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----------PC/ KNIGHT SHIFT 

---------FAQ: BUILDINGS AND UNITS, Skirmish mode

---------Written by CHU Vegetta

Here, we are going to see a basic manual about the building and units of the game.
In section A we are going to see the creatures of the
game and in section B the buildings. At the end we will see some cheats.


-------------------------------BASIC CHARACTERS-------------------------------

1) COW

Cows are the basis of your economy. They produce milk, that you can spend it to
train minions and build structures.
Cows live in Cowsheds.
Cost: 80 milk


Woodbutcher is one of the most important creatures. He can build/ repair houses
and other structures, cut trees but he can also attack to
the enemies using his giant axe. A Woodbutcher may find better axe types, allowing
to increase his strength and inflict more damage. Last,
he can recover his lost health while sleeping.
Woodbutcher lives in a Hut.
Cost: 80 milk


Warrior is one of the most powerful minions. He holds a sword and he is protected
by a helmet, an armor and a shield. Also, he has the
ability to use better weapons and other equipment, if he finds any while exploring
the world. Furthermore, he can recover his lost health while 
Warrior live in a Barrack.
Cost: 150 milk


Cowherd. One of the most useful people in the village. This little cute boy works
with cows. It has the ability to make cows grazing
faster, capture enemy cows and bring them to your village and also capture wild
animals such as bears or wolfs.
Cowherd lives in the Cowshed.
Cost: 80 milk


Archer has a lot of abilities. He and shoots arrows at enemy minions and he can
also climb to towers and shoot them from there. He is
fast, he has great resistance to magic missiles and he is also good at spying.
Also he can use better equipment if he finds any around the world.
Similar to woodbutchers and warriors, archers recover their health while sleeping.
Archer lives in a Hut.
Cost: 80 milk


This character throws spears to enemy minions and he can also hold shields to
protect himself.
Spearman lives in Barracks
Cost: 150 milk

-------------------------------ADVANCED CHARACTERS-------------------------------


Knight is a skilled character with unique combat skills. He is very powerful, she
holds a long sword and he is armed with a shield and a helmet.
If he finds any weapons or other equipment he can use it.
Knight lives in a court
Cost: 400 milk


Everyone knows that witches fly on broomsticks. She strikes enemies with lighting,
creates powerful lighting storms and protect your village from
lighting and fire balls. She can be used for aerial combat and is useful against
other magical characters. With her high voice and cackling laughter 
you will recognize her immediately. 
Witch lives in a Temple
Cost: 300 milk 


The priestess is a pretty lady with powerful magical abilities. She casts lighting
spells at enemies, protect herself using magical shields and
she can capture enemy soldiers.
Priestess lives in the Wizard's Tower.
Cost: 400 milk


The Mother in Law is a highly skilled woman, a powerful saboteur and diplomat. Her
primary job is to capture enemy buildings.
Sent her to the enemy village, target a building and she will stay there for the
duration of the game. A Mother in Law also has another useful 
ability: All woodbutchers close to her work 100% faster. 
Mother in law lives in a Hut. 
Cost: 100 milk


A priest is an old man, who cares for the temple and  makes sacrifices to the
gods. This mystical person has magical abilities. He throws 
fireballs at enemies, he can teleport himself to any place on the map, use a
magical crow to see over long distances, creates a magical ghost 
to terrorize enemies and create magic wolves to attack them. The magical ghost
frightens enemies and causes them to flee outside of a certain 
radius. . Exploring the world, he can find amulets to increase his resistance,
healing speed or rate of regenerating his magical power. 
All magical people around Priest have a three time faster regeneration.
The Priest lives in a Temple. 
Cost: 200 milk


A wizard is an old man who has a powerful and comprehensive knowledge of magic. He
does not need to tame wolves as a cowherd does he 
merely creates them. A wizard can also summon a ghost, frightening all units. Like
some other characters the wizard can also use any amulets 
he finds to increase his skills. He can strike enemies with fireballs, convert
them into cows or create a destructive fire rain. 
He lives in the Wizard's Tower. 
Cost: 400 milk



-------------------------------MAIN BUILDINGS-------------------------------


There lives cows and cowherd. One buildind can acoomodate three cows or cowherds.
Last, cows are milked there.
Cost: 80 milk

2) HUT

This is the home of Woodbutchers, Archers and Mothers in Law. One building can
accomodate six people.
Cost: 80 milk


The house of Spearman and Warrior. One building accomodates four people
Cost: 200 milk

This is the house of Wizards and Priestesses. Here you can have only two people.
You should build first Temple to make available Wizard's Tower
Cost: 400 milk


Temple is the home of Priests and Witches. Only three people can live there. You
should build first a Hut to enable it.
Cost: 300 milk


There you can find Knights. Unfortunately, you can have only one Knight per Court.
You have to build Barracks first to enable it.
Cost: 400 milk

-------------------------------OTHER BUILDINGS-------------------------------


Road is the most important structure of the game. You can only buid other
constructions near to a road. Therefore, you should design
very carefully the road network in your village before you start building houses.
Cost: 60 milk


Bridge is built over a river, so you can pass to other areas.
Cost: 10 milk


Drawbridge is a part of your fortifications. It can be placed on a river bank. You
can close it when you see enemy creatures come against
you. In auto mode, it opens for your troopers and closes for the enemies. You
should build first a Barrack to enable it.
Cost: 40 milk


A basic constructions that protects your village.
Cost: 5 milk


A defense buildings where some characters (such as Archers) can climb it up and
shoot the enemies. People on the tower are safe from
close combat weapons like axes, swords etc. You have to build first a Hut to make
available the Tower
Cost: 30 milk


Gate allows you to pass in and out of the village. In auto mode, it opens for your
troopers and closes for the enemies
Cost: 40 milk


1)  Cowshed--> Cow, Cowherd
2a)  Hut--> Woodbutcher, Archer, Mother in Law
2b)  Hut--> Tower
3a)  Barrack--> Warrior, Spearman
3b)  Barrack--> Drawbridge
3c) Barrack--> Gate
3d)  Barrack--> Court
4)  Court--> Knight
5a)  Temple--> Priest, Witch
5b)  Temple--> Wizard's Tower 
6)  Wizard's Tower--> Wizard, Priestess

-------------------------------USEFUL CHEATS-------------------------------

While playing, press the Enter key, type the word ''knightcheater'' and then press
Enter key again. Type the cheat and hit the Enter key to get
the effects

1) firerain: Firerain across viewable map 
2) drinkmoremilk xxx: Set milk to indicated amount, where xxx the amount you
desire. (e.g. drinkmoremilk 200. That gives you 200 milk)
3) fog: Restore fog  
4)  milkypower: Selected units gain full health 

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