations During Story mode, press any L or R button to remove text to look at the entire picture -Full-Screen Illustrations At the "Movies and Illustrations" screen, when a picture is selected, press R1 or R2 to enlarge it full-screen -3D Grid Field Victory Execute your character's Beast Drive once your foe has been defeated in the last round -Fight in 3D Grid Field Put "Any Cancel Point" on. During match, execute your (Custom Mode only) character's Beast Drive, and immediately cancel into another Command attack before move ends/hits. (*Note that this effect will turn off once the round ends, you revert back to human form, [one hit will do] or you execute your Beast Drive again.) -Invisible Bakuryu Put "Any Cancel Point" on. During match, execute "Enjin Rasen Kyaku, and immediately cancel into another Command attack before you teleport into the sky. (*Note that taking a hit, executing the "Enjin Rasen Kyaku" or "Enmaku Dan", or starting the next round will make you visible again. Also, this trick be done with the "Enmaku Dan", but it's very difficult and works rarely.) -Invisible Busuzima Put "Any Cancel Point" on. During match, execute "Shisho- metsu Attack", and immediately cancel into another Command attack. (Note that taking a hit, executing the "Shishometsu", "Shishometsu Attack" or "Daijoubutsu Throw", or starting the next round will make you visible again.) =============================== EXPLANATIONS ON CUSTOM FEATURES =============================== Wall Display - Basically allows you to have the wall visible or invisible. If they're invisible, they will appear once they have been broken. Afterimage Mode - Let's you play the game with an afterimage effect on all characters on a black screen. Good luck using this, for the eyes are the first to go. Model Type - Lets you choose your character's look. There are four choices : "Normal", "Big Head", "Big Arms", and "Kids". "Normal" is what you're usually playing as (undeformed). "Big Head" is where your head is enormously huge. You're a bigger target to high attacks. "Big Arms" is where your arms are like tree trunks. (or where you resemble many dedicated body builders) You have longer reach and about more range to your attacks. "Kids" lets you be shrunk into the size of a dwarf. Everything is shrunk (each to different proportions) while gravity plays and even stronger role, restricting the height of your ascension for most of your attacks, as well as your jumping skills. You'll have shorter reach with your attacks, meaning you have to readjust to this new gameplay. Recovery Speed - This determines how fast you can recover health into the temporary (white) damage area of your life guage in beast form. Setting it on zero will take away that ability, while setting it on 8 will almost allow you to recover energy instantly. Can make battles last even longer. Any Cancel Point - With this on, you can make every single attack have cancel points, where you can cancel into any Command Attack. When I say everything, I mean everything. From normal attacks to combination attacks to even Command attacks! Each move has their own delay and cancel point time, so the next attack might have a slight delay before execution. If you cancel a Command attack, you can make some crazy combos and have some strange effects, (This also goes for Beast Drive moves) but you can't cancel the same move twice. Also, while P, K, or B in the air may have cancel points, f+P, f+K, and f+B don't seem to have any real cancel points. The same can be said for throws. Charge Speed - Using this, you can make your Beast gauge fill up faster. The higher the number, the sooner it'll fill up on its own and when you attack. Put it on zero, and you'll start the match with the usual half-filled meter, but it will not increase. You'll only get one chance of using it. Once it's empty, you cannot use it again. Using this option will enable you to use the advantages of beast form more often. Blood Effect - Turning this on will allow you to play the game with blood. Turning it off will...well, remove the blood. Not exactly anything to get excited about. ~~~~~~ "Huh?" - Jenny Burtory ~~~~~~ ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- IX) Revisions and Contributors ----------------- Revision History: ----------------- -(2/12/99) My first attempt at an FAQ!!! Lacking in a lot, it's kind of hard to call this an "FAQ". At the moment, I'm only putting up an explanation on the game modes, functions, and secrets. -(2/16/99) Kind of rushed this out, for there was alot of questions being directed towards me. Added the "Characters and their Personal Descriptions" section, which consists of each character and their bio, story, fighting style, and movelist. Still incomplete, though. (missing a couple of storylines and the full movelist for the secret characters) Oh, and I also fixed any spelling and grammatical errors. -(2/25/99) Whew! Finally put up the newest version. Now considered a "real" version, I've finished adding in the secret characters' moves and all. Actually, to put it in simpler words, I've redone just about everything. New format (which might change once more), removed misguiding/ incorrect info (i.e. the "non-moving" throw), fixed spelling/grammatical errors, added more moves/discovered the correct ways to doing some moves, added more codes & secrets, removed the "Gameplay" section, (by now everyone should know how different BR2 is) added "B-Button Attack" function under the "Basic Controls and Functions" setion, added the "reverting back to human from beast form" guideline under the "'Beastorized' System" section, and added the "Revisions and Contributors" section. If I missed anything, then you'll find it if you reread this FAQ. Oh, and like the new BR2 logo? I know I do. -(3/7/99) With thoughts about my new BR2 project, I'll probably be making little updates here and there. Finished the "Story" section, added in the "Hover ability" in "Basic Moves and Functions", added correct method for the "Clean Pause" trick, added the full variation on Alice's f,f+K,P combo, and added in a trial version on the back attacks/throws format for some characters. Corrected/added a few things that came to my observation. (ex. Guard Break attacks, cancel points, Guard Escapes) -(3/13/99) Kind of saw some errors that I couldn't pass off. Besides the usual spelling/grammatical corrections, I finalized the correct outcome of Busuzima's Beast Drive, added some more details on throw escapes, and rewrote Stun's Fighting Style description a bit. Not much, really, until the next update. -(3/22/99) Been busy completing all that I promised to put in. Here's a list to make things simpler: -Finished remaining characters' stories -Added a little to Yugo's storyline, (should've been there in the first place. Probably deleted it by accident or something...) -Removed the "Beast Drive" section, but added its usage under "'Beastorized' System" Section -Added the "Taking a Hit" section (a must-read) -Removed standard air attacks (the one everyone has) and added them to "Controls and Basic Functions" section in one shot -Added made-up descriptions on Shen Long's and Gado's Fighting Style -Changed the appearance for each character's movelist abit -Added the "Bloody Hard" mode in the "Secrets & Custom Features" Section -Added some info on Alice's Triple Somersault -Fixed up/added some more (correct) info to both Long & Shen Long's movelist -Added all character's throws and back attacks -Added costume colors list in "Characters and their Personal Descriptions" section -Started trial test on labeling moves that produce "Stun posture" and "When knocked off your feet" effects (3/24/99) Did an unexpected update, mainly because of the new Custom feature that was found (actually, I just have alot of free time at the moment): -Added more details on Long's and Shen Long's Beast Drive and d,db,b + K attack -Added new combination attack(s) for Gado, Stun, and Busuzima -Added "Wobble" to the "Stun Posture" List -Added the Custom feature, "Charge Speed" -Added new cancel points to Bakuryu's and Shen Long's combination attack list -Renamed the "Secrets and Custom Features" section and added the "Tricks" list -Added in Custom feature explanations in the "Secrets, Custom Features, and Tricks" section -Added more detail on Uriko's "Enma Senrin" from her "Rokugou Hourin Shiki Shuryo Waza" -Added missing Dash + B & a few others to Uriko's Move list, as well as removed a misguiding f + K (Rantan Kakyaku) from her Combination Attack df + K,K -Added more Stun postures, etc. labels -Added "Tenen no Mai", the variant to Bakuryu's "Enjin Rasen Kyaku" (4/6/99) Alot of things have changed, but nothing major. Just arranging the appearance of the FAQ, as well as testing out each characters' moves: -Finalized the correct method in using Long's and Shen Long's Beast Drive -Fixed spelling & grammatical errors -Rewrote/added some extra info to the "Game Modes" section -Corrected some moves' names/made up some names for the Circle Combo Character's Moves -Did some further translations on Yugo's moves, as well as corrected "Tairon" to "Tyron" -Added "Motion Stopper" in the "Defensive System" section -Rewrote/added more info in the "Taking a Hit" section -Added "Damage Control" list in the "Taking a Hit" section -Added an extra combo extension to Alice's "Arc Drop Combo" -Added some more little tricks in the "Secrets, Custom Features, and Tricks" section -Put in the functions during "Watch" mode -Added some more info on Marvel's Beast Drive -Added "Wall Break" in "Controls and Basic Functions" section -In each character's Combination Moves list, "Lie Down" had been abbreviated to "LD". Note is also added to the guidelines in "Characters and their Personal Descriptions". (4/12/99) Finally starting on BR2 Strategy/Combo Guide! The only thing is it's going to be added to this FAQ. I'm waaaaaay too busy to start another BR2 FAQ just on that stuff....: -Put in the correct translation for Bakuryu's d,df,f + P move -Corrected Cancel Point & Guard Break for Yugo's "Final Machine Gun Upper" combo -Added in the first installation of each character's strategy/combo sections, starting with Yugo -Added in some details and explanations concerning each character's strategy/combo section in the "Characters and their Personal Descriptions" section. (4/15/99) Oops! I made a mistake with the Strategies/Combos section. Forgot to indicate what some of those symbols meant in the last version! Well, it'll be more clearer now....: -Added in abbreviation notes and symbols from each player's Strategies/Combos section in the "Characters and their Personal Descriptions" section -Redesigned the layout of the "Characters and their Personal Descriptions" section -Rewrote info on Long's "Yamakuda" attack -Added in Alice's and Long's Strategy/Combo section, as well as added in some extra stuff into Yugo's section -Added in a 2nd method to executing Stun's "Stun Crush" throw -Added a note (and corrected the name) to Marvel's f,f + K attack -Added missing "[T]"'s to some moves while removed the commas that were before them (5/15/99) Things are abit slow in terms of finding new secrets for BR2. Nothing big is being done, except for getting every character's Strategy/Combo section up: -Added notes about stun postures and throws in the "Taking a Hit" section -Added/rewrote some more info for the "Damage Control" List in the "Taking a Hit" section -Fixed spelling/grammatical errors; removed info that didn't belong -Added extra symbol/more descriptions for the Strategy/Combo guidelines in the "Characters and their Personal Descriptions" section, in hope that it'll make things "clearer". -Removed Fighting Analysis part from each character's Strategy/Combo section. Why? Need to leave something for any BR2 lovers to write about.... -Added Uriko's, Marvel's, Jenny's, Stun's, and Gado's Strategy/Combo sections -Added a note on Marvel's combos that starts with K -Added a note about Guard Break attacks concerning Jenny in the "Defensive System" section. -Because more than one result happens when executing one of Yugo's and Jenny's attacks, I've added two made up names and explanations for those moves (the same is so on the Raizing's Website) (6/1/99) I am not too pleased with plagiarism. I'm now questioning if I should continue on with this FAQ and add in anything else, especially since more things have been found: -Added a new disclaimer and a Black List Section. See the top of this FAQ -Added the address and info on the BR2 section found in the Official Playstation Site at the top -The previous translation of "Panther" to "Panzer", one of Yugo's attacks, has been changed back to the former -I've fixed the translation error to Alice's Beast Drive move to "Lifting Star Lane" (all fault on this belongs to me) -The previous translation of Kakeru's Fighting Style (I think I had added it to this FAQ before) has been changed back -Due to spelling errors, Jenny's last name has finally been fixed (6/10/99) I'm baaaaaaaack! I just can't let myself get discouraged so easily. Especially now that I have the official names for almost each character's moves straight from Raizing: -Added more character profile info, starting with Yugo. -Undergoing the painstaking task of rewriting each character's moveslist, mainly because I have the proper names for each character's moves. I'm starting this with Yugo. -Discovered errors with Yugo's moveslist. It was a long & stressful process, but Yugo's been tested & his full, complete combination list is added, all the way down to each attack's attributes. (i.e Guard Break, Beast Extension, etc.) -Discovered new moves/features/combos for both Bakuryu & Uriko, the biggest one being that they both have air throws -Characters with different names in the American version will be added next to the Japanese names -Wrote some more info concerning Air Recovery -Added last & final Custom option, "Blood" Effect". The only problem is, I don't know how to unlock it. (Actually, after discovering its usage, I really don't want to) (6/18/99) New update. Very tired. Too busy. Kakeru's Strategy/Combo section...when? -Every character's Command moves have been given their official names -Alice's section has been updated with the official names, while Long's section has undergone a major face lift. It's been rewritten, but all the info's still there. -Stupid me!! I only tested the Recovery Speed option once and got it mixed up. Check the "Secrets, Custom Features, and Tricks" section for its correct usage. -Added one last note about Long's/Shen Long's Mouko Kou Hazan -Seeing that Yugo's combos repeat alot, I've decided to follow Raizing's format and list them represented by the "Rush" System -Rewrote BR2-related sites' info/addresses, while added new ones -Uriko's section has been redone abit, and her new combo system, the "Shihou Shinitsu no E", has been added -Marvel's section has been updated, along with missing combos that I seemed to have forgotten to put in -Added a few more combos to Yugo's, Uriko's, and Marvel's Strategy/Combo section (7/15/99) .....well, only 50% of my goal was completed...since the last update. -Remaining characters' sections have been updated, while Kakeru, Busuzima, and Shen Long now have their Strategy/Combo section up -Because things are changing in the FAQ, additional notes are being added/removed in "Characters and their Personal Descriptions" and "Taking a Hit" section -Been trying to find a reason why to take away the float (fl) description. It's basically the same as launch (ln), and makes it difficult to label moves. So, float (fl) has been removed. However, a new (and very useful) "When Knocked Down" description, called "Banish" (bh), has been added to the "Taking a Hit" section. Apart from that, more labeling has been done. -Here's one I haven't said in a long time: "fixed all spelling/grammatical errors". No, really! -Had a nasty habit of using "Guard Crush" instead of "Guard Break". (SNK fans will understand) That has been fixed. -Fixed up some of the BR2-related web addresses -After making the same blunder twice, I have finally corrected (3rd time) Uriko's combos, "df+K,K" and "[T] K" -Because of Kakeru's Strategy/Combo section, I've decided to add one more note about his Raiko Izuna Otoshi -New format for all characters' basic attacks -Gained some new info about the American version. Added short description about "Training mode" in "Game Modes" section, and "Slant Move" in "Controls and Basic Functions" section. (7/21/99) Ahh, it never fails. When you continue to work on something that hasn't been touched in ages, you forget what was and what wasn't fixed, changed, or added in. Seems like the best example for that is the previous update sent out a couple of days ago. Well, it didn't go unnoticed. (only for a couple of days, that is) -Added in Busuzima's and Stun's full profiles. (I could've sworn I already did so) -Added in Busuzima's Basic attacks, (taken out on my fault) while updating Kakeru's & Marvel's section -Noticed this for awhile, but I like it so much that I had to add it. New "When knockdown" label, called "Sweep" (sw). You know where to find it. -Been contemplating this for awhile and have finally made up my mind. Added the label "x", with its info in "Characters and their Personal Descriptions" section. -Been on a rampage with labels. Expect more. (7/30/99) It's done! -Updated remaining character's sections, while added labels as if it were Christmas -I knew many of each character's basic moves list had errors, mainly because of uncertainty of the height for some attacks. So, I sat down and played the game once more, and corrected just about each character's section.... -...which leads to another aspect I had to solve. I noticed that not all low-based attacks hit low, while any guard/defense could defend against these attacks. So, I made things simpler by adding "Ground" level. Explanation can be found in the "Defensive System" section. -Fixed errors. Many errors. -Added more strategies to certain characters' "Combo & Strategy" section. -Busuzima's B.Exercise got an extra note added to it, while Long & Shen Long got one extra note within their Rokugou Kou Shiki. -Did I forget anything? (9/12/99) Surprise! Yep, even I didn't think I would make another update, but some cool info was given to me that had to be known: -Corrections made concerning the CPU-only Beast Drive attack for Long and Shen Long. An actual move for Shen Long. Check check the contributor's list to know who gave this valuable info. -Very little corrections done in various areas I forget. Nothing major, anyway. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Come back when you're ready!! - Alan Gado ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --------------------- ------------------------------------- **Contributors to the Bloody Roar 2 FAQ** ------------------------------------- ====== =============== [NAME] [Contributions] ====== =============== Ray Benson -For the 2nd method on obtaining the Endings through Story Mode, the Raizing Homepage address, and info on the Kinniku Shoujo Tai" group. [email protected] -For the "Clean Pause" and "Afterimage Victory" tricks Arturo Martínez -For the "Bloody Hard" mode trick, and the other extension to Alice's "Arc Drop Combo" Jeremy Hettler -For the "Training Mode" and "Slant Move" description in the American version Orlando José Luque Moraira -For the 2nd motion to Shen Long's Beast Drive attack ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- X) ------------ Final Words: ------------ Another update? Only time will tell.... Questions? Comments? Another secret or tip? Let me know at . ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- The beast has been tamed. Let it be so. That's that! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Aaah!! Blood came out of my nose!" - Uriko Nonomura ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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