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           ____                         _     _                  __
          | __ )   _ __   ___    __ _  | |_  | |__       ___    / _|
          |  _ \  | '__| / _ \  / _` | | __| | '_ \     / _ \  | |_
          | |_) | | |   |  __/ | (_| | | |_  | | | |   | (_) | |  _|
          |____/  |_|    \___|  \__,_|  \__| |_| |_|    \___/  |_|
                            _____   _
                           |  ___| (_)  _ __   ___
                           | |_    | | | '__| / _ \
                           |  _|   | | | |   |  __/
                           |_|     |_| |_|    \___|
                                   __     __
                                   \ \   / /
                                    \ \ / /
                  ____               \ V /
                 |  _ \   _ __   __ _ \_/__ _    ___    _ __
                 | | | | | '__| / _` |  / _` |  / _ \  | '_ \
                 | |_| | | |   | (_| | | (_| | | (_) | | | | |
                 |____/  |_|    \__,_|  \__, |  \___/  |_| |_|
                 ___                    |___/  _
                / _ \   _   _    __ _   _ __  | |_   ___   _ __
               | | | | | | | |  / _` | | '__| | __| / _ \ | '__|
               | |_| | | |_| | | (_| | | |    | |_ |  __/ | |
                \__\_\  \__,_|  \__,_| |_|     \__| \___| |_|

                        FAQ by: Eric "Sapharos" Lance
                        E-mail: [email protected]
                        Copyright 2003, All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: This FAQ is non-profit. The only sites which have permission to use
it are GameFAQs.com and IGN.com. I rarely give other sites permission to use my
FAQs, and this one is no exception. Any site that uses this guide without written
permission from the email address: [email protected], is breaking copyright
law. The only conditions under which you may use this FAQ are for personal and
informational purposes.

::Table of Contents::

  .1.0 Version Info
  .2.0 Tutorial
  .1.0 Beginning
    .1 preparation
    .2 lift 1
    .3 lift 2

  .1.0 Characters    
  .2.0 Items
    .1 weapons
    .2 armor
    .3 shields
    .4 items
  .3.0 Skills
    .1 weapon
    .2 shield
  .4.0 Monsters


-[ 1.0.0 ]- INTRODUCTION]

I don't have anything profound to say here, but I do want to touch up on the
departure from typical saving procedures in this game. First, you need to
understand that there are two types of saves in Breath of Fire V: hard and soft.
A soft save will work at all times unlike a hard save. Hard saves require
exhaustable items, called Save Tokens, to create.

Soft saves, unfortunately, are deleted everytime you load them. Their only
purpose is allowing you to save if you need to stop playing immediately. To
prevent exploitation of this, it is so that you must quit the game in order to
soft save. If you die, you will have to start over from the beginning of the
game. So it is important for you to always be careful and stay alert.

Good luck!

[1.1.0] Version Info]
 [v 0.1]
  + Structure finished
  + Walkthrough complete up to lift 2
  + More to come soon!


[1.2.0] Tutorial]


- Battles begin when enemies touch you.  But if you strike them first with the
attack button, you will be given a bonus extra turn to act in. Use the trap
button(square) to set bait. Use one when you're being chased by enemies, for
example, and it will lure them away from you.
Battle System)

- Pets: Check your Navi at the bottom right of the screen. The white dots shining
inside the PETS range(lightened area) represent the enemies you'll be fighting in

- APS Battle: Moving and attacking battle use AP. You recover one AP gauge per
turn. Any AP left at the end of a turn will be added to your total AP next turn.
Treasure Boxes and Keys)

- When you obtain a Treasure Key, a key icon will appear on the Navi map. A
Treasure Key will only open a treasure box on the same floor it was found.

- Boxes and keys from the same set are always on the same floor. When you find
either one, keep an eye out for the other.

- You've obtained a skill. You can learn skills by using skill items. There are
two types of skills: weapon skills that can be threaded(equipped) onto weapons,
and shield skills that can be threared onto shields and that activate when

- Try threading the "Steal" skill onto your shield. When equipped, you will be
able to steal items from enemies when they attack you.

Winning Battles)

- Striking first is important in combat. You can use your weapon on the field by
pressing the attack button(X or triangle). Strike your enemies before they touch,
and you'll get an extra turn to act in. That's the key to winning battles.

I can't win)

- When enemies look too strong or there are too many of them don't go charging in
when you have no chance of winning. Either avoid getting too close to big, tough
looking enemies, or throw Fresh Meat on the ground, and run while the enemies are
eating it. You can always come back and get your revenge after getting better
skills and new items.

Giving up?)

Low on HP, out of items and surrounded by enemies. When you feel like there's no
way out, don't hesitate to open the Sub Menu and select "Give Up". The game will
start over from the beginning, but your weapons, skills and party XP will carry
over. Giving up at the right time can actually make your life easier.


- Are you using those skills you found? Just have a skill doesn't do anything.
First, you have to select item from the Sub Menu, and use a skill to learn it.
Learnt skills will be added to your skill list. Then, select skill from the Sub
Menu to thread those skills onto the open slots on your weapons and shields.
Choose skills that work well against a particular enemy.

-[ 2.0.0 ]- WALKTHROUGH]

                               -(2.1.0) Beginning)

[2.1.1] Preparation]

When the game begins, go through the door at the top of the screen. Talk to the
man outside. He'll mention you are a 'grunt'. Go through the threshold to the
right of this man. Inside you will find a man sitting down on a bench. You can
ask him two questions. Of note is his knowledge about Genics.

((Genic: Made as domestic creatures, but some go feral. Rangers protect the
BioCorp facility from Rogue Genics.))

Exit this room when you're finished and go past the man just outside the door.
You will find stairs at the top-left part of this hallway. Ascend the stairway. A
guard blocks a door here, and you can't do anything with him for now, so go the
other way. Pass the people here, and look for Bosch from earlier. He wears a blue
jacket. Once you find him, you will be taken to your mission instructor where you
can ask questions.

                             MISSION BRIEFING
     |                                                                     |
     |(Mission?) Board the high-speed lift sent from the BioCorp labs, and |
     | guard its contents.                                                 |
     |                                                                     |
     |(Where to?) Ask at the liftport if you can take the transport lift   |
     | down to the LowSector labs.                                         |
     |                                                                     |
     |(What Cargo?) As I am sure you are aware, BioCorp handles top-secret |
     |material. You don't need to know what you're protecting to do your   |
     |job.                                                                 |
     |                                                                     |
     |(Enemy Action?) We've received reports of a recent surge in Trinity  | 
     |activity. They may target cargo from BioCorp, so be on your guard.   |

After the encounter with the mission instructor, return to the door the man was
guarding earlier, right after you ascended the stairs. He will now be to the side
and offer to give you advice. His lady friend will help you, too. Enter the door
once you're finished. Walk past the first two people you see.

((TIP: Fight on own terms with 'bombs' and 'bait'. Lure genics with bait. Avoid
unnecessary battles.))

You will arrive at the junction soon. Here, a man will tell you to buy weapons
before venturing out; however, you don't have enough Zenny yet. Go to the door
opposite this man. You will now find yourself at the liftpad. Walk forward and a
cutscene will occur. Pass the two men to your right and go down the stairs to
your left. Walk into the tunnel now.

[2.1.2] Lift 1]__________________________________
monsters: Duke, Duke Leader, Nugget              ]_______________________________
items: Fresh Meat x2, Dynamite, Medi Kit, Treasure Key, "Steal" skill, Heal Kit,|
Escape, Save Token                                                              |

Kick open the two white boxes with the (X) button to acquire: Fresh Meat x2. Go
forward until you reach a door. Enter it, and a tutorial will pop up. A box
containing a Heal Kit lies to your left. Kick it open. Further to the left is a
bronze bridge which leads to another box. Inside is Dynamite.

Don't take the left passage yet, though. Instead go up the ramp straight across
from where you entered this hallway. A door will rise on the right. Enter it and
break open the colored box. It contains a Med Kit. Now you may cross the left
bridge, get the dynamite and continue. You've probably already encountered some
monsters and more will try to stop you ahead.

Either fight them or lay dynamite as a trap, but be sure to pace yourself and not
fight every battle. The door back cannot be opened, so go down the hall to the
far door. A tutorial occurs on the other side. Monsters are also nearby. One of
the monsters drops a Treasure Key. Picking it up will signal yet another
tutorial. Go straight through the door ahead.

Two Nugget monsters rest passively in the next corridor. A treasure box straight
past them will yield the skill, Steal, if you have a treasure key. Use the skill
from the item screen, then equip it on both Ryu and Bosch's shields. A Duke will
approach you soon, so be ready.

((SECRET SKILL: You might encounter a "Duke Leader" monster, which is really just
an over-sized Duke. It has access to the "Wild Swing" skill, a LV. 2 skill for
Ryu's sword. It can be stolen if you have steal equipped on your shields.))

Go up the steps nearby. There are several boxes on this tiled platform. You
should find some Zenny, Heal Kit and a Escape in the blue boxes. Unfortunately,
you can't break the metal ones. There is a door on the tiled platform, but let's
ignore it for now. Instead go to the door opposite the stairs you came up on.

This will take you to a previous inaccessible area and, as indicated by the
yellow box containing a Save Token, a prosperous one as well. Backtrack to the
tiled platform and enter the door now. A woman stands behind the lift offering
tips in this room. Descend if you want.

[2.1.2] Lift 2]____________________________________
monsters: Goo Element                              ]_____________________________
items: Treasure Key, "Side Slash" skill                                         |

After going down the lift, heal up and proceed through the door. In the next room
is a Goo Element near a chest. It also guards a Treasure Key. You can only fight
it on the lower level, though, so don't waste your time trying from the entry
point. This will be a tough battle, but the rewards are well worth it. The actual
chest contains a "Side Slash" skill. 

Continue down the tunnel, briefly, when finished. The woman will be here and
offer advice again. However, let's head back to town before we go any further.
You might have gotten an unknown item by now, but even if you didn't, it's still
a good idea to head back and stock up on healing items. Trust me: it gets very
difficult and dying is no fun.

-[ 3.0.0 ]- EXTRAS]

[3.1.0] Characters]

Ryu                                              Bosch
(starting stats)                                 (starting stats)

Level 1                                          Level 1

ATK: 50(34)                                      ATK: 80(52)
DEF: 45(28)                                      DEF: 58(25)
MAG: 17(17)                                      MAG: 16(16)
SPD: 19(28)                                      SPD: 29(32)
MOV: 60(45)                                      MOV: 60(45)
HP: 120                                          HP: 302
AP: 60                                           AP: 65

[sword-skill]                                  [sword-skill]
Lv.1 -  O - Slice                              Lv.1 - O - Thrust
        X - _____                                     X - Snakebite
   square - Unavailable                          square - Unavailable
Lv. 2 - O - Vert Slash                         Lv. 2 - O - Fang
        X - _____                                      X - Lion Smash
   square - Unavailable                           square - Unavailable

Lv. 3 - O - Deathbringer                       Lv. 3 - O - Unavailable
        X - Unavailable                                X - Unavailable
   square - Unavailable                           square - Unavailable

[shield-skill]                                [shield-skill]
_____________|                                |____________|

Weapon: Ranger Edge                           Weapon: Beast Blade
Shield: Ranger Shell                          Shield: Ranger Guard
Armor: Ranger Suit                            Armor: HiRanger

[3.2.0] Items]

[3.2.1] -(Weapons)-

|Ranger Edge | Phys. Attack 16 | 150cm | 6 | Ryu's starting weapon              |
|Beast Blade | Phys. Attack 28 | 150cm | 8 | Bosch's starting weapon;           |
|                                            Sword containing Beast Blade skills|

[3.2.2] -(Armor)-

|Ranger Suit  | 14 | 10 | Ryu's starting armor                                  |
|HiRanger     | 15 | 15 | Bosch's starting armor                                |

[3.2.3] -(Shields)-

|Ranger Shell | 3  | 3 | Allows threading of shield skills                      |
|Ranger Guard | 15 | 3 | Allows threading of shield skills                      |

[3.2.4] -(Items)-

Target: Unit
Restores from unconscious status. Restores up to half of max HP.

[Heal Kit]
Target: Unit
Restores 50 HP.

[Save Token]
Required for saving on the Telecorder. Save data created with a
Save Token is not deleted when it is loaded.

[Fresh Meat]
Bait for enemies. If used during battle, restores 10 HP.

[Med Kit]
Target: Unit
Restores 200 HP.

Allows you to retreat, even when a door can't be reached. Cannot be used in Boss

[3.3.0] Skills]


Side Slash
Vert Slash
Wild Swing
Lion Smash



[3.3.1] Weapon Skills]

Skill: Slice
Weapon Level: 1
Character(s) who can use: Ryu
Target: Unit
Description: Normal Physical attack

Location: (starting skill)

Skill: Side Slash
Weapon Level: 1
Character(s) who can use: Ryu
Target: Spread
Description: Physical attack with Attack Power 80%. Accuracy -20%.

Location: "Side Slash" skill is found inside a treasure box on lift 2.

Skill: Vert Slash
Weapon Level: 2
Character(s) who can use: Ryu
Target: Unit
Description: Physical attack with attack power 130%. Accuracy -20%.

Location: (starting skill)

Skill: Wild Swing
Weapon Level: 2
Character(s) who can use: Ryu
Target: Unit
Description: Physical attack. Randomly multiplies damage between x0.5 to x2.0

Location: Stolen from attacking Duke Leader.

Skill: Deathbringer
Weapon Level: 3
Character(s) who can use: Ryu
Target: Unit
Description: Physical attack with attack power of 125%. If it hits, a critical
attack of 100% is assured.

Location: (starting skill)

Skill: Thrust
Weapon Level: 1
Character(s) who can use: Bosch
Target: Unit
Description: Physical attack with Attack Power 25% regardless of enemy defensive

Location: (starting skill)

Skill: Snakebite
Weapon Level: 1
Character(s) who can use: Bosch
Target: Unit
Description: Physical attack with Attack Power 25% regardless of enemy defensive
power. ("Beast Blade" skill)

Location: (starting skill)

Skill: Fang
Weapon Level: 2
Character(s) who can use: Bosch
Target: Unit
Description: Physical attack with Attack Power 40% regardless of enemy defensive

Location: (starting skill)

Skill: Lion Smash
Weapon Level: 2
Character(s) who can use: Bosch
Target: Unit
Description: Physical attack with Attack Power of 80%. Poisons enemy. ("Beast
Blade" skill)

Location: (starting skill)

[3.3.2] Shield Skills]

Skill: Steal
Character(s) who can use: Bosch, Ryu
Description: Steals items from attacking enemies.

[3.4.0] Monsters]

Duke        | Encountered at: Lift
Duke Leader | Encountered at: Lift | Special: Wild Swing(skill)
Goo Element | Encountered at: Lift
Nugget      | Encountered at: Lift

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