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*** The Bomberman Hero FAQ ***
Author: marshmallow ([email protected])

Hello! See, I told you I was going to do a Bomberman Hero FAQ. Sure, I 
may be a little late, but it's here. So now you can stop bugging me. :)

Version 1.0

Revision History:

March 9th - Well, I spellchecked the entire thing with my new 
Spellchecker. New things? Changed font. Anything else? No :)

God knows when: Original release


1) Story
2) What's New?
3) Items
4) Moves
5) Levels
6) Bosses
7) Enemies
8) Cheats, Secrets, Etc.
9) Credits
10) Legal Stuff
11) Farewell/Final Notes

1) Story

One day Bomberman was just playing around with his bombs, when he saw a 
large craft crash into the nearby Peace Mountains. He went to 
investigate, only to find a small borg named Pibot. It seems that the 
Princess Millain (sp?) has been kidnapped by Nitros, some guy from this 
other system who wants the disk she was carrying.

Your mission? Get her back. I bet you couldn't have guessed that one!

2) What's New?

So, how is Bomberman Hero different from any other Bomberman games? 

1. NO BATTLE MODE! *GASP!!* Yes, Hudson opted to go without a battle 
mode. No, I'm not joking. It's all 1 player. Though rumors persist that 
the next N64 Bman game will be 100% battle mode...sounds good to me!

2. Bomberman can now jump! Hardcore fans might think this would ruin it, 
but in fact, it doesn't. They designed it very well.

3. They removed everything that made Bomberman 64 fun: Pumping up bombs, 
making stairs, making ladders, hard to get to items, difficulty levels, 
something of a plot, good level design (sometimes), power bombs, etc...

4. Bomberman now can go underwater, fly, ski, and hover (via special 

5. Most levels are linear, i.e. you go pretty much in a straight line, 
blowing up baddies

6. Tons of enemies (and they actually fight back!)

7. Lots of cinemas

8. You have a life meter! Who thinks this is a great idea? 'Cuz I sure 
do...Four hits and you're dead.

That's all I can think of at the moment

3) Items

Bomb Item: Pick this up and you can lay down one more bomb. Max: 4

Flame Item: This makes your bombs explosion larger and therefor more 
powerful. Max: 4

Ice Bomb: Freeze enemies and watch them crack!

Salt Bomb: This is used to destroy slugs on a certain planet. Pretty 

Glove: Now the little guy can toss a bomb about 200 yards (no joking!)

Bomber Marine: This allows you to swim underwater! Shoot torpedoes at 
your foes.

Bomber Slide: Now you can slide down icy slopes at high speeds! You 
can't attack, so be careful.

Bomber Copter: You can fly around in a 3D environment! Drop bombs on 
your opponents.

Bomber Jet: Sorta like Star Fox - A shooter on rails. You can speed up 
or slow down, and shoot bombs too.

Heart Item: This replenishes your life meter.

Gold Heart Refills your meter to the brim

1-up: Free life.

Warp: Warps ya somewhere.

Blue Crystal: Get 200 of these common items to receive an extra life!

Red Crystal: These are worth five blue crystals.

Rainbow Crystal: Only a few per level, they are worth tons of points.

Gold Crystal: See above

Switches: Hit this and see what happens!

Suit of Armor: Protects you from your own bombs (good thing, too!)

Special Bomb: One of these are in each level. Wonder what happens if you 
collect them all...

Pass Card: Some levels require you to collect this before exiting

Crystal Key: Four of these will open a crystal door. Hidden well, 

Remote Controlled Bombs: Just like all the past ones - Set one down, get 
away, and hit the Z button!

4) Moves

Jump: Just press A! Easy enough. The longer you hold it, the higher you 
go. Use in conjunction with the control stick to go farther.

Throwing Bombs: Just press and hold B and a bomb will appear in your 
hands. Press it again to throw it! The distance it goes depends on how 
far you push the control stick. Watch out, the explosions _can_ hurt 

Kicking Bombs: Either press R or C down twice, or just set a bomb down 
and then hit it. Use this to hit hard to get items.

Laying Down a Bomb: Press R or C down Camera Angles: Press the C 
buttons. Very limited, in fact, it's almost useless!

Lots 'O Bombs: Here's a new move...Hold B for a few seconds and 
Bomberman will start swinging his arms. After a few seconds, let go! You 
can throw up to four bombs AT ONCE with this, even if you only have one 
bomb item.

5) Levels

Note: I will not tell you where Gold Crystals, Rainbow Crystals, Crystal 
Keys, etc. are, UNLESS (unless...) they are in a particularly difficult 
area or I myself had trouble with it. So there...Besides, a little 
exploration and you'll be just fine. Heck, if I REALLY did cover 
everything in the game, this FAQ would be gigantic. 

- - - Planet # 1: Planet Bomber - - -

Level 1: Battle Room

This level is basically a straight stretch of land with a few enemies. 
The level introduces you to all kinda of stuff...like jumping pads, 
enemies, bombing, rocket platforms, switches, moving platforms, 
stationary platforms, jumping, boosters, etc...It really shouldn't be 
that difficult, even on your first visit! After the jumping pad, look 
around the posts, you'll find some armor.

Level 2: Hyper Room

Again, simple. This stage has several conveyor belts. Get on the one 
that moves in the opposite direction (which is, of course, faster) and 
go to the very end. Turn left and go down the path. You'll find a Pass 
Card, a warp (which will lead you to a different exit), a red crystal, 
and the rare Rainbow Crystal (you'll have to scale the wall to find that 
one). With the card in hand, simply walk across the bridge and exit the 

Level 3: Secret Room

Note: You can only access this level if you went through the warp in 
level 2. 

This is the first stage to introduce Crystal Keys...you have to collect 
all four, which are hidden around the area, to unlock the exit. 
Easy...for this one. 

Crystal Key 1: Inside a hut, it's blocked by cement blocks.

Crystal Key 2: get on the roller and it will rocket you over the 
electrical field, and you'll get it

Crystal Key 3: On top of the hut with the Gold Crystal

Crystal Key 4: Get on the air thingie, it will boost you up to the 4th 
one. It's hard to see.

Once you get these, you can go to the upper level. Up there you'll find 
a Gold Crystal, Red Crystals, Chickens, among other things...including 
the exit. :)

Level 4: Heavy Room

Well, this level isn't so hard, but there is one tricky part. You'll get 
to a place where you see a Red Crystal on a platform...but it's too high 
to jump! What to do? Just jump on the generator box that's on the wall, 
and jump! That one took me a few minutes to figure out, since to me it 
looked like a little prop. Near the end you'll have to destroy a large 
machine by throwing bombs in it, when destroyed, it will make the 
barrier disappear and you can continue! Not much after that. 

Level 5: Sky Room

What's with all of these "rooms"? :)

Basically a large piece of land hanging in mid-air...one little slip and 
you'll fall to your doom! Near the start is a special bomb, it's on a 
platform near the bomber jet (which flies away to reveal a Blue 
Crystal). Then you'll tackle some conveyor belts...just hit the switch 
ahead, it will save a LOT of grief and frustration, okay? Close to the 
end the path splits - take the upper one to find the key card sitting on 
a pedestal. Hop on the water pillar that rises and falls, and go through 
the exit!

Level 6: Blue Cave

This level is a cinch. The only difficult thing about it is getting the 
Gold Crystal, which I will soon explain how to collect. Just stand on 
the nearby hill, and jump...yes, that's all you have to do. After that 
it's just one long, enemy infested path to the end (ok, it's short). At 
the end you'll fight a rare crab!

Level 7: Hole Lake

This is a Bomber Marine level!!

You'll go through an underwater canyon, with falling rocks, collapsing 
pillars, crabs, blocks, and strange sea creatures. Oh, but not to fear! 
You have torpedoes to use...just point and shoot! Be sure to explore 
every nook and cranny, especially near the ledges. You'll also want to 
shoot the pillars, some of them will fall to reveal cool items like 
armor and Gold Crystals! Guarding the exit is a giant grab, just shoot 
him in the mouth a couple of times and he'll be a goner.

Level 8: Red Cave

The first part is full of expanding enemies, shooting creatures, and 
evil bombs. After that, jump down to receive a Rainbow Crystal! When you 
meet the rocket platform, you're to the first exit, and halfway through 
the  level. If you want a secret stage, keep on going. Blast some more 
evil bombs to find a Gold Crystal, then jump up some platforms to find 
another! At the very end is the real exit.

Level 9: Big Cannon

Note: You can only access this stage if you went through the second exit 
in Red Cave

This is a Bomber Jet level!!

You're rocketing down a grassy field with tons of cannons, birds, and 
UFOs shooting at you. Be sure to shoot away at anything that moves, and 
to get the Gold Crystals hiding in the trees. Near the end you'll have 
to break in order to get past some laser beams mounted on the ground. 
Guarding the exit is a large tank, just hit the blue part a few times 
and it'll explode!

Level 10: Dark Wood

This stage may be quite small, but the puzzles it owns are quite tall 
(bad Gruntilda impression)! Just remember this: Red tornadoes...BAD! 
White tornadoes...GOOD! Well, ignore the white tornado for now. Bomb all 
the tree stump enemies, they hide Crystals (one has a Gold Crystal!). 
Before the exit, you'll see two stumps that are too high to jump up to, 
but they have a Gold and Red Crystal! Well, hit the nearby switch, and 
go back to Mr. White Tornado. Go up the path to find some goodies, plus 
a platform that will take you to the stumps! Yay!

Level 11: Dragon Road

If you ever expect to finish this level with a high score, you'll need 
to fall to the canyon floor and nose around a bit! You'll find all kinda 
of goodies like Rainbow and Gold Crystals. Be sure to bomb the fence, 
too, since it has some blue valuables. Guarding the exit is a giant rock 
creature, but a few bombs, and it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Level 12: Vs. Nitros

See "Boss Section"

Level 13: Clown Valley

This place is hell on Earth! You have to get by Clowns on a steep path, 
without blowing yourself up. Hmmm..tough! It takes practice, but it IS 
possible. Be sure to climb the sides of the canyons, they have some 
goodies (including a Special Bomb!).

Level 14: Great Rock

Like I always say, explore, explore, explore! Wait, I've never said that 
in my entire life...Well, you should, anyways. Be sure to bomb all the 
stump enemies, and explore all the cracks and crevices. Near the middle, 
you can jump down a gorge, which will make you snatch countless blue 
gems, a Gold Crystal, and a Special Bomb! After that, it's just a long 
trail up a rocky mountain. Except at the end, on a platform, is a 
Rainbow Crystal.

Level 15: Fog Route

This place is so fogged up, it's hard to see anything 10 feet in front 
of you! Remember to watch out for cannons, the totem poles (just go 
froward so they see you, and then step back when they try and land on 
you). There is really nothing secret about this stage...or hard. 
Guarding the exit is a large robot. Just throw a bomb into his eye, run 
back so his energy balls don't hit you, go back, and repeat until dead. 

Level 16: Vs. Endol

See "Boss Section"

- - - Planet # 2: Primus - - - 

Level 17: Groog Hills

Nothing too difficult...until the end. When you come out of the "warp 
tree" go left to find a strange, blue flower. Hold B to charge up your 
bombs, and throw them all at it! A little cinema will show it freezing 
over the entire level. So now everything is covered in ice and snow, so 
you can walk on the water (it's frozen...) and collect all the items you 
couldn't reach before! 

Level 18: Bubble Hole

I like this level...I don't know why, but I do. Jump in the craters 
where the bubbles come out and it will transport you to a ledge with 
Gold Crystals, Rainbow Crystals, and a Special Bomb! Look around the 
cliffs, there are a lot of hidden goodies to find! Guarding the exit is 
a psychotic blob creature. A few bombs should do it (what else?).

Level 19: Erars Lake

This is a Bomber Marine level!!

This place is just crawling with enemies and items, so exercise caution 
while exploring the rocks below. Near the middle you'll do battle with a 
giant manta ray! A few bombs should do the trick. Then you have your 
choice of warps to choose. One is shorter, but skips the goodies. The 
other is longer, but you'll rack up more items. There are two exits: The 
first is normal. The second makes you go into a crater with bubbles 
coming out to collect an item. With this item, you can swim through a 
cement block. Nothing much after that. 

Level 20: Waterway

Note: To gain access to this level, you must use the cement block exit 
in level 19.

This stage is one of my favs, though it may be linear, but it's fun all 
the same. Kill Mr. Crab to receive a Rainbow Crystal, and then use the 
warp in the wall to get some diamonds. Next, go up the ramp to a secret 
room with a lot of diamonds! Lots of diamonds! Yay!

Er...okay. Then you'll have to watch out for bubbles and balls with two 
foot long noses (which they use as spears), then you jump over a chasm 
on a waterfall. The final test pits you against a giant bomb with a five 
second fuse (see the numbers?). Collect the four Crystal Keys (one in 
each corner) and get out of there before it blows! It won't kill you, 
but it will take some energy off.

Level 21: Water Slider

This has the same elements as the previous stage, so this is also one of 
my favorites :) Nothing is here is that complicated...except maybe 
getting the special bomb on the tunnel. You'll need to go rushing down 
the waterfall and then jump to get it. There are also some Gold and 
Rainbow Crystals, although they are in plain site. Nothing much more to 
say, really.

Level 22: Rock'n Road

This level is awesome. You run down a hall while boulders rain down upon 
you and roll and try to squish you (Like in Indiana Jones!). You can see 
them overhead before they fall, so it's not so bad. You'll have to jump 
over some cliffs to find some Gold and Rainbow Crystals, plus some other 
goodies. Guess what is blocking the exit? The exit it is! The door is 
actually a monster! Just bomb it a few times and it will crumble.

Level 23: Water Pool

This level is pretty basic stuff...I mean, there's really nothing to 
talk about. At the end, you'll notice TWO exits. The lower one opens up 
the level named "Warp Room."

Level 24: Millian Road

This level uses the Bomber Jet!!

You're flying down a castle with literally countless objects shooting at 
you...plus some strange obstacles like twirling knives and almost 
obscene pillars with spines coming out of them! Whoo! What a rush. Just 
be sure to blow up everything (you'll need to break a lot). At the end 
is a large tank robot, just hit the blue part a few times and you should 
be fine.

Level 25: Warp Room

Note: This level can only be accessed if you took the lower path in 
level 23.

Another of my favorites...Go forward to the second room and defeat the 
mouse like creature. It has a motionless platform, a warp, a block with 
a special bomb behind it, and that's it...Go into the warp. You'll warp 
to a room with another warp, and a giant 5 second bomb in the corner! 
Quickly run to the 2nd warp and get into it! Now bomb the block for a 
Gold Crystal. Return to the previous room and go through the door. Hit 
the switch and hop into THAT warp. You're on a path above the beginning, 
and you got the item so you can go through cement blocks. Go to the 2nd 
room and get the Special Bomb, then hop on the moving platform. Travel 
to the end!

Level 26: Dark Prison

You need to collect four Crystal Keys to exit this level...

Crystal Key 1: Follow the path to a prison. Open it up with a 
bomb...it's inside.

Crystal Key 2: Follow the path to find a platform going up and down. Get 
on it, at the top is a prison, inside is the Remote Control Bomb (just 
get it, it's useful!). Hop on the next platform, and jump on the roof of 
the prison you go the Remotes at. There it is.

Crystal Key 3: It's in a prison near # 4.

Crystal Key 4: You can clearly see it above a platform, but the platform 
is not moving, and you can't jump _that_ far. So to get it, go behind 
the prison that held # 3 and jump to a small island platform. Activate 
the rocket platform to go to a path above. Activate the switch, and the 
platform will go up and down, allowing you to get the key! Great!

Level 27: Vs. Nitros

See "Boss Section"

Level 28: Killer Gate

This level uses the Bomber Copter!!

Go around the sides of the level and collect all the goodies. To open 
the exit, you'll have to destroy the many submarines that inhabit the 
water. To do this, simply get above them and rain down bombs on them! 
Just be careful of their homing missiles.

Level 29: Spiral Tower

I'm not sure if you know this, but you must if you want to achieve a 
perfect score on this level: Near the start, there is a break in the 
fence. Follow it to fins some gems and a 1-up! Ok, that's the only 
secret in this otherwise dull and quite easy level. Just follow the path 
around the tower. Zzzzzzz...

Level 30: Snake Route

To exit this level, you'll need to collect the Crystal Keys...

Crystal Key 1: Go forward and down the path. Thar she blows!

Crystal Key 2: Turn right and follow the path to a platform with spikes. 
Make the spikes go down with a carefully placed bomb and the key is 

Crystal Key 3: It's near # 2, but you need to activate the switch which 
is farther along the path to get it. 

Crystal Key 4: Right near the exit. Just hop on the platform and collect 

Level 31: Vs. Baruda

See "Boss Section"

- - - Planet # 3: Kanatia - - -

Level 32: Hades Crater

In this level you use the Bomber Copter!!

Just destroy all of the towers and the exit will open up. The only 
secret is the Gold Crystal, but it's easy to collect.

Level 33: Magma Lake

In this stage, the extreme heat will slowly pick away at your energy, 
and it will go down. To remedy this, stand in one of the blue lighty 
things and your energy will be re-filled to the brim (you can do this 
however many times you want). Diamonds of all shapes and colors can be 
found here...easily.

Level 34: Magma Dam

This place is exactly like the last, except you go to the right, not 
forward. Stand in the energizers and just hope to god that your meter 
doesn't run out before you can get to the next. Gold Crystals are 
everywhere in this level! To find some, you'll have to knock out pieces 
of the dam that flash red. At the very end, knock out the dam, and two 
exits will open up. Take the one that is farthest to the left (it used 
to be a lavafall) to open up a secret level, "Crystal Hole."

Level 35: Crystal Hole

Note: To have access to this level, you must have taken the left most 
exit in level 34

This is your basic level. To get to the hordes of treasure at the 
beginning, just jump down and hold up. To get out, jump! 

Level 36: Emerald Tube

In this level you use the Bomber Slide!!

This is prolly the level with the most Gold/Rainbow Crystals in the 
game! Point blowout! Woo!

Level 37: Death Temple

If you want the fake exit, just follow the path. The real one is a bit 
more complicated (well, a little). Go forward until you can either jump 
left or right...choose right. Get into the warp and then get the next 
warp. Hit the switch and a platform will rise, use it to get the item 
that allows you to go through cement blocks. Fall down, you're at the 
start. Now just walk through it...This will open up level 39.

Level 38: Death Road

Pretty straightforward. Blast the black stuff to get past. At the end 
climb the ramps to get a gold crystal...

Level 39: Death Garden

Note: To access this level, you must take the real exit in level 37.

To complete this level, you'll need to collect four crystal keys...

Crystal Key 1: On a pedestal in a garden

Crystal Key 2: Right near the exit

Crystal Key 3: On a green thingie-ma-bob in the middle...work with me 
here, okay? =)

Crystal Key 4: At the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, along with it's 
friend, Mr. Special Bomb

Level 40: Float Zone

Very original here. Collect the bubble items and float up to the top. 
Uh...that's about it really...you can get a special bomb in the middle.

Level 41: Aqua Tank

In this level you use the Bomber Marine!

There are two ways to complete this level. Doesn't make any 
difference...You can either be swallowed by the whale and go through his 
intestinal tract, or just avoid him.

Level 42: Vs. Nitros

See "Boss Section"

Level 43: Hard Coaster

Again, you have to find four crystal keys to open the exit.

Crystal Key 1: Hop on the platform to the left and ride it to the key

Crystal Key 2: From # 1, get into the left platform and follow it. At 
the end, hop in the warp. There it is!

Crystal Key 3: From # 2, jump down to the lower platform (this has the 
exit on it) and blow away the blocks.

Crystal Key 4: From # 3, go down the nearest "fountain warp." Jump down 
to the floor and make your way to the motionless platform. Get on, and 
jump on the platform with a warp. There it is! Now just jump down below 
and exit.

Level 42: Dark Maze

This level introduces you to...Ta Da...Salt Bombs! Use them to kill the 
sluggies. This level is short as hell, I could prolly beat it in 40 
seconds if I tried. But of course, you'll want to search for items. 
Nothing terribly difficult.

Level 43: Mad Coaster

Hop on the platform to get to the other side of the room. dodging the 
cannon shots while crossing. Hit the switch to activate Mr. Thingie-ma-
doodle and then jump to the upper path like a young stallion...Follow it 
to the "start" and get on Mrs. Platform. Write to the end...wee! Sleep 

Level 44: Move Stone

This level should present NO problems whatsoever. If they do, you're 
retarded. Simple as that. I'm sorry if you do have problems...if you are 
actually retarded, then for the last box, you must stand on the edge to 
push it.

Level 45: Vs. Bolban

See "Boss Section"

- - - Planet # 4: Mazone - - -

Level 46: Hoppy Land

Hehe, strange name. You use Louie in this level!!

Just run to the end, find the little notch in the wall, and jump up it 
(jump at a wall, press in the opposite direction and jump...just like in 
Super Metroid and Mario 64)

Level 47: Junfalls

Go forward and shoot a bomb at the platform, it should move up. Hit the 
other one with an explosion. It should move down. Hop on it...keep doing 
this until you get to the top. Run forward, but don't go into the exit! 
See those little steps? Follow them to another exit! It'll require that 
item that makes you go through cement walls though (you'll also pick up 
a special bomb with it). It should be close by.

Level 48: Freeze Lake

In this level you use the Bomber Marine!!

Note: You can only access this level if you went through the 2nd exit in 
level 47.

_GIGANTIC_ ice rocks will fall from the ceiling, so if you want to 
survive, move up near the ceiling where you can see them and ovoid them 
(start to move backwards once they start to move). Nothing much more...

Level 49: Cool Cave

Use the Ice Bombs to freeze the enemies so you can use them to move 
upwards...of course, it's best when their necks are extended, because it 
gives you more room to jump. There are tons of secrets in this place, so 
look around. 

Level 50: Snowland

Whoohoo! Level 50!!!

This is, without a doubt, the strangest level in the game. You go along 
a snow plain at night with rainbow trees with punk snowman as monkeys 
push ice cubes at you from a distance...ok...You may be confused, if not 
down right disturbed, right now, but that's ok, that's the level's 
purpose. Nothing big here, except the monkies, so it shouldn't be so 

Level 51: Storm Valley

In this level you use Louie!!

Jump on the signs so they don't blow you away, and defeat all of the 
screw shaped enemies to make a snow bridge appear at the end which will 
lead you to the exit like a crying child. Again, nothing overly 
difficult. It may get a little repetitive though.

Level 52: Snow Circuit

In this level you use the Bomber Slide!!

Whheeee! This is more fun than 1080! :) Just watch your backs for 
enemies and make sure to take the jumps niiice and easy.

Level 53: Heaven Sky

In this level you use the Bomber Jet!!

If this isn't 99% Star Fox 64, then I don't know what is. You're in 
outer space, on rails, shooting bombs at aliens for cripe's sake! And 
guess what's at the end? Yep, you guessed right, a giant, 20 foot tall 
alien with two heads. Shoot him in his chest a lot and he'll explode in 
all of his mighty explodiness...or something similar.

Level 54: Eye Snake

Like, totally gnarly dude, man!

Rainbow floors where you can't see your shadow? Phreaky! Just follow the 
path and hope that the dragon doesn't come and rip your head off (don't 
ask...). No hidden items.

Level 55: Vs. Nitros

See "Boss Section"

Level 56: Air Room

Go to the very top using the sucky vacuum things (call them what you 
will). Go to the NW corner, the disk should be there, it looks like a 
floating CD. Drop down and exit through the CD door.

Level 57: Zero G Room

Yay! Climb to the top ever so slowly, and hit the button for low G! Now 
you can jump around 50 feet in one bound, much like Super Man! :) After 
some poking around, you'll find the Disk. Then go back and exit.

Level 58: Mirror Room

Folks, this is about as original you can get. In the background is a 
giant mirror that shows everything you do...when you get to the end, hit 
the switch and the mirror will get all colorful and wavy. Follow the 
path up, using your mirror as a guide, and jump in! WHOOSH! You are now 
"inside" the mirror! Go back to the start, collecting the disk along the 
way, and exit.

Level 59: Vs. Natia

See "Boss Section"

- - - Planet # 5: Garaden - - -

Level 60: Boss Room 1

See "Boss Section"

Level 61: Boss Room 2

See "Boss Section"

Level 62: Boss Room 3

See "Boss Section"

Level 64: Boss Room 4

See "Boss Section"

Level 65: Boss Room 5

See "Boss Section"

Level 66: Boss Room 6

See "Boss Section"

Level 67: Vs. Bagular

See "Boss Section"


You, sir/madam, have just completed the fine game of Bomberman Hero. If 
you go back and collect all 24 special bombs AND get 100% in EACH level 
(a 5), then a new, secret planet will open up. I have yet to get there, 
but if anyone would be so kind enough to write one up for me, then heck, 
I'll be more than glad to put it up. And yes, you'll get a lot of 

6) Bosses

Vs. Endol:

Description: This really freaky guy who looks like one of those Chinese 
Dragon Gods...

First Stage: He's on this platform with electricity coming out of it and 
it's moving back and fourth. His weak point is his chest, so just jump 
over the fields and toss a bomb at him. After five hits the platform 
will break and he'll attack you on foot.

Last Stage: Now he'll come at you with electro balls which home in on 
you...very painful! To avoid, run behind him, it will disappear in mid 
air...strange. Continue to batter his chest, five more times and he'll 

Vs. Baruda

Description: This fat bird with pilot goggles on. Very strange indeed...

First and Only Stage: Ok, you're in the Bomber Copter, so pull up quick 
so you're above him. Now it'll be almost impossible for him to hit you! 
Drop bombs down on him to hurt him. He'll get real fat, and a gigantic 
pink laser will fire from his belly, so exercise extreme caution when he 
starts to grow. After 10 hits it'll explode! Whoohoo!

Vs. Bolban:

Description: Kinda like the Sphinx,  except it's 100% lion, not part. It 
has twin cannons on it's shoulders.

This guy has a few attacks. First off he'll turn you to stone with his 
breathe. This won't hurt you, but if he hits you while you're a stone it 
will. Then he usually tries to run over you with his overall speed, this 
works well for him. He'll also fire exploding cannon balls at you!

First Stage: Run backwards until he pauses, then throw a bomb into the 
blue gem in his forehead. After two shots a satellite dish will come out 
of his back and make a force field around his head, so now you can't hit 
him there. 

Second Stage: Well, go behind him and look at his tail. Notice how the 
end is blue...hit it with bombs! After three shots the shield will 

Last Stage: Now blocks will rain from the sky! Very hard to get 
past...just keep hitting his tail until he explodes, it should be about 
five more hits. 

Vs. Natia:

Description of Cronus: A black spider with four legs and one eye. Also 
has four missile ports and a rocket engine underneath.  

Description of Natie: Like a Greek God...The body of a beautiful woman, 
yet the head is of a wolf. 

First Stage: Two against one? Talk about unfair! Two bomb hits for Natie 
and she'll fly off for the moment, which is a good thing, since her 
movements are so unpredictable. Concentrate on the spider's eye. It has 
a few moves up it's sleeve, though. It will launch straight up and shoot 
four homing missiles at you. The only way to successfully avoid them is 
to run in circles as they come to you, they will either run out of fuel 
or crash into something. Next Mr. Spider will fire a long blue laser 
from it's eye, just run around until it wears out. After 10 hits to the 
eye the Spider will explode and Natie will return.

Last Stage: What a pain in the ass. She'll try to hit you with her whip, 
fire knives at you, or jump around erratically like some madman 
(er...woman) trying to hit you. Do the best you can, it should take 
about six (not sure) hits and she'll lay down and take a nap...

Vs. Nitros:

You'll fight these maniacal kid many times during your adventures, but 
they are all more or less the same. Each new tine you fight him he 
learns a new trick. Here they are...

1. Standing on a square with a strange shape on it will make him shoot 
out an ice attack. The direction depends on the square, which is the 
only way you know which direction to run.

2. Standing on a red circle block will make all the other one's burst 
with fire! Be careful.

3. A forcefield will surround him at the start. To make it collapse, 
hunt down and destroy the strange looking pieces of metal with 
electricity flowing from them. 

4. He'll fire red bombs at you, which hurt greatly. Jump to avoid. He 
usually does this after getting hit.

5. Standing on a square with a circle on it will make him throw a disk, 
which will bounce around the arena until it either hits something or 
fades away.

The best way to defeat him everytime is to just throw bombs at him. 
He'll jump around a bit, and won't attack or anything. If you can hit 
him in mid-air, or predict where he'll land next, it's a cinch to hit 
him with a bomb. The number it takes to defeat him increases each time 
you meet him.

Boss Room 1:

Final Stage: This is Edol, reborn. Now we're on a platform, knee deep in 
water. He'll walk around for awhile, then fire some blobs at you. Easy 
to avoid. Then he'll shock the water, the only way to avoid is to jump 
JUST at the right moment. This is _very_ difficult, but you must do it 
to beat him. It takes 10 hits to the chest to kill him.

Boss Room 2:

Final Stage: This is Baruda, reborn. You're on a platform, and he'll 
swoop back and fourth (say "I" if you think this was inspired by the 
Gruntilda fight in Banjo-Kazooie...I!!!) while firing that giant laser 
of his, which you must jump to avoid, which is very easy. Just bomb him 
10 times to have a chicken dinner.

Boss Room 3:

Final Stage: This is The Spider, reborn. We're on a donut like arena 
with lava all around and in the middle, and he stays in the lava most of 
the time (except during one attack). Dodging the missiles is almost 
impossible due to the lack of room, but it certainly is possible. When 
you see bubbles coming out of the lava, go over there and wait for him 
to come up. Bomb his eye 10 times and he'll go "bye bye!" His other 
attack is his laser, which will swing around the entire platform. Hard 
to avoid, but once you know how to it's easy (jump _before_ it starts to 

Boss Room 5 (Boss Room 4 was a Nitro Stage):

Final Stage: This is Bolban, reborn, unfortunately. Sure, those last 
bosses only took you about an hour to beat, but now you meet the mighty 
Bolban! Muhaha! You're in the Bomber Marine (!) and you're moving, and 
he's on a platform that is also moving back. He shoots homing missiles 
at you, blocking your view of his weak point, the gem in his forehead. 
To avoid the missiles, move down, when he stops, move back up and let 
out a barrage of bombs in the vain hope that you might actually hit the 
1 square inch gem on his head. If you beat him, then you just kick arse 
(gotta love those Brits) at videogames...or you've been playing it for 
two hours straight. That's how I usually beat him.

Boss Room 6:

Final Stage: This is Natia, reborn!! Run, Billy, run! Save yourself! 
Dear Lord, what vile human being could possibly dream up such a ghastly 
situation?! And you thought one against two was bad...try one against 
six! Yes, there are two Natias attacking you at the same time, along 
with the many miniature spiders that drop from the sky (they don't fire 
missiles at you though...that would be going a _bit_ too far) and harm 
you. One Natia cracks her whip, while the other fires many knives at 
you. Did I mention the platform we're on is small? Yes, all of this adds 
up to the hardest boss in the game. Heck, screw Bagular, these gals take 
the cake...no doubt about it. Oh yeah, you have to hit each one 10 

Vs. Bagular:

The final boss...the head honcho...the big cheese...the idiot who looks 
like a diseased dog? Yep, it's Bagular, the strange fool with a laugh 
that could only mean he's been taking large douses of crack. 

First Stage: He'll rush you, teleport, and throw large ice things at 
you. 97% of the time he'll just rush back and fourth...back and 
fourth...if you get too far away, he'll start throwing ice at you. After 
six bomb hits he'll turn into pixie dust and posses a T.V. with a 
chopper! Oh, the humanity!

Second Stage: Um...something is seriously messed up here. Three T.V. 
Bagulars will come down and try (and fail, unless you are really bad or 
just plain unlucky) to shock you with their 1 amp electricity, oh the 
horror, the horror! Just hit them with bombs, they'll fly away, come 
back, and keep going. After six hits the T.V. Bagular will plant himself 
in this large mechanical robot (wait...robots _are_ mechanical...) with 
two phreaky arms and a shield across the front.

Third Stage: If you're not scared now, you're not human. That or you're 
missing the left half of your brain...Anyways, move away so his guns 
can't hit you. His right one is a large ray that shoots a 
red...um...ray, and the left one is a clamper, like a giant clothes pin, 
and will try to grab you. Again, moving about 10 yards away will render 
these flashy attacks completely useless. When they stop, move up and hit 
each one with a bomb. After doing this five times (five bombs for each 
arm) they will fall off, the shield will collapse, and he'll start 
shooting missiles, plus he'll move around.

Last Stage: Whatever you do, keep yourself _AWAY_ from that laser gun 
(which is positioned in a place that could make perverts like me laugh 
for five minutes straight)! By now the air is crowded with missiles, so 
jumping may not be the smartest idea, but you must if you want to defeat 
him. Jump and throw a bomb at what looks like a brain, or my school 
cafeteria's food, in a small, glass container. After a few hits, it will 
explode and a sassy ending will occur that will make everyone scream "I 

7) Enemies

Balloon Creature: These guys look like balloons on pogo sticks...Nothing 
to worry about, as they are usually motionless.

Washing Machine Robot: Doesn't it look like a washing machine with a red 
lightbulb on his head? They move slowly, but their big, so they could 
easily hit you. Usually found on narrow paths.

Black Mice: They just sit there...they don't do anything...What's the 
point?! =)

Chicken: Hilarious! They bob up and down and cluck at you. 

Chicks: Blow a Chicken up and you get four of these little buggers. Very 
annoying because their so small, so their hard to hit.

Ball Spikes: These indestructible beings circle around narrow paths 
(i.e. 3 inches across) and will try to knock you off. Very annoying.

Mr. Bob: Please don't tell me I'm the only person who thinks of the name 
'Bob' when you see these strange, yellow creatures with large black 
eyes? They just float there, bobbing up and down.

Necky: This strange contraption will launch it's head at you...

Vroom Vrooms: These little blobs with large eyes and a dunce hat will 
honk at you when you get close...

Mad Balls: These blue balls will have lava erupting out of them! They 
usually travel in pairs.

One Eyed Frog: He also flies!

Mechanical Wizz: These strange bots fly out of the ground and try to 
surprise you.

Crab: This is a rare creature indeed! They blow bubbles at you, while 
their deadly claws just sit there.

Manta Ray: Only found underwater, they try to hit you with their tails.

Mines: Oh, yay! A creature that fills up with water and gets huge  
(easily across the entire screen) and then blows up in a gigantic 
explosion! Be careful.

Stone Heads: They fall from the sky and try to thump ya!

Blow Ups: These red creatures fill up with air and get huge! Watch out 
for their spines as they jump around.

Mummy Heads: This is a very common enemy...it shoots red blobs at you. 
The enemy itself is stationary, but does turn if you move.

Cannons: They shoot bullets at you. More dangerous than they look!

Birdies: They try to swoop down on you.

Mechanical Balls: They go back and fourth, trying to disrupt your flight 
on the Bomber Jet.

UFO: They shoot HUGE lasers at you, and will suddenly change directions. 
Very dangerous, exercise extreme caution. A few hits in the circle will 
kill them.

Lasers: These guns are mounted to the floor and shoot laser beams at 

Flying Knives: Very annoying, they come in groups. They do a kamikaze 
style attack.

Stone People: They just bang on the ground with their huge fists. 
Usually found on narrow paths.

Evil Tree Stumps: Watch out! That ain't no normal stump! They'll turn 
around and spray you with toxic gas! Three bombs will put an end to 
their germ warfare.

Clowns On Balls: How nice, psychotic clowns balancing themselves on 
balls. It stops being cute when they start to kill you, though...

Rain Cloud: Lakitu anyone? These chaps will throw lightening bolts down 
on you.

Robots on Tricycles: Er...well, it is! They go back and fourth, making 
you laugh uncontrollably.

Totems: Get close and their eyes will light up, a split second later 
they'll collapse on you!

Bulls: These two inch monstrosities are actually very dangerous, 
especially in grounds. They CAN run faster than you at times.

Monster Flowers: Ah! Giant flowers! Run for the hills, run for the 

Yellow/Blue/Red Blob: The bounce around...how cuuuute.

Fish in a Bubble: Bomb them once, bomb them twice, they'll be the ones 
paying the price!

Giant Blobs: Stronger than their cousins, these guys take four bombs to 
kill! They appear when two or more blobs come together. Neat, huh?

Rock Statue: An underwater enemy, this guy is just there to look at.

Clams: How original, they spit pearls at you...

Star Fish: Dozens of these hide items in their shapes and patterns.

Sharks: They may be small, but their persistent!

Needle Nose: Wow, look at that honker! He'll try to impale you wit it.

Mouse with Bomb: Hit him with two bombs and he'll let loose his bomb! 
When it explodes, be ready for some shockwaves!

Atomic Friends: Hit them with a bomb, or just get close, and watch the 
fireworks! Nice alarms...

Mr. Barrel: Awwww...how cute! Just don't let them roll over you.

Spaceships: They shoot green lasers at you...exciting, eh?

Tipsy: These fun loving guys are jus balls with spikes on their head. 
They'll want to hit ya! H!

Submarine: Easy to kill, just watch out for their missiles!

Choclare Man: Hit em with bombs...

Flying Pink Ball: Much like Pink Floyd?!

Magma Turtle: When he opens up his shell, toss in a bomb!

Electrical Thingies: They appear when skiing.

Hand: Two bombs should do the trick. Just don't let them get the upper 
hand...bad pun, sorry.

Cyclops: Basically just a tentacle with an eye that pops out of the 
grass...very annoying.

Heads: Sick! :) They come off of the walls and um...attack? Yeah, that's 

Giant Clocks: They attack, uh-huh, oh they sure dooo!

Underwater Boxes: They shoot missiles at you.

Bubbles: They hurt you.........somehow

Sluggies: Normal bombs won't even faze them, but salt ones will!

Eye Boxes: They roll in pre-determined patterns. Fun for the entire 

Turtles: Did someone say Super Mario? They tuck in their heads and roll 
at you.

Frog: They come out of the grass and try to hit you with their tongues!

Green Bunnies: Do the bunny...do do do the bunny...woops, sorry! They 
hop about.

Punk Snowmen: They hop around! Some even ski!

Monkeys: Er...yeah. Watch out for their ice cubes! I'm not being silly 
either, those cubes are dangerous.

Blow Signs: They try to blow you off the path...just hop on them!

Screws: Again, just hop in them.

Smilies: Um...ok. Get around one of the balls so it doesn't hit you.

Dragons: Stand still for too long and they'll come and bite your head 

Paper Airplanes: Neato

8) Cheats, Secrets, Etc

Secret Planet:
By getting 100% AND all the Special Bombs, you can get a secret planet 
with a dozen new levels! Whoohoo!

All Worlds Activated:

9) Credits

Nintendo/Hudsonsoft: For making the game, ya dummies

Wow! Talk about short...

10) Legal Stuff

This guide can not be copied without permission of the author. It can 
not be used as a means of profit. Basically, just don't put your name 
where mine should be (i.e. stealing).
Copyright (C) 1998 marshmallow

Yes, you can print it out, silly =) Just don't sell it for money.

11) Farewell/Final Notes

Yeah! It's done! Finally! I finished this FAQ! This took a lot longer 
than you might expect...I had to actually play through Bomberman Hero 
TWICE to finish this one. Yeah, that long. Like always, if you find any 
mistakes, want to add something, etc., etc., then e-mail me at 
[email protected] (also found under the title of this FAQ). 

See you on the flip side
or should I say, the next guide?

- marshmallow -

8) Cheats, Secrets, Etc.

9) Credits

10) Legal Stuff

11) Farewell/Final Notes

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