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      ********************BRIAN LARA CRICKET*****************
                            By Abbas Haider
                          [email protected]

                                Ver 1.00

Table of contents:

  For Fast Bowler
  For a Swing Bowler
  Leg Spin/Slow left Chinaman Bowler
  Off-Spin/ Slow Left arm bowler


HI !
At last a cricket game is here though its not perfect but at least its here.
This is a FAQ that i have made for this game ,it is also known as Shane warne 
Cricket in Australia.It is a cool game but lacks the finishing touches,in my 
opinion,there are lots of bugs there but it is overall fun escpecially if you 
are playing against a human opponent.Well it is the only cricket game available 
for Psx or anyother 32 or more bit system ,i think,so you will have to be 
content with it :-)
I have tried giving a little view what to do,and my main aim of this is to make 
it more fun in multiplayer mode,cause the matches against cpu are plain boring 
escpecially if you are bowling.Thank God they gave that Generate inning 
option,saves me everytime.Batting against the Cpu is fun but lacks the threat 
you face while playing against a human opponent.All in all it is a cool game 
that could have been a great game.
Well here it goes MY FIRST EVER FAQ :-)
Abbas Haider.

Please e mail me for info u got and any corrections you wanna make here. 
[email protected]

Version 1.00

setting the field while bowling is vital.
Set the field to the side you decide to bowl this will be very important in 
saving runs and offcourse gettting wickets.
Though there is not much you can do with the bowling in the BLC but these help 
when you play a Human oponent as they cant judge the direction or various speeds 
of the ball.
The Buttons once pressed will make the cursor static and will generate the 
required delivery.

}}}}For Fast Bowler{{{{

'O' for slow ball
'Triangle' Fast ball
'X' for normal fast delivery.
Tap the 'TRIANGLE' botton for some extra speed.

When you use a fast bowler try using the Bouncer (not too often though as you 
can be hooked for a four or even a six)put the fielder at a position of Deep 
fine leg ,and a Deep square leg that will give you a chance of catching the ball 
if it is a miss hit.

Try taking Slip fielders and then bowling outside the Offstump to get a chance 
of getting an edge in the Slips.

In limited overs it is best to bowl just a little short of length,meanning just 
away from the batsman but not too short to give him a bouncer,that will cramp 
him of space and any free hits.

Avoid bowling full or right on front of the bat,that sures gives them a free 

Use the slow ball :-)  it will deceive your opponents off course the damn cpu 
reads it always but hey u can hide the controller from your friend cant you.

}}}}For a Swing Bowler{{{{{

'O' button for in-swing. 
'X' button for out-swing, 
'SQUARE' for straight ball. 
Tap the 'TRIANGLE' botton for some extra speed.

These are the best of the lot,i wonder why? offcourse we all know that the 
medium pacer or so called swing bowlers :-) dont really are considered as a 
threat in the game of cricket.Anyway they are the best things in the game they 
swing the bowl both ways and are great in stopping a run mahem.Make sure you use 
the tips same as that for the fast bowler they work more for the swingers.

The slip catches are easy to get with the outswing and with the slip fielders in 
Get a short squareleg ,deep fine leg and try bowling inswingers a little 

Try yorking the batsmen with inswings if hits its a beauty.

Try to draw the batsmen on the front foot and get a catch at cover or point.
or even deep cover.

}}}}Leg Spin/Slow left Chinaman Bowler{{{{{

'X' button for leg-spinner 
'O' for googly 
'SQUARE' for flipper. 

Spinners escpecially the leg spinners are great too as they can leg spin,throw a 
googly and a flipper.But they can be thrashed if you bowl too full or short.The 
flight they give sometime give you wickets but often disappear in the stands.

To get wickets have the field spread out right on the legside region ,the three 
fielders standing at deeplong on ,deep square leg and the deep midwicket.Bowl 
leg spin, a little short on the leg side if the batsman tries to hit you for a 
six on the legside there are chances he will get out caught playing against the 

In limited overs set the field on the offside a heavy offside field is good,then 
bowl on the offside.Make sure you have a fielder at deep sqaureleg and 
longon.The player seeing that there is a lotta space on the onside will try to 
drag the bowl that u bowl on the offside to leg side and he could be caught on 
the leg side playing against the spin :-)

Always keep a deep cover position that will save a lotta boudries on the 
offside,similarly a deep square leg saves a lot on the onside.

}}}}}Off-Spin/ Slow Left arm bowler{{{{{
'X' off-spinner 
'O' arm ball 
'SQUARE' off-spinner 

Well they are the weakest of the them all.They can throw a arm ball and a 
offspin.Well i dont know if the programmers knew it or not,i doubt they 
know,that Saqlain Mushtaq the Pakistani off spinner can throw a bowl that drifts 
away from a right hander just like a leg spin hmmmm.He cant do it in hte game 
,may be some sorta curse.

Anyway try using the tips that i gave for the leg spinner ,set the field and 
then bowl accordingly,the onside field is important for a offspinner as he 
drifts into the right hander batsman,dammit the batting side is very strong on 
the legs so you can get killed badly ,beware.

Try to bowl slightly outside the offstump with the ball hitting the bat on the 
sixth or eight stump (if it was there) set a defensive field on the offside and 
get those men at the boudry on the onside.

Dont use yorkers or full tosses or else you will see the rope everytime.

Try avoiding bowling on leg side it will help a lot.

Use that arm ball or the one that goes straight.


The batting in the game is FUN,FUN,FUN so put on those pads and helmets and 
crack some good score.I have managed to score 440 in a test match bating last :-
)  never happens in the real world though.So it is easy only if you play your 
cards right.


'X' for ground shots.
'O' over the top shots.
'Square' for defense.

Press the above along with the keypad.

KEY PAD For right handed batsman:
'Right' Hit on the sqaure leg region.
'Right+Down' Hit on the Midwicket.
'Right+Up' Sweep if a bouncer a hook shot.
'Down' Straight drive.
'Left' Hit in the Cover region.
'Left+down' Hit in the Long on region. 
'Left+Up' Late Cut or hit a ball that is short pitched in the cover.
'Up' Defend


Here are tips to improve on your batting skills.

Make sure you are in line with the ball when it stops blinking.

If a bowl if on the leg side it is best to hit it on the leg side rather then 
trying to put it on the offside.

If a bowler gives you a half volley hit it for a six the best region is leg 

If the bowler bowls a half volley you stand a little on the offside from the 
pitching ball and hit it on the leg side you will beat the fineleg fielder or if 
you got to hit finer you might as well beat a deep fine leg fielder

When plaing a bouncer stand in the line and as soon as the ball leaves the hands 
hit it for a hook ,or a smacking cover drive.

When palying against a spinner make sure you try to figure out the spin when the 
ball pitches,it will help a lot if you want to hit those juicy sixes.
Hitting a four is best but cant resist the temptations can we.

Make sure that when you are batting in a limited over match you take full use of 
those early over field restrictions.

In these matches try to play the entire lenght of your alloted overs rather then 
getting out quickly.

When the field is up the best region for hitting is onside and the straight 
drive.The straight region is THE SAFEST if you wanna hit boundries.But once the 
fielders are on the ropes you get it cut out.

***********RUNNING BETWEEN THE WICKETS***********

'X' Run.
'O' Cancel a run.

When taking a run make sure the ball has passed the fielder ,the camera angle is 
bad it doesnt allows you to immediately see where the ball is headed so be 
patient and let the view be clearer then run.

If you wanna cancel a run press 'O' button before the Batsmen cross ,or it will 
be of cno use.

When the two batsmen cross immediately pressing 'X' lets you get a quick secon 
run as the batsmen touch the crease with their bats a nd turn faster.  

Well make sure its SAFE to run.


Well i dont recommend it cause takes out the fun but if you wanna brag about the 
high score or just want to have a high score try this simple trick.
Save the game if you have a good score if someone gets out simlpy reload the 
game from restore. You will never get out this way if you do start again.


Well thats it for now have fun with the game and i hope it helped u a 
little.GAMEFAQS.COM rulz doesnt it,this is my first Faq so help me make it more 
cool in the future.
Mail me at
[email protected]

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